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tv   Headline News  RT  February 24, 2013 1:00pm-1:28pm EST

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the stories that shaped this week the death of another russian toddler in an adoptive u.s. family leads to allegations that he could have been killed stoking anger in russia . fresh rallies clashes and hunger strikes in the west bank and the death of a palestinian in an israeli jail further fuels a week long protest against the plight of palestinian prisoners. and italian shoes their parliament in one of the most unpredictable votes in the country's history could see a comeback by show man berlusconi or a breakthrough by a former comedian. glad to have you with us this evening i'm lucy calvin over there watching our t.v.
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it's our special weekly show where we top off the week's top stories well it's been revealed that on our show another russian child has died after being adopted by an american family it's the twentieth such death since the mid one nine hundred ninety s. the news that three year old maxim cruz men was found bruised and dead at the home of a texan couple caused outrage here in russia the boy's adoptive mother there are suspicions that moxon could have been abused and killed parties and takes up the story twenty russian children in the last seventeen years died in their adoptive american families most recently here in texas mark simkin means known to locals as max shadow. was just a kid had some scratches. that's all i know three year old mark sam and his younger brother keel lived in this house with their adoptive parents in a rather secluded neighborhood it was from here that on the afternoon of january twenty first the boy was taken away by an ambulance never to come back his legs had
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an internal organs were allegedly severely bruised. it could mean could this is confirmed as a result of the investigation. was a result of certain violent actions but specific circumstances of his death have yet to be announced i can't get into that because it would be speculative. for the results to come by russian officials had no knowledge of the incident until almost a month after the boy's death it was a little bit later that we started getting some suspicions of what was going on and that all developed from talking to the parents the people that live there it just took a little more time moscow says this is far from the first time it has been left in the dark about an adopted child stuff. even unfortunately it's usually months after russian child has died in the us that the american side informs us about it and one case it was five years after a boy died. a probe is now being conducted in texas and russia has an ongoing
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investigation of its own. if as a result of the investigation it is determined that maksim was killed by his mother for example if this is the conclusion of the investigation naturally those responsible for the death of the russian boy will have to suffer the most severe punishment meanwhile at the u.s. state department we obviously take very seriously the welfare of children particularly children who've been adopted from other countries according to moscow little cooperation was shown until it was demanded. well but. with almost two dozen deaths caused by abuse and even manslaughter russia in a move often criticized recently opposed to ban on american adoption of its kids on . i've always believed that russia should stop these adoptions and i hope that they maintain this ban and don't yield to pressure autopsy an investigation results are expected to take weeks if not months to be announced no arrests have yet been made
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the dead boy's younger brother's destiny is yet to be determined for now he continues living in the adoptive family where his brother died while the investigation is slow paced and the alleged information on the little boy's life and death extremely scarce one of the questions that demand an answer is why should it take a rigid push from abroad for the us to pay attention to yet another tragic destiny of a hopeless child to whom it promised a better life on its soil and r.t.e. actor county texas. well neil who live in from the pound legacy a group that monitors children placed with new families says he believes the case highlights shortcomings within the u.s. adoptive system. the united states has a very complex adoption system where the state department has federal responsibilities which it's. properly executed because adoption itself is performed
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at the state level in america the federal government has no control over who actually happens. to have the proper system in place checks. adoptive parents that's are. monitoring. in place rescreening but it's not properly done most of the monitoring is impossible. especially in america it is impossible because the right to privacy. but the treatment of russian orphans by their adoptive u.s. family as in the subsequent a russian adoption ban against the u.s. of course sparked a fierce debate here in this country and our day dot com you'll find more stories from all sides you can also weigh in yourself by leaving a comment. tensions are escalating in the west bank where the death of a palestinian in an israeli jail has triggered a fresh wave of violence thousands of palestinian prisoners are already refusing
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food in a show of solidarity with the dead man while dozens of protesting palestinian youth have been tear gassed by israeli soldiers the israeli side says the prisoner died of a heart attack but some palestinians insist that he was tortured during interrogation his death has further angered the palestinians who are already or already have been rallying for weeks now against the conditions in israeli prisons and in support of a long term hunger strikers the protest to be deadly and it appears clashes with israeli soldiers who used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds. at a prisoner issue wasn't the only dividing one dividing the two sides this week more clashes have erupted when jewish settlers attacked palestinian demonstrators in the north part of the west bank shooting two people as artie's policy or reports there could be no end to the confrontation along as israel continues to build on land considered to be owned by the palestinians. it's rugged unremarkable landscape
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largely empty but full of meaning this is one of the west bank's most sensitive pieces of real estate for fourteen years plans to build here have existed but were kept on hold but all of that changed last november less than twenty four hours after the u.n. general assembly recognize palestine is a nonmember observer state television fast tracked construction plans here prompting the palestinian government to call it a slap in the face of the entire world. this plan to build here is not legal according to international law which states that when one country occupies another it countered change facts on the ground israel is doing exactly that while also getting people out of their lands soley for the benefit of the settlers. known as the one this controversial patch of earth exists between east jerusalem where palestinians aspire to establish the capital of a future palestinian state and the huge israeli settlement of miley. it is the last
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remaining corridor between the large palestinian cities in the west bank and of plans go ahead in the israelis extend the syria it would cut into a big chunk of the west bank effectively driving a wedge into the middle of any potential palestinian state critics have warned that filling the space with jewish homes amounts to a doomsday scenario effectively striking a fatal heart attack to the two state solution but for now the plan is to build a garbage dump in this valley with the waste that comes from jerusalem and then in about twenty to thirty years when it's full to build a park on top of us here you can see that palestinians fear it's part of a long term strategy to extend iran and build new israeli settlements it's not surprising this is not the first time that such a plan is submitted it is a bird of ongoing policy that has been going for years now in at the end to grab palestinian lands but first the israelis need to get rid of the people who live
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here among them around three arab jerusalem neighborhoods and a hundred and fifty bedouins for whom this has been home for nearly half a century tel aviv complains the bedwyn camps were set up eagerly without permits and stand in the way of urban planning but critics say this is just an excuse for a land grab it makes me furious this dump site is going to harm the environment and it's going to harm the health of the people and they make it harder and harder to find a solution for the situation demolition orders have already been issued threatening to destroy the last remnants of bedwyn life in these hills and while israeli officials say the construction anyone if it happens at all is many years away it cuts to the heart of the israeli palestinian conflict which fundamentally is about the land and the fate of the people who live on it policy r t in the west bank. well paula is closely following the developments in the west bank for us keeping us up to date on the latest we have her twitter feed if you want to follow her you can
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just have to act a policy or underscore r.t. to get the latest. europe is holding its breath on sunday as austerity head italians truth their next parliament from a former comedian to disgraced ex prime minister silvio berlusconi there's certainly no lack of choice on the ballot but are tasering reports the outcome may well throw the debt ridden european union into even more uncertainty. this italian parliamentary election offers plentiful options for the country's voters at first
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glance but dig deeper and you'll realize the choice isn't all it seems to be talons are confused and there is still a part of them who has nostalgia for the good old times of mr berlusconi. you know they thought they could all become millionaires and this was the big news and it wasn't the streets of rome aligned with posters from various political parties and candidates all smiles and bright colors offering the best future possible for italian voters. i think it. was a good candidate like i was i was. thirteen i. was i didn't know. the program low is not the leader but the face of
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a movement whose plan is simple to do away with the politics that italy has been used to for the past couple of decades and bring about a new type of rule the number saved on my program i don't feel protected by the state i want to state that is visible so there is no more state in this country not just the bureaucracy of laws that has replaced democracy there isn't anything left to hold the crowds disillusioned with as well as politics is done the analysis has started small by successfully challenging politicians in his small hometown in the south like many talents he does not trust the current political system if it were possible to live here that yes there will be no wall ok i gave it to you to let you off the wall. but it is time for a change at least one hundred thousand people showed up to support close movement in the center of rome the biggest political gathering in half a century people say popular because it speaks clearly and they say it's one of the
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main thing to say so they have to go or home. oh. yes they're finished these right because they're the political class as lost in. the laundry part of the population especially young people. to which we have a political class. i'm able to cope with the situation and the situation is a desperate one the longest recession in twenty years more than one third of the country's youth are without a job corruption that feeds organized crime and manages to siphon off as much as sixty billion euro a year by some estimates and declaring wealth divide between various a tally and regions basically it was huge a parliament will have a mouthful to chew to avoid choking on the problems which have accumulated over the years perhaps doing away with the old men in suits no matter how respectable they may appear in favor of a foul mouth but seemingly honest comedian may be just the thing to put an end to
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italy's political drama in rome. but there was a special welcome for silvio berlusconi and one you probably won't mind too much at the polling station were free topless activists were protesting his candidacy more details for you as well as a video on our website r t v dot com. egypt's president is struggling to appease protesters what promises meanwhile his law enforcement are causing more anger just ahead we were poured on it the alarming allegations of abuse and torture used by local police or the government held out weapons to the lowest ranking officers. but america's new top diplomats john kerry sets all of america on foreign tour his first as a secretary of state we'll look at exactly where he's heading and why. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard luck it was a big. issue . good education three.
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three. three. three. golds three wrong video for your media project free radio down to our t.v. dot com. welcome back i'm lucy counted up again watching the weekly here on our team all those further tour while in egypt where the government a struggling to contain street violence president mohamed morsi has moved forward the parliamentary elections to april twenty second and the opposition leader is calling for a boycott of the vote protests have been going on for weeks now with the opposition accusing the president of hijacking the revolution and backtracking on reform promises that are to his belt true reports the unrest has often been accompanied by claims of widespread police abuse as well as torture. in his home town of town into the bill i'll give the points out where local youth had renamed
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a street after his son mohammed a twenty eight year old activist allegedly tortured to death by security forces two weeks ago after protesting on tahrir square. on the first time i went to see mohammed in hospital i didn't recognize him seriously his face was covered with his skull fractured when i asked the doctors they told me this is mohamed odeh i know that one will be although mohammed's injuries points to torture his mother sammy says the official forensic report maintains he died after a car crash yet but that's what vehicle breaks teeth is there a car that stamps on a person with a shoe shattering the glasses and pushing them into his eyes what car only injures a person's head but not their legs yeah. right now egypt is witnessing unprecedented levels of police violence against protesters rights groups reporting with at least ten x.
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a judicial killings by security forces since president mohamed morsi to power the west divide it's often occurs in places like this infamous security directorate behind me which can be big for mohammed's balcony however the most worrying trend activists say is the targeting of children in an impoverished district of alexandria explains how her thirteen year old son up to rahman was detained for over two weeks for being a bystander at a demonstration. the police used violence against children my son has caught some of bruises all over his body and a hundred young children because kids can try on away from them. police told us if anyone cries to contact their family or friends they would beat us despite the scenes like these the interior minister denies security forces use violence against protesters and refer. it's that torture is systemic in the police force instead the
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government says it will arm low ranking police offices barking faces of other abuses back during egypt's revolution a key demand was police reform but people here say there's no evidence of that until there is crowds of thousands continue to push for change though many fear the worst is yet to come true for ati cairo. time for a world update and we begin in afghanistan. afghan president hamid karzai has ordered u.s. special forces to leave the country's wardak province within two weeks the decision was made due to allegations of murder and torture of civilians a presidential spokesman said the troops were responsible for instability and insecurity in the region the move comes as nato is preparing to hand over responsibility for security to local forces by two thousand and fourteen. full senate delivered a final blessing before his resignation to thousands of people gathered at st
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peter's square at vatican city he announced he'd step down earlier this month becoming the first pope to do so in nearly six hundred years citing health reasons critics of the catholic church a claim to the move could be a result of the brewing sex and corruption scandals. a massive pileup at a nascar rally in the u.s. has left thirty three spectators injured at least two of them critically so they were hit by debris that was launched into the stands the accident happened on the last lap of the florida race course as we drive towards the checkered. america's newly installed secretary of state john kerry has embarked on this first foreign tour as the country's top diplomat on the list is checking the boxes with key allies in europe as well as delving into the turbulent middle east as a part and i reports america's new secretary of state john kerry is on his first official overseas trip visiting nine countries in western europe and the middle east over the course of ten days hillary clinton's replacement will reportedly
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consult with allies on topics including iran the uk evils in the arab spring countries and serious civil war secretary kerry's also scheduled to meet with members of syria's opposition according to the state department the top u.s. diplomat thinks of this trip as a listening tour meanwhile in his first speaking engagement as u.s. secretary of state mr kerry ran. some geography problems when referring to democratic reforms in the non existant country of cures ixtapa they fight corruption in nigeria they support the rule of law in burma they support democratic institutions and cures that stand in georgia kyrgyzstan is the country kerry should have said but unfortunately his speech was written with a mistake reporting from new york marina important r.t. . what kerry's first stops will be to major european capitals like london paris and berlin american foreign policy expert john we've believe that kerry's mission there
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will just stretch beyond courtesy calls on traditional nato allies it's always been very important for the americans to keep the nato alliance together but they always want to keep it together on their own terms it's always been the case for instance that the senior commanding officer in nato is from the american armed forces and what the americans constantly want to do is to shift the burden of military intervention on to european powers put a few political control over the process and i think with the we've seen that a number of times recently especially since the american focus is now beginning to shift towards the pacific to deal with the rising threat of china we are going to the europeans now have to take on a greater share of the burden in respect of policing the arab world and north africa what we're seeing here is an attempt to convince the nato allies that they should pay more but have no more influence. well iran has announced that it has
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found thousands of tons worth of ukrainian reserves and it says that it will use them to expand its nuclear infrastructure and to build more power reactors that are to dot com you can find out what the u.s. and europe hope to do about that. also in line for you the governor of nevada home to las vegas so signed a new law that he says will put the u.s. state at the forefront of gambling legislation in our view dot com you can find out exactly what it is that he's planning. knives knuckle dusters even firearms they may be the tools of trade for many an average criminal but these items are also increasingly being found in the backpacks of more and more students across britain with violence of schools seeing a sharp bronzed archie sarah firth report on how the problem is being dealt with. teaches lots of things you probably end up in a dead end job or in prison you'll be lucky to be alive when you're sixteen. you know our parent is gone our current is not for no for the teaching going to say anything about
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a stark insight into the reality facing some of britain's schoolchildren despite having one of the best education systems in the world the latest research estimates that up to full peoples a day a court with weapons in persists cools guns knives and knuckle dusters just some of the items confiscated by police are remember we're always searching the school and . gone to the school. gone. and i see this first shot gun and lots of fire schools are supposed to be a safe secure environment where the focus is on education the thing is have revealed that hundreds of weapons are being seized in schools every year with a number of violent incidents on the rise the reality for many schools across the bay is that your classmate can quickly become your enemy and the school playground can be a dangerous place it becomes normal to you and you you get sucked into this last
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thing to violence is the best approach. is it's just waking up in the morning and going for run yeah after a while it becomes normal to you stephen is now working with us charity x l p set up in one thousand nine hundred ninety six after school stabbing founded patrick regan has been helping young people tackle gun culture and violence a member a kid coming up to me when a bullet proof vest underneath his school uniform he said i'll be dead by thursday according to patrick it's early intervention which is key if prison is forty thousand pounds a year a young person's secure unit is one hundred sixty five thousand pounds a year a murder can be a million pounds a year to investigate. so actually you know if we intervene earlier keep kids in education keep that sense of a safe place an environment where they can grow and flourish the problem of violence in schools is nothing new was it it's not something you're likely to read
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about in a school prospectus and it's particularly a keats in the country's deprived in a city for schools on the whole do not want the public to know that they have a problem with children bringing weapons onto the premises so they do not readily give the information so i guess the problem is significant all they teach is can now say it's peoples if they suspect that carrying a weapon many theel politicians is still failing to sit up and take notice and until more it's done to address the problem children who attend the schools open team to learn these lessons. monday. well after a short break you can watch part three of our special report on the life of a rebel militants in the niger delta stay with r.t. .
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if you have a business and you need customers right this is perhaps the simplest law of capitalism but if your business is making juvenile prisons how are you going to attract more customers by bribing judges into condemning innocent children so you'll have all of the captives i mean customers that you need judge mark ciavarella jr from pennsylvania has been sentenced to twenty eight years in prison for illegally accepting money from a juvenile prison developer the pennsylvania supreme court determined that he may have unlawfully convicted up to five thousand youths some of whom were young as ten years old for crimes they didn't commit this is obviously sickening a total exploitation of power but the thing we need to think about is the fact that .


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