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tv   Headline News  RT  June 2, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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nationwide following. people to kill. hundreds of demonstrators. syria's opposition refuses to attend international.
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headlines with the weekly. at least two people have been killed and more than a thousand have been. protests in fierce clashes with police that have continued well for several days to date almost. what started as
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a peaceful sit in the guns plans to revamp paul consensual. so spiraled into a nationwide display of anger against the government now it was. good to see you arena can you bring us up to speed of the latest what if you see him there and . well i have to say that the protests have been raging throughout the night and as a matter of fact my hotel faces the square and i woke up around two thirty am because of the extreme noise and the smell of something burning coming in from the street and it was really a sight to behold in the middle of the darkest night you saw those red flashes of fires burning in the middle of the square now the protesters have been burning a lot of things around the square starting from vendors booths and ending mostly with calls now among those vehicles were police the police trucks that i have personally seen but also they seem to have been targeting the. satellite. trucks
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the media companies. in turkey a lot of people are incredibly distrustful of the media especially of the state controlled media and this is a matter of fact that is largely the reason why i'm actually sitting in the studio today and not out on the square because the companies that were doing live transmissions from the square yesterday today said it's too dangerous to go out there because it did seem by the end of the day that the people's negative feelings towards the media were starting to sort of transpire into negative feelings towards all sorts of media all media representatives now to go back a little bit the police did withdraw from texas and square in the early afternoon on saturday and that is thousands of people started pouring into the square despite the fact that it was essentially permeated with tear gas and pepper spray and there's still puddles of water everywhere from water cannons being used. there and
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that one point it did seem like it was in that like i was not in istanbul but rather in egypt or in tunisia during the protests and you have to understand that the protests began because the government plans to get rid of a park in the middle of the city it was a peaceful sit in until the police started to break it up using tear gas and essentially excessive force and that is what people have gathered over there and multitudes and they weren't at that point protesting not the plans to demolish the park but rather they were saying they wanted to save the country from aragon and his policies which are becoming increasingly unpopular with the people in turkey and some of the most of the people that i've spoken to said they there are three things that they're unhappy about its policies and toward syria the increasing islamisation off the country and basically a crackdown on old freedoms particularly in areas concerning media and journalists turkey remains the number one country when it comes to the number of journalists jailed so all of these grievances came together. in people's minds of people poured
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out on the streets to protest and of course they were dispersed by police that went on until literally early early hours of morning on sunday and it doesn't doesn't seem like really it's going to die down in time soon. probably not how is he reacted to the on the rest also for the coals demanding he steps down perhaps to going to bring us up to speed about the international community any reaction around the world so far. well yes actually the one thing you can say about erdogan is that he said that he did admit on saturday briefly that perhaps there was an excessive use of force but then he said the plans to demolish the park and to build a shopping center instead will proceed as planned now let's stop with the internet when it comes to international reaction we should mention the report by amnesty international which offers happens to be really close to taksim square and they have said and i'm quoting that this was a disgraceful use of excessive force demonstrated by police in istanbul they went
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on to talk about how they were trying to help out protesters who have been injured in protests or have been suffering from the effects of. the first break or tear gas and. they were actually being obstructed in doing so by the police having said that the police did seem to be targeting individual protesters there have there are some reports that some people may have lost their sight because of the tear gas being fired at close range there's also reports of police targeting individual shops and stores and cafes which were trying to help out the protesters on the square and the police were seen to be throwing the tear gas canisters inside and that is just that is incredibly incredibly damaging of course rather brutal and there were also there were also reports that a medical medical association has tried to set up sort of camps within a so they could help those who were injured in the protests but they couldn't do so because of the tear gas permeating the streets i could smell the tear gas coming
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into my hotel two kilometers away the streets were blocked off i had to walk around in that area it was really difficult to breathe in fact the first thing that a lot of tourists were handed out when they came to istanbul worked here were a little mouse to cover their faces and really i saw a lot of people with their i did seem like their eyes were burning and they were suffering from the effects of tear gas so we can talk about the excessive use of force and still waiting for any reaction from as to how exactly he's going to react to calls by amnesty international to stop the police brutality or to. live in istanbul thank you. well there we can go across live to and talk to say to know who's taking part in the protests in the capital joining us live here at artsy very good to see you thanks for joining us here in the program who we are live right now hello to you it's real research show you to moscow can you bring us up to speed here how are things that are looking at the moment we just spoke to our correspondent in istanbul who said that she's too scared to be out on the streets
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for being a journalist do you think the protests will continue into sunday night hello good morning. i think the protests were actually less night protesting protests were still continuing in the streets and as i heard that the people were on the streets until six am in the morning and they were just chanting and singing and dancing again maybe today they will be. gathering because i know we are going to hear that i'm starting to understand that you are you have taken part in some of the protests and what we understand what i would see is that basically the protest started as a peaceful environmental sit in why you then have police resorted to force in istanbul and ankara and even the prime minister admitting you know what the police did go over the top. well we really don't know actually we really don't know because the people in is the park were just sitting in there and police started
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firing tear their tents which was in the park so we don't really understand what it is these forces coming from and why they are so angry now it's clear that the protest is no longer about a park being demolished perhaps people some people saying it's an excuse for for the real tension and frustration to come out about can you tell us as you've been a part of the protests what exactly are people angry about. well because it's about the freedom we need the freedom actually the same government fifteen years ago. they were they were just fighting for their rights and now it's it's been eleven years now and the people same they don't. they don't find for our same freedom they don't give us the same freedom in the country they just want they
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just want thier supporters to live in their way but they don't they don't have any respect you think it's impossible though when you when you talk about freedom so generally is it possible to offer us any specifics for example you know there are a whole restrictions or perhaps the government's position on syria perhaps with its eyes on the e.u. as we know can you can you give us any specifics. i cannot i cannot speak about political issues but i mean this is this is something about the government of the issues but for the ordinary people we are all ordinary people on the streets and. we have to have the have to have the right to have to buy the alcohol any time any of her but they banned alcohol there isn't they'll call the i'll call ban that you cannot purchase the drinks after pm this is this is absurd and this is so ridiculous actually. this kind of things and they just piled up. in ten years or dollars so they got an activist who took part in the for the people
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and they're doing it majorly. i'm sorry sorry if you got one more loss in the please please do so. well one more thing that the government there's not listen the people who are education who are i mean for deterred breach on the bosphorus you know. too many people say is that. this is very this is the killer for a moment around the bosphorus area. but they just decide then they do they don't listen then any anybody else well i will continue to cry for democracy we do we do see a heavy handed response by the police even confirmed by the turkish prime minister that the police did go over the top gun or an activist taking part in the anti-government demonstrations thank you for sharing your time with us here on r.t. live from ankara thank you yeah you are coming thank you both here in our studio we are following developments in turkey on air and online if you can watch
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a live stream from istanbul getting the latest updates at r.t. dot com and while you're there on the web site if you wouldn't mind doing a click or two to tell us how you think it's all going to pan out let's address in our global online poll from dot com and seeing how the numbers are changing for this hour those still the vast majority thirty five earth the third i said i should say of those voting saying we might actually witness a full scale turkish spring and very nearly the same number of expecting basically the unrest to incite a full scale crackdown on democracy in the country and let's get to nineteen percent here well it could end up lasting for several more weeks and ending up with major changes being put down to some calling it a crackdown already the vote is still in effect a global online poll at r.t. dot com it is not too late for you to get involved. well for now it has been a weekend of on rest in the german financial capital frankfurt police used batons and pepper spray against thousands of anti austerity demonstrators several people
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have been injured in clashes around four hundred handcuffed and detained protesters have been blocking the e.u.'s main financial institution for two days and the latest report from frankfurt and r.t.e. correspondent peter all of. a planned march that was supposed to go right through the middle of all germany's financial capital only really lasted five hundred meters before police intervened splitting the demonstration in several different parts now the police have told us that this is because they asked people to remove the masks who were marching in the green put on see sarah c n n z fascist campaign is they refused to do that then paint was thrown police responded with with pepper spray this lucky pie from twenty to thirty demonstrations were mostly peaceful but all changed on something they know this then ended up with a hours long standoff in the center for front. with so many people.
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in the clashes that broke out sporadically between the police and protesters. who were standing there suddenly police moved in and they beat some of us and i was a street there was no reason for that they managed to get out. from work oh this is your policy not ours now away from me paying throwing in the pepper spraying the idea behind blokey pie was supposed to show the political leaders of europe that they're not happy that they want change and they said that they had a clear message to those leaders in the european union this is book i frankly have
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been came alongside the release of unemployment figures for the eurozone countries and they made well pretty desperate reading almost twenty million people are out of work in the eurozone most of them young we're hearing that open almost one in four under twenty five's don't have a job and that's what resulted in many people coming out here on the on the streets affront to demonstrate. well not just germany mass rallies also taking place in spain and portugal on saturday both nations among the worst hit by crisis and austerity thousands marched in madrid demanding an end to their hard hitting cuts and in portugal fifteen thousand protesters surrounded the international monetary fund's local office chanting out a salami pinto was there to report. the focus of people thank you here did to dash a little peace plan to do european can be said and do you mean central bank they
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are the big. deal on strike and she's like blocked. by many hundreds that are like. we are here protesting like we are in all the cities in europe we are protesting against the policies of prosperity the policies of the policies that are destroying people's lives. and we are here in lisbon in front of the i.m.f. where the laws are made on the back of the people in knots in a democratic way we want the voice to come back to tool to the people these people idea amending the resignation of the party's government and also the our society which has already nearly to force one in a million portuguese people out of a job and there are these cars a report there's always a unique take on europe's financial woes and of course those responsible for them and all the programs available for you on our you tube channel and here at r t is
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a pleasure to have you with us for the weekly more news to come in just a. they played a family jazz band together. hijacked a plane together. lots of them from music to tara. twenty five years on questions still remain. just bad highjack.
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live. live from moscow this is r t with me will receive reports now of a up powerful car bomb in damascus exploding near a police station reportedly at least eight security officers have been killed it comes at the end of a week which saw the prospects of russia u.s. brokered peace talks on syria hitting some massive hurdles i want the government has agreed in principle to take part in these talks syria's main opposition group rejected the idea while accusing hezbollah are fighting alongside government troops meanwhile a group of syrian rebels reportedly detained in turkey were found to have stocks of
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the highly poisonous sarin gas and those arrested are believed to be members of the al qaeda linked al nusra front earlier this month the u.n. investigators voice suspicion the nerve agent was being used by the opposition fighters russia's foreign minister says the case must be investigated and must not be used in political games. we've warned repeatedly of provocations connected with chemical weapons we've also insisted on investigations into any case related to their possible use including the incident reportedly took place near aleppo we're very disappointed that because of political games the un has failed to act on this we expect our turkish colleagues to quickly provide a full report on this latest case this issue ation is too serious for those who constantly talk about the chemical weapons problem to keep playing games around it each and every incident needs to be investigated. and the reports of sarin gas
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found in the possession of rebels has fallen on deaf ears in the west that's the belief of author and historian gerald horne he told us earlier that not even the threat of chemical weapon use can shake support for the syrian fighters. if the syrian government had been caught with certain gaz we would have her work who is from washington london and paris but of course this should not come as a surprise to anyone been paying attention we know that the internationally respected civil servants ponce had basically made a similar discovery and revelation on behalf united nations jets weeks ago which then was refuted by the white house we also know that in recent days senator john mccain of arizona entered syria illegally and news reports indicate that he consulted with the white house before answering syria this is a very dangerous turn of events it's clear that there are those in washington who would like to intervene in syria on behalf of the rebels which is quite curious
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since al nusra front which has been designated as a terrorist organization by washington is at the tip of the spear in the opposition against president al the saudi. also this week the e.u. lifted its embargo on syria that means any member state can now funnel weapons to the syrian fight as the u.k. and france spearheaded the initiative winning over the majority of countries who originally opposed the move over concerns it would simply incite the conflict. has gone off takes a look at the syrian opposition and those who might be on its behalf. since britain and france blocked attempts to extend the e.u. embargo on supplying arms to the syrian rebels there have been growing fears that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands and this is why the syrian opposition is made up of many divided and often competing factions and clearly there is no force that can represent it as a whole there's the syrian national council the national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces the supreme military council the free syrian
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army the international coordination committee the. brigade and many more like to point out that only the n.c.c. says it's open to dialogue with the authorities while all the others have officially proclaimed their goal is to topple the regime the only difference being how extreme their approaches are and here is where these two rebel groups stand out . is officially recognized as a terror organization by the u.s. it's also known for its links to al qaeda and for being among the most highly trained rebel forces currently on the ground in syria and the fire brigade perhaps just as notorious after one of its leading commanders was shown eating the body parts of a dead syrian soldier on video but despite warnings raised by international human rights groups including the international and human rights watch the rebels have been receiving weapons for some time now according to western media reports the
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rebels have received one hundred sixty planeloads of arms shipments from jordan saudi arabia quarter via turkey and then with a cargo smuggled across the border here with syria but no matter which rebel group or the arms may be destined for it's also why we recognize that they usually end up in the hands of the best trained and most radical brigades. i think they got a person off reporting an interview that turned deadly in the united states this when a chechen man was shot in the head while being questioned by the f.b.i. over his and alleged links to the main suspects in the boston marathon bombing reports. was on armed. have claimed that he attacked the agents with a knife something his father finds very hard to believe. from the photographs that were sent to me it's evident he was shot six times to the body wants to the head the back of the head it looks like
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a finishing shot of an assassination to me it looks as if they came to his house like bandits and shot him in cold blood from the photos his house looked like it had been robbed he was questioned for eight hours without witnesses or a lawyer no one can tell for sure what happened there until there is an official investigation the agents say my son attacked them but there were several armed and well trained men even if he lost his temper and became violent they could have restrained him or wound him shoot him in the leg or the arm or the shoulder but what happened was murder complete with a finishing shot maybe my son knew something the police didn't want to come out and they killed him to keep him silent. and investigative journalist and veteran police officer mike ruppert believed to have killing and leaves a rather a lot open for interpretation. but there are two glaring problems and with what we have has as an already contradictory account from law enforcement about how
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the events went down the first of which is the man was unarmed and i would hearken back to my days on the streets in one nine hundred seventy six in los angeles where . olympic medalist juan carlos got combative with a bunch of police officers not not one of those guns and we were getting thrown around like rag dolls and we were all trained and we were all very very fit at the time so there's a there's an escalation of force scale which was obviously or apparently not followed in this case but my second huge problem with the law enforcement story is he was supposed to be signing a confession to a triple murder i don't care even if if you are the f.b.i. which doesn't have a good reputation us somebody is going to sign a confession for triple murder you have a minute jail house and a secure setting and the police officer officers law enforcement personnel around him are not armed because he's in a secure setting this was at best for the f.b.i.
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. horribly mishandled but it sounds to me very much like they went there with the intent to provoke him and stay just shooting standard police procedure everywhere in the world was not followed here or at all if he welled up a time let's go straight to oklahoma now where the latest series of tornadoes has swept through the area killed at least nine to three died as a result of flooding caused by the storm in the state of missouri. barely having had a chance to recover from lethal twisters two weeks ago when a mile wide tornado killed twenty four. to iraq where more than a thousand people mostly civilians were killed in the month in fact it makes may the bloodiest month for the country at the institute since two thousand and seven as some worry civil war is going to erupt between the shia led government and the. soon even dollars. are coming up here and a t. a gripping story of the popular teenager bandits and international terrorists jazz
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band hijacking say. a u.s. senate committee has passed a bill that if signed by obama will love the u.s. to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels this seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one rebel faction al nasra which according to the guardian is an islamist organization with links to al-qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as a terrorist organization by the us government itself as it started something like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just
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pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra well the free syrian army isn't much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian l. white minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. funded and armed the taliban and those mujahideen fighter guys and look how that turned out the u.s. government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion. this is.
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international airport. from here. crew reported to ground control that the aircraft had been hijacked. terrorists were demanding a diversion to london. the events that followed the plane's emergency landing close to the finnish border became a nightmare for its passengers. people were lying here under this hatch. conscious and many had severe injuries. the passenger plane had been hijacked by a family of eleven. children played together in a jazz band and together they planned. children died on the.


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