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tv   Headline News  RT  February 26, 2013 2:00pm-2:28pm EST

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postcode hangover italians are facing political deadlock with no clear winner in parliamentary elections meanwhile a protest party led by a former comedian makes a stunning debut. russia and the u.s. agreed to push for talks between the syrian government and the opposition to end the country's two year civil conflict. also for you world powers look to change iran is nuclear course at major talks with the easing of sanctions offered in exchange for the engine of uranium enrichment apparently the main deal on the table. good evening we've got news and analysis live from our moscow headquarters on lucie county one of and you're watching our team well it's the election that was meant to
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dig debt ridden italy out of its crisis and it is now adding a political stalemate to the economic distress no party or coalition has managed to secure a clear majority in either house of parliament with the country now stuck between options on the left and the right and with parties saying that they are unwilling to form any alliance as the prospect of a hung parliament unfortunately looks to be a real possibilities are to go has the details. it's. back with a vengeance he's just a ship. a man of some political experts have a political corpse just a couple of months ago has. actually seems to be holding a really good cheer. in the senate but again he is tied with. the number one position in the senate now if we look at the lower house however parliament does seem like the majority of the seats they are ready for claimed victory there but
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you have to understand that this is not because so many people have voted for him it is because of the italian election law which does give a lot. of party. even by the tiniest margin and that is exactly the situation in this case because. as well as in you are all essentially tied in the parliament as well so what we have of this point is a total deadlock because none of the parties that we mentioned are willing to make alliances we have ended up with. parliament and that's what some of the newspaper headlines. this morning is that the country is governable at this point there's no clear solution and it does seem like reelections are at a very very high possibility for it's. the third biggest economy in the eurozone what happens here is vital for the economy off the confidence of the bankers and politicians over in europe. because there is certain total.
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total disparity in the people's votes the population is lost the one thing that they have they have made clear is that they have had enough of. the technocrats from brussels and. not really saying yes to any one single party the. policies that have been implemented by him and so we are doing everything. the right way to step out of the economic crisis and willing to do anything even voting for a man like that because a lot who is totally inexperienced and is not really a politician basically voting for anybody but monkey and this is this is what's happening in italy right now our days are reporting their well professor of economics a lot of saudis says that neither of the forces likely will play a major part in italy's decision making has a viable plan and how to actually turn the country around italy is in the critical
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need to have been reformed to reassure the markets and i don't see it in the room that the center left gave or the agreed address so the problem is that they're addressing some parts corruptions and honesty but they're not to address in the economy is the way that should be it's going to be clear. over default to a partial default and i would have that's why it's something that might this clear the markets because italy has two thousand billion euros in and it's six times bigger than what greece has and the international economy doesn't have the salvage farms to take care of a problem of this magnitude well as the markets lose ground sharply at the prospect of a hung parliament in italy the kaiser report is turning his attention on the fixing
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of interest rates here's a quick look at what's to come later on this hour. in this case there were thousands of e-mails between thousands of traders or actually a few dozen traders saying set the libel rate at a rate that is not true for me and they're saying about this is somehow complicated that we can't do anything about it because there are signs of innocence outside this circle of the actual writers of any sort out being committed somewhere in the universe should we apply it to. out of guilt to this admission of guilt by a just b.c. yet i just recently admitted that there are a lot of money and finance are generous and what somebody somewhere didn't need is a back something in a parallel universe perhaps so can we call it just recent guilty let me give you say oh oh oh wow her story thousand mexicans headless because money laundering good i just created a bed of terrorists but should we care because after all somebody committed it is an act somewhere so they're not guilty.
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well talks between the government and the opposition are critical to ending the bloody conflict in syria that's claimed at least seventy thousand lives in the past two years that is the joint message from russia and america's top diplomats who have just been discussing the crisis in their role as mediators peter all of her has been following the meeting in berlin. russia or in the united states incredibly important if there is to be any kind of peaceful solution to the on going crisis in syria that's us now for two years claiming around seventy thousand lives. for all of saying that it's. incredibly important to. this we will do all we can to set conditions for opening a dialogue between the syrian government and the opposition as soon as possible we expect the main opposition group to support the idea of the talks and to name a negotiating team. was addressing journalists he said that he had
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assurances from john kerry that when the secretary of state meets with leading syrian opposition figures in rome on thursday that he would be insisting that there would be immediate talks talks a soon as possible between both sides in the conflict now this is a potentially huge move there has been deadlock really over how to solve the crisis in syria for a long time now with the united states and the opposition saying that assad to step down as president it would now seem that spell hops not is missing a softening of not opinion well this hasn't been the best of times for us russian relations one of the other major issues that was touched on was a ban on the adoption of russian children by american families now a three year old boy originally from russia while he was in the k. of an american family he became the latest in
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a line of russian youngsters to lose their lives while being looked after in the united states saying that during his meeting with john kerry the secretary of state admitted that there were problems when it came to the care of russian children that had been adopted into the united states families and said. that would be transparency for russia situations well another one of obama's recent nominations this time the new military chief is about to face his latest battle coming up a report on where chuck hagel stands after being all but hung out to dry in a bitter partisan standoff. well germany has been boosting it is its arms sales to gulf monarchies despite the grim human rights record of countries like saudi arabia qatar and bahrain now activists are sounding the alarm over the trend accusing berlin of moral bankruptcy
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is let's have a detailed look now at how this breaks down we have a little chart here german arms to gulf states now last year the total value of germany's approved arms exports to gulf states today is almost one and a half a billion dollar euro's they soared from two thousand and eleven as you can see right there with exports stood at just over five hundred million euros saudi arabia actually was the main recipient of the weapons with its share in two thousand and twelve being nine times bigger than the year before there you can see it right there were earlier r.t. spoke to reiner braun from germany's peace movement he says that that's not only immoral but also illegal. things and it is also. law said but is not. in conflict with. the reading is only full of conflicts not only between you and your neighbor country also there are a lot of internal politics and you know it is. faster to the most.
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it is totally unacceptable for us they believe that the support of you will have to secure german troops the results we need. so it is only a profit. and loss of profit business of the better i hope you will right and the people who are suffering because there are under pressure and because of this is why by the back of. well britain's unemployment benefits aim to provide a safety net for anyone between jobs looking for their next career opportunity only for some people the payouts are so attractive that getting out of bed to go to work doesn't really seem to be worth it artie's pie boyko has more i couldn't really believe my luck to be honest. it was just a dream i thought this is amazing you know british government is helping me out so you know i needed somewhere to live and i don't have a job not the words you expect to hear from someone who's fallen on hard times
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housing benefits allowed stephanie to rent a flat in this sport a block in london's glitzy mayfair and by myself i could always barely afford a studio in central london when i was working and. looking for a job and central it's a sprawling and complicated system but one that allows a family of four to claim up to thirty five thousand pounds a year from housing to child care and unemployment benefits i've known people on benefits and they've been able to afford new cars. to be able to afford to go abroad on holiday i've never actually been abroad on holiday before in my life so how can they afford a good holiday when they're on benefits. and afford to do the welfare state was all the idea of a man who might well be turning in his grave william beverages an idea of the five
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giant evils of society squalor ignorance won't miss disease some of the very qualities that critics say the system encourages beverage was arctic wealth should only provide you with subsistence levels of support and it should only do so for a short period of top seventy years down the line and welfare spending is the biggest item of government expenditure milking it is so widespread it's become a source of satire you know. we've been on this disability allowance i told you he worked at docklands. do you think you can get me on is just ability allowance he's got a bone to see which call. westminster now wants to make it clear that benefit on to a career path and coming through the doors of your local job center a year in and year out filling in a few forms and claiming your money is no longer an option but for people that have
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been through the experience of claiming unemployment benefit they say it's all too easy to get no money and no one's really checking whether or not you're genuinely looking for work. r.t. london i'll be back with more news after a short break don't go away. wealthy british stock. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds
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a report. welcome
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back you're watching our t. and i'm lucy catherine of will here at r.t. we sometimes like to show you some of the wacky crazy with videos are making their way online now this one is actually been posted by a russian couple when they decided to show off their daughter's driving skills unfortunately put them into the spotlight that's because the clip created outrage on the web calling authorities to launch an investigation because the girl driving in this clip is eight years old take a look. go to at least one hundred your mother is filming.
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an eight year old drive in a car my friend nice to what have fainted if she saw this. posted on social networks well and post the video they did sparking fieri across russia if the reckless decision to let a child drive a car wasn't enough in the audio you can actually hear the father encouraging us daughter to hit the gas pedal and to go faster but the child couldn't seem to keep a steady grip on the wheel swinging the car dangerously from side to side frankly it's a miracle that nobody was injured in this dangerous experiment the girl wasn't even wearing her seat belt now responses to this video ranged from calling the parents potential murderers to calling for their child for their prosecution now that video is generating plenty of debate online and so too are some of the other stories that are to dot com has put together for you let's take a look at what we have bahrain's. rulers have banned the import and wearing of what
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is seen as a worldwide symbol of protest the guy fawkes masks you can find out about the latest phase of the pro-democracy crackdown in that country and also for you online a standoff on the high seas environmental activist clash with two japanese whaling ships certainly would not want to be caught in between their more dramatic footage you can watch this and in full as well as other videos for you again on our web site r t v dot com. well iran insists that its right to peaceful nuclear energy should be recognized by
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the international community and this comes as the first day of high level talks with six world powers in kazakhstan has been described as constructive that the u.s. has signaled that it could maybe relax some of the penalties if tehran halts its twenty percent uranium enrichment a level that could ultimately lead to the production of a nuclear bomb but the e.u. is reportedly unwilling to make a similar move tehran has recently upgraded its enrichment capabilities maintaining that as aims are purely peaceful and allowed within international law middle east expert told me that some of the main decision makers about iran's nuclear future weren't present during the talks. if we look at the behavior if you look at the offers which were made i understand not the lifting of sanctions but rather having of sanctions i think the pro is really roy and the israeli club if i could say in general still has a significant amount of control and leverage on u.s. policy towards iran and on the p five plus one talks and if this trend continues i
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don't think we could expect much because iran has made it clear that it will not bow down to talks or to pressures with a gun pointed at its head well i cannot rule out the possibility that they not on your whole government might actually go ahead with a unilateral strike although although that is extremely risky on all levels including how the american public might react to the scenario of israel dragging america into a confrontation i think the fundamental issue to look at the look at sorry is how bold obama could be in confronting benjamin netanyahu and confronting the pro israeli right in congress well of all the economic penalties imposed on iran over its nuclear energy program the oil export ban has hit the country the hardest but despite the fact that it's undoubtedly damaged the economy overall it has also helped to strengthen other industries in iran or to use maria fellowship explains.
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the international ban on the oil cost the country around forty billion dollars in two thousand and twelve according to the e.u. but despite this huge gap in iran's income officials have some good news indeed harsh sanctions normal experts have increased by least thirty percent from a year ago. so what may look like a bad thing well may actually play a positive role we've been asking our government for many years to decrease dependence on oil to at least fifty percent it was too high up around eighty percent making our economy too vulnerable that some say today is a historical opportunity to finally get rid of this dangerous oil dependence and iran actually has a lot of alternative resources to feed from from well known copper it's to dade's via minerals and stones between wanting this tree in particular appears to be thriving these days iran's famous discussions have been going through tough times in the last couple of years heavy frosts and terrible droughts have been damaging
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large parts of the harvest but this year with the country under tough economic sanctions the stoushes are doing better than ever. our currency rio fell by almost forty percent in october but i sell the statues both at home and abroad and i've benefited from price rises that you read in the stashes of explosives to more than one hundred countries worldwide but even if farmers cannot send them the broad they're confident business will remain great thousands of industry workers also benefit which has them overcome the country's highest of inflation. the amount of production and price of years affect our salaries every year the add ten to twenty percent of my salary this year i have some bonus to my daily payments but producers seem to be more protective than exporters while international sanctions don't target the food industry current measures affect the banking system making financial transactions
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a hard nut to crack the also penalize the banks that. are not in u.s. and europe may be in china or south america the penalize them for dealing with iraq to the mean that's the main problem which is actually really good internationally if oil is a black gold the vista shows must be a green one at least for iran locals say these small nods have great how benefits especially for the man well to the country it also gives strength iran's biggest mall expert has always been a significant source of revenue and as the latest round of sanctions cautious ever bites it's also something iran may have to rely on even more than before. from iran. time for a quick world update and we begin in colombia colombia poppy growers have clashed with police during a rally to demand more government support for their industry is struggling drew due to a drop in international prices and workers want the state to help by increasing subsidies
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demonstrators blocked roads in a number of towns but security forces said such tactics wouldn't be tolerated. nineteen people have died in egypt after hot air balloon capsule tourists exploded in mid-air before falling two hundred meters to the ground a faulty gas cylinder was apparently to blame for the blast tourism officials say people from japan france and britain were among the dead the pilot miraculously survived but as said to be in critical condition. a rocket has been fired from gaza into israel causing some road damage but no injuries if the first attacks and so members cease fire and it is seen as retaliation after a palestinian man died in israeli custody under disputed circumstances now last year saw a major conflict between the two rivals with a death toll of more than one hundred fifty palestinians on one side and just five israelis on the other. way is now clear for u.s. senators to confirm chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense when the
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filibuster comes to an end after the vote now drew the ire of republicans from the i'll set out from the start as some of his views put him at all odds with his own party meanwhile a lackluster performance at his initial confirmation hearing didn't help either party's going to have the details. you will be confirmed there is no doubt about that the votes are there but the humiliation that he had to go through during these last few months sent a message all by itself right now chuck hagel is this repenting figure who keeps apologizing for the positions he had taken before for the statements he had made before including that war with iran should not be an option including his criticism of israel's actions and other foreign policy views that he had expressed as a senator the congress effectively showed their readiness to destroy anyone who would allow themselves to descend from washington's core foreign policy belief so despite all the apologizing that mr hague old has done one senator said he almost had tears in his eyes as he apologized for his earlier statement about the israeli
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about the influence of these really a lobby so despite all the repentance chuck hagel has still been under attack in some point the conservative media got so carried away that they misinterpreted someone's joke about chuck hagel as association with a group of friends of hamas and they were in such a rush to break this story that they failed to check whether the group even exists and it doesn't so chuck hagel has been under attack not just for his previous statements but also for what he had never said and done. well if confirmed will have to deal with a company along accused of using its cozy government ties to dodge the hands of justice black last week the private contracting firm academy formerly known as blackwater had escaped with a little more than a slap on the wrist over a new arms smuggling scandal well michael o'brien he is the author of a book called america's failure in iraq since it is essentially thinks it is essentially immune to prosecution. they're just follow on charges after the the
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debacle at mr square in baghdad in september of two thousand and seven. course that was where the seventeen iraqis were were killed these are follow on charges that were. pushed against blackwater course that that's the old name the company technically doesn't exist that way they can you know technically legally sever the relationship they dropped the charges three people were just to walk to the charges were reduced to five thousand dollar fine slap on the wrist i think it also there's house arrest for four months so. and the other thing too is they they claim that they were buying these weapons for the cia and the cia said we don't know what they're talking about and the thing about it is who knows i mean maybe they were but it seems to me that the cia has way and their own weapons. you're watching r t the kaiser report is coming up after a short break don't go away.
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there's an old urban legend that says that the u.s. army stopped using circular targets for rifle practice because the soldiers would be hesitant to shoot people on the battlefield the logic is that if you practice shooting something that looks like an enemy soldier you'll be desensitized about killing real enemy soldiers so again the logic is to practice shooting at what you want to kill so you won't hesitate and speaking of not hesitating the law enforcement targets incorporated has created a special line of paper targets for police called new more hesitation so it's on these targets well maybe mexican drug cartel members or l.a. street gangs nope children and pregnant.


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