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tv   Headline News  RT  February 28, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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watching r t at midnight moscow time tonight wiki leaks whistleblower bradley manning pleads guilty to ten charges but stopped short of admitting aid to the enemy which would have landed him in jail for life. full agreement over mali put syria remains a point of contention president putin sums up his key foreign policy discussions with french leader from small and. benedict begins his retirement after leaving the vatican for the last time while the catholic church looks to restore its reputation it's been marred by sexual abuse and corruption. for good morning from moscow is kevin zero in here at r t h.q. supporting our top story that military whistleblower bradley manning has pleaded guilty to ten out of twenty two charges against him he admitted to leaking the u.s.
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state secrets to wiki leaks but denied aiding the enemy that's a charge that could lead him in jail for life the details now of marty's miniport nyeri new york. u.s. army private bradley manning is addressing a military tribunal in for meade we are told reading thirty five page statement on what he did and why he didn't did it according to reports manning said he leaked instant logs from the wars in iraq and afghanistan to in order to start a public debate twenty five year old told the tribunal is that he believed that the diplomatic cables he gave to weekly leaks would not damage the u.s. but would be embarrassing manning claims that he had initially attempted to contact contact traditional mainstream media outlets such as the washington post the new york times and political but failed to get through to them later deciding to pass the documents on to leaks he also said that he engaged in prolonged internet
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conversations with a wiki leaks member called ox and manning assumes it was julian assange much now manning has reportedly also requested to the tribunal that he be tried by a military judge alone no jury according to reports he also did say that no one associated with wiki leaks pressured him for more information presumably that it was manning who was giving information voluntarily more than one time now this is the first time the twenty four twenty five year old soldier has formally admitted guilt since being arrested in. now manning pleaded guilty to ten counts including authorized possession and both full communication of sensitive material such as the state department cables and other materials provided to wiki leaks now according to manning's attorney manning has pleaded not guilty to aiding the enemy and a number of other lesser charges however the soldier allegedly told the court that
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he would like to take blame for charges that were not presented by the u.s. government but rather introduced by demanding alone that the u.s. government has charged manning on twenty two counts prosecutors were aiming for life in prison what's being reported is that manning is hoping that with this with this plea he could be sentenced to a maximum of twenty years in prison but many critics say that it is through all the horrific detention that manning has endured for years that has gotten him to this point of pleading guilty on ten counts and we should remind our viewers that it was for more than nine months that this army intelligence analyst was held in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day in a six by eight foot windowless cell forced to sleep naked without bed sheets and kept on suicide watch a lot of people get through jones do it is pushing for a private manning to receive
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a nobel peace prize is going to be one. there to do were many other needs to do and that is blow the whistle on war crimes and to basically bring into the conflict ask for homes the horror of war and what we've all gone through his intention was never to aid the enemy but to inform the general public in the united states and in all all the other countries that have been involved with the wars in afghanistan and iraq what is really going on in our name in order to try to stop this case has shown us. the influence and the ability of individuals to transform our world so both manning is one of these people and all the activists that are made sure that he would not just people gotten in jail and then now finally the mainstream media in the united states can't ignore his story and what he's been going through and i think that this very important and of course it is incredible to hear about that he tries to to take this to other media before he
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tried to get it to little leaks and wiki leaks was the only place that would actually acknowledge the significance of the documents that he was handing over just from what i've heard from his statement just basically been following it on twitter. the only thought that i haven't much my mind is that this person is a hero the syrian opposition met in rome yesterday to see exactly what's on offer from his western backers washington's pledging norm lethal aid for rebel fighters for the first time as well as funding the movement of an extra sixty million dollars but secretary of state john kerry says weapons will not be provided to opposition fighters the e.u. is also grieves non-lethal aid to details about that story from garniture camp. this is a significant change from what we were hearing from washington a year ago the tone has changed that the administration has become a lot more cautious when talking about syria at some point it became hard for
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washington to ignore the very strong radical element among the opposition in rome where john kerry met with syrian opposition leaders is that the u.s. would provide only non-lethal assistance to buy food medical supplies the u.s. has pledged sixty million dollars to that it's been clear for some time now that the administration decided against arming the rebels we heard we previously heard president obama talk about non-lethal assistance about the need for a political solution so the syrian opposition has been already getting those signals from washington their leader. has recently called for dialogue with the government although a year ago that seemed to have been out of the question for the syrian opposition so political ramifications of this shift in the administration's rhetoric could soon be felt on the ground a note of caution here syria is already lost in arms we're getting reports that the gulf states continue to provide weapons to the rebels and they don't share the views of the white house as far as flooding syria with more or mz and it's not clear whether washington is making any effort to bring its arab allies closer to
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where the u.s. now stands on the issue on syria came up during president putin's talks of this french counterpart of moscow and leads me to the while there are issues that you can't work over a clear division that the bridging to thomas has been across what the president said this. but it comes it to syria francoise alond saying that they've come a long way they had some really serious discussions putin saying they had some intense discussions even an argument if you will on the topic but they share the same common goals and they both agree that syria should not be stabilized even further and they should be fighting terrorism of course francois hollande believes that bashar assad needs to go and putin saying that the government of the legitimate government is better than the insurgents or better than fighting the opposition in fact this is exactly why russia supported france's involvement in mali because france went in to support the government and to fight terrorism there
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they said that they discussed the transition from the combat operations to the new peacekeeping mission which will be happening there both sides said that they were working with closer together to improve business relations and relations within the country even some jokes about them not feeling very warm towards each other but they put on a good show to make sure that people realize that france and russia are indeed working together to improve the relations for both countries even though on some of the key sticking points they don't agree. on thomas russia is about to take it with a month long presidency of the u.n. security council the country's envoy to the united nations really a spoke to me and told me about it is going to be a lot for the organizations agenda this is what he said. it's looking like a very crowded month of march the highlight of our presidency is going to be a ministerial debate on afghanistan the mandate of the u.n. mission in afghanistan is going to be extended for another year and that of course is going to be very important here for afghanistan with the upcoming presidential
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elections in april of two thousand and fourteen also of course the big important decision or talks to be had about what to do with syria next a big schism amongst a very she remembers about what is the best thing to do how is russia going to try and bring people together than over the next month our position is very simple we believe that the violence must stop and for that dialogue must be established without precondition and the government to saying that there were outlined of their negotiating team and their outline their proposals for dialogue unfortunately in the past few days the opposition seems to have been backtracking from the original statement which was made by the leader of the national coalition is to cut the about readiness to go into dialogue with the with the syrian government this is the key issue without dialogue i'm afraid and without the political will on the part of all syrians all the main stakeholders in that country the international community can do much of course the syrian opposition very much in the news again today
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they've been promised more lethal help from the u.s. if that's the case where is the lethal support coming from do you think what russia is her view on the united states for a number of reasons chooses not to sally's hands with direct supply of weapons to to the armed groups because among them there are some terrorists and others with whom the united states would prefer not to be associated but at the same time they they give a wink and a nod to those who provide direct military aid to to rebel armed groups ambassador i'd like to talk for a moment about the latest in iran no still sir no significant breakthrough of course in those talks in kazakstan iran said they were. in some ways positive but the general consensus was not a lot was done the talks further talks were agreed what are your thoughts about six brought new proposals to the table with active participation of russia in the process was everything ready for you even though we know in kazakhstan. well you
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know. not really radical new but there are some new important elements which should make it more attractive for the iranians to finally enter into negotiations on the core of the matter russia's ambassador to the u.n. to tally check in with me a bit earlier on i mean stay with reaction to pope benedict heading into retirement coming up what that's going to mean for the catholic church is next after the break . wealthy british. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r t. l again better than the sixteenth ten years pope is now officially over after
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putting an emotional farewell to his cardinals he flew to his temporary residence where he said to stay now for a couple of months until works completed on a permanent home for him in the vatican his successor though has they don't think task of restoring the church has batted reputation off a string of child abuse and corruption scandals at his reports from rome. it's probably safe to say that he has a brain the size of relief and some respect because yesterday during his address to the masses as he did say that for the last several years he felt like i was a tremendous burden on him and sometimes he felt like he could crack under the pressure of course what he's leaving behind is not just his famous red shoes which he will not be wearing anymore his room behind a rather trying rather hard legacy as a lot of people that we have spoken to have said that the pope has not been quite good and and making the catholic church keep up with the times with modern times and more details here now about what kind of challenges the catholic church is now
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facing it's not just about selecting a new bishop of rome some say but the very future of the catholic church the catholic church is undergoing a very important crisis it is a crisis at two levels because the government tries this entity is it tries this of the believers. in the last year or so the world was focused on the government crisis in devout pick up the gloria pope benedict was a pope who is a great intellectual i think a theologian but he has not a strong hand to lead the victoria he has not the temperament of a governor so there was a lack of leadership which culminated in the great scandals of but the leaks are far from the splendor of the sistine chapel a closer look at the recent events in the vatican to highlight disillusionment and frustration with the church i'm still about that i distance myself from the church
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when i became an adult when i started talking about what had been talked to especially after all the scandals broke out in the catholic church i realize that it doesn't represent my spirituality benedict the sixtieth may have been the first pope with a twitter account but many argue this measure alone was not strong enough in appealing to the masses. no this is the age of transparency the age of the people the churches should be properly. considering. the great assets everybody now you see. the problem of the media they're really working on the system he went to change the church for people to gabrieli of this inability to face up to and much less to punish those who may be responsible for tainting the image of the church is the deciding factor in abandoning catholicism. there's another scandal with the girl who disappeared in the vatican twenty years ago and they say the man found her remains the italian police are leading the
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investigation but instead of helping them barbecue news obstructing the investigation that's mike with a new abode and stayed silent and on top of all those cases of pedophilia this is just disgusting the list of controversial events involving catholic priests or vatican officials reads like a tabloid reports of sex abuse pedophilia accusations allegedly corruption and possible ties with the mafia while the media especially in italy has been having a field day with the scandals the vatican other states silent or rebuffed all accusations but those things may be looking rather grim for the seat of st peter's at a first glance there's still a chance the catholic church can make a comeback. with the church really splitting. but then him out stronger could be stronger with a come to reform because you know the two ways the power in this pretty sure.
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the strong part of the church is the spiritual but in spite of that personality recent relations have left me wondering if the holy see has been blind the world is rapidly changing and that the capital turns. ailed to keep up pace here it has seen a fair number of ups and downs as well as scandal in two thousand year long history but there isn't any and that perhaps taking an unpleasant development weeping it under the carpet and filling it with people agreeing with secrecy is a tradition better left in the past in rome. r.t. . what's the story you obviously feel strongly about many many of you be getting involved today thanks for if you've been taking part in a web poll but ask if your thoughts on the long term prospects for the catholic church is prepares for a new leader this is what been telling us this is been unfolding this is how you think you look at the next decade forty four percent of voters in our poll say the
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church will draw an image it's mounting scandals forty four forty three percent all my let's not quarter of you think the catholic movement will benefit from the n.t. was loose sentiment in europe right now and actually increase its influence as you can see that twenty two percent seventy percent think the schism will render the church powerless and about the same amount still have some confidence that there will be a resurgence plenty of time to have your say as well about the dot com. so when it was sixty years ten years pope now the officially over after a bit of an emotional farewell to his cardinals he flew to his temporary residence real stay for a couple of months and to work completed on a permanent home in the vatican his successor though as the daunting task of restoring the church is battered reputation following a string of child abuse and corruption scandals let's talk about this with david gibson he's a writer on religion he's published a book or a fee of pope benedict as well david good evening to you thank you for being with us being pope of course is more than just leaving a faith it's also having a duty of care for thousands of priests and millions and millions of followers
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isn't it our viewer says it how do you think pope benedict did. well i think the as the reports indicated and you know he was kind of had a divided papacy as a theologian which is what he is and a scholar which is what he is at heart and a churchman he was a very beautiful writer his in cyclicals the most authoritative documents of open issue or on social justice and really reached a lot of people touched a lot of people as did his homily these and his sermons he wrote three books about the historical jesus but look as and administrator of the church as an evangelizer so mean going out to meet the masses meet the people the way john paul the second his predecessor did so amazingly well he really was not that successful and of course the is lack of administrative skills really you know resulted in all of these crises and scandals and just kind of fed on one thing or another i think is the greatest legacy may really be resigning being the first pope to resign in six
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hundred years as a brave to do that. he really was i mean here is kind of a nixon to china movie if any of you can remember that reference i mean here is this most orthodox and traditional of hopes of churchmen doing something very radical really i mean the papacy was something that you you took on like as they said like christ going up on the cross something you didn't till you died you just didn't step down it was almost a quality divine kind of an office and by by resigning saying look i'm just not up to doing this job i'm not up to dealing with all these scandals on the to being the evangelizer the that the church needs the pope has kind of reduced the papacy kind of demystified it which i think most people would agree is a good thing he's what he's had as i said this at the office but as you said and as he said himself it's being choppy waters that he's out there. so i can navigate if
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you like a lot of rumors have been swirling around about why he went you know where they were whether some somebody pushed it with one of his own accord i. one of the big rumors is that the some sort of influential gay network if you like within the vatican maybe he was forced out by them is this just rumor is it based on anything is that maybe part of the reason why when you think it's all part of the sky that bit well look that there are gay priests in the vatican and bishops too there's no doubt some of them have been caught out in past years in a compromising position shall we say but just how did influential i guess is the question. now if they didn't really get pushed out by that it was an accumulation of things i mean there are there were sex scandals there were improprieties or as of daddy leaks there was banking problems at the bank there was all this infighting in his own curia there really you know undermined him he was really done in by his own people there was no one particular thing and he's eighty five he's almost eighty six he was getting old he felt his power is diminishing you know god forbid
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if he had a stroke or developed alzheimer's or dementia in office you know he wouldn't even be of sound mind to be able to resign of course it's the same group of cardinals that will be choosing the next pope is there really going to be any spectacular change within the vatican if it's the same papal involved time and again picking the next pope there's no real new fresh blood coming is there well there is a chance for a big change in the sense that one of the real priorities for the cardinals going in you're most cardinals do not live in rome they're not part of the roman curia they look at these. these stories these headlines that we look at and they're aghast as much as anybody they want some reform in rome from top to bottom that's one of their priorities now whether the cardinals were italian or close to rome is that not happen so this is not new news. no but this is something they really i think there's kind of been a turning point here they really want to get this the roman bureaucracy the people
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bureaucracy under control trying to find a pope maybe outside europe next time do you think what are your thoughts on who might it be well that's the other big question are they going to reach out side of europe for the first time ever latin america africa asia that's where the growth market is for catholicism the church is booming in the southern hemisphere does it time to go for a pope who will represent where the future of the church really lies that's the other great choice facing these cardinals and and that could you know really determine the future of the church i think if you were to advise the pope if you had his what would you be advising and what would you say is top on the list to get across consult collaborate delegate you can't do it all yourself i know you're at the top of the pyramid you have all the power but you need to get some good people in who can do the things that you're not able to do and you need to listen to a lot of people in the church benedict was not able to do that the next pope has to do that david gibson jealous apocryphal of but it was sixteen thank you for taking
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the time to be with us when he could have a program to thank you thank you. in bahrain seven people lead spend a decade behind bars for the attempted murder of a police officer during anti-government demonstrations meanwhile two policemen found not guilty for shooting a protest to dead on wednesday let's talk about this shall we with a. half minute allahabad to he's a international relations officer for the bahrain center for human rights thanks for being with us sir how will protest as react to these tough sentences for them an apparent clemency for the police. well lately you know the culture's impunity is increasing and behind these officers are not being held accountable. held accountable this is not the first time a police officer and get acquitted. for killing
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a protester i'm behind. mr doesn't react because of the the the people of the hay and we act on their you know trying to get trying. to make it very clear progress of big progress in the judicial reform of these these these. these committees and what i mean but unfortunately this is not happening we are seeing now a lot of protests going on and on the streets peaceful protests but this is this this cannot happen if there was no actual respect to human rights there was no actual respect of the civil and political rights and i mean all reforms it's been two years now of protests do you see any light at the end of the tunnel. but you know if the government of there was an international community pressure on the government of bahrain if there was the by any there were plenty we agree jima starting to to make progress in the forms of starting to pool to get engaged in a dialogue and i want to talk about the behavior e.g.
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mind your name the king of bahrain and the south in king of bahrain and. i mentioned the crown prince william and i mentioned the prime minister they should be getting into dialogue but they do not engage in a dialogue the behind the. uprising will continue and it's the same time to political prisoners the human rights dependent on prison now they should second table if this does not happen if there was no international community pressure on the international community needs to assure that dialogue and productive dialogue should be like this they welcome a dialogue and they know that this dialogue is being only between presenting of something in a region and between opposition they want to do to a solution especially there is no actual mccann is a part of this dialogue not only the risk if you could sum up what the protest is a calling for two years on has it changed at all if you could sum it up in
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a few words what would it be i would i would say first of all the protests with one hand they are they want to hold who is who is responsible for these you know human rights violations whether it was the self or whether was any other high official these should be held accountable people are calling for self-determination people want to choose their own regime whether it was a republic whether it was a constitutional monarchy at the same time people and this is a right this is a fundamental fundamental human rights ensured by the united nations convention. does what the people this is what the people are calling form at the same time people who want a democratic change that that kicks. sure the other for transitional justice progress. parties the participation in the government and human rights respecting human rights are fundamental human rights stopping the culture of impunity and social justice at the same time if we have this system i think that's what that's
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what people would want and they can do that through cell determining their terminating ok well that's what she's why is there a danger that the longer this goes on the longer that you feel you're not being heard we're going to see a rise of more radical opposition i would say because this could be true because you know the longer this gets. the longer. the people will react violently but at the same thing at the same time i would see the people of bahrain if they have something violent there's nothing violent there would only maybe go out there some people there were some young protesters would go entires maybe use a moloch of cocktail i do not just of either but because i'm not a big fan of violence but that this thing time there's there is no sleep of violence this cannot take into an armed conflict like what happened in syria or other countries this cannot happen so the bahraini people are behind but they're
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still peaceful demonstrations that happening we are in a we are in the middle of a geopolitical conflict between the union the united states of america especially were holding because we and the iran and sell your if you enter behind you behind it people are middle of this it's like we are a battlefield after all we lose we've got to get to an ad break shortly we just got thirty seconds i just wanted to ask you we've been asking this question did over the last couple of years to our very scarce on the subject about are you frustrated that this is getting such little attention from various western powers the quick enough to jump on other countries other human rights violations but don't be an awful lot about it when it comes to bahrain. yes of course they want they want they want to have more interest. they have interest in the league they have interest in attacking other governments because they have an interest on that and on the ground of the of these governments well i would say the international community and the international government western governments should assure that even if they were
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interested in the security of the region if they do not just check the human rights of the people of bahrain if we do not respect the democratic demand of their career before tomorrow these people might take over and these people might not like. that but the united states or other governments did not support them in one day and these are not the only thank you ever so much to be on the program so we've got to leave it there we've got a couple of things to get to before the break but appreciate your time thank you now the ongoing standoff between israel and hamas has made it almost impossible for journalists on both sides to do their job palestinian media is recognized by israel nor its journalist writes either while hamas prohibits gaza journalists have any contacts with the israelis goes both ways are to support asli colleagues struggling to report through the blackout and help sworn enemies try to understand each other . november last year israel and gaza are at war and in the middle of it
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a gaza journalist reporting in hebrew for leading israeli newspaper it was the last major story sunny as rami would write for the hebrew priests a month later gaza's ruling hamas party banned palestinian journalists from working with israeli media accusing it of being hostile tel aviv refuses to recognize hamas and regards it as a terrorist organization and a magnet for mother i do not understand this decision unfortunately i feel that our struggle will have less meaning if we do not speak to the israeli media and make them hear our message sami feels he's on a personal crusade to help both sides better understand each other when his nine year old daughter was hit by an israeli missile it was his israeli editors who arranged for her to be bought across the border and treated and it was in the newspapers that he published his anger and anguish over israel's bombardment of gaza israeli to how to me and israel is using the media and its war against us in this war journalists are under attack they want to kill all our words and reports
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that prove that there were no crimes in gaza as their father has to have in the attack is coming from both sides of the border israeli journalists today are banned from working on gaza but ironically it's not hamas but tel aviv that stops them deeming it too dangerous for them to report from there in a very scary place pressure for israeli some may masked people came to a palestinian cameramen in gaza they gave him twenty five thousand dollars and we told him that the next time the jewish is going to enter gaza please tell us where it's going to be a route with a car we're going to kidnap both of you and take you take him and it really if you overheard him oh is among a handful of israeli journalists who'd regularly working gaza but after his government made it illegal six years ago his station employed gaza based palestinian journalists now because of hamas is ruling even that has become impossible. very problematic decision of hamas for a lot of other decision to hamas made i think that the problem of
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normalization in. collecting trying working with the israeli media the result is that the only reports leaving gaza are those hamas sanctions not particularly promising in one of the recent human rights watch report that accuses some us of harassing assaulting an arbitrarily detaining journalists israel too has come under fire for deliberately targeting reporters and media houses affiliated to her must june of last one gaza israel felt twenty places in the two thousand and thirteen world press freedom index due to the actions of its army in the palestinian territories these two journalists are with sami because he speaks of mice he and engages israeli audiences. because you spend so much time in palestinian areas with few israelis day to trade the media blackout does little to shed light on the fate and future of ordinary gazans it also perpetuate stereotypes
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on both sides of the border that have done nothing but breed mistrust and hatred policy on our t.v. television. with not any foreigner of moscow or world news to come with me shortly after the business but mentioned business matushka sure let's go see a hell of a touch of the big news story era premier's plan to cut bonus payments for bankers rolling it into just a year's salary but they could get through if their shareholders agree unanimously for them but there is no longer is not happy because limbs of course a big business sabia were around for creation of all this while first of all let's talk about the reaction of the market participants i would have thought that they were would have been dead against it but actually as you'll find out in the business bulletin in just a couple of minutes some of them actually say it's a good idea all of us coming out after a break. i
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. believe me. i. remember i live.
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thirty six minutes past the hour here in moscow you're watching business on r.t.e. with me not the shouting out scam the european union is just a step away from him to do say a cap on bonus payments for the banking industry back in two thousand and eight the bankers became the scapegoats that many blamed for igniting the financial crisis on thursday the european parliament the european commission and the country's representatives agreed to cap the bonuses at the level of an annual salary the critics including british prime minister david cameron say these bonus rules would drive away talent and would make europe's financial sector less competitive let's listen to what cameron had to say. we do have in the u.k.
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and not every other european country has this we have major international banks that are based in the u.k. but have branches negativities all over the world but we need to make sure that regulation put in place in brussels is flexible enough to allow the banks to continue competing and succeeding while being located in the u.k. early on there is there i ask those who work in london's financial sector what they thought of this initiative run the callee from ivy markets is actually an staver of this idea she explained why. i think it's a good step from the you and effort to create a certain amount of stabilisation around the financial sector there has been a certain amount of dropping a rose about moral hazard and the fact that we saw the financial crisis at the beginning of two thousand and eight that still goes on and ultimately a lot of the banks have been giving bonuses during this period of time despite the
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fact that they have. losses over the last number of years and the case in point would be or b.s. the royal bank of scotland today showing a five billion profit before tax loss today this is the fifth consecutive loss in as many years so i think in some respects it's giving a bit of confidence back to the market to the actual citizen of europe and in an effort to bring us back to where we were pretty crisis so you don't think it's a populist move how do you think it will affect the banking industry in the short to medium term. work here to the u.k. is very much behind it are against it should i say and i think they've been against most of the regulation ideas that have come from the e.u. and i think in some ways they may be correct in the sense that you might see a certain amount of fixed prices in relation to the salaries having to be increased because a lot of the banker bonuses will be based on commission only status but do remember that any of these bonuses have to be signed off by the shareholders so in some respects it does help in that way where they have to sign off if there's going to
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be any more than two hundred percent of the fixed salary paid out in a bonus so i think it's a way of letting capitalism actually work while the shareholders actually decide whether or not a bonus is actually deserved and of course lengthening it over a certain amount of time does allow any investigations that might might be needed in respect to any wrongdoing or fraudulent activity had to be ratified unclear dop rather than having to claw back any sort of bonuses from the five percent question so in some ways there are problems with it you may see a few bankers seeking employment elsewhere so to singapore perhaps new york but i think it's probably going to draw a. sector to reassess its business model and looks a little bit more confidence and to sing in the future would rather let me ask you a personal question you and your company a part of the financial sector would you want the government to reach far enough to actually regulate how much money you can make and how much you receive at the end
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of the financial year. i do see your point but i don't believe. there should be any. between the softness of the banks and us where the problem has been if we were taking on hugely risky investments to be looking for the taxpayer to bail us out in the aftermath of stuff then i would have to see their house to be a reason for the federal government to possibly get involved and thankfully we don't do investments of that nature in my company but nonetheless it stands to reason that if you take the risk on board you need to be able to take the flak that comes with it and i think that's the major issue here capitalism wasn't really permitted to go ahead because you had the bailouts and the toxic players in normal capitalism you would see the actual company in question who takes the risk and ultimately fails be allowed to fail rather than be bailed out so i think it's a circular question but i don't believe the banks are in
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a really good position to dictate at this particular stage. and let's now see was gone the markets to see where we stand the european bourses were running with the bulls as you can see right there mainly on some hands from the e.c.b. chairman mario draw you that he has absolutely no intention of tightening the monetary policy any time soon his comments echoed those of his colleague the fed reserve chairman ben bernanke on wednesday over on wall street where trade is active this hour the stocks are on the rise as well and that is despite the latest data pointing to some serious problems the economy grew less than forecast at the end of last year and now the international monetary fund plans to lower its growth forecast for the united states this year as eighty five billion dollars in spending cuts take effect on friday now moving on to the currencies the euro lost versus the dollar here in moscow as you can see it was a mixed bag the ruble ended up losing to the dollar but gaining to the single
3:42 pm
currency now the russian indices ended the day mixed the archie has gained a quarter percent the my six closed flat to negative as for some of the corporate sector telecoms treated better than the market with ros telecom gaining about four and a half percent shares of russia's producer t.m. k b p which is about to merge with state owned rosneft one of the best performers on the russian market more than four percent on thursday the companies said its fourth quarter profit fell eleven percent to one point eight billion dollars it blamed sluggish sales and higher taxes for the job. will complete its merger with rosneft in the first half of the year the two sides are over already in the process of exchanging documents and signing confidentiality agreements once completed the fifty five billion dollar deal would create the world's largest oil company
3:43 pm
displacing the current leader exxon mobil and else. staying with the energy sector europe's largest oil company world that shell plans to quit drilling in the arctic shelf that's after several accidents in two thousand and twelve drilling season shell has spent close to five billion dollars on a search for oil in alaska since it won the license there in two thousand and five but poor weather conditions this winter led to chew major accidents on its drilling platforms despite some analysts saying that the decision to leave the arctic means that it was money down the drain investors actually wolken the move shares of royal dutch shell on the nasdaq have been on the rise for the past two trading sessions russia's central bank may soon lose its independence the russian government considers having state officials on the bank's board earlier this year the
3:44 pm
regulators dismissed calls from the government and businesses too soft in the monetary fiscal policy richard haynesworth from ratings agencies says if the government starts telling the central bank what to do the country's economy would be worse off worldwide economists who follow see the world central bankers being one of the best in the world so we have a situation where the economy is broke. but we have a working some people but. what i worry about is that leaves new moves of the government will break the central. so what will be left with is a broken economy. the broken central. muic the problem isn't the central part the problem is in the economy in the law corruption. in the length of. trust that people
3:45 pm
have in the russian economy so why do bards small lend into the economy. because they cannot see beyond two or three years why don't i see beyond two or three years because we don't know what will happen in five years' time. and that's all the latest from us in business and just a few minutes kevin will bring you all the latest news and headlines keep it here not. only it's technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. led mission to free cretaceous
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her just sent. her a. little. sleepy. mornings today violence is once again flared up the families are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada the first chunk operations today please her. hi again kevin on your r.t. this morning that it appears that the diets and health of children could be the
3:48 pm
latest victims of certain king family budgets during these tough economic times a recent survey released in the u.k. shows that many struggling parents result in a giving the children cheap junk food in an attempt to try to save some money artie's andrew farmer investigates a worrying trend. my many households in the u.k. are feeling the pinch and i haven't but it's starting to have an impact on children's health because a survey this week says that if you get away from not the lunch box of a child at school you are likely to find this junk food it is the cheap option of like the traditional value to talk more about this is brian back in the royal college of pediatrics and child health thanks for joining us the results of this from the children's food trust it's alarming isn't it and certainly is because the problem about things like branches although it might fill you up it doesn't do you any good so there's a birth in calories or you just the book in the park in the first that some person
3:49 pm
some of the things the child has that for the lunch as opposed to having a healthy nutritious mom's going to through they struggle to do well in school but if you define them a book by the method demick is being a problem bigger than the capacity to solve it that's what we have you know basically every so it's incredibly important even if farmers are feeling the pinch to try to forgive the children stuff like that so much time and a few weeks of time when you really are just going to struggle to do a decent performance at school and you believe that the government is doing enough to address this problem but i think over the last few years we saw the introduction of nutritional standards in schools in english and helped a lot because it meant our child was guaranteed for the right kinds of vitamins the right kind of benefit of the right kind of food if they were having a school lunch and actually school lunch is the healthy option it is better than the prior knowledge the unfortunately over the last few years the standards have been brought back with a lot of new schools the academy schools are not covered by those need to make sure that all schools have that and they're also planning issues out there because we're
3:50 pm
at a school here in london and right next to the school is a take away restaurant that's roy i mean the road is temptation the wrong kind of television for the bottom row with the unification trade is real of course but the reality is that too many kids are eating the wrong kinds of food too often and it's very difficult to resist on every street corner. you have to says of course of the folks drawn through it so we will cost you your court orders ok brian thank you for your time well the department of education has commissioned a report into trying to improve standards in schools it is currently digesting the information from that report and we won't know exactly what action will be taken for a little bit more time but what we do know is that many kids will not be facing an appetising lunch ada in many schools under a farmer. blunder and world news headlines this morning about a series of bombings in and around baghdad thought to be targeting the shia population twin bombs went off at sunset in a town north of the capital it killed sixteen and injured forty then
3:51 pm
a blast of the livestock market killed for a movie dozens and in a town to the south five roadside bombs left at least two police officers dead well another explosion targeting a police bus was reported west of the capital. clashes continue in dhaka after the vice president of the main opposition party was sentenced to death for war crimes seventeen people reported dead two hundred injured after protesters rampage through the capital setting fire to a hindu temple and attacking a police camp same saidee was convicted of mass murder rape and other atrocities committed during one thousand nine hundred seventy one independent stores against pakistan. libya will soon asking un to lift an embargo on arms imports it was imposed at the start of the uprising that toppled mama gadhafi in an attempt to protect civilians libya still turbulent with security forces made up of former rebel fighters still struggling to control the vast territory for the interim prime minister during the civil war told us about that vast oil resources make libya
3:52 pm
a target for regional and global players. well first of all libya did not pick up its economy it's kind of did not pick up only the oil production was to resume and you know. it's a pity you know because. foreign countries you know. rushed into libya immediately you know to start pumping more leg again because it's connected to their way of life to their economies you know while the rest of the projects all over the country are still intact i think libya because of this oil was the subject. being target by too many countries libya. we use it or at least is being seen as an alternative to you know to finance. for the lack of assistance that might be coming from the united states that's why libya
3:53 pm
. is. target for too many too many players and in the region and worldwide you know. the full interview with former libyan interim prime minister mahmoud jibril on friday here on r.t. throughout the day. i wasted money on gadgets you never use is probably nothing compared to the british military we're talking about a lot online it's bloated over a billion pounds of public money on equipment that's neither used the needed we'll tell you more about our time dot com also there to a lot of chatter it's not about ukraine's justice ministry feeling the force literally and online to find out why the death star's finest knocking at its doors all revealed there. here may well be you. know it after this break.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike brown no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two kinds
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