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tv   Headline News  RT  June 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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clashes there are up for a third day in a string of anti-government protests marred by what demonstrators claim is wanton brutality on the part of police. and the army have brought police around the european central bank in frankfurt charging into crowds of protesters a report from the scene where several thousands were demanding an end to. a prominent sunni cleric calls for a islamic jihad against president running him an infidel worse than jews and christians just days after syrian rebels were reportedly caught smuggling sarin gas chemical weapons banned by the u.n. . and an f.b.i. suspect shot multiple times during interrogation authorities claim it was
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self-defense but according to the latest reports it's unclear whether he was even on. the look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly here on. street battles between police and government protesters have resumed for a third night in the turkish city of istanbul to gas has been flowing across the district which is just ten kilometers away from the city's main square people there are put up barricades security forces resorted to water cannons to extinguish street injuries have been reported at the scene. has been following the events. one of the city squares about ten kilometers away from the main square of. where
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protesters have been gathering for three nights and days in a row at this point two thousand protesters have gathered they were broken up by police according to what the courts because of the mobs of angry youth who were throwing stones they do know that protesters on kharaj. been broken out by police also with the tear gas and water cannons and this international says there are at least that which have occurred as a result of the classes which have opted in again in the main square of the taksim only for a park which was to be demolished to give way to a shopping center the environmentalist rally was brutally by police who have also resorted to using water cannons and tear gas and protesters the are still gathered at taksim square there saying that they're not. just the facts of the trees are getting down there to protest the entire policy of the government and it
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seems to be something that people into all across turkey are feeling in unison in this point that there have been gatherings of angry protesters all across the country at this point in fact almost fifty cities have participated in this massive show of protests now what exactly are people protesting in turkey and what are they hoping to reach with that here is the report that we have filed earlier the streets of istanbul look like a scene from war burned cars makeshift barricades broken shop windows not exactly what residents of the city are used to this. is not only for. governments. for about ten years the current chaos is the aftermath of the protests that gripped not just istanbul but some other cities and towns across turkey. minister recep tayyip erdogan policy on syria the increasing islamisation of the country and
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a major crackdown on the media these are just a few of the problems turks have with their government many feel it doesn't serve the people but rather works against them what my daughter was beaten because of what she was wearing because her attackers were affiliated with the government the police to by and did nothing but old. cars from television. i said why don't you move they got their reaction from the police they couldn't make. life interviews with. and this is the problem that's. what happened in turkey was called a disgraceful use of excessive police force by amnesty international water cannons tear gas and pepper spray were all used against mostly peaceful protesters once the police are tweeted however the crowds turned their anger against the t.v. trucks of the state media accusing stations of failing to broadcast the reality of
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square hundreds of people wounded and talk of several deaths this is the human toll of the clashes on the street politics is the hottest topic of conversation even an attempt to record an interview turns into a heated debate this is a very strange experience for me and. i can explain. i will explain my son my grandson. after after maybe ten years or five years it began as a quite simple sit and decide because the park people were trying to save some trees in the middle of the city but now they're saying they're trying to save turkey from aragon and his government and they say they won't leave until the prime minister does in istanbul. r.t. . good order an independent journalist author and middle east expert feels that the unrest across to the right result of prime minister erdogan is policies abroad.
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for. the. country. in syria. this is. these are the latest pictures now from turkey where the anti-government protests is a raging for. the unrest in the country including footage photos witness accounts from there you can also take part in. and share your. story
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with us in the comments section all this. demonstration in the german financial capital this week took a turn for the worse when hundreds of ront clad offices. protested spring tear gas that will police then drove the marches into a tighter and tighter area suppression tactic known as. a planned march that was supposed to go right through the middle of all germany's financial capital only really lasted five hundred meters before police into the splits in a demonstration in several different parts now the police have told us that this is
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because they asked people to remove mosques who were marching in the. see. the fascist campaign is they refused to do that then paint was thrown and police responded with with pepper spray this then ended up with a i was long standoff in the sense a whole front. with many people being called in the clashes that broke out sporadically between the police and protesters. who were standing there suddenly police moved in and they beat some of us and i was a street there was no reason for that i managed to get out. from work oh this is
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your policy not ours now away from me paying throwing in the pepper spraying the idea behind blokey pie was supposed to show the political leaders of europe that then not happy that they want change and they said that they had a clear message to those leaders in the european union this is book i frankly have been came alongside the release of unemployment figures for the eurozone countries and they made well pretty desperate reading almost twenty million people are out of work in the eurozone most of them young we're hearing that over almost one in four under twenty five's don't have a job and not swat resulted in many people coming out on the on the streets of france but to demonstrate. tens of thousands also took up banners across spain and portugal on saturday to make yet another stand against austerity on our you tube channel you can watch footage from madrid and lisbon the capitals of the two
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nations among the worst hit by cuts. i'll teach you cheap china rocketing to a billion view from the world spirit of finally disasters that continue to change our lives join me kevin owen for more on how you helped make the first global news channel to reach. billion. details have emerged this week of the killing of a chechen u.s. immigrant by an f.b.i. agent even i'm going to the sheriff was shot dead during questioning over his alleged link to one of the boston marathon bombing suspects a big report suggesting he was unarmed at the time that contradicts the f.b.i.'s earlier claims that he attacked agents with a knife or a metal rod the russians father says it's hard to believe he was killed in self-defense. from the photographs that were sent to me it's evident he
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was shot six times to the body wants to the head at the back of the head it looks like a finishing shot of an assassination to me it looks as if they came to his house like bandits and shot him in cold blood from the photos his house looked like it had been robbed he was questioned for eight hours without witnesses or a lawyer no one can tell for sure one happened there until there's an official investigation the agents say my son attacked them but there were several armed and well trained men even if he lost his temper and became violently they could have restrained him wouldn't it shoot him in the leg will be on the whole the shoulder but what happens was murder complete with a finishing shot or maybe my son knew something the police didn't want to come out and they killed him to keep him silent does now. as you can jettison veteran police officer mike rupp had the leads to the ships killing leaves a lot open to interpretation. are two glaring problems and with what
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we have is as you can already contradictory accounts from law enforcement about how the events went down the first of which is the man was unarmed and i will hearken back to my days on the streets in one nine hundred seventy six in los angeles where an olympic medalist juan carlos got combative with a bunch of police officers not not one of those drew our guns and we were getting thrown around like rag dolls and we were all trained and we were all very very fit at the time so there's a there's an escalation of force scale which was obviously or apparently not followed in this case but my second huge problem with the law enforcement story is he was supposed to be signing a confession to a triple murder i don't care even if if you are the f.b.i. which doesn't have a good reputation us somebody is going to sign a confession for triple murder you have a minute jail house and
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a secure setting and the police officer or officers won't horsemen personnel around him are not armed because he's in a secure setting this was at best for the f.b.i. . horribly mishandled but it sounds to me very much like they went there with the intent to provoke him and stay just shooting standard police procedure everywhere in the world was not followed here. well still to come this hour here in altie thousands assembled to support bradley manning ahead of his d.-day soldier funny faces three years waiting in halls confinement often leaking top secret documents showing a legit u.s. atrocities committed abroad. and britain draws the attention of the un as it gets him in a scandal of following in the u.s. his footsteps by operating a guantanamo style prison in afghanistan but also the break.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing story for you. in trying.
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to find out more visit. a part islamic jihad has been called against syria with a prominent islamic cleric branding the assad government quote more infidel than jews and christians the call to arms was made by shaikh yousef a dolly. reaches millions in the arab world through the news network which is made to show you can meanwhile syrian rebel groups have refused to attend an upcoming peace conference in geneva they saw. syrian province of christian government and lebanese hezbollah troops mounted an enormous offensive one that honors so you could change the course of the civil war going on in my colleague research they discuss the past week with. been closely following events in the war torn country. the leaders of the syrian opposition had in fact announced they will not be participating in the u.s.
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and russian sponsored peace talks they are saying that has the laws involvement in the bloody civil war really complicates things a lot of the group itself is highly divided there's questions as to whether they have the syrian opposition have credibility with the syrians on the ground meanwhile president bashar al assad in an interview this week said only a referendum would decide whether he should leave power further complicating things is the decision by the european union which agreed not to renew a weapons embargo on syria the u.k. and france really led this push to dismantle the cargo which prevailed despite opposition from other european union member states those two countries are saying that this would somehow help to ratchet up pressure against president bashar al assad some of western powers to see accusing russia at this point of hampering peace efforts on the whole argument about russia supplying assad with weapons how does moscow justify this it's a complex issue russia's plan to ship as three hundred anti-aircraft systems to syria caused a stir this week after president bashar al assad in an interview said that russia
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will be honoring its defense contracts further complicating things that the israeli elements the israelis have said that they are strongly opposed to this that they are prepared to use force if those weapons are delivered but we have to keep in mind these are contracts were signed roughly a year before the syrian civil war broke out in twenty eleven russians are not prepared to console the contracts although the deputy foreign minister has said that this is seen as a stabilizing factor. that will deter quote what he called some hot heads from the considering to send in foreign forces to intervene in the syrian conflict idea he's a russian made s. three hundred myself others are supposed to be for defensive purposes not offensive but what about the issue of the use of chemical weapons that came up again this week can you tell us more about that it's a bit murky but according to local turkish media reports the turkish government has rounded up about twelve people with suspected ties to the allness or fronts this is one of the rebel groups that's affiliated with al qaida that's been fighting bashar al assad on the ground and at least according to one we do know reports they've
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discovered what they said two kilograms of sarin gas a powerful new york talks and now these are not confirmed reports but they do come amid growing concern of the use of chemical weapons by both sides and the united nations human rights investigators have in fact and obtained testimony from on the ground witnesses who allege that the rebels had used sarin gas now again unsubstantiated testimony but we should it did prompt a response from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. we've warned repeatedly of provocations connected with chemical weapons we've also insisted on investigations into any case related to their possible use including the incident reportedly took place near aleppo we're very disappointed that because of political games the u.n. has failed to act on this we expect our turkish colleagues to quickly provide a full report on this latest case this issue ation is too serious for those who constantly talk about the chemical weapons problem to keep playing games around it each and every incident needs to be investigated. so there you have it the russian
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foreign minister sergey lavrov calling for an investigation into what obviously is a murky but but serious issue of concern is toward the middle east expert says some groups of the syrian opposition to trying everything to provoke a military intervention. i think one of the. off some of the fight to combating the regime is to try and create maximum havoc and produce a situation where everyone says we have to have an intervention i mean i recall very well during the first day in iraq there were all sorts of propaganda we closed you mostly shown to be completely false so chairs that the iraqi soldiers. you know got all supplies to babies in hospitals and so many babies
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died or no on a larger scale the. saddam hussein and iraq had weapons of mass destruction so i expect anything from people closely allied to the west if the a mr trigger. military intervention well coming up later in the program that's how the health of the guantanamo bay hunger strike is continues to worsen or inmates are being force fed to choose that says a group of protesters demanded an open letter independent medical help from different doctors. first thousands of people gathered in the american city of baltimore in support of bradley manning on the eve of one of the most decisive days of his life the soldier faces dozens of charges after leaking secret files including footage of a u.s. helicopter attack on civilians during the country's iraqi campaign the long anticipated military trial is expected to begin on monday on his andrew blake was at the ready. we're important in maryland in baltimore on monday the court martial
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against by the first class bradley manning will finally begin private manning twenty five year old army intelligence officer is accused of the biggest leak in the history of the united states according to army prosecutors manning is responsible for the lion's share of material that's been shared by the anti-secrecy wiki leaks in the last two years u.s. state department cables guantanamo bay detainee assessment files iraqi and afghan war logs have all been attributed to private manning and for leaking this material the u.s. government is charging him with aiding the enemy and he could spend the rest of his life in prison on monday however the courtroom here and for meeting with supporters and prosecutors attorneys on both sides waiting for the court martial finally get three years after manning was first brought into custody it was late being twenty town with manning was picked up in baghdad transferred to kuwait brought back to united states and spent three years of waiting waiting for this court martial to finally get the sense december two thousand and eleven they've been having pretrial
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hearings here at fort meade and there's been really them all over the world in support of the soldier according to demonstrators this is the largest bradley manning really that has ever happened in the three plus years sense of what if the u.s. military custody also demonstrations planned in more than two dozen cities and for compton and some across the world in the next coming days seoul south korea berlin germany toronto ontario cities throughout the united states and across north america and the rest of the globe are all holding events this week in support of private manning now his court martial will eventually begin on monday more than three years more than one thousand days after it was first brought into custody and by the end of the summer his supporters his family his friends are all finally going to know how he's going to spend the rest of his life tuning later today for extensive coverage of bradley manning's trial if you want to build deeper into the history of the soldier's case and read more about his harsh confinement conditions well go right now to altie dot com. this is so true is.
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there. a group of hunger striking going to bay detainees a sentence a letter to the military doctors saying they want independent medical treatment more than one hundred inmates have been refusing food for months in a bid to put an end to indefinite detention without charge and poor treatment and conditions despite president obama promising once again to speed up the closure of the camp the situation there has only deteriorated more people are being force fed a procedure considered as torture by the un with the number currently standing at thirty seven more inmates are receiving medical help as well he spoke to the father of guantanamo prisoner who also heads the kuwaiti detainees in kuantan of the committee khalid all of our told us what happened to his son after he resorted to
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starvation my son being there for eleven years no charges again it's against him it is very difficult for him to tell me what's going on there because that is the district shoes for all the detainees not to talk about the conditions inside the camp but i can tell by the way he looks was so skinny this is the first time for him to put some glasses on his eyes. looks he looks. he could not concentrate while he's talking to me he has i lack of nutrition it affected his body his thinking we are very concerned very concerned about his life. and this week saw britain embroiled in a row about its own guantanamo clone it was revealed that up to ninety afghan nationals are being detained in secret and without charge at the u.k.'s camp
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bastion base in result and out some of been held there for more than a year. ek lewis described this is a secret facility that was completely off the radar leading some to describe this as the u.k.'s kuantan image in afghanistan but it was a firm and speedy response that we saw from the other eighty from defense secretary philip haven't just the details emerged of the detention facility in count past year and of the legal action launched by u.k. lawyers on behalf of some of the detainees there were some pretty damning revelations from these lawyers these detainees being held for fourteen months now the ministry of defense and the defense secretary admitted that between eighty and ninety detainees being held they were very quick thing to try to move away and quash these comparisons with one kind of my. main difference is number one
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that the afghan detainees they said were being held. in safety and not the second reason that they gave was that this wasn't a secret this is the first time that many in the british public will have heard about this detention facility and the u.k. ambassador. after these revelations saying that this was a principle of national supremacy and that the detainees should be handed over to the afghan security forces as soon as possible the question of how to handle detainees has been the most enduring control the sea since the u.s. led military campaigns in afghanistan and iraq and certainly until these transfers have made this controversy and these compare parazynski. they don't look like they're going to go a. london. the news continues with the news team in about thirty five minutes from now in the meantime off to the great hall to meet a woman on
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a mission to find families for abandoned children stay with us from that encounter . told her my language is what i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let me know what is the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter point of the month to say it's secure yet a car is on the docket no gonna. go no more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for
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a chase when you're done you should be ready for a. printout of speech and a little down to freedom to costs. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. sigrid leverage sure. to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only.
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