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tv   The Truthseeker  RT  April 19, 2013 7:44am-8:00am EDT

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so forth but when it's the obama administration somehow the conversation changes and that conversation even includes kids this video shows children still brigley being electroshock in the u.s. in this case thirty one times in a row the behavior research institute has changed its name to the friendlier judge rotenberg center but children there still deliberately stove of food and electrocuted psychologist dr jeff kaye thanks a lot for coming on any proof whatsoever on the benefits of electrocution and i agree with the u.n. special report we were against torture. who condemned using the so-called contingent shock therapy on. children it's crazy isn't it worst people in a very little fashion to to do what they're minders or telling them to do that's all it really is about and that of course is a form of torture a report finds torture in u.s.
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jails is absolutely roys but on a bike talks to chemicals held in stress chez gold's give vicious beatings using electric cattle prods and tasers jail bosses even admit they quote enjoy causing pain you're out of being a mexican prison so that's the worst president in jail in a world you want to be there. we treat you worse than a mexican and mexico yeah it's pretty prison torture in the states is quote stroy kingly similar to abuse abroad the white house calls isolated incidents but identical tool show who did rope wood to electricity has been captured in jails across the us is the recommended pose from the us tool show manual aka the human resource exploitation manual stress positions known as self home combined with sensory deprivation that's food and goebbels plus electroshocks cosmo. most quote
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physical weakness with least evidence of bruising but the pentagon admits is hiding hundreds of photos of u.s. torture even worse according to senator ron wyden take the worst case multiply it several times over there are u.s. soldiers raping iraq he will be in close quote every indecency and abuse abu ghraib victims instead of those in the white washed official report first reuters this the result is clinton finds reaction to the must've told to cover up still going all. during tool sure and instills this solmes blasted at deafening levels the cloke one f.b.i. office that describes the us tool just sessions. i entered interview rooms to find the detainees chained hand and foot in the fetal position on the floor with no chair food or water most times they had urinated or desiccated on themselves and
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had been left there for eighteen twenty four hours or more interrogators the day before had made the temperature in the room well over one hundred degrees the detainee was almost unconscious on the floor with a pile of hair next to him he had apparently been literally pulling his own hair out throughout the night we don't torture people let me say that again to you we don't torture people ok come on a large we don't torture people one victim was beaten so viciously for three years by us military that he quote lacks the capacity to assist in his own defense tool church has turned him into a vegetable so you one person who the white house know of myths they wrongly accused so for all twelve techniques from the cia torture manual kicking beatings with a cold up prolonged stress positions confinement in the books nudity. exposures to
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freezing temperatures sleep deprivation over seven days a time. to link threats of ill treatment forced shaving starvation and also building he's now also brain damaged he called recognize his mother's face but the pentagon photo is good it takes tool to support his just ten seconds to say waterboarding is both medieval and produces unreliable info everything completely goes on you when you read the water. you can't think about anything else in these amateur waterboarding in the media they're not even getting near where waterboarding starts they're just getting a little water in their sinuses it's when the water starts to push down and you start to gasp for air and when you take that gas. that's when it overrides you your epiglottis will start pouring into your lungs and you start feeling it right about here and that's when you start to panic and you start to struggle and as you start
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to struggle you start pushing on your buy and then if you know if you've got to you start kicking your feet together and then you start violently spasming when the senate found tortured produced no useful intelligence whatsoever cia counterterrorism both jose rodriguez and his assistant panicked they rushed to an industrial shredder destroying ninety two tapes of zayn another victims being brutally pointlessly tortured this e-mail between the cia forces explains the cover up. as jose said the heat from destroying is nothing compared to when the tapes got into public domain they would make us look terrible but instead of prosecuting for destroying evidence of ball more promote film the woman who helped or greatest got the tapes just got a major promotion to his former job putting her in charge of drones and of the secret programs the cia's teamed up with hollywood to portray that woman in her fifty's as a young mortal whose torture foils bin loden this filth proclaimed true story
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lawyers to his viewers so despicably in fact torture did not help find him or anyone else this senior senators have even launched an official complaint zero dollars thirty director kathryn bigelow rules are one of those go for the whole locker where heroic americans help stupid to roll keys is dubbed the lady roy from stall of all rage well some stole directed troil of the world in which she grew reforms german brutality film or maybe us aboard. dear kathryn bigelow the propaganda amendment just signed into the mold by the president legalizes direct funding a pro-government message in the media with that disclosure aimed at american citizens the more probability. your message the more help you currently can get from personality sets to technology millions of dollars for the gigantic ad campaign that a film like this needs to an audience in
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a time of darkness in america you are being feted but your career has taken the path of other female apologists for evil lenny riefenstahl glamorize the national socialist now you will be remembered forever as tortures hunted made a. commission blindly accept must give you shows like twenty four others who would show that torture was in fact an acceptable form of behavior. tell me what you know about the hillocks protocol zero dark thirty we don't have that we have something against another from my standpoint even further down the line of horror in which. torture is a way to move up the bureaucratic hierarchy i mean it becomes a question of others there's we and then there's the other we during world war two and i know that russia was victimized in print precisely by this kind of thought. were fascist thought took the idea that slugs and russians were something less than
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human the japanese did the same thing to the russians and the chinese and the koreans so and the americans of course have done this to numerous few peoples around the world in this life in a tool to state affect people unconsciously the one time up for instance there's a hunger strike going on men who feel desperate about their very lives and yet the population as a whole goes about its daily business as if nothing is happening and i i don't hear that there's a dismay about it but if you do open up and i talk to a lot of people in my job you find that people are aware that there's a kind of there's a subliminal or even more awareness to this and underneath it i think you have higher rates of depression anxiety the pentagon's now full feeding guantanamo hunger strike is simply because it calls prison that this quote the all the leading lawyer military cohen thanks so much for joining us was full speeding also close to
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school they have a two that they got in the know and down into the demick incredibly painful no sterilization between us and people call it. a excruciating no anesthesia and it does amount to try to share more of britney american medical association the world medical association the declaration of tokyo and knock out all say that doctors should not participate in force feeding dk need the detainee understand the consequences of refusing were even hearing doctors telling interrogators victims physical and psychological we exposed to help. the tool to compute represents a debate of thanks for joining us is that how to make medical personnel were participating in the interrogation of prisoners and assisting in the torture of prisoners.
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taken top investigates just lippold to use over to get through the bush administration secrecy and reveal the flex of tool to jason thanks for coming on how is the boma comparing to push comes down to this daniel is that this administration is not transparent obviously trying to hype something what we saw during the bush years when the when when george bush and his administration lacked transparency they were hiding. crimes we're still hearing stories about individual certainly being turned over to countries and other governments that still engage in torture we don't know what's taking place on these boats prior to. you know being sent to you know the u.s. for charge or trial a propaganda war to repaint tool tourists something noble is old mix that with the
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christie even the bush administration could much royd just of obama's election campaign so is more real more like school cheering the facts this is the truth so you go.
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i. know why things are going republican. better all for the state of. texas has got its own like. has got all the hauling. it's got all that and. everything it needs it can survive but the rest united states would say the rest. are mine. striving for bread and an independent future. republican texas analyse. i live.
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a. good speech. i wish i. could. just say. i. bought him a little. secret laboratory was able to build the most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me creation why you should care about
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humans and work this is why you should care only on the. you. good evening. boston lockdown two suspects from monday's the marathon bombings are believed to be from russia's north caucuses one tuesday to have the others on the run after
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a police shootout police are combing the area for the second man a warning locals to stay at home and not open their doors or to strangers. it's a four pm here in the russian capital you're watching r t a live with me to balance a nod to our ongoing story the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings are reportedly from russia's north caucuses a massive a police operation so one of the men shall data while the other is still at large and is described as and dangerous the manhunt to started after the shooting death of a college a police officer and a carjacking overnight now live to our correspondent gonna change again in the washington post the latest guy you know what more do we know about the identities.


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