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on a kid in a world. we've got the future covered. failure of u.k. security services to prevent the beheading of a soldier in london puts them under scrutiny as the islamist link tack threatens to
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further divide british society. watch rage on for a fifth lower to the stock of the schools and car seven five police have pleaded for reinforcements to contain violence in the swedish capital. evolution of the war on terror a bomber again vows to shut. the defends the cia's drone strikes is heartbreaking but necessary our top stories this hour. on screen online international news and comment live from a studio center here in moscow this is. british security forces will face serious questions from parliament over the machete murder of a soldier in london it's been revealed that two of the suspects have been known to
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m i five for some time in its attackers beheaded their victim in broad daylight on wednesday saying it was revenge for britain's military action abroad. reports from london a flag. a grisly attack with a machete style knife and a murdered soldier his death leaves behind a two year old son the seemingly behind this crease the max seeking to bring scenes of violence usually seen in war ravaged parts of the world to the london suburb of in a poignant interview he spake to an army officer he told us of the reaction among some in the armed forces to remain anonymous. and a little bit. not scared maybe scared you never get someone to. be scared i witness accounts of the priest attack detailed the men chanting islam is slogans as the body of soldier drama leverage b.s.
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second battalion the royal regiment a few lay on the ground pleading they asked people to video than if you listen to the words of the attackers themselves it's clear that they will wish to bring the war which they saw prosecuted on the streets of baghdad and kabul to the streets of london but speaking at a press conference london mayor boris johnson okayed many senior political figures trying to distance this latest act of violence from the recent data seize exploits this is not a question of blaming the religion of islam it is certainly not a question or blaming any aspect of british foreign policy or what british troops do in operations abroad when they risk our lives on behalf of all of us the london mayor in charge at the time of the london two thousand and five bombings disagrees they are lying they are completely complicit with the united states policy to cite tony blair was george bush they are prepared to stand and say well we think this
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strategy has been a disaster has been just announced or not just for the young man killed on the streets of london but for the hundreds of thousands of. people in afghanistan and in iraq who've been killed a simple reality if you invade other people's countries they come back it's one side of an argument but one that's going to be weighing heavily on many now that this has hit so close to home you feel less secure i think that's what. he think if we went out there then perhaps they'd be more space and scope for al-qaeda to produce the sounds they'd be afraid more within the u.k. because when we're out there we're constricting the space and not allowing them that freedom of maneuver out there and that means their base of operations over here is we both say the arguments we made because we're out there we are inspiring them or motivating them our presence out there is sort of motivate in the cells
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that back in the u.k. to operate more and carry out more attacks as the police investigation continues a deep sense of self and outrage from the local community here in southeast london at that brittle attack and they sentiment echoed across the country as people struggle to come to terms with how a crime like that could happen here so i'll say london he would murder a seen a rise of attacks against muslims reports suggest there were several dozen islamophobia crimes committed across britain on wednesday night extra police have been deployed to muslim sites will only i discuss the issue within doesn't he's editor of politics talk what you can call us from the right wing british national party there are two different things one is the east of the existence of minorities who are violent the other issue is the justification and i absolutely
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agree the british foreign policy is are these are. i do remember the other british garment members in the church and gerbils were linked to al qaida no there's a garment it's talking about supporting the retailers who are trying to defeat the president or so who are those going to be less. so the contradictions or british foreign policy combine with social issues. are the core of the program so socially are you saying that multiculturalism is failing there in britain it's interesting you're you're a while and then you're representing british interests clearly hasn't failed for you but the point is the two words here multiculturalism and integration. you know when you look at but it's. what the immigration be responsible immigration custody eight do these good tools you
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have get across the u.k. people who find difficulties who will find you to integrate. all right and they don't want to also you to find that example it's immigration isn't working it's irresponsible and there isn't enough included in this efficiencies that i give you you know that onset of course the major problem the real id the other one major major problem with what he's saying is that these acts of terrorism really conducted by the far right you very generously describe the b.n.p. as a right wing party idea they're not right wing they're far right they're a fascist party and the acts of violence that they perpetrate against mosques against property the threats against muslims these are also acts of terrorism these are also acts of violence by non-state actors political means well i've got to learn from and i have to do something to do with my how to help like i said you're going to have as i say sheer is done by right wing fanatics and i have to come out
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to the person. the other person who spoke and he said noting completely fucked up i personally have an open dialogue with mostly in communities that recently i had a debate with muslim communities in books in but the city in london about these very issues. for importances east as well beyond the borders will tell you about the. jewish authorities a racist you should learn about what are you know proud of on ok to listen to mr dunn now please but you know i don't know we don't know we don't. have websites people from east. from people from from they. let me really judge the. members. only they know when we have sound some other lunatics who also agree with your demented view of the world however that does not mean that
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you know what is there what is the mission that it was he is not yet if you just look just for that is that it don't you know just off the shore to the british people died there a poll by what's happened they want to stroll response from government they don't want a reaction that could be tempered by fears of political incorrectness what should be done there's going to be some strong reaction surely political correctness really has no connection to where the you have a viable response to a terrorist incident stopping terrorism is about having joined up services for intelligence agencies by the police by mental health authorities by schools by the muslim community these are the kind of sensible i don't mean that you take to prevent violence and what about the maintenance as well because i don't know if i've been head missing which ended it is something to do with an intrinsic nature of islam ok mr did mention the fact that you can't have the manpower to track all these people down but surely there has been a lack of surveillance of many people who say we need to step up that now so it was
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so cold snooping on people because clearly they were on the five radar but they got through i mean is that do you think that people be going to make something very clear. where we don't really know what is how does it let me say this i mean there's a lot of people talking without any access to the information required to make a coherent judgment we know yes that they're one of my part it wasn't that it was a free country and they're even say it isn't all that might make your own intelligence list and not be tracked at all times i'm afraid that these things do sometimes happen terrible as they get mr particular they have over my five they have all of my five talking in the car so called once said that. thousand and five . is in the united kingdom of a mom or neither. every single song they suspect of being born you know not that obviously. they have. five talking now if you if you carry on in bathing out of countries killing muslims in iraq
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afghanistan c.d.r. and everywhere. you go how you were going have ever enough security services to counter the unger of these people. on the news now stockholm is really news to schools a police station and dozens of cars were set ablaze in the fifth night of riots twelve people were arrested as writers and police clashed with stone throwing news in poor largely immigrant districts of the swedish capital where he drove reports from the suburb of whose be where the troubles first flared. nice neat and normal not the type of place you would expect to see this. speak on the outskirts of stockholm and the epicenter of sweden's issue with race and that's bubbling over in sweden you get welfare you get access to the education system up
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to university level you get access to public transport to libraries to health care to everything and still they feel that they need to throw stones or molotov cocktails it's ridiculous it's a bad excuse the violence in the usually peaceful city has become a political football. democrats are exploiting these events they make it all about immigration to suit their needs they see being anti immigrant is being produced. for the past week stone throwing in car burning become the norm in this part of town known for its high unemployment predominantly immigrant population all sparked after a sixty nine year old man was gunned down by police while brandishing a knife that let loose a barrage of emotions it's think what it creates type of ghettoization but then we've everyone from abroad into these parts of town when it comes to unemployment sweden is below the average of almost one quarter of under twenty five out of work
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prompting some to say it's time for further action saying a lack of control by government has led them to the situation the police put the ride down in five minutes if the politicians were to allow them although swedes defer over what caused this week's violence they are in agreement that it's government policy that must be changed to avoid scenes like this being repeated on the streets of stockholm peter all over r.t. sweden. blogger and social commentator. says an open debate on immigration is needed in sweden one must understand that it's very generous. actually no more. than is the case in progress or longer but beneath that is the never ending story like i mean the demands of the group and
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probably it is high time that we can start making them arms arms and we're going there and we're are going to have to learn the language and we're going to have been doing something in order to get an employer accept rights that. hold a very general. part of the united. and use problem and we learn from. frost and foremost there is a need to her very realistic immigration policy which means that when there are so many there are then there are even some rest and immigration policy and that these . women are. men but we always have more for you all the line including moscow trembles shockwave spread through russia with an eight point two magnitude earthquake off the country's far east coast felt thousands of miles away in the capital. and cutting edge technology saves
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a child's life american doctors perform unprecedented surgery pairing a one year old ways with an implant created on a three d. printer the full story right now on a website called. g.m.o. giant with the backing of a government sowing seeds. around the world breaking the food chain to march against monsanto just may twenty fifth on r.t.e. . good leverage. to build a most sophisticated. mission to teach creation and why you should care about. this is why you should care only. sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is. welcome to the big picture. and you face to the war on terror was unveiled by president obama in
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a major speech on america's national defense policies for the second time in five years he promised to try and shut. but when it came to drone warfare the president appeared less enthusiastic about change promising only vague guidelines a washington correspondent reports. president obama says he's appointing new people new on voice at the state department and the pentagon who will specifically work on the transfers of one ton of detainees it is not really specify when the transfers will begin or how this will be done but he did say the administration is lifting the ban on transfers to yemen the yemenis are the largest single group of prisoners at guantanamo fifty six out of eighty six detainees who've been cleared for release are from yemen president obama also says he asked congress to lift restrictions on bringing the detainees to the u.s. to be tried by military commissions here in the states looks like after all these years of inaction indifference and injustice one ton of detainees finally got president obama's attention it's just really sad that it took a massive hunger strike and so much physical suffering for them to be heard
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remember we've heard president obama talk about closing the prison five years ago nothing happened moreover he signed a law that made indefinite detention illegal he shut down the office at the state department that was working on the transfers and just two months ago a pentagon official was in congress asking for nearly two hundred million dollars to renovate the prison so just a little while ago the prospect of closing the prison seemed so very distant now it seems we could be seeing some action on the part of the administration but president obama has never been a guantanamo fan his preferred strategy is targeted assassinations the administration has been very secretive about how they determine the targets innocent people have died in those strikes and it has contributed to the growth of extremism in places like pakistan but we've heard the president mitigate the adverse effect that the drone strikes are having he of course underscored that the drones keep u.s. troops out of the battlefield he spoke extensively about how much he likes drones as opposed to other military strategies at one point he said putting u.s.
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troops on the ground would trigger an international crisis would lead to more anger among the locals which begs the question where the bombing from air does not trigger an international crisis or whether the local somehow like being bombed more than being shot it the u.n. has questioned the legality of the use of drones and here's how the president addressed the issue america cannot take strikes wherever we choose or actions are bound by consultations with partners and respect for state sovereignty. america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people when the president talks about consultations with other countries one should mention that you have the whole population of pakistan and its parliament unanimously opposing the drone strikes so the administration may be in consultation with the governments of those countries but obviously not the people there the president said this wednesday he signed
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a presidential policy guidance on the use of drones which is supposed to lead to the establishment of some guidelines oversight and accountability now also on the issue of legality did mr ation still operate under the congress authorization for the use of military force adopted in two thousand and one which says the u.s. is a war with al qaeda and its affiliates based on the threats that the president talked about in the speech and he talked about the threat coming from al qaeda affiliates different parts of the world the war on terror is still on and the drones are here to stay so obama is going to have another try and shutting guantanamo brain but it's only david remes you represent seventeen going to move the inmates so this off to an even worse start to the second the terms. we had been led to expect at least in the media that president obama would do something constructive all he offered however were the same empty promises that he's offered before he continues to defend indefinite detention he is going to appoint an envoy who has no power to do
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anything beyond what obama allows him to do he keeps plame in congress for the problem when he has the authority to transfer men and appointing a special envoy actually he didn't he simply designated a point person within the pentagon to address these issues my fear is that people will conclude from listening to this speech that there is forward motion the problem has been solved guantanamo is closed and everybody can go on to other things that's exactly what happened in two thousand and nine and i'm very sorry that there was no forward movement here exultant democrats heading above his speech is a new beginning a sentiment not shared by republicans they accuse the president of second fozzy national security even during obama's speech there was dissent with an angry audience member being escorted out with only my call to go to court he outlined why
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the woman forced a bomber to go off script. something that we haven't seen really before was that the presidential veneer the the obama veneer was punctured somewhat by a heckler in the audience and i think we can have a listen to have a look at how obama dealt with that he went. we went on. we're addressing america. the heckler was media benjamin of code pink with the heckling itself and that it took place is a real indication of. angry people are as far as we can pick up on the audio she
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she she pretty much addressed every element of obama's obama speech so she called on him to compensate families who have been destroyed by joint strike drone strikes and she called on them to close guantanamo bay called called on him to release the prisoners who have been set for release for up to ten years from the camp that he dealt with he's a consummate performer and he dealt with it very well as any politician of his stature would he be he's appointed the fact that free speech allowed this lady to have her opinion and he felt she went on a bit and i think about stagey and after a minute or so we've had certainly had enough for me the key takeaway is. the policy of the unmanned drone strikes it needs to be changed obama is definitely trying to move responsibility for growing strikes drone strikes out of the shadow of the cia and into the department of defense and he's certainly trying to do something about guantanamo but i think the key takeaway in the key lesson is that these two elements of u.s. policy of the so-called war on terror are absolutely unsustainable. when it comes
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to obama's drone based war on terrorism author and activist david swanson feels the changes the president proposes that go far enough he claims that he is going to further limit his murder by drone program including applying these arbitrary criteria met in secret by himself to his own satisfaction and if these reforms and limitations are needed on this program then what of the conduct of this program here too for what security threat was a sixteen year old boy what security threat are the thousands of victims of these drone strikes including children and women and seniors and so-called signature strikes these are strikes to kill people without knowing their name based on behavior that suggests they might be resisting an occupation of their country what about strikes at rescuers well documented strikes at the rescuers the victims of
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previous strikes what imminent threat to the united states are those strikes preventing or are they not rather the economy. the new primary recruiting tool of anti-american terrorism. some of the international headlines in brief now british fighter jets have been septa the passenger plane arriving from pakistan after a security scare was reported on board the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing just north of london and was raided by police two men were arrested for endangering the aircraft and legibly after they tried to into the cockpit. the un has footage that could confirm syrian rebels used chemical weapons in aleppo in march the material provided by russian journalists includes video from the site of the alleged incident and interviews with eyewitnesses and doctors who examined the victims it's still unclear whether it was the rebels all the syrian army who used the alleged weapons your own experts have been stopped from investigating by syria
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he would cuse them of being under western pressure. at least eight people were wounded and one killed in a taliban attack in the center of kabul several powerful explosions rocked the area near a u.n. compound a gun fight erupted several militants took shelter in a house using guns and grenade launchers to shoot back at police. but brings you up to date for the moment with the news team with wolf in just over half an hour from now in the meantime a look at all things financial in prime interests from washington studios of the very. paranoia and zero tolerance policies strike yet again the latest in
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a string of children being punished for making gun noises or playing with toy guns involves a son of a u.s. marine who had the audacity as a child to use his imagination and p. pretended his pencil was a gun banger children imitate what they see and every t.v. channel and in many video games kids are going to see a lot of guns in fact the boy at that moment was admirably pretending to be just like his father a u.s. marine you know guns kind of come with that job description rather than complain you all again about the obvious idiocy of zero tolerance policies against children playing let me give one suggestion to actually help fix the problem there are so many teachers and school administrators across america that i bet many of you know one of them try talking them what are the madness of zero tolerance a lot of people do things just because they were told to or they never thought about it before so please dear friends try to get teachers you know to actually think about it i can complain on t.v. all day long but one conversation from a friend or relative really could change many people's minds maybe but that's just
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my opinion. that afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm perry i'm boring here in washington d.c. and here is the headlines that i've been talking today. well it's good news for homeowners because home prices are up as according to two reports today with which both to beat expectations and good news for chairman bernanke it looks like five years of pushing on a string have more into a q even bullet train but how long will this last we've previously reported this
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week that the foreclosure pipeline has been stalled i think to new guidance from the fed and overseas and today we'll talk to matthew o'brien about some creative legal our turn it is for homeowners facing foreclosure also prime interest producer adjusting underhill covers the recent housing protest here in d.c. and expose of several heart wrenching stories about predatory lending and just days after the shareholder referendum on jamie diamond i'll let him keep his top spot on the board of gay people are going is going on the off and they are already for enforcement action against the bank for human resulting from alleged anti money laundering violations and risk management issues from the one did whaled waffle now in response to j.p. morgan is diverting hundreds of people to its oversight and control group and cutting costs from several new programs that were just wondering and mark your calendar on the day that it happens exactly when it gave you are going to hire tops .


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