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international at the very heart of moscow. southern europe braces itself sara to protest as people direct the three international financial institutions accused of demanding cuts but offering few visible solutions. the u.s. again increases the number of detainees it admits are on hunger strike a gun tunnel as their push will figure edges closer to that claimed by lawyers says the beginning. and who turned it straight to the russian president holds his annual q. and a with the nation they call me and social issues are the top of a long list of questions people want answers to.
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this is r.c.a. coming here live from moscow hello and welcome to the program massive growth in portugal later as people revolt against government cuts around one billion euros is the latest public demonstration of resentment in europe towards the three international financial institutions known as the troika which as to say have a demands are being made of the people for very little result. of a now reports. twenty fifth is the day that the portuguese celebrate. revolt of a different kind. on the streets of. to demonstrate current government in the country and. the three. given to the. nation. the international monetary fund the european.
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one of the main targets. as well their own politicians that this isn't the only nation demonstrations take place. in spain around one thousand four hundred riot police. to try and make sure that demonstrations there. as we have seen in the past now it's not just the people of europe that have been voicing their displeasure. here in europe with senior members of the european parliament. against the way that. the seemingly. very same. way that the situation. as neo colonialism.
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must be an inquiry into just. about so much tension and lost respect for the e.u. markets the politicians. again and they want to make sure that it. was a good idea. and that the day and the round of demonstrations in europe people come out. with the way things are going that they won't change and they won't change to come quickly. earlier on she spoke to a member of the monetary committee saying the european parliament he believes the troika forces countries to agree terms wish don't favor them i think that the way that europe is handling this crisis shows that they're not really in
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this to handle a crisis but just to increase the amount of power that they have over the member states and we can see that with cyprus they know they're losing their independence it doesn't matter for a commission if things go wrong because you know they will still be there the next day. the everyone in such a country is looking for a solution and therefore they are willing to accept a. worse deal and every time and yes i fully agree that we should get rid of the troika so let's not let nothing get obviously younger said who was the princess or of mr dyson will always say well we do take important decisions during the weekend because you know people don't take don't pay any attention what we're looking at is basically a kind of dictatorship that feels that it's been hindered by the fact that there is free press and he's an excess of scale so spoke to a no euro skeptic the head of the u.k. independence party nigel farage and he believes the days of the eurozone are
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numbered and that people should withdraw that money from its banks before what happened in cyprus happens elsewhere. big investors should be worried all over the euro zone but i mean i i ponder in three years what would happen when spain finally went back how would they possibly deal with the sheer scale of the bailout that would be needed which perhaps would be five or six hundred billion euros how could this happen without huge american support or global help what cyprus has done is give us the template or what they will do in future is they won't buy all countries out there. and they'll do it by stealing investors' money by taxing people on their properties and by forcing central banks into selling their holdings of gold i mean this is a truly a dollar situation where if this plan is giving the green light to all the people who are affected will actually accepted what in a sense they may not have much choice because if their money is in bank accounts
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and literally that money is stolen from them without them having to give their consent then it's difficult to see what they can do so my advice to people is if you own property if you've got money in bank accounts in the eurozone get your money out before they come after you because it's perfectly clear that is their plan heading on from here mr ferrars we've heard some harsh criticism coming from some european parliamentary members against the troika conglomerate some of them saying that this entity should be even disorder would in your opinion that fix the problem it's quite right that there should be criticism of the troika really it's quite extraordinary that. all these countries that have been in trouble with the eurozone they've effectively given up parliamentary democracy and handed it over to a very arrogant troika but it's all well and good for members of the european parliament to criticize the troika given that they make up third of that troika and i would much rather see rather than their parliamentary colleagues i'd much rather
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see them supporting my plan which is to get the european commission next month in this building let's have a mo. debate in the way they behave as part of the trite mr ferrars my final question just briefly do you think this current economic crisis in the euro zone could somehow lead to a hypothetical collapse of the whole european union there is absolutely no way that the eurozone can last forever they may keep it going for a few more years by invoking ever more extreme measures but ultimately the eurozone is going to break up. the economics that break it up it may be civil disobedience or violence on a very large scale that eventually get some of those mediterranean countries out and after that i think the big question then is well what is the european union for and i say the alternative model that a growing number of people in the e.u. were talking about which is a europe based on cooperation europe based on trade a europe based on nation state democracy i think that vision is one that can only grow in support as the years go by. there's
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a report very shortly that tough economic times are hurting even the most vulnerable. here i feel like. laying on a gay teen and the blade back and i don't doubt it's going to drop or not. thousands of disabled in the u.k. could soon be forced to prove to the government they are disabled enough to get the money they need to live. in the us military is being forced to admit almost daily that they gone tunnel bay hunger strikers are increasing in number but their official figures still lover than that claimed by lawyers who say the majority of the one hundred sixty six detainees there have been starving themselves for nearly three months the official figures rose exponentially of the prison guards try to break up the prison as protest get moes official say ninety two detainees are now refusing all strewed with seventeen
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being force fed and two in hospital and there have been several recent suicide attempts and the military's muslim advisor that says he's worried the protests will lead to deaths detainees have grown desperate over their indefinite detention without charge with some believing they'll never leave the notorious facility as are his and their chicken reports. u.s. officials now acknowledge that ninety two detainees source starving themselves of guantanamo the military has been updating the numbers since the middle of march saying at the beginning that they were putting people on strike the detainees defense lawyers have been saying all along there were many more around one hundred thirty they would say earlier this month the president tried to put an end to the strike by putting the inmates in solitary confinement authorities said they raided the communal living area and force the detainees into individual cells to prevent them from covering cameras did help the number has doubled since then according to the officials again the numbers that we've been getting from defense lawyers were
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different all along out of one hundred sixty six one tunnel prisoners eighty six have been cleared for release so the sole reason they're still to help captive is their nationality i had a chance to ask the. assistant secretary on human rights about this collective punishment based on nationality here's what she said the president has made clear his commitment to closing guantanamo but this has to be done in accordance with u.s. law and in consultation with the congress so it has to refer you back to their statements by the white house and the spokesman that it's not just about those who have been cleared for release but many other inmates have never been formally accused of being defense lawyers say it's been a dead end for them trying to get their clients out whenever asked about these issues the administration gives the same response it were first to congress but the lawyers say even with the transfer restrictions in place the current law still allows for the administration to use waivers to release some of these men but they
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for some reason don't use those it's really not clear what can change the status quo at this point an advisor for the pentagon who put it kuantan in the last week came back and said that he predicted the outing strike would lead to death so a long time muslim advisor at guantanamo who goes by the name is. zack who goes only by his first name for security reasons he said quote there will be more than one death and then he added that the detainee called wanted to die of hunger and thirst behind cover camera and of quote and the question many now ask is what if someone really dies in this hunger strike will it change something in washington i'm going to check him. on the course for bringing your in-depth coverage of the developing crisis had gone time of day and you can always head to website dot com for a full timeline of the events that and in the meantime coming up here on our team just a couple of minutes look at the brothers believed to be behind the boston bombings
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and the airport trade in the global media do stay with us for the back after the break.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. this is also you coming here live from moscow is great to have you with us millions of russians are waiting to see their leader face some tough questions posed by the public and he's on your q. and a session president putin will likely have to deal with issues like pensions living conditions and they call me is going off as the details for us. these communities actions have really become traditional forward to go to put in even those the first time since he returned to office he's been holding them since two
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thousand and one both during his first time in office and when he was the minister actually was only twice that they were missed but let's see a last year instead of holding a q. and a session with the general public at large group which only held a massive media conference now another thing sort of traditional about them is their timing and the president is known to be able to go on for a very long time his personal record stands at around four and a half hours but what's new this time is that everyone will be asking the question will be given the opportunity to ask a follow up which would really poll not only to ask the president a question but have a discussion on the usual topics in that sense are of course pensions jobs and salaries especially in the budget sector like those of doctors and teachers there is health and education and currently there's a developing story around the education minister who many want to see sacked including momente member of parliament also the state of the economy and the struggles in the battles against corruption things like orphans and adoption in the
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country and of course russia's international relations especially with the united states which haven't exactly been at their highest point lately. to get the latest update on the investigation into the worst terrorist attack on american soil since nine eleven had to website home and here are some other stories waiting for you there right now. greece results to a seventy year old grandchild as a tool against the recession declaring it will seek a british reparations from germany dating back to the not if you're patient during world war two for more details had to. on the weekend leaks triumphs against the company that once prevented donations being made to the whistle blowing web site with a court deciding that every month of the blockade will attract hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. the investigation into the
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boston marathon bombings continues with journalists hunting for every new detail all season is to see the looks now into the bond ground of the two suspects and the way they're being portrayed the global media. a terror act that shocked the u.s. the suspects a nineteen and a twenty six year old that's our naive brothers joe hart was a u.s. citizen to milan on his way to becoming one but both of chechen origin the older brother to milan is said to have traveled to dagestan in russia for several months . and twenty four the older brother it was just on the show to make detonators put these things together we didn't rush and she didn't waste nutrition despite the media rage these locations remain unknown to some lot of people are confusing it with check with the back and say yeah whatever it's called i know i can't assume that the majority of americans today even speak
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english young at the time of the bombings that star now i have spent the last decade living in the us in the country sure that we thank you for us you know and while the origin and yet again religion are over ready largely gleaned as the root of all evil the investigation is only in its first stages somebody screwed up an innocent family may then be clamoring to sell it for another time there are those who knew the two brothers see the media is taking it over the top they can't always be trying to rush to be the first ones to break a new piece of information local blogger luis vasquez knew both brothers while he was here since he was little and if you didn't know a hard name you would just assume that he was an american around here we have a very diverse community and it's normal to hear for someone to go back to their country he says over sensationalizing that's our knives background doesn't get any answers the question i being answered temple and even from coaching with his brother they have a grounding their test about their religion the most. conversation i've had about
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about their background is them telling me where they're from that's it that's it and then after that all this talk about boxing let's talk about lines that said samuel went to high school with joe hart who has now been. george with the use of weapons of mass destruction the media has a way of spinning things of course and with regards to his nationality to me it doesn't matter. it shouldn't matter what his religion is either when i graduated there are forty five languages spoken just in my graduating class alone it is not unusual in fact it is very common to hear a foreign language he reminds us that the only suspect alive after the bombings has lived in america since the age of eight i don't come here the younger age you know from everyone that knows and they will tell you and they have told me on certain occasions or this person was part of the community the attack feels even more personal and devastating for samuel because he knew the brother is responsible but pointing fingers he says at places of birth or religion is far from crucial what is
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solving this case and bringing justice that takes time time and effort that would hopefully lead to innocent people feeling safe again security in this country seems like it's more for show good for anything a lot of times unfortunately. that needs to change while the media pick apart every single detail they can lay their hands and ears on it seems that what should matter after the tragedy is tackling terrorism and global threats that has no faith upbringing or religion has become a curse of the twenty first century not just here but all over the world especially churkin our party boston massachusetts. escalating sectarian violence in iraq has some locals fearing bear on the same road as war torn neighbors syria more than one hundred iraqis have been killed in clashes on terror attacks in the past two days alone is the one a spate of violence since u.s. forces pulled out of band of twenty eleven and it comes amid deepening political turmoil with big government struggling to get key power brokers to work together
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maybe list acts that loren's davidson blames washington for sparking the crisis by toppling the iraqi regime and failing to replace it with a stable alternative. to the. saddam hussein was the darling of the bad guy. nobody would go there and do all right so there are. actual why words very very. well said i don't know. it's. hard. to try to. gather. this gives. us it should have never gotten we open the box and we couldn't close even there. the question is what can close it is the second day in the trial
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one of russia's stop opposition activists alex enough finally faces up to ten years in prison for allegedly embezzling hof a million dollars worth of timber from a start up company now valued refuses to plead guilty saying he's been framed the case against him is purely political his defense team yesterday trying to stall proceedings by asking the judge for more time to study the charges against their client after the court refused lawyers claim the judge was supporting the prosecution and that objection was overruled the court said a verdict for now vitally isn't expected before. some wild news in brief right now on several explosions on two natural gas bottles in the u.s. state of alabama critically injured three people the blasts were in the heart of the city of mobile on the east side of the river firefighters and coast guards are trying to put out the blaze with the three injured now being treated for burns the
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cause of the explosion is not clear and this comes just a week after fourteen people were killed and some two hundred injured and a huge blast at a fertilizer plant in texas. at least eleven people have been killed and over one hundred injured after an earthquake in northeastern afghanistan the quake measuring five point seven on the richter scale caused casualties in two provinces near the border with pakistan dozens of houses have been damaged according to the u.s. geological survey the tremor was felt in kabul and even as lie about the capital of pakistan. live as a desirable person in britain could soon become a lot harder they're now being asked to prove face to face that they deserve the help that until recently has been taken for granted he's going to boycott her records. these bones break so easily she's already sustained sixty six fractures in her thirty three years to use a wheelchair and is one of three point two million brits claiming that disability
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living allowance will d.l.a. which helps those who are unable to move around freely because of physical disability but it's being replaced by a new personal independence payment the looming change will see stricter assessments for determining whether or not to say both people deserve tax payers money he says she's terrified she could lose the monthly payments if i lost everything i'd basically condemned to a life of housebound and my quality of life be virtually non-existent but at the moment it's just really unclear d.l.a. currently comes in two parts a core payment of up to seventy seven pounds and forty five pence a week and i'm ability component worth up to fifty four pounds that mobility component means lisa is provided with a car which she says is the one thing that keeps her from being housebound whether or not she gets to keep what she calls her lifeline will become clear over the next year and a half as the new p.r.p. scheme is rolled out and d.l.a. is replaced it's scary. you know i feel
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like. laying on a gating and the blades there and i don't know if it's going to drop or not. that. is that. mental oh absolutely. i yeah. i don't think i'm going to elaborate on that one on camera and yet the government is on a mission to drastically reform the welfare state today almost one pound in every three spent by the government goes on welfare in a world of competitiveness a world where no one is owed a living we need to have a welfare system the country can properly afford in order to do that private companies are toss health care and cap. have been drafted in to run the assessments for the changeover from disability living allowance to. their reputation precedes them they've already carried out assessments for people receiving incapacity
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benefits another type of welfare payment to those who are suffering an illness that renders them unable to go to work many people really do worry that the assessments for paper going to be very similar to the warmest it's a currently held for plum and sports allowance of the work capability assessment we've heard of so many cases of abuses of people being treated badly medical people not being listened to. in so many cases where people have lost benefits as a consequence of one of these assessments they've appealed and the peelers been over to tribunal last month brain damaged amputee mark evans who can't walk or talk was classified as fit for work after one such assessment his story is at the worst the government's own figures show that one thousand three hundred people died after being told they should go back to work by itself health care and now they're preparing to assess d.l.a. claimants
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a recent survey found one in five doctors say disabled patients have committed or attempted to commit suicide as a result of undergoing for fear of undergoing the assessments capability they aren't reading about mobile somedays i think. yes i am worthwhile human being and i you know. subsistence level benefits that keep me alive. now the days you're forced into questioning you know i am i really worth it . whether or not the government thinks leaser is worth it she'll find out in twenty fifteen when her assessment comes but to critics the changes are about saving money rather than making the system fairer my personal view is. compassion is not money first of all seeing these changes do not represent a compassionate society. london. and coming up next hour now c moxon stace expose the ugly side of the global financial industry stay put for
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the kinds of report here. this is a mysterious c. m no this is not a fifty's beside fi movie slogan it is what a.b.c. news is trying to find out when they investigated how lean finally textured beef is produced this type of quote beef has become very widespread throughout fast food restaurants and supermarkets in the usa and has led to its south dakota based manufacturer posting profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars but so what's wrong with some processed before might ask well the reporting showed that of morny and other rough chemicals were doused onto the meat to kill equal i bacteria and
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make it say consumption although this product is for some reason legal the films have power to create public backlash and many companies gave up ordering the mysteriously and finally took should be ok while the mainstream media for once actually did something valuable for society and what did they get in return sued yeah the pink slime crew decided to sue a.b.c. news and forced them not to divulge their company's secrets as well as punish them for defamation against their product which led to profit losses and guess what they won the lawsuit well the faming products that on mass could destroy the health of millions of americans is no blasphemy in my book but that's just my opinion. wealthy british style. time.
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markets why not scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r g. time.


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