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about the ventilation with the smoke or something like that you probably would want yourself back in a small room with a fire or anything like that but in something like this we're close to an entrance there's a lot of here we're going to probably be all right ok. if you think it's a good survivor it's not because i do a cave like this we could easily howls a thousand or so people and these so it would be a great project a great resource to have a great place for robin it's the perfect place but her family seems a little less enthusiastic would you like to be going to cave like this if it was like mandatory. but if i had a choice. about according to robin the girls will surely not have the choice because according to her the end of the world science is already well and truly visible starting with the crumbling of christian values in our modern societies if you go to one bookstore or one movie store for instance how many of those books and how many of those movies do you think that jesus christ
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himself could watch. and that'll tell you how many things are going to get burned those things need to be cleansed out of the world for him to be a part of it again so he's going to come back there's going to be a cleansing process the millennium for so that tells you how bad the world could possibly be. living quarters for a large family in a bunker being sold up to two million euros. to meet the demand real estate projects like these are sprouting up all over the united states. just a few months ago larry hall was building skyscrapers but today in the middle of the kansas plains in a spot he means to keep secret this businessman has decided to devote his time to a project would be of the pharaohs. it's sixty meters deep this was formerly
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a launching ramp for nuclear missiles. larry bought it for next to nothing. about it level seven you were never in a residential area living was at the surface in the ring beam that goes around this facility. twenty feet to post. their concrete sarcophagus designed to resist nuclear attack. behind these three meter thick walls larry is going to build a totally self-sufficient complex. you're standing in what will be the hydroponics and the alcohol sure we're going to have stated the organic food in vegetables and fish when supplies will have at least five years of food for every person that's in here that's in addition to whatever we grow in burgers from the garden hydroponics in the fish farm. behind this pragmatic sounding argument larry is stressing the
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commercial potential of his project. there's a mechanical floor here. or there's a library and classroom here there's a bar and a lounge and a home theater level here then there are seven on two three four five six seven residential lovers now here's and to surf along and keep up to date with apocalyptic room as the apartments will be ready in the summer of two thousand and twelve where you work today is about eight hundred square feet or you know six hundred square meters. it's a three bedroom two bath. washer and dryer and the icing on the cake every a pop and we'll have a room with a view. the windows are roughly three feet by five feet and there are computer controlled and you could have been any scene from a mountain scene to you could look over the streets of paris. and larry has gone
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into very careful detail because he and his family will be among the future inhabitants of this hidden camp would allow you to have an excellent chance at long term survival without going you know getting cabin fever going stir crazy you know so it's a you could live here you could use this is your primary residence if you want to live here and have this be your only home you can live here if you want to purchase one of the force myself so i will be an owner and a developer so i'm personally involved with this site but i believe i'll sleep better knowing that this is available to me. when i need it yes absolutely. in spite of their prohibitive price of one and a half million euros larry has already sold most of these apartments using an incomparable commercial argument in this new noise och he's confident that his plans will be able to live at least ten years totally cut off from the world and yet this bunker will perhaps be of no help to them. as far as the prophecy goes the
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worst. yet to come. and according to the latest theories in fashion it is neither the cataclysms nor the coming of jesus that is in store for us in two thousand and twelve but the invasion of a civilization from another dimension. the entrance to this other world is a mountain in the south of france. mt gosh. strange hikers can be spotted here and they have come to prepare for the arrival of the third type. going to do all of their persuaded that in two thousand and twelve this peaceful cabell mountain range will see the first emissaries of the extraterrestrial civilization.
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this is a place open to other dimensions. let's use this special energy for a cure this way just like. to get ready for two thousand and twelve they have come to listen to messages in a language as yet unknown on earth. just. like the other participants daniel has paid eighty euros for this meditation weekend. and according to the my a calendar things are going to happen why not the coming of a civilization coming to help us during these times but the q why did these are perhaps there will be apparitions certainly meetings of others there was asians that have been hidden from us for
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a long time or certainly one up. the peak of gosh as a kind of advance base for extra terrestrials apocalyptic tourism has found fertile ground in this region. full of christian symbols and cattle ruins the old department is a land of legends some believe christ to me is buried here. over the last twenty years george i bid you has written several books decipher in this dream factory. a couple of kilometers away from the guy in there in the chateau bookshop the tourists have quite a choice. of going to look we have everything we have the gray hair we have a vinci code we have the cafe ours the knights templar the dividing arts a place you don't want to look at it thinking isn't that us and obviously the apocalypse which interests us this is a region where for some years now what i would call the spirit of the grail has been a light and since the thirty's many well known people sometimes and lighten people
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have shown interest in these themes and perhaps have found a little refuge in this region that was affected by the knights templars the calf oras and more recently by other mysteries like the one had when the shadow city door and the should too. he didn't treasures religious mysteries and legends that have inspired amongst others the da vinci code in big gosh extra terrestrials join the lone list of beliefs. gosh them to put the tree is a little bit special it's what's called an inverse mountain view or very few in the world it means that the lower geological layers are at the top so people have turned it into a to lyrics site and because of this geological particularity they say it's an extraterrestrial trail that flying saucers are buried there and that there are mysteries connected to it you see and for something to stare. these extra terrestrials expected in two thousand and twelve have most importantly given rise to a whole business twenty eight year old emily has made
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a profession out of it with his partner a male this young local sells crystals in the regional markets. that i. think. read. i'm kareen. connection to the earth. people the ability to. look at. so now i feel super light like a sort of euphoria in me you know really greece it's a molded like part of the media right where you see in a way it's secular in your book you would call it won't act like a stone that comes from the us company people say say such a three o'clock then ok. ok. don't just sell crystals. they offer courses to these new style tourists. seventy seven euros a half day to see the so-called proof of extraterrestrial life. so
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this is a house that has been built on a druidic site riddick two and then the. fourth the. welcome everybody welcome all the new to it to capture this energy emily accuses strange crystal skulls and a kind of consistent. crystal skulls of the guardians of ancestral knowledge and you know both of them he really possessed all the knowledge of our ancestors here on earth to him and even beyond according to the mayans the skulls the first crystal skulls were brought to earth by initiators from the skies city that this one already has six arable hemispheres and he even has hearing aids. so that simply means it can connect to other forms of life. the cliff and i didn't
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i was older and i don't know today the great spirit wanted a lot of us this year bit that's great but they were all going to try to comfortably get in and all. the pretty my yeah according to the myers and it's not even just the might as because nasa is also well aware that we are making a quantum leap so that is to say the earth just could and even further beyond true and so we too are passing through into a new age of evolution. so the crystal skulls contain the evolution program up until december twenty first two thousand and twelve and. these supposedly extraterrestrial skulls were in fact mass produced. this belief originated as
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a hoax dreamed up by a french antique dealer in the nineteenth century. him a week seems still to believe in the old legend. submitted to us you know some of this meditation increases the vibratory frequencies in our body to be able to better see and feel what's over there and that magic forest that. something lawyers been issued. thousands of metres of the ice to broke.
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the law. that is a loser for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. force . back for fifty. fifty.
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so after leaving creased their vibratory frequencies the participants are ready for a walk that's quite special. emily claims that he will take them beyond appearances and show them the signs of another reality when you walk through sacred places when you become multi dimensional you can choose to only see very lovely trees ground and rocks that are pretty you know something or you can open your perceptions on to other things. in the forests of gosh emerick blog has seen them and he
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believes he has detected signs of their presence all over the place. here we are at a place we call the trembling rocks the horse pumping all see if you look closely you'll see a being there in the rock that looks like a sort of snake so the symbol and it represents one of the extraterrestrial races x. but who have been here a long time the reptilians that. came down here that. horse is a rock like this looks a bit like a shark or an ancient spirit like that escaped what is going to happen in two thousand and twelve is the return of what we call the brothers and sisters from the stars to our consciousness and then to everyday reality and as you see it's already begun here in the pyrenees for some time now we constantly hear us always here and there on the motorways we photograph that video of them this doesn't mean we've
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reached the goal that everyone will be able to fly to cali transport themselves but there are quantic leaps that take place little by little and that prepare people to live in another dimension if it's emotional so we'll be able to do the same thing someday and yes of course there are those on earth who have been able to do so for a long time now that is you know i'm going to leave you to look to feel to sit down with us. beliefs worthy of a science fiction film but for emily there is no doubt about that and if we cannot perceive these realities it's because our conscience is not well enough prepared. to give nothing nobody can stop what's happening now on earth it's a plan of procedure it's been written since the dawn of time. all i can say and for me this is the most important thing is that everybody will be exactly where and when they need to be when the bell rings so each person must remain confident
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follow the signs follow the synchronicities and we will all end up where we should end up if i die in two thousand and twelve that means it's my destiny perhaps. to escape this tragic destiny there's only one solution meditating and learning to understand the signs. that's also why daniel and his friends come to be gosh. we join them at the end of three days hiking in the region. and washing your feet like jesus did to his disciples his apostles and you in turn must do this to your brothers do it with love and humility and do it in memory of this. during their stay they underwent all sorts of rituals meant to raise their levels of consciousness. at the end of this preparation they will have information to impart to us about extra terrestrials. it seems some races might be dangerous to
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humanity hungry for power it appears they arrived on earth a long time ago and they have even made a pact with the american government. we are under the control of those governing us . he's over at the service of a space mafia. well i won't go into details. and who for several centuries now have been subjugating the human race justice. system so these people don't want to see the vibration rising in every being couple because as soon as it begins to rise and people become more conscious we see what happened in north africa and everywhere there were orchestrated revolutions by whom and by what we can't know exactly but personally i think it was an elevation of consciousness that caused it and that people become aware of how they are being manipulated there were several people assassinated because they were going to reveal these things you know
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that who for example. kennedy unity kennedy was going to reveal what was happening that wasn't appreciated what was happening in the nevada desert you know that when you think so contact with extra terrestrials the cia's very powerful isn't it. very powerful. unbelievable theory of an intergalactic plot. some of these participants believe it's obvious. and they're surprised that we've never heard about it before. so for you it's not surprising to see that there are extra terrestrials a mass not at all that's why i don't see why it's we need such a big deal. it's maybe understandable some people live in their own world. or maybe i'm just a little advanced that's what i'm tell you yes we're different from the common
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mortal that's for sure but it's like the rope theory if you heard that. the researcher found out about this he demonstrated that the world was made of superimposed layers vibrate every layer vibrates at its own rhythm. and so people who say they see flying saucers. suddenly they see a flying saucer it takes up a great speed suddenly it's there it leaves in the disappears these are you. in fact it doesn't disappear it just takes a cord or it takes an interdimensional corridor that's why we don't see them anymore. surprising usually harmless beliefs. over the last few months dozens of courses like this have sprung up in big gosh. and like most of the locals the driver of the little tourist train tends to laugh about it. and if you look to the right apparently on that summit there's
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a landing strip for flying saucers. about google hushes reputation has also attracted to the region some practices that are clearly not appreciated. with a hidden camera we went to the home of a man who claims to be able to hear all sorts of illnesses he shows us a c.v. that's rather impressive. during jesus' time i was peter before that i was a kind of town after a. lantus i went to egypt. painting it's simple i was just the painter giotto and giotto was lynn otto davinci. the man claims to practice future midsummer medicine after two thousand and twelve in fact i don't cure anything i'm only a channel i'm going to give the person the keys to cure himself and then it's a one hundred percent cure if the person intends to free himself if you take the keys then presto that's it it's over one hundred percent intention to be cured is
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a one hundred percent cure that's our was done in jesus' day it's this group that's the way it is even a terminal stage cancer can be cured immediately if we become conscious why do i have this problem fifty euros for two hours of talk without compunction this pseudo therapist exploits the despair of sick people he even claims to have found the secret of immortality. my cells regenerate and from then on i can their fifteen thousand years it's as simple as that. you no longer have to die physically. that's good because death is an illusion of the third dimension. with the influx of these strange visitors the one hundred ninety five villages a beginning to worry oh the cat oh aren't you pretty and starting with the village mayor who could have done without this publicity. three year old book so now this is the work of a local photographer who had fun making
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a photo music of the madness of extra terrestrials did you have to explain to us. he compiled a list of all the two thousand and twelve courses in preparation officially these are all associative activities you can't forbid them never a vessel that came from the stars and is inhabited by and try to rescue real link to the crystal grail this place awakens reactivating the twelve shark reza of the earth operation genesis the installing of the vibrations of the celestial genome vibration is the secret of the work of the phoenix for the new era some of them even need so that's really quite a mouthful and this costs five hundred fifty euros for four days. it and that's without room and board. it's not my job to forbid so i accept no problems but it's my responsibility to make sure with the competent authorities to be tickled we don't do the work to make sure it's legal and that it doesn't invade
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freedoms. the law is worried about is sects setting up in his commune according to the latest report that's the report of the government organization fighting against sectarian offshoots fear of the end of the world in two thousand and twelve is one of the main themes used by sects to control their followers. dominic and isabel were victims for twenty one years they were part of a group lawyers civil servants fifteen or so people living under the influence of a spiritual master who controlled through the fear of the end of the world. also we would be taken by extra terrestrials in a vessel and during that time the world would be destroyed and read a bit and then we would be put back on a renewed earth. for him christ the extra terrestrials for him it's more or less the same thing in all this i five films at the end of the day you'll find the same
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teaching with welcome to the un real world of sects here is the master. two years ago he was condemned to fifteen years in prison for rape and abuse of power he appealed for twenty one years isabel and domenico gave him all the time and all that money so women in the group had to have sexual relations with him. was socials they all fit all those things was supposed to purify you taking part purifying others and in purifying the world and other people. over the vessel and he said he was on my ass moses john the baptist hang god it's all the same and after he was deceived he was the third messiah on. fear of the apocalypse keeps the followers in the master's control isabel and i'm unique all ready to sacrifice everything to continue as part of his elect. this is a cloud of real beings ashworth be they in bucharest or elsewhere these beings are
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saying in two thousand and twelve something might happen what do people do we don't want to die we don't want our families to die either and because of this if you capable of everything only if you're ready to kill you do regularly said to us would you be ready to fight for me and we said of course. you live in fear all the time and i'm convinced that all the followers who are still into it if they're still followers it's because they are still living in fear. despite his incarceration the master still has his followers they. they are afraid of the end of the world on december twenty first two thousand and twelve by the very next day if we're still here all the dates will be suggested. since the fall of the roman empire no fewer than one hundred eighty three prophecies have wrongly predicted the end of the won't.
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bow bow bow. bow. bow.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. join me on a journey to the heart of the crime to a place is hidden from the tourists you going to meet some real credible insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. . look. at least.
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one. elin. elin. wealthy british style. time to sleep.


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