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i don't. want. to have you never seen anything like this. guy so guys i'm abby martin this is breaking the set well there's seemingly no shortage of disturbing news coming out of the pentagon these days the latest now by the announcement that the you know d.c. is creating a new medal of honor a medal that honors those brave men and women who get behind their videogame like consuls an assassin a suspected terrorist from their air conditioned offices yet the drone king is now warning his drone operator minions for their outs danding valor it's called a distinguished warfare medal it will be awarded to individuals for their extraordinary achievement related to military operations that have occurred since
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nine eleven i'm thinking that it should look a little bit like this. because we all know what it cheaper and it is the laser only sit behind a computer screen and kill kids with the touch of a button right because this this is the first combat related award created since the bronze star and nineteen forty four and for that matter it will stand higher in a ranking than the traditional bronze star medal you know one that you actually have to win by physically fighting for so congrats to the future awardees the best cowardly medal just remember where like a badge of shame not honor. where you are going to be like. have you ever heard of the set a lower drug cartel well the u.s. considers them to be. one of the most powerful drug trafficking groups in the world
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and it's also regarded as mexico's most powerful organized crime syndicate and even though this cartel was created in mexico its reach extends across the u.s. most notably in chicago which is a major drug shipping. in fact the dea agent congo is named the cartels leader. grisman public enemy number one now a federal court in the city is trying to scandal involving the cartel that could potentially incriminate several levels of u.s. law enforcement let's rewind for a second back to two thousand and nine when allegations began to surface over collusion between the cartel and mexican police all happening just after the arrest of tops in a low a cartel leader vincent de. zimbardo was allegedly responsible for overseeing assassination orders of mexican government authorities and rivals of the cartel but he was later extradited to the u.s. on drug trafficking charges and it is defend c claimed federal court's findings
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that the u.s. government had offered the crime syndicate immunity to import tons of drugs across the border in exchange for information on rival cartels the issue was exacerbated however when it was discovered that the vast majority of the weapons at the heart of the fast and furious scandal ended up in the hands of the very same drug gang and while this trial continues to be pushed back zimbabwe has a status hearing set for the twenty fifth of this month where his defense attorneys are expected to provide damning evidence against the federal drug enforcement agency but as explosive as the scandal is that somehow flown well below the radar of the corporate news so to help break down the latest in the case the larger implications of the trial and why we're not hearing about it joining me now from mexico city is investigative journalist andrew qantas andrew thanks so much for coming on. things you're. so you've been writing about this case. for some time
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what exactly is a model claiming and are his claims being taken seriously. yet his claims are being taken that seriously by a lot of different orders but nonetheless there are explosives in the extent of the accusations and it is a frightening amount of evidence to substantiate at least some of them first of all there were so many credible testimony that happened during the height of the fast furious scandal and it happened mostly during the summer of two thousand and eleven and so a couple of people in particular carlos and you know it was the a.t.f. it's actually for the embassy in mexico city and steve martin who was a system director of the offices dziedzic information and intelligence were the kind of two most interesting testimonials and there in can you know said it was absolutely disgusting this is it's your meese. quote unquote a perfect storm of idiocy in terms of how the fast if your isp overmatch ferret what he was most upset was the fact that it was really these are what is reportedly
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directly in the hands of that you are cartel in fact steve martin testified that i want point when the weapons were number enough over a thousand they were one hundred percent in the hands of the singapore cartel now the tie in to the some cases that somebody in that same month actually is offense attorneys came out with some details of the unity agreement misusing that he of having had with them and those details unsurprisingly included the facet furious program as being one of the benefits for the arrangement that he had with e.a. and some other area details interesting ones related to that case to add especially with some bata is that there is an already officially a meat made it to me agreement of sorts with the leading lower this you know or believe rather this you know or cartel that it's. lawyer castro lawyer as you know by now lawyer was in a meeting with incentives and bought it with two hundred agents at the sheraton hotel which is right across the street from the u.s. and the u.s. embassy the same night as the rest of that five. hours before his arrest so there's
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a lot of frightening kind of tie ins and evidence of this case give somebody a lot more credit unfortunately the main streets in yes are given right definitely claims that should be looked into seriously let's talk about the past and various scandal the fact that all these arms ended up in the cartels hands how far up the ranks of law enforcement does this go and why do you think that we're not hearing about that at all on the corporate news and. well you know if we're actually did get some attention when a couple of republicans were looking into it and you know basically conducting a massive investigation the tie into this of the design by case that's really the tie in that the corporate media has become very much at all in and i think one of the reasons is because up until the very high levels including even jack riley himself that had it that chicago to you guys who are leading with you name charles public enemy number one just yesterday even himself as i've interviewed you know denies most this stuff and so when the government deny stuff and there's only
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a drug deal any other and it's really rare case that the mainstream media digs into the details to the point where they can find it whistle blower testimony and cite it and do that kind of work on neck and investigative journalism israel has been absent for a long time i mean you are going to at least or at least for the last sixteen years since the telecom act resulted in and just a handful of conglomerates controlling the majority that means. we did hear about the fast and various kind of course all over actually was a huge scandal on the on the media but we didn't hear about this aspect of it how the drug cartel had believed that. but let's let's talk about the actual evidence i mean there is that we have this cartel leader saying one thing of course the government insane as saying another thing the d.a. said another thing i mean is there any hard evidence i know that there's some documents being withheld can you talk about what these documents might reveal and whether or not there's any evidence to go on right now. i'd sure like as i said as i was alluding to before i'm believing lower this york the leading lawyer the c.e.o. or cartel has been documenting the. check this source the last eleven years he has
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signed agreements and in fact in a diamond in san diego was dropped against some that started in the mid ninety's by the late ninety's we know for sure that there was extensive contacts between lawyers and the da and perhaps a number of other federal uses as well these are the kind of communications in fact that the defense that somebody is the fantasy in this very hard to get revealed but in our ad they're kind of arcane law that from the late seventy's on security that the prosecution has cited the very very ill overwhelming bulk of evidence related to the kind of the just in the cases have been withheld during the trial and sort of this business cat fight during a status year and that has been ongoing over which documents will be released and which ones will not and the federal judge. is basically making those decisions and as trial unfolds and finally gets its start in chile you know it's officially slated to start in february never did start of course it's still in a pretrial face time with the lady many many times a lot of folks are pretty much sure all this is not going to happen you know before
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the election and globally all that didn't happen before the lection and now it's not happened till june so what's going to be the key to pretty much back this needs is which documents will be released and which ones will not add a very at a minimum to like i said a key agreement with the leading lawyer the signal or cartel as their release has been admitted to and so the question is if the lawyer of the world's biggest star cartel adam you're going to the scene a little more i tell is a third rate person not. it's not include him as well does that include shop clothes that include you know that said these father miles of bottom which is right hand man those are the questions that are pretty much circulating but again i mean between immunity agreement with the lawyer and other facet furious evidence that has arguments as to fly two and a string of other busts so you know or cartel possession offense if there is weapons there are there is enough evidence at this point for at least people's eyebrows to be racing for them to be very disturbing implications for the level and extent of collusion between will really to see and the world's largest charcoal apps. especially when you find out that banks knew of laundering billions of
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dollars in and drug money you know from mexico profiting off that andrew let's talk about the implications if his allegations are true that he was provided and munity that the cartels provided immunity to provide information for other cartels to to just transport drugs across the border i mean we're talking about tons of drugs here one of the larger implications of these allegations if they are indeed true. well they are terrible keep the implications are that the drug war has gotten to a level of desperation to the point where one needs to apparently at least if you will it needs to enter into high level agreements of high level drug kingpins i mean that's that's an incredible kind of you know moment our state of affairs that you've basically reached in course of the drug war and you know most u.s. citizens really aren't aware of that in the leading tactic or at least in a significant tactic anywhere in that range right and actually the problem with this case is that the public that we live in a democracy supposedly in the public has
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a right to decide on these things and you know and. by their impudence on these matters and especially with you know this latest is slated state set up asked kind of liberalization of marijuana laws and whatnot it seems that if the public you know were made aware of these kind of pollutions that they might object to it or even the way the drug war is being fought itself when we're talking to guys like jack or lee if i have done they just kind of see it as you know par for the course a normal thing that to you know really said look you know people have been entering into sort of these kind of agreements and these kind of spies sort of agreements he's kind of informing things as it became a lot more so that's just like normal cops and robbers and yeah that's what you do you just you know you make giant agreements with the with a huge drunk i mean come on andrew unfortunately we're out of time thinking so much is a really important case we want to be following up with you about this because it's huge its implications are astounding thank you so much and you can is an investigative journalist coming on from mexico city. thanks a lot. before to talk about more. over wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air
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check me out on the trader at abby martin you likely see you can follow me there you'll find all my treats the linking to every second from the show as well as just random thoughts i have throughout the day also please help us get breaking up the trying to an entree where occasionally i'll throw some hashtags we can get training on the twitter sphere but only with your help site at twitter dot com and check me out at abby martin now take a break from my preaching but stay tuned hear why people question the police line in the christopher dorner case are being attacked next.
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to my juggling. do hack work and again to cops when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another word behind which is how to influence these situations steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banas hung around all through some votes with strange faces around someone and said what was happening was somebody please tell me what's going on.
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and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they wanted a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police and have the police come in through the mount that didn't seem to me a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business. in the uk kristie it's one person one fault but in brussels business it's one euro one fault. and.
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yesterday on this show i talked about the latest news that had developed out of the chris dorner manhunt as we all know he's now presumed to be dead that's not the part that surprises me even dorner himself knew it wouldn't end well for him but what does surprise me however is how he died check this out in the middle of big bear forest the cabin dorner was allegedly in was set a blaze and left to burn for hours at first the media was speculating that it was
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dorner himself would set the fire but then i heard this leaked audio from two different police scanners that were tracing him. we're. going to go. i want to point out what. i want to. point out though. i don't i don't know. yes you just heard that correctly police saying burn it down fall through the burn order i don't know about you but it seems to me like the police set out to burn this man alive but of course that's not what the police department saying check it out. say that it was not on purpose we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get mr dorner out the tear gas canisters that we used first off we used a presence when we showed up secondly we used a cold tear gas then we used set the next year gas was that that was pyrotechnic
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does generate a lot of heat. we had introduced those canisters into the residence and a fire erupted so what is really going on here and why are people simply questioning the police line being attacked join me now to give his take as max blumenthal investigative journalist and author of the recent alter net article entitled how law enforcement and media covered up the plan to burn christie. dorner alive max thanks so much for coming on thanks for having me so we just heard the audio we heard of the police department saying you outline it very well in your article but what's really going on here. well i was listening to the police scanners at the time so i heard them say let's deploy the burners i heard the open transmissions on k. cal nine in los angeles that you played let's burn this m.f. or they're basically saying let's burn the suspect alive so you know. the
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san bernadino county sheriffs are behaving like groucho marx ists right now because it was groucho marx who said who are you going to believe me or you're to lionize we know that they intended to burn chris dorner alive in the cabin denying him any due process or at least denying the possibility that he could have been taken alive and by the way this is a man who made serious allegations against the l.a.p.d. and could have testified to them so they apparently killed him i was listening at the time and at the same time i was watching c.n.n. monitoring media monitoring local newspapers like the riverside press enterprise like a.b.c. the local l.a. affiliate saying that we will not tweet direct details of the standoff under the request of the san bernardino county sheriff so i saw a kind of a media self-censorship and still we've seen no serious investigation by the
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mainstream media or into how the fire was started in fact the sheriff's department has lied to the los angeles times and claimed that there was a sustained fire fight a constant barrage of gunfire coming from dorner now i listen to those scanners and the only report of any gunfire from inside the cabin was a single shot right after the burners were deployed then ammo exploding inside from the heat meaning probably dorner had died and his store of ammo was blowing up so they're lying in the media. is not investigating and i consider this to be a cover up right right absolutely you know why you have to take it back to the live feeds and kind of that self-censorship why do you think that the media you know they were told obviously from the police turn off the feeds stop reporting on this why do you think they comply do you agree with that decision. yeah i mean i haven't spoken to any of the reporters or editors who made this decision but it seems to me there's a culture in american mainstream media of deference to power and we can see it here
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at the chris dorner standoff we can also see it in the fact that the new york times and other major outlets held details of the legal memo that was leaked from the obama administration detailing the obama administration secret assassination program which is the killing of american citizens so we have a problem here that was exposed at big bear on a wintery mountain where chris dorner burned alive of police a culture of impunity among the police and a culture of deference to that culture among the media there's only came out looking good from this there certainly is a culture of cover of complicity with the media deferring to the political establishment whatever they say but what does this say about their complicity with the cover up of this i mean and not only that max but they're also going to far as to attacking anyone who's saying look obvious they are the police scanner they're
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saying let's burn this mother f. or they're saying what's the point of burners they're calling people conspiracy theorists they're even saying you know you're chris dorner apologist a fan if you're simply questioning what they're saying what do you think about that you're referring to the web site buzz feed which is a is a major news news blog online news source which is painted people who are raising serious questions about how dorner was killed conspiracy theorists and so. of conflating them with people who are cheering for dorner and this is really disturbing and reinforces sort of the law enforcement status quo narrative and ultimately reinforces the police culture of impunity thereby putting americans in danger so i think these people. who are trying to marginalize people like me who just simply listen to the transmissions listen to the police scanners and heard what was clearly planned to burn dorner alive as conspiracy
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theorists are doing major disservice but you know i really think it's up to the mainstream media especially the l.a. times to investigate what i consider to be the central story here which is how that fire started and they're not doing it i was on huff post live yesterday with one of the l.a. times reporters leading the reporting on dorner and he promised to get to the bottom of it i've seen nothing so far and i've seen nothing to challenge the lies of the san bernardino sheriff's department so this is just it's a very dangerous scenario right and i mean even if one reporter says you know he's committed to find the truth of course the top down establishment of that organization my prevent that from happening but i want to talk about just the overzealous response from the get go i mean almost launching surveillance drone gunning down two cars a mere suspicion and now you know burning a high of a suspect in a heavily forested area and letting this fire blaze for hours what do you think about this overzealous aggressive response just a fine one person. well i listened to the scanners as the the sheriff's deputies
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who had surrounded the cabin and isolated the media from the area carefully manage the fire they had they had clear details i think through remote controlled reconnaissance vehicles that initially ripped down the walls of the cabin on how the fire was progressing and they understood that it had burned down the first floor and then they wondered if dorner was hiding in the basement so they wanted to make sure it would burn him there if he was hiding there they wondered what materials the. basement ceiling were made out of it cetera and they were deeply worried that this fire could spread into the surrounding woods i mean if this had been summertime in l.a. i could pretty much guarantee as i live there for five years there would have been a wildfire what it reminds me of and the sheriffs were lucky this time is the bombing of the move compound the radical black nationalist called in philadelphia by the philadelphia police department in one thousand nine hundred six they dropped c four on a row house in west philadelphia and burned sixty five other row houses in the area
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which is a huge disaster and so we just see the police culture of impunity and recklessness playing out again and again this is just a window into something that people in los angeles and people in our city have to deal with every day and the media with its dereliction of duty is allowing it to essentially continue unchecked absolutely thank you so much for coming on shouting a light we definitely keep asking questions demanding answers max moment all investigative journalist at alter net. the media fixation over disgruntled ex l.a.p.d. officer chris dorner got me thinking about how long foresman police officers or federal agents deal with these types of threats the tactics used against dorner made me instantly think of waco texas in case you're younger view on you've never
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heard of the waco massacre let's take a look back at what happened and february of ninety ninety three u.s. agents from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms attempted to issue a search warrant. carmel fenner ranch the property of a religious group called branch davidian and over a tip that the group was stockpiling illegal weapons that search failed and one sued was an exchange of gunfire leaving four agents and six branch davidian dead followed thereafter was a tense standoff and media frenzy. in. february twenty eighth the bloodiest day in the history of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms as the siege entered its third week the f.b.i. turned up the heat. blasting loud music and chanting to the compound over powerful loud speakers now and then playing recorded phone negotiations with caress to make sure cult members knew what he was saying as the fifth week began it was evident that all forces were losing patience all said she.
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interprets the bible the bill. the seizure against the compound lasted fifty one long days until finally a second assault was initiated by federal agents donned in full combat gear that used the military tanks to bust holes in the house and pump and tear gas and then this happened mysterious fire that destroyed the entire compound resulting in seventy six men women and children tragically being burned alive so u.s. law enforcement f.b.i. agents and observers from army's secret delta force commando unit he seized a compound where not a single person inside had ever been accused of committing a violent crime before the initial raid of course the media account of what happened was that the branch davidian were dangerous trigger happy cult and their leader david crèche was a madman at the very last minute incited his clan to kill themselves in fact the
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justice department under the clinton administration took the official position that all the deaths were simply the result of a mass suicide the federal authorities under then attorney general janet reno repeatedly denied that they were responsible for starting the fire but despite the official government line of denied denied denied evidence eventually came to light that proved their culpability first of all and for a video shot by the f.b.i. flying over the combat in the days leading up to the massacre. or should automatic gunfire being directed from the tanks before any shots were fired from the compound furthermore visual evidence showed a tank deliberately running over one or more bodies of sect members despite the overwhelming evidence it took six years for the f.b.i. to even admit that their explosive munitions started the fire and to this day there's a total lack of accountability for these crimes the f.b.i. stonewalled an investigation that led to
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a whitewash of the government's actions at waco interestingly enough the f.b.i. official accused of blocking the investigation thomas kelly was later tapped to serve as the lead investigator for the joint congressional intelligence panel the same panel that whitewash the role federal agencies played in the events leading up to nine eleven. this type of overzealous reactionary behavior is nothing new with law enforcement the methods used at waco mirror how similar high tension situations are dealt with by federal officials today the question is if this is how they'll deal with a small group of armed religious fanatics when push comes to shove how will they deal with a mobilized rebellion from the working class would it be any different. in
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that she could leverage or. was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on certainly doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach religion why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only on the other to you doug. her blood. let's treat. her or her. we're. going.
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to look at him a. little our problem a little. he . he. says.
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