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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the names of russians through the u.s. labeled as human rights violated were published and the people banned from entering the country russia has also slammed american lawmakers want it described as a sentiment a chasm in relations between the state. it's a socialist i call squares off against a champion of the free market for a short presidential campaign in venezuela both vying for leadership over the country with some of the world's biggest oil reserves. chaos in egypt as the religious divide widens coptic christians who have in judo no assault on their main cathedral and say police are texting the perpetrators.
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worldwide news live from moscow this is the with me rule research show us good to have you with us today high profile americans linked with torture illegal it rests and abductions of russian citizens of moscow has now published the names of human rights violators is banned from entering the territory by the measure comes off to a similar move from washington against a number of russians which lawmakers in moscow dubbed as russo phobic to give us more of an impression of what actually sparked an escalated a diplomatic standoff a question about now it joins me live here in the studio good to see you so so russia has fought by who's actually on the list why did the state find the need to publish it get to see it here ari so indies russia has released a list off eighteen officials that are from now own banned from entering the russian federation over. violations that is really a direct response to the u.s. . blacklists which is also so-called needs to list that was published only late
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friday now before it was published russia warned the us that the response would be similar in accordance with the rules of piracy and that's really exactly what we've been saying right now so the list that was just published by the russian side consists really two parts now the fast one as those lists of people who are responsible for human rights violations at the guantanamo bay and then the second one we share the list so we have those people who are responsible for numerous human rights violations of those russian citizens abroad or whatever let's say let's let's address one of those lists now the shorter one has got four names basically being called the guantanamo bay list if i can come over here we start with david addington he was basically chief of staff for dick cheney and joe davidson was the one who was overseeing various interrogation methods one ton of
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obey of course in cuba then we have mr join you from the george w. bush administration didn't he this guy ultimately wrote the torture memos talking about sleep deprivation of waterboarding various type of torture techniques we have david addington joining who coming off to join we have a geoffrey miller ultimately a retired u.s. army official he commanded the u.s. detention facilities at guantanamo bay he was also in charge of abu ghraib in iraq so that one certainly lives on in infamy jeffrey hobson here number four on the list a former u.s. navy guy here ultimately he was in charge of the organization that was supposed to monitor any types of human rights abuses ongoing at guantanamo bay so here we have the four guys on the short list the so-called guantanamo bay list and we do know as far as i understand you are already gauging reaction out of the russian ministry of foreign affairs right trying to have been receiving some comments from russia's foreign ministry and now the ministry says that these sanctions list us. they call
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it includes figure is that you just mention are involved in torture add guantanamo bay and there is also this comment wore off list not of our making russia cannot ignore outright blackmail and rousseau fabio washington lawmakers are responsible for a serious blow to russia u.s. relations and it is indeed what we've been seeing right now a very negative signal that has been sent right on the negative signal and also going between washington and of course moscow but also when it comes to the american list that was published late on friday in the past twenty four hours let's let's pause for a moment let's go to an associate you're going to so you can take us back and give us the broader perspective on how school started in the first place. the obama administration has released a list of russians to be blacklisted under the so-called mug despite moscow's calls not to put such a list together in the first place let alone publish it the list includes eighteen
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names including sixteen judges and investigators in the united states accused of human rights abuses going to directly to the mother needs case these individuals will be forbidden from getting a u.s. visa as well as have their assets frozen so good magnitsky was a russian lawyer who was arrested for tax evasion in two thousand and eight he died a year later while still in pretrial detention at the age of thirty seven since then the u.s. has eagerly been exploiting the circumstances of my death which president putin said was a tragedy moscow one washington that its handling of the case was a domestic issue for russia and russia alone and that the americans must not interfere responding to the so-called my list russia's prime minister dmitry in the fears of so the u.s. has the right to bar anyone from entering its territory by simply denying them a visa so the purpose of this additional ban is unclear except for its symbolism. well pretty much the same words came from russia's foreign ministry sergei lavrov
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who also said that the timing of this publication that was just made by u.s. officials was very poorly chosen and there are also reports that these lists that both sides are already presented to the public are a very well the police are short and there is another extend and a bigger version and both countries both russia and the u.s. possess these types of extended and however there's another point here that it is clear that those russians on the list were never under any investigation really and it has never been proved that there are linked directly to a new human rights abuses now mr gay lover of mansion also who he believes. will closely behind this recent u.s. move. with. the russian move it was conceived by people who are shrewd politically and as far as i
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can tell under the influence of mr broder who earned a fortune in russia illegally it's a hop into the unfortunate surrogate work for him in the criminal case which was open against mr broder involved his lawyer mr magnitsky. now who is william browder he is the founder and the coal owner of the hermitage capital management that's the fund that specializes in forming investment into russia need ski was working at this fund he was an encounter and the fund now brodeur is one of the chief suspects in the really and go we major tax evasion case as i just mentioned continues in russia and just recently russia's investigative commission has published several new accusations against brough were there and just imagine the damage to the budget now as to mainz to be somewhere around one hundred million
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dollars and browder has not stepped foot on russia since two thousand and five and was charged in the charge an assumption of right that well i mean ultimately what's very interesting to dinner is that the blacklist is actually only paul of moscow's response to america's blacklist of polish will think so what there's a game going on here yes true it does really sim like a game going on here and it is really only a part of a major counter a lot towards washington act now it consists as you just mentioned of different articles for instance ilog concerning the noncommercial are going to came into force in november twenty twelve and it also includes expansion for some american n.g.o.s operating in russia however here i need to mention and that's most more importantly now the recent adoption ban now moscow bans adoption off russian children by u.s.
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citizens starting from generally this year and the adoption ban also known as. a flaw was signed pretty shortly after the u.s. passed this so-called magnitsky act and at that time the review sparked some heated debate in both countries in. russia and in the united states what russia has long been demanding information from u.s. authorities on the fate of those russian children who were adopted by u.s. wester parents but this initiative really had very little thick socks in that regard and what is going on right now is that moscow tries to go even further with the issue of child protection right as moscow moscow to try to pursue abuse you of a child security about considers whether to ratify a two international documents aimed at protecting children's rights we're talking about their rights for example protection protect them against prostitution pornography even the sale of children as well now one of the documents comes as part of a wider un convention on the rights of charge children it was accepted and ratified
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by every single member of the general assembly except somalia and the united states is curious certainly mira ribbon is a former director of the american adoption congress and she explains why america alternately failed to put down its stamp of approval what's been reported and seems quite logical that the opposition is coming from conservative religious groups and their opposition seems to be based on that it's going to usurp the corrent bill rights and. state and federal laws here in the united states these people are very concerned about rights such as death to the child shouldn't be able to have the choice to choose his own religion they're concerned about their right to punish their children and they're concerned that
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ratifying this treaty would interfere with their individual rights. now summing up what we see in the end of the day is that both countries have their own blacklist and both a which consists of eighteen officials. question of a live in the studio thank you. well allegations of plots conspiracies and treachery they're coming in the can a fast in venezuela copping a short but rather presidential campaign some nineteen million venezuela's will vote tomorrow for the next leader that's ahead a country with some of the world's biggest oil reserves. game. chooses president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy. after calming down self-styled socialism or free market venezuela votes.
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just exchange of the government's accuse the opposition of bringing in colombian power a minute trees to sow chaos on election day charge that. the opposition claims to be the victim of a government smear campaign now allegation that's been ridiculed by the authorities . are now reports on the faces of the venezuelan election chances. important elections for the venezuelan people certainly snap elections after the death of this about a month ago it has been a short campaign for everyone who has been unfolding there are two top contenders in these elections on the one hand you have a nicolas maduro he's the acting interim president of the country he was the vice president during the thomases time and on the other hand you pick up you know this happened run i guess a good and options in october two thousand and twelve and he's a rivalry with talking about bringing change to the country now there's been
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a lot of name calling during this campaign period you have a little accusing us of being at the prince of the bourgeoisie not representing the poor calling him capricious some of the other hand she's accusing me of being a liar or using this as a body to launch a political campaign now however they did talk to both of them talk on the issue of tackling crime in the country this is a top concern of the citizens here they want to see the quantum level addressed and brought down the smallest of government bureaucracy and inefficiencies in the work staunchest supporters very loyal to her that this is still for the social socialist revolution big want to continue this and some of them out of this loyalty to vote for nicolas maduro on the other hand you have those people who have been blaming the government for a lot of the problems of the country not least of these two which is why you want to see what they say is a bit of stagnation in terms of the way business is going in the country and they say they will vote for the best so many are watching these elections closely not
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least of which is the united states and has had strained relations with the country during the time of google chavez the for everyone else who is observing and want to know what happens next the question they want to answer really is what stuff is that is really going to take in the hands of somebody other than who goes this. reporting. on represent a continuation of his policies but almost certainly have trouble filling his producers shoes that's according to international consultant adrian sol bucci he spoke to my colleague and a bit of a. probably one of the main problems that nicolas maduro has that he does not have the same charisma the same popularity sort of surfing on the hugo chavez wave so to speak and that's why he's using a lot of your memory of hugo chavez the image of hugo chavez the actual ideas and this course that he gave to the people but nicolas maduro himself really has no
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special personal power base that he can fall back upon that's why it's really hugo chavez who is in the election through nicolas maduro so to speak on the list take a minute now to talk about the second candidate sure way and rekick a pretty as he wants to create a free market economy is that something venezuelans want as well well some do some don't some but as well as definitely are very tied in with the interests of the united states hugo chavez and hopefully my doodle have done a very good job for them for the region in the long term something that i'm sure mr copley was would not because he would completely aligned venezuela into united states requirements and banking global financial interests are stronger ties with the u.s. if he gets in does that mean that dictate that does that mean the u.s. will dictate more to venezuela in the future than oh absolutely they tried to do it as a matter of fact they tried to do that exactly eleven years ago when on the eleventh and twelfth of april two thousand and two they staged
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a coup d'etat the orchestra. where mr completeness was one of the key people in the coup d'etat he was only too young then but mr koppel egoless is definitely the face of washington inside minister ever. well the us wish list of political change. coming up here in washington try to reach every point in the world as the country political forces in exchange for loyalty if indeed it means a geo political gain of this story and a lot more after the break. which
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. program documentaries an. intriguing story. visit.
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president. following the presiding judge is with he said he felt. the case went to court again over the killing of protesters during the hour. appeals court overturned that ruling the original trial which began. seen as a symbol of change in egypt but many supporters of the revolution frustrated by the . time when the current president morsi is facing mounting protests he's accused of betraying the arab spring. brotherhood and. with coptic christians facing increased. saying the police have done little to protect them. days after
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a brutal assault on egypt's main coptic cathedral activists and opposition leaders meet to discuss a response many of them like tony sabri a christian protester who was trapped inside the church say they're still in shock . because. tax cuts from everywhere even from the street next to the gas stations by the supporters the police called insults that are this is going to be one of the civilians bombarded us with molotov cocktails rocks rubber bullets and live ammunition and the police protect the home market if they were painting the. sort of the more the nation was shocked on sunday and bloody scenes of egypt's security post is firing tear gas and birdshot bullets directly at mourners gathered on st marks the beach or here behind me one of the main churches to coptic christians president mohamed morsi has promised to investigate and his alleged comments saying an attack on this cathedral was an attack on himself has done little to satisfy the
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coptic christian community with divisions deepening between the two religions many fear the worst has yet to come in the aftermath of the attack coptic pope to watch the second criticize the president for failing to protect the cathedral members of the clergy present at the scene also demanded answers. at the cathedral has never been a time before who the people outside the cathedral and why did the police not even attempt to intervene why didn't they arrest one single person. had been a riot egypt director of human rights watch agrees government neglect is contributing to rising sectarian turmoil part of the problem is the way the authorities respond to incidents where there's violence between muslim and christian communities there's a long history of purity for sectarian violence and a fairly it's really acknowledge that there is a serious problem the reason funday is such a worrying precedent is that we saw the police we saw images of the police finding with people who are throwing stones or sometimes shooting at cathedral grounds
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leading member of the ruling freedom and justice party dr amr darrag admits the police behaved unprofessionally but claims this state is not to blame the christian cause community has been suffering from from the behavior of the previous three to find all the time people trying to ignite the situation trying to cause chaos trying to spread violence as part of the the air force to. bring down the revolution so it is very likely that these forces are behind this and we would like to know who is behind this and bring it to justice despite these assurances with only two prosecutions for sectarian violence since the revolution many believe the new muslim brotherhood government is continuing mubarak's culture of impunity in the meantime thousands continue to demand justice for the cathedral victims and christians like tony say they will continue to protest in till the government acts
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this is true for r t. and we come here live from moscow with the president vladimir putin announces the russian budget for space exploration it's about a sky rocket from seeing more than fifteen billion dollars to be pumped into the space program and told twenty twenty details for you online at r.t. dot com. and in america the f.b.i. is doing all it can to sneak a closer peek at. personal online communication at r.t. dot com you can find out how much money the agency wants to be paid in order to pry into the lives of its citizens. the u.s. has i once again hinted more is set to head to the syrian rebels as our secretary of state john kerry meets with the opposition for many this indicated washington's sticking firmly to the trend of supporting the loyal movements or governments at any costs as artie's guy and i can found out the u.s.
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doesn't limit itself to influencing just one country opposition leaders in many countries have sought and received washington's backing but u.s. support often comes at a price counting on money and arms from washington and its allies serious opposition coalition has elected a us citizen. to be the leader of an interim government we are serious have to take action we must action the syrian born i-t. executive from texas misty hito may have washington's blessing to form a new government in syria but even anti outside voices inside the country say instead of uniting syrians the american leader in syria will sow even more division . in order for mr hill to build a team with which you could have mutual understanding he needs to find these people abroad it means that these people will have no idea what life is like here before the election i didn't even know his name well this whole election of the government
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down the prime minister was simply chimerical. for the us the benefits of having a government that owes its power to washington can be considerable and that is the case with the current levy and government but oh the current regime mostly into the united states and the united states will be seeking and are cashing that check very effectively for their own interests in terms of the strategic geographically importance of libya united states and west europe how about in terms of unfettered access to the hybrid resources of libya against the resource nationalism with all his government they have for years the u.s. has supported the opposition in another oil rich countries venezuela in the hope that it would replace the lead to good childless u.s. educated in the cup previous would be washington's perfect choice in the budget the state department's budget for two thousand and thirteen there was a paragraph included that specifically said money is for these venezuelan political
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groups that are aligned with the opposition or that form the opposition of more than three million dollars right wing government under someone like enrique corporeal is a menace well what helped the us regain its influence and dominance in the region it's not uncommon for washington to host prominent opposition figures whether from cuba or china the declared seem is u.s. support for human rights. i'm learning the constitution of the us and the declaration of independence for me to have a better comparison with china so that will help me to improve chinese law in the future but some note throughout the history of washington's dealings with the opposition in different countries there was another common theme it's my experience after studying. many thousands of u.s. diplomatic cables that. the united states makes a. gain influence and contacts and informants.
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we've seen opposition movements in order to corrupt them partly in order to have. the elite also in the second in case there is a transition of power having said all that it's not all oppressed opposition figures that washington welcomes for example the us is not going out of its way to free opposition figures brain who are sentenced to life in prison for taking part in protest against the government there are a host the u.s. fifth fleet in the persian gulf so washington has been quite selective as far as who's opposition it supports in washington i'm going to check out. i'm just a moment breaking the set and be mine.
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with oil pipes bursting in arkansas people across the usa started to realize that they are moving towards what the atlantic calls the infrastructure cliff in short america's infrastructure started to get a bit old and according to infrastructure port org the u.s. needs about three point six trillion dollars of infrastructure spending by twenty twenty to turn things around the site sponsored by the american society of civil engineers gave all aspects of american infrastructure like bridges and drinking water and schools cetera some pretty bad grades except for solid waste removal for some reason in their opinion everything in the us is going to crap except for america's ability to throw solid crap away i'm not trying to sit here and scare you there is nothing to fear this is a big challenge but is a very possible one to accomplish according to cost of war dot org the last ten years of war of cost about three point one trillion dollars just cutting wars in half by fifty percent could put a huge dent in the infrastructure spending and what about all those billions in bailout that were spent you see the money is there it just gets wasted if the money
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stops getting thrown away and starts getting spent a well planned infrastructure then the infrastructure will start paying for itself rocket infrastructure creates wealth so don't fear the infrastructure cliff just stop wasting money or allowed politicians to waste money and everything will turn out to be just fine but that's just my opinion. download the official publication so choose a life stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on see anytime anywhere.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food because you know how. i mean. i know that i'm seeing the same thing really messed up. and we're all very so personally apologized and said. the worst you're going to. find out soup of a. radio guy in fort lauderdale minutes from a quick profit. quote for a politician because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. what's good folks welcome to breaking the set i man well rob lowe filling in for abby martin you know these.


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