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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  February 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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headlines tune in to the reports. oh i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture it's been nearly a decade since the bush administration duped the country into going to war against iraq ten years on what do we know about the so-called evidence that was used to justify that war also senator john mccain held a town hall meeting on immigration in his home state of arizona yesterday and let's just say it didn't go so well every cism in zero four we have become a mainstay characteristics of the republican party that and more into nights alone liberal rubble and no country in the history of the world has ever cut its way to prosperity for server isn't people like yours can bowles and alan simpson just can't accept that fact what has this pair of watched up corporate shills come up
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with now and does their new plan do anything to solve this nation's economic woes. you know this it's been nearly a decade since the bush administration duped our country into going to war against iraq and that means people are starting to forget about it which is why it's so important to remember those days in two thousand and two and two thousand and three when the president of the united states and his advisors lied to the nation and committed our young men and women to a decade of war that killed thousands of our soldiers and killed injured or displaced millions of iraqis and most of you see just did that with a new documentary titled hubris selling the iraq war which picks apart all of the claims made by the bush administration to justify the war in iraq of weapons of mass destruction to with al qaeda. meeting new. it's from the afternoon of nine
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eleven showed donald rumsfeld tasking a top aide to find the best info fast good enough to hit saddam hussein he asks the aide to get evidence from wolfowitz of a saddam connection with u b l osama bin laden we all look at each other like. what are you talking about who how saddam hussein bin laden he simply says heretic there's no connection between saddam hussein and al qaeda yet here was dick cheney making the argument on national television that one of the nine eleven hijackers met with iraqi intelligence before nine eleven. and pretty well confirmed that he did go to prague and he did meet with a senior official the iraqi intelligence service in circles in baku last my next guest was in charge of analyzing the intelligence on that precise claim mark racine is a former supervisory special agent in the f.b.i.'s counterterrorism division and joins
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me now from our new york studios mark welcome to the program but the honor to be here thank you thanks for joining us what was your role in the intelligence community during the run up to the war in iraq. in one nine hundred ninety nine i became the f.b.i. new york joint terrorism task force representative to the cia's counterterrorist center specifically to the squad that dealt with bin ladin called the alec station and that capacity my job was to facilitate and coordinate matters that the cia and the f.b.i. agreed to work on. i was not a headquarters body and so after nine eleven but notwithstanding that cut through the minutiae of exact titles i was at the agency as a liaison. after nine eleven happened there was this push to somehow make the connection between. and
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osama bin laden. there go. and there never was one and then never will be one it's all a lie and that's that's really what people need to know and understand that that was a total fraud perpetrated upon americans or to get them to. back the war into iraq you know when when were you for it when it was a first suggested to you that there might be a connection between saddam hussein and also the no you know not not that there might no i take exception with you of course are but that exception is the word that might be then never was it was something that was put forward to create the never was a mite. none whatsoever so it was something that was needed to be created in order to get americans to swallow the pill that. mr hussein had to
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pay for the invasion of america and the sad thing that that hurts any honest investigator of any great and any person who reads with any any kind of education a little. part of my rambling in the respect that i get still so i guess worked up about it that people still believe that bin laden and saddam had some sort of connection and that's just totally false so the fact that our government tried to push upon the intelligence community to create a connection was just hurt terribly wrong what do you think happened in the white house between the time that you discredited this report and then later when cheney went on t.v. and said it was true well here's the issue right after nine eleven the whole world wanted to help us and you you and i can both remember it was all anybody with the internet can remember people throwing flowers at our embassies around the world. we
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were on top of the world we had sympathy empathy beyond comprehend it was a dot there was a candlelight vigil in downtown tehran iran and what we did was we squandered it we wanted it and for the follies of men that will never know be the horror of war will ever on the stand what it means for to sacrifice it is just and we took that the love of the world for what we had suffered and we turned that around to something that meant nothing and after the horrific attacks every nation in the world doing their best sent in information that they thought would help us in the czech government sent in information that they said. as i believe sent in information that might have been useful to us saying this guy in the photograph might look like mom and. now when you look at the photograph in the photograph of
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course was something that never became public for whatever reason because i think of it did it would show the farce right off the bat. i think someone who is visually impaired and not to be cheeky could tell that that's not the photograph one look from my naked eye if you will could say that as i said on the embassy and b.c. show the odds in the photograph that a neck twice the size of mine black turtleneck black jacket look like a common eastern european thaw good. and and a black mercedes if i may add and so that was the czech assistance to us to say hey this guy looks like. and he. met with this known iraqi intel officer and there were pictures of the actual iraqi into law officers less than was on see if a member correctly but it wasn't in the photo that's the thing we all of
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people tell us that we look like somebody and somebody say oh no you're with someone you know you look like so and so but it's not i'm not them and they're not me and that's a guess as plain as i can make it so to rule on the photograph or actually the photograph again never being made known because if everybody asked to see it people have said it's not him. to watch then our vice president live and say it was him or not mention the photograph but use a photograph as the reliance. was outrageous what you were in a government official of that time as designed and i and i and i and again you know they as i said they were on the show. the i could not believe that and part of the saying my vice president was all of our vice president but lying on t.v.
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and how does he know what i know and we have the greatest intelligent machine in the world we have the capabilities that every nation would wish for to gather intelligence and for him not to know the truth about that photograph with the truth of that person photographed was not and moreover the f.b.i. had shown that ought to have not travel to well a a a fault in our system at the time was we didn't track people leaving the country the f.b.i. never had to have a instance or ought to have left the country nor do we have an instance of it coming in more importantly from the alleged meeting in prague but they used that when i say they cheney wolfowitz five pearl etc use that. that that failing in our ability to monitor people leaving our country to say he was in
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prague ok fine if you want to use that failure of our system not the f.b.i. is of course to say that he can't track the fact that he left the country but we don't have him coming back in doing so you can't have it both ways and we do to nestle drive that very care careful track of that mickey herskowitz was hired by the bush family and in ninety nine to write a charge to keep george w. bush's autobiography to ghostwrite it and he has told a reporter robert parry that george that when he was interviewing george w. bush for the book that bush told him that if he ever became president he would invade iraq and he would do it he felt that his father had blown it he would do it the right way he would have a real war and and thereby get enough. tical capital to accomplish is his serious political goals like privatizing social security which is the main thing that he
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tried to do right after he was reelected in riyadh rated in two thousand and five there was that and then other people have talked about david i can vault in his book five hundred days he talks about how the bush administration was obsessed with iraq from day one long before nine eleven and then of course you have the peanut thing from one thousand nine hundred eight saying you know invade in the minute we have left what was your sense of did you get a sense of the bush administration was obsessed with iraq even before nine eleven before nine eleven no. not not from my position at the agency nor the f.b.i. that i detect that there was any kind of obsession about iraq but it was clear of course after. the attacks of nine eleven that that became paramount making that connection it's interesting how anybody who goes against the grain or at the time even did was pushed aside even even george tenet when he wrote his book some of the storm when he did talk about the time at the white house in the days following the
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attack where i really go for pearl shoots and will saddam's got to pay and george looked at him and said what are you talking about there's no business there's no connection and i think if there's anything that we need to understand as a as a nation as a people we were lied to and and if we can get beyond that and if we cannot confront that lie and make people accountable for it then really. what are we here for a while is it a success is or to you know what is those who don't remember history of doomed to repeat what is what is the basis of our nation. and to some poor young man or woman sitting in their living room somewhere in america whose main lost a leg faces burned beyond comprehension or psychological disorders because of the horror of the war what we say to them yeah we did it to some glorious that's real market where i'm sorry but i wrote an analysis thank you for your great work marcos
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in my pod thank you thank you we'll be right back. you know. because no one thought to drink no good school. what's not enough wealth is a law in the local needs you want to see l.n.g. most more be. done for me. i
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was fired almost twice. right. in the evening.
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and we'll go back it's wednesday which means it's time for the low a liberal rumble joining me tonight are dan bongino conservative commentator on twitter and cameron sword research associate of government studies at the heritage foundation well at the trial you were just talk. in with mark rossini the guy who was in charge of determining whether or not mohamed was actually meeting with iraqi intelligence who said no no way that message was conveyed to dick cheney and then he went on national television and lied about it how do we deal with this. these are growing revelations that are not being nobody's pushing back on these nobody's refuting things that we were lied into a war well we're going to talk about government lying let's not you know eliminate the party in power now i mean we go back to the u.s.s.
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maine and we can talk about vietnam i mean i you know we did lyndon johnson lied us into a war i was a democrat where there's often talk of i'm not trying to make this partisan and i'm concerned about any administration who is into any war yeah me too well you know we can't take one man's word is dispositive necessarily that you know i respect mark but that doesn't mean i'm not the only one who is someone i doubt but i'm not i'm not defending either side or taking a hard position i'm just saying because someone said it doesn't necessarily make it fact that there was in there was an attempt at misdirection so i just want to add to add to the aluminum tubes of the yellowcake uranium i mean basically every to the mobile weapons factories every single one of these major claims that was made by the bush administration care i'm curious your thoughts on this every single one of the major claims was debunked not after they were made in public by the bush administration but long before they were made public by the bush administration they were deep within the administration the only guy who went outside the administration to speak out at the time and who really could because he was
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a full time employee of the government was joe wilson and you know then dick cheney outs his wife. well you know i agree with dan it's you is well it's a problem that goes through all ministrations and it's not just the bush administration like you said every go back to vietnam will go you know let's not go so far as an obama out of it either is that spanish-american war right exactly exactly so i that it's certainly a problem that spans. spans all generate all generations and all administrations and no one so what would you want to know what do we do about it now is it you know i keep i look back at watergate and i think jerry ford by pardoning richard nixon and everybody around him for not just one particular thing but for anything that they did made a horrible mistake stablish a president and similarly when bill clinton came in he put a stop to all the investigations into iran contra and similarly one in the bush administration came in there were some an investigation of the clinton administration they were stopped i mean this is this just seems like it's not
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a good thing forget about parties well i think you're doing it you're beating the drum you get it out there in it and it's unfortunate that it's you know everything seems to be hindsight but when these things do come to light you know using platforms like this to get it out there and to really get this message out there should in the platform be the department of justice. you would think so right but the department of justice unfortunately now we start to move into a political type position rather than a. nobody writing to news you know john mitchell i was afraid i was not up to the iraq war and i want to be clear i've said that on this show many times so i was not a proponent of the iraq war at all and having worked inside the government as a secret service agent there is this tendency you know lord acton power corrupts it's unfortunate there's not much we're going to do about but i think cameron makes a great point you need a good strong healthy media that's non-biased that's willing to shed light on and disinfect this is the term i would agree that you should be going to go well you
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know someone who. i'm with you both unemployment north carolina's republican governor patrick mccrory signed a law that would basically got that state's social safety net with regard to people having lost their jobs this is the state that has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country to begin with so this is a real disaster for people they're cutting our employment benefits from five thirty five a week to other three fifty a week i mean even a single person is going to have a problem you know. buying cat food on the top of things cuts the number of weeks that you're eligible for unemployment from twenty six down to twenty right now there's one hundred seventy thousand jobless north carolinians who are going to lose access to seven hundred eighty million dollars in federal unemployment funds because they don't want to have matching funds for these folks. my sense of this is that this is going to tank the north carolina economy when that happens are they going to blame it on obama is this is this the strategy the republican strategy now
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tank the economy these states or is there some driving philosophy behind this i mean why cameron why would this governor do this well look this is this is first of all you know. they're not getting anything they're bringing the rates of unemployment insurance to and to the national average right they north carolina has one of the highest average is of unemployment insurance now you said five thirty five to bring it to three fifties that is the national average i'm not mistaken and so they're running a massive deficit and instead of increasing taxes which i'm sure you would rather them just increase taxes but instead of increasing taxes they decided to try to bring it down the national to the national average and now they're getting they're getting some of this is going to be that the real job creators the people who spend one hundred percent of their income thus creating demand of the economy the real job creators which in this case is the unemployed people is spent absolutely present their income they're getting they're not going to be there to create those
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jobs they're going to be there or create demand i mean i disagree with your premise so we've had this argument before demand didn't go anywhere there was no such thing as a demand driven a clear i think these people are going to start just living on their credit cards and getting their credit already maxed i have to ask you a fundamental question that when we measure wealth and prosperity we measured by what people have been possessed what's produced the man doesn't go anywhere i mean because the economy is in a recession does that mean you don't want to corvette rather than a pinto demand. this measure demanded economy requires the ability to buy what you want. to buy would you want is produced by other producers producing wealth and exchanging the excess for other products there's no such thing as a demand driven economy it's a keynesian myth now when they said when daniel patrick moynihan said after welfare reform people were going to be starving in the streets that clearly didn't happen either these are just liberal myths meant to scare but actually before welfare reform i don't recall people in the streets you know before the reagan administration where you know nobody has
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a lot to say lots of people in the streets but but. you're saying that people buying things people want and things don't drive the economy. you know you. know you're making the supplies that aren't those somebody just opens up a factory and is making something no matter how crappy a product is everybody going to want to buy you get so i was like you but you did it three sixty i'm going to say not what i said and what dr what i said is demand doesn't change in a recession demand this or we're seeing it as a fall off that when you're talking about the ability to spend which is measured by inherit which we should have already demand wealth measured by productivity there is where does the man to come from to man comes from people spending money in their pocket where do they get the money well in this case from i don't know if it's the unemployment benefits are coming from taxes from people in other states those unemployment benefits are going to go away use so while of course so that works so well look the cutting back to north carolina here are a real problem is is that the federal extended unemployment law on unemployment
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insurance is says that if a state tries to lower their unemployment insurance at a state level by any amount their federal insurance is cut off completely right at the federal level so what's happening now unfortunately because the government is now meddling in the state unemployment insurance system we offered some help we sent a bill no but now they're not going to get anything when a state tries to lower their deficit by. not increasing taxes and bring it to a national average level so we're going to happen now is the poor people of north carolina are going to have no federal right because if it's at all because we could if the gradient is this abstraction of let's just humble the laws why not have a law irrespective you get federal employee. federal benefits and federal funding for unemployment i don't share any of your spec i don't think the of. north carolina can wait for john boehner to get something through the house of representatives well no i mean i'm saying this is this is it's an unfortunate
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circuit a john based on i don't want to get anything out of the house of representatives and help anything like john later did it's because of but i mean it's a policy by the obama administration and what we're seeing the effects of now is you know if your ideas you just ration doesn't make laws they be unemployment laws are bars established by congress. control ows representatives and they're not going to they're not going to say hey let's give more money to the unemployed people in north carolina and they want to give the job right difference they want. to give it just so the other problem a great then let's do what entity are didn't say the government is the employer of last resort and capitalism is failing if the free market is failing and people can't find a job then the government will hire them there's the what's the money in their pockets and make them the job there's a difference between creating work and creating prosperity if i asked you to sweep the floor i didn't make you any richer you're working and you're not making me richer now if i pay you out of his tax money no one's any richer you are rich or poor it's a zero sum game when you create wealth in britain his tax money come from hopefully
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by producing to buy another produce the tax law you governor by using the floor that i had swept what what if this how do you think you are going to die and so you know i want to you know you know you're just trying to drop in any spot on it and say i can't do that and the extended unemployment isn't even supported by krueger who is who is on obama's. you know what's going to have no economic advisor panel i'm sorry and because look at incentives. is this less of a standard or workforce big their skills get stale because they're searching for jobs no longer exists let's do away with it let's say no more on employment benefits from now on unless somebody is disabled in which case we'll call it a disability benefit from now on if you are unemployed we will hire you we've got two point five trillion dollars with the roads bridges trains internet infrastructure schools falling apart we will put people to work and when we get unemployment down to three percent which is functionally zero or to two point three
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percent i think is the super definition of functional zero and we get down to that you're going to see competition in them are in the marketplace for jobs among employers competition for employees he's going to drive wages up it's going to drive tax collection up all those people who were taking government money are now going to be paying taxes every one of the economy works for a trillion that came out of the private economy to pay for the two point four trillion of government it doesn't have to come out of the problem where does it come from the government can can manufacture money literally tom you know they have the money we have here we have been but there's no money fareed this is it doesn't this is yes there's i mean we are a sovereign nation you can manufacture money you don't have any effect on you how and then if you want to use if you want to use your monetary model rather than a modern monetary model that you know go back to preset anyone then let's then let's say the government can borrow the money but however the government which it which is what revising our debts which is exactly what eisenhower did he borrowed billions of dollars to build a national highway system to put people back to work and ended the great depression
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that drives up interest rate the republican eisenhower challenge and drive up interest rates interest rates of the home of an increase in value out of thin air you can print money you can't print value printing money money is just an exchange of aid and you're back arguing against by saying ok we can just create the money and you know i set that argument aside so we could borrow the money that's not printing money it's not going to create inflation it's going to put people to work and going to stimulate the economy shrinks care it's not going to. interest rates interest rates start to fall by the phone why not why not i mean you didn't answer why don't we just decouple this get the get the states in the federal get them because they would if it was out of congress and i don't believe john boehner is going to do any damn thing for anybody who's unemployed i think he would love to get this and get the federal government out of the state's unemployment all you're just out of all know the government has cut them off they said you guys tried to go to a national average so you know god forbid you try to lower your deficit now you get nothing more of that i will leave the camera with
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a last word on that war. after the break. with. technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future. is he going to. be nice. to. see. wealthy british style sign. that's not on the president's prime time.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our let me let me i want to know what all the let me ask you important . here on this network is what we're having the debate we have our knives out and. going to bring you this right we're just about staying there again here in a situation where being idle or even talk about the surveillance. above.
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all the back along liberal rubble joining me tonight are dan bongino and cameron sword let's get back to it john mccain had a child all meeting in arizona and let's just say it didn't go exactly as planned rehearsal clip again so you're not telling these people the truth they'd need a war sure they more loans they care for baby. the. origin of those that those people do so so you're growing again but going well you know they're stuck in the home where. that's the case you missed it i showed you. this it's not if it's a banana. with six hundred million dollars worth. according to a.p. report on the town hall one man yelled that only gun would discourage illegal immigration
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another man complained that illegal immigrants should never be able to become citizens or vote a third man said illegal immigrants were illegal invaders who wanted free government benefits so is this what the tea party has brought us is this is this the ripper we were watching the disintegration of the moral and intellectual disintegration of the pull of the republican party down now i mean everybody always uses a couple extreme examples to paint the party it's just not the case and we can pick out democratic soundbites on the other side to paint you know the liberal folks who just want open borders as well the fact is tom i don't know any liberal folks who want to open border oh i could i know tons of i met a man with pain trail i mean people i ran into on national politician one democratic politician saying we national border have to go on people i know are the conservatives that rand paul wants open borders the libertarians want open borders and i going to probably get i don't think rand paul wants open borders you know i mean i think that is that's the official position a libertarian no one is more attached to this issue than me and my wife's a first generation immigrant from colombia is a great american success story there's
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a wide swath of opinions on immigration the republican party contrary to what anybody wants to tell you about the crazy tea party it's all nonsensical talking points including me i have a very interesting opinion as well we need a secure border not to keep people out you don't put a door in your home to keep people out you put a door so people walk through the door and don't climb through the window we have narco i was it secret service agent and these are very real problems narco trafficking terrorism we should be a country that welcomes people. but there has to be a process and a formality and so we have a fence that can't control access the rest is just nonsense it's a moot point should we build a fence with canada to use camel well no i you know i why not. now with canada but i'm saying if you're going to have one with mexico want to have one with canada well book it's not you know we need to have a debate that does not start with blanket amnesty we need to start i don't think anybody is suggesting that well the president that's the last the last time anybody suggested blanket amnesty is ronald reagan in one thousand nine hundred six when he
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did it can we can we talk about having some enforcement in forcing the laws that are that are on the bars in hama has arrested no he's very much picking and or using while legal immigrants than any president is that doesn't mean he isn't forcing all the laws on the books he isn't forcing some laws and he's picking and choosing which laws he will he doesn't already have if he's not. by the laws passed by republican members of congress funded by the n.r.a. well look let's hear let's just talk about serious inforce meant plans and let's see that carry to fruition why don't we see here is where i'd like it to begin i don't think that we have an illegal immigration problem or an illegal immigrant problem in this country we have an illegal employer problem in this country people come to this country looking for a job they would not do that if they couldn't get a job or i have worked and lived in other countries and every single case i had to jump through sixteen different kinds of hoops in order to get a work visa or a work permit and in order to legally be in that country and in fact in australia damn near got thrown out of the country because the paperwork didn't come till the
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age before i left and it's like other countries take this seriously and it's not the workers who get busted it's the employers who get busted and reagan stopped in one thousand nine hundred sixty stopped the official policy of this country of putting employers in jail when they hired people who were who were not here legally and when that happened the floodgates open should we be doing something. about that why will the republicans not support putting. basically you know rich rich employers in jail again i'm not going to go with the rich employers line their employer i'm certainly not rich i have a two thousand square foot home in a middle class neighborhood so i jacked to their corporate model let everybody know you're not impure not you're not here are hiring you know i'm going to we're not here illegal immigrants it's really not a rich employer thing but you know yes you start with enforcement there's great room for improvement here in our current immigration system is broken it's far beyond her look at the meat packing industry look at the look at the construction
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industry these are very wealthy industries that are dominated by very large corporations where literally millions of people who are in this country without documentation are working right now yes. you know even air fired all that well i agree with you there but we don't i mean we're not disagreeing you're saying there should be workplace where he is disagreeing no publican party has as fought tooth and nail any effort to to put into place things like yeah but i opened up this segment by saying that you're everyone in the republican party maybe not formal you guys in the rational ones that how do we get to the good. news that conservatives are and so you're not a republican no you're concerned that there's a do. want to talk about ashley judd ashley judd has not decided she's going to run for against mitch mcconnell in kentucky but she has publicly flirted with the idea shall we say and just in case karl rove who apparently has a few hundred million bucks left over from some previous activity or maybe raising
10:36 pm
more he's running this is a piece of. grandmother says she's a hollywood loop but isn't. actually join an obama family radical hollywood liberal who's right at home here in tennessee. is this a new that's a great it's the service doesn't have to be this is the new face of politics in america is like trash people before the military and i just got to this and i did what i did ironic is that you know i was knocked by people on the left that all you have no political experience i have been a secret service agent for twelve years had managed operations in foreign countries with foreign ambassadors own the business eccentric century could read that c.v. online but they actually attacked me for saying oh you don't have any political experience and yet there are people in the democrat will not all of them people of democratic party who are actually going to support a hollywood actress i mean listen i worked for ronald reagan when he was the
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governor of california when i receive recognition she's a very talented actress i you know her family is full of great singers but to be a senator i mean come on let's step it up again so scott brown no scott brown was the perfect the state senator said it right she's she's a she's an actress she's an entertainer she's got a great career going. pretty much over you know you look at all these other people al franken his he had moved away from making movies in t.v. you mean to tell me that i don't know how much ashley judd makes per movie but right now she's enjoying the limelight she is enjoying the spotlight she's entertaining she's doing what she does she mean to tell me that she's going to walk away for six years from ashley judd that potentially makes millions of dollars per movie two to be completely let's be honest she's going to be steamrolled by the conservative kentucky grass roots movement if she does throw or have the ring which she will not and that may be part of the problem actually because mitch mcconnell who she would be running against who is the senate republican leader has been you
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know make a nice with democrats from time to time or at least making nice with the rational republicans in ways that are really upset the tea partiers i mean you've got a lot of concern you talk about the conservative base in kentucky you've got a lot of that base that's really really upset with mitch mcconnell bio and he's been told me i actually got a run because that would prevent him from getting primary a rush he has to do our homework. you know i come on this show because i know at least it'll be an intellectual debate can you imagine if you were a conservative debating ashley judd i mean please why should you know you have never talked with a marginal tax rate and she could be brilliant but i sincerely doubt that she's had time between movies to study you know keynesian economics versus austrian school we can i be so relieved i thought that in the united states that the whole idea of a representative democracy was that any man or woman could become. an elected official because i mean you should be you know tom i mean i should i just i think i think it's all missing the point because it's not going to go anywhere this is not
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going to go to and you know what she is hurting her own party because some a real cain and it's going to come up and you know and they're going to have expelled all this all this effort on on this face you think ron you know it has and they're going to get steamrolled you think karl rove's strategy is to actually promote her candidacy by attack yes because she's not going to do it she's not going to do it they're wasting all this is sort of the. camerons you know she's so she's not going to run in your opinion as. that that's what she i'm on the record she's ok we will we will not on the record. thank you both so much you're going to have. just. it's the good the bad of the very very our goal aisha's slee ugly the good people of ball garia after years of crippling austerity this taken the unemployment rate
10:40 pm
to nearly twelve percent people of all garia rose up and said they're finished with conservative austerity and after days anti austerity protests were blocking that country for austerity both government formally resigned and called for new elections as the outgoing prime minister said i can't watch as fences go up around . parliament if the people want the government to resign them the state needs a new vote of confidence so the people will decide how the government continues from now on this is how organized people take down the bank stores that we should be paying attention to the united states the bad alcohol don't freak out not going to take a drink away but a new report out of the boston university school of medicine shows that alcohol causes twenty thousand cancer related deaths in the u.s. each year in fact the report argues that alcohol is behind you only four percent of all cancer deaths in america quarter billion dollars sucked out of our economy every year as the result of alcoholism as he added health expenditures clearly it's
10:41 pm
a dangerous drug and i'm not suggesting we should outlaw it i just want our lawmakers to recognize how dangerous it is and how safe marijuana is compared to it and then come to their senses and legalize and regulate marijuana the same as alcohol big time and richard nixon's failed drug war and take a lesson colorado in washington state and a very very ugly zuri state representative mike nobody wants to protect the gun industry more than lira does so introduced legislation the missouri assembly making it a felony to even introduce any new gun laws skun safety and well again that's a felony just to introduce legislation is the best part there it doesn't take his own bill is going to pass but as he told talking points memo he's introducing it anyway to make a point about freedom right because nothing says freedom like making it illegal to even have a debate about measures that might increase gun safety that is fairly clearly.
10:42 pm
going up you've heard of the birth ers the temp thursday the climate change dyer's but there are some new crackpots making themselves heard washington today i'll introduce you to a pair of corporate shills doing their best to destroy the american economy into its detail.
10:43 pm
we are facing a lot of problems you know. because no one thought to drink no good school. no gun no permits when you feel. what's not enough well there's a law in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. motion will be used. down for artist i was fired from our skies. and fired right.
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potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more connery down the line there's still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. jason it is bennett pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout much of it might still be a slug three driving lessons some emergency vehicles are exceptional.
10:45 pm
in the eyes of the rest of the news switzerland is taking the lead on taking on the banks yesterday's show we talked about how switzerland is poised to go to the polls next month and vote on some of the harshest restrictions on executive bonuses in the world and now this was for promoting a campaign to put an end to banks toure's making huge amounts of money on global food speculation in other words making a lot of money by jacking up the price of food and then watching the developing world star here's an actual swiss television ad promoting this new initiative.
10:46 pm
and didn't deserve it but. if you mention this because that's you know some of them you. just. see. there are we dealing with the same problem here in the united states and should we take the same measures to limit the bad behavior on wall street that's asked me all mccabe senior writer of human events online you know what we have for the swiss bankers. thank. you very grave you were there to be with you today. they were taking me up again i really appreciate that. when i get my german isn't as good as yours but i thought that maybe that guy in the ferrari represent the biofuels industry that was in all the
10:47 pm
sort of the green pork and so now these poor people can have food because we have to use it in airliners and i have never taken a coke in the u.s. navy now fuels their aircraft carriers with these biofuels so the people in africa can eat but a serious question yes serious question banks don't produce anything i mean we argue if a facility really production but basically they don't make anything for you so you know i remember you and i or you are being disingenuous because you know most of these banker bonuses are actually commissions on deals that they've done right which don't make anything having one company buy another company and then sell it to another company and so it's one of those i don't think it was done three hundred million dollars in debt well yeah what happens is the executives walk where the billions the bankers walk away with billions the employees get screwed the company gets moved to china i mean this is i would like to see the swiss take control of all those salaries at the consumer financial protection bureau where missiles betray us is pulling down two hundred thousand dollars ok so we're talking about
10:48 pm
a two hundred thousand oh you're sorry but you've got a dozen bankers on wall street last year who each made more than two billion dollars short of us and people you've got hundreds and hundreds of people who are making hundreds of millions of dollars and again they don't make anything shouldn't we at a some point be saying in the united states if somebody's going to make a lot of money right steve jobs is going to make a lot of money at least he made a damn good computer absolutely sure but these banks hers you know not only are they not making anything and not only if they're making obscene amounts of money but they're paying a maximum fifteen to twenty percent income tax rate and nuffin into fica dothan into sort of cigarettes if you're talking about the hedge fund guys to be carried in capital gains it's not just the hedge fund guys it's happening all across wall street there are some tondo all supposed to know about carried interest so let's just keep that amongst ourselves. all right but jeff. obviously doing this they're obviously doing something and the you know what they're doing is there's some money and they are as you are caught in a there's i do for us all i do remember that during you know right before the clinton crash in two thousand there were movements clinton here you remember the
10:49 pm
nasdaq hit a high in march of two thousand and then it basically started falling all the way through the end of the clinton administration as george so what was happening is office depot office max they tried to combine different cell phone companies are trying to combine the clinton administration their justice department sort of avoided these sort of things and they would do that. but it does seek info efficiencies and the guys who do that get you know there's a point at which you say no there's a there's a balance between efficiency and competition and back in one thousand nine hundred one senator sherman for a while came forward and said we've got to do something about this because john rockefeller is operating he's buying up all the small companies great in these giant trusts he's he's you know colluding with the railroads to not carry the carrolls not have to denigrate their rights and so you're going to ask the daughter of an antitrust action rod for save the whales by the way and you know that's true arguably the kerosene did replace will oil in minnesota let's leave that alone but
10:50 pm
this is but the point is that you know reagan stopped in one thousand anyone ronald reagan and well no ronald reagan stopped the justice department seriously enforcing the sherman act i mean the last one to deal with a. shutdown and i believe he may have cut a deal with i.b.m. eighty eight was carter was when a ok but the i.b.m. thing was shutdowns initiated under nixon but the point is that there was no there was no suit there's been no serious of course was her back since reagan and before reagan you could walk in any know all talk or any downtown misrata you saw will be a different stores bill gates all of the locally own building now in use and normally in the house chains on his knees bill gates had to crawl on his knees to plant and for permission to release windows. ninety five national because the justice department would not allow microsoft to release windows ninety five in part because your the justice to europe was going to shut it down as well and in fact
10:51 pm
you know why i understand antitrust laws we understand that that was absurd right twenty years later we say that was ridiculous no i don't think so i think that the and by the way you're changing the subject what about these banks toure's make it all that all this money doing nothing just combining companies in a way that's dead if it's done in the private economy god bless so i don't know how i don't know i'm robbing from the treasury what do you do at the end of a monopoly game. how does a monopoly game and i've never lived long enough to see the end of a monopoly game seriously at the end of an oblate game one guy ends up with everything and everybody else's buckets everybody else is screwed right isn't that well you know we're all this is doing to the greek gods in the german. car and indeed now i'm going to accuse me of.
10:52 pm
crazy alarm one many are sitting on your couch watching t.v. the next you burst into flames sheriff of sequoia county oklahoma believes that the burning death of a sixty five year old man resulted from spontaneous human combustion a phenomenon when the human body suddenly bursts into flames arca came to the conclusion after noticing that while a man's body was badly burned the surrounding furniture and house were not at all suggesting that the flames may have started within the man himself though another possible explanation is the guy drank too much alcohol told sleep with a burning cigarette pre-work pedia there been over two hundred sighted cases of spontaneous human combustion over the last three hundred years so it's still not known for sure whether or not it can actually happen last week when a meteorite slammed into russia we're all reminded that we should add space objects to the list of things that can suddenly kill us and we have no control over it all thanks to this case in oklahoma you can now add spontaneous healing combustion to that list as well.
10:53 pm
you've heard of the burgers and the truth the town thursday and the no fires and even the fockers but now it's time to meet the simpson bowles are. over. past few years we've heard a lot of crackpot ideas first there was donald trump and his jolly gang of birth who to this day claim that president obama was born in kenya or someplace not the americas not the united states then came the koch brothers funded can't climate change deniers who despite record temperatures and unprecedented super storms insists that manmade climate change is still debatable you know like many of those exact same people said about cigarettes not causing cancer finally we have the tenth ers in the nala fires like rick perry who want to ignore federal laws that
10:54 pm
they don't like but none of these outlandish nonsensical ideas are as dangerous and destructive as the new simpson bowles cat food plan two point zero yesterday the pair introduced a rebooted or shall we say re baked version of the original simpson bowles cat food commission idiocy that original plan you remember was so bad that their own commission members would not vote for it. yes there was no official commission report unfortunately the media is still in love with these irrelevant hustlers and their crazy ideas which makes understanding the absurdity of the simpson bowles two point zero cat food plan all the harder but let's give it a try in the original simpson bowles cat food commission plan on the left here the pair sought a whopping two point nine trillion dollars in budget cuts combined with two point six trillion in revenues fancy word that mostly describes increasing taxes or
10:55 pm
cutting tax loopholes under the new simpson bowles cat food plan two point zero zero by chart on the right this pair of crackpots is now seeking one point two trillion dollars in revenue savings meaning they've jacked a budget cuts this time to a staggering three point eight trillion dollars while the original cat food plan had roughly one to one spending to cuts the new plan as three to one simpson bowles cat food plan two point zero calls for two point four trillion in new savings over the next ten years through serious tax and entitlement reforms and cutting additional spending so what are the exact devastating cuts and reforms that simpson and bowles want to make in federal government spending first they want to reduce medicare medicare and medicaid spending mean fewer and fewer elderly americans and poor americans of access to health care and medication next simpson and bowles want to enact comprehensive pro growth tax reform which is just
10:56 pm
a fancy way of saying we want to give corporations even more corporate tax breaks while jacking up taxes on working people. of the two point four trillion a new savings of the simpson bowles cat food plan two point zero calls for nearly eight hundred billion of it comes from so-called tax reform finally these washed up corporate shills want to strengthen loans on discretionary spending and reduce non health mandatory spending which means cuts to things like social security higher education and farm subsidies just to name a few in other words or i mean cat food. bottom line here is the simpson bowles cat food plan two point zero much like its predecessor is entirely about help you know corporate america and the billionaires who run it and screw it over the rest of us along with the so-called pro growth tax reforms come the so-called title meant reforms which basically argue we must abandon elderly disabled and poor americans if you want to save the american economy the only people who are happy with simpson
10:57 pm
bowles do cat food plan two point zero or their corporate in fact kept buddies all the millionaires on t.v. won't tell you this the fact is that working class americans need to see through all the smoke and mirrors and past the media circus realize that much like the birth there isn't the truth there's the sense of bowlers are just completely off their rockers no country in the history of the world has ever cut its way to prosperity and whether simpson and bowles like it or not america isn't going to either so let's roll grampa simpson and grampa bowles back to the old folks' home where they can't do any more damage to our economy and our country and leave the cat food for the cats and that's the way it is tonight wednesday february twentieth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget the markers he begins with you get out there get active your.
10:58 pm
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