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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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stories that shaped the week here on r.t. north korea gives its military the green light to strike the u.s. as a counter to what it calls washington's aggression it's all amid growing doubts that pyongyang even has the capability of filling its threats. as a protest against the mistreatment of palestinians the anonymous group has descended upon israel with a massive cyber attack blocking thousands of websites so far. a probe has been launched into an oil spill caused by one of america's corporate giants in the state of. local households seek reimbursement for the damage done. also a fresh outbreak of rage towards israel as the death of a palestinian prisoner sparks mass riots and a hunger strike in jails. exchanges as well.
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with today's headlines of the top stories of the week if you're watching the weekly on r t with me. in moscow a very warm welcome to you today. north korea ram top its war rhetoric this week announcing its army is now officially authorized to wage a nuclear attack on the u.s. now the warning was followed by reports pyongyang moved to ballistic missiles to his east coast and north korea though saying its actions are aimed at countering aggression by washington with charles built up its military presence in the region because the crisis deepens so doubts that pyongyang has the capability of turning its war of words into action. reports. to north korea's bellicose threats washington responds with an even more intense buildup of military power in the region that. north korea responds with even more threats even
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though defense secretary chuck hagel called north korea real and clear danger the white house says they haven't seen any large scale movements from north korean military forces suggesting that it may be just rhetoric but while north korea talks washington acts apart from f. twenty two fighter jets and other bombers that it sent to the region for the ongoing military exercises with south korea the pentagon is now deploying an advanced missile defense system to guam a major u.s. military base in asia north korea the north korean army has announced that it has the final approval for a nuclear attack on the u.s. as they tell us north korean rockets can't really reach the u.s. mainland but they can potentially attack u.s. bases in the region there are twenty thousand u.s. troops just across the border in south korea so could we see the worst nuclear standoff since the cuban missile crisis between the soviet union and the u.s. even though the rhetoric is probably as hostile as it's ever been no one really believes that north korea is actually going to carry out an attack north korea itself knows that if it didn't attack or for that attack the united states it would
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be committing national suicide the united states would retaliate in a tremendous fashion north korea does not want to commit suicide i believe north korea is doing all this so it can get to a point to actually negotiate some kind of peace agreement with the united states in the u.s. media to you have all pundits basically saying the same thing that north korea is not going to strike because they know it's a suicide that they want to reach some kind of a deal with washington but they're not going to get it you have former officials experts all saying that but with all this war talk from north korea and with u.s. military buildup in the region some say all it may take is for one of the sides to snap or some kind of a mistake before everything spirals out of control in washington i'm going to. and in the meantime independent journalist james corpus who says that despite the fact that neither side wants all out war there are those who do benefit from keeping the
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whole situation on a knife edge. i think that really the all of the players here have a vested interest in keeping the tension up but not allowing it to spill your leader and i think that obviously works for north korea which could be easily wiped out in a military confrontation but it also works for south korea and america and all of the allies here in this region that are that also serve to benefit from this and we've seen this directly for example with the announcement of more missile defense on the western coast of the united states that there are now going to be fourteen new ground based interceptors deployed at fort greely alaska at a cost u.s. taxpayers a one billion dollars by two thousand and seventeen so this is this is doing a fantastic business for the defense contractors who serve to to feed into this tension and play off of it so i don't i think that honestly there isn't a lot of plans for preemptive strikes at this moment i think it's more a question of if this will accidentally spill over into something more. another north korean crisis also the main focus of abby martin is breaking the set here on
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r.t. this week you can head to our website to see the full program at your leisure and although among other things abby often does ask our guests though who could possibly stand to gain from keeping the whole north korean situation in a state of limbo the war rhetoric from high level north korean officials is not letting up and as a result the u.s. announced that in a precautionary move they'll be speeding up the deployment of advanced missile system defense to the region in the next few weeks this following a series of u.s. training exercises in south korea as a show of military straight including saying b. two stealth bombers each of which cost taxpayers more than three billion dollars but wait before you run for your bunkers support understand the legitimacy of these threats and the context of why they're happening in the first place you know i just heard read today that north korea is actually proposed continued efforts for a peace treaty in the past kind of flies in the face of everything that we're told that north korea is this hostile nation if this is true why is this proposed to
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come to fruition because the united states. interested in peace i mean as we know as many people in america do not know one of the key negotiating points for the north koreans has always been the side of peace treaty only armistice has been the united states refuses to sign a peace treaty because they feel they have no interest in a peaceful resolution of north korea the north korean issue because their north korea would be free to not spend all their money on the military not have to be consistently concerned with being invaded by the united states and so by keeping up the pressure on north korea militarily and by sanctions it sort of forces them into a fortress like mentality which makes it look like the least desirable place in the world to live and that's very valuable to us propaganda in terms of saying to other countries you should do what we. do have you ever seen anything like. this is the group anonymous has launched
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a major cyber offensive against israel the activists say their aim is to quote disrupt and erase israel from cyberspace so in protest of israeli policies towards palestine. share the details with my colleague. it all started with anonymous and their operation on you tube on thursday the group published a clip accusing these stradley government of failing to and settlement inspection and violating palestinian streitz addressing these directly government of the group stated you have not stopped your and liz human rights violations you have not respected the cease fire the announcement of the intended attack on israel was spread via social media together with this picture off warning you better secure your site now there were reports that scores of large organisations had to close their websites to shield them from hackers and i saw early sunday dozens of israeli
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websites were available so now it's officially on and if you try to access some of the israeli sides you will be greeted with this. it's hard to ask me how many sites were hacked numberous range from hundreds to thousands israeli officials claim the damage was minimal but that's not the impression you get when you go online and unless we're joined by other hacker groups and individuals from all over the world leaving their own different marks right and how has a zero responded to this offensive at least they warned right they responded with an online attack of their own now the site of the operation itself was hacked and if you try to visit the page devoted to the operation really quite an inspector what you see and here is
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a video of israeli national anthem and then the hackers also left some few forgotten facts as they call it all of us time and all of us to talk to israeli side disposable to give us some more background on this rifle a previous operation happened during last year's gaza war. now during the four days at the last it hundreds of his rally websites suffered for more than forty million unique attacks some seven hundred israeli websites suffered repeated attacks we did high profile government systems such as the foreign ministry the bank of jerusalem and these really defense ministry anonymous posts are the only line personal data of thousands of israeli officials and the group took part in an attack in which the details of thousands of users of the popular israeli email service wall or were also released online so as you can see the previous operation had some major impact so let's wait and see how this one develops with all three
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dot com right now we've got a full footage posted by the hackers with more details and background to the vicious cyber strike. news today once again. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations rule the day. it's about us past the hour moscow time this is r.t. now the u.s. state of arkansas has launched a probe into an oil spill in the town of mayflower which affected at least sixty homes the local government along with at least two households have filed a federal lawsuit seeking reimbursement for one of america's largest oil companies
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are responsible for the disaster occurs haro whose home was affected by the pic assist pipeline rupture told r.t. about the message made. i got off work early and was headed back to my home and a police officer at the entrance to the neighborhood not allowing anybody in i asked why he said the issue was there was no will still in the area and i told him our family and my wife and children at the home so he allowed me in get a little town to get the moment rode in and kind of survey the damage and there was oil just flowing down the street behind our house well it actually went through some yards and some of the houses and down one of the main streets in our subdivision it's a big effect on quite a few houses what about the people that were the houses i think it was twenty two it was affected back in now with a no sir there are still staying in local hotels in the area. they've been allowed back in their homes for you know twenty minutes at a time and together belongings take care of pets and they don't know when they'll be back for good i guess
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a lot of people officials next all know bill then coming to apologize and one of the speak sure. there are some in the area there's a claims apartment that's been set out but we've not heard a lot from just yet so it's we're kind of taking a wait and see approach what happens next how are we going to be compensated and along with for us some of our neighbors can get back in their homes would you have hoped for more hands on of approach might be from them so far could you have done mislead a few more people from the company well so far as the cleanup process they've done a good job there but they've not done a really good job of communicating to some of the residents that would be this all part large city sixty five years old is one of the oldest in the country isn't it i don't know where their worries in your community about this before considering the amount of all that was going through it daily and it's a huge well truth of the matter is a lot of the residents in our neighborhood weren't aware that the plan was even there but yes believe it or not and that may be a shame on us kind of thing but friday afternoon when the wall was running down the
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street that was the first time many folks even knew it was anywhere in the area. well you can follow. me the whole oil spill timeline is on our website are two dot com including photos and videos from the disaster hit areas. for now as the world keeps a close eye on the bird flu outbreak in china panic is already spreading across neighboring regions six people have so far died out of eighteen infected certainly figures far from any type of epidemic. kitty pilgrim looks now or who might hope to benefit from any type of bird flu hype panic is already spreading across the globe over fears of a bird flu epidemic in china twenty thousand birds were slaughtered at one local market japan has but health warnings on people coming into the country from china hong kong says slumped in chinese airline stocks in an attempt to restrict travel vietnam pounds poultry imports from china and taiwan it raises quarantine level
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alerts while u.s. and china are already looking into creating a vaccine for this specific type of bird flu co-produce is already poised to jump in and produce a cure at a price of course now let's look at the example of the swine flu epidemic which cost the british taxpayer one point two billion dollars off of the government panicked and splashed out billions on vaccinations pharmaceutical giant black say smith kline secured a billion dollar contract from it making a billion dollars from vaccines alone last year i reality four hundred fifty seven people died from swine flu a third of which die regular flu every year so while china battles with the flu drug companies are no doubt preparing for a multi billion dollar order. well it wasn't only britain where big pharmaceuticals made billions from the swine flu panic or let's have a quick look and see how the fear spread across the globe during the outbreak it
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didn't take long at all for the hype to get going the first known case of border in mexico march two thousand and nine less than a month did it take for the word epidemic to start going into the big media headlines first confirmed death in late spring two thousand and nine from that though the swine flu becomes of the most covered story in the news headlines to medically and a lot of internationally as well mid summer two thousand and nine the world health organization declares a swine flu pandemic saying it's a global mass inoculations then begin in september and of the thirtieth of june twenty ten america realizes that will forty million expired doses need to be destroyed and a loss of two hundred sixty million dollars although probably safe to say the big pharmaceutical companies made an awful lot of money between that time and more details on that at r.t. dot com we'll just have to see where the current bird flu hype leads will you all with our t. a pleasure to have you with us on this sunday still to come your way after a very short break here on r.t.
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the issue of a day of rage in cairo and more clashes in egypt's capital with police firing tear gas to disperse those protesting against the islamist leader's. bus as the hunger strike or guantanamo bay enters its third month and the risk of course of prisoners health grows rapidly and we look at why capitol hill and the media continue to ignore the protest that and more after the break.
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. live from moscow this is our team egypt once again gripped by protests and fighting
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five people have been killed and at least eight wounded in clashes between christians and muslims in a town near cairo and some of the worst sectarian violence the country's seen in months in the capital itself though an anti government demonstration demanding regime change attended by thousands in scuffles with riot police cairo based journalist tom dale reports. clashes have broken out in downtown cairo metal barricades have put being pulled across the streets tear gas and smoke fills the air and the wail of sirens the familiar green laser cutting through the gas once again clashes have spread to the town of my house which was so important for the birth of the april sixth movement five years ago on that day five years ago police fired live ammunition into a crowd protesting against rises in food prices they killed three people including a fifteen year old boy still there are only easy echoes of that day up once again an unarmed peaceful demonstration has been fired upon there are complaints that the
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interior ministry and the security services are brutal and on reform food prices are rising while wages remain stagnant and in that context this is just the latest sign of a growing polarize ation between mohamed morsi says the misled government and the opposition on the streets i spoke to the leader of the april sixth he actually led the movement to support the muslim brotherhood. and president mohamed morsi indeed against the alternative contender for the presidency in some way last year but now the muslim brotherhood and president mohamed morsi have broken the promises which they made to the revolutionary youth including two april sixth and that's why people are on the streets and that's why they're angry. and tensions between israel and palestine flared up again this week fueled by the death of a high profile palestinian prisoner serving a life sentence in an israeli jail for the backlash included violent protests across the west bank a mass hunger strikes by palestinian inmates and rocket exchanges between israel
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and hamas artes are going to go reports. one man's death turned into a rage of the masses at the beginning of the week sixty four year old my sorrow book handy a died in the israeli prison according to his family the palestinian prisoner has complained about his health since the summer of last year but it was only in march that doctors told him that he had a terminal illness and only days left to live news of the hunt is death spread like wildfire cost palestinian territories clashes haven't asked numerous towns and villages across the region resulting in the deaths of two palestinian teenagers but the most intense clashes between the israeli security forces and palestinian protesters took place right here in hebron the hometown of abu hamza your rage smoke tear gas and rubber bullets filled the streets as people express their feelings about the treatment of from dia as well as thousands of other palestinians
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in confinement the. state of widespread anger and big nation of. what many people here. a primitive murder by israelis palestinians think that the death of my father was a direct result of israeli criminal negligence moral carelessness more than four thousand palestinian inmates went on hunger strike to show what they thought about humvees death because it broke the fragile four month long ceasefire fire rockets into southern israel and the listing an airstrike from tel aviv come to his death provided an outlet for frustration that has been building up for years since the palestinian uprising in the beginning of the century known as the second intifada a growing number of israeli settlements palestinian prisoners and as a result a peace process in jeopardy every. palestinian being israeli
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prison issues. it can really explode there can be very very sophisticated how to going. to deal with food and with such one. of the palestinian prisoners and. the demonstrators the whole thing can explode this was the second palestinian death in an israeli jail this year the three year old earth large i doubt died of a heart attack in temporary causes such as these only adds to the anger palestinians feel towards israel people on the street want some movement and we do not see any movement toward liberation what we see is continued occupation intensification of certain elements intensification of abduction and killing of people every aleksey which some believe could be ensured. that israel
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will. release a good number of palestinians. who troll who is. reading this for real negotiations with the palestinians a simple solution that maybe to some but it depends on whether israel has the good will to get in the ways they in tel aviv even go to school or to. and from on it's online including sometimes why you just can't have enough to stick shedding light on the rising number of america's richest people cashing in millions in unemployment benefits you can find out how it's all possible on our website. plus a miracle baby in india a ten month old girl survives after thirty six hours trapped under the rubble of a collapsed eight story building in mumbai r.t.
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dot com has the full story. for now behind bars without charge and starving for justice hunger strikers at guantanamo bay have been engaged in a desperate act of defiance for two months now at the risk of their health continues to grow but u.s. officials continue to downplay the scale of the crisis federal public defender carlos warner a lawyer for guantanamo bay detainees he told r.t. that the government's dragged itself into a no win situation. the military is underestimating the number by at least two thirds i think we have at least one hundred thirty men on hunger strike in guantanamo as we speak today the resolve has not changed in a week the military can force feed them they are playing a game of chicken with an opponent who is ready to die and you can't do that you will lose that game of chicken the military doesn't seem to grasp this logic at this point it's premature to even ask that the president close guantanamo we're
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just asking that he charge somebody with with the responsibility just one person if president obama gives us one person we can talk to and gives that person the strength of his office we can close guantanamo the pentagon general kelly from the southern command went on the record and said look this is frustration because the president broke his promise that's unprecedented in our society to have a general tell the president look this is what's causing it it's not about the qur'an it's about the frustration that is going to animals so there is no law in guantanamo you have people that everyone even the ones that have been declared innocent are there for life until they die they are indefinitely detained. to montreal know where almost three hundred people have been detained and fined for opposing a low and a company down on runways legislation says groups are required to provide state authorities with before they hit the streets so will the launch is illegal ethan
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coaxed the quebec correspondent for canadian affairs website rabble dot ca he says the lore is a clear violation of citizens' rights. mina's full by a lot of the sixty's and active at the height of the student strike last year in your provincial laws. laws twelve which was denounced by everyone in the united nations high commissioner on human rights to back bar association representing all the provinces lawyers and prosecutors but it was a serious violation of civil liberties which was then repealed by the incoming provincial governor the fact that much all these are now using this pile always hears it in so many ways in which it's also been denounced by every civil liberties and human rights organizations this is really troubling it's a clear violation of our constitution and and one that's obviously going to be found to be a violation once it once the court case is heard that it's it's a very it's a very disturbing situation right now here and the end result of the use of this
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file right now is that people are being rounded up and and charged and given six hundred thirty seven dollars a ticket for no crime other than that tennessee that is who you say protests nobody really knows what to make of this late in a country where we've always taken for granted the right to protest the right to express our opinion and so a lot of people right now are very very fearful and so there's an attitude that people want to go out they want to challenge this by law they know what's happening is not right but at the same time they're afraid. all right up next our special report good god page. you know when the history of any culture there are some dark chapters throughout human history there's been war on every continent and religious strife and oppression every culture has some skeletons in their closet and in recent u.s.
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history the scandalous prison at guantanamo bay as making patriotic americans scurrying around a decade or so rather than slamming the door shut and get mall i hate that term condemning it as one of the greatest mistakes in american history and gloriously declaring on t.v. channels and newspapers the country wide that it shall never be repeated again the pentagon instead wants to blow another forty nine million dollars expanding it even if you are one of the types of things that american gulags are super cool and awesome do you realize it takes over one million dollars per year per prisoner to keep the place open are you sure you don't want that money to go towards something else like your children's education the thing that burns me up about this the most is that obama promised if elected to close guantanamo bay and as commander in chief of the armed forces he could do this whatever he wanted no amount of filibustering by the republicans could stop him obama you promised hundreds of millions of people to do something very simple start the paper work tomorrow buddy make the nation
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look better that's your job but that's just my opinion. news today. these are the images. from the streets of canada. showing up for a chatroom. my .


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