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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got. i mean family and such and i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so. that's the worst year for the little thing the white house or the. radio guy told me that. i want. to give you never seen anything like that and i'm telling. you guys i'm abby martin in the break in the set do you remember that uproar over cispa the all pervasive cyber security bill you know the one that would allow private companies to share the information they collect on you but the government would limit or not cisco's back up despite a white house veto on the bill the first time around it's been introduced yet again
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and the bill is just as invasive the as ever before which is why you and i need to make sure it doesn't pass its final vote in the house this week but on a more somber note there's a lot to be said about what happened in boston this week and what's happened since tensions are high and emotions raw i couldn't help but think to myself while watching the coverage on news this kind of horror is what people experience on a daily basis in countries like yemen pakistan afghanistan and iraq much of which is at the hands of this government in fact in the same day as the boston bombings there was a wave of seventeen bombings across iraq that killed thirty three people look we just are thinking globally and start understanding that every action there's a correlation every human being is precious and every loss of life tragic so it's hard to take obama seriously when he says things like this in response or any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it's a. acts of terror well it seems like you just summed up your drone policy abroad
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some maybe it's time to look in the mare obama. i. took two deadly explosions set off near the finish line of the boston marathon on monday sent shock waves across this country at least three people were killed including one eight year old boy and over one hundred forty people injured however since the tragedy there's been countless kneejerk reactions and baseless speculations circulated in the media world over the who the what and the why see for yourself. it's like. a bomb explosion that we hear about in the news in baghdad or israel or some other. place in the world the materials use or incredibly commonplace it seems pressure cookers basic circuitry the problem there of course
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is that commonplace objects harder to track and also i think to sort of effectively strike fear in the hearts of americans because they're so ordinary you know if anybody can do this who's to say that everybody american citizen blows up random people that's a middle eastern scene that's not an american scene what are crazies go off they they target the government or kind of explosives were used so for instance if it was just sort of a signature of al qaida if it was more conventional explosives which are much harder to get hold of now that might be some other kind of right wing extremist you know everything from a lone wolf jihad is to a right wing extremist and also i don't think it's a great idea to outline the anarchist cookbook to millions of viewers on cable t.v. the reactionary absurdity range from alex jones tweeting within thirty minutes it was a false flag to eric rush or fox contributor who only hours after. said that muslims
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are evil and that quote we should kill them all yes this is a public call to exterminate one point six billion people in retaliation for an attack perpetrated by a suspect whose identity remains completely unknown. but even though no actual facts of emerge about the attack in the past two days that hasn't stopped the corporate media from area around the clock coverage based in higher li on speculation so vial his media corporations a horror out tragedy i mean do we really need to see the bloody explosion in slow motion frame by frame a million times plus all of this coverage is just filler in the place of real news guys we're not learning anything this is nothing more than disaster porn these people are so desperate to report on any information that they that jumping the gun and reporting false information time and time again and this regurgitation is going on twenty four seven like this story from the new york post which reported within
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hours of the bombing that a saudi man was in custody and of course every mainstream outlet ran with the story just like they did today when for the billion the time when yet another breaking news story emerged across the mainstream that there's a new suspect under arrest check it out. one of the sources is a boston law enforcement source who tells me that an arrest has been made in the investigation which identified has now been arrested fox news alert and now it is being told to fox news to a fox news reporter that indeed an arrest has been made so what you're hearing from three separate sources is that no arrest and they do not know the identity of the person what do they have where we just don't know what the cases and i told the viewers from the beginning we're going to try to be transparent about the information coming in and how many sources we had on it where was coming from and that's what we've done now we find ourselves at two twenty seven pm eastern time not knowing exactly whether an arrest has been made or not yes made in the. quite
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obvious that you know nothing so i guess the moral of the stories of turn off the corporate news and wait until facts emerge that we can actually analyze but of course if we did that we miss the next breaking story within the breaking news story because you see over the last twenty four hours public officials including the white house have received letters containing the deadly poison ricin for restarting flashbacks of the anthrax attacks in the wake of nine eleven remember this the anthrax the u.s. government initially tried to link to muslim extremists and later to saddam hussein ended up coming from the u.s. government's very own bio weapons lab if there's any lesson learned here is that we shouldn't jump to conclusions we should always question the claims that are made and question the way this attack will be manipulated by the establishment a media that feeds us disinformation in times of strife is nothing but reactionary and irresponsible this is zero we men on one tragedy for weeks on end whilst
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ignoring the terrorism sponsored by our own tax dollars around the world is the real disservice made to the american public. the way of the world in washington d.c. is one where if you stand against the grain and you stand alone as was the case with congresswoman cynthia mckinney who served six terms representing the state of georgia her vocal opposition to many establishment policies set her apart as a fearless trailblazer and she channeled that the same descent into her political activism ever since leaving office she's done everything from running for president with the green party in two thousand and eight to taking trips to gaza to bring emergency aid to palestinians well earlier i had the chance to speak to congresswoman mckinney i first asked her what her thoughts are looking back after getting smeared and gerrymandered out of office and this is what she had to say.
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but wait you would start out with this because this is exactly what i was thinking about myself is i recently wrote a piece about the soccer repression that i continue to experience even up to right now and. as explained in the academic literature soft repression consists of ridicule stigma and then finally silencing when all else fails then the person ceases to exist so yes it's not just that you raise an issue and you try and do the appropriate research which is a responsible way to approach any issue if yes particularly if you're an elected official and this is the kind of pushback you get from the special interest who don't want the truth to come out and as you've just outlined i mean it permeates
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for years and years after the propaganda machines at the height of the smearing. the congressman rather let's go over some of the things that you have to just be me . and there's another example of it too even after dr martin luther king jr was dad and now because of the jury decision in december of ninety nine in memphis tennessee we know that the jury decided bet the evidence was overwhelming that the united states government itself but just played it in a conspiracy to kill dr martin luther king jr and guess what that did not in the smearing the smearing continued well after he was dead oh yeah i mean that's still ridiculed and mocked as a conspiracy there i mean this is declassified documents that have led to the civil suit that you're talking about that have. overwhelmingly confirm it is unanimous
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decision from over seventy eyewitnesses who testified there and let's go over some of the things that you did speak out on when you were in office i love this quote i remember you grilling rumsfeld on the house floor in two thousand and five over number of issues i wanted to play one of which was regarding dying core in child trafficking let's take a look at that. called for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business but at the very moment of that speech dein corps was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children mr secretary is it policy of the u.s. government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls so after you know that was years ago and then i see an article like this sent their words as foreign contractors hired afghan dancing boys according to wiki leaks i mean this is well after you had already address it and i just sunday of course website there were just a war to twenty million dollar contract i mean this is on top of the the slew of
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criminal activity we already know that these military contractors are responsible for why is the government still allowing this to happen and covering it up well you know general. donald rumsfeld's response was that you know companies you know are allowed to get out of the penalty box but as i pointed out to have dined gore was never in the audience and so we've got these military contractors who are former generals and big shots you know law and policy google rules military gurus who are and and of course political insiders who hold or ahead these organizations these companies and they are able to act with impunity using taxpayers' dollars and so it's about time that the people of the united states say not in our name no. with our tax dollars and we will
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demand of our members of congress that they hold these organizations accountable but it hasn't happened yet. will feel like what you see so far check is on hulu at hulu dot com says breaking those set there you can watch the latest episode of breaking a set like mondays which featured my interview with sex and relationship expert on how to be belles a scroll through and watch every episode it's something that old summer so good fever s. common are doing out of good outcomes i'm going to set a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear more on my interview with former congresswoman cynthia mckinney next. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future of coverage.
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to. have you ever seen anything like this. now let's hear more from former congresswoman cynthia mckinney. i want to play you get another portion of that same clip that you grilled him about nine eleven war games let's take a look at. the question was we had four more games going on on
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september eleventh and the question that i tried to pose before the secretary had to go to lunch was whether or not the activities of the for war games. going on on september eleventh actually impaired our ability to to respond to the attacks so sent via the general of course followed up senate and pair their ability it enhanced their ability i mean when i saw this quip when i was younger i was like who is this woman i love her i mean why do you think of a war games were important as like nine eleven there were many researchers independent researchers citizen researchers who. had begun to try and delve into the facts around september eleventh because clearly we were not getting any kind of back to wall accounting from the bush administration and i wasn't contact with them the leading one of course was michael rupert
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who eventually went on to write the book crossing the rubicon where he spelled everything out you know sort of pin the blame on the cheney operation out of the white house and now there was a mistake though that i made and the mistake was that i specified that there were four war games going on because now we know that there were far more war games going on and one of the ways that we found that out was when the secretary responded with the names of the war games there were two additional names that nobody knew about none of the researchers knew about so mad we know that there were six seven who knows how many war games going on that in my mind is a clear indication that something untoward was happening on september eleventh and
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that's why i have followed up that question was was september eleventh a special security event was it designated as a special security event prior to. the events of september eleventh and of course the answer came back that it had not been so designated. but war games i mean you know the war games was only one aspect of getting through to secretary rumsfeld that there was at least one member on the house armed services committee who was paying attention to what they said and you know but the value as i think back on it of me being there and being able to put these things on the record was that i did the same thing i was equal opportunity you know so i did it i asked penetrating questions of madeleine albright when she was secretary of state
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i asked the same penetrating questions of collin powell when he was secretary of state because the bottom line is that we live in a republic and the people who we vote for and the lads have a responsibility to represent our interests and our values and that's what i tried to do every day that i was on capitol hill where don rumsfeld deflected all of your questions but they were very important simply i mean this is particularly one of the most important aspects of nine eleven because why would they have all these war games scuttlebutt took the fighters far away from where there is a space station and in order to respond effectively to these attacks which they're trained to do so it is a very very crucial aspect and i'm really happy that you got to confront about that you also asked about the two point three trillion dollars missing from the pentagon
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that he announced on the day before nine eleven of course was forgot about completely after the event when you get on multiple aid missions to gaza after leaving office i mean a boat that you were on actually got and you ended up in an israeli jail why is this sort of radical action necessary. i'm glad you're almost the question in the way that you posed it it is necessary. ari because the situation has come so far so i'm hinged that ever in the every day affairs of the u.s. government now we cannot assume that the bill of rights of quizes to us we can that's why it was so important for me to participate in the liberty fest that recently took place in atlanta because this idea this cherished notion of liberty is literally at risk and. well george bush
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pinned everything all of the rolling of the war machine was because of september eleventh and then after george w. bush were obama says that you know we have to kill people all over the planet because of september eleventh and so if we don't get to really. the heart of the operation of our government and what our government is doing in our name with their tax dollars then i am one of the first was to say sadly that the constitution will mean nothing the bill of rights will mean nothing rule of law will move nothing and we're getting closer to that point every day if you can just imagine how far along on the political spectrum we've come. when you have a republican president. leaving office dwight eisenhower we're going to see people about the military industrial complex and you
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have the or obama a democratic president actually advocating cutting social security and medicare which constitute the social safety net for our seniors i wanted to ask you one more question about palestine since you've been there for an activist for the palestinian cause of course in the u.s. we don't even acknowledge what our tax dollars are funding and terms of the some part of state do you think that there is even a chance until we see world pressure such as what what we can solve with south african apartheid to end the israeli apartheid i mean is there even a chance without back kind of pressure to end what's going on. well that kind of pressure actually is building and mounting today i was honored just certain to be asked to serve as a juror on the bertrand russell tribunal on palestine and we actually traveled to
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cape town south africa so that we could investigate and hear from south africans about their experience and in part and apartheid and then also hear from israelis both jewish and arab and also. the palestinians in the west bank and in the i.q. bad we couldn't they wouldn't allow of representatives from gaza to come but we were able to hear what their treatment like what their day to day activities are like and. the south africans said that the palestinian experience and they said this on the record is worse than what they experienced under apartheid and so a part of that now is an international crime and that's why the government of israel has steadfastly a holes like for example when president jimmy
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carter wrote the book palestine not apartheid or apartheid not palestine or something like that at least not at all had east not apartheid. that they came down so hard and president carter because they didn't walk the association to be made as a result now bertrand russell tribunal on palestine has gone on record and said yes while. the features of apartheid in palestine are significantly different from the features of apartheid in south africa the practices of israel with respect to the palestinians whether they are inside israel or inside the occupied territories do constitute a legal breach and that legal breach is apartheid so now it's very clear that israel is an apartheid state and the recommendation coming from the
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bertrand russell the tribunal on palestine was that the b.b.s. boycott divestment and sanctions regime that was engaged in by civil society with respect to south africa and that eventually helped to bring a part i down in south africa should be in gauged vigorously. with respect to israel as well and israeli practices against the palestinians i am very pleased and proud. really honored to have been able to serve as a juror on that tribe you know well and who is standing on the side of israel in this situation to stand on the wrong side of history frankly i mean people in this country really need to wake up because as long as the u.s. is allowing the violation of international law i don't really see israel changing its ways congresswoman and i want to move on to just this whole rebranding of the war on terror you mentioned obama's kind of and haired and harradine of bush's
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whole policy of the war on terror of course now we're seeing drone bombings instead of ground troops now we're seeing these interventions under the cloak of nato humanitarian interventions with libya why do you think or what do you think it will take to really get a new antiwar opposition to these new actions because of course we didn't really see that in terms of libya and now we're seeing really strong rhetoric about syria well first of all we've got to get a false actors in the pretenders out of peace. because they are there to hinder the peace movement not to promote it one of the things that i found in my reading in my school were reading was the origin of this war on terror which is very interesting because when israel carried out a targeted assassination. and they ended up killing the wrong person and after that the international outcry was so huge they ended up killing an innocent doctor and
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so the outcry was so huge that the ministration set former senator george mitchell chill israel to specifically tell israel not to use the words war on terror. because that was what israel was using to justify its policy of targeted assassination that's where we get the war on terror now it's common usage it's common parlance and. i believe this was israel's response to george mitchell to his mission and that was to make sure that the whole world use the language war on terror which now of course it is and it's a very dangerous language indeed congress under because it's perpetual it's it's
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never ending you are fighting a war against a tactic i mean it's it's completely insane let's talk about hugo chavez and you're about to go on the speaking tour you were in venezuela immediately in the wake of his death what do you think of the media portrayal in the aftermath of his death mocking people mourning him versus what we're seeing in the wake of margaret thatcher's just to look at wolf blitzer and c.n.n. and fox friends and you know i cannot stomach them because of the blather that they serve unfortunately that blather is being eaten in consumed by the vast majority of the people in the united states but a significant number of people an increasing number of people are abandoning cable television because what they're getting is a distraction and just information they're getting anything except information and empowering empowerment they're not getting that. former
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congresswoman cynthia mckinney i'm happy she's turned off the corporate news because if we don't. and we can't to the truth and you know it's a shame that all the honest representatives get phased out one by one speaking truth to power may not be a popular move but it's the right move and more people need to step up. you know sometimes you see a story that seems so bleak you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome to the big picture.
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