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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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some members of the ultranationalists lucky don't have their own sense of humor nothing funnier it seems than to put on arabic roads before heading off are you. looking for. national meet up with the bad you're the leader of the blog. i'll tell you when to raise the order of. jeremy and luigi you'll take care of sticking up the those posters. like i talk of a final check before starting. or. song comes out that we don't say anything you're going to like us to do now and stay behind mine because right when i play with you but i don't follow because you know no one likes behind him no talking. it's unlikely but if someone does open the shot as you apologize very politely and don't insist ok let's go.
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good all right let's follow that car that. we don't drive too fast. the aim of their mission is to oppose the building of a new mosque in this town of forty thousand inhabitants. the pamphlets a typical provocative talk talk to. a megaphone blasts out the words in school to muslim prayer. despite the nationalist claims there are no plans for the call to prayer to be broadcast outside the mosque . or in front. this is so supposedly the pamphlets. well it's to explain what we want to apologize for the early morning wake up call. but it's to hold people that this is what they can expect in a few years time. everyone
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has a part to play the streets in the neighborhood have had their names changed now it's sure we'll your street and mosque claim. the image is everything and everything is filmed or photographed by the militants as soon as the operation is finished the nationalists will spread the word even further. ok i'll download it now obviously. to. last barely fifteen minutes. a few residents woken by the loudspeakers. to the nationalists the mission and symbolically at the sight of the future mosque . where the most will be hero when it will be here we will stop just for a few seconds and this is this is where i will start something ok.
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the message is simple wake up before it's too late. for islam plan since we're. going to put up a wake up to what the people here want it's important to us and here we are. opening up a future boss to let them know that while we're here islamisation of france and europe. a new extreme right wing movement is growing in places like me and elsewhere in europe. the battle is not just for votes in the ballot boxes but also on the streets. this is our. full time struggle as life before during and after elections to. life on the internet through. a
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case of a new media be used to express the old views of the extreme right. never been there's a small town in the former east germany once a year becomes a rallying point for militants nationalists three hundred will welcome here with banners that read nazis my thanks. and that of the procession of presumes near nazi i saw whites. who's been a right wing activists from the age of thirteen. as a stand with a distinct one hundred thirty feel. a little flame that we represent today will one day become a huge joyous fire that will consume all that is wrong all those fools all that is decadent and from the ashes out people will be reborn. a tough speech on the renaissance of the german people and an argument that some believe is a call for racial purity. near nazi villages seem to be springing up
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across the former g.d.r. . anti muslim anti immigrant anti gypsy. a clash of civilizations i helped spawn monsters such as i am does bearing braving. on the twenty second of july two thousand and eleven bravery claiming to defend western values murdered seventy seven people in norway. fronts england hungary germany who are these new minutes and radicals how do they operate what do they base their beliefs on. our film takes you into the heart of europe's new extreme right. we begin in the center of europe in hungary. here than. don't target muslims but
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the estimated eight hundred thousand gypsies to live lived here for centuries. it's a minority that was off by radical movements we met one of these groups in the small town of. rami a brigand so as these ultra nationalists like to be called. this is the headquarters. of the spokesman not of the soldiers of the army of brigands wants to show his face on camera. the movement has about one hundred members that common aim over the past few years has been to terrorize the gypsies throughout the country. ok no problems with the gypsies they are trying anything on other.
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there are more and more numerous that filtering through the children for. this issue but right so you. say hello to us that's probably cation i hate it when they say i love when there are so many of them arriving respect and you think you. are an army of heavies come by train. they spend two to three hours every day working out not everyone can become a brilliant minimum ages twenty five may have to. see themselves as soldiers serving the cause of a greater hungary the country as it was before the first world war. provides a history lesson. this is our
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flag our plane is flying around the. people at the. good men who took up arms to defend. the more than that you'll be sorry if you watch icon we have a symbolic message to those who may want to control. it symbols also. the army of brigham's is not a political party it's a militia that occasionally raids. as. we should have to go patrolling the villages. to protect the inhabitants they want to. bring the bergen's traveled three hundred kilometers attacking the road. they
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invaded the village of. today all access to the villages controlled. by the memphis papers but is. ok and you can go ahead because. it's impossible to enter or leave without showing some form of id. two thousand eight hundred people living in your spot or four hundred of them roma. gypsies all live in the same area on the fringes of the religion it's like hundreds of other gypsy ghettos across hungary. discrimination has led to an eighty percent unemployment rate. hunger a national say the roma a criminal some people whose the state benefits the gypsies throughout history have always been the perfect scapegoats you know as far as a community leader during the attacks he was on the front line for you to see that
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house with white lines then there was a closest extremist group to us in that house. but in the village they had several houses. down there. a basement but i stay with that right next to my house. the extremists are part of the village for several long weeks a show of force videoed by the gypsies themselves. paramilitary groups parading in front of the gypsies houses often carrying whips like this. we're going to press charges i'm going to the video on the internet. ok what you do cut press charges at all on the internet. but since i am the roma here. young as fuck us does his best to reassure the community. he doesn't want to brush the weeks of terror on the carpet. at home he's
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made a clip reel of his video and indictment to prove most of the extremists and their crimes. because if this is how the nationals went through the gypsy area. a lot of these other extremist maybe two different groups. and they you can see some of them carrying axes make me watch. from six in the morning they would wake us up with our song. and they want to make sure that we knew they were outside the. i still remember the sound of the boots. like soldiers. make our wives cross trying to provoke the gypsies and. this photo threatening our children.
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you know they've put their symbols on the dog. shows they call what they do. in the. outside help to meet these threats in march last year when the police finally arrived they clamped down on the gypsies. one woman was charged with slapping a friend for twenty years people both through the robot. campaign change from one day to my. pm out and stop shouting i'll take you to the police station. but you can shut my house. in my house.
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i and. my russia would be soon which brightened if you knew more about song from feinstein pression some. friends don't talk don't come.
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the woman will finally be arrested. spent three days in custody. after the extremists terrorized the village she was racially abused by the police. that don't i was taken to the police station i feel. everything. that i want to get . me i say my god why do you need sixty. i think i was out with a maid just to receive welfare benefits for the daughter was not as some are are not my from the state law all of my grandchildren have jobs that some are going to me and so the policeman then asked me how many children i had i told him. he complained about that and then he said you're spot on like i said man you know what to get out of here forever doing your net. traumatized by the experience prasco
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will need two weeks in hospital that. these days she's more or less recovered but lives in constant fear for herself and her children. and i don't feel like myself i get more done very frightened that but i feel frightened that can fact leaving right now again i came back that i'm scared then arrive at a can of petrol in my house not born i'm threatened me and my children whenever i have to go out i'm scared for you that i'm scared to go see my daughter lives next to the police station i'm scared they'll come after me again you know i am not very . good the roma have a reason to worry and so after the incidents the extreme right now governs the village. on the stand is the new mayor a member of the euro big party a nationalist movement that's going from strength to strength. forty seven m.p. is not in there in parliament the third largest political party in the country and
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it's way up in the opinion poll. police targeted by politicians and hated by the extremists a triple threat. to the army of brigham's the aroma of the eternally me and they take their lead from some. and i want to know if it's a hunger in a member of the. shadow there is a hunger in division in the s.s. it's from a recruiting poster. and i'm a national socialist national socialism is the perfect philosophy to build a state or to be on earth in my opinion the third reich against the most perfect state of history we lucked out. and apologise for naziism that includes a t. shirt. was the deadly gas used to exterminate the jews and gypsies journey.
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bergen's however is not just a home to those with big muscles it's also a well oiled communication machine witnessed this video produced by a sympathizer who works in hollywood. called pitch a local members of a face of influences you get sued or gerunds up poisoning our spirits with their cheating. intrigue scout me as usual they're ripping off our heritage and it's innately a bill of rights will look like they are ridiculing our culture with puts a list hatred mean that they're trying their best to make us forget the. people. we are also involved in a propaganda here we are using every means to communicate with a young adult with people who don't know us yet but who are fascinated with our way of life and who need our help that. you're absolutely right weeks
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trina's have their favorite propaganda weapon. websites seem to be flourishing shop videos are all over the web social networks mobilize the troops the various movements have their own allegedly independent press agency the internet is the new shock troops. in southwest france when it comes to propaganda the blocky don't count on young damian and his pocket camera. he's just twenty two and is a communications to. today he's accompanying one of the movement's leaders are an engineer aged twenty six. today's tosk is to get inside leone's main mosque.
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little need permission to film. the idea is to make a video to highlight their claim france is being islamicized. a propaganda film in other words. they're taking advantage of an open day at the mosque and a possible themselves off as more visitors just want to visit more and around as we like. to call citizen who maybe are you muslim yes so you convert to that with you don't want to put. people there where we are movement but your friends your religion. little bit earlier before shipments you just don't know how many faithful belong to this in here i don't know you'd need to. know how many people come home to go to give us to them with a few hundred roubles no it's three off thousand one hundred. thousand faithful it's friday is yes during the main holidays it could be ten or eleven thousand
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people including those outside of course. so it's going to talk about the proportion of. just talking about different before we get between thirty and fifty new converts every month every month so fifty french people. have a smiling young women greet the two militants there naive questions are an abuse of the community's hospitality. they're here for one reason only to trap the muslims into making them better targets for. sale of oil is huge it's like a closed society to the. provocatively damion out your have no qualms about conducting an anti muslim interview in the midst of the faithful gathered in the main trail. here we are in the great oscar and we inside we spoke to several people it's
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a mock interview but for a real audience some of the same obsession of a new crusade against his laws and. this is what we were just talking about now it's something that's influential with its own dynamic and each year past there were those who say it was possible that muslims would become the majority in france in europe and we can see that it's happening rapidly heading that way. so the book itself islamization in fact. thank you i know. the secret videotaping is over and for the two ride we stream missed its mission accomplished . one national stunt the proved successful was the cocktail sausages incident. years wine employ hundreds of people responded to the appeals on the social networks. other operations have also had an immediate effect.
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so this video was about. britain so i staged this scene with our music. and they said there's no hamburger with bacon for regular so you just. there's no pork but it was one of those local control there's no place nearby that serves pork if you want to. be your bum is a largely muslim. france's second largest city. militants wearing pink mosques and shouting slogans for the cameras. but. first second third generation we all love. the video made quite a stir at the time and the media was full of stories about how our hamburger control was going on dailymotion it had four hundred ninety five thousand hits on
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you tube two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand or so i guess you could say was like one million hits altogether and it was even on the t.v. news the whole thing just cost us two hundred euros so it's got to be the best advertising campaign in history. so proud of his media coup de mint has become an expert in political communication with very little he creates a lot of buzz videos pamphlets even graphics like this get people together. and it was to create something a bit funny. helps get complicated or tough messages across sometimes made the message clear and we nationalise were the first to use this kind of strategy. you know stand with a picture of. breaking with tradition to reinforce the message there's never a suggestion of violence no overtly racist slogans it's a new form of propaganda used by the extremists damon got his inspiration from an
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unexpected source. to make an impact on the media you have to come up with great stunts which is something with greenpeace do very well and we were inspired by that communication that will unveil all of greenpeace's actions are shown on the eight o'clock news or whatever and they make a short report about the race for the whaling ships it's always a very needy oriented very well it's well made there's a promise in our stories with the risk factor which is also something that everyone likes and is interested it. so there is an emphasis on communication but it. was the viewer of these. organizations also wants to take control of the streets. and in may two thousand and eleven.
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i understand. the leader of the bloc you know ten infiltrating the mosque. in front of the troops. if you should read up today in france in two thousand and two are involved in a struggle for liberation from those who live with the values that are now you know our own struggle for freedom and who want to turn our country into a muslim emirate was europe is our. god that. was there who was there who was rather who was and as a special guest. as the leader of the english defense league an extremist movement currently writing hi. maggie figure in europe in the fight against islam is the leader of the english
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defense league. tony robinson was he wanted me to be free of leon your kitchen in england we have a john and when you need it and there's been no younger basically got to come in. ten media will have the same goal it's the birth of a european network. if it shows up locations to choose and which stream quality i mean.
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do we speak your language or not at the end of. the music programs and documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles kid stories. you hear.
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detroit all teach spanish find out more visit i. teach. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is art you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. live.


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