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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  May 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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more. harmon in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. republicans who abuse their filibuster powers in unprecedented ways during the obama years the president looks like he's getting ready for a fight will harry reid finally get it together and ask meaningful filibuster reform more on that would like to happen tony in just a moment also earlier today right wing icon michele bachmann announced her retirement from the house of representatives now that one of its more colorful stars has called it quits is this the beginning of the end for the tea party we'll talk about that and more in tonight's alone liberal rumble and yesterday federal prosecutors announced that they were charging the web site liberty reserve with
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running a money laundering operation liberty reserve should be held accountable for its crimes but so should big banks i'll tell you why in tonight's daily take. you need to know the republicans have been playing dirty with obama's judicial nominees and so a filibuster fight is brewing in washington d.c. yesterday a source close to the obama administration told talking points memo that the president intends to send three new nominees to the senate to fill judicial vacancies on the powerful d.c. circuit court of appeals this week or in coming weeks the d.c. circuit court of appeals is perhaps the most important judicial body in the country short of the supreme court because it is the d.c. jurisdiction and covers federal issues and disputes against federal agencies they get to decide cases about regulatory bodies like the e.p.a.
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in the labor department another reason the d.c. circuit is so important is that many of its judges go on to serve in the supreme court for. the current members of the supreme court first served on the d.c. circuit ginsburg roberts scalia and thomas because the d.c. court had four vacancies and even with a four to three majority until just this week it has also been at the center of a battle between the president and the republicans over executive appointments republicans have filibustered obama's nominees to keep the conservative majority on the d.c. court although they had no problem with george w. bush appointing four judges who all breezed through the senate by the republican judges on the d.c. circuit have declared war on obama in january they threw out the president's recess appointment of three national labor relations board nominees accusing him of exceeding his executive power which is particularly ironic since the president was forced to use his recess appointment power in the first place only after senate republicans repeatedly blocked his in all are being nominations the reasoning behind obama's new push to fill out the remaining vacancies in the d.c.
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circuit court is to fall if on the one hand he can wrangle senate republicans into approving the set of nominees as they finally did was three srinivas and last week he will have three friendlier judges on an important court that will no longer be able to disrupt or sabotage his efforts in the executive branch on the other hand this is a much more likely scenario if republicans block the president's three nominees this could force senate majority leader reid to change the senate rules in order to use constitutionally defined simple majority powers to push through filibuster reform so majority of senators going to prove a nominee halfway done variation of the so-called nuclear option g.o.p. leaders are already freaking out that the president is trying to pack the court but let's be honest the only part misusing constitutional powers here is this are the senate republicans it's high time the president tackled the republican filibuster crisis head on but as harry reid have his back for more on this i'm joined by mike
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papen tonio attorney and host a radio flyer radio path welcome back to the show. just great you know before i. to the scary read thing just a real quick note you're down in florida george zimmerman the whole trayvon martin case george zimmerman's lawyer mark o'mara over this past week has been really see all kinds of attacks and images smearing trayvon martin's character is this going to prejudice the jury well i says i guess isn't the biggest surprise to me in this is that the judge has not sanctioned him even though there's not a gag order in place which there really should be for this case there the rules in florida in most courts say you don't try your case on television or in the media to try to influence a jury and that's clearly what he's doing the judge has made i look to the record the ruling is perfect ruling good solid she made good solid evidence three rulings very clear of an injury rulings and so he's defied her and now he's going on fox news where interesting that he's gone there because in that part of florida it's
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hugely conservative it's fox news probably is one of the number one type of go to information sources in that part of the state so that's where he's gone to to churn him up into more of a frenzy and the judge and i'm sitting there said now you did this on purpose and you did it to prejudice this to prejudice this case to where we can't pick a jury to poison the jury pool so that you expect a remedy or do you think they're just going to go ahead you know if this judge really needs to slap him right now and she needs to set the standard for how this is going to be done but i expect she may be patients say you know i'm going to give you one free bite don't do it again but her rulings were very good she was right on point with her of an injury rulings and he just openly defied her ok so let's go let's get to the d.c. circuit court that i talked about the setup for the segment republicans are accusing the obama administration of packing the court you know referring back to when f.d.r.
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tried to say everybody all the justices over seventy becomes one justice ameridose with one vote and then he gets to add. more and more members to the court but not a ridiculous comparison because chuck grassley is talking about cutting the number of members of this court and obama simply filling vacancies well he has grassley knows what the rest of the republicans know he has he you know he has a court that's completely in control. of the republicans they were there were swiftly appointed by bush they were bush had a very specific plan to make the appointments in that court the judges on that circuit in that court can't it's tough to characterize them really is jurist it's more like characterizing them as politicians with robe with black robes very conservative corporatist type politicians so the chances of there being no cutting it down to eight is ridiculous that will not happen but it's just a way it's kind of a it's
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a war that continued this been going on about that circuit for a long time but look here's the question i have tom the democrats believe that an all or all out public fight showing the g.o.p. are their obstructionist on these court appointments is going to then allow them to make a public fight on filibuster well newsflash mr reid the public doesn't care go do it now you don't have to do all of this the public hates gridlock they're barely going to pay attention to a filibuster fight they don't even understand it if you take this filibuster first of all it's a creation by the senate it's something that that was made it was a rule that was created is unconstitutional about filibuster so they don't need to do all of this to start a fight harry reid lost the fight last time because he doesn't have what it takes to be in that position i used to make a joke on the radio maybe you've heard of back when schwarzenegger was governor that somebody you know once a month should stand outside the governor's mansion when that box of testosterone
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comes from mexico for arnold hands you know snatch it and go looking for harry reid and give him a shot. but when it's not looking do you think it's possible that this is going to be the provocation by the president i mean this is in your face not just of the republicans but to harry reid is this going to be the shot in the butt well here's the problem that the president has when he makes such a such a statement he could have done people asked the question well let me get this right president obama you're saying you can flex now but you couldn't flex five years ago you're saying there's something different now that was there was not different you know there was about five that you could have done five years ago this is this is kind of an absurd kind of position medivac the leak of this story was put was the beginning of the leak of the story is you know by golly republicans if you don't fall in line we're going to do this people are tired of that progressives are tired of in two threads there's nothing that's different now tom that what he what he's
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saying he can do today he could have done a long time and you've got sixty four sixty four vacancies right now in circuit it where it comes to district court appointments you've got fifteen vacancies on the u.s. court of appeals you have twenty anticipated vacancies out there and so he could have done this a long time ago but i keep you know for us is progressive tom to hear gee i'm so sorry i couldn't do it because of the big bad republicans i'm tired of that most people who understand the court system are i very much understand the court system it's what i do for a living it is a sham yeah i don't disagree in fact i think that we all are that said there is the nuclear option and then there's the half nuclear option the entire nuclear option is to say it doesn't take a supermajority to pass a piece of legislation it's going to be an up or down vote from now on and it doesn't take a super majority to approve a point whether it's to a cabinet position or whether to accord and what it looks like the president is
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trying to do and what harry reid is talking about doing is a half a nuclear option. or they're going to say of course still going to let republicans filibuster legislation because it really doesn't matter as long as republicans control the house there's not going to be any legislations worth passing anyway but we are going to blow up the republicans ability to filibuster appointees isn't that actually a fairly slick political strategy well i you know it may be a strategy but look if you're going to do it do it all the way go ahead and deal with these people to think back the first words out of their mouth where we want to compromise with you back down harry reid and what did they do for the first two appointments that came through exactly what everybody was telling harry reid they were going to do they're not going to honor any kind of promise here they're hopeless idealogue nuts out of control there's no adult supervision of this party right now and you have bob dole telling them look guys you are destroying the party
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with your craziness with your inane craziness they don't even listen to a guy like bob dole so this point it's nuclear option it's all the way that's what they need to do and we don't want to hear obama saying you know what by golly just cross this line in the sand one more time and then move the line and hey cross it this time that's what we have a president that does constantly and it is killing democracy and harry reid harry need to step down he's a waste of space in that office has to say we have a bad case of lucy in the football syndrome here. we certainly do in the minute we have left what would you suggest our viewers be doing about this i would you know i would think about at the very least calling harry reid's office or calling your senators office and say you know time to blow up the filibuster yeah i think the thing the best thing that can happen right now is chatter in an activity on the net in the web on the blogs in the internet following the sides comment on the sides
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create as much chatter as you can now here's the point the problem with that is obama says he doesn't pay attention to that you might. recall that statement being made a couple years ago i don't care about that i don't pay attention to it but i can tell you this there are advisors that have more insight than obama does about it that are paying attention create chatter create create that word out there as much as you can that's the best thing to do writing your senators congressman you know sometimes it works most of the time it doesn't yeah ok and this is movement politics everything is driven from the bottom up. very well said mike patton tony thanks a lot being with us tonight thank you for. coming up over the weekend former republican presidential nominee bob dole blasted his party for not having any ideas now that lightning rod minnesota representative michele bachmann is leaving congress is the g.o.p. starting to move in the right direction more on this in tonight's lone liberal rumble after the break.
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technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future of coverage.
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it's wednesday are you ready to rumble join a for tonight's low low rumble our chris allman conservative commentator and activist and horace cooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research thank you both for joining us. president obama trying to get his nominees on the third circuit he's there on the d.c. circuit which is being used are going to be sending three people up this is a i dare you both to the republicans who. and filibustering his nominees to the d.c. circuit court and to harry reid so how do you chris how do you see this thing playing out do you think a that reed is going to say if the republicans filibuster it ok that's it we're going to do a half nuclear option and do away with the ability to filibuster nominees or do you
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think he's just going to wimp out back down again and you know and for that matter to think the republicans are going to filibuster well. nobody really knows who he's going to send up yet could be somebody that's non-controversial like the last guy that they put in with hundred senators but i don't think harry reid is going to do the nuclear option because he knows that he is not going to be the majority leader forever and he knows he doesn't want to live without that power of the filibuster when he's in the minority but when mitch mcconnell the majority leader the first thing he's going to. look at all the way not we can only hope i doubt it but we could only hope i don't he's about said it three or four times the scuttlebutt is the scuttlebutt is that the president plans to nominate some very innocuous neutral people that won't disturb the political or ideological makeup of the court and this problem is likely to go away they're not actually looking for a fight he wants to go to claim he got some one point. meanwhile kerry reid says i
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stare down the republicans this has been the issue all along if you say makes three miss they will be fill of us how can this not be ideological when i mean this is the court that anything that has to do with the federal agencies are so e.p.a. rules national labor relations board rules clean water act i mean you name it why you voted against three missed on the court but but if he is putting on if his own agenda is being thwarted and he puts people on the court who might vote against his agenda i mean why would he do this no president ever goes way way way when the president is not supposed to put people on the court who simply will rubber stamp his agenda oh you have heard his job. marshall that was f t r's failed plan the president is supposed to put people on who are committed to the constitution am in fact supreme court john adams a supreme court sets the president this court is supposed to be an ally in helping
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people who have problems with the washington d.c. regulatory agency it all sounds nice and you and i both know that since the founding of this republic that has not been the case chris well i mean i just think that if obama sends up intelligent capable competent people who are middle of the robust you know who are middle of the road as you know you're calling for ideological last really miss robarts lamp isn't about it because you've just admitted that the only way his agenda is going to be upheld is if he puts ideological extreme leftists on the floor actually not his agenda it's actually richard nixon's agenda with regard to the clean air act and it's actually really bob dole's agenda with regard to the clean water act i mean you know they both bragged about that but the point is that where ok where is the ideological middle on whether or not levels of for example the clean water act is one of the things that's been disputed right now should we go from point five. million which is a water question or not are the agencies being faithful to the law in the statutes
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that they're supposed to be carrying out or not and extremist won't care and will simply say i ruling for this agenda but if you're not an extremist and you're going to be faithful to the law you may see things a little different again this is this is rhetorical but let's take the consumer protection bureau the republicans are not are you know richard cordray the republicans have been filibustering his nomination now because they don't like him they all say he's a good guy but they hate the agency he had that agency if anything it's litigated by the way that agency it's going to be before this court shouldn't obama if he actually wants consumers to have a consumer protection bureau financial protection bureau shouldn't he nominate people he knows on that core will at least vote to keep that institution function wait wait wait. well how does a court decide whether that institution is going to allow our bravura see madison you know a supreme call you mean i'm the only one here on this table who's talk on social are you mean to say that when the president nominates a person when they don't have the authority when he didn't have the authority to as
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a recess appointment that he were in saying i got a right to rubber stamp that appointment no we don't mean that you know you just identified them perfectly i mean that from a different just identified the exe the exact examine this is the court that said no that recess appointment wasn't any good when presidents have been doing the exact same thing for you know they were only not true and that's exactly right she is that right that ruling is lay very uphill seven to two when it goes to the supreme court five bit the president does not decide when the senate is in recess and i'm the only one on the panel who worked in the senate and i know that when the senate is not around they're in recess not true at all it is not true. the legal term recess means something and we can bring the we had a very recently so not to bring them into recess exactly right candy and not of the did not do it that obama said they're not here i'm going to do it anyway and you know somebody needs to challenge it because the president does not have the authority to make rules and if and do you disagree that if that circuit court had
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been four democratic nominees and three republican nominees not to the oldest manger that you know that that if they had been may not have saved a lot correctly. correctly according you know reasonably good morning to the text and and and the law is written so you're sometimes reports for two consecutive years of majority of the cases and in fact almost sixty percent of the cases have been unanimous on the supreme court what that tells us is if people are willing to actually look at the law they can understand they can comprehend what you guys want is to put someone on who says i don't care what the law actually is i am going to go for x. or y. agenda that some extremists and that. anderson it is going to be a filibuster has been well i don't i wouldn't say that that's an extremist i would say that that's putting somebody on the court that agrees with your point of view and that is something as i said that has been done since john adams appointed george marshall as as chief justice john marshall thank you very much as chief
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justice of the u.s. supreme court in seventy nine you know in one thousand nine hundred the way out and in any case earlier today one of the g.o.p.'s most ideological and tea party queen michele bachmann just said she's not going to seek reelection we don't know if this was because she had a conversation with a pollster or with a prosecutor i'm betting both but here's what she had to say. after a great deal of thought deliberation i have decided next year i will not seek a fifth congressional term to represent the wonderful people of the sixth district of minnesota after serious consideration i am confident that this is the right decision and be assured my decision was not in any way influenced by any concerns about my being elected to congress i am not a crook i'm not she did violate the number one rule of p.r. which is don't say what you're not say what you are not what you're not really which christie you know it's her name i mean or dumb but who knows why i mean i
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think she's probably got a much better offer to do something else they are going to be more i mean i thought i was offering her a million bucks a year or she thinks she's going to run for the right i mean hey maybe she's just doing the right thing maybe we don't need term limits imposed from on high but we need members who say this is only supposed to be a part time gig this isn't supposed to be my whole career i'm now going to take what i know and go do something else for us bob dole had this to say about the republican party over the weekend just you know this is this i think backs up this change in the party here. you describe the g.o.p. you have your generation as eisenhower. republicans moderate republicans could people like bob dole even ronald reagan could you make it in today's republican party. and reagan goodna made. the next and so that made it because he had ideas. so for us i'm not going to
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pick on a man that's bebe down like that look our already not the only man saying that they can chafee switch from being an independent used to be republican he's the governor of total became a democrat but all that he did was tell the truth about what he believed in where he was all along and i'm wishing him well you think that's true the former governor of florida as well absolutely i do think that but yeah but that's not my point here my point is conservatives are looking at what's going to happen in two thousand and fourteen and we're very optimistic in that so if your vision of taking advice from some of these folks is what we ought to do i predict we won't do that and that will go in a different direction and that we will succeed in two thousand and fourteen in a way that we haven't really quickly about was shocked when i wish her well i hope that what was said about her decision to go was as she said i suspect the justice department is agreed to drop its investigations of her in exchange for her leaving
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this obama justice department has been harsher and more abusive discretion by singling out its political targets other administrations including the clinton administration. i mean tell that to don siegelman ok well that's a very interesting thing ok another thing coming out of minnesota last week minnesota governor mark dayton signed this landmark solar energy bill into law it mandates that utilities get four percent of their power from solar energy by twenty twenty five jimmy carter actually mandated that in eighty nine or seventy nine that it would be twenty percent by two thousand but reagan did away with that mandates one point five percent of power in minnesota come from solar by two thousand and twenty and those solar value tariffs to produce and how we're now for past four hundred parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not time chris for us to have some sort of a manhattan project i mean go away even even beyond what governor mark dayton is doing and say no we really don't want to get our oil anymore from either saudi
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shakes or from canada for that matter we've got enough of a. trade deficit we can we go lots of sunlight falling on america we've got a lot of rooftops all over this country well i think we should investigate all different alternative types of energy not just one and when the government gets involved in picking winners and losers as we've seen with the cylinder on the fuel efficient cars and things like that they back their loan but really yeah but come on that's not a car for the common man those are the cars for the one percent are and g.m. and get it out of the five hundred dollars gazans of cattle right at your favorite people the one percent are the only people that are benefiting from all that huge government largesse so we need to look at everything we need to look at drilling domestically which obama doesn't want to do we need to get over here has has lice as good as i don't like reagan is always put out there are more otherwise you know your friend he has twenty he has not any it stopped in places like virginia river and other places and needs to be and other people go after fracking and everything
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good i don't know that i was wrong but i wish that was why i don't really know what we really want to do is have a free market were all these alternatives have an equal shot not have this was. gas and oil like we've been doing for one hundred years and i want to do just the opposite of that now i would love to say that i could trust this market and the government to come up with the best options here but we've got to stop getting stuck on stupid solar doesn't work it is a reserve soldiers were i have right here a b i e a the international energy agency and to the jury warning germany warning germany stop your reliance on solar what it is doing it is leading to the highest electricity prices in europe and if you continue doing what is you're going to do what has already happened to the jury. is the radical right wingers. so many radical germany has produced you so much solar electricity that they're going to have to rebuild their grid they've got to kill
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the smart money is producing a little much lower level risk. the that they're going to have to increase payments to pensioners just to cover stopping people from getting frozen when the winter weather if it ever were to arrive i would leave you with the last word or more of tonight's lone liberal rumble after the break. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. he
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he he he he he he. he. believes. it's.
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a little fix. joining me for today's long liberal are chris allman and horace cooper let's get back to it an el salvadorian woman known as beatrice is pregnant and severely ill she is currently in the hospital real story with lupus and kidney problems are all situations so severe her doctors say she could die if she continues with the pregnancy and they've also diagnosed the fetus as an a and a subtle add. and s.s. i think it's lacking a large part of its brain and skull which almost all cases result of the baby's death either before or within a few hours or days of birth but this site despite beatrice is health. and her
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baby's highly unlikely survival she can't receive what would be a life saving abortion because salvadoran law imposes prison sentences on anyone who performs or has an abortion shouldn't there be always a risk a life for the mother at risk exception to abortion because well it really comes down to this and i really feel sorry for beatrice. but she doesn't mean she's been right she doesn't need to have an abortion what she needs to have and what the doctors even said that she will have is she needs to have an emergency syrian section and if the baby does not survive because it's too young or because it's got a birth defect then that baby should be held until it dies naturally but an abortion involves three days of diluting the cervix and then ripping the limbs apart and no child deserves that she should have an emergency serious action if you know in the brain it's killing a small. but yes is yes so you get
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a section she doesn't have an injury in five minutes the doctors can say it's time they can put her under and get the baby out at least and sorkin would have to take . three days of dilation before they could even do it she could die in the meantime but here's the deal this is a very rare case this is a very horrible case absolutely i support the right of her getting an emergency this is terri and even if the baby dies you know whatever she we need to say that life of the mother but this is extremely rare and what the what is really sad is that the people in el salvador who are lobbying for abortion rights want to use her as the poster child that one in a million cases and say this is why we need to legalize abortion they are using and abusing this woman instead of giving her the treatment that's medically necessary which is an emergency says terri and what they're saying so we need to have legalized abortion because of this one poor woman when she is the exception when
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they're not there one of those is let me ask you this when the healthy use things of pro-choice there is in this country if the pro-life are said we'll give you a life of the mother and rape and incest abortions would they take that absolutely not it's been afeard offered to them before and they will not because to them abortion is a sacrament that's right and it's not it is a sacrament it is the ideological thing that makes there's just there's no compromise on that and they will not they will not offer up pro-life any court that's why case like this is highlighted and that's why a country like that is highlighted i happen to look up the international rules on abortion and interestingly if you look at this list it looks like the united nations list of basket case countries across the country mostly in africa and the middle east and goal of the central african republic congo the democratic republic of the what is what where the same bans on abortion or in place but
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most of them community does these things oh it's not important to highlight let's go to one of the few remaining countries were christian values continue to update and highlight that when the point here. it is so this is a very rare instance on abortion this is very rare circumstance and as just pointed out if we were to concede we will let you have wife and rape and really really really risky type circumstances abortions the left and progressives wouldn't take that because they want the ability for a person to be able to have an abortion for any reason at any time at my expense i don't know anybody else or. any ality at any time at your expense absolutely in fact that's you guys as it is the united states you know the supreme court even today that he didn't really grow if he were not always even in the
10:35 pm
position i'm in warren alive infant protection act to stop all that's going on in gaza nels clinic he voted against that that right on gaza is clinic was illegal and he appropriately went to prison for the it's left up to this president they would have been a little know when he had the affair sions what you're going to get is god knows clinics all over america and high makelele abortion so they just want our shingle and run it will be a hey do you know somebody yeah i know you saw that you got better as under today's laws there are a lot more of those gaza mills that are existing they were sacrificed because you guys have been so successful in making abortions really hard to get that women are who are i having to wait later and later and later their for don't find out and play with the slayer and later you have to have the same requirements to have plastic surgery to have an abortion to say to have a tonsilectomy you have to have the same requirements you have made or lesbian already had a chorus of abortion of the same place what do you do about the first trimester what do you do about the first month what do you do what do you do about the first couple of days don't we do you think it is less clear and she doesn't have to have
10:36 pm
that was a seven eight or nine month term baby ought to be flatly illegal to kill it is it is not it is not it is up to the states they're not by state law and it is right now we know nobody moved on. now roe versus wade does not say that it allows you to outlaw it does not mandate that be outlawed so tell me what states allow the is for example for a viable fetus for viable fetus as new jersey as an example of one allows a viable fetus a viable for the ad my seven months the legislature has to pass i don't know long as the kids are just wrong and you misunderstand and they roll with it they had their way wouldn't make that the law of the late one but you're the problem my problem with your position and yours as well chris is that you want to lump all abortions into this one category a and b. frankly i think course you and i probably shouldn't even be having this debate we should i reject that notion as much right to speak on it if you know if you want to if you want to take that position we'll continue the conversation but let's you
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know are you opposed to plan b. to a pill that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the internet i'm opposed to giving it a twelve and thirteen year olds i believe so you want to force them to get pregnant what's that you want to force or you kill us to be pregnant so people are so you're going to say i would love to go out there know how to have what i had had his fate as series lead you're going to have to have a pregnancy was let's say you wait to get that fourteen year old pregnant how about that so what about the fourteen year old and fourteen year old pregnant we're having very few instances of that we're going are you i mean you have a lot incidence of predatory behavior vast majority of teenage pregnancies are from teens but you know as you look at they're not pointing and you want to get it you can't give an aspirin to a twelve or fourteen year old in school but yet you're going to let them have this drug which is going to cause intense bleeding without their parents knowing that that is like medical malpractise while you take in worst case examples were alexandra to just like you were just a few minutes earlier do you know this house is so how does it matter to why it is
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racism menstrual period if a menstrual period is while avoiding the oh no not every woman in america has to have a horrible lot of it if that were the case they could just take an extra birth control pill but actually. what it is it's a higher dose yes it's an extra birth control they don't have to actually write a whole year for extra weight yet which causes a different effect a more severe effect because i mean i don't want to get graphic but i have to empty out the uterus sure now i just don't think that children should be given those things without so everybody that was there a year and even knowledge in case one of the parents of the trust a parent what if a parent goes two ways to judge right going away i'm just here to tell a twelve year old you've got to learn to write it is chances are works you know you're going to tell a twelve year old hey daddy knocked you up i'm giving you this pill and no probably said to have no then no everybody will now have their dick drive an hour a child abuse that's what i'm suggesting if it is if it is the truth let's move on
10:39 pm
to alcohol advertising news and speaking of teens a new study shows that teens may be seen even more alcohol ads than ever before which can lead to teenage drinking and seems the association with this the reason why we banned smoking advertising smoking the appearance of tobacco products between ninety six and two thousand and nine. actually dropped during that period and by forty three percent youth related movies eighty five percent adult but alcohol brand placement when there's a time that we see you know alcohol abuse use and addiction is a problem in our society and we're not going to promote it in the media like we do it's back. you know what i think if we're going to do that then we have to have movies that have no sex because i think when teens watch movies with sex they're more likely to have sex and then they're more likely get pregnant and have abortions and the other thing is we got to stop product placements of potato chips and coca-cola and all those other things that are no bills fettuccine alfredo zero zero zero lead yet people people doing things that no. it was then you're saying i
10:40 pm
sound should be repealing the ban on tobacco it does i will well you know it just comes down to this is the government going to decide what we can see and what we can't see or are we going to be there to decide to turn off the t.v. or not watch that as opposed to do with our kids this is about like our show that is. being suggested is targeted towards kids take a look at this. subject i drink one beer and one beer only bud light magical blend of barley hops and delicious so. it's not the one. makes it perfect valentine's gift for the ladies. a sled goes into everybody not literally gross but you know what i mean the freshest. and the low. point. keeps coming. because love will ferrell i guess that's ok
10:41 pm
i look at this example that selective outrage the very article that we were given to look at about this study is that the jama journal journal of the american medical. association write it in the very same issue is a study about whether the new decriminalization effort is having a maggot have a deleterious effect on our children. and they feel cooler musician yes when i say marijuana. you criminals they concluded it does but no we're going to talk about evil tobacco and evil liquor. but not your favorite hobby horse decriminalization of marijuana and on that point we have a routing let me let me tell you as selectively i think marijuana is far less destructive all in all it's a back zero and zero if you don't criminalize the right on your part of god the world chris and morris thank you being with us the day some important news here
10:42 pm
starting in june larry king will be doing a talk show right here on r.t. america politics and larry king r.t. will also broadcast as larry king now program which has been streaming online at hulu dot com and or a t.v. i'll be tuning in as he talks to some of the most influential people in washington around the country and so should you take a look. i would grab it as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. missions
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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look. at the best of the rest of the news when president obama gave his highly anticipated counterterrorism policy speech last thursday he signaled that he now maybe it should be that now maybe the time for america to change course in the war on terrorism on many praised the president's new policy decisions there were of course those who immediately chastised george. republican senator saxby chambliss condemned president obama's speech saying that the president's speech today will be viewed by terrorists as a victory rather than continuing successful counterterrorism activities we are changing course with no clear operational benefit so was president obama's counterterrorism speech really a sign of american defeat to terrorists worldwide says richard miniter
10:46 pm
investigative journalist and author of several books including leading from behind the reluctant president obama and the advisers who decide for him richard good to see you again good to the. president obama gave you know this this this speech and well first of all let me get your take on this what are your thoughts why did this speech was disheartening to allies i mean it's interesting to look talking which allies well especially our allies in the middle east not just israel but our allies our allies in europe breathe a huge sigh of relief now actually that really is divided on what the political affiliations of those allies are in governments that are led by center left political parties there's a great cry of at last finally in governments like germany which is run by a center right coalition it's a much a different response so this is divides along political lines europe is about as divided as she would you says that vides along do we have a muslim problem in our country i mean germany has has had this problem of problem of the gaster biters ever since after world war two they invited all these turks to
10:47 pm
come in and rebuild the country because it was all the men were dead and now there are three four generations on in the german still have resolved who the german that have it is similar. problem they will always regard people who even if they were born in germany as foreigners that's why did not assimilate people and there's a huge conflict by the way this migration to germany began in one thousand sixty's not right after world war two there was a period of economic growth in which they did find jobs for ordinary germans and women went to work which is a great revolution in germany nine hundred forty five to one thousand nine hundred fifty five thanks for the correction i didn't know that but the but the point is that you know in sweden for example i mean you're having. the right in sweden is rising up basically because the one out of every nine swedes is a follower the muslim faith according to surveys done and the entry one out of five danes you know pick a western european country that does not have a significant muslim population and this is what is my point i mean i did was show from denmark for a while and i got a whole bunch of conservatives on the show one after another and i kept saying you
10:48 pm
know ok your conservatives i mean you're opposed to national health care oh no we love the national you're opposed to. you know you go to the you know we love the many guys what are you opposed to those brown people or muslims coming to my country vats and you finds conservative in well i hear on every city conservative liberal in europe you're in there on a different you really try to apply an american standard to something america's the in the world conservative liberal mean different things here the people who defend the welfare state who have concerns about immigration if we had a term of them at all the united states would be something close reagan democrat would really with these people are searching for they're not racist they're not muslim necessarily though some many of them are many of them are i mean you've got the wiser are we not to encourage we need is in spain is a very very small percentage is less than twelve percent of the parliament well remember due to their unique voting system in which small parties have magnified through proportional vote isn't isn't what will resisting the real thing the real thing in europe is the concern about crime and welfare dependency and the future of
10:49 pm
the country and whether or not the welfare state can survive if the average belgian or dutchman prays five times a day and if you ask a lot of older more traditional minded pro welfare state pro-social list europeans the answer they fearfully answer is no and i'm here and i disagree with that i don't think that that's the case i've spent a lot of time i'm not saying that's what should happen i say that is what those and i said and you can substitute praise five times a day for takes a two hour lunch which is standard in southern europe but that but back to back to this issue isn't the real debate here that you and i are setting up in the. publicans we're taking on with obama isn't really about whether nine eleven was a crime or an act of war before we go there ok look i think the republicans are missing the point on obama's speech it's not a victory for the terrorists for al qaeda because frankly they don't know about it if you look at internal al qaeda communications and there's about two million pages of it collected it west point's combative terrorism center if you look at the
10:50 pm
translations from arabic look at the arabic words they use these the words franks to describe us and the western europeans canadians the americans the russians and so on they use one word for us franks it's a medieval word for the french people which was among the first people that were encountered crusade. exactly and so that is where they're coming from they don't make fine distinctions between political parties i was that because george bush said we're going to go out of her said no i think that predates that if you fact you can look at nine hundred fifty s. in one nine hundred sixty s. documents from so if you had basically no power i mean they were look at the saudis are sort of tolerating the look at radical islamic literature and all this comes by the way out of egypt not of saudi arabia you look at a book like milestones for example by say a quote that you read some of the salafi literature and it has actually had lived in the united states i mean you came up with some of those theories and st louis and in colorado in fact what most horrified in colorado was men and women bowling together and where the laws well laws in which their wives were visible through the
10:51 pm
window you walked by a woman washing your dishes and she was visible from the street and of course but because we refused to live like salafi we were the enemy of this is so i have to understand a large number of people in the arab world but that is why i am more and more of them because we keep bombing i mean had had one when the taliban said to george w. bush if you have any evidence that osama bin laden committed this crime we will turn him over to a third country for trial and i was happy he said fine here's the evidence you really can't take seriously that was i do it was a report of the washington post the bush administration said no it's ok bomb afghanistan ok do you accept that mullah omar was going to. taliban at the time. probably but he said he was ok so i say probably all right fine who whose his second oldest daughter was married to it but i don't know bin laden's son i really think you going to turn your son low over no matter what evidence there is probably why would you know it is value real probably if the alternative is losing your country yeah he didn't think he was going to lose his country he sure did did he
10:52 pm
well that's not to say that is it ok that you're right richard thank you for being with us. yesterday federal prosecutors in new york announced that the operators of a global on line currency exchange similar pay pal called liberty reserve ran a six billion dollar money laundering operation which acted as a central hub for criminals trafficking in everything from child porn to identity theft on friday officials in spain arrested liberty reserve founder at arthur but off ski who is among seven people arrested and charged in the case so looks like those responsible for the biggest online cyber money laundering case in history
10:53 pm
will be held criminally accountable for their actions if only the same thing could be said for big corporate money launderers like big banks like h.s.b.c. back in december of last year the department of justice and the u.s. treasury officials announced that h.s.b.c. the world's largest bank and the second largest bank in the united states had laundered money for some of the most notorious international drug cartels in the world also illegally conducting transactions on behalf of customers in iran libya cuba sudan and burma between two thousand and six and two thousand and nine according to federal officials h.s.b.c. for. able to monitor his euphemism a staggering six hundred seventy billion dollars in wire transfers and an additional nine point four billion dollars in cash transactions from their operations in mexico as a result according to officials at least eight hundred eighty one million dollars in drug trafficking money including money from the sin ola cartel of mexico and the
10:54 pm
north of a bali cartel of colombia was laundered through that big bank the department of justice also said that h.s.b.c. helped process six hundred sixty million dollars in illegal transactions from iran cuba sudan libya and burma all intentionally done by hiding the identities of those countries at the initial news conference announcing the busta system is to turn in general lanny breuer said that h.s.b.c. is being held accountable for studying failures of oversight the record of dysfunction that prevailed at h.s.b.c. for many years was astonishing so what does he mean by being held accountable for failures of oversight i mean sending banks toure's who helped to perpetrate a bloody drug war and perpetuate it and laundered billions for drug kingpins. not to jail being held accountable means signing a do furred prosecution agreement a d.p.a. with the department of justice under which no criminal charges will be bought
10:55 pm
brought against the bank or any of its banks toure's provided that they meet certain conditions those conditions include paying a one point nine billion dollars fine less than one percent of the total amount of money that the bank helped to launder despite laundering hundreds of billions of dollars illegally dealing with some of the world's most notorious drug cartels allegedly laundering for terrorist groups and movie money for customers in nations that the u.s. has no diplomatic ties with h.s.b.c. is getting off with a slap on the wrist from the department of justice and h.s.b.c. isn't the only big bank that's being under fire for money laundering j.p. morgan citigroup and bank of america. all been investigated for my money laundering in the past couple of years and all have gotten away with a slap on the wrist how is the big banks that launder billions and billions of dollars for criminals haven't seen a single perp walk but an on line company can have its c.e.o. arrested and prosecuted along with several of his executives it's because liberty reserve isn't a real bank so its employees aren't real banks so they can't hide millions in
10:56 pm
campaign contributions to american politicians since the executives at liberty reserve weren't the annoying to the lead of the jamie diamonds and like bank like fines of the world they'll face the full force of the american justice system right now we have two criminal justice systems in america one for wealthy elite corporations and banks toure's and the second one for everyone else thanks to this double standard corporations like walmart the dump toxic waste get off with a fine if an american citizen an actual human being in the exact same thing they face years in jail it's time to end the double standard corporations and big banks need to be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else thanks to those who launder money for drug cartels and hostile foreign nations need to be facing jail time and not just a slap on the wrist back in the one nine hundred eighty s. after ronald reagan deregulated the s n l's and they therefore predictably went on a binge of illegal activity and then collapsed reagan investigated and prosecuted
10:57 pm
thousands of bankers and sent several hundred bankers to prison the most famous was charles keating who went to jail even though he'd been giving huge payoffs to the infamous keating five senators including john mccain if reagan could send politically connected banks to jail president obama and his administration can do it to time to let some potheads out of jail and warm up the cells for the banks tears and that's the way it is tonight wednesday may twenty ninth two thousand and thirteen. and progress is by the way not a party especially in los angeles joined me louis tomlin jim hightower john nichols and more of the at the progressive democrats and. annual get together and fundraiser this week of this saturday june first for more information go to thom hartmann dot com and don't forget the baucus who begins with you get out there get active tag your.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images called world
10:59 pm
has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. please.
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good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm perry and boring here in washington d.c. let's get to our headlines. so how much is a botched i.c.a.o. worth now a days ten million dollars if you're facebook and in a new twist it's the nasdaq exchange itself that's ponying up much of the ten million dollars won't go to investors instead they go through the security and exchange commission which is the highest such penalty against an exchange this comes after last year's trading debut of that made up market dr burke a multi-billionaire full of traders and investors in the lurch severally in nasdaq has agreed to pay investors to a million dollars for the trading glitches that plagued the opening day. and switzerland what's known as the bastion of banksy.


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