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tv   Headline News  RT  February 24, 2013 6:00am-6:28am EST

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it's alleged. of millions of foreign aid money. critics say this is no way to.
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peace talks. today this is the weekly. the death of a three year old boy in the united states. it was revealed this week that the russian. family and the boy's adoptive mother claims it was just an accident respects the. twenty russian children in the last seventeen years died in their adoptive american families most recently here in texas might seem close me and known to locals as max
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shadow just what i heard on the news was just the kid had some scratches. that's all i know three year old marquis him and his younger brother keel lived in this house with their adoptive parents in a rather secluded neighborhood it was from here that on the afternoon of january twenty first the boy was taken away by an ambulance never to come back his legs had an internal organs were allegedly severely bruised. it could mean could if this is confirmed as a result of the investigation that maxime's death was a result of certain violent actions but specific circumstances of his death have yet to be announced i can't get into because it would be speculative. for the results to come by russian officials had no knowledge of the incident until almost a month after the boy's death it was a little bit later that we started getting some suspicions of what was going on and that all developed from talking to the parents the people that live there it just
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took a little more time moscow says this is far from the first time it has been left in the dark about an adopted child death. unfortunately it's usually months after a russian child has died in the u.s. that the american side informs us about it in one case it was five years after a boy died a probe is now being conducted in texas and russia has an ongoing investigation of its own. if as a result of the investigation it is determined that maxine was killed by his mother for example underscored if this is the conclusion of the investigation naturally those responsible for the death of the russian boy will have to suffer the most severe punishment there have also been allegations that the mother continually fed the child drugs intended to treat schizophrenia and adults meanwhile at the u.s. state department we obviously take very seriously the welfare of children particularly children who've been adopted from other countries according to moscow little cooperation was shown until it was demanded. well but.
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with almost two dozen deaths caused by abuse and. and mom slaughter russia in a move often criticized recently imposed a ban on american adoption of its kids i've always believed that russia should stop these adoptions and i hope that they maintain this ban and don't yield to pressure autopsy an investigation results are expected to take weeks if not months to be announced no arrests have yet been made the dead boy's younger brother's destiny is yet to be determined for now he continues living in the adoptive family where his brother died while the investigation of flow paced and the alleged information on the little boy's life and death extremely scarce one of the questions that demand an answer is why should it take a rigid push from abroad for the us to pay attention to yet another tragic destiny of a hopeless child to whom it promised a better life on its soil. r.t.e.
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act or county texas. the u.k. prime minister david cameron has banked the idea of redirecting hundreds of millions in foreign aid money towards military operations security peacekeeping and demobilization of the most likely recipients but lindsey german from the stop the war coalition believes there are much more urgent areas which remain underfunded. britain spends forty five billion pounds a year on the war in afghanistan whereas last year it was committing one hundred seventy eight million pounds a year to and you do with the ask yourself what would be more useful in a country like afghanistan more more training of troops or money spent on improving the infrastructure or improving agriculture and on giving people better education because wages aren't sufficient to cover anything apart from their housing their fuel in the very basic. they don't have money to spend on things yet
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there seems to be endless money for war and this is a war which it is generally recognised has not been won well david cameron also discussed the military and money during a visit to india prime minister gathered a large trade delegation seeking to gain favor and popularity points over his french colleague visited new delhi earlier this month but professor charlie says the financial crisis is likely to hamper cameron's ambitions what we will see here new. relationship that is going to level and based on mutual interest between india he's been seen as imported into france on one was here recently most of the same europe as you know has been completely suffered by austerity so on one hand they're trying to promote bilateral trade and expanded on the other hand you know the shrinking of the street under these conservative
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policies is not going to help them revive the group the governor of the bank of england when king himself said that we're only halfway through the global economic crisis if that be so then we're looking at two thousand and eighteen. the only statement we're going to come out of this crisis so until then i think most of these targets are mostly aspirational and i would be surprised if these are not meant. this is on t.v. on charities circus animals as well but if you british prime minister david cameron has announced one policy before turning around and following yet another do stay with us here in our to you for more on the pyrolysis of the governing coalition in the u.k. . millions in italy and choosing their next government today in a parliamentary poll that will define rome's economic fortunes leading the race to three factions the democrats the party of political diehard silvio berlusconi and a movement led by a former comedian who has captivated thousands with his anti austerity rhetoric
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training them according to polls as the party of staunch europe and incumbent mario monti cast his ballot just a bit earlier today. in rome for us with more on the promises and platforms of the front. these are close elections for its league that's how instead of one in the house days to the week in the parliamentary elections the clerics they're going to start to say and if they don't vote at least elections then the country is not going anywhere at. least for these decades of salicylate six has been elusive . obviously didn't have a hard time finding jobs they're going to get fired if he's been told at least explicitly that a rugby league. you see the full of
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the team with the sole. or at least the w.c. elite. to lead the world one of the most solid regions lee non-conformist parties out there it's full of lies and weaknesses in the cells and don't see se but how did they take everything that was in its early days up until now was it wrong to steal to help the giver slowly when the opposition it was going to be someone not in. the political arena it will with a month old about being a political force. love his son the same way with. the insulin here's the other one is illegal.
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legal. or illegal. the insulin is still a good. thing to get the full if you listen to legally or illegally illegal so these. are things like the launch of the blood work at the entire eurozone depending on how things go here the future of your opinion it is also a. art it's ten past three on sunday afternoon here in the russian capital this is artsy three thousand palestinians held in israeli jails have gone on a one day hunger strike demanding an international investigation into the death of a palestinian prisoner it's reported he died of a heart attack but it's alleged he was being interrogated at the time this follows a week of protest in the west bank supporting palestinian prisoners almost daily clashes with israeli police and settlers have left dozens injured in the protests
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where in support of four palestinians on hunger strike in israeli jails monday negotiators sent a letter to the e.u. foreign policy chief requesting health help i should say and securing the prisoners release of the rivalry between israel and the palestinians is being fought on every front including in the most unlikely areas for the slayer explains. the french have the eiffel tower the brits big ben and now the gazans the only symbol of pride a perfume bottle with the same type of victory perfumes always make a person remember good things after we won the last war on gaza the rocket m seventy five was celebrated we are immortalized in it by name in this perfume after it and sales have reportedly rocketed excuse the pun for five years i haven't bought israeli products the moment a palestinian product comes on the market i don't hesitate to buy it but this is something special. in november's israel gaza war the m seventy five long range
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missile reached as far as television for the first time in twenty years the city came under threat which is why its frequency is far from sweet to those living here i hope it doesn't smell like like a bomb but it's fun it's nonsense it's a good idea. with. the fields it's whether it's better to love than should now i don't think it's fair to name a perfume out there. i actually i think it's sad but i think on both sides they're kind of war mongers. but tel aviv is hitting back not to be outdone the government is celebrating its own latest technology. the iron dome anti-missile defense system that's intercepted eighty seven percent of all rockets fired from gaza and so this is the israeli symbolic response a state medal with three interceptors fired from the over the tel aviv skyline with
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the state emblem and the biblical message i will shield the city to say that most of the medals have been bought by the company rafael that's behind the anti missile shield as a thank you to its employees we are at war symbols we are the war perceptions we are at the war media even if you know that media play their war by diminishing the aggressiveness of the israeli response during the war as postwar symbolism cements each side's perceived triumph over the other it's only a matter of time before the decades long conflict erupts again into missiles in the skies policy r.t. television. and the shifting our attention of out of egypt where the president is struggling to appease protesters with promises of his law enforcement tactics to cause yet more anger were put on the alarming allegations of abuse and torture used by local police or the government runs out of weapons to the lowest ranking
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officers. from syria's rebels who pulled out of the plan the peace talks suggested by their own leader the national coalition is now even boycotting meetings with the friends of syria group its chief financial and political backer their withdrawal was justified by a perceived international failure to condemn president assad or the us we also this week a suspected rebel suicide bombing in damascus killed at least fifty. three and we did over two hundred opposition fighters in the west of syria also apparently threatened to strike hezbollah or over the border with lebanon something middle east experts how we can leave says you know disastrous consequences. of their bark is often worse than their bite but were there to do that they would be dealing with a totally different entity them they deal with in syria because hezbollah is a popular mass organization with the support of
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a very sizable section of the lebanese population and walked that could do could be a could be to reopen the wounds of previous civil walls in lebanon which no one wants neither has the law nor its opponents and backer don't forget the last attempt to crush hezbollah i was made by these release who invaded lebanon on bombed bare root tried to crush but suffered reverses themselves in a recent attack was and the syrian government. it was aimed to do you stabilize further they should be a political settlement that this ugly stalemate should not be allowed to continue. any longer and the saner elements within the opposition should sit down and see what's going to be sorted out even at this late it late stage because if this doesn't happen the whole expanse as we're seeing into lebanon on and then
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anything's possible and. well i joined a french african force in mali takes a heavy. president francois hollande a peace prize for going to war in his country's former african colonies haven't got the analysis coming up in just a few minutes this is still to come after a short. sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you. are
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welcome to the big picture. mission free cretaceous free. free. free. free. free. free. video for your media. free media. it's good to have you with us here in. moscow the protesters in cairo's tahrir square are reportedly evacuating local preparing for a new round of protests and they're going to weeks of unrest throughout egypt with
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the opposition accusing mohamed morsi of hijacking the revolution and backtracking on reform promises rights groups are reporting widespread police abuse and torture resulting in the detention even and even death of mine is getting for a c. correspondent. in his hometown of tanta the big game to the point south where local youths have renamed their streets after his son mohammed a twenty eight year old activist allegedly tortured to death by security forces two weeks ago after protesting on to her a square in a little hole on the first time i went to see mohammed in hospital i didn't recognize him seriously is a priest was covered with his skull fractured when i asked the doctors they told me this is mohamed odeh i know that one would be although muhammad's injuries points to torture his mother sammy says the official forensic report maintains he died after a car crash yet but that's what vehicle breaks teeth is there
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a car that stamps on a person with a shoe shattering the glasses and pushing them into his eyes what car only injures a person's head but not their legs yeah. right now egypt is witnessing unprecedented levels of police violence against protesters rights groups reporting with at least ten x. a judicial killings by security forces since president mohamed morsi to power the west divide it's often a cause in places like this infamous security directorate behind me which can be big for mohammed's balcony however the most worrying trend activists say is the targeting of children in an impoverished district of alexandria explains how her thirteen year old son up to rahman was detained for over two weeks for being a bystander at a demonstration. the police used violence against children my son has caught some of the losers all over his body
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a hundred young children because kids can try on away from them. if anyone tries to contact their family or friends they would beat us despite the scenes like these the interior minister denies security forces use violence against protesters and refer. it's that torture is systemic in the police force instead the government says it will arm low ranking police officers sparking fears of their abuses back during egypt's revolution a key demand was police reform but people here say there is no evidence of that until there is crowds of thousands continue to push for change though many fear the worst is yet to come true for see kyra. and iran has announced it's found thousands of tons worth over your radio. as a. nuclear program and girl power reactors online you can find out what the u.s.
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and europe hope to do about. the governor of nevada home of las vegas sign a new law that he says will put the u.s. state at the forefront of legislation you can see what he's planning. for let's turn our attention now to that of mali heavy fighting is continued throughout the week in the northern part of the country and thirteen soldiers from chad were killed there on saturday the highest casualty count the joint french and african force since the start of the military campaign against islamist rebels i mean while the u.s. has deployed one hundred troops to neighboring need to assist despite the ongoing guerrilla war and fears of escalating violence french general say they still plan to wrap up their involvement and hand over to local forces next month and the operation is the french president a peace prize from the u.n. cultural agency unesco the organization decided that friends were alarmed has made
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a quote valuable contribution to stability in mali social justice activist says this could inspire other heads of state to follow his example. but so what is this reward actually encouraging it presumably encouraging others to follow the example of the french or invading africa of occupied territories in africa it's an invasion on behalf of nato and the us and its ethical troops and is aimed at the economic and political interests of empire and particularly all fronts the problem here is that this is a political crisis in mind and can be resolved only by political means by sending in the warriors the troops the planes and the bombings actually doesn't resolve the problem as we can see it's actually exacerbating and they've claimed that they have been invited to come into mali by a government but it is being an illegitimate government and it's outrageous that
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the u.n. should do so should such a. policy i guess that unesco feels that this is what what needs to be rewarded what an r.t. and a massive pileup at a nascar rally in the u.s. has left a thirty three people in the crowd or injured at least two in a state of critical condition and they were hit by devereux that was thrown into the stands of the accident happened on the last lap of the florida race course of drivers hurtle towards the checkered flag it was caused by the race leader turning sideways at high speed in a chasing pack smashing into his car. in thailand two bombs are thought to have been placed by islamic militants exploded in the city of patani wounded ten people and the blasts were part of a series of almost thirty minor attacks in just one night close to the border with malaysia and more than five thousand people have been killed in thailand self since an insurgency began there almost ten years ago. other stories in the world
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thousands of people joined a protest in a southern libyan town demanding independence on the creation of their own federal state representatives of various tribes chanted slogans others to wake up to what they call the die a reality in the country instability has been rife throughout the north african state since the overthrow of moammar gadhafi over a year ago with the secession movement. british prime minister david cameron has done more u. turns to drive new figures from the guardian newspaper show he's gone back on more decisions in three years than either of the two leaders before him. investigates. it can be hard to tell what goes on inside the mind of the prime minister say many decisions to be made on a daily basis is perhaps little wonder that sometimes they change their minds and from buses to badges healthcare to housing case goes caravans charities and circus
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animals petulant even past these the list of this government's u. turns buried and long in fact there have been so many recently that some wonder if this is the most indecisive british government ever bought a modifier to talk about you turn a load you stop turning. everybody use the word you turn but before that people talk part quine downs or part downs or whatever back then the words you turn carried negative connotations you turn if you want to i thank the ladies not for turning. but while miss thirty might not have been for turning this prime minister certainly is his coalition's clocked up a good thirty five you tend to say far roughly for every twenty nine days the coalition's been in power there's been a change of direction a u.
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turn if you like i can pass around fifty two days for gordon brown and tony blair was much more um i was less likely to change direction he was one of them self and margaret thatcher you know you turned i took around four hundred days to get a change or a shot of tony blair's government going back to the coalition then when it comes to why do you think we have seen this government have so many so many more than previous government i think a lot of it is down to the fact that it is a coalition. that this is a very new thing actually in british politics it's very common and embarrassing for them do you think i think it's been difficult from a leadership point of view but i think it's something that has been accepted going in and during the coalition agreement that the. will have to be compromises when it comes to this government it's clear that what they say might not always be exactly as i think it is the fact that they clocked up so many you turns a sign that the government is listening or doesn't leave their pledges and promises sounding a little well false it's not good is not
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a good thing. if you vote for government aspects of what they say it's going to be good for you actually. it's not proper to say well i don't know why i think if it's an issue that obviously people are worried about that it will interest them if it's something people don't care about and. bill with the quality you turn about turn climb down or back down when it comes to changing your mind in government many theory it's a case of you're damned if you day and. this government may well be recorded as being indecisive but he was recorded as being indecisive check for the opposite for being. ultimately and this is something we often used to say you take your money you pays your money you takes your choice. or you're not decisive enough as to what david cameron thinks about who the coalition u. turns well.


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