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the man killed by the f.b.i. during an interview was shot seven times including once to the back of the head despite reportedly being on the harm the unarmed rather the agents claim it was self-defense we investigate that this out. reports a group of al-qaeda linked to how this carrying illegal salary gas into syria has been intercepted in turkey supporting claims that the assad fighters a using chemical weapons in the syrian war. and islamophobia sweeps the u.k. in the aftermath of the world with the far right english defense league preparing mass rallies in a dozen cities. over
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getting to know and here at r.t. tonight just after eleven pm no more time and as i mentioned it's emerged that chechen immigrant killed in the united states during questioning over alleged links to one of the boston bomb suspects was an armed law enforcement officials earlier claimed he attacked an f.b.i. agent with a knife and was shot in self-defense every game to die shifts father says that he believes that hard to fathom. from the photographs that were sent to me it's evident he was shot six times to the body and wants to the head the back of the head it looks like a finishing shot of an assassination to me it looks as if they came to his house like bandits and shot him in cold blood from the photos his house looked like it had been robbed he was questioned for eight hours without witnesses or a lawyer no one can tell for sure what happened there until there's an official
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investigation the agents say my son attacked them but there were several armed and well trained men even if he lost his temper and became violent they could have restrained him or wound him shoot him in the leg or the arm or the shoulder but what happened was murder complete with a finishing shot maybe my son knew something the police didn't want to come out and they killed him to keep him silent. the f.b.i. now says it's launched its own investigation into the incident but it could take months to complete a poor ny look at where the agency stands on the issue. at the time of the shooting up to half a dozen law enforcement officials including two massachusetts state police troopers and an f.b.i. agent from the agency's boston division were present at the florida condo which was not far from universal studios but the f.b.i. has provided few details after the shooting saying that the matter is being investigated by a specific f.b.i. review team and the f.b.i. may not finish its probe for several months now the f.b.i.
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meanwhile has been under enormous scrutiny for missing several warnings about tomorrow on the biggest warnings coming from a russian intelligence officials years ago indicating that may have links to extremist groups the f.b.i. for whatever reasons did not follow up and probed the matter to the fullest extent and that some would say led to the the execution of the boston marathon. bombings and now we have this development unfolding where our man that was shot and killed by f.b.i. agents turns out according to the washington post to have been on the arm so clearly the f.b.i. is going to have a lot of questions to answer in the coming days with these new developments on this story. veteran police officer told me he believes to.
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there are two glaring problems with what we have is as equal and already contradictory accounts from law enforcement about how the events went down the first of which is the man was unarmed and i will hearken back to my days on the streets in one nine hundred seventy six in los angeles where. olympic medalist juan carlos got combative with a bunch of police officers not not one of those drew our guns and we were getting thrown around like rag dolls and we were all trained and we were all very very fit at the time so there's a there's an escalation of force scale which was obviously or apparently not followed in this case but my second huge problem with the law enforcement stories he was supposed to be signing a confession to a triple murder i don't care even if if you are the f.b.i. which doesn't have a good reputation us somebody is going to sign a confession for triple murder you have a minute jail house and
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a secure setting and the police officer officers won't foresman personnel around him are not armed because he's in a secure setting this was at best for the f.b.i. . horribly mishandled but it sounds to me very much like they went there with the intent to provoke him and stay just shooting standard police procedure everywhere in the world was not followed here. is called more the boston marathon bombings and connected cases we vita log on for details of the investigation and reaction from officials and relatives of the accused. in the u.k. no one of the suspects in last week's gruesome killing of a british soldiers being challenged in court the broad daylight attack in london set off a biology of anti muslim and anti immigration protests in the immediate aftermath ten mosques were attacked across britain in several assault some muslims are reported to fall right down to islamic english defense league planning rallies now at more than thirty locations on saturday. in turn anti fascist groups of call for
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counter demonstrations to coincide with those protests the pull western leader of the nationalist liberty g p party says the reactions been quite restrained considering the circumstances. i don't really see the fact that the a.d.l. are protesting about this as being some sort of a right as it's been described as a situation you know it is a perfectly valid response to a british soldier being killed on the streets of london in the name of israel and i think we're trapped in a very vicious circle that is going to get worse and worse and i don't know how you go about trying to deal rather these people unless you start shutting down mosques which are practicing sedition which are practicing. with saudi funded a lot of this problem comes back to saudi arabia and the radicalization and whether we have to start closing down mosque which are practicing hate speech and t. and t. female anti anti homosexuality in indigenous people if that's what it
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has to take then that's what we're going to have to do because this problem is going to get worse and it's not going away. from the foundation tells us that british muslims are united in their rejection of radicalism. what we solve the last seven days after leaving these brutal and barbaric murder is a strong reaction from the muslim community that is what we give and the message goes out very clear that if you are involved in terrorism or extremism you do not represent islam you're not acting in our name and you bring in shame on the community and you must be confronted and we need to see real action from the police and the authorities to deal with this threat you know terrorism affects all communities while the you're talking about here in europe or talking about united states across the world but actually i think the majority of the british people recognise that this is a very small minority of people they don't represent any particular part of our community and actually if you look at the most victims from terrorist attacks i've
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generally have been muslims themselves we're going to look more reaction and analysis to come on the story in the coming hours and days on air and online as well but while opinions may differ some parts of the u.k. are experiencing a seismic shift in demographics sarah firth rorty reports next on the so-called white flight from urban areas with large immigrant populations. london. a multicultural hub known for its thriving diversity spanning the centuries but research by social think tank battles reveals that while london remains is fighting to serve a it's perhaps not as integrated as some people might think. experienced a huge amount of white flight. income people mainly in the suburbs leaving london because they think it's strange to fast for one of these people is jane kelly having lived in london most of her
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adult life she's seen first hand the cultural shift and is now looking to me how she feels the area she lives in lost all sense of community all people i knew when i moved in here have gone they've all moved away. now mostly flats with very transitory population but perhaps surprisingly it seems many of the older generation of migrants who live around here and it settles and builds up businesses agree that integration is not working as well as that maybe should be ethnic cultural diversity in london that's part of what makes london so why do you think it's being a little too close to the problems the right to go to zero has its foreign people more or less these european people they just interested to do a short journey make their money and then run off the country and there's no investment very very return to their country there's nothing to rebuild the country
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is only for themselves to make money and you know this is i mean i've been to this country when i was like twenty three years old now i'm forty three years old so i'm investing business i'm doing so many things in this country paying tax back into the country and you know that's the way it has to be in london white brits now make up just forty five percent of the capital's tehsil population. we're here at one of london's busiest train stations and in the working week commuter hard over the course of a decade in london stories white british population for a moment six hundred thousand people lost in the commuter towns on the outskirts and the population has become more ethnically mixed so you know that white points are leaving london behind the question is why i want to thank tiffany it's having on the local community they've left behind well there's a certain amount of diversity which is very nice in any city. but when the diversity becomes so extreme that you have. balkanized groups but no
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actual. traditional communities or the traditional communities around number of completely new comers and the new comers keep rolling in it has a very alienating effect what's been seen across the cape for a long time has been most acute in london but the figures aren't the full story avoiding ethnic communities does play a role in so-called white flight but evidence shows that race may not be the main driver i think the main thing about that white flight reminds us of is that there is a problem the mistake it makes that says that problem is just about ethnicity it's not it's about age and it's about mixing between people of different incomes and we need to address all these things together there are now concerns britain could see yet another immigration surge at the end of this year when some twenty one million romanians and seven million bug ariens will be free to travel and work across the e.u. only a fraction of those are forecast to actually come here but previous immigration
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underestimate coupled with white british relocation a changing the face of london's ethnic makeup that much understanding what the full ramifications of that might be . so if r.t. london. so you bring you the order of the day in paris we're talking about soon julie transfer of merkel visits the french. but will with it being left to president or land to convince froude nine to abandon austerity also coming up as well president obama's got his mind on mind preparing to confront china over the claims that stole weapons designs through cyberspace again god love coming about in fact shortly. turkish security forces have reportedly detained several members of the illness or affront a jihadist group is fighting among the syrian rebels against the assad government the men were apparently on their way to the syrian border erin nerve gas his middle east correspondent paula sleepier has the latest. the group was seized in southern
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turkey and that is according to local media reports the media are also saying that they carried a two kilogram some under with the nerve agent sarin the turkish authorities haven't yet commented on this report and we are waiting to hear from him questions the united states and france in the past have said that they believe it is a sound however that is using chemical weapons but they haven't been able to who did produce any kind of evidence to prove this the british government has written to the united nations banking new alleging we knew incidents of chemical use by assad's forces and at the same time the french government says that it is testing samples of f. were smuggled out by journalists but all of this is hearsay at the moment whereas on the other hand we have them here what we're seeing is fighters from the al nusra front allied with the syrian rebels court with the sarin nerve agent gas it is important also to point out in the mind of you is that the united nations did
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launch an independent investigation and what that investigation concluded was that there were signs that rebels have been using the nerve agent in a mother investigation that was initiated by the u.n. chief bank you knew that was criticized by damascus because they said that what banking really was hoping to do was to investigate every site in syria and the syrian state of reminded them of the iraqi style investigation into weapons of mass destruction the use of chemical weapons is banned under international law and there are concerns by many people that the arguments that they are being used could trigger some kind of international intervention now there are efforts by the u.s. and russia to hold peace talks in geneva next month but the syrian national coalition has said that it will not participate in these talks and less iran and hizbullah renounce all involvement in the syrian conflict a statement does follow the syrian army's advances in the central part of the
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country but with the european union's arms embargo non lifted something that the rebels may try might make try to gain the upper hand on the ground. well to contribute russian to time c. told me that he believes the u.s. and its allies should be more careful of who they are backing in the syrian war this is quite a story president obama's red line or game changer he uses different vocabulary all the time about this has been crossed but what's president obama going to do about it because it's britain and france and saudi arabia and qatar and turkey have helped these islamists they were if he got their hands on it if this story is true most syrian rebels have been saying for the past few weeks that it's al nusra that is getting the upper hand they use it as leverage to say that's why nato countries should support us with more arms and khaled del ponte one of the greatest experts on this kind of thing for the united nations did do an in-depth investigation only a week or so few weeks ago and of course mainstream media tried their best to
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ignore it what did you find that it was the rebels and not the government that this story disappeared off any newspapers all we heard was president obama those pictures of him in the white house looking thoughtful and saying if that's a red line that that's you know that's that's going to be crossed then well we're going to do something about it. another big part of the story of course all week the big what do you make of the arms embargo has been lifted the european arms embargo please give us your thoughts r.t. dot com the place to do it is the vote we're running right now and for pretty polarized actually about this sometimes it's evenly split not on this one seventy three percent of you know it's been hovering around that all might think it's bad news if it's going to prolong the war to cause more problems that it's going to solve if that does happen if if france and britain go ahead and arm. thirty percent of you see the thing is going to say the rebels are losing the war eight percent of you think it's going to give gulf states a new channel for arms to get in there six percent think it's going to just assad's arms in the talks he's going to come back to the negotiating table you think you
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agree with britain and france i guess but look at the difference there's six percent or seventy three percent if you've got other views as well don't forget you can let us know r.t. dot com our website and on you tube plenty a chance we'll have a comment then about with more news very shortly. wealthy british style. time buyers. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r t. speak your language or not advance.
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music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles keep these stories. here. to try to teach spanish find out more visit eye to eye. again china has flatly denied allegations that it has acted to designs for u.s. military hardware including blueprints for the world's most expensive fighter jet but washington isn't taking any chances and is said to be beefing up its cyber capacity for a future potential cyber war they have our administration's pledged indeed to spend
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three billion dollars and twenty to stave off online hacker attacks forty teams of american cyber agents have to be formed of which thirteen will be engaged in offensive operations but he's going to teach accounts got the full story. the cyber race between the u.s. and china is starting to look like a real arms race it has its drills its spies and both sides accusing each other of cyber attacks this june china will be holding drills with special i.t. units within its army for the first time the chief of the u.s. cyber command general keith alexander says the u.s. is now busy setting up forty new teams of cyber agents that will both protect america's critical infrastructure from hackers as well as launch attacks against the country's adversaries and so that there is no confusion as to their capabilities general keith alexander says quote i would like to be clear that this team is an offensive team the offensive nature of u.s. cyber defense program is emerging new reports which say
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a large chunk of the country's current cyber endeavors does not rely on defensive strategy as one might imagine but instead involves offensive operations launched with the intent of causing harm on the computers of adversaries a recent reuters article cites defense contractors and government officials most of whom speaking on condition of anonymity and the article says that the us government has become the biggest buyer in a burgeoning gray market where hackers and security firms sell tools for breaking into computers the u.s. has demonstrated its ability to carry out a cyber attack against a foreign country when they attack the iranian nuclear facilities a similar attack against the u.s. would be seen as an act of war by the pentagon's own definition there's a certain game of words going on here when it's against the u.s. it's called a cyber attack when it's the u.s. doing it it's called installing software but there would be no cyber race without spice and the latest development here is that the chinese have reportedly hacked
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into the pentagon's most sophisticated weapons systems a leaked confidential report by the defense science board intended for pentagon leaders says to dozens system designs were compromised those systems are said to be critical to u.s. missile defense and aircraft you. us officials point to china u.s. news outlets run articles with headlines like this one china is winning the cyber war because they hacked u.s. plans for real war china traditionally denies the accusations of cyber espionage but if the accusation is true if one still has to ask the u.s. what do you expect when they see your cyber or forces attacking another country's infrastructure or when they hear you say you're a pivot into asia pacific with all that military gear to counter china in washington i'm going to check out. what expert a global risk daniel wagner says countries around the world face an uphill battle about this so where work there is very much here to stay it's very much
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a part of our daily lives and the trick is going to be to try to make it less of an everyday occurrence and more manageable that's only going to come with time but right now i think the u.s. and every other country in the world is quite vulnerable to cyber attack we've already seen that everything from. nuclear installations in iran to the idea of electric grids in the united states or extremely sensitive defense and intelligence secrets and they have been bammer of all the cyber attacks whether it comes from a government whether it comes from a very skilled individual hacker there was the case just last year stratfordian united states which was a private company which was hacked by a teenager who managed to get through a firewalls and basically. make his point clear he was subsequently discovered of
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course but this can be done by an individual imagine what could be done on the part of governments there are so many things that happen every day to rehear nothing about. vague promises of a show of solidarity appear to be only fruits of a meeting between francois hollande and anglo merkel the leaders of europe's premier economies attempted to come up with a joint plan to tackle record unemployment and stagnation when they're in paris but marcus kerber who's a professor of public finance and political economy told me france's attitude makes that it possible this visit is a very particular one because even the german public understands that. the european concept of europe with the stability union with a policy prisca policy governed by rules and that france continuously claims an exception for herself and this is something the chancellor cannot tolerate because the german population is very much upset against france always claiming for herself a special bro it's for the others to say it's for them too to.
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the public knows and is conscious that france has become the free ride of the monterrey union so from america is in a pre-election complain show she will try in her very soft. methods and style to play things a little down and to keep it cool but not only on the face of it but fundamentally speaking the two countries are going to italy apart three more the big world news headlines today a further series of bomb attacks in the melee in baghdad at least thirty wounded many more one explosion in the capital ripped through a police patrol station that left three officers dead then two more separate bomb blast killed eight the recent surge in violence has claimed over five hundred lives in iraq just this month amid fears the country sliding further towards all out sectarian war. broad daylight gunfire in syria has left at least two people injured in an identified man opened fire on passers by on health square in the center of
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switzerland's largest city the shooter then fled the scene apparently still currently holed up in a nearby building that's been surrounded by police. a man from the u.s. state of north carolina has been sentenced to six months in prison for threatening on twitter to assassinate president obama twenty two year old published five death threats to the democratic convention last year he admits to writing with tweets but says he was on drugs at the time. athletes playing to make their market next year such a limb pigs can finally lay their eyes on the prize literally the medals have been unveiled and some petersburg an artist andrew fowler was among the first to check out the top awards. now holding up one of these will be the dream of every athlete competing in sochi twenty fourteen which begin in just a month's time and here in st petersburg the medals were revealed for the very first time to the public the designers hope to capture russia's sense of national identity and character and they've tried to do that by showing the warm waters of
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the black sea crashing into the ice of krasnaya polyana up in the mountains and if you look very closely you will also notice a patchwork quilt thing here and that is meant to represent the multi ethnicity of russia a record thirteen hundred of these will be produced matters because sochi twenty fourteen will be the biggest winter olympics in history and also if you win one of these you will need a very strong net because they do you weigh in at something like over five hundred grams i spoke with jimmy fortunate shanker who chairs the sochi organizing committee and he hopes that when someone does game one of these they will also take away the spirit of russia on a more serious note mr chernyshenko also addressed security concerns and said that the government had taken exceptional steps to guarantee the games would be safe and secure he also talked about the possibility of a lack of snowfall because sochi has experienced a very mild winter but he has said that tons of snow is now being stored under
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thermal blankets up in the mountains to cover any shortfall essentially the message is such he is ready and from friday there are only two hundred fifty days to go andrey farmer. simply to spoke. most of the got everything covered in it now will become the kaiser report investigates of the world's oldest profession has been affected by the financial done to that after this break. destruction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one space the issue of the moment and ignore the rest jill those are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused in cattle
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which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops that you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they start giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where out putting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only won that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion.
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well go to the kaiser report imax kaiser spankings are trading better all time high according to the economist magazine bankers are paying top dollar or pounds in this case for going to old fashioned bottom slapping from a dominate trix who can show them who is the true bad bad boy meanwhile because of the debts and the austerity pushed by these same masochistic spanking loving banks are the economist magazine reports that the prostitution market in the u.k. has been flooded with new entrants driving prices ever lower me luvvie lot so long time for these discount brokers of love in the alley way stacey yes i'm.


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