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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  February 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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mr speaker the host the big picture. to my fellow americans the state of the union is strong it's politicians however are stupid and bought off by everybody from oil billionaires like the koch brothers and the shakes to transnational corporations and defense contractors which is problem one our supreme court has said that money is the same thing as speech it's not its money our supreme court is also so the corporations are people they are not their voluntary associations the bill of rights was not written to protect the east india company it was written to protect individual people so we need to amend our constitution to clearly and explicitly say corporations are not people and money is not speech problem too is that the core of why we have government why did those
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guys to have centuries ago put their lives on the line and fight and die to create the united states and why have people fought and died over and over and over again in the intervening years to keep this nation alive. jefferson put it quite simply in the declaration of independence that governments are instituted among men to secure the un alienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness so the question of why do we have government easy answer to provide life liberty and the pursuit of happiness does that mean government should be hysterical about its budget deficit when there's no problem created by that deficit no that's stupid does that mean the government should be hysterical about how much it spending when our government is spending about half as much of its g.d.p. as most of the developed nations and our own spending compared to ourselves is at levels lower than most of the past half century you know that's stupid too these are manufactured hysteria is to get our government to do things that will further
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destroy the middle class and enrich the banks toure's in the billionaires have nothing to do with the purpose of government if the job of the government is to protect the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness what the constitution repeatedly refers to as the general welfare in the real issue government should be laser focused on is obvious it's jobs and nine hundred forty four president franklin roosevelt suggested that we should put into law a second bill of rights it would cost if i what he had already been doing for a decade with the new deal and among the most important of those was the right to a job when capitalism fails to provide for life liberty in the pursuit of happiness and the so called free market fails to provide for the general welfare which happens constantly because these are not the job of capitalism then logically those responsibilities fall to government it's why we created our government and that means taking making the government the employer of last resort there are over two
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point five trillion dollars worth of infrastructure affair repair we need just to bring ourselves back to being in the same shape we were in when ronald reagan became president and began ignoring infrastructure. that's a hell of a lot of jobs additionally we need to be building out twenty first century versions of our four most important forms of infrastructure those for our our intellectual infrastructure our communications infrastructure our energy infrastructure and our transportation infrastructure to build out our intellectual infrastructure we need to go back to our government policies of free education these were first proposed by thomas jefferson when he created the university of virginia as a free college then advanced by abraham lincoln when he granted huge swaths of land to create two wish and three land grant colleges across america they saw a large fulfillment during the truman eisenhower years with the g.i. bill which raised the percentage of americans who tended college for around six
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percent to over twenty percent that intellectual infrastructure built in the one nine hundred fifty s. by truman and eisenhower was the basis of the invention explosion of the sixty's seventy's and eighty's in the united states that brought us the modern computer age it's time to fully fund our public schools and to make college and trade schools free for any high school graduate who wants to attend. to build out our communications infrastructure we need to lay a national fiber optic internet system and open it up to competition any company can use it so we can have competitive pricing of high speed broadband like europe japan south korea and other countries do where you can get literally internet access at ten times faster than in the united states for about twenty dollars a month to build our energy infrastructure we need to take a lesson from germany and backstop loans to. banks to loan every homeowner in america anough to put solar panels on their homes meanwhile we need to build a national energy energy smart grid to handle all this new and localized power.
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additionally we need to backstop local communities and states and building wind farms solar farms wave power installations and whatever other forms or renewable energy are appropriate to those communities and like europe we need to make all of this competitive by making the carbon industry pay for their own extra nowadays the cost of the military to protect their oil lines the cost of health care to pay for the cancers they cause the cost of environmental destruction we make them pay for this with a simple carbon tax which then also instantly makes renewable energies less expensive than one thousand century fossil fuels as has happened in australia the last two years to build out our transportation infrastructure we need to take a lesson from europe and china and build a national high speed rail system as c as sex the leading supplier of real based freight transportation in north america loves to remind us their t.v.'s they can move a ton of freight or a ton of people over five hundred miles on a single gallon of fuel we once had
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a rail system that was the envy of the world and it was the staging ground for our industrial revolution we need to build it a new and all of this brings us to the third opportunity which is also a threat to our great union and that's global warming scientists tell us that our current burn rate of fossil fuels will raise the temperature of our planet five degrees celsius by the year twenty one hundred that in turn will warm our oceans enough to release trillions of tons of methane hydrate that's currently frozen along our continental shelves and those greenhouse gases will raise the temperature of our planet another five degrees that's ten degrees celsius total. the last time that happened was two hundred fifty million years ago when continents were being torn apart in a massive lava flow that covered most of what's now called siberia raised the earth's temperature five degrees triggering a melt of the methane crystals that raised it another five degrees that ten degree increase in temperature is what geologists now refer to as the permian extinction
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ninety five percent of all life on earth both on land and sea die it was the worst of all the five major extinctions our planet has seen it took eighty thousand years for life to bounce back on earth and i shared in the age of the dinosaurs. we are creating our own permian extinction and we need to stop it now that carbon tax would be a great first step and there's much more we can do beyond that so that's the state of our union we are not broke we are the richest nation in the world we don't have a deficit or a spending problem we have a jobs problem and we are not any longer going to lead trickle down economics turn us into a third world nation we're going to rebuild and then update our critical infrastructures in the process we will save ourselves from making ourselves extinct these are the challenges before us and we can meet them if you the people will get behind the effort now times a waste. and
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now it's time to turn things over to our big picture politics panel our panel and our vince collin a senior online editor with the daily caller richard follower progressive strategist and host the richard collar show and marc harrold libertarian commentator author thank you all for joining us chuck schumer seemed to really enjoy about. this saying he will all of us have a hope that you are going to see others will like publisher and growth. according to latest projections from the congressional budget office the nation's deficit has shrunk by trillions of dollars the debt is close to being stabilized as a percentage of the economy in fact the deficit reduction achieved since two thousand and eleven has overwhelmingly favored spending cuts to tax increases spending has slowed more under obama than any other president in modern history
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we've got a chart about this someplace. maybe we don't have a ok so anyhow most of the reduction so far has been spending cuts isn't the time period three quarters of deficit reduction to date has been spending cuts and you know isn't it time to say ok if we're worried about the deficit in france. i'm not you know i think you know government deficits equal private sector surpluses it's a very simple math i mean it's there's double entry bookkeeping and one of the things that we look you know look at the last hundred years of american history every time deficits went down rapidly private sector surpluses also want down rapidly and we went into severe recessions and twice into depressions so you know i just don't consider this a problem but if you think it's a problem shouldn't we be raising revenues rather than cutting expenses because you look very nice well i'm i'm thinking about it and i like listening to you talk it's interesting the i would say that to say that there is no spending problem i think
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it's probably a head in the sand position because even the president has said publicly that there's a spending problem privately he said but he's reportedly told people john boehner specifically that he doesn't think there is a standing here and he was right but the reality is it still matter but the reality is that they do matter i mean look look across europe and you've talked about europe extensively deficits only matter if you don't issue your own our currency our debt to g.d.p. ratio as you as you're as you were just discussing half already and is worse is already over one hundred percent half of what your hands it's a fifth of what china is it is europe in europe you have countries there are eighty ninety percent you don't if you get on here and you know and they were coal we will never run out of dollars. but we will make you inflation oh no you don't know the inflation is we have never challenged you to give me one example of any time any country in the world had inflation as a result of anything other than increases in commodity prices and availability of water to name one market off and i'm not an expert on the issue that's not what
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causes inflation in the inflation of the seventy's eighty's was caused by running out of oil or the price of oil dramatically going up the inflation in zimbabwe was the result of people being given farmers who didn't know how to farm i mean you know and there's so there was a there was literally a food shortage inflation is it's not too many dollars chasing too few goods it's too few goods being chased by the same government spending mad. because right now if you just look at the unfunded liabilities as they stand and i know you don't like talking about fund liabilities and the truth is we can't even pay out to our social security recipients we don't have the money said we certainly can't we certainly can't we're going to tom i've got to tell you i think that the fundamentally change how we think about deficit spending in this country republicans the deficit i think is a bad thing but i see it as an investment in the future when you put a trillion dollars into the economy or a billion dollars in the economy reform to save the union address in transportation expenditures you create thirty four thousand jobs in the first billion dollars of spending and that's not only on your tear one then you create secondary jobs and tertiary jobs and people are working they're putting money back into the economy which means the government is increasing revenue because as more people make up the
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tax base that i think republicans to fundamentally change how they see deficits if they want this economy to get back on track and they want to preserve the middle class america this is the this is what we just want to get working here which is that the mark this was what eisenhower did he spent massively built a national highway system and it stimulated the economy he did in the year he was in a little bit of a different place because the the people themselves coming out of world war two didn't have nearly the personal debt that we've incurred but i die there is a split there isn't a doubt was one hundred twenty seven percent of g.d.p. there's a spending problem or not i mean originally you know they said there's no spending problem the president monday they walked back on that jay carney said there is a spending problem but it's a health care problem because that's what they're going to say that they fix it i think there's a spending problem i don't believe that you know i i think it's a scary thing to say we can't run out of money because we print it ourselves i think it's the value of that money obviously it's not backed we do have to remember we have a lot of foreign investment in our deficit and our debt if they are these loans even a very homely remark that all the problems that pushes them out of them all that it's not a self-sustaining economy for a superpower if they can more of tonight's politics pale will pick up this
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conversation. well. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. he. says.
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welcome back to the big picture bad politics colonies richard following marc harrold let's go back actually i want to finish this conversation going a bit have this is i think it's a fascinating conversation i mean you know i pointed out that you know from two thousand a to two thousand and eleven the fed and we know this because bernie sanders and ron paul got the fed audited the fed. twenty nine trillion dollars out and not out of nowhere and about half of that still running around you know passed out to the banks into the helicopter money to write quote. alan greenspan where's the inflation there's no inflation well the fed the fed exists in part to in order to try and stave off the type of economic on the rest i mean this is what they do right they can they do these these qualitative easing programs in order to try and help make the economy solvent but in the long term as not it is all rounder the fed is a lender of money to banks unit but the reason why the fed strategy was
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a good strategy this go around is because we didn't see the government do its part of the fiscal side so the fed did their part of keep you know keeping the rates that was making the rates lower but what you should have seen is the you've seen the government investing in america's greatest resource its people to go back to work when the banks are now willing to lend and they have a lower injury to lend that that is the opportunity when you put the middle class in the working class back to work so they can afford cars homes you know they can send their kids to private schools xander kids the college and that is what prompts our comedy scene from republican that we've seen from john boehner is the absolute opposite of that they want to cut cut cut cut cut they want to kick kids out of head start they want to fire seventy thousand teachers and i think they're somehow going to go the economy that way but impossible on the excerpts the white house has already released about the president's speech tonight one of the questions the president will ask is how do we attract jobs in this country and that's a very that's a question that a lot of people on an answer to and one of the solutions is plain it's in his face and it's to lower corporate tax rates close to loopholes get to
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a place it will actually extract. from country to country based on tax rates that move from country to country they say look for tax cuts their total cost axes are one very very tiny part of that because taxes only keep going on profits and you know they're far more likely to be looking at labor costs but that's assuming that all things are equal we're the only country in the world that doesn't have affected terrorists so bad you have to do to attract businesses to the way that is it is but this doesn't what i would do to drive business is the united states is is why i would say very simply that you know we're going to we're going to go back. tariff a system like we had from seven hundred eighty seven until one thousand nine hundred ninety. ninety eight but you know beyond that tom i think the noble idea was you invest in new industries when the president took when the president took office in two thousand and eight the green battery in it was only one percent of the if we were only ones with a market share the america was and now we're twenty percent market share because the president in the stimulus package invested in green technology and there's an excellent point and a bit of a question is what prevents that company from doing like was this inside of the
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company that shut down in ohio is it working for the bank now who are you trying to say yeah you know it's you i think that we need to have a seven point permeable membrane around this country market some kind of a trade policy we had trade policies well i don't agree with many trade policies at all you want people to be investing you want people to have their money it should be people the government shouldn't be investing in anything the government should be providing the services the baseline services after this government you're going to vitamins for investing in things that means they're taking your it's not their money it's your money they've stolen from it is taken the money and they're going to invest it better you that what your idea of me and my money and i'll invest in the things that you're identifying is the fundamental flaw in in in monetary theory that's that's been put out and it was true prior to nine hundred seventy one when every dollar had to be back twenty five percent by gold but now that's not the case we're on a pure currency as are virtually all the other countries of the world excluding europe all of those countries basically are on a gold standard the gold standard being the euro there's no gold associated with their stock without their own currency and because of that the our dollar our
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government can simply issue more dollars into existence and spend them but let me it's not really investment i mean just lies you know that it will be bad china very high it is a whole system in the twenty nine trillion dollars where's the inflation first of all i think it's too soon to really see if that inflation but bottom line is the government's not there to invest your money it's there to take the very small amount of money it needs it's not there to invest your money where your money is not what interests you what's you know not an investment club that's interesting i just take the other day me richard brought up an issue he said the talk about the president investing in green energy. and i've always thought that conservatives and liberals actually do have middle ground on the issue of and of energy efficiency because there's an economic benefits there's an economic benefit and environmental benefit and that's where the meeting ground is the problem with government investment when it's related to green energy specifically is that the government will choose specific energy types that it supports and energy and energy will move in fits and starts in terms of how technology advances because the free market is incentivized to only move in the direction the government wants it to not know not
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true the free market is a set of eyes that move in the direction where there's the greatest profits and if they've got to deal with government that helps adventure but i think they're going to size with no hold on there's a laser that they don't because their government alex looks profitable by what they want to invest and they favor certain technologies around their argument is flawed obviously but your argument is flawed economic theory tells you something called the money multiplier when the government puts one dollar in it creates four i was in the onset because i get the dollar i go to a store i purchased something that's was about to pay an employee with that dollar that employees got to pay their rent with that dollar that property was about to pay their tax dollars so it creates four dollars just by the government putting in one dollar without taking out the you know the percentage of that you would be willing to to say it really was a marketplace where your guys it reallocates and for business owners not it creates new might actually curio it's growth that expands the economy it doesn't actually have been going to be anything that's exact what happened to war two when the government came with the g.i. bill and then all those people to college and they gave all the mortgages that created the middle class in this country and they're going to build highways and i don't think people have been prohibited from using a lot of their money they want the personal debt and that was unleashed
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a floodgate everybody want to spin it one time get far too much credit for what they did there because people were not sitting on that money to our viewers what they are handing how they did but only about how they had been a lot of their in the war they were sitting on money as they as they made it was sitting on a g.i. going to actually that is not a true personal those guys those people who were who were fighting in europe and japan did not come back rich no they didn't come it rich but the citizens as a whole had not been allowed to spend money the same household wealth in the united states at the at the end of world war two was not substantially greater than it was with our debt. it was twenty years later debt ratio was not actually because you had been impossible to get a mortgage before the before they did that's because of that i bet they do now you're still talking about taking i mean the whole idea of having money you can just what you create with the real thing but more of the reasons are a day reason why folks are caring so much personal debt right now one of those examples being was to loan debt crisis in this country a trillion dollars of it is that god created but no no it is it was created because you know it was created because the government decided that it was not going to invest in the america's future and america's children under ronald reagan that's
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why we're in the debt situation that we're in right now because the government did not decide to do this because our government stopped funding college is no reagan came really simple statistic very simple statistics when reagan came into office eighty two percent of the cost of tuition nationwide all college tuition was paid for by federal state or local governments right now twenty two percent of all to asians maybe but i will say it wasn't totally outpaced its market because the government backed in other words and they were not always the way we got the private sector slapped down alongside the dollar and offered out just like with health care the government that the tuition went up because it was back the people it would have taken the loans out of there's no way i wish and he wishes me to wish you want to issue one up because you switch from a grant bases into a loan bases them in a loan basis them where the banks are now the banks are responsible for lending the money but it's that is what federal government because we knew it would be another of profit to begin with we debate all grant bases the more we are about moving you know we're about increasing the institution increasing learning instead of making profit at the end going to be a sort of education hey game of those are the risk of jinsa last week this argument
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as you're pitching it is that no circumstance should people be incurring dad should be worrying about their personal financial responsibility as relates to higher education and then an ideal world the government was simply pay for all of it and in doing so when you simply are not on your there's a fundamental flaw in your logic and that is that as as as you vince colonies you can't issue the currency you're making decisions about number one and number two as a householder or as a small business person your job is not to look out for the for the general welfare of all the people the job. government has to do is to do that and government has the ability to create money but that won't fair and also includes having people understand that they do have some skin in the game in their financial i will agree with but i agree with you that people do have personal responsibility in this game we began the day educating our students makes our economy strong we have more educated in the workforce we're the only developed country in the world the best in our students i don't understand what republicans are doing and we have spent a lot of time on basically jobs and government investment i think is really an important thing because that bad i think is what the president will talk about it's
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exactly and that's the number one issue when you do look at all the polling more than eighty percent of people said this is this is where they are most concerned but people are also concerned right now about guns especially after newtown victims of gun violence will be in attendance tonight and so too will this guy. but tell you this right now if brock becomes the president november again i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. so thirty thousand americans die from firearm wounds every year eleven thousand of them homicides eighty percent of firearms use in crimes are privately purchased so there's no background check i mean this is mess mark what are we going to it is a mess obviously ted nugent you have to be sense of the fact that this does affect people the problem here is that a lot of the gun control measures that they're talking about there will be people for instance from chicago and it's tragic what's happened but a lot of the laws that they're contemplating that have had very little effect if they've almost gone the other way with having almost no effect on violent gun crime
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the problem here is that a lot of the gun control you're talking about is not about guns it's about control they're trying to rollback a right and it is a fundamental right it's not a right granted by the government it's not something the government can tell you with in a label right given that it might be insured by the undecided we can have guns so what you're saying to me i don't think seriously that god decide we should have guns it's an inalienable natural right to be able to defend nature to say yes to defend it and i guess not because there is a god decide we have a right to free speech. and no archive but you know i think the founders sister public did i mean this is no they don't give you the speeches you want to say is protected by the constitution marc i think all rights have limits and clearly when it comes to the gun control debate you do not need to have enough weapons in your garage to block the taliban to protect yourself i hand out might be five baby a knife of some sort but there's no reason people have a k forty seven and mr. military type weapons and i think what the president going to talk about in the speech tonight is not only that but the first thing we need to get done right away is the forty percent of guns that a person this country that don't but are that are mandated have a background check that the person has no reason for axe murderers rapists and
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serial killers to have the ability to own guns point glad to hear you or said. i think i think what is important in this debate is to recognize the realities in the surreal ality is of the debate in terms of what actually is a problem if you look back in two thousand and twelve some three hundred or so long gun deaths occurred and most of those were from hunting accidents and then you have to. incidents like of course like mass shootings where you see these things happen but we're talking about a country of some of the one hundred million people those the two most common forms of gun violence in the united states are suicides and accidental and and both of those i would submit are the consequence of easy availability not all interact that's what other countries don't have those are not all interactions with a gun lead to an incident that so many interactions of the going to specially be related to the events related to self defense actually involves someone just demonstrating a gun revealed brandishing one would fly hero kid earlier this week but it was best
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for you but this is i think vince you are going sort of proves how far the n.r.a. is mabel to take this language and take this diction and take their theology because this is what you're what you're saying the advocates for the stand your ground law this whole idea of the whole i feel as though that i need to defend myself so i'm going to shoot somebody randomly from the replies fifteen seconds if you're defending yourself you're not necessarily shooting somebody randomly if you're out the door and yourself and you meet up with trayvon martin well that's a that's a completely different yes absolutely and that's a good much else you know to talk about but now he was actually having his head smashed into the ground yeah i mean i think you know there's nobody there let us not go there because it all in a way for you all right carol thank you all for joining thank you all for joining me that we've got to wrap it up. going out what a massive high speed rail network that connects america's largest cities look like we'll show you have the brick.
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wealthy british style. time. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r.t. . this is is trash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. it's worth fighting for.
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and a trap was no way out. back
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to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour well it seems like a pipe dream right now america could have a massive high speed rail network in the future it could connect millions of people nationwide so what might that network look like and just how ambitious a project is also right now there are well over three hundred million people in the united states and many of them are struggling to survive day to day so could increase in the american population really be a feasible solution to many of our nation's problems and while they may call themselves the tea party the tea party of today looks and acts nothing like the tea party of seven hundred seventy three which was a group of bostonian who fought back against transnational corporate power i'll tell you all about it incites deleter. in screw news back in two thousand and nine president obama and congress set aside
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ten billion dollars to begin work on a national high speed rail system similar to what other developed nations around the world already this is what the president imagined a modest system connecting major cities in the north east the northwest california and the manufacturing heartland but ultimately austerity obsessed republicans in congress and the states killed the project but that hasn't stopped some americans from in visioning what our nation's transportation infrastructure could or should look like in the twenty first century with high speed rail this is a map created by high speed rail advocate alfred to invasion in all the major cities in america connected by high speed rail it's like a metro map you see here in washington d.c. or new york city along the stretched across the entire nation since two made this map it sparked the imagination of many progressives around the nation who are begging for new infrastructure spending to. americans back to work and update our transportation system to the twenty first century but just how realistic is this
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dream of high speed rail joining me now is the man who created this vision alfred to have a designer a high speed rail advocate alfred welcome. thanks for joining us what inspired you to do this. not to. you i mean you're in. your market. right. i mean to. bring up now. so your map you know some people have said this is way too ambitious but take a look at this map of the proposed interstate highway system in one nine hundred fifty five i'm not sure if you can see it but it's it looks very similar to the map that you put together of the of the high speed rail given that and we actually it's even it's even bigger than the map of the high speed rail given that is a national high speed rail system really too ambitious not.
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i'm. going to be a doctor. now eight dollars a month. yeah. that's as remarkable and seems entirely entirely possible entirely credible. i'm sorry our skype connection is disintegrating on us as we speak so i'm going to have to thank you very much for being with us tonight alford to thank you so much for joining us.
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in the us the rest of the news conventional wisdom says that overpopulation is a global threat that has the potential to wipe out resources cause widespread famine and bring our environment civilization to its knees but what if conventional wisdom is wrong and if having more children and increasing the nation's population was actually beneficial to the survival and growth of that nation america's fertility rate the number of children a woman has over the course of her lifetime has been on the decline since the height of the baby boom is it really possible that given this boost that is it really possible a boost in this rate and overall population could solve many of the problems we as a country face today my next guest thinks so and i don't joining me now is jonathan last senior writer at the weekly standard author of the book what to expect when no one's expecting america's coming demographic disaster jonathan welcome great or you good fair hearing here he wanted me to write. i have actually i don't write it i look here i look at the history of the renaissance. your argument. the argument is
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that throughout human history whenever you have population declines bad things happen we are headed on the glide path right now most people think population peak in fifty or sixty years around ten billion globally and that is going to be in contract i think to follow so we look at times when we had population declines that we knew of like when a third of all the people in europe died off in in fourteen thirties and what was the consequence of that was the one essentially have a renaissance but with your other other new venture we have the right. such a ruckus as there are actually generation polygamist writes about this in the history of the climb of the greek city states to climb a roman empire had this oh yeah i can you know i could give you much better examples for why the greek city states of the roman empire fell apart or perhaps relation to glacial now they are an economic stagnation they call demographic they are not any economic stagnation you know it's all a judgment but well actually i would. i could we have actually done entire programs on this on the show about average of hands about it japan's doing just fine thank you very much you know they don't think they have that they have a decent standard of living they have a reasonably high level of why are the one of the liberal and conservative parties
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in japan trying to outbid one another in terms of raising fertility. because it seems they don't understand their own economic situation apparently but you can't go back if you would if you very simply go back to the renaissance what happens when population declines the demand for labor goes up when the demand for labor goes up the price of labor goes up or the price of labor goes up then people can work less for more money for the same amount of money or they can make more money you middle class emerges people will have greater wealth their pay more taxes so they can you know they can pay for the retirement of their elders if that's your concern and and i mean the renaissance came about because people at leisure time let me who don't know about let me help you out with your argument in fact there's another example of prosperity in face to client population sure after civil after the civil war six hundred thousand americans to ireland as mass immigration from ireland is causing people to leave there and so you can have some short term economic growth provided that you lose population across the board the problem with fertility based population decline is that shift your entire age pyramid you want
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many more old people the young people and all the economic gains that you think you're going to make because it's going to labor shortage and whatnot not materializing because you want to decrease demand basically for everything but health care i understand that and what we're seeing as as we see the aging of america and as the ratio is changing has changed significantly analyzed thirty years or so is that people are working on. it we're going to live longer oh you know my dad. generation the retirement age for the guys who fought world war two they were retiring at fifty five and sixty now people are retiring at sixty five and i'm seventy when you seem to be getting out of our friends were in there i guess if you want a fair amount of look over here we like scandinavia right now like france they devote enormous resources to birth boosting their fertility rate they've been at this for eighty years are they wrong i don't know that they're they're putting enormous resources to babies and they had a housewives allowance already you know of course so are they wrong to try to boost their fertility retainer large department that's coming week. it one of the things
10:38 pm
that we discovered was that most of the people who are promoting that boost in fertility rate are the people who are freaked out about brown people coming is an immigrant's they do there's nine hundred thirty exactly and they've been freaked out about it since one thousand this weekend in europe of the fascist the there's nothing to do with the. first world war you have no idea what you're talking about know what i do know what i'm talking about when it comes to the to this this is you know phobia about there's brown people so we need to produce more white people in these countries this week yes in france and thirty look at the programs they started in the do you generous program started out in which you are having national in their teens to some extent those are the people who are well obviously there are also well intentioned people who are saying yes let's have national day cares about quality of life it's not about producing more that's not better is not the intention of the programs to boost fertility the what he says is in their economic interests the people does where it came from so they see it as their economic interests you want to tell me that they're wrong that's fine i'm not saying that
10:39 pm
having an increasing population is necessarily a disaster but what i am saying is that having a decreasing population is not a necessarily of the disaster either you can compensate for either one of them the factory out or a leader right now as i say now has this early as well you just say that the chances are it seems like there is some historical precedent to suggest but right now it doesn't add up if you know wages right now are right now you've got a household wages equal in what individual wages were thirty years ago we've got for every job right now there are four people looking for that job if we were to have the population of people working in the workplace to decline because they age themselves out of it or die out of it then the demand for labor will go up the labor will work force will tighten up the middle class will get stronger that's a good thing what happens capitols. you thought that what right what does it have what they want to keep what the capital pools have to do in this part of economic dynamism kept capital pools of. by capital pools you're referring to the asset base of individual families you tell them. household wealth no i'm talking about the
10:40 pm
actual asset base the masses of capital to out there to sort of carry on investment new enterprises are at the capital right now in the united states arguably is what sixteen trillion dollars house is as you. shift again is all but the age ratio here on this really don't lose sight of that with total population when your age ratios shift your capital pools begin to ship because people aren't looking to invest capital do not want to grow there's no drawing in john or there where they're supporting gets right but when they draw down what you're missing is that when when and when an older person spends money a younger person is getting that money. the capital pools are simply moving health care they're moving since you know so much larger money on health care if i go you know you probably know better should i go to the hospital where is that money going and so that's going to yeah it's going to the twenty some helpers are saying be infused with capital but it sort of leaves the rest economy behind but that cap and know your your argument assumes that that's not a little people who are putting money into five reports on the money if they sing it all right will have put the money into the health care system it's only going to
10:41 pm
old people it's not it's going to get people so the rest the world is crazy you've got to figure it out over a nation over europe they're freaked out about their fertility rates i disagree with those areas and with our presence just because they're not freaked out about all right well then why are they showing reports why the european commission pretty angry about this stuff because there's there's all of this there is a freak out about immigration in these countries if you look at what's going on in germany with a guest are biters i mean it's been for three generations down the turks are still trying to sort of load ok so i haven't seen for this ng were racist i have no idea i've been in singapore and worked in singapore but i've never discussed these issues with anybody in singapore they've been working on their fertility rate for like twenty five years and singapore may be throwing money at the problem their fertility rates around one point one one point three right now are they right into that that was that why they're concerned about raising their fertility rate going to also so what benefit will singapore get out of raising their fertility will allow them to sustain their economic when the last time i was in singapore there i saw some pretty huge slums it looks like they've got plenty of people. they don't
10:42 pm
think so so yeah maybe you understand the business better than they do well you know do you think that having a large slums is a good thing will largely under sort of historically fast of the human condition right i mean nobody's eliminated i'm not not when there's a shortage of labor. so there are never slums and rows around here where through to today certainly there they radically diminished and they radically didn't diminish in the united states after world war two and after the civil war whenever you have a population that has decreased you have a general increase in wealth per person i mean this is don't want your bookkeeping aren't well a problem solved ok jonathan r.l. for me. that's what i thought thank you for great thanks if you. thank you. thank you thank. you thank you.
10:43 pm
it's technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia we've. covered. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. please.
10:44 pm
the war.
10:45 pm
and welcome back today the senate voted to reauthorize the violence against women act the major anti domestic violence law first passed back in one nine hundred ninety four the law also known as provides a number of protections for abused women and gives assistance to law enforcement agencies to curb violence against women unfortunately that was expired last year when republicans caved to election year politics and refused to reauthorize a new way that included more protections for undocumented immigrants native americans and women in same sex couples in other words republicans oppose stopping violence against women and be opposed violence against women unless those women are lesbians and documented immigrants or native americans but now that the election is
10:46 pm
over the senate again took up the measure passing it today by a vote of seventy eight to twenty two now i know you're thinking who are those twenty two senators who opposed reauthorizing the violence against women act well here they are all twenty two of them all of them as you expect are men and one of them marco rubio is giving the republican response to the state of the union address that all of them believing that the federal government shouldn't play a role in protecting women from violence or the federal government shouldn't play a role in protecting certain kinds of women from violence naming namely undocumented immigrants native american women and lesbians but in the end there wasn't enough of them to kill so now reauthorization goes to the republican controlled house of representatives and there you can bet there are more than twenty two lawmakers who don't think the federal government should play any role in protecting women from violence especially native american women female undocumented
10:47 pm
immigrants and lesbians so a lot has been on the books since one thousand nine hundred four. it's done extraordinary work helping law enforcement protect women from violence is in serious danger of being the latest victim of the tea party house of representatives that is unless you make your voice heard call your member of congress especially if he or she is a republican and tell them to immediately reauthorize the violence against women. just. because the good the bad in the very very rose or rosario slee ugly good governor mexico new mexico governor susanna martinez martinez a republican said on monday night that she would be willing to sign proposed gun control legislation that is aimed at closing the sole so-called gun show loophole
10:48 pm
in the mexico or tina's told a local blog site that quote i think i could support it if it stays the way it is that it has number one keeping the guns out of the hands of people who don't have any business having guns a bill to close the gun show loophole has already passed through committee in the new mexico state house will be taken up by the full statehouse tomorrow kudo's to governor martinez for standing up to her party for putting the lives of americans ahead of gun lobby interests the bad fox news news was breaking all over the world yesterday fox so-called news decided to devote a whole four and a half minutes to discussing whether singers adele and kelly clarkson are too fat and the to lose weight to look. well adele and kelly clarkson certainly cleaning up but now critics are taking to twitter saying they both need to slim down adding that their current weight is nothing to idolize but is that criticism fair nutritionist karen you'll read says yes absolutely it is now you would normally do
10:49 pm
but you take nothing away from either woman find out so early how it's not absolutely what stuck in your throat. well the women are obviously the plant and they're hard working they both came from low means that now only work fifteen grammys last night the highest honor you can get music industry and i don't claim to know what us she really wants to see and there you have it another day and i was sexist objectified rant coming out of the talking heads of so called fox so-called . and the very very ugly tennessee state representative mark. cody introduced a bill in the tennessee state legislature that would strip campus universities state universities and campus police departments if they don't allow faith based anti l.g.b. t. bigotry. has been leading this campaign for several years after hearing about how christian student groups of vanderbilt university aren't allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation podium mediately withdrew the bill after introducing it with plans to replace it with another very similar version basically podi is
10:50 pm
threatening the safety of students on college campuses with his own desire to discriminate against the community and that it's very very. in december of seventy nine seventy three a group bostonians board ships belonging to the east india company and committed one of the largest acts of vandalism in the history of the world throwing what would be today millions of dollars worth of tea into the harbor. this tea party as it was called was a revolt against transnational corporate power and that powers stranglehold on the british government but fast forward two hundred forty years later and the tea party is now owned by transnational corporate power and has been used to subvert our government how did this happen
10:51 pm
a new study published in the scientific journal tobacco control and reported on by stephen webster on raw story reveals that today's corporate funded tea party goes back a long way well before the election of barack obama talk of a new tea party to advance corporate interests in america began in the one nine hundred eighty s. in one nine hundred ninety s. when tobacco companies invested heavily in building new broad alliances with other organizations in hopes of fighting back against the emerging anti-smoking agenda in congress according to researchers tobacco companies like r.j. are lorillard and philip morris funneled millions of dollars into an organization called citizens for a sound economy and guess who founded citizens for a sound economy none other than david koch the purpose of c.s.c. was to build a coalition of tobacco companies and corporate polluters who would oppose regulations on smoking on air pollutants being considered in congress about it's
10:52 pm
estimated that at least five point three million dollars was funneled into c.s.c. by big tobacco. in one thousand nine hundred three a philip morris p.r. flack wrote a memo outlining a strategy for fighting any new taxes on tobacco or pollution by joining up with other anti-tax groups to create a new boston tea party memo reads grounded in the theme of the new american tax revolution or the new boston tea party campaign activity should take the form of citizens representing the widest constituency base mobilized with signage and other attention drawn accoutrements such as lapel buttons and outs petitions and even costumes ultimately the tobacco companies failed and were hit with a massive two hundred billion dollars settlement in one nine hundred ninety eight but in two thousand and two the david koch's c s c purchased a website usa tea party dot com or us tea party season eventually
10:53 pm
plans for this tea party were put on hold after all a republican corporate is george w. bush was in the white house and republicans were in control of congress but after the banks has crashed our economy and the democrats swept into congress they revived the so-called tea party and sure enough it was revived by c s c only by now c.s.e. had split into two astroturf corporate funded organizations americans for prosperity and freedom works from two thousand and nine until today these two organizations have used corporate media outlets like fox so-called news to promote their tea party bussing in uninformed americans from all around the country to wave signs and rally against their own best interests to rally on behalf of the one percent. so as early as the one nine hundred ninety s. a campaign funded by corporate fat cats and big polluters like the koch brothers who oppose new regulations and taxes on themselves it was underway it was
10:54 pm
a campaign specifically referred to by some in the tobacco industry as the new boston tea party of course the original participants of the boston tea party two hundred forty years ago would have been horrified by this many people today think that eighty point that the tea party which led to the boston tea party she's with the tea act which led to the boston tea party was simply an increase in taxes on t.v. paid by american colonists i think that's where the whole taxation without representation mean campaign but actually the purpose of the t.m. act was to give the east india company full and unlimited access to the american tea trade and to exempt that company from having to pay taxes to britain on t. export into the american colonies and even give the company a tax refund on millions of pounds of tea that they were unable to sell and holding an inventory in other words the tea act of seven hundred seventy three was the largest corporate tax break at that point in time in the history of the world. and
10:55 pm
since at that time most of the british government and royalty were stockholders in the east india company it was also a classic example of crony capitalism. the purpose of the tea act was to increase the profitability of the east india company so its stock holders which included the king. could make more money and help the company drive its colonial small business competitors out of business because the company temporarily no longer had to pay high taxes to england and had a monopoly on the tea it sold the american colonies they were able to lower their prices to undercut those of the local importers and the mom and pop team merchants and tea houses in every town in america. in response to this wal-mart like effort by the by the british east india company seven hundred seventy three and it support the t.x. of the british government colonists here dressed up like indians in the middle of
10:56 pm
the night ordered ships and commenced dumping hundreds of chests of tea overboard an act that would eventually light the fuse to the american revolution and yet today the so-called tea party represents just the opposite it's funded now by billionaire corporatists who just like the shareholders of the east india company want to keep their corporate tax breaks and they want the freedom to watch abuse and pollute whenever and wherever they want the boston tea party was a revolt of citizens against a giant corporation the east india company which ironically also traded in tobacco and whale oil so my message tonight is an appeal to all of the americans out there who consider themselves proud tea partiers. don't be duped by the koch brothers the way that the east india company tried to dupe our ancestors. and that's the way it is tonight tuesday feb twelfth two thousand and thirteen. for
10:57 pm
more information the stories we covered visit our web sites at tom hartman dot com free speech or get our dot com you missed any of tonight's show you cannot watch it needs to be on hulu at hulu dot com slash the big picture and check out our two you tube channels there are links at thom hartmann dot com and our show is also available for free video podcast of i tunes and visit our own dot com download the audio podcast of our deal or three to six radio show and we have a free target i phone or i pad in the abstract he said his feedback on twitter and tom underscore our open facebook at tom underscore our open our blogs message boards a telephone comment line at tom harkin dot com and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport it requires in your participation get out there get active tell your it see them.
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wealthy british scientists are. trying to. market why not us come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. worst. white house of the day a radio guy caught a failing minutes from a quick coffee i want you to watch quote for a particular good you've never seen anything like this i'm told.
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this is his crash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. that's worth fighting for. and a trap with no way out.


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