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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  May 14, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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well on telemarketing washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. congressional republicans have jumped on last week spending gazi hearings and new revelations about the i.r.s. is targeting of conservative groups to slam president obama but is the washington scandal machine hiding the real problems facing this country from the american people we'll talk about that and more in tonight's big picture politics and also from the mountains of pakistan to the border with mexico drones are everywhere these days is our society and is our legal code prepared for a blind robot filled future and it's time for obama to take a page from f.d.r.'s book and tell the american people the truth about the republican party tell you why in tonight's deal.
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you need to know this it's candle time in washington but the real scandal the fleecing of the american people continues to get swept under the rug in the wake of last week's in gaza hearings and revelations that the i.r.s. targeted conservative political groups for tax fraud investigations russia republicans have gone on the attack accusing the obama administration of staging a cover up and abusing executive power in an appearance earlier today on c.b.s. is this morning program california congressman darrell issa who is in charge of last week's been gazi circus as chairman of the house oversight committee condemned the obama administration for using the i.r.s. to attack its political enemies. was the targeting of the president's political enemies affectively and lies about it during the election year so that it wasn't discovered till afterwards the congress has to hold people accountable for. these
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were effectively ideological attacks whether they were done by bipartisan who are political appointees or not really doesn't matter they targeted conservatives and while fox so called news pushes its usual anti obama rhetoric and the mainstream media follows suit with constant coverage of washington's latest controversies g.o.p. leaders can sit tight because as long as they can keep the spotlight on the obama administration the public will forget about the very real problems this country faces problems that republicans are blocking any efforts to fix here's a real scandal seaquest ration cuts to meals on wheels mean that tens of thousands of seniors will go to bed hungry tonight because republicans don't want the wealthiest americans to pay just a little more in taxes here's the real cover up the earth's atmosphere has more carbon in it that at any point in the history of the human race the congress isn't even considering a special hearing to find solutions to global climate change here's the real abuse of power republicans in the senate of flouted their constitutional obligations to
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buy filibustering any and all of the president's judicial and executive branch nominees creating a backlog in our courts and leaving important agencies about leadership even john roberts is complaining about here's the real abuse of the tax code loopholes and subsidies have turned the i.r.s. into a welfare program for the richest one percent of americans or the rest of us footing the bill if you want hear anything about that kind of stuff from republicans or the media because all the g.o.p. cares about is scoring points against the administration and all the media cares about is sensationalizing washington politics course republicans are enabled by an inept democratic leadership that reacts to narratives instead of creating them at the point stands there are a number of serious problems facing this country right now all of them caused by conservative policies and thirty three years of reaganomics the republican obsession with winning the talking point war is keeping them off the front pages for more on this let's turn things over to tonight's big picture politics.
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joining me for tonight's big picture politics panel are patrick hedger policy analyst of freedom works and go and editor of the daily banter and chris allman conservative commentator and activist thank you all for joining me tonight thanks tom things through so you heard my observe my intro here again. well is this republican obsession with the you know the talking points or finding something to impeach president obama over. is this unprecedented history to see this kind of targeting of conservative organizations by an executive law enforcement agency for political purposes what it looks like i mean you know you put two and two together but the real problem here is that you're not it's that what you just said is true and b. if it were a part of the audits but ok well no they're not part of that hardly this has nothing to do a lot of this has to do more than the i.r.s. has you with the fact. there were three thousand eight hundred organizations tea
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party organizations suddenly wanting to have the ability to declare themselves nonprofit social welfare organizations and hide their donors well tom you brought up some issues in some of the things i agreed with that you said you brought up in the intro there you talk about closing corporate loopholes in the famers in the tax code there are people that my organization freedom works is in contact with that were targets of this i.r.s. scandal so. you are trying to solve these problems trying to create miller and nonprofit you know we're not what we're trying to do is solve these problems educate the american public on these issues and that's the inconvenient point for the obama administration been the part the part of this thing the the real i.r.s. scandal is the fact that the the the law says that to be five a one c four to be able to hide your donors and be not for profit you have to be one hundred percent social welfare organization and running an ad the president's got one of these pacs to run an ad this is really like the president or daughter like the president. or
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go for obamacare or don't go for obamacare is a violation of the law sure i mean clearly again and i hope that it's cool to the right to put the saw something that we don't even that we didn't have any evidence that we don't know or more of a known policy issued by people high up at the i.r.s. there what are they apologizing for if there's nothing that true so you're going to pin this on obama because some pinning it on obama wallboard is the buck stops about how do you know he i'm going to lose this year and it's just going to be a way that he knows nothing he seemed outrageous happened under an iris administrator who was appointed by george w. bush was a republican but what happened to hope and change then i mean right why is it ok why is sudden oh no later today is that it was a five year term. exactly the box got a stop somewhere and where were the buck stop with this the president has said he's going to he's going to get the bottom of it if anybody has faith in iraq must go about a surprise let me tell you what everybody has got to do when there's a real scandal that happens and there are many there are many things that the ministration goes rogue and you go it's. the time every single issue is politicized
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to the point where it doesn't mean anything about being alone when we now do the embassies. crying wolf this all started when the chief of the i.r.s. apologized for site had been look the washington gardens of iran jail has the documents on their website this year and a half delay these questions about are you and anyone in your family running for office these in-depth questions that the left isn't getting that you know what i mean this is this is i said george well i met with thirty years ago and procreate is using the wrong and i know you know we don't stray should ever have to subject your nonprofit to the kind of profit that i started was a committee for abused kids it took us a year to get five a one c three steps to get to get approved as a not for profit by the i.r.s. it takes time you've got to prove to them that you're actually doing social welfare work and somehow i don't think that running a tea party organization or a patriot organization or even
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a liberal organization. as the commons workers' party i just haven't seen three thousand eight hundred communist working parties working at workers' parties or new young socialists an assembly line for this kind of offer so if it was a organizations on educating people on things that are going on like the affordable care act which is two thousand some one pages and twenty thousand pages of regulations i think it's important that we have this important that you are that what we're talking about is organizations that are there trying to educate the public about what is in that bill because the average person doesn't have to sit through and said you guys are not on this we are there that's why you're going everywhere not trying to educate the public you are trying to educate the public to your particular point of view on it and make sure that it is there that under the first amendment of course you are but are you i should be heard are you i fired or your environment agency subsidized by tax. payer not profit i'm sure i am subsidizing you are not there is no freedom or dollars that are going to that just because our donors you know he had spread all he gets so his organization has no
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police protection they have no fire protection they don't. get access for the job and your organization is not for profit my corporation is for profit that owns the show and you can be and i pay income taxes on a profit that i make so i'm paying for my share of the commons you know what i watch what you are saying and i just follow my income taxes and of course i don't not i'm not i'm just talking about the organization i'm saying if an organization is going to engage in politics they should not be not for profit in my opinion and that's what the well that's the code below how are you getting down into your personal your personal feelings on the issue no matter how or what there's always there's new evidence of what happened but bible over one more game out and said that the i.r.s. disclosed confidential documents to the progressive news outlet said that that iris disclosed these documents you're saying that there's no evidence of discrimination or i'm always hearing that it has happened prosecute them but they're i'm saying the real scandal here is that the i.r.s. males are forcing the problem is that you've got and that is go arrest scandal with this is this is the fox guarding the henhouse if you want them to prosecute it go
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ahead i'd love to see that happen but one. good to see another research according to you under a bush going through all of the dead just because it's a bush appointee doesn't justify it there were a lot of bad things that happened under the bush administration but we were and on is hoping changes the obama restriction ran on hope and change i would like to see some of that ok chris. i mean these and they know about a year ago a lot of people can get fired on monday congressman keith ellison and congressman mark polk introduced a bill into the house of representatives to create a constitutional amendment affirming a national right to vote the text of that amendment would read every citizen of the united states who is of legal voting age should have the fundamental right to vote in any public election held in the judicial in the jurisdiction in which that citizen resides congress will have the power to enforce and what this article by appropriate legislation as the pro forma stuff. we have no national right to vote is the supreme court affirmed this in bush v gore they said there is no right to vote for the present in the united states and basically we have no right to vote in united states afghanistan and iraq countries that we created both constitutions
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chris and affirmative right to vote isn't it time for us to put one into law well i don't know i think the wording of that document is very loose it says nothing about felons that says you know nothing about that and then it says congress gets to legislate about what that is so what if congress controlled by a bunch of radical right wing earth say anyone who belongs to a left wing group can't run suddenly the constitution in trying to congress gets that right is that language is once you've established the words right yet but then you give congress the right to legislate into in force into in no that sat that section two you'll find that in every constitutional amendment yes but that every constitutional amendment says drive a mack truck through but the no no no it's just you're missing the constitutional moments work i miss i miss where the big problem is i miss the nine million people in the last election showed up to vote and were told sorry you can't vote or be voted in their vote didn't count well i just think that this is kind of trying to
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raise an issue about vote. discrimination that we were not really seeing huge amounts of evidence of i mean african-americans turned out at a higher rate than ever in two thousand and eight hispanics turned out they turned out a higher rate than whites hispanics turned out at a higher rate than ever i mean i just think i think the intentions of the congressman is good or the intentions of something like this would be good year but i just think. about your post to show it's not i just we already have in the last thirty seconds your thought i've been to those why it's a bad thing it's supposed to be the greatest democracy on earth having a question of what's very simple i'm griping about that album voting it's ok let's have a debate about it that it was so millions of americans had no problem voting i think the big problem with voting is that we had brought obama got less votes than they'd like this year than john mccain gone two thousand and eight so i think we've got to do some about our politicians if you want to get more people to vote we can we can all agree on that more and have to it's big picture politics after the break.
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well joining me for tonight's big picture politics panel are patrick hedger ben cohen and chris allman let's get back to it during an appearance. house minority leader nancy pelosi harshly criticized john boehner news channel tenure as speaker of the house well i will say this about john boehner and i have a good relationship if he were a woman they'd be calling him the speaker and history what are the results they've never been able to pass anything or that are coming to the rescue except for a very nasty. and my dear unprincipled budgets now i'm going to respectfully disagree with nancy pelosi i think john boehner has gotten exactly what he wants which is basically a dysfunctional government dysfunctional congress so that you know this is a republican strategy it's the it's the brownie strategy put put a horror show guy in charge of team and then when fema screws up you can say we don't need fema let's hire blackwater instead which is exactly what they did chris what do you think you think i'm nuts well you know i'm not really sure what nancy
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pelosi is point in saying that was because if john boehner work female you know you can't say anything bad about female leaders i.e. hillary or nancy pelosi so i don't even if they say but you're here's the bigger picture on the whole thing is that in washington today we have serious serious policy differences between the two sides we have one side that things government is the solution to every problem we have the other side who is worried about the financial bankruptcy of our country and the lack of. eroding freedoms and when those two what i did zia come into conflict these are really deeply held beliefs that are coming into conflict and that is why our two parties are fighting the way they are i guess they're two completely different vision but you're. and it's not the point and it's funny name calling and ridiculous things that former speaker pelosi said but you know what the bottom line is this the american people elected
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a republican house because they were happy with the job that nancy pelosi was doing well actually going right down to have your million and more people voted for democrats for the house of representatives that are voting for republicans if it wasn't for republican gerrymandering we're doing that simple as you speak or i don't know why you're doing such a good job and if you have a little bit of speaker going out there that you are because you are going to keep looking republicans of critical to every cause every book by camel legislate yeah so everything the house passes goes to the senate and dies or if it gets to the senate the amendment tree gets filled by harry reid which is kind of a nasty tactic the greater uses here is talk about the reins act a little out of congressional review of expenses executive decisions passed by the house and the senate obstruction oh it strikes me right you stay with just pause for a second this is the graphic to which nancy pelosi was referring this this is from the washington post this is that this is going back to one hundred forty eight each one of these is one congress two years two years and this is the number of bills
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passed the number was because that's what she was talking about the house of representatives has basically gotten nothing done so what are the levels where you have lost and we need i mean here's the bottom line you know what we need to do is pass budgets and pass appropriate appropriations bills those things are getting done in the house they're not getting done in the senate ok the house has passed a lot of bills that go nowhere because harry reid won't do anything to them let's look at that graphic do you have that graphic you left on taxes one of the things that has echoes of that with the deal that started with bill clinton right guys his social security or medicaid caps federal spending that would lead to reductions in the deficit a lot of what happened it was not honestly it was whether you had to degrees you've got this austerity you've got this graphic up here you know i think the more corrupt the state the more it legislates i see progress in this we don't need all these things yet until recently i mean this is. we're going to be put down through it because you've got one policy. that looks cool spectrum the sort of quickly you can believe the democrats are going to some completely insane that you'd actually
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believe that obama is a socialist that's how crazy the bottom line we're never going to get anything that nothing even you guys know because the democrats won't do it here's the real head of the ways he just called the tea party the taliban on era believe it was yesterday or today so you know you've got both sides are very talented it's not about a snail mail in the end it was a c.p.a. obviously if you go with your money drainer out there calling names and so do most of the one side is doing we're talking about political gridlock and one party that's gone completely you know ok as you buy six point two million dollars in debt this week half a bill that gave obama the ability to control where the sequester cuts was that's something the house passed that they said it never took up and obama said he'd veto so add that to your little chart right there in other words made and we'll make him . for we'll get meals on wheels get funded by obama wouldn't do it your me. do it neither would any republican and you know what that was truly i think that they want the job saying king of politics earlier today pablo torre asia
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and maybe it's penn toyia does anybody know the toy and tell you. the j i have a friend is ok i'm ok ok the director of hispanic outreach for the florida r. and c. to resign from his position announced that he's switching parties and registering as a democrat in an e-mail to supporters he wrote you know obvious reference to the controversy surrounding the author of the heritage foundation's immigrants immigration study that yes i have changed my political affiliation to the democratic party it doesn't take much to see the culture of intolerance surrounding the republican party today i have wondered before about the seemingly harsh undertones about immigrants and others look no further a well known or unknown organization recently confirms intolerance of that which seems different or strange to so this is you know one of several. recent. well let's say problems the republicans have had with minority groups then
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your thoughts on where the republican party is going to if you're saying the implosion of the republican party where they have a very very serious structural problem with a policy and policies that benefit the rich they have a ticking time bomb demographically speaking so they can make it the more notes you're absolutely crucial they're going to have to get minority votes as if they want to remain electable but it's getting harder and harder and harder to do and that's why it's the politicking more and more extreme but you go on the what they're trying to do a balancing act by being nice to immigrants but being giving tax breaks to the rich it's a completely unsustainable strategy because it's going to happen we're going to go there where the wage is going to be in force four to ten years time five years time republicans you know they're going to get frozen out of mainstream politics. because i would say let's go back to eisenhower type republican so i think you know everything she does or sort of i call it structural issues they need to work
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through a lot of you know limited government activists grassroots activists have been shut out from the republican party the throne ron paul in the like under the bus at the the tampa convention with the rules changes so i'd like to see something like that change because you see what the grassroots conservative movement is doing it's produced ted cruz marco rubio tim scott all minorities that are holding positions in the u.s. senate i think that's a positive future for minority outreach for the republican party is being done by the grassroots activists chris why why would the party folks believe that having billionaires run our commons is better than having we the people who are common throw that shadow now because that's not at all what the tea party believes and i have been to many tea party rallies and i am involved in adelaide and that is not actually they are in c. does have a problem with outreach to minorities but look let's look at the facts on the ground obama spent in office for five years now black on. claimant is higher than ever minority unemployment is more than ever he has done absolutely nothing forty
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fifty years of liberal policies have not helped people i want the minorities to come and listen to us because we have the solution to get ahead taxes no absolutely not the way to him or how worrying individuals own small business is cutting regulations because a lot of minorities are small business owners and they want the government off their back and that is what the tea party and the conservatives lower insurance all about just goes to show you that your policies and look we have seen what your policies have done to minorities and it's made them. under our last we don't have a permanent cut underclass we want to tell them there's another way there's no way of rights parity in freedom and it's with our just just doing i believe there are still joined the maybe we're conservative and we're not with you because look what you've done to them look at the liberal policies have done the liberal policies you know what and you know when ted kennedy i'm still running on the last three reaganomics was you know the great society cut poverty in half in the united states
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in five years already has any of that on your home when you know about the thirty three years of reaganomics it's death some very sorry we've seen union membership go from thirty three percent during our percent down he says i don't think that they were they were scenery schools fall apart i am going to understand the cause of enough to think about free trade organizations and the complete deregulation of industry and they got single visconti going all the coffee because you know did america undermine the yes your liberal america it was better to have people in a loving way on factory jobs than to have them starting their own bit what is it being entrepreneurs because they were right on one of the great now if you're going to learn well that's working pretty in the america was a nice working for us you're right james glad marriage and recession are where i got really you know if you really want to look at a fast forward for the liberal agenda policies let's. look at europe where governments dominate the economies there and they have record unemployment we are you saying london marshmallowy they're all they all go to sweden leave that you can
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actually sweden you should look at i mean it's a really really well they're on board instituted tax cuts answer to deregulation started privatizing areas of the health care industry and you know it's you know i actually wrote i write about it i'm not a groaning under. the right. part of europe but i understand what socialism had once we did right down to the devastation that margaret thatcher's policies did to the people i grew up with i saw it firsthand happening to these people you know. you can't make up you're an economics right away you get out there it seemed his work sort of hasn't been on the austerity you write here it is you've endured more now europe spent european governments dominated the economy more in two thousand and twelve than any of the five years preceding the financial crisis that's not made up that he clearly sees that day they were not too massive austerity measures after how did he massive austerity when government on average is over fifty percent of the economy and compared to twenty two government spending austerity is exactly what we're probably have to do
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a lot more knowledge is how do you talk about when in the course of koreans you have to go to story government especially the economy example of greece because me when you said if you don't mind how do you know i want to be entirely dependent on the state which can fail and so that have been a market which has you know it wasn't you even noticed on the beginning of the economic crisis why this is all happening lately why why why did it happen because of government spending not because government incentives to for cheap money in the economy are where the regulated the banks of ninety ninety nine and two thousand with gramley while it's government interference had to get more heightened joint housing bubble created by any money buys it is not only by your many policies frankly by deregulate the finance industry that created a joint economic by a joint housing bubble that destroyed economy spain has no industry that's why they're right because of the government is one of the windiest you percent oh they're claiming that that is why the. no industry because it was our money to buy the cars and it is again you have just making facts that you're making absolutely
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have to react around you about your look at your overstep as macros thank you thank you thank you. coming up revelations that the i.r.s. targeted conservative groups for tax fraud investigations have and have regretted washington's love for a good political scandal this is the real scandal a fact that taxpayer money is subsidizing right wing groups like karl roves crossroads g.p.s. more on those after the break.
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on the back the big picture on tom arbonne coming up in this half hour imagine waking up to find a drone buzz you know outside your bent bedroom window taking pictures of you and then being told that this gross invasion of privacy by an individual is actually
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legal i has the right. eyes of drone technology people learn the lines when it comes to privacy expert patients inside our own homes and with hundreds of blocked pieces of legislation and dozens of blocked judicial nominees it's no secret there are probably republicans are out to sabotage the obama presidency so why doesn't president obama acknowledge that and tell the american people about the real motivations of the republican party. in the us the rest of the news according to political analysts the political firestorm resulting from the i.r.s. targeting of tea party conservative groups during the two thousand and twelve election may jeopardize efforts underway right now in congress to make the i.r.s.
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crackdown a nonprofit political organizations campaign finance watchdogs with the help of a handful of mostly democratic lawmakers have put pressure on the i.r.s. to do a better job of monitoring the actions of so-called social welfare political organizations also known as five a one c four groups arguably that these groups actively are arguing that these groups are actively abusing the tax code to hide their donors in the two thousand and twelve election so-called social welfare groups led by karl rove's crossroads g.p.s. super pac spent more than two hundred fifty four million dollars influencing election outcomes and thanks to our current laws we don't know where the two hundred fifty four million dollars came from right now there are bills in both the house and senate that would require top donors to social welfare groups to put their names on any political political advertising that they fund despite the controversy that's erupted in washington this week the american people have a right to know where all the money in politics is coming from joining me now for
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more on this is david keene president of the center for competitive paul. david walker don't the american people have a right to know where the money is coming from that's funding the political debates in this country what the law already says says that's required if the money's given for an ad that advocates the election or defeat of a candidate. that's supposed to be disclosed now if the money is just coming out of a group's general budget and it doesn't need to be disclosed that's what the law is but you know that's a very very liberal interpretation of the actually a number of groups legal league of conservation voters and some other groups for many years before the citizens united decision were known as c.f.l. qualified non-profits and they were allowed to run ads urging people to vote for or against candidates and they did not disclose their donors nor were they even wired to that is that is not what the iris what the law says the section five hundred one
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c four of the tax code says not that the their primary purpose is to be political and these groups are now claiming forty nine percent of what we do is political fifty one percent is not it actually says all of what they do must be social welfare to that must be exclusively social welfare let me ask you as i was when i read this is not following the law no actually they are if you and this is something i agree if you look at the face of the law and you think social no no social law here what does that mean the school i mean all the b.s. for greatest good about this do you think good government is important to the social welfare of the country or not. let's say you look i know what you think i know what you think about global warming and climate change and carbon right that's important is it not none of that is you know is it important that carbon emissions in your view be controlled to the point that the republican party has been bought out by billionaires like the koch brothers and the exxon mobil groups to come out and say that there is no global warming and things like that above don't think this
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is you think it's important it hasn't moved from being a social well. sure to being a political issue because our politics have been corrupted by people who can make money off it causing global warming right so so as long as there's somebody who can make money buying a politician we should be saying no i mean actually if we're looking at the original sin here the original sin because back to santa clara county versus other pacific railroad or buckley versus vallejo or first national bank versus boston or bloddy rather or citizens united you know the saying that money is speech when it's not speech it's property or the corporations or persons or the non-profits or persons are not private corporations i'm just going back to the law itself and social welfare at the time it was passed by congress was meant to include things like working for good government working in elections but it wasn't meant to be the primary purpose of these groups just saying that's what the law is it's ok for
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these groups to be doing some political activity why don't and that's that's what it was good i would like to buy the law. so what if it was a bad law. i mean why why why don't we all agree that we should all know if somebody is trying to influence the discourse in america in america whether it's political or whether it's economic for that matter i mean you know monsanto went into california spent millions and millions of dollars to defeat a bill that would have required the labeling of genetically modified organisms i think there are a lot and i think there are a lot of good examples of this so i mean if you let me say if you're going to spend that money you have to disclose who you are spending them no i don't think you should i think there are many of them popular causes over time where people are not willing to join groups if their names are going to become public so it's a government of iran wants to support a political candidate the united states or a prince or a particular ballot where two meeting about two different thing oh the government of iran get easily set up a five a one c four in the united states through an american operating as a front for them and not disclose that their money is coming in in fact we now know
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that a fair amount of money and that was spent last election came from outside the united states a good chunk of it came from saudi arabia went to republican candidates i mean these are this is what's going on shouldn't we have some transparency but look it's a different question whether. you know foreign influence can go in elections sources not i mean this is it is literally from as it programs are these are all united public take all the time the supreme court said that the solution to our problem that we're creating with citizens united of declaring that money is speech is for congress to pass a law saying that all speech money the origin of it has to be disclosed that was part of the eight to one part of citizens united only clarence thomas to set it up . well the court has said yes some disclosure is going to be upheld by the court we don't know how much disclosure and this is what so it was going to have it for what kind of activity every anybody any kind of presume legal advice that let's say ok
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not too many years ago and probably for a good number of years in the future it's going to be difficult to enact a gay marriage law in utah. for idaho and many other states with those kind of political views you see there there may be people that want to donate to say a gay rights organization that works for gay marriage in those states but they may work for employers who don't tolerate this kind of abuse do you think you want their names in the record in fact utah's just passed a law to do that yes i do think that they're all being friends with her and see all who want to be any any political activity i think that we the people i think the the the need the requirement of the people to know who's influence in their political dialogue supersedes the need of individuals to hide from their their desire to participate but it bagay we can agree to disagree on that yeah we have already thank you for your welcome.
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in screwed news how would you feel if you woke up one morning and saw a small drone hovering outside your bedroom window now what if that drone was taking pictures of you and recording your every move this is exactly what happened to one seattle woman when she asked the man operating the drone to stop snooping he claimed that it was perfectly legal for him to fly an aerial drone over her yard to spy on her new technologies like personal drones are presenting new ways for people's privacy to be violated and thanks to federal law all might be legal joining me now to talk more about our privacy rights and the age of the drones is a mist a part of it director of the domestic surveillance project at the electronic privacy information center epic amy welcome back thank you for having me great to see you again so first and foremost is flying a drone outside someone's bedroom and taking pictures of them legal right now it's a legal gray area and it's because we haven't passed a law to say whether or not we're going to accept that as kind of
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a part of the national airspace which we accept as kind of being a right away for aircraft or part of the property line where we accept that if somebody invades that property it's a trespass so there's this kind of gray area between those two and it's not clear whether that's going to fall one way or the other so there's been no there's no court precedent of like. the top your roofline that's where your your personal space is it would be it starts or not not at this level there are laws in some states for example california has. some other states define where what it trespass is what encompasses a trespasser and in those some of those states a drone flying at the level of a second story window. would be included in that definition but other states either don't address the issue or clearly under the law it's clearly not
10:40 pm
a violation so this is just kind of out there and i think this is one of the reasons that epic has said that legislation is needed to clarify unfortunately the industry pushes back really hard against that and says that everything is clear and the law is as it should be. some of those tracks back to one hundred forty six decision by the supreme court doesn't that have to do with public roads and highways what you were referring to before there are there are supreme court decisions on this matter on an aerial surveillance on public right away nothing is on this point directly and i think that's the work that's going for to exactly what copters and there were helicopters there are for example many cases about when law enforcement can you know surveil aerial surveillance over property they set a four hundred foot ceiling where as long as law enforcement is using commonly. common technology technology you or i could go to the store and buy in at the time not using infrared cameras which were not common that they can fly over apply
10:41 pm
a helicopter over at four hundred feet and conduct surveillance and that is perfectly acceptable and that's kind of where the our gray area starts at that four hundred foot mark wright and pretty soon you'll be able to buy a drone on amazon you can now two hundred dollars i think is this it is the going price you can get on amazon and buy your own drone you can also put together a drone there are websites out there to help you build your own so you can start with a kitchen and build it from the ground in the three d. printing them it's just a matter of time so epic has proposed legislation are you proposing the concepts for legislation or do you have actual model legislation we're proposing the concepts we've been asked by different members of congress that the federal level what drove legislation showing compass and we're looking at things like a warrant requirements a law enforcement can't throw one up in the air say outside a political protest or a sports stadium and surveil the crowd and surveillance to an individual for whom
10:42 pm
they suspect has committed or of wrong deeds is sort of the equivalent of the fourth amendment argument exactly or actually this is the fourth would have to have essentially probable cause this is all this would be before the war ok i got amy thank you so much thank you it's great to see you again. coming up way back in one thousand nine hundred thirty six f.d.r. warned americans about the true intentions of the republican party it's time for president obama to do the same thing today i'll tell you why in tonight's dealy take. well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
10:43 pm
here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a donor. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country music stars are if you know what that is my other terrorist cells in your neighborhood now want to give us aid to feature a sufi on limbaugh and the christian religion. can secure beliefs of others but. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm abbie martin and we're going to break that.
10:44 pm
potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more connery down to the bottom line there is still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. jason it is going to pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's been light nobody's allowed to be driving lessons submergence three vehicles are exceptions. scientists from across the globe joined forces to track the carbon footprints of a number of the world's largest cities so how are they able to find out just how
10:45 pm
much c o two the world's largest cities are producing researchers have planted devices like this one in cities that have more than ten million residents cities like los angeles paris devices record exactly how much c o two is in the air given scientists a much better understanding of how levels of carbon dioxide can be affected by different variables like changes in seasons or development this new global study comes on the heels of news that for the first time in the history of the human race the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has asked the monumental mark of four hundred parts per million in fact c o two levels have not been this high since the arctic was last ice free three point six million years ago scientists working on the global c o two study plan to put c o two monitoring devices in more areas around the globe as well as determine the boston and indianapolis was c o two
10:46 pm
at unprecedented levels in our atmosphere it's more important than ever before that we understand just how much c o two we're putting into the atmosphere and take the appropriate actions to reduce our carbon footprint and who knows maybe these devices will help silence the few remaining climate change deniers out there you know the ones you see on parks are called news white southern new york turned into the tundra. i have a call into al gore sixty three percent of the country is now covered in snow and it's breaking al gore's hard because the snow is also burying his global warming theory do i believe scientists you know they've lied to us about global warming. thank. you crazy alert when a team of smoke jumpers like the one seen here jumped out of their plane into the
10:47 pm
mountains of southern oregon last week into the smoke they expected a high stakes battle against a raging forest fire. they found instead would make willie nelson proud nestled in a rowboat corner of the rogue river. national forest was a one thousand plant marijuana stash and smoke jumpers arrived the a small fire was burning at the site and the team quickly inhaled me put out the blades are in a local authorities the site was most likely used by mexican drug cartels that had started to infiltrate the region in recent years police don't have any suspects yet but a few of the smoke jumpers claim that they saw two men running away from the stash as they landed in the area and rumor has it if they look like these guys.
10:48 pm
it's the good the bad in the very very x. so. so. really ugly the good in a sort of legislators yesterday the minnesota senate voted by a margin thirty seven to thirty to legalize same sex marriage in that state minnesota is the twelfth statement country to allow gay marriage and the first in the midwest to do so by legislative action iowa also legalized it but that was because their supreme court ruled that back in two thousand and nine now that a majority of americans support marriage equality for the first time in history a rapid succession of states have voted to approve same sex marriage this year rhode island and delaware both approved gay marriage bills earlier this month. good work and everything always goes better with the democracy. the bad ted nugent in his most recent column for world net daily the new. or new. nuge i guess
10:49 pm
unveiled his own plan for immigration reform he wrote the new immigration reform plan takes five years for even illegal immigrants to become americans until then they should be treated like indentured servants and they have to earn their citizenship all illegal men in america should be required to work on building the fountains to be completed in one year we would pay the minimum wage provide food and shelter everyone wins night. the seventeenth century called they want their labor laws back and the very very ugly the one percent we all know the super rich go to some wild and sometimes cruel links to get ahead but according to the atlantic and the new york post some of our country's richest citizens are sinking to unbelievable new lows to avoid long lines at disney world will help with the help of chartered tour companies wealthy disney world visitors are hiring disabled guides who can get them exclusive access to handicapped entrances. the joke is that
10:50 pm
the tour companies are defending their exploitation of the handicapped is job creation. in all seriousness this story is just a very very ugly. last week senate minority leader mitch mcconnell decided to block the nomination of tom as president obama's nominee for secretary of labor and just days after that decision senate republicans also decided to delay a confirmation vote on president obama's nominee to head the e.p.a. gina mccarthy. of course this obstruction of presidential nominees is nothing new by the republicans senate republicans since the day obama took office and mitch
10:51 pm
mcconnell said his number one job was to basically destroy this presidency have had one strategy sabotage the obama presidency by blocking the people he selected to work in his administration and by filibustering any sort of legislation that he supports for example with obama's cabinet nominations center republicans killed the nomination of susan rice to be secretary of state a delay of the nomination of republican chuck hagel to be secretary of defense they delayed the nomination of john brennan to be cia director and today had been delayed the nomination of jacob lew for treasury secretary and right now thanks to republican blocking efforts there are currently eighty two vacancies for federal judgeships around the united states even john roberts is writing letters of complaint about seriously one of the most important of those judgeships that sound to you as a four vacancies on the highly influential u.s.
10:52 pm
circuit court of appeals the d.c. circuit the first circuit the court from which usually supreme court nominees come and the court which ultimately decides things like labor laws an e.p.a. laws it's in the hands of a one vote republican majority which would become a democratic majority if the republicans in the senate would allow obama's nominees to be confirmed but for four years they haven't let it happen then there are the hundreds of bills that republicans have blocked since obama took office in two thousand and eight just last year republicans blocked bills to increase the federal minimum wage put transparency back into politics set a minimum tax on millionaires and billionaires prohibit discrimination in the workplace protect the equal rights of the disabled and to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. it despite all of the blocked appointments and all of the filibuster legislation president obama still says he's intent on working with republicans president apparently still believes he can reach
10:53 pm
a so-called grand budget bargain with republicans despite their absolute refusal to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans who are sometimes paying the lowest tax rates the president continuously invites republicans to sit down with him and to help him make the decisions that are needed to get our economy turned around republicans just reply by bashing his every move earlier this year despite knowing that it would damage his own party president obama proposed a reduction in the cost of living increases for social security recipients the so-called chained c.p.i. in the hopes that this would make the republicans happy enough to support. grease on the rich instead republicans who have wanted to cut social safety net programs like social security for years skewered president obama called the cuts the social security brad cohen had a shocking attack on seniors in two thousand and five when president bush tried to
10:54 pm
prioritize social security democrats blocked him and republicans were largely all in favor of cutting benefits and handing the whole thing over to wall street bottom line here is the republican lawmakers in washington have only one mission and that one mission is to obstruct and sabotage the obama presidency at every chance possible regardless of how much damage that obstruction does to the american people . and make no mistake about it president obama realizes this he realizes that republicans only care about making him look bad after all if this wasn't a republicans only goal and they wouldn't be all over manufactured conspiracies like been gazi and floating around impeachment talk and would instead be dealing with the actual pressing issues that our nation faces like a broken economy a jobs crisis bankers run amok quiet change gun violence tragically unlike
10:55 pm
democratic presidents of the past president obama has not told the american people what the republicans really stand back in one nine hundred thirty six franklin roosevelt gave a speech at the democratic state convention in new york where he called out the republicans the one you want. let me let me. change means. that. we believe. we believe in social security we believe in him would be on him. we believe in saving. so i'm. going to make the wave of ministering doing man.
10:56 pm
we know. we will. we will be there. and everything. but doing our best will not harm anybody and. if there's any hope of congress being productive in the next three years of tackling the most precious precious pressing issues that our nation faces tackling them head on president obama must tell americans about the modern day smooth evasion the all right obstruction that has brought washington d.c. to a standstill it's time for president obama to stop trying to make nice with republicans except the fact that they're never going to like him and they never going to honestly work with him and tell the american people the truth about how they're trying to ruin this country just so that they can blame the crash in the disaster on. if he does and when things really fall apart the american people will figure
10:57 pm
that he deserves the blame. and that's the way it is tonight tuesday may fourteenth two thousand and thirteen if you have a question or comment send us your video questions for our thursday your take my take segment just grab your phone or hop on your computer hit record and e-mail your video questions to your take my take at g.-mail dot com for more information check out our website the thom hartmann dot com free speech to order. who would accomplish the big picture don't forget the marker see begins when you get out there get back to your.
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more news today boylan says once again flared up. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations to rule the day. wealthy british style. that's what i'd like for. the markets why not us canada. find out what's really happening to the global
10:59 pm
economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring here and washington d.c. and here's a story that we're tracking today. you hear it first here on prime interest and we're calling it bloomberg gate is heating up like a scandalous break in at a washington hotel first goldman sachs complained it got wind that bloomberg reporters are trolling their logon records now we know at least one employee was keeping tabs on the none other of ben bernanke and to him guy no word on how often the chairman checks the price of gold but in a related development more than ten thousand private messages sent from bloomberg terminals turned up on the web after a simple search. for the new york mayor's namesake from and we're just one week away from the most anticipated shareholder meeting of the year.


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