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the failure of u.k. security services to prevent the beheading of a soldier in london puts them under scrutiny as the islamist link the attack threatens to further divide british society. drives rage on for a fifth night install cone with schools and cars set on fire police have pleaded for reinforcements to contain violence in the swedish capital. and evolution of the war on terror again values to show. defend the cia drone strikes is heartbreaking but necessary.
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welcome you watching r.t. with me andrey farmer. now the british security forces will face serious questions from parliament over the machete murder of a soldier in london it has been revealed that two the suspects had been named to m i five for some time the alleged attack is beheaded their victim in broad daylight on wednesday saying it was revenge for britain's military action abroad two other people are being questioned r.t. sarah firth reports from london. a flag at half mast a grizzly attack with a machete style knife and a murdered soldier his death leaves behind a two year old son the seemingly behind this gruesome act seeking to bring scenes of violence usually seen in war ravaged parts of the world to the london suburb of willett in a poignant interview r.t. spoke to an army officer he told us of the reaction among some in the armed forces
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to remain anonymous anger of the moment and. not scared maybe scared you never get someone to. be scared i witness accounts of the precise attack details the men chanting is the limits slogans as the body of soldier drama leverage be a second battalion the royal regiment is they only pleading they asked people to video then if you listen to the words of the attackers themselves it's clear that they will wish to bring the war which they saw prosecuted on the streets of baghdad and to the streets of london but speaking at a press conference london mayor boris johnson many senior political figures are trying to distance this latest act of violence from the recent data seize exploits this is not a question of blaming the religion of islam it is certainly not
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a question of blaming any aspect of british foreign policy or what british troops do in operations abroad when they risk our lives on behalf of all of us the london mayor in charge at the time of the london two thousand and five bombings disagrees they are lying they are completely complicit with the united states policy to fight tony blair was with george bush. prepared to stand and say what we think the strategy has been a disaster has been just announced not just for the young man killed on the streets of london but for the hundreds of thousands of. people in afghanistan and in iraq. a simple reality if you invade other people's countries they come back it's one side of an argument but one that's going to be weighing heavily on many now that this would say close to hey you feel less secure i think that's what. you think if we were out there that perhaps would be more space scope for you
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to produce the cells they'd be operating within you kerry because when we're out there we're constricted in space and not allowing them that freedom of maneuver out there and that means their base of operations over here was weaker but also the arguments we valued because we're out there we're inspired and the more motivates in them our presence out there is sort of motivating the selves that back in the u.k. to operate more and carry out more attacks as the police investigation continues that deep sense of shock and outrage from the local community here in southeast london at that brutal attack and the sentiment echoed across the country as people struggle to come to terms with how a crime like that could happen here so r.t. london while the alleged boston bombers you carried out the attack on the city's marathon had similar motives the message that your heart is and i have left in the boat he was hiding in refer to us military for
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a saying when you attack one muslim you attack all muslims and one of the london machete killers was shown on video saying his attack was an eye for an eye a tooth return because british soldiers kill muslims every day both cases appear to involve a terrorist known as lone wolves meaning they're not attached to any terror network william my colleague bill dodd discussed this with artie's at the nickel. it looks like we're looking at something of a new phenomenon in the so-called open-source jihad there's a website out there it's actually periodical online magazine which provides all sorts of recipes for disaster literally for example how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom from the chef and you can uses a pressure cooker in order to do that it says the ingredients are readily available they're not going to cause any suspicion if you're going to purchase them and you will basically get away with murder literally now this is not the only recipe that's out there so to speak they're also talking about techniques to wipe out
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large numbers of people there are also a dish there's also an edition on how to blow up buildings and so on and so forth as a matter of fact the even have in addition targeted. muslim women and suicide bombers and it's positioned as of lifestyle and fashion magazine and it sounds almost borderline observateur or on the borderline funny but it's not because literally there is a plethora of information out there on internet and it basically teaches people how to kill other people and and yet you annoy we can access this security services doing about this because clearly they know where it's going from go they do something absolutely yes it does seem like they're actually keeping track of in some instances we know that in both cases the killers as well as this one i brothers were under the radar but the main question of course is why didn't the authorities do anything to prevent the attacks from happening because we're looking at an enormous a number of young men primarily of. muslim faith who are out there reading these
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web sites and they were the target audience of these websites and they can essentially be their own terrorist leaders so you'd think they would be under the cap of the authorities and yet it doesn't seem like the authorities have done anything to prevent these attacks from happening of course to keep people from dying and that is the main problem that we're facing here right now. so what do you think about this murder you can join the vote on our website and this is how the votes are going so far more than half of those who have voted believe it was a blowback against u.k. wars abroad that is fifty seven percent now just that from the last hour eighteen percent believe it was an act of violence by mad men sixteen percent closely followed by believe it was an isolated act of homegrown terror and the remainder that is just nine percent believe it was orchestrated by foreigners you can have your vote or you have to do is go to r.t. dot com.
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welcome back stock home is reading is to school was the police station and dozens of cars were set ablaze and a fifth night of riots twelve people were arrested as rioters and police clashed with stone throwing used in poor largely immigrant districts of the swedish capital artie's peter all of the reports from the suburb of hoes be where the troubles first fled. nice neat and normal not the type of place you would expect to see this. speak on the outskirts of stockholm and the epicenter of sweden's issues with race and that's bubbling over in sweden you get
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welfare you get access to the education system up to university level you get access to public transport to libraries to health care to everything and still they feel that they need to throw stones a molotov cocktails it's ridiculous it's a bad excuse the violence in the peaceful city has become a political football the swedish democrats are exploiting these events they make it all about immigration to suit their needs they see being anti immigrant is being proved. for the past week stone throwing in car burning become the norm in this part of town known for its high unemployment predominantly immigrant population all sparked after a sixty nine year old man was gunned down by police while brandishing a knife that let loose a barrage of emotions it's the state that creates this type of gets wise ation they move everyone from abroad into these parts of town when it comes to unemployment sweden is below the average however almost one quarter of under twenty five out of
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work prompting some to say it's time for further action saying a lack of control by government has led them to this situation the police can put the ride down in five minutes if the politicians were to allow them although swedes defer over what caused this week's violence they are in agreement that it's government policy that must be changed to avoid scenes like this being repeated on the streets of stockholm peter all of r.t. sweden. let's go back to our top story in for more on this murder that british authorities are describing as a terror. i'm joined life now by claude monica he is an international terrorism expert and a former french intelligence officer thank you for your time firstly. we do know that m i five were aware of these when each killers but security forces have come out and said it is practically impossible to control everyone all the time do you
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go along with that would you think this murder was preventable. no i don't think it was because the security service the british security service the b.s.s. also known as semi five said it was known for years but it was more not this man was known mainly for demonstrations of your own demonstrations and for radical opinions as you know in great britain the freedom of speech and freedom of opinion this is quite a dogma so it's impossible to act against people for their of their beliefs and for what they say and even for what they do if they just don't throw it so nothing showed in the past that this particular man called go to to to a killing in the streets to do to a call them a buddha killing in the street i think if we have the security services have to monitor all those people it's a question of those and of people and it's clearly impossible to do and why do you
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think the british government has dubbed this a terror attack mean what is the difference between an attack like this and a spontaneous act of violence on the street. the difference is very clear it's clearly politically motivated it's easier to carry motivated the man was it's not just stabbing someone on the street for robbing him or just for the piece of stirring and killing it's a man who was clearly going to fight us serviceman and leader imam and the two address of the two models stay on the on the on the place on the scene and waited for the bodies to confront the police and waited for the media in there were very very brutal so to explain in face of the camera what they did they did clearly as they said they did it for islam for their vision of islam of course they did it for political reasons they did it to punish great britain for its involvement in
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afghanistan and passkey in iraq so it's clearly. this. it's clearly completely different of an indiscriminate attack against someone in the streets a brief e.g. think other european states should be fearful of this because multiculturalism is an issue across the whole of europe at the moment is there a fear that there could be similar attacks do you think. yes i think so we are in something quite. a sequencer for. a street of friends we have moment men are in from us in the march two thousand and twelve we have another man in from below the rather a german we incent deborah doesn't work it was not so not a fight internationally because he didn't kill anyone and weskit before doing something really important we had broad of course in boston and today we have this so this question this incident in london so it's clear that this is
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a trend that is very probably very likely every trend and it will last for a while because it's extremely easy to do if you just have to have a knife or to have a bomb to make there on the street of course you will never reach the level of your own self said there are eleven attack in moscow in the suburb undergrown the or the attack of madrid the rundown but if in the coming year you have four or five attacks like this in the u.s. and some european countries and each time you kill want people to present two to three people it will have a real impact on the relations between islam and the western wall and this is what they're searching where the people of al qaeda who are not the i mean those people who are not going to do this but they believe they belong to the individual al qaeda and it's clearly what al qaeda wants the clear separation cutting the links
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between the muslim world and the western world ok all right well thank you very much for your time mr monaco we do have to leave it there late so i think you're going to care for my french intelligence officer. now a facelift for the war on terror and other news coming up for you after the break.
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download. location so. stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. and i welcome back a new face to the war on terror was unveiled by president obama in a major speech on america's national defense policies for the second time in five years he again promised to try and shut guantanamo bay but when it came to drone warfare the president a paid less enthusiastic about change promising only guidelines
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a washington correspondent. reports. president obama says he's appointing new people new on voice at the state department and the pentagon who will specifically work on the transfers of tunnel detainees it is not really specify when the transfers will begin or how this will be done but he did say the administration is lifting the ban on transfers to yemen the yemenis are the largest single group of prisoners at guantanamo fifty six out of eighty six detainees are from yemen president obama also says he asked congress to lift restrictions on bringing the detainees to the u.s. to be tried by military commissions here in the state looks like after all these years of inaction indifference and injustice one ton of detainees finally got president obama's attention it's just really sad that it took a massive hunger strike and so much physical suffering for them to be heard remember we've heard president obama talk about closing the prison five years ago nothing happened moreover he signed a law that made indefinite detention legal he shut down the office of the state
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department that was. two months ago a pentagon official was in congress asking for nearly two hundred million dollars to renovate the prison so just a little while ago the prospect of closing the prison seemed so very distant now it seems we could be seeing some action on the part of the administration but president obama has never been a guantanamo fan his preferred strategy is targeted assassinations the administration has been very secretive about how they determine the targets innocent people have died in those strikes and it has contributed to the growth of extremism in places like pakistan but we've heard the president mitigate the adverse effect that the drone strikes are happening he of course underscored that the drones keep u.s. troops out of the battlefield he spoke extensively about how much he likes drones as opposed to other military strategies at one point he said putting u.s. troops on the ground would trigger an international crisis would lead to more anger among the locals which begs the question where the bombing from air does not
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trigger an international crisis or whether the local somehow like being bombed more than being shot it the u.n. has questioned the legality of the use of drones and here's how the president addressed the issue america cannot take strikes wherever we choose or actions are bound by consultations with partners and respect for state sovereignty. america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people when the president talks about consultations with other countries one should mention that you have the whole population of pakistan its parliament unanimously opposing the drone strikes so the administration may be in consultation with the governments of those countries but obviously not the people there the president said this wednesday he signed a presidential policy guidance on the use of drones which is supposed to lead to these stablish meant of some guidelines oversight and accountability now also on the issue of legality did mr ations still operate under the congress authorization
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for the use of military force adopted in two thousand and one which says the u.s. is at war with al qaeda and its affiliates based on the threats that the president talked about in the speech and he talked about the threat coming from al qaeda affiliates seeing different parts of the world the war on terror is still on and the drones are here to stay so a bomber is going to have another try shutting down tandem obey but attorney david remes who represents seventeen grand tandem obey inmate says he's off to an even worse start the second attempt. we had been led to expect at least in the media that president obama would do something constructive all he offered however were the same empty promises that he's offered before he continues to defend indefinite detention he is going to appoint an envoy who has no power to do anything beyond what obama allows him to do he keeps plame in congress for the problem when he has
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the authority to transfer men and appointing a special envoy actually he didn't he simply designated a point person within the pentagon to address these issues my fear is that people will conclude from listening to this speech that there is forward motion the problem has been solved guantanamo is closed and everybody can go on to other things that's exactly what happened in two thousand and nine and i'm very sorry that there was no forward movement here. exultant democrats are hiding obama's speech is a new beginning a sentiment not shared by republicans they accuse the president of sacrificing national security even during a bomb a speech that his dissent with an angry odin's member being a school my colleague. why the woman forced a bomb to go off script. something that that we haven't seen really before was that the presidential veneer the the obama veneer was punctured somewhat by
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a heckler in the audience and i think we can have a listen to have a look at how obama dealt with that he went. we went on. we're addressing america. the heckler was media benjamin of code pink was heckling itself and that it took place is a real indication of. angry people are as far as we could pick up on the audio she she she pretty much addressed every element of obama's obama speech so she called on him to compensate families who have been destroyed by joint strike drone strikes
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and she called on them to close guantanamo bay called called on him to release the prisoners who have been set for release for up to ten years from the camp that he dealt with he's a consummate performer he and he dealt with it very well as any politician of his stature would he be he's appointed the fact that free speech allowed this lady to have her opinion and he felt she went on a bit and i think about stagey and after a minute or so we've had certainly had enough for me the key takeaway is that the policy of man drone strikes needs to be changed obama is definitely trying to move responsibility for growing strikes drone strikes out of the shadow of the cia and into the department of defense and he's certainly trying to do something about guantanamo but i think the key takeaway the key lesson is that these two elements of u.s. policy of the so-called war on terror are absolutely unsustainable. when it comes to obama's drawing based war on terrorism author and activist david swanson feels the changes the president proposed don't go far enough he claims that he is going
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to further limit his murder by drone program including applying these arbitrary criteria met in secret by himself to his own satisfaction and if these reforms and limitations are needed on this program then what of the conduct of this program here too for what security threat was a sixteen year old boy what security threat are the thousands of victims of these drone strikes including children and women and seniors and so-called signature strikes these are strikes to kill people without knowing their name based on behavior that suggests they might be resisting an occupation of their country what about strikes at rescuers are well documented strikes at the rescuers of victims of previous strikes what imminent threat to the united states are those strikes preventing or are they not rather the economy. a new primary recruiting tool
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of anti-american terrorism a quick look at other international news now the u.n. has put it that could confirm the syrian rebels used chemical weapons and that in march the material provided by a russian journalist includes video from the site to be alleged incident and interviews with eyewitnesses and doctors who examined the victims it is still unclear though whether it was the rebels or the syrian army and used the alleged weapons u.n. experts have been stopped from investigating by syria and the keys is them being on the west and pressure. meanwhile in afghanistan two powerful explosions have been reported in the center of the capital kabul the blast charted windows and blew open doors and shooting has been heard on the street we'll give you more updates as we get them. and the international monetary fund chief has arrived at a special court in paris for the second day christine lagarde is being questioned
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over her role in a four hundred million euro payoff to a controversial businessman while she was france's finance minister the payment was allegedly used to settle a dispute with a state owned bank a case is being seen as an example of the cozy relationship between the country's elite and the government. up next obama's defense speech goes under the scalpel and breaking the set it up a notch. the mission free cretaceous three guns for judges free. range humans free risk free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media don
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i know that i've seen it really messed up. in the prairie so personally apologize if the. worst chipotle is playing the white house of the day the radio guy for the tail. what. did you ever seen anything like. what is up i'm having martin and this is breaking the set so i hate this attack took place in south london yesterday in which two men ran over and subsequently beheaded a young british soldier with a cleaver in the midst of the crime one of the attackers approached a camera recording the incident and told onlookers he was doing this is a vengeance for the muslims who are dying daily around the world while this act has been widely condemned the u.k.
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a member of parliament george galloway urges us to understand this incident the scope of western foreign policy which he says plays a part in the radicalizing people all over the world pulled this story seems to get into the major play in the corporate media another story into a phone completely off the radar earlier this month another man not far from london to name a home and salim was stabbed three times on his way home from praying in a mosque by a young white male it's been investigated as a racially motivated attack so why so much play on one story and not the other i guess on the hinge to muslims are more newsworthy hey whatever feeds into the humanisation of the enemy right join me if you want to break that that. well today obama gave a foreign policy speech.


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