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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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station a permanent false in mali despite earlier claims there and the insurgency mission would be over in a matter of weeks. detain me on hunger strike one talent will be allegedly trying to take his own life has been made to reach a breaking point with the protests now in his third month. and no escape from prying eyes of the private investigation industry is thriving in britain as a leg of legal restrictions allows anyone to keep tabs on you at any time. you're watching live from moscow it's good to have a company with us. the pentagon is sounding the alarm over the french troops withdrawal from mali saying local forces are unfit to take over paris and pull the
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first contingent out of the volatile state on tuesday they plan to withdraw three quarters of their force by the end of the year and people thousands strong hold a deployment de france intervened in generator drive islamist rebels out of the country and as a reports a lot has changed for parents since the start of the mission they say though that they still plan on data continuing double adoption of the four thousand strong military personnel currently on the ground and keeping these a one thousand fields they say will be part of a few sure you when a peacekeeping mission however this is in stark contrast to what first foreign minister now for five years had said in hearing a week. regarding france's direct involvement it is only a matter of weeks later on comments barca but we have no intention of staying forever. now the french have gone into mali a warning against the threat of as long as the extreme islam advanced in europe now
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clearly any plan of a complete withdrawal is off the table now this one thousand troops that they plan to keep on the ground falls under a call made by u.n. secretary general of ban ki moon and deploying about eleven thousand two hundred troops and one thousand four hundred forty police on the ground in mali after major combat now bunking with one also when he wins a parallel force one that will directly deal with all cargo linked militants and extremists according to reuters and this is likely to be french troops as well while also spoke a group of former french intelligence officer who have been stationed in northern africa and the middle east for about twenty years and he says that from the very start he had been doubtful the operation in mali was going to be short french army exposure to the insurgents and distance from the cities ok it was not so complicated. and so what they would do they were going to treat the people
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just to come back exactly as they did you know afghanistan against the with the soviets. in the one nine hundred ninety exactly as they were going to study the year when the last american so deal with it right exactly does they did as they didn't iraq when the u.s. troops. didn't so france is back if not before well you could include coincidences shortbread don't exist now where france well on had first announced this military operation in mali two thirds of the french people were in support of these actions now many observers and analysts have already said that if this becomes a long drawn out war public opinion could quickly change. just as the first foreign troops were leaving mali france was engaged in a major offensive to wipe out militant hideouts in a previous liberated area of the country arches you go
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a piece of examines the challenges throughout the campaign that stretch the military from the very beginning. miley has become yet another front in the global war on terror but this anti terror operation just may be too difficult to scale down so quickly first let's review what's already been done and more importantly how efficient is what this operation started with and support of ground troops from the skies has always been one of its foundation stones the first planes to battle the islamists came from here a french military base in chad helicopter support came from another base in working a fire so some of the aviation was a leader to the capital of mali and some other bases were engaged as well like the ones in ivory coast and year but then there's the question of refueling the mission for pilots going out of chad for instance usually takes seven to eight hours and they have to be refueled five times along the way this is where the u.s. and germany come in but if german planes have to come from sinegal an american
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planes have to come all the way from spain so all together this is quite a complicated combat scheme when it comes to ground troops the french got into this by themselves somalis army was and still is demoralized if four and a half thousand troops even can be called in the army and pretty much the only supporters that the french have and quite unexpectedly i might add are two thousand troops from chad and when it comes to the west well no one's skin on sending troops there directly britain is only looking at sending combat instructors to train troops with all this effort paris has managed to push the islamists to the north of the country securing key cities but with fighting still going on in the mountains and a string of suicide bomber attacks in the several cities it's clear that the islamists are not exactly all out nor are they defeated which raises the comparison with another country afghanistan where the terrorists live in the midst of peaceful civilians the also use so-called hit and run guerrilla tactics so the french have
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been combing through her valley north of golf believe that. many of the islamists can be hiding there but the question is what comes next if we look at the neighboring countries well their borders are porous and experts say the islamists could travel through them without any serious problems the also war in the past decades has shown that such interventions don't solve crises but deepen them and generate new conflicts there are rising few years near by western sahara could turn into a new terror hub and right now it's really unclear who is going to turn who's going to take care of that problem and help if most of french troops to leave it's going to be a completely different game for the remaining thousand the un is talking about some additional attack force but so far it's merely an idea while the clock is ticking investigative journalism michel calander things africa's instability is the perfect excuse for the west to intervene and exploit the continent's untouched resources
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if you want to have stability in the region first you have to get rid of friendship . you have to ask why this region you have to consider that. twenty percent of all. before you're going to be groups of many countries especially the. media and so on. we have to consider that truly. very active in the region we. are starting military bases and trying to use. armies. normally. to consider that for. the privilege of the.
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real toll is. the result you have to consider the. war and also the next country very important. they are poor because of the kind of. grows. the possibility of. as a mass hunger strike it one time will be continues for a third month the lawyer for one of the protesters as has been told his client tried to commit suicide according to a letter from one of the inmates the incident took place last month it's still not clear whether the man succeeded in taking his own life the u.s. military has strongly denied the claims saying they have been no recent suicide attempts and that no lives are in danger at guantanamo but lawyers paint a different picture that some one hundred thirty detainees are trying to starve
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themselves to death in protest of mistreatment and indefinite detention legal appeals in a mounting public outcry are putting more pressure on the white house to deliver on its promises to close the facility but as ghana chicken reports the pentagon's committed to pumping more cash to keeping it open. for a time of each detainee guantanamo cost u.s. taxpayers eight hundred thousand dollars a year there one hundred sixty six captives on the island now half of them have been cleared for release so there's absolutely no reason to have them there but the u.s. still spends millions of dollars every year to keep them behind bars many find it even more puzzling in light of ongoing furloughs among public sector workers let's put this number eight hundred thousand dollars. in perspective not a lot of people can boast costing the government eight hundred thousand dollars a year a prisoner in the u.s. cost the taxpayers twenty seven thousand dollars thirty times less that is the
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average salary of a public school teacher here is fifty one thousand dollars one one total detainee cost taxpayers more than the president himself he makes four hundred thousand dollars a year and if you think that the details have a luxurious life there then you're wrong to quote general john kelly who is in command of one tunnel the facility is falling apart so there he was two weeks ago asking congress for almost two hundred million dollars to renovate one tunnel that should come on top of the one hundred seventy seven million dollars that the government spends every year to keep the prison running will the investment make the detainee's lives easier most of whom are there without having them formally accused of anything maybe not that none of these projects would have lifestyle if you will but some of the projects will security in better ease of movement for them that will benefit the guard force not the detainees but on top of renovations there
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are the costs and the taxpayers bill for keeping guantanamo open is only going to go up there aging as we all are and there are certain a certain lack of support facilities in that general area. and if we're planning on keeping them there forever there's an enormous amount of expense in terms of both caring for the inmates and then also dealing with our staff that's down there that has to do that. you know i think medical care is one of the biggest concerns this kind of investment suggests that the authorities do not plan to see the prison close they need time soon if ministration keeps saying they're committed to shutting it down but they never say waiting in congressman smith's matter for we've got you know not to use the cliche joe but it's the hotel california check in but you can't ever check in washington i'm going to check on. usa falls into the kernel barry wingard the represents some of the detainees and spoke to us by phone from
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guantanamo and he says the prisoners are being held without trial because no children can be brought against them. i don't think the problem that's a really it's a good automobile i think the problem originates in washington d.c. i'd review the cases of my clients and i can tell you that the information in those cases is the extremely ploy let's talk about what is the so-called evidence came about it was back in the bush cheney administration we were talking about imminent attacks and danger color charts and wonder do you can crop dusters and attack forces attacking the guts to call names of friday that's the same information that there are trying to say today that it's somehow relevant or valid when in fact if they could find even what i assure you would shut me up they would do that human rights organization that's supposed to be here good something which in fact is doing very little fact that the remaining silent indicate to the nation in guantanamo bay that they've been wholly irrelevant and that you know if you're a human rights organization and you're supposed to be involved in report on what's
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happening in a prison officer or that's out of sight and out of mind and you fail to do that then you've made a decision to net decision is to favor one side and that's not to mention the war in guantanamo bay. the u.s. military has barred the media from visiting the facility until it's lisa next month and our day is already in queue there for early access in the meantime day we're bringing you comprehensive coverage of events at the detention center with testimonies from lawyers as well as commentary from officials experts and activists all in the website at our team dot com coming up here on our team. web slaves. were reported how many young educated greeks as the moving abroad as they only option as all stirred tea and joblessness take a stranglehold on the country.
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well. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. knowing the deal is i would live. in eternal silence the a poor man the invisible to it. every day is a struggle. for our children sleep soundly at night. we are palestinian women working in israel we've done more for our kids
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than our husbands know we are phantoms in this life. the international airport in the very heart of moscow.
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welcome back you're watching our team thousands of private investigators are now operating in britain and their ranks continue to grow with the help of modern spyware readily available in stores anyone can become a p.r. and legal loopholes allow them to work i'm licensed and i'm registered server it reports. bribery very is corruption and of it. is not difficult to make yourself visible it's more difficult to be loyal to him because when you first start you're always thinking oh my goodness they they know i just know they know that. they don't there are now an estimated ten thousand private investigators operating in britain despite being perceived as a shadowy world of whispers in secret industry continues to grow in fact it's moving from the shadows and on to the high street as of course the covert device is
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full more and more individuals are making the surveillance gadgets easily available in stores like this one and the world of private investigation it's attracting some interesting characters i'm just not suspected as who just twenty one years old living has worked at answers investigations for a year now she knows her way around like a verse a quick well she's fast learning the tricks of the trade electro. mars invest. all of that kind of stuff and it's all available quite a lot of people mainly because obviously they've ration is there is always been there but they just. i think there is something that is protection there's nothing really but recently the law governing public surveillance in the u.k. changed the protection of freedoms that two thousand and twelve was introduced ensuring local authorities obtain legal authorization before they put anyone under
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surveillance after it was revealed that really we using surveillance for minor matters such as littering to private investigators though no such law exists i could go out and do surveillance so i don't have to go. or thora to from any body of. surveillance one to one a recent reports by big brother watch documented local authorities who look bypassing regulation by hiring private investigators. it's why many and now calling for industry licensing i think it's absolutely essential that we have some kind of regulation over private investigators a licensing system that means that we know who exactly is license and means of surveillance that. having spent thirty years in the police force former detective inspector james harrison griffis knows well the risks of private investigation in
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the wrong hands you know you've read about the killings and all that sort of thing that go on when people disappear and there's a lot of people disappear. under pressure from from people to do certain things that they don't want to do and then the people who pressure on them want to find them and you've got to do your due diligence and make sure that you're not putting anybody you know in a position of danger but with kill you that camera is listening devices tracking devices and much more now available cheaply on the high street these days anyone can be a private investigator there's nothing secret anymore in this in this country i mean walking down the high street you know under surveillance surveillance the surveillance is just there it's what happens you know it's a way of life now isn't it but the lack of regulation means that in the u.k. right now anyone can at any time be watching you no one is watching them so if the. london. on arjay dot com right now.
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find out just how you was pharmaceutical drawing made it was seven hundred billion dollars over the last decade by overcharging sunniest citizens. is demanding an apology from the new zealand government but what's upset the hacker turned billionaire on our team dot com. used to be used to to. come . greece is struggling to meet the tough conditions set by international lenders
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countries hoping to get a long delayed tranche of a crucial bail package this month e.u. and i.m.f. inspectors are now assessing athens progress in meeting the terms of the hundred and thirty billion euro rescue the greek finance minister has promised there will be no boys sara t. cuts but lenders are pressing for severe job reductions in the country's bloated public sector they demand in the twenty five thousand workers are laid off this year and a total of one hundred and fifty thousand by two thousand and sixteen in the meantime fiscal belt tightening and rising unemployment are driving young greeks away from their country as tom bodett and reports. we refuse to work for free we demand our right to education messages of protest by youth seeing opportunities to better themselves snatched away these gems of protesting against promise to occasionally versity apartments across greece they don't want to be left behind and
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made into as they say slaves in the twenty first century my knowledge and satiric are two students also opposed to the so-called athena plan the government aim is to close dozens of university departments outside central city campuses but it's not even that they concede it's just a small part of the malays which seems to hang over the country's young. i believe the youth from the cities have no future so the only solution is to leave greece. maybe the president of the european parliament was right to say that an entire generation may have been lost to crisis in a stereotype greece's situation is certainly more bleak than most but the only retirement or working your first shifts in the city or in greece sometimes they don't even get paid don't get paid for the c.s.l. we're working it was seen a result with some estimates of greek youth unemployment as high as sixty percent
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desperate times are giving rise to desperate suggestions it's not just the young in greece using that word slavery we don't control fate we are slaves it is a political problem and we must become again pretty but far from rhetoric about taking to the streets and throwing off shackles many greeks i speak to are thinking just like costas struggling through his last two years of medical school so costas after these two years what do you think the future's going to hold for you. thinking of leaving greece so that if i make it yourself ok good luck with that cause to think of it right. there it goes leaving us here in the interview back to his studies but cost us could end up like many more greeks like him leaving greece altogether tom watson r.t. thessaloniki greece. well let's take a look at some other world news of this hour poland marks three years this is the
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a crash that killed the country's president senior figures gathered for a memorial at warsaw's province symmetry on wednesday morning the plane was carrying a delegation of the country's military and political elite to the russian city of smolensk when it went down killing all on board an official reported blame to bad weather imply lead era poland is still conducting its own probe. human rights group is claiming that police in bahrain have arrested twenty opposition activists in the run up to next week's of form you know one grand prix authorities deny the allegations but the organization says other people were detained without a warrant after their homes were raided at night by a mosque police of the arrest reportedly occurred in towns near the country's f one mortar circuit as authorities try to come tensions i head of the international motor racing event of the gulf war like he's been cracking down on engine regime protests for over two years locking up thousands of campaigners demanding more
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freedoms and jobs. in syria intense clashes have broken out on the outskirts of damascus as government troops launch a powerful counteroffensive to prevent rebel forces from seizing the capital this comes amid reports that president bashar assad's troops have intercepted some of the opposition fighters main supply routes the rebels are said to currently control some parts of the north or in syria as well as several districts of the country's largest city of aleppo. south korea says its northern neighbor could test launch a missile at any moment as part of celebrations of the communist states main national holiday next week when all russia's a foreign minister has said the situation can be defused on the korean peninsula as long as foreign policy stop intimidating with a joint military knew this washington seoul and tokyo have all raised their
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military alert levels in the pacific and beefed up security next hour on america's dongs on north korea and other so-called alkalis states will be under discussion and cross on the pizza lavelle. this regime is going to drag us as a potential to drag us all into a nuclear nightmare and dave but the u.s. wants regime change there and you know first of all i would argue that when it comes to hearing to international norms that probably the biggest outlier state right now is the united states so. the u.s. is as assume for itself the already to do whatever it wants regardless of international norms and i would look at the the invasion of iraq the threatened war against iran which which does not pose an imminent threat to the u.s. certainly and probably to anybody and the use of a place like the want on a mode that defies all international norms these are things and the use of drone
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attacks in the country we want to attack. but in a couple of minutes r.t. looks back at the life of self the exiled russian on the god can kremlin critic bars his recent death about the room of milk money why.
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that's a meteorite. ten thousand tons told through space towards russia. with the palace. of a nuclear. city of an sky full on a hot sea. the
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news about international airport in the very heart of moscow. they called him the face of business and government. he was a gambler so money came second heading the russian mafia inside the kremlin it was enough for boris just raises eyebrows to make gangsters appear. he was a great cardinal of russian politics at the well he was a big time political adventurer some even told him a lot today were.


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