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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the north korean army says a nuclear attack on the u.s. is imminent and could happen any moment now that the military is officially excuse me been authorized to strike. the warning came as the pentagon moves to deploy defense systems in the asia pacific amid fears its response to pyongyang's aggressive rhetoric is disproportionate and could trigger a military standoff. and fierce clashes in the west bank turned deadly as rita falls as killer police scene and teenage protest are feuding tensions pond by the death of a former high ranking palestinian security officer and israeli trainer.
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and you saw russia and around the world this is the with me. hello and welcome to the program north korea's military says it's now officially or surprised to wage a nuclear attack against the u.s. to counter what it calls washington's aggression young young warns an explosion is imminent and war could break out today or tomorrow and soon all the latest in a series of threats let's now go live to seoul where we're joined live by south korean based journalist joseph came as of good morning to you nice to see you so is north korea really ready to carry out this threat are they even capable of doing such. well if we look at this doubt that they have just given the united states we see that they use words like the attack has been clear the attack has been authorized as well as the beginning of the warning they say we formally inform washington so we see that this rhetoric has actually been repeated by north korea
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and north korea has used this in a way to actually say we want to start dialogue it's and lag period which pyongyang uses into getting washington to come and perhaps get on the dialogue table we've seen before before the nuclear test as well as the satellite launch that north korea did inform washington the different hot lines whether it was through the u.n. that they wanted to start communication so what is that. yes you say that that south korea is ready to stop communicating and to stop the dialogue but still tensions are escalating do you think if a wall is unlikely most of the outcome could be that. well we keep hearing from other people such as secretary general honeymoon or secretary u.s. secretary of state john kerry that dialogue is the next step while both north korea and the united states seem to be interested in dialogue it doesn't seem that either
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side i wanted to back down now with april fifteenth in in april fifteenth it is going to be north korea's founding father cutie's hong kong is earth day and we've seen last year that they did their first satellite launch attempt so i can i per day and i think as well as many experts they say that something might happen in mid april whether that will be an attack or whether that will be a celebration an easing of the tensions we aren't quite sure yet but it can be seen that historically they've done celebrations to mark to mark certain things to happen whether it was the anniversary of kim jong un or its death that was the third nuclear test so we can see that something will probably happen in the next week or so. of course you are in seoul right now how's the south affected by the growing tensions at how the people are feeling that. well in terms of the south
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we're starting to see the negative effects in the south koreans start in the stock market we see that the stocks are going down which actually hasn't been happening until recently as the rhetoric has been getting our share we see now that it's actually getting affected other than that we see in terms of policy that washington's presence in south korea is growing larger. washington and south korea had actually agreed to give wartime operational control to south korea by two thousand and fifteen but now with north korea's eminent threat or which they call imminent threat growing they've decided to not disband that disband the combined forces command to south korea and actually keep the agreement that the united states will keep military command even in two thousand and fifteen so we see that military occupation by the united states is going to continue and be maintained in south korea weather down mean that south korea's power will decrease and the united states has power will increase in the region we have to wait and see however it
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does seem that south korea's power is decreasing. a south korea based journalist joseph came has a from soledad many thanks indeed thank you. so late as die of warning came out of the pentagon at ows the deployment of a missile defense system in to prepare against a possible our top but while any assault has deemed highly unlikely the u.s. many are questioning whether washington's actions are proportionate to north korea's right now he's going to check on explains now. to north korea's bellicose threats washington responds with an even more intense buildup of military power in the region to that north korea responds with even more threats even though defense secretary chuck hagel called north korea real and clear danger the white house says they haven't seen any large scale movements from north korean military forces
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suggesting that it may be just rhetoric but while north korea talks washington acts apart from f. twenty two fighter jets and other bombers that it sent to the region for the ongoing military exercises with south korea the pentagon is now deploying an advanced missile defense system to guam a major u.s. military base in asia north korea the north korean army has announced that it has the final approval for a nuclear attack on the u.s. as they tell us north korean rockets can't really reach the u.s. mainland but they can potentially attack u.s. bases in the region there are twenty thousand u.s. troops just across the border in south korea so could we see the worst nuclear standoff since the cuban missile crisis between the soviet union and the u.s. even though the rhetoric is probably as hostile as it's ever been no one really believes that north korea is actually going to carry out an attack as young as the north korean leader is he does understand that it would be suicidal of him to do that north korea itself knows that if it did it for the attack the united states it would be committing national suicide the united states would retaliate in
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a tremendous fashion north korea does not want to commit suicide i believe north korea is doing all this sure it can get to a point to actually negotiate some kind of peace agreement with the united states in the u.s. media to you have all pundits basically saying the same thing that north korea is not going to strike because they know it's a suicide that they want to reach some kind of a deal with washington but they're not going to get it you have former officials experts all saying that but with all this war talk from north korea and with u.s. military buildup in the region some say all it may take is for one of the sides to snap. some kind of a mistake before everything spirals out of control in washington i'm going to check out. and of course you can log on to r.t. dot com and have your say on all the reasons behind the rising tensions on the korean peninsula on our online poll and let's now take a look at how you're voting so far all right forty nine percent actually give the
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most to be a majority of you believe this is a part of a u.s. strategy to destabilize china and east asia second in the poor is the is that the conflicts caused by dangerous brinkmanship and it could well escalate just twenty percent of you think this way eighteen percent say it's north korea's attempts to build a powerhouse at home just a small percentage just a certain percent of you think that it's beyond young's way of demanding aid from seoul and the west so you had to r.t. dot com and have your say. ongoing clashes between israeli forces and palestinian protesters in the west bank have resulted in the first fatality in the latest round of violence so a teenage palestinian was shot dead by the israeli military who fired live rounds in response to stone throwing and fire bombs so the killing is expected to further fuel tensions sparked by the death of a palestinian prisoner who was serving
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a life sentence on terrorism charges in an israeli jail. brings us the latest from the west bank. we're expecting more riots and uncertainty in the middle east so my sorrow who some d.n.a. is being buried today in his hometown of hebron now there was of course that there were protests in hebron as well as a lot for the ira west bank area on wednesday as well as on monday probably news of his death while in prison in israel and a lot of palestinians accuse israeli officials of not doing anything to help the sixty four year old man who has first complained about his illness in the summer of last year he was however diagnosed or rather informed about the diagnosis just in the day of the end it's never any of this here and literally he was told he has terminal cancer and has only days left to live that of course has made a lot of people extremely angry palestine this is not the first time that a balanced senior prisoner is dying while in for in an israeli prison something
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similar has happened just in february of this year when a thirty year old palestinian prisoner died of a heart attack in israeli jail now all palestinians are saying that israeli officials could have provided medical help to the two of you so india but they chose not to and of course this has prompted it they are really angry expressions from. the president of palestinian authority mahmoud abbas and also from the minister for the prisoner if there's a callsign who has called for an international community to carry out an investigation into this case that arises i have said continued for the last several days among palestinians there was also a very strong reaction on the palestinian for actually in israeli jails they have declared three day hunger strike as well as they have staged initial protests upon hearing of the death where they were throwing various objects and being in their soldiers and have actually closed as security in some israeli jails to use tear gas
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against the inmates we're getting reports that at least twenty four people have received various injuries during clashes. it is really i need id and on wednesday however health things will turn out today on thursday of course we have a good june and i think we do expect clashes to happen and i dream to funeral which will be followed by protests in the enron and of course we'll bring you more as we get it and plug to the eldest son of the put it soon and prison to his death led to the initial riots hunger strikes and even rocket exchanges between hamas and israel and here is what i have to say he was left and delis death without any treatment or anything he started to complain last august from a swale in his neck and severe and hoarse and his voice and their neck and nothing is being done to him actually us sent to one of the clinics and he was surprised at
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us and up to me tourists in his stead o. for someone a specialist to do to see is his computer and i think it has been done to him not a single treatment bill and he said that they as if they had it is and all of us for the doctor to announce it cute or he in the prison or but only to give him been careless i think that. my father's case give us a message to the self conscious of all but on the stimulus be goes it show to us demi gelati over there was who has to be all supposed to be very human the doctors the doctor was an excellent the doctor was in israel. the palestinian positions like to be a spin with whom are we making peace. and still ahead for you and i'll see you k. iraq war veterans come out with shocking accounts of a secret torture account done when best when told of the facility and how the
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ministry of defense is reacting to the revelations also. america's growing use of drones is sparking protests actually go to new york where a month long campaign against them could solve and much more so the break. we speak or language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying. to find out more visit arabic. is trash to get rid of. but it's also
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a treasure. it's worth fighting for. and the trap was no way out. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. to deadly pills. and subway he was killed. he didn't
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pass away they let him get. his pharmacy really about helping people. live from moscow welcome back the war in iraq has seen its share of abuse and to military misconduct scandals most of them involving u.s. troops but recent revelations by u.k. servicemen have put the british army in the spotlight soldiers who served at a secret detention facility in baghdad made allegations of systematic prison abuse and torture but it's point to boycott reports authorities that they are reluctant to make this information public. it was reportedly one of the most brutal u.s. run military facilities in iraq during the war but
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a new report by the guardian newspaper reveals the extent of british involvement at the secret facility speaking anonymously personnel from two r.a.f. squadrons and one on the air corps squadron admitted to having to camp nama on god and transport duties one british servicemen recalls seeing a man having his prosthetic leg being pulled off and being beaten about the head with it before being thrown onto a truck others described prisoners held in cells the size of dog kennels reportedly called hotel california by u.s. army personnel allegations include detainees being routinely hooded and subjected to electric shocks the story of the secret camp nama prison is a watershed moment for britain's involvement in the alleged abuses in iraq this time it's not just alleged victims talking about their war deals it's former soldiers talking about what they saw the problem is the people sitting in here in britain's ministry of defense don't want to hear it and those form
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a sub this men that have openly tried to blow the whistle on what took place at camp nama have been gagged i do have an intimate knowledge of the activities of the charset force that i mentioned in the recent report but unfortunately due to a high court injunction it was taken out by the ministry of defense in two thousand and nine. ben faces jail if he breaks the injunction got in touch with the ministry of defense and despite ben's public allegations about what took place at camp nama this is the statement we got. we have carried out searches of our records and this is find no record so far of any complaints made by u.k. service personnel about the treatment of detainees by u.s. personnel in com nama to the chain of command any further evidence of human rights abuse should be passed to the appropriate authorities for investigation camp nama isn't the first time the ministry of defense has had to ward off like his ations of abuse the currently on going choir he is looking into the alleged torture of iraqi
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civilians by british troops off their gun battle with insurgents north of basra back in two thousand and four the investigation was delayed by three years because of counter claims from both sides and the impartiality of the official team looking into abuse allegations in iraq the iraq historic allegations team has been doused head i think the u.k. government is embarrassed by fighting all efforts to get to the bottom of things all the government is doing is is holding up the country to see signs posted around the camp nama prison a set of proclaimed the warning no blood no foul as long as an interrogator didn't make a prisoner bleed they wouldn't face disciplinary action revelations about the u.k.'s involvement in the natori is facility unlikely to raise fresh questions i think it's right that the british public who've got this idealised view about the british
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army and british soldiers should know the reality of what is being done in iraq what was done in iraq and afghanistan this is about resistance you know these people are criminals. and criminal lawyers and you know they should be hounded i should be charged until the true nature of them is brought into the light photography was banned at camp nama two u.s. navy seals that try to take pictures were arrested immediately so any allegations of consigned for the moment to a war of words but after the publication of this latest report critics say the british government has a big a case to answer. london. as always more stories online for you including sitting on a power keg that says u.s. officials want to its nuclear facilities storing tons of radioactive waste it could explode at any moment putting local residents in danger of.
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getting a shock we've got the story of a bra that will stop some short friends in the late and defense against sexual assault learn how at all to call. washington's overseas drone strikes on the surveillance use at home and attracted the attention of its groups across the u.s. political spectrum say they strike is a breach american law and the country's international standing now among some long drawn companion has kicked off with a protest in manhattan she's marina burton i was there for hours. a month long nationwide anti drone campaign has kicked off in the u.s.
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and here in midtown manhattan dozens have gathered to protest washington's use of drones for targeted assassinations overseas and domestic surveillance here at home organizers say the aim the goal of this month long campaign is to bring the widest possible public attention to the ways in which drones they say are being used to violate sovereignty due process privacy and freedom of assembly how dare they even talk a bad drones on a domestic gas we're being reassured constantly that oh it's surgical precision bombing it's not that's an outright lie it's supposed to target terrorists but sadly too many civilians have been killed by these drones as well and that includes children and women we need to come to peace and you can bomb the world to peace the u.s. has a reported one hundred drone basing sites and critics say the biggest problem is a lack of transparency u.s.
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citizens don't know how federal and local officials are using the drones who can be targeted and what justifications lawmakers can use organizers say they began planning this event late last year and the campaign received an unexpected boost last month when washington's drone campaign came into question with john brennan's nomination for cia director anti-drug events are planned to take place in major cities throughout the country including boston baltimore san francisco and san diego which is home to general atomics the company that manufactures the killer predator and reaper drones and on thursday war veterans and anti drone activists are planning to hold a rally outside of general atomics production office reporting from new york marina r.t. . so the drone strikes. pain is and his cross has the day and she looks at how the
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program affects president obama's peacemaker reputation that. the most controversial aspects of obama's presidency has been his escalation of drone warfare across the muslim world a practice that will cement obama for ever as a war president which is perhaps why it's so astonishing that this is the same man who also won the highest accolade for peace in the world yep it's been almost four years since brock you say obama won a coveted nobel peace prize now one might say that obama's use of killer robots in perpetuation of many bush era war policies is merit and not to revoke the prize and as of yesterday their efforts to do just that a new campaign is underway that's kind revoke his piece of board that nobel peace prize got a order to obama because he wasn't george w. bush well that's a sort of a low hurdle to get over he did get over that low bar he's certainly not w. but he is somebody who has been expanding the claims and problem that is the work
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here state of the united states and one of the ways that i think you can evaluate whether it's ok for you to do something is whether they'd like to have it done to them and how they would feel about a cruise missile or a drone strikes being exercises impunity inside their own borders from another country. looking for a secure future never seen anything like this right. firefighters have put out a massive blaze in the capital of russia saw the republic of chechnya the fire and if stories kai scraping calls ney's believed to have been sponsored by a short circuit that france has the details. around six pm local time reports came in that a large fire has started around the thirtieth floor of the one hundred forty five
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meter tall limpets building now that is a part of the grozny center complex that was just completed in two thousand and eleven the luxury hotel and apartment building now this building contains the largest clock to sit on top of a building in the entire world now according to local police everyone had been evacuated from the building before any injuries could occur the cause of the fire is still under investigation i had a criminal investigation has actually been opened to see whether or not some fire safety rules have been violated this entire complex cost around two hundred fifty million dollars to build and it actually contains the apartment that a french actor gerard depardieu received as a gift for a chechen leader rubs on computer. and news from around the wall and now three days of mourning have been declared an older teen out of flash floods killed at least fifty two people the city of la plata the country's capital but
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a sari's head by one of the heaviest storms ever recorded thousands of people have been moved from their phones and mojave downpours are expected on day. three pakistani security officers have been killed three more wounded after a grenade attack on parliament parliamentary treat troops in qur'an the pakistani taliban wing is claiming responsibility is saying they targeted the security forces conducting military operations against them they just highlights concerns that militants could increase attacks head of pakistan's upon. entry elections i should say for next month. still has also said the world of medical experiments and on reported fate is that's an off label use of the break.
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