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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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arabic to find out because it don't. bahrain slashes the sentences for dozens of anti-government activists but human rights groups call it a half measure western states avert their gaze. or children are killed as a car bomb explodes and hits a school bus. there's no news of ukrainian journalists kidnapped in syria. and the u.k. . feels a financial pinch even as the country scrambles out of recession layoffs and regional regeneration.
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around the world and around the clock this is r.t.m. kerry just now bahrain has cut the sentences for dozens of people who took part in anti-government rallies last year but the move has failed to satisfy local activists who are calling for the release of all political prisoners human rights groups in the kingdom to stop using tear gas and torture interrogations and its crackdown on public gatherings. looks at who benefits from that two year unrest. when it came to supporting calls for democracy in middle eastern north african states while denouncing government sponsored violence leaders of the west were vocally critical from our graphic has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave out of a very clear message for president which is it is time for him to go but when scenes
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of violent clashes between riot police and reform company risk came from bahrain the definition of democracy shifted and rhetoric softened. in the summer of the us state department came up with a statement expressing its concerns over the human rights situation and alleged torture in bahrain this was only several months after washington had restarted weapons sales to this gulf state dissenters in bahrain have been directing anger at their government for months but now stop arming the killers is a message they are more often sending out to the west somehow the in bahrain blood is worthless and the libyan blood is more important it's just ridiculous than so here you see for from travels to europe to direct attention to what he believes to be brutal repression in his country he and others like him have managed to alert human rights organizations but that's as far as it goes they go. clinton made
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a statement about bahrain about the. situation in bahrain and this. one protester was killed you know and show you that there is no impact on the ground we are a victim and because we live in a country they condemn the violence committed by the bahraini government against the peaceful protests there and beheading but that is still continuing for decades bahrain has been one of washington's closest allies in the gulf its naval base houses the u.s. fifth fleet and six thousand troops the seemingly irreversible decision made decades ago despite a growing anti-american mood among some of bahrain's neighbors. anything happens in the bush era plan or any of the other plans that there are allegations of a nuclear weapon being built we are very close to all of those sites and we have to make the right decision in preventing any kind of catastrophe coming here we are or are not capable of doing that and that's why we turn to our friends and allies and
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officials firmly deny that washington plays a decisive role in preventing any revolution happening in bahrain but even the bahraini government's information minister suggests the us main fact be playing a double game. i think the bahraini opposition is a key ally of the us leader of the opposition and the terrorist members of the opposition have close ties with foreign embassies in bahrain we can leak some of the old many documents proving that if this is true then washington sitting comfortably you can quickly switch sides but for now the opposition in bahrain is left to wonder as to why goals to support democracy from some are less worthy of attention than others like see russia ski r.t. reporting from the kingdom of bahrain. four people have died in a car bombing and the syrian capital damascus when a vehicle exploded near a busy crossing and another planned a terror attack a much larger one has been thwarted in the country's north our correspondent in the
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region the latest. we are hearing that some four people have been killed and ten people injured in an explosion of a booby trapped car in damascus and we understand that most of the people who are legal field and the injured are students in a separate incident the authorities managed to uncover a truck loaded with some three tons of explosives in the north a managed to dismantle those before any kind of incidents of could there have been numerous incidents throughout today and the last few days through the army rebels and through the army troops in the rebels fighting one another we're also hearing reports that the troops managed to destroy a number of rebel vehicles as well as missile launches at the same time they've reported that they've managed to prevent rebel attacks on checkpoints in numerous religious social media workers are in the firing line particularly when it comes to rebels taking journalists hostage a second deadline has expired for the capture of
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a ukrainian journalist who's been held by a rebel group which was taken back in october there was already one deadline put in terms of when a ransom of some fifty fifty fifty million u.s. dollars needed to be paid that has not been paid a second deadline passed earlier just yesterday that two was most we're hearing from the ukrainian foreign ministry that it has been holding talks over her release but that they haven't released any kind of details on this now he runs almost strangers to kidnapping followers there are two russian workers in a circle were also taken hostage last week and the russian government is now trying to secure their release the mounting violence in syria comes against the backdrop of and it's elation of the information war that is happening in the country the rebels have continued in posting videos of alleged massacres that they've been carrying out massacres in which they've laid aside and his loyalists now the damascus regime has always insisted that it is the rebels who are responsible for
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these killings russia too says that the rebels are trying to provoke foreign intervention by posting such videos point needs to be made that all these kinds of videos almost impossible to verify. well as international efforts to put an end to the violence in syria mounts so media speculation about what is actually going to be done to achieve peace moscow is denying reports that a new russian american deal is in the works send the only way out is by creating a transitional government a plan drawn up in geneva in june and a syrian delegation has held a closed door meeting in moscow. has details moscow on thursday has officially denied speculation that russian the united states have been secretly working on a plan b. on the conflict in syria and has once again stressed that it's sticking by the agreements reached last summer in geneva a peaceful transition of power involving the creation of a transitional government which could include all sides of the conflict in syria is
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deputy foreign minister met with russia's chief diplomat in moscow on thursday behind closed doors very little details came out of it but there is speculation that they were discussing the a long awaited peace deal in the syrian conflict and it comes after international envoy on syria mr brahimi met with the syrian president on monday in damascus after this meeting he said that he had a good feeling and some positive things were happening in fact mr brahimi is also expected in the russian capital on saturday moscow has a good chance of mediating this since it's been in contact with the syrian authorities and with the opposition unlike most western countries who denounce president and the syrian government as the official power in the country. the u.k. is on the tentative road to recovery but past the country not sharing in the turnaround people in britain's poorest region the northeast are still feeling the pinch there are three times more attempted suicides there than in the london area
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south to see why the situation looks and bleak. as he'll saying impressing gays it's grim up north it's a perception of life in some of the nation's other major cities recessions hit the u.k. hard it's been in the northeast where it's been felt particularly acutely david cameron is saying you know come in a recession and that is right. here i mean you know the very people who are living on the poverty line trade union leader about scott's furious with the government's decision to close sunderland's rentboy factory it's a government venture that began back in the nine hundred forty s. to provide employment the people with disabilities two weeks before christmas the government announced that they were going to close the package in factories and leaves a very bleak uncertain future for disabled workers killer stops was laid off from another rempel a factory back in april and accuses the government of forcing people out of paid
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jobs and on to a life of welfare we were told in the week before we left the factory. jobs. yeah in fact just four people from his old factory found a job it's not the first time the northern workers have felt the first hand of a conservative government back in the one nine hundred eighty s. in the miners' strike and the margaret thatcher became a symbol of a divided nation this mining village in the living museum in the north east gives us a snapshot of the past three decades since margaret thatcher and her conservative government crushed the miners' unions the impact that her policies had on the north east was extreme and long felt and even today there are many people who still have a deep mistrust of the conservative government the conservatives reputation up here
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is one that's hard to shake and it makes it hard for them to get a fair hearing on any plans to regenerate so to find out more we decided it was time to pay a visit to number ten i was shocked at the level of understanding on the conservative benches of how people who live in. the northeast. very often and i think they have a completely different view of how people's lives are but government accused of not understanding the north but isn't that your job to represent the things to be a fair bit of bickering that goes on among northern and. well i mean having an accent in the house of commons you know i've got quite happy ducks and but that sort of you get sneers when you have an accent and you speak in the commons from the government benches so that in itself is just an example of how the mismatch between the two sides of the government insists it's treating grace in the area
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seriously and his earmarks money for infrastructure projects targeting the northeast in particular but a legacy of letdowns has left many northerners less than an seized. the government this is going to happen this is. it's a complete shambles so all in it together or a nation divided one thing seems certain that with many predicting an increase in unemployment and a triple dip recession for the u.k. the challenges of the year ahead looks set to be testing times for everyone surface r.t. sandland. the ban on americans adopting russian kids is about to be signed into law president putin is ready to put a response to sanctioning russian officials giving you the details later.
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and. back at how during a stance launched his groundbreaking interview show broadcast exclusively on our take our view of one of the main stories of twenty twelve that's after a short break. it sounds like a dragon crashing through the forest but it is in fact technology versus trees and would you believe it this machine can fall and stripped hundreds of them each day when building this facility we wanted to use advanced technology that would increase efficiency and allow us not to use manual labor also this provides for better quality goods as a result we were able to conquer western markets the demand for korea you know birchwood is high since our production line is quite efficient where over to work for high wages to our employees the trunks and up here weather turned into planks which branch off for all manner of uses wood exports and large but not all of it
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goes with gold. given the museum island traditional methods they used to build and maintain churches and dwellings dating back hundreds of years. of what. complexity these planks are about to become part of something which exemplifies the combination of tradition and technology. here at the valley and all viking boat makers what is fashioned into vessels new and old they range from small private boat to replicas used in historical t.v. series hornblower. my books are all special. they're like children to me if you have to design and build them from scratch it's always sad when we have to part ways every time the sailor we well we remain the dog and pavel gets much of his timber from karelia saying custom is pine for it's high quality wood. which
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brings us to the first six million cubic metres of wood is cut down in careers forests every year it goes to make everything from farm houses to firewood and with growing is proximity to europe and the baltic it's big forests big business.
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about to what. president vladimir putin has confirmed he'll sign a ban preventing u.s. citizens from adopting russian children lawmakers say it targets what they call america's ignorant treatment towards those who that russian children suffer. has more on the president putin's agenda now. he says that he doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't sign it but he did mention that he should take one very close
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careful look at the final draft of this law on top of that however it was and has also mentioned that he is ready to sign the debt additional law which would increase the protection of russian children in the country and self love there is the name of this was a young boy who was adopted by an american family and died while in custody of his new adoptive father now the father was left off with just a fine after leaving his young son in a car in a blistering heat for hours the congress parked outside of his office and it's the cases precisely like this that worry the russian lawmakers who say that the american law system is not. out to provide enough security for the russian children who are being adopted by american parents and should another tragedy like this strike if they don't want the russian children to suffer you know one of people see this as they get back at the americans for the magnitsky act the
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so-called act which entails a list of people who are prohibited from ever entering the united states and their financial assets in the country also are frozen now now said the minister was a russian lawyer who was imprisoned on charges of tax evasion and died while in custody that case has never seen any any logical conclusion it is not quite possible at this point to say whether or not the people who are accused of being involved in the case are actually fault and should be blamed for his death. u.k. is now accused of supplying a kit to spy on human rights activists in bahrain and other countries with oppressive regimes past british surveillance technology has reportedly been sold across the globe and it's capable of intercepting any kind of data more r.t. dot com. also online the deputy of russia's main muslim spiritual leader is shot dead in the north caucasus new details on that targeted attack authorities
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website. the afghan foreign ministry says their country has lost more than seventy million dollars in tax because foreign firms linked to nato are not paying their dues report says tax dodges rely on the u.s. led alliance to keep kabul off their backs for political analyst and former afghan m.p. . says local politicians are equally to blame. what was going on in two thousand and one two thousand and two when the interim authority came to existence in this country they signed deals exempting some of these companies who were dealing with neato and i said and then. many other companies came and started. carpetbagging and backpacking. illegitimate gains and they never paid taxes this is not new and this government will never have the guts to collect taxes from those rogue companies just an aviation alone. there are dozens and dozens of
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companies who are bringing passengers and cargo to this country and who are bringing other goods and they have never paid any taxes they've never paid even landing fees in some cases they haven't paid or flight fees this is just aviation and you can imagine other fields of commerce in and fuel and transportation and logistics and security in other arenas in all arenas there are hundreds of millions of dollars every year there are scaping and this government also sometimes gives them some reprieve by reducing their taxes and exchange for bribes and dreads had doctors and nurses are once again on the streets calling for plans to privatized hospitals to be scrapped they're striking for a fifth week and it will work was also angry of a possible layoffs with many still on shore contracts we really need next year spain's the government says the cuts on needed to maintain health service through
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session countries regions an estimated one hundred forty five billion euros in debt . the opposition in egypt has dismissed. calls for dialogue i mean hasn't offered any real substance on wednesday mercy delivered his first national address to the human charter hearing it has made in the road to democracy early opposition insists the new constitution of the house is that majority to form a dictatorship meanwhile egypt's prosecutor has ordered an investigation into claims the opposition wanted to overthrow the regime. newly elected japanese government plans to revise its options to. twenty forty new prime minister declared sustained economic growth was his top priority and said that rejecting nuclear energy could undermine one of the country's biggest areas of expertise last where an earthquake and suing tsunami of fukushima nuclear power plant close to disaster
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forcing thousands of people from their homes because of leaking radiation. well twenty twelve draws to a close we continue to look at the events that shaped it today our news teams recall the launch of. course exclusively on r.t. and we can expand that gave voice to prominent figures shunned by the mainstream media while he was still under house arrest in london.
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so we created this web page with big video player and video feeds containing trailers sneak peeks most shows tend to have a spike and then go down to both more it's online viewership keeps climbing it's quite a quite a study about i think the beauty story this was quite an important piece of the julian assange show gains over a one million visits and views online and believe me or i'm interviewing you show it's kind of an achievement never before that we had anything like that on t.v. when one person sitting on the house in rapture would give voice to quiet quite a few people around the world whose position of the world doesn't fit in the mainstream media picture.
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well coming up next after a short break imax and stace expose the dark secrets of global finance stay with us . you can tell an ordinary russian and a siberian appalled and the blink of an eye wrote one thousand nine hundred sentry anthropologist in those days siberians war different clothes different food. different animals. but what about now my journey began in two men but the big city was all shiny all funded school was great because i'm shopping malls much like any other prosperous russian outpost. so i decided to try. a small town just
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outside. dumplings came from here to dominate the russian cuisine but only in siberia. with cabbage and jam making sure you can have as a starter main dish. was. most people in siberia see nothing wrong with hunting only if you decide to participate. when you look upon martin. as in the middle of a swamp only accessible by air transport in the summer months and winter
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a path is cleared through dogs it's inhabited by siberian a large muslim minority that migrated head before the russians. and this. israel siberia maybe not the stuff of tourist brochures but distinctive enough to show that after all these yeahs siberia still not quite like anywhere else. wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. little piece soon which brightened if you move a song from feinstein pression. whose phones don't talk teen dot com. welcome to the kaiser report by max kaiser. so you wrote this long introduction for me on the teleprompter is this part of the show but yes i did
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i'm just checking ok so according to wikipedia boxing day is traditionally the day following christmas day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their superiors or employers known as a christmas box this year the elite have given the peasants forty five bed banker apple but not a single rico case in the city's boxing day fraud box but the elite hank paulson hank give me seven hundred billion of the market gets it paulson says boy oh boy we're seeing what he's handing out to the people of chicago this is your exactly max hank paulson you know moved to chicago he's back in chicago and i know it is boxing day the day that traditionally the elites go around the city and give all the minions the peasants you know presents and here i think this could be him woman attacked in chicago by a man with a sock full of human crap the woman who is
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a twenty year old woman she said he had a sock full of his poop on me it was everywhere on my face my hair my clothes. hank paulson in chicago he's filling in stocks which are probably brooks brothers or armani with his own poop and he's riding the subways battering people with that so he could be the next coney twelve it could be paulson twenty thirteen inject some bass ault's and go slap people in the face with a sock fill poop bag is actually but remember in the testimony before the senate committee about their fraudulent cabos that goldman sachs lloyd blankfein he said you know they read the e-mails and they had said sacks of it were in the c.d.o. but maybe that was just a typo it was socks bush. right it lost in translation because he was probably snorting cocaine heavily at that day and speaking in tongues as he was trying to get close.


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