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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture a petition on the white house website is calling for senator dianne feinstein to be tried for treason for saying michele introduced a new assault weapons ban is trying to prevent senseless gun violence in america are really a treasonous and that and more in tonight's lone liberal rumble and a major defense contractor was found negligent for poisoning the men and women of
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our armed services so naturally the company was punished right. why is the u.s. government allowing a giant war profiteer to get away with such a heinous act. you need to know this florida governor rick scott is using poor people in his state as pawns in his political games scott as one of a number of republican governors trying to deny millions of low income americans health insurance coverage as part of his grudge against president obama as part of obamacare states are given federal funds to expand their medicaid coverage to cover more low income americans and for the first few years the federal government will pay all because of this expansion and after that will continue to pay for the vast majority of the coverage indefinitely all the states out to do is say yes the governor scott who's state has one of the highest uninsured rates in the nation is saying you know not only say no but he's lying to claiming that medicaid expansion
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will cost a state twenty six billion dollars over the next ten years in reality will cost a state one billion dollars over the next ten years is exaggerating the cost by twenty five hundred percent a bald faced lie he's using that justifies decision to screw poor sick people and floor. publicans have a personal grudge against president obama and are doing everything in their power to see that he fails i say it's downright appalling rick scott is condemning poor people in their states to untimely death by cutting off their health insurance but that's my take let's take it from here or let's get the take of a couple of conservatives in tonight's lone liberal rumble. join him inside the lone liberal or horoscope or conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research and judson phillips sosia director of the tea party dot net and founder of tea party nation and thanks
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for both of you for joining us let's because i. think about medicaid rick scott bases his decision to not expand medicaid and basically a lie i mean his own his own state is saying this is a one billion dollars spent over ten years but his basically p.r. you know government agencies say no it's going to be twenty six billion we can't afford that who are as you look like you just ate a canary you must have some facts i don't have i am thrilled with the actions of governor scott he is demonstrating one of the reasons why he is one of the up and coming members republican party and likely be. a guy that we'll see in a national level shows he's going to get people in florida he has had a lengthy experience in the health care industry in management and he understands guys like his company got in the mind for frags criminal frauds and the facts are these every single estimate made about health care from the obama administration
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has turned out to be off by as much as a factor of ten and in some cases there is going to be a the i as a director of the justice really coverage and the feds are going to cover it when we don't have the money to do that and that there will be a mistake consequence is ridiculous i think the number may not be as high as twenty six billion dollars but it clearly is more than a billion thanks. kudo's to go ok and to hell with poor people absolutely we have a problem and it's going to be exacerbated by the obama care system rick said i'll be rooting for it scott isn't going to it will it will even pay ten percent for the care of the poor people and risk god has done to help more people to get people jobs to create opportunity and investment in that state he is a tax payer championed by by saying no. the real issue here is making health care affordable health insurance destroys the free market for health care and that's the huge problem that that is the huge problem with obamacare it wipes out the free market when you let the free market work guess what health care because i know you can tell that you're getting coming up fordable we were told that medicaid by the
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way in the sixty's when it was foisted on the states was going to be a minor cost and the fans were going to be responsible and it wasn't going to be a big deal it's now one of the biggest drivers of state budgets so i don't got expanded to include old people in nursing i don't regard a government program gets a head of state every one of them we never understand and anticipate the troubles that are going to come along the. way how can you really believe this billion dollar figure that is just laughable absolutely the last of the debt is the result was your tenth there is a legal term for the one billion dollar figure it's called him issue making stuff up. actually you know that's actuaries actually and i'm going to see it once your alternative my alternative is to figure out how to get people back on payrolls so that they can make primary you have millions of people is it lorida who are on payrolls who are working and you have all know you are smart who are working at mcdonalds who are going to wendy's who are not making enough money out of their
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eyes out here as you guys promised us that obamacare was going to solve all these problems and then we saw on the first of january all these spams of an old saying oh get off our rolls get off i am go on demanding they keep you making it more expensive you are making it more costly and now you want to solve that problem with another program. going to grab even more people and provide them with even less so while you get again you're not offering any should some just no i'm not my solution is we want to get as many people with good paying jobs and and we're always going to be in jobs going to come from well actually that's another reason why i'm such a big fan of governor scott he is taking the lead in job creation in the country there you go down where you are number three in job creation over the just a short period of time that he has been governor that has been an amazing accomplishment great one we want to do is create opportunities were purchased in co-ops can exist and people can use their own dollars that they have earned that
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regardless of how poor you are tough luck you have to buy your own health insurance well actually we're going to help or you are mine and i'm going to shot is going to be a jobs regard i have i want you are going to create jobs it doesn't count is not creating rick scott has pulled the government out of the way a lemonade a lot of the lesser bureaucracy in taxation and. with that what regulation will done away with one of the players as well as they've lowered taxes in the state one of the other things that they want on is that they've used their the executive power for regulatory exemptions to allow the new firms that come in to locate in the state of florida to be able to operate for tax free period to liquidate some of the burdensome work he's taking as taking he's taking easy saying to the taxpayers of the state of florida you're going to have to pay the load of running the state since she was operations that are coming to him or we're going to have that all of them for free this is amazing and i can brag about having created jobs every dollar government spends you guys claim it's owed to government i start from the premise
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that's not a dollar but owed to government government on a just like your suggest so he has also cut spending so that that has the result of reducing the burden some misses and these rides enough the number of people in poverty who are getting health care. that's another sequitur. you know you're not there and there's a difference between correlation and causation and there is no causation effect here the number of the reason we have poverty right now a lot of it we're in the middle of the great obama depression yes if we cut taxes by depression i mean look at the result of thirty two years of reaganomics no where to look though my got a little slice of life i wish we had as you can see what it was only by me said two thousand and seven the last year the republicans controlled the house the senate the white house during that real estate bubble during your years while you're out of a bubble economy when the democrats came in which by the way the real estate bubble caused by democrat policies but we have a grammar appealing glass steagall and oh i don't agree that every investment is
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actually exactly setting sub standard standards for people to get access to loans where they could no delays the way i planned were having a real estate industry said there was all the liar loans they were he had slightly and they should have been illegal but he got deregulated in two thousand in one thousand nine hundred eighty just the opposite they were over regulated by the community reinvestment act which told your hanks either you give these a very limited way point but its own set here isn't it it's you who is not created a competitive environment where people could afford to go into the health insurance market and pay for their all the sure and he would see a lot yes we want all those people working at walmart to just dig into their pockets i'd lost i was always the year that it would be wonderful i'd like to move along to lead to another topic and we've we've all made our points two or three times now moving on to gun safety legislation entering the nation's largest gun seller speaking to wal-mart are expected to at the white house or were expected the white house meeting with vice president joe biden discussed gun control options i'm
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not expecting a lot of input from them but taking crazy to a higher level alex jones has put out a petition to get dianne feinstein indicted for each for treason twenty twenty seven thousand signatures because she's going to put in. an assault weapons ban how's an assault weapons ban treasonous. since trade. defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war you got me on that one i don't know i mean. dianne feinstein is goofy she's a hypocrite because she owns guns she has a concealed carry permit at least she used to in fact if i remember correctly she's not she's carrying around assault weapons i mean this she's just but i don't know what she was little our to use pros while our two well under current law she's proposing what ronald reagan one she's proposing that as long as she can continue to have access to the kind of security she likes she would want to keep that but other people when they have security needs that they want or interests or hobbies i love the idea that's one of the things i like about the second amendment we don't
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have a society where what's popular right now is protected and what's not popular gets taken away from us the first member of the secular member the fifth amendment our constitutional rights actually stand or they're popular enough so are you are you in agreement with those you're both on the record saying that an assault weapons ban is not traitorous ok i also have a phrase about three who do. you think you both think reagan was wrong when he when he supported yes ever is in favor of this they are. going to do with alex jones that we need to have of weaponry in general and assault weapons in particular because someday we may need to take on an oppressive government that. our first amendment was created to create an opportunity for people to criticize the government our second amendment was created precisely and leave them that criticism wasn't effective enough to keep it in check the actual armed conflict was necessary
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now if the government. if the government is the obvious that or whether that is really what our founding fathers to pick what speech is useful for criticism and give to pick what arms are used to keep government in check then actually those things are meaningless so what exactly is it so so then the second amendment really should. you know why well where you lead militant should be necessary for the security of a free state the right of the people to have tanks shoulder fired missiles grenada launchers we should become like somalia and every local community should be. more that you've got a local warlord with a with a knack with winning this president's plan to push us into a little mini somalia i would suggest this the. supreme court's approach to the second amendment ought to be very similar to the approach they take of the first amendment you have a high profile ration is ever i don't guns you have a right i think that's true too but we have a high preference for allowing space for people to operate in the first minutes and
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you also have this ten seconds that there's i think you just peg the hyperbole meter here. you know dianne feinstein is nuts and this is a you know in all seriousness this is an issue that could create the kind of spark where you might see a couple of million armed americans god forbid coming up here to door and slow liberal coming up after the. let me let me i want to let me ask you a question. here on this network as we're having the debate we have our knives out. the truth is this is just a bad thing to get here in this race we're being made to talk about the amazing really. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call i don't know. i'm sorry i missed the guy here's an awful lot of. our you know what kind of their terror cells. want to give us a defeat terrorism a liberal and a chris jones. can you believe. that. you know what we're going to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry
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that sells us and facials that garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break that. are about to go lower on the joining me tonight are horace cooper and judson phillips let's get back to a death panel the republicans in the state of new hampshire actually republicans and democrats together in the state of new hampshire have repeatedly voted to end the death penalty in that state and republican governors a veto the legislation was passed with thousands at least once that i know of i used to live in new hampshire i lived there for about five years back in the eighty's. which was. not when that happened but now they've got a new governor maggie hassen and she opposes the death penalty so they may be
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knockin this thing down washington post reports the governor martin o'malley in maryland is close to getting enough support to knock that down in his state. of the whip counts he's got probably enough votes so it looks like the nation is moving away from the iranians saudi arabia and solution and toward the every other civilized country in the world solution to to murder which is life in prison without bail judd's parole parole. i spent twenty four years practicing law eleven of it as a prosecutor the rest as a criminal defense lawyer i've tried murder cases the prob with l.-wop life without parole is there are some people who simply deserve the death penalty some people do horrible things for them i was a prison guard in massachusetts when they went to l.-wop abolish their death penalty and one of the reasons he quit he said prison guards lives don't matter anymore because you've got some guy in there who's already one l.-wop he goes and kills a prison guard well they're going to give him another one and so there are some
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instances where the death penalty where people do certain things that are so heinous so horrible so you're suggesting that the reason why we should kill people is because even a prison guard is at risk can't you design a prison where the prison guards are they have not been able to do it yet we've had what two three hundred years of designing prisms if you're if because you know i thought where you are going is you know it's a it's about vengeance some people have committed such anus crimes that we need to avenge ourselves of them and it seems to me that you know thirty years in prison is much worse than five minutes in a death you know you would i be intelligent people you will look at the choice are you going to die or spend forty years rotting in prison not being able to do anything the needle would look pretty attractive at that point but there are some people who don't think that way there are some people who are just simply totally evil i mean i've prosecuted back in the day i prosecuted a couple guys for some really terrible murder one was a juvenile we disagree with and i have my of my take on the death penalty is that
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when we as a nation we the people we collectively through the state begin killing people we reduce our own level of decency not at all we not only we have become the brutes that we're going to wake up in the morning you can drive the mcdonalds of the seven eleven without going in and shooting up the place then you deserve to be hooked up with a jumper cables and sent home to meet your maker and if there are couple of states that say oh no i want to coddle those people i want to let them sit around and feed them for forty years. them do it but for the rest of us we're gonna say to them there will be accountability because we believe it's possible to go your whole day not robbed by the seven eleven and see something going on inside and shoot people up stab them up write them up or blow him up so peter who are capable of containing their own behavior get to continue operating in the free world so my belief that we don't i don't know as we've been saying it's fine it's very very eloquent i just want to make sure i understand your senators. you don't trust the government to
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provide us with health care you don't trust the government to run the house office no you don't trust understood though but i'd say you don't trust the government to run the post office but you do trust the government to determine who's going to live and who's going to die oh it's not all i know of this absolute law that is over but you won't condemn a man to forty years of being raped and tortured in prison because government is so great but when i say government isn't great and by the way if given the choice forty years of being raped and tortured in prison or death i signed up for it well let me let me remind you of that anybody is it that the people themselves who done these heinous crimes i can't hear their appeal because they have forfeited toughens you are assuming facts not in evidence here the death pin actually i am not over two hundred people in the last the last five years have been exonerated from death row as a result of any evidence that supported the what you want no no it's not if you're dead it's not part of the appeals process has any dead as any person who's been executed ever been completely exonerate yes there is no yes no no there was
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a guy in texas no who executed a jersey but the fact the matter was there executed people stopped looking but you don't do you don't look at the death penalty act user out always looking for the case that oh your god of emotion but let me draw you know i'm i'm just really impressed that both of you guys are so certain that one hundred percent of it say that our government absolutely i just. don't know if you believe it's not a sentence a person to a life time who is innocent but where and where they can always be released to all demonstrate they are innocent ask into society quickly say i've been treated to a living hell. and frankly i think there should have some compensation or tolerance when really it's not but it was like death penalties in every jurisdiction have to be decided by a jury they have to be decided by twelve licensed drivers twelve citizens who sit in the box who only hear proof of guilt innocence and those gill reivers are injecting the needle or. i know there isn't a person from the gallows that you are saying is not going to get the needle or not
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we have nowadays is the needle they're not going to get the needle without twelve citizens unanimously saying this person deserves death so but but it is can it is carried out it is conducted by the government the prosecution is carried out by the government the decision of what evidence to present and withhold by the government i just i have no need to provide you so high a list libertarian the governor of a half hour convince him government is always right if you guys want these ads on guard activities that have been shown all over the globe health care run by government doesn't work anywhere and anywhere a killing people by government does actually has been i would quite effectively run out a list of years ok all right or don't you know people want to test me it has been shown to be i don't know mitch mcconnell in the republican saying we have a spending problem which gives credence to their argument that any debt limit deal should include spending cuts but there are already been significant cuts in fact
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since two thousand and eleven three quarters of all deficit reduction has come by a spending cuts mostly due to budget battles in the debt limit agreement two thousand and eleven as pipe chart shows president obama as this chart shows president obama has slowed federal spending faster than any president in recent history so what you are seeing there is federal debt as a percentage of g.d.p. administration by administration reagan reagan bush clinton clinton bush bush obama ok so what the heck are the republicans talking about we've had this conversation before and i tell you the heritage foundation has a chart which they don't show that obama is the worst but they do show that obama bush and carter share a suspense of the first forbes magazine is not exactly you know a bastion of liberalism in there and they say that they're using the numbers from the federal government you know i mean this is this is you know the red lights with benjamin disraeli names are flashing up here right now there's lies there's damn lie. and then there are statistics of it and i think that would probably falls in
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but here's a here's something that's indisputable. in a fiscal year two thousand and seven the budget deficit was one hundred sixty one billion dollars for the entire year since two thousand and nine every year and we're growing at a twenty thirteen it's going to be this way this year to get over one trillion dollars you know that demonstrates it demonstrates we have a spending problem that demonstrates we have a jobs problem that when people are employed they are paying taxes and when people are not employed we are in a government really great i am green thing it can to kill jobs you have a jobs problem that then it leads to a deficit problem but the government keeps spending so you end up to the various we have we have we have a crash we have the bush great depression and then on top of that four years of every single significant effort to to bring jobs back to the united states to to reward companies that in stores jobs and take away the incentive for companies this is you know this is a president have you done by republican this president has you don't get down on by
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expanding government expanding spending expanding where you have a certain and no use any president to say sort of power to expand anything that's absolutely not good times there are all of these are all spending all spending has to originate in the house of representatives article one section i want to make sure you how do you that when we get around to the platinum coin livy plans to have issued by executive order cable if you can carry out spending months in country like using dollars right there right now ok you're saying that if if we were to create as a platinum coin we if the president abused his authority and issued earlier and said that we can now he then made yes. let's let's just define the terms of this today ok the congress congress it's as if the two you got together said ok we're going to deal you're going to handle all the money you're going to pay all the bills but justin has a credit card that's going to come to you right ok but you're responsible for the checkbook to pay the bills. so he goes out you runs up a bunch of things on the credit card and now the bill comes to you and you say well
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you know that's more than my dealt limit i'm not going to pay the bill actually that happens in houses all over the place husbands wives sometimes you also ended up making on it is the household budget can't handle and they have to deal with that by calling up some folks and saying we can't do this anymore but what they don't do is say i'm not going to pay the mortgage i'm going to buy the food exemption pay the electricity. and what this president and republicans going to the most vulnerable these days saying if they don't don't filibuster this last time is that filibuster honest conversation about this the debt limit does not have anything to do is spending it has to do with a bills that have already been run up by congress you know this for us it's not about what what specific obligations are do they will be funds coming in even when we go past the debt limit ceiling and this treasury securities has polluted water on the he still could pick the viable important programs and fun and
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not right now you know. we didn't have the zero point at the end of the year and choosing who gets paid and i now picks and chooses and when we have something in a run going to run as a matter of money sometime in february we have borrowed money or are passed spending not for our future spending for our past spending this is like you running up your credit card to the limit i and then you call and i give are you going to these are hey i want some more moderate bush's war in afghanistan george bush's war in iraq i put on the credit card no provisions for paying for george bush's tax cut so what are the current this george bush's medicare put on the credit card and now that the republican the republican drunken spending bill is coming due they're publicans are saying to go to the president now you can't pay the bill filibuster over because this treasury secretary could say i'm going to look at the priorities and those will get funded and i'm going to save a trillion dollars a year by not paying these other things we want of money coming in i'm only going to spend to pay off our old debts the funds that are actually. coming in and if a few people say well we're not going to extend credit to you since you're not
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paying so much the better i thought conservatives thought that that was executive overreach of the executive. the executive branch decided you know well you know we're not going to fund this program for the department of defense actually i think it was richard nixon no fan of we fans of but who tried impounding and it was the progressives who insisted. that or last year that he said he was not going to fund and i forget what it was but i can't even see what are your right. i know it was. his group or judson phillips thank you both after you for having us after the break another day another story of a corporation doing a lot of harm the american people but this time the men and women who defended our nation are the victims how is a war profiteering giant responsible for poisoning the men and women of our military and why are they not facing any type of punishment from our government.
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listen to me.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.


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