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the guantanamo bay hunger strike enters its one hundredth day the number of inmates refusing food always increasing and the use of force feeding has been condemned as extensive coverage of the situation going on. a million dollars a year plus bonuses russia's security service releases phone conversations detailing what the alleged cia agent arrested in moscow was offering his potential recruit. recession for a second time since two thousand and eight some economists at the euro zone's ticking time bomb is the latest blow to president. first year in office.
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it's a pleasure to have you with us here today. live in the russian capital with your news from all around the world. it has been exactly one hundred days since detainees at guantanamo bay prison camp started their hunger strike. now the official number of inmates refusing food has been increasing on an almost daily basis and has reached now at least that over one hundred around thirty hunger strikers are being subjected to force feeding a controversial tactic condemned by the united nations and the international medical community as in humane and all of those numbers are only likely to grow because what started as a strike against mistreatment has turned into a battle against indefinite detention and washington's broken promises to close the
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prison at the center of america's war on terror the artes gaia nature can explain its. after years of inaction injustice and indifference and after more than three months of starvation one tunnel detainees have finally got the president's attention i'm going to go back apis they've heard these words before as president i will close guantanamo reject the military commissions act and if you're to the geneva conventions and now we're dead it needs to be closed now congress and again as many times before the white house if it were sponsibility to congress there's much he can do administratively without congress without having a legislative act even under current restrictions the administration has the power to use national security waivers to release many of these men which it hasn't used it's the charge that well the fear that if you release some of these prisoners that have been accused of being terrorist in the
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past and and they do something else or you find them going into terrorist organizations you pay a heavy political price for that so many of these men have fallen victim not just to their wrongful capture but also to u.s. politicians assumptions of what they may or may not do in the future but you can't you can or will people want to maybe you know this is a we're not future police here so far the administration's only response to the crisis of one carnival has been to force feeding troops down detainees nostrils the fact of the matter is that when an individual makes a decision of sound mind makes a decision to refuse food as a political protest then as we said in a joint statement it is not open to the states in a second chance to force them to do each. and the full speeding here involves the insertion of a tube of some significant dynamic diameter through the national passages and into the stomach in the most horrible of circumstances the un special rapporteur on
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human rights also told me that he was encouraged to hear the. once again expressed commitment to close the prison president of the united states has said kuantan a moser problem and yet on the ground for some reason the camp administration continues to treat these men in humanely and to deny them basic dignity for years the administration is in gauged in. legal acrobatics to justify its inaction on guantanamo and still not clear how long before people there start dying but one thing is clear the elephant in the room just too big to ignore in washington i'm going to. he has spoken to. who was detained at guantanamo bay for up to five years also went on a hunger strike during his time there as well he told us the current protest could be the last for many who have lost hope of getting a trial really. i stayed five years in guantanamo altogether and.
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they always force me to sign papers that i should agree that i'm a member if i tie them taliban and every time when i refused to sign those kind of people they tortured me in different kinds. of ways like waterboarding. electroshocks i'm also a couple times hunger strike in doing my time and going almost all i can on the stand those detainees over the. more than eleven years over there they still didn't have to try and if you are in the system it's very difficult to get all to even even if they go home and knows that you are innocent. ninety five percent of those prisoners already know what has a trial and they still are not getting a trial for the future that's mean they can stay all their life over there even if they are innocent i myself i think it's going to be the last time is right for the
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most the time he's. i believe they would know will start again to eat. now r.t. has been following the hunger strike from the very beginning well before us all authorities even admitted it was taking place we've been gathering a comments from prison officials detainees attorneys and activists to give us a full account of all the situation all that plus the timeline on the protest available on our website at odds he dot com. now among some of the possible reasons for shutting down guantanamo bay could be for the fact that it is the most expensive prison on the planet to operate let me give you some numbers here for example one hundred and sixty six detainees at gitmo right now they cost nine hundred thousand dollars a year to maintain and to uphold and keep them there in what we what many are calling indefinite detention now some of the things all that money pays for isolation and denying water force feeding and low temperatures are some of the
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detainees claim that just making a simple telephone call to any lawyer ends up having some sort of a body search and early in my colleague or build or actually talk to experts men from the u.s. military authority that oversees guantanamo bay he denied there is any widespread abuse ongoing at the facility. what are detaining leave the can't they get what we call a full frisk which is a pat down search not unlike you'd experience going through airport security if you are selected for secondary screening in the united states it's quick it's full clothing on and it's noninvasive so the lawyers it's not the detainees job to tell the truth the lawyers just repeat what the detainees say that all of those allegations are false what about the allegations that many of those want to let me ask you about the allegations about the unsafe and inhumane force feeding all those prisoners who are on hunger strike do you deny that well there is the policy of
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the united states and its director of life for lawful means we currently have a hundred hunger strikers today we have currently thirty who are. doing terribly sad deaths using a liquid nutrition supplement. most of them when they're ordered to do that go compliantly and take it a percentage about a third need to be taken to their their cheating but it's not a it's a procedure that's done in hospitals and nursing homes every day. it's not it's not done to harass them but it's done to sustain life to sustain life but we've been hearing from the medical justice network who is saying that doctors are accused of colluding in torture that at the camp and that's been agreed on by the world medical association and the u.n. . yes and we disagree with them it's a matter of national policies our courts have upheld that. sustaining life she
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lawful means lawful and. we will we have a medical protocol where we evaluate detainees based on their weight loss and co-morbidity. we we allow them to hunger strike that if they get to about eighty five percent below that below eighty five percent of body weight some damage can be done we will do the involuntary feeding all of those allegations are false they're not they're not being fair to extreme temperatures they're not being denied food and water the conditions here are as good as they can possibly be you know they had satellite television and they had communal living get all kinds of good things. your producers are welcome to come carol rosenberg of the miami herald today here more than sixty traveling and we're trying to connect with some of you can see for yourself. however the picture drawn there by the guantanamo bay spokesman actually contradicts what the lawyers detainees are saying and if we can talk to one of them
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right now here in odyssey that of a clive stafford smith of the founder of the legal group reprieve representing several prisoners at the camp including the last remaining a british citizen joining us live from london good to see you today sir thanks for coming on i'll see you or feel they're going ton of a detainee's undergo full body cavity searches just before they can contact their legal representatives camp authorities say that's all lawful and justified or can i ask you though it's not just normal practice inside a prison. no it's not normal practice because let's face it when my clients are coming to have a telephone call me last i heard you can't smuggle anything in and out on the telephone. and so the idea that they threaten the prisoners with full body and i won't go into the really graphic but it's basically a sexual assault is just a threat to try to get them not to talk to us and frankly the reason for this is fairly obvious that there's been an awful lot of information coming out of
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guantanamo bay that doesn't suit the authorities now they say what they say is the truth we say what we said is the truth of course the natural thing to do about that is to have a proper trial but we're not allowed one of the i'm confident that my clients telling me the truth i just want the truth to come out of them but i mean how long has the practice of body searches been in place and has it actually prevented inmates from speaking to their lawyers the threat of an all cavity search only came about ten or twelve days ago and yes indeed it has last friday two of my clients refused to have called with me for the simple reason that they didn't want to go through that process i had one of the other lawyers from reprieve was at the base last week and twice prisoners didn't want to come out for a visit because they've been threatened with this is just not civilized i speak as an american when i say this is not american and we should not be doing this sort of thing up holding the rule of law not trying to suppress it so you made
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a motion i'm going to go about this alternately body cavity searches translate into that have some sort of sexual abuse did you also think it was some type of intimidation so if indeed the inmates know that they will be rectal exam and so on and so forth the people are trying to ultimately intimidate the inmates in preventing them from speaking to their lawyers. well of course they are and you know what's sad about this is of course people in guantanamo have studied what muslim men particularly sensitive to and one thing that obviously conservative traditional muslim male is not used to is having a stranger basically assault them sexually but this is something that's far more humiliating to someone from yemen for example than it would be perhaps to someone from america and these things have been studied rather carefully and i think it's a great tragedy that the u.s. is use studies on how to be sensitive to muslims and turned those around to
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use them to basically humiliate let's let's turn to the hunger strike now as i'm sure you know one hundred days on that is an awful long time to go without proper food can you tell us about the condition the physical condition the mental and emotional condition of your clients at guantanamo bay. well i can and i'm actually very glad that somehow the standard operating procedure from guantanamo bay got leaked this monday so i have a copy of it it's not classified or anything and it corroborates everything that the prisoners have been telling me about how the force feeding is being done and you know what's really really worrying about this is general brown's craddick of south com back when they changed the principle to make it more painful for the prisoners said that they were doing that to make it inconvenient. for the prisoners to keep on hunger strike so what they're now doing instead of the earlier days when there's a small the tube up in those it's one hundred twenty centimeters long and they would leave that to been weeks at
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a time now what they're doing is they're using larger tubes it's right there and they're using size ten size twelve to you and stick in the you know twice a day and pulling it back out of the united nations and the and the american medical association the international medic medical association of all condemned this various forms of torture but mr smith why haven't u.s. authorities tried to negotiate an end to the strike instead of using controversial tactics like force feeding will or denying them drinking water. well of course in order to negotiate an end to the strike we have to give justice to these prisoners and we're talking about as you well know eighty six of one hundred sixty six prisoners have been cleared for release that's fifty two percent of men thirty most of the people i represent there's only one way and this strike fairly and that's to take the prisoners who've been cleared for release and set them free and check around or as you mentioned the last british resident you know he could come back to london just behind me tomorrow if the president president obama would show the
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gumption and use the national defense authorization act to that but it's not also not possible though that washington in washington is stuck between a rock and a hard place because here we have here we have people who have been scooped up from afghanistan in the region surrounding put into guantanamo bay even if they weren't radicalized before they arrived it's quite possible now they have become radicalized in washington may now think well if we do release them back home then they're going to be even worse than they were before we grab them. well look i've been radicalized i'm radicalized justice not for violence and that's true of all of the people i've represented every single prisoner who's been set free in great britain and in fourteen has behaved impeccably when they came back it unless you think it's wrong to go around telling the truth and giving speeches and writing books but none of them is done any criminal offense save for one who got a traffic ticket so we're not talking about people remarkably who are going to go
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kill food and i actually can imagine how people might get really upset about that but that's simply not the truth and it would be so perverse wouldn't if we argue that we can snatch up innocent people abuse them for eleven years and then say because we've abused than they might hate us that will keep them forever i mean that's ridiculous clive stafford smith of the founder of the legal group reprieve joining us live from london you represent at least a few of the inmates at guantanamo bay prison thank you for sharing your time with us here on r.t. today. well as we continue to our coverage here at milestone now one hundred days of the hunger strike with more expert analysis an opinion coming up on our t.v. throughout the day. hunger strike despair pushed to the limit i. nearly one hundred kuantan of the detainees are screaming for justice. where is the end for.
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thank you for joining us here on our show in the russian capital the alleged cia agent caught right here in moscow was offering one million dollars a year for passing on classified information that evidence comes from wiretap phone conversations between him and the security officer he was trying to recruit and the recordings were made public by russia's federal security service. you're going to start some. more. talk with the warden you want to store it back yes because of more just out of luck about the weapon of a millionth of a little you want us to look you just saw some no no i do that. now the alleged agent has been handed over to american authorities and he's now waiting to go to the u.s. and washington has issued no official reply so for now the u.s. media is reaction though to the new spy scandal a mixture of laughter and disbelief at the alleged agent's clumsy recruiting
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techniques now ridicule is a fairly common reaction to stories like this but previous cases show it doesn't make them less true british intelligence analyst harvey he says it's just another point scored in the everlasting russian american spy game. it is a great success for the f.s.b. the russian domestic security service what fairly fail to do is follow a set of rules which the cia have always had it's called the moscow rules it requires you very the pattern of your behavior you're constantly told what is happening espionage is the great game well in this particular instance russia has sport america has lost but make no bones about it there will be a few ripples at the moment and before we know relations through that are normal
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and as i say. the cia will replace really with another intelligence officer and the game will continue. and of the full interview with. a british intelligence analyst right there is available for you on our website right now and also online we've collected a selection of the top spy scandals of the twenty first century involving the u.s. and russia you can head to r.t. talk com for more background on that story well still to come for you here on r t a download for free while you still can as the record industry in the u.k. mbox on a crusade to prevent online music sharers from stealing that tracks and their profits that are more than just a couple of minutes. they're ready to come here to work and not get paid for it. people from all over the world are eager to help. to become
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a volunteer at russia's premium museum why did the son of the louvers director come here. from one of the camps do. behind the scenes of the hermitage see.
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from moscow this is a france has entered recession for the second time in five years and the numbers come as president francois hollande marks one year in office which some have labeled as a disaster. reports there are doubts over the whole euro zone's ability to manage its crisis economy. i we're looking at a cafe culture here in paris still continuing looking calmer wherever this is a far cry a contrast to the other images that we've seen across the country such as protests against president francois launch the first son of verse three as president has there seeing him as not having done enough for the economy or those and a steady protest now the a french finance minister had come out saying that this contraction that we're seeing now is a result of the overall depressed environment that france finds itself in its neighbors in the euro zone area however it is still
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a blow to our fund swollen to what dan has been seeing a lot of criticism for the policies that are in place and also there have been a lot of economists who have been calling france for some time now as a ticking time bomb in europe it's one of the core countries now that we're seeing in recession no longer the so-called periphery of the euro zone such as countries like greece or portugal but of course euro zone nation so what do these numbers really mean for france being in a recession it would be extremely difficult to get out of the speciation. steamy bad policy which are used now going experience he's cutting labor cost cutting the politician a worker of course we will show shown in part and you are not going to spend the afternoon in nice coffee like this one because you know it becoming too expensive for you well as these the small numbers hit europe and france finds itself officially in a recession the question really bear is how long is it going to take before economy starts growing and growing again and stop being in the red and also the concern is
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the longer it is that we see the sustained the lackluster numbers the harder it will be for a recovery to take place reporting from paris i'm tests are sylvia and i coming up at twelve thirty g.m.t. keyser and stacey her but again delving into the global financial headlines this time they're coming up with a surprising theory on how the worldwide markets really operate. scientists used to believe that the earth was the center of the universe today economists who call themselves scientists claim that the economy revolves around these central banks and this is the fractal reserve system behold the sacred dow as you know of course we have this secret dow if the dow jones and the nikkei or the footsie if they rise if they continue to rise then all will be ok in the economy so we sacrifice our wealth our economy jobs everything to rising a rising dow but it's not what we would not predicted in other words we said
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that after the two thousand a crisis that there would be massive money printing and one of the likely outcomes would be hyperinflation in the stock index. this is artsy downloading free music in the u.k. could soon be a thing of the past british record labels have come up with a list of twenty five services they're willing to take to court to stop online bootlegging and save the shrinking profits so you sort of explains. well record labels could be about to launch the biggest battle yet against pirate sites and what's alleged will be the main blocking blitz in the ongoing fight against websites that file share and infringe on music copyrights now british internet service providers or i s p's have already in the recent past been asked to block websites certain websites that are illegally file sharing music now it's thought
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that the british industry trade body. he launched the previous successful legal action is set to take a third wave of action now b.v. i haven't yet responded to this latest information but it's through the that would be targeting sites such is the us space file sharing site greaves and what would that mean well for british consumers of the music industry they won't be able to access these sites anymore this action is aimed at targeting the casual illegal dilator of course for the hardcore pirates the simply move on is thought to the vast array of websites that you have out there at the moment so already questions being raised as to just how effective any legal action would be certainly is seems that these are file sharing sites where the previous ever more popular are next for the chopping board is this music industry attempts to continue this crackdown on other legal file sharing outdated approach that could return to haunt him. if
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recent reports of roy it looks like we could be facing an only flaw to where blackouts here in the united kingdom what we've seen is that the tactic is first to go after high profile sites like pirate bay but actually what we've seen is from twenty twelve this that that hasn't helped music sales a toll that actually album sales fell ten percent so we've seen how useless this approach is essentially what we're seeing this is about the record labels trying to cater soaring to remain gate keepers and actually push companies out but this approach will not work it's going to alienate a generation of music a lot has. spent perhaps enter a breathalyzer in internet users but this is not what he wants i just around the corner here when i see our special report on the b.p. oil spill in the gulf of mexico.
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a fairly dickinson university study has revealed a twenty nine percent of americans think that a revolution will just happen in america but needs to be done in order to protect individual liberty if responded to concern themselves conservative than that number is bumped up to forty four percent that's nearly half also fox news found out that since nine eleven the percent of americans willing to sacrifice their personal freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism is at an all time low this number might sound trivial but it only takes a tiny percent of the population actually start a revolution i mean how many communists were in russia at the start of nine hundred seventeen and how many were there at the end revolution may sound like a nice thing to a growing number of people but the media wrongly portrays revolution as some fun
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video game battle where freedom fighters topple. the statue of the dictator and then democracy just instantly comes about and life is good and happy i ask you to ignore movies like v. for vendetta and look at history revolutions cause horrible destruction that could take decades to repair i guess what when your economy collapses because a revolt infrastructure breaks down and the shelves go bare also professional revolutionaries get their supplies from somebody and a foreign powers would of say fund american revolutionaries they would want something in return aloha why and goodbye alaska if you look at history then you'll see that revolution is brutal and ugly and it's truly a last resort but still is a resort but that's just my opinion.
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the story ends in a wrong. british geologists discovered iran was sitting in motion the world and they decided they would take in they formed the persian oil company and made a deal with the iranian monarchy. then guaranteed itself mona runs oil. shortly after that the british government bought fifty one percent of the company and the suggestion of winston churchill the british knew.


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