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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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boches have broken out in egypt's capital cairo as police fire tear gas to disperse protesters who join the day of rage against the islamist rulers. painful scars of war r t catches up with a u.s. army veteran of was an eye witness to a u.s. led massacre in iraq saying the horrors he saw almost made him take his own life. western diplomats say they're happy with iran's attitude at the latest round of international nuclear talks despite a lack of any significant breakthroughs tehran's chief negotiator speaks exclusively with r.t. about his country's stance on the stalemate. or am in moscow i match reza good having you with us here on r t our top story clashes have broken out between thousands of anti-government protesters and riot
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police in egypt's capital cairo people took to the streets joining the so-called day of rage against the country's islamist rule the rallies been organized by the april sixth youth movement that played a crucial role in egypt's former leader hosni mubarak and it's now turned its back against the current leadership kyra based journalist tom dale has more. clashes have broken out in downtown cairo metal barricades have put being pulled across the streets take us in smoke fills the air in the way of sirens the familiar green laser cutting through the gas once again clashes have spread to the town of mahama which is so important the first of the april sixth movement five years ago on that day five years ago police fired live ammunition into a crowd protesting against rises in food prices they killed three people including a fifteen year old boy still there on an easy echoes of that day up once again an unarmed peaceful demonstration has been fired upon there are complaints that the interior ministry and the security services are brutal and on reform food prices
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are rising while wages remain stagnant and in that context this is just the latest sign of a growing polarize ation between mohamed morsi says the misled government and the opposition on the streets april sixth grew out of this movement five years ago which was really one of the first staging posts in what was to become in two thousand and eleven the egyptian revolution i spoke to the leader of the april sixth he and she led the movement support the muslim brotherhood. and president mohamed morsi indeed against the alternative contender for the presidency in some last year but now the muslim brotherhood and president mohamed morsi of broken the promises which they made to the revolutionary youth including two april six and that's why people are on the streets and that's why they're angry it's been three years since wiki leaks published a graphic video that left a black mark on the u.s. action in iraq footage which shows helicopters killing more than a dozen iraqi civilians shocked the world then had an impact on the american
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soldiers who witnessed the massacre we spoke with an army veteran who shared his memories of the day he says he'd rather forget. by the way it was the video that put wiki leaks on the map turned the tide of war in iraq and landed private first class bradley manning in military detention but for army veteran ethan mccord it was just another day on duty the helicopters are approximately about a mile and a half away. when they resume in these guys. and from looking at it now you can't see anything when i mean that right there is obviously a camera dangling. if you were to really pay attention. that guy has in a k forty seven right there baghdad iraq two thousand and seven the two hundred sixteenth battalion was out patrolling a volatile part of the city i was about five blocks away four or five blocks away to the. to the left of the screen this was
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a battalion wide mission and then the situation turned deadly. we heard the apaches firing. ethan and his infantry squad began running toward the scene to provide support again the apache helicopter opened fire. when he arrived on the scene the apache guns were quiet the accused enemies were dead. one guy's head the top of his head was completely off and the brains were. on the ground and the smell this smell still haunts me to. i don't even know how to describe it when he approached the van a noise even wasn't expecting a cry of a little girl and she was four years old. you could tell she had a wound to the stomach and. remember looking at me and. the blood around her eyes made her eyes so ghostly why isn't grabs a girl and ran into
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a nearby building he then picks glass out of her eyes so she could blink and handed her off to a medic i went back outside and. was told to take pictures i started taking pictures of the inside of the van and that's when he discovered the little boy and that's me. in her. that is a little boy who i originally thought was dead despite their injuries the children survived but part of ethan changed forever that day but i couldn't stop myself from crying i couldn't stop myself from feeling the way that i was feeling when he did seek mental help he says he was mocked by his commanders and threatened with expulsion from the military when i started drinking and metal have given me prescriptions thirteen prescriptions. geodon depakote. prozac and i was i was
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a zombie but things got worse it's started daydreaming of killing my own children and then everybody around me so even took matters into his own hands i had already began drinking pretty heavily and. down all the pills and i drank a fifth of crown row ten o'clock in the morning and my wife at the time found me that was the first time even tried to take his own life after that he was dismissed from the army i was kicked out with no disability and. no benefits from the army was whoever he returned to wichita and then even attempted suicide for a second time i actually wrote a poem right before i did it. up with a gun in my mouth and. i
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don't know if i really want to talk about it. he's been story is tragic yes but he certainly isn't alone tens of thousands of military veterans suffer the effects of p.t.s.d. long after they leave the battlefield and for the also simply can't cope with the stress often times they choose to end their own lives their fathers and brothers sons and soldiers and now they're simply another time and american wars abroad in the past two years alone ethan has lost eight of his veteran brothers to suicide and his outlook on life hasn't improved with time i know that i will never ever ever get better i'll never get over this for the world of the collateral murder video was just another black mark on an unpopular war for ethan it was a catalyst that made him question the entire purpose of the iraq war you know america. john wayne you know we we were the white house americans are always out
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well we're going to try to help people that's all we do is try to spread freedom and democracy the barrel of a gun history will be the ultimate determinant of how the iraq war is viewed but for ethan and so many soldiers suffering from post war stress the future is far and the past is too much to cope with reporting from wichita kansas meghan lopez r.t. . dot com for more information related to the wiki leaks video and the controversy that followed its release. the. latest round of international talks on iran's nuclear program has been wrapped up in kazakstan with participants praising the negotiations as constructive despite reaching no immediate agreement the u.s. china russia u.k. france and germany have proposed easing economic sanctions in return for iran stopping uranium enrichment past twenty percent tehran says its responded its responded with its own set of counterproposals based on points made during
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a previous round of talks held in moscow to tehran's chief negotiator said that while in richmond of uranium is iran's indispensable right the country may consider suspending it in order to build trust speaking with r.t.c. jelly also declared the western sanctions is one of the stumbling blocks hindering talks a chance unless in the whole economic threats against might be a nothing new in the various u.s. administration has had level of rights and taken hostile action against my people including the imposition of sanctions this is especially true for the past two years they themselves have openly said that they are trying to impose crippling sanctions however they have seen for themselves that the radian people have managed to transform those threats into opportunities at the moment to rome is the seventeenth largest economy in the world regardless of sanctions or rainy and scientists how to manage to build a rocket ship and same live creatures into space these are indications that the policy of sanctions has been very much up for you know what the actual fact they've
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done is deny an opportunity for their citizens and businesses and corporations to do business with a very lucrative radian market we also have to note that these sanctions have new legal base to stand many countries including russia and china time and again have expressed their opposition to the senate. the former head of the iran section at the british foreign and commonwealth office michael axworthy says the latest meeting has been much more positive than previous tries but there is still much work to be done. what has happened seems to sound like a good deal not close to them in some previous rounds and i don't think anyone quite yet should expect very dramatic developments with history this dispute is very long running. for a long time this being a stalemate this is a lack of trust on both sides and i think it takes precisely these sorts of
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developments a gradual shift to positions tools each other to be given to escape from the stalemate or the world tries to dissuade iran from a potential nuclear weapons program north korea professes to be on the verge of using its own later in the program report on diana's warnings to foreign embassies to clear out and ask why the u.s. and south korea are sending warships near the north's coastline. but before we get to that a second chinese city has started calling birds in a wave of panic over a possible avian flu outbreak fears of also spread to neighboring countries six people have died out of the eighteen infected figures that are tragic but far from epidemic artie's kidney pilbeam looks now at who might hope to benefit from bird flu hype. panic is already spreading across the globe over fears of a bird flu epidemic in china twenty thousand birds were slaughtered at one local market japan has health warnings on people coming into the country from china hong
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kong shares slumped in chinese airline stocks in an attempt to restrict travel vietnam pounds poultry imports from china and taiwan raises quarantine level alerts while the u.s. and china are already looking into creating a vaccine for this specific type of bird flu drug producers are already poised to jump in produce a cure out of price of course now let's look at the example of britain on the swine flu epidemic which cost the british taxpayer one point two billion dollars off of the government panicked and splashed out billions on vaccinations pharmaceutical giant black say smith kline secured a billion dollar contract from it make you give billion dollars from vaccines alone last year i reality four hundred fifty seven people died from swine flu a third of which dive regular flu every year so while china battles with the flu
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drug companies are no doubt preparing for a multi billion dollar order. and it wasn't just in britain where big pharmaceutical companies made billions from swine flu panic let's take a look at how the fear spread across the world during an outbreak four years ago the first suspected case reported in mexico in march two thousand and nine took less than a month for the word epidemic to appear in the media after that and it was even before the first death from swine flu was confirmed now when that happens swine flu immediately grabbed the media headlines around the world shortly afterward the world health organization declared a swine flu pandemic and mass vaccinations were produced despite the thousands of deaths worldwide though many millions of dollars spent on the vaccine were also wasted less than a year after the doses were ordered in the u.s. alone forty million of them expired and had to be destroyed is did the lead to billions of dollars worth of profits for big pharmaceutical companies in a little over a year want to wait and see what the current bird flu hype may lead will stay with us more news coming your way after a short break here on r.t.
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. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy welcome to the big picture. well. it's technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia we've got this huge you're covered.
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the international and the world in the very heart of moscow. this is doing with us here on our t.v. quarter past the hour now corn embassies in pyongyang staying put for now despite warnings from the regime there to clear out the north korean government says it can't guarantee the safety of diplomatic enclaves citing tensions and the threat of war the north has primed at least two ballistic missiles saying it's in response to the u.s. and south korea moving warships near its coast patrick hemmings in an analyst at current affairs website twenty first century wire so far he only sees hype in the crisis. the big question is how this hyped up at the beginning had to do with the
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nucular threat from north korea and there's a series of things that have gone on in the last month to get us to that conclusion and i can't help but remember in the run up to the iraq war everyone was asking would saddam hussein used chemical weapons or not but no one actually asked the question does he really have them in the first place and the same question i just asked regarding north korea what is their nucular threat and as far as i can see as far as u.s. officials actual missions are there is no need no nucular threat as we can say interval to stick missile threat to the united states so this is very much overhyped in the cold war theatrical sense but the pivot towards asia from the united states is very real ok right now since this crisis began the philippines has already okayed the use of more bases for the united states in that country and there was a deal to decommission some of the okinawa sites in japan and that might be off the
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table as a result of the hype of this particular conflict so you know you see the military industrial complex needs a reason to exist and i believe the north korean threat to be a theatrical real you just that reason here is the pretext for the expansion of the military economy from the u.s. side almost three hundred protesters detained and fined after participating in a demonstration deemed illegal by police in canada's city of montreal people were ticketed for opposing a by law that allows police to shut down such rallies the controversial legislation states groups are required to provide state authorities with an itinerary before hitting the streets or the march is illegal in cox a quebec correspondent for canadian affairs a website rabble dot ca says the new bylaws a violation of citizens' rights. municipal by a lot of the sixty's and active at the height of the student strike last year in your provincial law. law as well which was denounced by everyone in the united
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nations high commissioner on human rights to back bar association representing all the provinces lawyers and prosecutors but it was a serious violation of civil liberties which was then repealed by the incoming provincial government and the fact that much all these are now using this file always hears it in so many ways in which it's also been denounced by every civil liberties and human rights organization and this is really troubling it's it's a clear violation of our constitution and and one that's obviously going to be found to be a violation once it gets to court cases heard that it's it's a very it's a very disturbing situation right now high and the end result of the use of this file right now is that people are be rounded up and and charged and given six hundred thirty seven dollar tickets for no crime other than they can keep it because he's to protest nobody really knows what to make of this we live in a country where we've always taken for granted the right to protest the right to express our opinion and so
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a lot of people right now are very very fearful and so there's an attitude that people want to go out they want to challenge this bylaw they know what's happening is not right but at the same time they're afraid. more news for you a click away including this a miracle baby in india a ten month old girl surviving after thirty six hours trapped under the rubble of a collapsed pete story building in mumbai the website for the full story there. and fifty suspected former guards from the notorious outhwaite is a concentration camp maybe brought to justice for holocaust atrocities sixty eight years after the end of the second world war more details on r.t. dot com. moscow's accuse the un of trying to undermine the investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria syria's government claims rebels used illegal agents near the city of aleppo last month killing around two dozen the opposition though points the finger back at damascus sara flounders head of the international action center says the situation in syria is a repetition of what the west has already carried out in other countries. given the
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u.n. these loans and weapons investigations in the last no this is not only reasonable request because the un weapons investigators in fact worked hand in hand with the cia with the pentagon and in every single and nothing the entire industrial infrastructure in iraq and they want to do the same thing in syria you can certainly see the enormous chaos the loss of life that u.s. wars in the black mark on the stand in libya who gave it and when you look at libya today without an ounce of stability a completely unfunctional government the scenario the same playbook seems to be used now in syria is similar charges i mean who has the weapons of mass destruction well today it's the pentagon and that's a fact. but nevertheless news in the charge against untrue several trying to defend
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their own sovereignty again and again it's used for war for occupation for destabilization or for pumping more and more weapons and mercenaries which that's why it's attempting to foment civil war sectarian warfare it's a very dangerous policy. and the worst and most dangerous is again and again. from the state department and the white house as the warnings have a whole weapons going to be a possible excuse for deeper us and bought a thousand french troops may now permanently stay on in mali and as a so-called peacekeeping force there are currently four thousand french troops in the african country after being flown in to squash an islamist insurgency the plan is now pending the approval of the mali a government that came to power by a military coup robert harness an independent journalist covering rallies says france will keep its presence in the country to preserve its influence in the
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region. from a french point of you know west africa is a vital area in which they have had an interest for when they had an empire and then after general de gaulle gave the west african countries their independence france has retained its influence in the area and wants to continue to retain its influence there so they realize that if they don't act in west africa the chances are the americans will push them out and they will lose out in commercial terms and politically the french are determined to have elections in july and their plan was to withdraw all their troops by july but this clearly it hasn't happened isn't going to happen and all the people who know nothing about this question said it wouldn't happen once they got involved yes it's expensive but it's the price of retaining their influence in the united nations and their their influence in west africa. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe
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hundreds of thousands of muslims are all even bangladesh's capital demanding anti blasphemy laws that would punish those who insult islam they also clashed with government supporters outside the capital resulting in one death the demonstration went on despite a day long nationwide shutdown of the muslim dominated country and acted by liberal and secular groups to denounce the rabble. seven people including six americans killed in afghanistan in two separate incidents three u.s. troops two civilians along with an afghan doctor died in the country's southern province of after a suicide bomber blew up a car full of explosives another american civilian killed in a separate insurgent attack in the country's east u.s. led nato forces plan to pull out all combat troops from afghanistan by two thousand and fourteen country remains highly volatile with nato troops regularly coming under insurgent attacks. authorities at the guantanamo bay detention center say more detainees are joining a large hunger strike there but in the number of those refusing food to forty one
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inmates lawyers those say the figure is several times higher with three of the prisoners hospitalized and around a dozen currently force fed under a strike over harsh conditions of who's dying detainees at the camp again about two months ago. several hundred catholic protesters rallied in paris in opposition to the legalization of gay marriage and child adoption by same sex couples this comes before the bill giving the green light for gay couples to marry and adopt children goes under debate in the country's upper house of parliament despite president francois hollande support for the issue its face opposition from the public resulting in a wave of protests in powers. a call for help from palestinian prisoners in israeli jails inmates say they have been left to waste away behind bars in tonight medical treatment the alleged inhumane conditions claimed to be behind the recent death of a palestinian official in israeli custody that was followed by angry riots in the west bank in gaza r.t. spoke to one of the prisoners who describes the convict's plight.
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we suffer from an incredibly low standard of medical assistance among those detained here there are at least twenty five people who suffer from cancer and they're not getting the treatment they need the most recent example is abu hamed diop who died in the prison hospital but this hospital is really like a jail like the ones in fascist germany during the holocaust it only has a small infirmary if you get placed there for several hours you leave with sick kidneys or liver or any other kind of disease his life could have been saying if you receive treatment at an early stage medical assistance in the prisons is not given on purpose they do it to break the will of the detainees we are a people who are forced to live with occupation we are demanding that the international community take historic responsibility for the life of palestinians we are demanding that the international community uses the security council to free the sick detainees we are talking of those who are more to be ill i was just released from a hospital where i saw a young man suffering from kidney stones who was only getting painkillers instead
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of treatment there are people among us who spent thirty five years behind bars we have demanding an international committee that would visit these prisons and prison hospitals all of them. so i can report to lives of palestinian families living next to an israeli waste facility after a short break. you know when the history of any culture there are some dark chapters throughout human history there's been a war on every continent and religious strife and oppression. every culture has
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some skeletons in their closet and in recent u.s. history the scandalous prison at guantanamo bay as making patriotic americans scurrying around a decade or so rather than slamming the door shut and get mall i hate that term condemning it as one of the greatest mistakes in american history and gloriously declaring on t.v. channels and newspapers the country wide that it shall never be repeated again the pentagon instead wants to blow another forty nine million dollars expanding it even if you are one of the types of things that american gulags are super cool and awesome do you realize that it takes over one million dollars per year per prisoner to keep the place open are you sure you don't want that money to go towards something else like your children's education the thing that burns me up about this the most is that obama promised if elected to close guantanamo bay and as commander in chief of the armed forces he could do this whatever he wanted no amount of filibustering by the republicans could stop him obama you promised hundreds of millions of people to do something very simple start the paper work tomorrow buddy
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make the nation look better that's your job but that's just my opinion. the international and world in the very heart of moscow.
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the belly. of that. good then.


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