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boys it is politics the u.s. hence intervention in syria is possible suspecting assad's regime used chemical weapons but not find a yet any firm evidence. iceland is heading to the polls in their second general election since the financial crash of zero eight when the country let its banks fail but later made a stunning turnaround to growth you take a look at success. americans tuning out a new study showing cable news audiences dropping is analysts say viewers are getting burned out from too many views and not enough news. when i am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story
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this hour while the u.s. is yet to decide whether the red line has been crossed in syria president obama reiterated the use of chemical weapons would be game changer washington claims there's growing evidence the arsenal was deployed by the assad regime's forces with some u.s. lawmakers now pushing for direct action in syria or could marine important i has details u.s. president barack obama was delivering some fierce words in the aftermath of paypal's comments he indicated that washington will conduct its own independent investigation into syria's alleged use of chemical weapons and a separate probe will be conducted in conjunction with the united nations america's leader said the world can't stand by and permit the use of chemical weapons obama has previously stated that the use of chemical weapons by damascus would be a game changer in the u.s. position on military intervention into serious year civil war now according to white house press secretary jay carney he has confirmed that military force is one of my. the options that president obama is currently considering carney said as
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a general principle the united states retains the ability to act unilaterally now these revelations of course come just one day after you defense secretary chuck hagel claimed that the u.s. intel that u.s. intelligence officials believe with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against members of the opposition specifically sarin gas u.s. officials claim the attacks in question took place last month in new york and in the outskirts of damascus however a letter that the white house has sent to members of congress states that washington cannot confirm the origin of the chemical weapons allegedly used acting in lockstep with the u.s. british prime minister david cameron has come forward insisting that his government has limited but growing evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the syrian military according to reports m i six agents operating in syria smuggled soil out
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of the country to be analyzed for chemical and biological contaminants however u.k. military scientists reportedly said the soil contained treece is of some kind of chemical weapon though it could not positively identify the type of weaponized chemical now in an interview with the b.b.c. cameron said he worries that western leaders might fail to act in syria because of the experience of foreign intervention into iraq now we all know that britain france france have been voicing unconditional support for syrian rebels and reportedly providing the opposition with military and financial aid in the meantime the syrian government is now is blaming the opposition for the march attack near aleppo which killed several people in damascus as organised organizations including al qaida have repeatedly threatened to use chemical arms while fighting with the opposition so here you have a scenario where in syria the opposition groups and the government are pointing fingers at one another and. the u.s.
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and its western allies presenting this harsh rhetoric of the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government but they don't have all the full facts in place us events on the use of chemical weapons by assad's forces started with various levels of confidence and then reached the point when president obama said that the world can't allow their systematic use in the country washington still verifying claims of such attacks the samples used to make the assessments were supposedly collected near a leper when march in the north country opposition and syrian government forces though pointing fingers at each other for the attack also reports of two cases of chemical weapons being used in derive a suburb of damascus this is one of the commanders of the opposition free syrian army recently claim that they are fighters among government forces tasked with securing syria's chemical arsenal u.s. historian gerald horan says all that leaves plenty of room for doubt and even implication it's deja vu all over again we will remember the disaster as an adventurous so you want a solution vision of iraq in two thousand and three based on these allegations of
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weapons of mass destruction that proved to be faulty therefore we must ask a very difficult and searching questions for example what was the chain of custody with regard to the samples taken from the battlefield with syria to leverage stories of london and in washington was there was there the possibility of contamination or foul play or hanky paid with the samples and how can you show that the regime rather than the rebels actually use these alleged chemical weapons and since we already know security divisions within the military is driving the conflict in both syria and iraq how do we know that some renegade soldier in the syrian military was actually collaborating with the rebels want these chemical weapons so as to provide a rationale for intervention by london and washington these are difficult questions that must be answered. we're asking on line what you think is behind the allegation
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a serious medical weapons click on r t dot com to cast your vote let's look at how the figures are stacking of this hour so far sixty six percent say it's nothing but an attempt by the states to start an invasion on the pretext of chemical weapons use certainly more than twenty percent think it's the rebels tries to push for foreign intervention and the rest of the devotes don't mean those who think it won't change anything in the course of the war and those who say oh red line drawn by president obama has already been crossed by syria's government but we want to know what you think click on r.t. dot com and have seen. today. these are the images from. streets of canada. for asians are the day.
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high slender is voting for their next parliament to leave the island economy further along its path of recovery which has been subtly following since that spectacular meltdown back in two thousand and eight back then it a lot a lot it's enormously indebted banks to fail saving home depositors though from the burden of a bailout now ever since i've been making an impressive comeback artie's natasha has more iceland has seen it all its banks crashed its government resigned its currency devaluated and its businesses of all sizes have collapsed and then a volcano erupted grounding planes all over europe and making the island nation headliner for weeks on end but that was years ago while today thanks to timely precise policies of the help from the international monetary fund it boasts some of the healthiest growth rates in europe one point six percent and it's no small triumph considering that back in two thousand and eight its banks debt was eight.
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eight times people g.d.p. so the people took it into their own hands and negotiated major debt write offs at times it does seem like it's the only country in europe that's got it right take a look at this war to go and spain continue to spiral deeper into their financial mess their current deficit to g.d.p. ratio is just under three percent they have no money and plenty of debt but they borrow more to serve their bond obligations back in two thousand and eight i slid the deficit to g.d.p. ratio was twice that of the pigs yes iceland allowed its banks to collapse under their own debt wait technically bankrupt the island nation managed to get an impressive job of turning its economy around its banking sector return to profitability its business is restructured their debt and it kept growing and many of their people were able to keep their homes and five years after the most
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devastating financial meltdown in the history both of the lowest jobless rate in europe less than five percent now the euro zone's strongest economy germany has five point four percent so if some think it's iceland that was humiliated the world over they should definitely think again but polls show main iceland are now turning away from the ruling coalition that led the economy to steady growth voters have been lured away by the opposition and its euro skepticism during the banking crisis what i saw as a country was on the brink of a meltdown the e.u. seemed a safe haven parliament voted in favor of joining the blogging the island nation applied for membership but since then the euro's or been bogged down in its own troubles and now more isolators feel they may be better off without joining the walk this is especially so since they already have free trade agreements and are part of the showing and travel zone dr steve from birmingham city university things iceland's independence from the e.u. would be helping it recover. iceland is the fact that it's. on the
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edge of the world i mean it's in the it's an isolated nation so you know i'm deedes an island so it's effectively as we say in this country it's stuck it's fingers up but the rest of the world and so we're not giving your your money back home what can you do short of invading iceland which was never on the agenda it has been up to sort of to look to its own sort of look after itself if you like. european economies i don't know such as i mean i heard you mention ireland portugal they're much more interlinked into europe iceland is not and so what he's been able to do is to sort of concentrate on reinventing the sort of things it's good at sites and industries there was talk about joining the e.u. but i think that that's out of the question that they realize that they're sort of their best. is to remain isolated or to sort of to be independent as it were europe
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does not offer salvation. coming out new twists in the ukrainian thriller may soon come to light as the country's former prime minister yulia timoshenko just had her bid for a pardon rejected and now she could be charged with murder this after a short break. and may this is going to be here to see which is a cultural contemporary i mean take your logic to the auditorium so joining me to on i would see i made the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the performing arts.
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international lamp in the very heart of moscow. thirty minutes past the hour now thanks for staying with us t.v. news networks in the u.s. seeing something of a slump with new research saying audiences are tuning out in greater numbers the people were starting to shy away from cable news networks that devote more air time
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to opinion and partisan analysis than hard facts and on the ground reporting. takes a lot. it shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody that all media or opinionated to a certain extent we all are a study by the pew research center gauges the extent to which the three major us channels are opinionated on m.s.n. b.c. opinion fills a full eighty five percent of the channels air time according to this study fox forty five percent c.n.n. about the same the study says since two thousand and seven they have all cut back sharply on the amount of actual reporting on their airwaves what filled the void was relatively cheap provocative debate the studies suggest that by becoming more and more opinionated the channels have been losing their viewers this annual state of the media report says nearly one third of consumers that they surveyed said they had abandoned a news outlet because it no longer gave them what they had counted on either with
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fewer or less complete stories professor chris chambers is here to talk about this thank you so much for joining me q what is your personal appeal and why is the viewership down do you agree with that but probably i agree i agree totally i mean you have people who are not getting full news right now they're getting fluff and sensationalism of the news packages that they are getting and then the hard news that they're getting the time shrinking and shrinking and shrinking and a lot of media outlets including the large ones like c.n.n. are cutting back and laying off reporters researchers producers closing foreign bureaus around around the world so the supply of hard news is shrinking it's being replaced with opinion and not just any opinion but opinion about a lot of nonsense and i don't want to ask you about the percentage of actual reporting that they do for weeks for several weeks in a row c.n.n. and other news channels have been covering this story you know with jodi areas there with the girl who killed her boyfriend and then that day out live coverage
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every day and then there was this rape case the two young man raped a sixteen year old. awful thing right again follow ups live coverage day and day out why do they pick the stories to follow up on well with the. case it's obvious because of a beautiful young woman a dead boyfriend who had kind of a shady past i mean it's taylor it's almost a hollywood movie script the other one is the steubenville rape it touches a nerve around the country of two teenage boys and young girl raped and so this this this sets off a lot of emotional forces but to to to to cover this day in day out without giving any depth to it i mean it does both stories an injustice and it masquerades as hard news because it really isn't hard news when you're rehashing and turning a lot of a lot of things a lot of opinions basically back that powers a lot of depth in that story i was actually more worried about what was left out
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but for sandra what i was wondering about why wouldn't they pick for example the one tunnel hunger strike to follow up on it was it because they have the words sex and rape and to. hear of it i mean it it does it doesn't have the word sex in it or something. or a hawk that a whole can people emotionally and it's a very difficult issue politically legally and culturally for the american people to handle what to animal is always been that kind of an issue so that if there is great also it has two strikes against it already i mean and the third strike is that there's no breaking news none of the none of the people at the hunger strikes have died or maybe rioted and taken some guards hostage so the breaking news is strike three so it's out i mean there's no coverage of it in the mainstream media outlets so it's just not anything they want unfortunately thank you thank you that's the cameras thank you very much well it's difficult to conclude what comes first here financial considerations editors personal preferences or in the sense
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among executives of what viewers want. but if you believe this study and their statistics whatever they're doing has to change because they're losing viewers in washington i'm going to check out. taking a look now at some other global headlines this hour hundreds of protesters descended on a royal air force base in the u.k. after unmanned drones began being remotely piloted they are a british newspaper revealed an hour i had discreetly moved its mission control flew to the washington air base from the u.s. drones being used against taliban militants gannett stand predicts a drone warfare has led to civilian deaths and if you'll resentment against coalition forces. nato plane has crashed in southern afghanistan killing four service sorts by the block didn't say where it came down indicated no enemy activity but the deputy governor of the zabul province claimed the aircraft crashed into shock joy and the area was immediately surrounded by international troops. u.s.
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military says another three detainees have joined the hunger strike at guantanamo bay detention center bringing the total number of protesting inmates to one hundred out of one hundred sixty six held there this strike started eighty one days ago over a growing abuse allegations and indefinite detention without charge also coinciding with the obama administration's recent decision to keep the facility open despite election campaign promises to close the controversial site. italy's finally named its government after two months of political wrangling after inconclusive election results the coalition cabinet will be formed and led by the center left politician enrico letta the composition also including members of silvio berlusconi's party italy's ex pm confirmed he won't be in the mix but is pushing for senior party members to get top jobs russian officials recently blacklisted by the us are spoken publicly for the first time since the ban went into effect they rejected allegations against the washington accuses those on the list of being linked to the
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death of lawyer surrogate magnitsky who died in police custody more than three years ago artie's medina coach no that has more. they say that the probably creation of this list was a politically motivated decision and that the u.s. side was not objective and making its decisions as it couldn't be possibly aware of all those documents that surround this case as the documents are still in court and never became public and that the magnitsky law was a drop to the beast on political motives and that the law has no legal force and no legal consequences and the country and only represents an additional political pressure on russia now the u.s. magnitsky list was published on the twelfth off april and includes eighteen russian officials who are banned from the united states and their asses now according to the a washington's version obvious sixteen of these officials are directly responsible for the death of. the game of music awards as an order to an accountant at hermitage capital management and was the main suspect in
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a major tax evasion case and he died in a pretrial detention facility back in two thousand and nine the russian officials opened a legal case over his death however in morse two thousand and thirteen russia's investigative committee dropped to the investigation. the data. as it had determined that no crime had taken place before the us us magness kill list was published russia warned that the response would be similar and really in accordance with the rules of piracy and indeed in the last one twenty four hours russia responded with the same list with the same number off officials also eighteen american officials there are banned from entering the russian federation however the russian list consists of two parts now the first one includes those people who are involved in human rights violations and legalizing torture at one time in my defense and facility and the second part of this list involves those people who are
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responsible for numerous human rights violations of those russian citizens abroad however there are reports of these lists are only you're sure it's version of the list and that there are extended versions off the list so that both countries presides and reportedly a u.s. extended version of the list even includes some greedy high level top russian government officials it's the ukrainian political thriller about so far from its final chapter this is jailed former prime minister yulia timoshenko his pardon request was just turned down on top of the seven year seven she's already serving for abuse of power she may now be prosecuted for murder her defense team calls the charges baseless charges like sara shows more. from being allegedly beaten up by prison guards to seeing her supporters stormed the hospital where she's on the growing treatment ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko has been in a lot of trouble lately she has now served eighteen months of
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a seven year prison term for abuse of power when she signed gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine but this could get a lot worse because of her allegedly to an assassination almost two decades ago in one thousand nine hundred ninety six ukrainian member of parliament you gave a shit about was shot dead in eastern ukraine back then a confession by one of his killers shocked the country. the man who painted for the job men in bed shared by the killing was ordered by a man nicknamed pasha it was obvious to us that under pasha he meant by the laws or rank of ukraine's prime minister was that in can never face charges for those allegations he spent twelve years behind bars in the united states for tax evasion and fraud and is now seeking political asylum across the atlantic but in a typical ukrainian rollercoaster style twist he's name has recently surfaced again together with tymoshenko. we have proof that lives are in
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cope at the first five hundred thousand dollars to the gang which. then another two point three million dollars were transferred to the assassins by yulia timoshenko commission who is currently on a second trial for alleged attacks evasion and money laundering in the one thousand ninety's when she led the united energy systems of ukraine company that could seriously increase her prison term but if any connection to sharon's murder is proved she would remain behind bars for life her lawyers were quick to describe the accusations as non-sense. the testimonies of the so-called witnesses and nothing concrete they all refer to what they were told by other people who died or were killed ten to fifteen years ago this is all i've seen that they have against her this case was made up by the ruling elite when they understood that the gas case against him is falling apart but political analysts say that in the case of
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ukraine's politicians you just can't rule anything out as most of them do have skeletons in their clothes that which goes to. almost every politician in ukraine can go on trial some didn't pay taxes some were involved in corrupt schemes but as long as they obey the rules of the political game they're not prosecuted by calling the president and the government illegitimate after the change of power to go went beyond the boundaries of a democratic political gain and hence the rules of the game were changed. this third case against the machine is now in a preliminary stage it is still unclear what kind of evidence investigators have against but they seem confident there is enough to press charges before summer the thriller which is the case has been walking ukraine for almost two years now and all the time supporters of the former prime minister have been think you think the central street although we think development in this. suggesting they will not be
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leaving any time soon. let's say reporting from kiev in ukraine. and the protests in gulf capital with thousands taking to the streets and fears out of cyprus or greek style bellowed could be looming more pictures and details on our t.v. plus. what do some of us kids take to school books pens and some even armor in the wake of increasing reports of gun violence is seeing more and more students in the u.s. stocking up on bulletproof uniforms and trying backpacks lined with ballistic material find out more and. that's it for me for this news block sean thomas here with more in half an hour's time but first max kaiser and kaiser report stay with us.
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this is mr. x. and i am no this is not a fifty's beside fi movie slogan it is. a.b.c. news is trying to find out when they investigated how alina finally texture produced this type of quote beef has become very widespread throughout fast food restaurants and supermarkets in the usa and has led to its south dakota based manufacturer posting profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars but so what's wrong with some processed before you might ask well the reporting showed that ammonia and other rough chemicals were doused on to the meat to kill equal i bacteria and make it safe for consumption although this product is for some reason legal the film is about to create public backlash and many companies gave up ordering and then mysteriously and finally took should be ok while the mainstream media for once actually did something valuable for society and what did they get in return sued yeah the pink slime crew decided to sue a.b.c. news and forced them not to divulge their company secrets as well as punish them
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for defamation against their product which led to profit losses and guess what they won the lawsuit well defaming products that on mass could destroy the health of nuns of americans is no blasphemy in my book but that's just my opinion. the be. you in the air. max guys are welcome to report ever go to the hospital for a simple colonoscopy and end up having a. good big capital a superhero about whom iran would write trashy novels but the fact is that accidental hysterectomy isn't unexpected heart transplants are the stuff of the new industrial revolution. and hash tag where is daddy's pig because they took my kidney when they meant to take my colon i ask. so tanky mark the
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artist taxi driver has been on a rampage pushing the pig across london all the way to the trough at ten downing street and this is in protest of the privatisation of the n.h.s. here's chunky mark with his own reasons for doing this ok we do this is me they are structured your stomach in my words finished nice broken my leg to two they've become and he's got them in about the privatization of the n.h.s. about a bit they would let me push my pick up the road about to leave it there because of the abusive refuse and. it just didn't like the people but over there is the government and their primary purpose is to move public money into private pockets right ok so the n.h.s. the national health service that it's got to be privatized right because there's a lot of debt for the n.h.s. then loaded up with of debt it's just
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a simple organization that does its job finding well i compared to manchester united ok here's a simple football team the glazers came in they load it full of debt ok they win a game they win their particular game but they've told destroyed the game of football it's dominated by these over weened puffed up pitcher just the excuses for athletes they're just. chunky headed basically sure they want manchester united but what do they represent they represent the destruction of the beautiful day.


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