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when his horse became lame during the journey the silly had to trail behind the procession he still believes the question of who won the battle is relevant. but you would say the battle ended in a draw but it was an honorable droll there's no doubt the french emerged victorious they did override the battlefield and whoever sees the battlefield was the victor but even if it was a victory it was a costly one. to ensure that good morning well overall at least for. the excitement of the grand tour of paris has still a long way in the future for the course like so just beginning to get ready for the journey. and it all started here exactly one year ago. hats on. bacilli is making ready to ride his horse it's called.
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come over here for a ride now. just like a member of the family they often joke at the horses are even more dead than their wives and children. need to talk to him all the time you see he's just like a toddler he sees the world the same way. all over the area have come to take part in the journey none of them has their own horse they haven't even seen. until now. but still tamed only a short while ago. even to allow anyone to enter his stable. his head greatest concern is to keep his head out of homes away if he lets me do that means he likes and trusts me. with.
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the continental journey consisted of nothing but intense training. camps to learn riding tricks and how to shoot. back. if you don't. sit up straight. the chief. has spent a lifetime teaching me how to handle horses. he's one of the few to teach how to keep steady in the saddle riding at full speed and. as well as how to do spectacular horseback stunts. my wife says to me why on earth do you need all that talk and i explain it to a woman they don't understand it. all men are warriors at heart some more than others some don't have much of it others have quite a lot i think i have a good deal of it. the regions of the homeland for the cossacks the true
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cause a few and far between even here. today cause like villages are becoming deserted with young villages moving to big cities whether or no horses or old ways of life because of. the russian don't horse breed or in need of protection. there are only about two hundred sixty members of this breed left in the world they are on the verge of extinction. every concept is supposed to be good at handling a whip and a sort. of every cause that carried them. thank the french audience at the final performance in fontainebleau enjoyed the cossacks outstanding ability to juggle with swords today this looks like a circus act but two centuries ago cossacks who couldn't pull off such feats were regarded as a failure even cossack women demonstrated outstanding skills. these
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horsemen from the kremlin riding school it's the world's only school to teach these traditional equestrian skills. after a detailed analysis of his defeat napoleon noted that the cossacks have ensured russia's success he said cossacks were the best like troops of the day and if he'd had them in his army he could have marched across the whole world. good morning cossacks gratings. it was pavel marshall cough who came up with the idea of the march from moscow to paris. the businessman and stud farm owner spends all of his earnings on horses his main ambition is to revive the dawn breed. they are a beautiful. puzzle owns a large stable and past as well he's also building
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a cosmic settlements for tourists to go horse riding. because of course this lovely little mare is only two years old. need to wait another three years before she can fold her more of a go won't you my beauty. oh look they've been you all over poor thing. believes these horses are russia's best asset and something to be proud of. it hurts when people say bad things about cossacks they may call drunkards fools layabouts all sorts there really is sad and what's worse some people even write off our most recent victories in world war two my grandfather commanded a division during that war so i know the hardships people went through were. the starting point for the much was most goes up hill in oldest twenty twelve it was here in eight hundred twelve on the second of september the napoleon waited in
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vain to be given the keys to the capital they never. was plundered and razed to the ground. two years later russian troops led by the chieftain plata approached. napoleon dreaded the backlash defeated the russians would do to paris the friendship done to moscow. the. this ground one hundred twenty kilometers from moscow is almost as familiar to the french as it is to the russians the battlefield of. the cossacks raced across the field where some one hundred thousand people died in a single day over forty thousand russians and nearly sixty thousand frenchmen.
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this is what an attack by the men of celebrated russian chieftain plus just might have looked like. the russians launched an assault to gain the breathing space they needed to bring up there was. men one to alice to regroup overwhelming the french on the left flank. the cossacks ahead and. head. of his fifty. he fails to achieve superiority. the french. was victorious. there were all sorts of.
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divides the car into two sections. going to repeat the maneuvers of the russian offensive from two hundred years ago. the legend of a hasty french retreat has been passed down here from generation to generation. of children before the french turn tail a hidden golden carriage people still look for it as you can see we two are trying to find it's ours we call it the belorussian treasure belongs to the. locals have left no stone unturned in search of the prize even in swamps and people. they have never found the golden carriage. in the local villages only a few elderly residents remain. i don't think more than
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a dozen young people live here. pensions only income twice a week they come to the bus stop to wait for a shop trailer this time the mobile shop is late and instead of the residents are greeted by cossacks approaching on the horizon. we sort of welcome the cossacks with bunches of flowers. such handsome horses that hello there. comes close on the heels of the cossacks the old people form a queue to buy the basic necessities of life. support the order to secure. the stopping here on their journey to paris will be the topic of many conversations for a long time to come nothing so exciting has ever happened here. such
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a long way to paris it might be difficult to travel on horseback there. on the fifteenth day of the journey the cossacks have made it to poland in two weeks they've covered the same distance as russian troops did during this two month long pursuit of napoleon. in december eight hundred twelve napoleon into russia with a fifty thousand strong elite but he left with only fifteen hundred. frostbitten troops. was no foregone conclusion. is more than a cossack he's also a historian and writer his latest book will tell the story of this journey is keeping a diary that. is a once in a lifetime chance couldn't turn it down. you know the love.
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of your dog. will be enough the french won nearly every battle but as the russian army increased in number it was quite apparent that the french would win by the time napoleon was retreating to poland he's only had almost run out of artillery provisions and even exists. it's mine you've got yours finish it you i like vassileva rennick i like they never sets of does not hail from the dawn area even though he's from bloody mia he still has cause like blood in his veins. aside from being a music teacher he also leads a cossack troop in his village and teaches caustic writing skills to local children . his name is when he was an unruly stallion he wouldn't let anybody into his stable but now he is quite gentle such horses except only tender
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treatment the horse of the dawn breed is his master's horse once you've established a bond with him he'll be devoted to you for as long as he lives he'll fight for you . likes a german he is just as legendary in europe as but i do know is in russia. historians describe a battle of nations austrian prussian and swedish troops joining the russians in their fight against napoleon. around a hundred thousand died in the battle which forced napoleon to flee back to france with what remained of his army. we cover some forty kilometers a day early in retreat it is about the same pace again even momentum with time.
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was simply lagging behind only plots of his men had skirmishes in the poland's regard. although the forests here look much as they do back home the cossacks already feel homesick they've covered more than two thousand kilometers in over a month. this journey is making me homesick. i miss my kids my wife my parents. did.
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culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money mandating ization escapees caught people at hearing with an average third world meet as fond of the dramatic term water wars when it comes to describing the future management of global water resource. wealthy british style signs some time to cut. the. market. so folks
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can. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds a report on our. quick. fronts is the final leg of the journey the last stop before a final push towards napoleon's residence at fontainebleau. they've already covered almost three thousand kilometers all the way from moscow. to follow the route that the russians took as they drove napoleon out of russia and then pursued him across the whole of europe. the emperor's pointing at us rio the hero's.
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blood to atone should. two hundred years later russian cossacks lay flowers at the monument to the great napoleon bonaparte. before his invasion of russia. napoleon had made the call out to be monsters to scare parisians propaganda of the day painted them as bearded giants raping even eating people he went so far as to claim that a peruvian woman with her little daughter had fall on her knees before the chieftain begging him not to eat. two hundred years ago russian could hardly imagine the warm welcome the greeks them now. in eight hundred twelve it was immediately evident
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that the cossacks behave decently despite their tough and uncouth reputation. the first was noble in victory. and rapists even released prisoners of. today frenchmen march side by side. a french businessman he's been active in russia's dawn area for twelve years. is diplomatic in his assessment of the. good to see anyone who finds themselves a team two cultures has to be a diplomat both sides of their goals the french wanted to reach moscow when they did the russians wanted to halt the french advance and prevent their army being the two succeeded. it never occurred. that one day he might see the palaces where the great to reside.
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in eight hundred fourteen the russians occupied paris and completely blocked napoleon where he was waiting to learn his fate. the cossacks were very disciplined . behaved very decently in france. since the camp was even hanged for robbing a peasant woman of. well. it was here that napoleon signs a document of abdication neither he nor his descendants would occupy the throne again he had given up his intention to fight on until victory and the cossacks never had to storm front and. do not quite historically accurate. into the causes grounds. here in the farewell courtyard there's a grand staircase and it was here that napoleon bade farewell to his guards.
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and his ambitions to create a greater france he travelled into exile under russian escort. who was. the smoke on the memories of russia returns to france just a hundred years later when many emigrated seeking refuge from the bolshevik revolution. and i did this woman says her grandfather came to france with a white army. and this child in the picture is her father it was taken in one thousand eight hundred his name was nikolai that were to bring up it was like it's great to meet such people so far away from your homeland you. the day after the occupation of the cossacks head to the famous russian cemetery. loic and they're off their horses in the they're from a horseback perception yes i heard about them they're fine bunch they're here to
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celebrate the battle of. many famous russian immigrants are buried here they include literary nobel prize winner. and the celebrated ballet dancer. this commemorates the cossacks and army officers who left russia after the nine hundred seventeen revolution. the to. be. close to one million russians fled to france though many lived to ripe old ages their thoughts remained with their last homeland. there was still a depressing thought is that true russians are buried here at the russia that came
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after them was not their russia. or their russia is gone forever. when russia's white came to france the country was still in ruins reeling from the devastation wrought by world war one in which over a million frenchmen died. i read a story in the next patrick magazine about a migrant talking about a year he said the cost would make the rounds of local farms he was employed as a farm hand that was just a cover. he liked saying that his real job was reviving the local population of one summer with. with the journey reaching its aims the cossacks take a sightseeing tour of paris as it turns out the traditional habits of population revival still very much alive and attention yeah this is the so-called
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sex water sex cafes and sex shops everywhere and this is the famous erotic museum. ok guys let's get off here. two hundred years ago when the russians took paris not a single painting went missing from the roof though it's true that some cause acts tore up the floors from french homes to burn on camp fun us. they also cortical a famous cult in the fontainebleau colonies. the model cossacks led by alexander decided to march along one must in dress uniform. oh god my eyes. the eight hundred twelve cossacks had little time to meet and often use the russian word to be used to tell waiters of the famous mother kathy to be quick or a corrupt version of the word subsequently took linked in french culture as the archetype will be stroke afaik. there's a feeling inside me of deja vu i've got
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a sense that i've been here before. maybe it's genetic memory or something. like that. waiting for a lunch of oysters and the cause anxious about the unfamiliar dishes making vassilieva even more homesick. i'd like to go home as soon as i can when i get back i'll eat russian food just potatoes without all these fancy vegetables or did like me always to it's but this cuisine isn't for me. is the high point of the prison until it hadn't been built when the predecessors first came to the city because i've only seen it on t. even before and now here i am in paris it's fantastic a dream come true. and right next to the eiffel tower the cossacks met a few russian speaking french month one called five or ten.
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because sex adopted many french practices off their return to russia in eight hundred fourteen women spoke to tight fitting blouses to triumph were built in the coastal town of no bitch a cask that stole shaped streets were laid out in the paris model one of the how it's was even called powers. yes. of. course next will be called sex on the eiffel tower all anyone else wants kazakhstan to sing as just no stopping the. earth shuffle over your head i doubt that us thinks like oh oh look i think that you have it out. the journey has come to an end alexei never said seth brings his horse for the last time before setting off
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home. let me have your leg what you think needs a brush you easy now bubble that good boy. the noble beasts will with holes boxes. will travel with those by coach he's in high spirits because he won't be home sick for much longer but his joy is monitored by the prospect of pouncing with his beloved holes in his or her will still i'm so attached to him i can't bear the thought that will have to eventually part with him he's very tender and and beady. i call him my little lamb sometimes. the. more you'll be missing me too and don't know whether he'll be able to get used to a new master.
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and finally because next perform with their horses for the very last time before going to. displace the bloody conflict the napoleonic walls brought france and russia closer together the soviet union had a special relationship of france despite being a member of nato the. today hundreds of thousands of cars that descendents still live in france and many frenchmen stayed on russia. for the cossacks bid farewell to fontainebleau but this they will return for another friendly invasion. the the. the.
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sigrid laboratory was able to build a most sophisticated robot. dorna found anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. to see a story. you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. welcome to the. science technology innovation hall the list of elements from
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around russia. the future covered.
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i think i. see.


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