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they admitted they did. there are global protests against a us jam through giant accused of dominating the world's food markets and consumers health is at risk of falling as a taking their own lives. a suicide bomber targets police in the
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capital of russia's dagestan republic injuring thirteen people is the latest in a string of deadly terrorist strikes in the region. minute since late c. showed french owned you raney a mine in mi schratt in retaliation for france's miter forays in north africa some are worried the money to venture is partly extremism across the continent. you saw russia on the wrong the wall this is all see with me here national thanks for joining us. a wave of ronnie's is a groaning across the globe and protests by a tech giant campaign is and environmentalist in multiple countries accuse the
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multinational corporation of aggressively expanding into the food market and spreading hazardous products some of the largest demonstrations are expected in the u.s. where the company will set up more than a century ago seasons to see churkin explained. march against month santa was a global grassroots movement which is going to organize these worldwide protests taking place throughout the weekend all over the world we're talking about they're saying that this is going to span over six continents and up to fifty countries with four hundred global marches with as many as two hundred thousand participants in the united states alone all of these people planning to flood out onto the streets throughout the world to speak out against this biotech giant accused of producing genetic genetically engineered food and agriculture we're definitely expecting to see plenty of occupy wall street activists throughout the weekend because many of the issues that are going to be addressed are certainly similar
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we're still talking about the ninety nine percent versus the one percent we're talking about corporations having great info. as well as wealth inequality that continues to remain in countries throughout the world in the united states but also when it comes to the situation with monsanto all of these issues continue to apply so while while all of the occupy wall street movement was certainly a more general outrage at the way the system runs this particular march and these events that are taking place throughout the weekend i directed at a specific corporation having a very controversial reputation there known to a harassed farmers throughout the world to sue farmers for example in the united states and canada for tens of thousands of dollars you know affecting businesses and farmers in places like india really wiping off any legislation that ever comes up that would affect monsanto's business and just getting in the way of people speaking out against what they see as wrong so certainly whereas the march against
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monsanto is against specific corporation that continues to do these things that hundreds of thousands of people don't necessarily agree with the occupy wall street movement is certainly expected to be part of this. big global move against genetically modified good started in new zealand hundreds of people gathered to send a message to the fine take my thoughts was trillions have been protesting that thousands should demanded. ronnie's have also taken place in japan and south africa and was supposed to need them. and he claims the corporation is forcing small thought was out of business pushing them into such despair that some commit suicide. if you look at what happened in india i mean there's an epidemic of suicides of the farmers because monsanto sold them out of cotton here a cotton seed that they promised would do a certain thing and then those seeds didn't perform how they were supposed to and
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it drove a lot of these in the environment into sheer poverty and they ended up committing suicide by the hundreds and thousands of muslims of effect farming communities everywhere i mean in the united states they're known for suing small farmers there's a lot of small farmers at the putting out of business because they have genetic migration into into crops that weren't supposed to be g.m.o. but they're getting cross-pollinate it and then monsanto comes in they use their government cronies to go in and shut down small farmers because. their genetics from their seas that they've patented have have slowly crept into the into the genetics of non g.m.o. seeds as well and despite a global the u.s. senate has shot down a bill which would have given american states bill sourcing to decide whether to label genetically modified products the majority of legislators believe people don't need to know whether but foods and again lopez explains why. for
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years now americans have been concerned about the food in their refrigerators and more importantly the ingredients in those foods the debate over genetically modified crops isn't only playing out in the fields it's being harvested in the courtrooms as well as within the walls of capitol hill and it turns out the u.s. government might have a bigger stake in the biotech industry than anyone could have imagined a report released by the food and water watch group shows that the u.s. state department played a major role in promoting g.m. foods and crops around the world the report examined diplomatic cables from two thousand and five to two thousand and nine revised the first comprehensive analysis of u.s. foreign policy when it comes to the biotech industry now here are the four stated goals that food and water watch discovered in these cables the first one is to promote biotech interests abroad they try to facilitate trade and encourage cultivation of g.m. crops second up lobby foreign governments to weaken biotech rules you can't after
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all profit for off these countries if you can't get your products in some of them along with lobbying the need to protect biotech exports by stopping trade barriers like tariffs all this to promote and protect an estimated twenty five billion dollar industry and biotech crop exports and in particular one crumby monsanto which was the biggest biotech seed company in two thousand and eleven and finally reach out to new markets by pressuring the developing countries to adopt a biotech crops the main argument here is that these crops are stronger and can end food insecurity around the world with a growing global population the state department also lobbied against the labeling of these crops and genetically modified foods they don't want any type of labels on them countries from egypt to hungary argentina to mozambique were targeted in these efforts and many of them were very receptive some of them. actually change their
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regulations as a result now this lobbying started happening around the same time that monsanto admitted to bribing indonesian officials and in attempt to weaken and veyron mental oversight of g.e. crops now in the wake of these cable releases it appears that monsanto and other biotech firms don't need to bribe country officials anymore they have the government to do that using taxpayer money nonetheless it is the latest chapter in a dispute over your dinner plate in washington meghan lopez r.t. . and you can check out our live updates on the global day of action at our website on c dot call and stay with us throughout the day for the latest on the protests against some to as demonstrations go global. with the backing of the government so we see. the world race in the future the march against the sun show. on our t.v.
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. so people have been injured after a female suicide bomber blew himself up close to the police headquarters in russia's republic of kyrgyzstan at least two children are reportedly among the wounded is the latest in a string of the tunks that have shaken the republic recently. has more now. the explosion happened around midday very close to the regions in tara ministry building and according to the locals the blast was so powerful that it could be heard in different parts of the city it was a female suicide bomber she was a new car police stopped her to check the documents and at that time she detonated her device currently the area is blocked off by police as there are fears that this blast may actually be followed by another one to increase the number of casualties now this tactic is really well used by terrorists around the globe in particular by the al qaida terrorists in their terror operations in various areas now this blast
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is just one in a string of latest terror attacks that hit this region just five days ago there was another deadly blast and we four people were killed and forty others severely injured the region of dagestan remains one of the most volatile areas in russia's north caucasus with reports on terror attacks coming in almost in a regular basis. the london police make a new arrest in connection with the. growing discontent against the muslim community in london also looks at whether islamophobia has gained a foothold in british society that's right. france has admitted its troops took part in an assault on a military base in new sharon after it had been overrun by islamic militants it followed a twin bomb a talk on the base and an outline french o. new radio in mine
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a prominent is that his group took responsibility saying the operation was revenge for france's intervention in mali a personal vanos has begun to emerge across former french colonies in africa in january france launched a military intervention in mali to stop and islamist takeover of the country mere days later more than eight hundred people were. taken hostage by extremists in algeria demanding and then to france's military for a dozens of the hostages were either executed or caught in the crossfire in this you and the man behind the raid and the african al qaeda leader was believed to have been killed but he has not claimed responsibility for thursday's bombings in new jet and knocked which he says is a retaliation for france's actions. shows a trend of islamists spreading caused the region raising the risk of more widespread attacks on his marina my sin notion rather is an oddly. those behind the two suicide law that killed over twenty people in niger on
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thursday have described it as an attack against braun's in revenge for its offensive against islamic militants in neighboring mali one of the two groups claiming responsibility for almost ten years explosions at an army base and a french run your reign in mind in nigeria is the movement and jihad in west africa last year the modeling group seized control over the northern part of mali and brutally ruled the area for months people being driven out of mali by french that troops runs as president then failed the operation at success here in the capital the macro the french military we've spoken to have also expressed to all the optimist confirming they destroyed all the major bases of the militants in mali north but leave this recent attack in it's clear that the rats remain serious and it shows that the militants are not defeated and the fight against them is far from over although the battlefield has relocated following the recent loss also on the
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said france would not interfere in niger however the next day french troops could cause an operation to read off that image and kept it off the track in a further and a half ago he warned the french intervention to get chain reaction that will give paris more trouble and will bring more violence to the entire region. no sheltie from mali. and also a contributor option returns adults french military action that will suppress extremism in the region especially given the natural riches that. there's no doubt that the french intervention will lot of change anything but in particular. the idea that extremist or al-qaeda linked groups are just going to go away french special forces a left. which usually we knew about because of course the yellowcake uranium
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saddam hussein deals this is where all the world's uranium you know there's a big fight for whatever is happening in these areas there's a scramble for this uranium french company arrayed with this uranium my how strange that its revenues are twenty eleven or about the g.d.p. of the entire country what fertile ground to extremism. portugal aims to convince the needs more time to deal with its economic crisis but as a reporter. he's already pushing the middle class to hold the bread line as people struggle for. and also seeing in children on the margins of society a scramble along deposited knowledge on two legs for all that bring. on
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the money with the business of russia. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviewers intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out more visit or a big. dog called. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard luck and was
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a big picture. this is all see welcome back police have arrested a man who claimed on t.v. to be a friend of the main suspect in the daylights decapitation of a soldier in london on wednesday the gruesome machine motivated by radical islam has already led to a number of the tongues of muslims and my colleague bill dodd discusses the extent to which muslims and. blend with other undone and at stake. u.k. and carlos from the right wing british national policy. is acts of terrorism really conducted by the far right you very generously describe the b.n.p. is a right wing party they're not right wing they're far right they're
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a fascist party and the acts of violence that they perpetrate against mosques against property the threats against muslims these are also acts of terrorism these are also acts of violence by non-state actors for political me that's what i got to learn from and i got to look out of something to do with my help i help like all the people there also that i'm not. they share is done by right wing fanatics and i have to get us all to know the person. the person who's talking the signori completely fucked i personally have an open dialogue with muslim communities that recently i had the bait with muslim communities in books in but the city in london about these very issues. about the. issue of he's a racist you should learn about what are you know proud of on ok just listen to mr dunn now please but you know i wouldn't don't know we don't know we don't. have
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websites people from. people from from they. let me really judge them members it also implies meeting our website and some other lunatics who are so agree with your demented view of the world however that does not mean that you know what is there what is there that mention actually the words he is a use or are you not yet if you just go just for that isn't it don't you know just off the shore to the british people died there a poll by what's happened they want to stroll response from government they don't want a reaction that could be tempered by fears of political incorrectness what should be done there's got to be some strong reaction surely political correctness really has no connection to where the you have a viable response to a terrorist incident stopping terrorism is about having joined up services by intelligence agencies by the police by mental health authorities by schools by the muslim community these are the kind of sensible out moves that you take to prevent
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violence and what about the maintenance as well because a lot of fives you had thug music which ended it is something to do with an intrinsic nature of islam ok mr did mention the fact that you can't have the manpower to track all these people down but surely the has been a lack of surveillance of many people who say we need to step up that now. snooping on people because clearly they were on the five radar but they got through i mean is that do you think that people be as you just make something very clear. where we don't really know what is how does it let me say this i mean there's a lot of people talking without any access to the information required to make a coherent judgment we know yes they're one of my party let me think it was a free country and they're even say it isn't all that my own intelligence list and not be tracked at all times i'm afraid that these things do sometimes happen terrible as they are mr critical or they have over my five they hate all of my five talking in the car so-called once said that refrain to do lie two thousand and five
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the security services in the united kingdom not of a mom power neither to track down every single person they suspect who had been born you know not to terrorism. they gave obama a five talking no if a few carry on in bailing out of countries killing muslims in a drug funny stuff on cd up and over he would have. you don't you wouldn't have ever enough security services to come to the unger of these people. and some gruesome episode in london is causing more security traitors in the british capital as an aircraft is called by typhoon fighter jets so small airport outside london i mean fears of a terrorist attack point out on our website why the threat of all of overwhelming force. and fires of rage
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across the poor suburbs of stockholm for a six night despite a heavy police presence in the streets videos pictures and all the details that are to. portugal could ask for more time to cut its debt it wants e.u. and i.m.f. creditors to revise their demand of targets for a third time despite missed ones seventy eight billion euro bailout and harsh budget the nation is still in crisis. although found out the middle class has been hit hard. europe's politicians insist that all star team is essential but what effect does that austerity have upon the everyday people to whom it's a click to the pod. i went to meet a family just outside of lisbon who are feeling the pressure of portugal's financial failings. we used to take certain things for granted hard water
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lights now have to watch everything with families in financial straits like this want to becoming a common occurrence is the gap between the middle class and the breadline narrows in one of europe's purchased countries. my husband lost his job now will live on see that and whatever work he can get as a day laborer those savings are running out with two daughters and one grandson the effects of portugal's financial plight is being felt through generations of this family and it's leaving its mark. i'm twenty years old people my age should be planning for the future but there's no work the way things are now i have no prospects no hope this family are lucky there are many in portugal and a far worse situation as the country's debt grows and the unemployment levels rise
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charity organizations are seeing an increase in those needing help push or themes as we do we have children passing out of school because parents can't afford to feed them properly how can they learn if they're focused on hunger children from bad parents just parents that can't feed them and there's another worrying trend appearing bill said worry them all too often we see the same thing the family lose their income they're too proud to ask for help the bells start piling up the mortgage to food before you know it's the family on the street the future is that with the children the problem for portugal is that it has debts around one hundred eighty billion euro one hundred twenty percent of the new production couple that with twenty percent unemployment and it leads to a very difficult situation for its people the country needs money but it doesn't have the economic output to pay off its bills. however what's of more concern is
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that the country could see another generation grow up under the shadow of national debt see. my son how poor do we go is that he can get a job somewhere abroad i can't see anything for him here peter all of our team portugal. and as europeans continue to struggle with poverty some small manage some still manage to cream off their profits at nineteen thirty g.m.t. mark skies in the states to have it expose those they suspect of sucking up public wells. game of monopoly and as players go back the amount of money that you get free when you pass go is increasing so instead of just getting two hundred dollars and you're getting two hundred billion dollars if you're the city of london but all the while people are going bankrupt on the side because they can't afford the rent or the rent the rent seeking that's going on
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within monopoly you have a bad economy and monopolists and oligarch almost and kleptocracy as tz and you don't have any real underlying growth all those pieces on the board for social services social security health care those types of things are all going out of business except for one notable exception the prison. education is the most powerful weapon now samantha once said and in a small palestinian community families are taking that advice to heart it's a two hour trek to the nearest school for some young students who are determined to learn again. on the day determined grounding of education. each morning the steep hills of this inhospitable corner of the g.t.a. does it come alive with children scrambling down the slopes to get to class before
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the bell rings. some children walk seven kilometers each way they are very keen what you learn. it takes a certain kind of dedication to be a student at the school peoples or the coming stream obstacles just to get. in the winter when it brings a lot of children food they arrive at school with clothes in the summer the snakes are the main problem. then there are others like judge brinn cushion who come by donkey he wakes up at four each morning so he has enough time to ride the two hours it takes to get to class sometimes i fall from the donkey and i get injured one time i cross the street and my friend who was in another donkey got hit by a car but god saved him and he did not die riding on this is not secure especially in harsh weather conditions and up a rocky mountain passes the chances of falling are pretty high it would be a lot easier if the community could build a road to the school but they're not allowed to israeli authorities say they are
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here illegally. we always live with the feeling that they are going to kick us out from the camps and we're afraid for our children's future. we just want to live our ordinary lives without fear we have no electricity or water we have no roads. luckily the school is built in line with strict israeli orders but even though the belew mud and straw wars cannot be bulldozed neither can they be expanded but for the children and the literate parents it's worth the effort these people realise the importance of education. thriving that it's that kids so maybe look at the trying to learn and they realize this importance because they're you know a very. not for the better it's for the one hundred thirty students it's a few hours with spite from the harsh reality awaiting them outside these gates the
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chance for a future which their parents never had driving them to make sure they get to class whichever way they can policy r t y d abu hindi in the west bank. now i placed thirty orthodox protesters and gay rights campaigners have been arrested during a hated. sexual acts of us were protesting before the lower house of russian parliament when they were challenged by christianity chanties welding icons and crosses in these with slots to intervene driving away dozens from signs the initial dust ration was intended to protest russia's anti-gay propaganda rules which activists and rights groups denounced as a crescent homosexuality was decriminalized in russia in their early nineties but homophobia remains right. that's coming up next get on the ball with their own the money here interest in minutes.
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paranoia and zero tolerance policies strike yet again the latest in a string of children being punished for making gun noises or playing with toy guns involves a son of a u.s. marine who had the audacity as a child to use a magination and pee pretended his pencil was argon bearing children imitate what they see on every t.v. channel and in many video games kids are going to see a lot of guns in fact the boy at that moment was admirably pretending to be just like his father a u.s. marine you know guns kind of come with a job description rather than complain you all again about the obvious idiocy of zero tolerance policies against children playing let me give one suggestion to actually help fix the problem there are so many teachers in.


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