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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  June 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i'm sam saxton for tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. what do republicans in the house really care about figuring out what actually happened at the i.r.s. or trying to destroy it that and more into night's big picture politics panel also in an age of corporate greed and rampant political corruption is liberalism still have what it takes to ensure social safety and economic justice for all americans and the same for obama to take a page from f.d.r.'s book and tell the american people the truth about the republican party i will tell you why in tonight's daily take.
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and we begin tonight with this group acorn you remember them the association of community organizations for reform now that's what acorn stands for it was founded in one nine hundred seventy and for the next forty years worked in more than one hundred cities with more than a half million members advocating for low income and working class americans they focused on registering people to vote finding affordable housing defending against predatory lending and providing health care so as you can imagine from the get go acorn was never well liked by conservatives so in two thousand and nine this guy conservative hack james o'keefe posed as a pimp and walked into several local acorn offices asking for advice on how to hide prostitution activities and avoid taxes. and the videos appeared to show acorn employees giving o'keefe what he wanted tips about how to keep his prostitution
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ring under tabs and how to avoid paying taxes. of course fox news and other conservative web sites picked up the videos played them incessantly to show that acorn all along was just a bunch of thugs and thanks to the video republicans in the judiciary and oversight committees held a hearing on acorn in december two thousand and nine and here was a familiar face at the hearing. remember that using taxpayer grants to help the poor communities of whom acorn was organize the fact is it is enrich themselves and this criminal organization can only be be described today as a political machine so as you can to imagine him congressman i says opening statement the purpose of the hearing was never to get to the truth about acorn the purpose was to destroy acorn and it worked under pressure from these videos congress dropped the hammer on acorn it passed
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a spending bill completely defunding acorn in two thousand and nine and cut off any previous year's funding for acorn to and then private donors fled the organization and then after all of these rash actions after the hearings on congress and cutting spending the truth about acorn finally came out investigations by attorneys general in california and massachusetts found that the videos were heavily edited they were distorted to make it look like acorn employees were acting improper the later report by the u.s. government accountability office found no evidence that acorn workers misused federal funds or committed any crimes as o'keefe the video suggested but by then it was too late to night funding acorn withered away and filed for bankruptcy at the end of two thousand and ten it was no more. and despite the fact that acorn has existed now for more than two years republicans in congress continue to kick its corpse in fact in march of this year republican chairman of the house
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appropriations committee hell rogers introduced a spending bill that would completely defined acorn a good even though again acorn no longer exists but now chairman hell rogers has a new boogey man he's going after it's not acorn it's the internal internal revenue service on monday in the fifth congressional hearing on the i.r.s. and its focus on the political activities of certain five a one c. force here's what chairman rogers had to say. you very well may be that the septimus may recommend to the full committee and we may take it to the floor. the proposition that your funding will be conditional on your response to the questions that we're asking you and we will not rest until it is done and i don't need to remind you or anyone else that the power of the purse rests in the congress and we're prepared to use that purse to get to the truth in other words rather than
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finding the truth about what's happening republican see more year to find reasons to defund the i.r.s. to destroy it or at least neuter it just like they did acorn to them this story about the i.r.s. possibly targeting the tea party couldn't be more ripe for exploitation and so there was a six hearing in the house today this one in the ways and means committee focused on quote organizations targeted by the internal revenue service for their personal beliefs you know real evidence of that and on thursday there will be another hearing this one by chairman darrell i said titled collected and wasted spending culture and conference abuses. and you have to wonder based on the subject matter of these hearings are republicans in the house really interested in figuring out what happened at the i.r.s. and making sure it doesn't happen again or are they interested in destroying the i.r.s. like they did acorn well let's turn it over to tonight's politics. all
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right on the panel tonight our conservative commentator and activist taste uyghur managing editor of raw story and he newsome the national advisory council of the project twenty one black leadership network thank you all for being here so you guys heard my rant off the top comparing what's going on with iris to what happened in acorn it seems to me like republicans are hell bent on using this scandal to push their agenda of destroying the i.r.s. which you know they haven't been too secretive that they don't like the i.r.s. senator ted cruz has come out and wants to abolish i want to play a clip here of congressman jim to mcdermott he's a democrat from washington this was his reaction to the hearings. what happened to you was unfair. it was unfair it incredibly inconvenient but it was a mistake our job is to make sure it never happens again and i haven't heard a single word about what questions you think we ought to be able to ask you about
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your tax exempt requests anything else like the circus that sampling of the oversight committee or here is simply political theater. it is diverting attention to what we ought to be doing on this committee is rewriting the law it's wrong. so chris what do you think of what congressman mcdermott said there is this political theater and do you you know do you think republicans are trying to advance advance the story so that they can ultimately kill the i.r.s. now i think what. the political theater is what the i.r.s. was doing to certain groups and not all groups that they didn't have a list of questions to ask any group that was applying. five a one c four status so it was the same across the board but they were targeting and look you found congressman mcdermott but there's a lot of democrats who are upset about what the i.r.s. was doing and congress didn't say they were going to destroy the i.r.s. they said look you give us the answers about what was happening and you'll get your funding if you don't that's congress's job oversight of
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a government agency we want congress to have oversight believe me we do and when the republicans have the presidency the democrats are going to want to make sure that that executive branch has over the implications of the presidency in two thousand and four and we saw a whole instances of the ira's targeting a church out in california there were no calls to defund the ira in there more ted cruz in fact did call for it be elimination of the i.r.s. than the commercial into the flat tax which i admit is completely unrealistic i would never get through congress. in given that the senate is the way it is and that the president would veto that but i think what we are seeing here is that this is about the base this is about you know making those who will be getting out the vote in twenty fourteen fired up it's about getting those people excited but i may have the tape to see if hearing after hearing after hearing if they'll be able to maintain that over such a long period of time i really don't think that it's only conservatives who are
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worried about the i.r.s. i mean i think if you polled the american people i love you americans are a little bit fearful of the i.r.s. they want to make sure this is a serious scandal but i think what sam was saying is that the way that the republicans are going about it isn't necessarily about accountability it's about how i don't question that i don't look at her on board with this i think the democrats are the quickest party to whenever there is pressure as i said at the intro with acorn democrats were leading the charge defunded without looking at all the facts there to back in two thousand and nine because i agree with you i think the problem is that this sort of scrutiny was applied to all five zero zero. i want to bring you in shouldn't we heard stories today in the hearing today of emotional stories of people who were targeted by the i.r.s. . i mean isn't that what the ira should be doing isn't the problem the fact that there were other groups that didn't have tea party in their name up there talking about the sort of this is the thing you have when you have great we have we have selective enforcement of the law a selective application of
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a law or any type of status you always come up with with a with a with a point where that unfairness brings a point brings about political power and this is the problem that conservatives have been really fighting and talking about all along is affected as government grows and we haven't talked about the function in a moment here right so as the government grows and as these bureaucracies grows and and i think it was the washington post that referred to the ministry thing about those that you're just throwing this obamacare thing out there as though there's an imagination a no is a if you have an r. if that's the length of leo ploughs logs or so or we're choir to a certain group of people for political purposes which is what we know there are as did apologize for that so if that's the case what happens when they get they don't you know if this went on as far as we know that has been one thread when you know ambassador to the other day because there were the white house was not involved as
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far as the evidence here i was just saying that the white house was involved i'm saying that you have a couple bad employees who are doing stuff a little sad you know how do you or you if you have an advisor who doesn't know how to do their job and manage people can we suddenly make these broad judgments about the i.r.s. and every program they might be involved in like obamacare or your lover really being is that the i.r.s. for whatever reason there was a breakdown in the system but what we're about to do is hand them even a bigger responsibility when we see that their house is not quite in order to handle what they currently have now if you want an employee who isn't up to the job do you give them even more. responsibility on top of that or do you say what are the what you're trying to do and who can handle this responsibility i just want it when we just have a problem the i.r.s. has got a problem and more about to give them even more responsibility and where they are where they are and if you want to make sure everything's copasetic before we do anything the problem is yes there is some public animosity toward the i.r.s. but you know for the most part you know
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a third of americans are more than happy to pay their taxes their pay and look forward to tax what they worry about being not issue on the right hand last however we agree that out of this that we should give the iris clear guidelines about how to approach five zero one c force what questions we should ask them to make sure not to conventions our tax our tax code isn't that what should come out of these hearings that's part of it but to say that people ignorance was what caused this problem it is not the case because the how it was anything else there was that what we do we know that that was a selective application of the standards we know there that we've seen that we hardly apologies we see in the paperwork we know that that happened but isn't a solution and to make sure that all these social welfare organizations social welfare organizations are actually doing social welfare and just cut the political crap under the equation what i think we'll have a whole summer of hearings talking about there's more there's more of a tonight's politics panel coming up right after the break.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares you know what you. are if you know what that is my son. wants us to defeat terrorism a liberal christian. usually. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break that.
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welcome back to tonight's politics panel on the panel are chris allman steiger and he knew some let's get back to it before the break chris and here we were warning about obamacare and the i.r.s. is involved in it i think we should worry about republican governors involvement in obamacare there's a new study out that's going to show the effects of republican governors decisions to not expand medicaid in their states the rand corporation they analyze fourteen states with. to oppose the medicaid expansion they found this with fourteen states up to now we estimate three point six million fewer people would be insured that it will transfer payments to those states could fall by eight point four billion dollars and state spending on uncompensated care would increase by one billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen compared to what would be expected if all states participated in the expansion so really this is going to cost states more
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money and it's going to lead to more people not having health insurance and it's all borne out of the fact that republicans just want to sabotage obamacare as much as they can is is it willing to hurt people to gain political points is that a good position to take. well come on we know that the reason the states don't want to expand the medicaid program is because they're going to get caught holding the bag on on this money and they're i mean it's a comical you know law that the defender of government is paying all of it for the first few years and then ninety percent of it from then on which doesn't include ministry of costs right which doesn't include the people that are already on the rolls and how much is going to cost if they don't do it well billions what you what you're also forgetting is the fact that domestic obamacare forces you to expand medicaid rolls because of the fact that the poverty you have to you have to from people above a certain rate of very hard to get hundred thirty represent the people who can't
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get health insurance right now that they can't qualify for medicaid if they have a preexisting condition they can't get health insurance or they can just avoid it when i was thinking about when i was reading about this issue is i thought that obamacare was supposed to lower premiums for everybody so that these people could buy could buy health insurance but what we've seen in california and other places is that actually the cost of buying insurance is going to go up between like fifty and one hundred fifty percent so obamacare is not doing what it was supposed to do it was supposed to lower premiums for so these people could. by the study in california showed in fact that the rate you know buying into the system would be roughly the same as what you might kind otherwise and i think. that's what the study said and i think what the real question is here is are republicans interested in governing or are they interested in playing this partisan game and i think that
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we're increasingly seeing in states where more than three million people are going to go uninsured that the answer is unfortunately in the latter for those people you make you are making a lot of assumptions the first assumption is that this is a purely political game that these republican governors are playing. these states are strapped their budgets strapped because of medicaid medicaid is a primary driver of increased costs and you know one of the things that people forget is that what happens when you have the expansion of medicaid you also see probably insurance rolls decrease so medicaid also also bring pulls people from probably insurance rolls on to the medicaid rolls because there's a disincentive to participate they'll get a job and i'll be able to have been a number of uninsured but at the same time the other thing that you have to understand is from a cost perspective these studies are looking at the under compensated under the under return the cost of the house bills have to take on states that would be good
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the question is though are we going to ensure these people i mean that was the goal of obamacare is to take these fifty million americans who don't have health insurance and somehow start giving giving these people access to health insurance is the how do we do it the normal way a family when they're in the private market all you want to do is put more and more people on the government dole but the whole thing for obamacare not rotted out it wasn't one hundred six people on their market let's face it that's where they've been denying people who have preexisting conditions for the last how many decades but you tell me this three point six million everyone has a preexisting condition a lot i do live in. there's a pretty hard to get help there right and then the urgent thing about about the affordable care act is that provided subsidies so if you can't afford those premiums gives you hope to afford that let's move on to the people a lot of people who are on medicaid and that's wal-mart employees there was a new study by the congressional democrats last week. while more wages are so low that it cost taxpayers as much as nine hundred thousand dollars to support workers
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who work at wal-mart that's just that one story here and that is where her you're lying with statistics they said that if those workers if they took every single government benefit that's available to them that presupposes that every wal-mart employee is the sole and primary breadwinner for their family and we know that's simply not true they said it was five hundred dollars isn't that still a problem with public assistance is always had and. people work for a little while often they're the second earner in their family and then they move up seventy five percent of wal-mart managers come from hourly workers so yes these people are not trapped in this they're moving up and that's what it's about their user warehouses are working on the ground floor means that you have to get some wages and then have to rely on the government to survive and also we're seeing that you talk is that most of these jobs entry level jobs are becoming permanent jobs
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that older people are working in the fast food and service sector here yeah i mean i think i agree there were some problems i agree with the democrat study on this because that was assuming that everyone who could possibly qualify for benefits was taking advantage of that but i think it's something that we've known about wal-mart for a long time in two thousand and four the state of georgia said at the top and the top company on their peach tree care health care state health care plan was wal-mart and one where its employees children so if that doesn't say that wal-mart is taking advantage of these public programs i don't know what do you. it is extremely profitable the mare's are in the top ten you know occupy places or through seven or something on the forbes list why can't they pay their workers a living wage so that we taxpayers don't have to foot the bill you know. it's always funny the corporations are supposed to pay people more even though the market is not demanding that those people get paid why is it that the americans
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will if the conversation never goes to how to make sure these people have the education and the tools necessary to do demand bore out of the labor market and be able to take care of themselves very education free higher education of radiology doing the table is failing and how many how many kids are getting pumped out of k. twelve that don't have the basic basic reading math skills necessary to go beyond wall more or to go work at walmart and do something to stop stock sales that is the problem that is the root of the problem all right let's move on to the topic here the conservative media outlet the daily caller is promoting this debunked report that says the gender gap the pay gap between men and women is a result of women's preferences let's see it says. i want to go with the study the fact sheet though according to two thousand and twelve actually from the institute for women's policy research quote women's median earnings are lower than men's in nearly all occupations whether they work in occupations predominately done by women
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occupations predominately done by men or occupations with a more even mix of men and women so so clearly this isn't by choice no matter which profession women go into whether it's professions of all women more more men or equal they're getting paid less doesn't the government have a role in making sure something in balance in the south well i just want to add that the pay scale of surveyors study is based on self reported data and it's not seen as particularly reliable a lot of people will inflate their salaries when they suffer for it and there are a lot there's a lot of people who don't even include their data. payscale dot com so i just wanted to point out that that data methodology is a little school there but i do think that rather than pointing to the fact that you know the game magically. has disappeared in fact a similar pay scale study showed that the pick up persisted in two thousand and nine so i don't think that the pick up is disappeared in the last four years but
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you know i do think like the things that will help women earn more money or equal pay for equal work is greater transparency we know you know this and there have been a number of bills that have been introduced in congress to help with pay transparency with allowing women greater recourse to ask for equal wages and they have gone nowhere what do you think about the curse you know maybe not the government mandating that companies force to force to pay women the same as men but at least giving women the tools to make sure they're not being screwed over by their company to make sure they know where their wages are and then have access to the courts to fight against wage discrimination well i think first of all when we're talking about pay discrimination we have to make sure we're comparing apples to apples that means if you have a teacher or in my experience say you have a legislative staffer on the hill who's got ten years of experience the male vs the female compare them there they're almost equal maybe
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a two percent difference but if you have a woman who is who has taken ten years off to have kids she's only got two years experience and you compare her with a guy who's got ten or fifteen years experience of course there is going to be a different and that's what most of these studies to again except for this latest one they actually compare the actual same education and same amount of years in the job between men and women and not just a general a teacher male teacher versus female teacher but they look at experience and experience and i want to raise your family as well because if you're not in the work for. if you if you have only two years experience and a man has had fifteen he should get paid more he wouldn't have we hate this fact he bought into the wages that look women are going to have to you know they don't have to but a lot of women will choose to get out of the workforce and start raising a family and the wages should be still be based on what we know what is already the biggest barrier and chooses to make this same sacrifice what what what what what
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path disease right so it's very dangerous when you start using the legislation legislations start with things because usually you have very negative secondary secondary. i want to move on to this last topic of reporting from the washington post apparently just a few days after new years of this year baker was in hot water with his caucus and there was questions of whether or not he was going to survive to be speaker and the post reports that several conservatives took part in a night of prayer and said that god told them not to turn against the speaker and to spare him from losing his speakership. simple little creepy. these political decisions about who should be leaders and everything within the republican party are being made because god is talking to republicans. chris you know what there is i mean i hate to sound like an extremist but there are people who rely on prayer and they are often mocked and i'm not going to march down the
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what should they be the ones creating policy for the country you know because they have really got to know because liberals think if you have religious beliefs you should not be able to be in the public square and that's the war on religion yes it is you just said so and you want to present a little distance but but you can have a great audience talking to you and instructing you to keep speaker john boehner in his position and then going in and being open about that having no problem getting a good sound out there they always talk about your religious beliefs in public here here's their their constituencies agree with using god as a guy so they are being representative of the cause of the constituencies by going to got the last word there chris solomon case he newsom thanks so much for joining me. coming up ok liberalism survive the age of austerity or is it time for those on the political left to look for more radical solutions to the problems of our society on this right after the break.
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plus time has a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family. cry tears of joy and in great things out there that there has to be adequate rendered in a court of law. is the story. playing out in real life.
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the worst year for those things. the white house to the. radio guy and for a minute. they want you. to do because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details it just takes in misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream states if in your mind.
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and welcome back to the big picture i'm sam sachs in for tom hartman and coming up in this half hour liberalism has provided this country with some of its greatest achievements everything from the forty hour work week to social security but in the age of austerity and growing inequality is liberalism as it is you know it isn't even told of radicalism to survive more on that in just a moment and with hundreds of block pieces of legislation and dozens of blocked judicial nominees it's no secret that republicans are up to sabotage the obama presidency so why doesn't president obama acknowledge that and tell the american people about the real motivations of the republican party tom we'll tell you why in tonight's daily take.
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so last month the republican controlled house agriculture committee approved of approximately twenty point five billion dollars in cuts over the next ten years to the supplemental nutrition assistance program commonly known known as snap or food stamps a similar measure pending in the democrat controlled senate includes over four billion dollars in cuts to the federal food stamp program a small amount compared to the house republican proposal but a big deal for the fifty million americans currently suffering from food insecurity the senate's proposed cuts part of the two thousand and thirteen farm bill or just a lady example of what seems to be a growing trend which is the abandonment of certain core components of progressive policy and the embrace of neo liberal austerity in april when president obama proposed a chain c.p.i. in essence a cut to social security
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a program created by his own political party it was another deep cut to one of the hallmarks of american liberalism and right now in chicago former obama chief of staff rahm emanuel is overseeing the destruction of that city's public school system. so that's what's going on with some of the political leaders who call themselves democrats or liberals which begs the question if it's not to stand up for the working class by strengthening programs like snap or social security or public education then what is the purpose of liberalism today is it just to find some sort of more moderate ground just to the left of ultra conservative austerity hawks and if so is that a movement that working people in america can or even should identify with anymore after all in the last few years we've seen a conservative movement rush to the far right and feel emboldened to do things that conservatives in the time of the eisenhower and now even reagan wouldn't have dreamed of and the political left has been unable to stop this right word march so
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it is liberalism which gave us the new deal which gave us the great society have what it takes in the age of austerity or is it time to look elsewhere to more radical forms of political action for more on this i'm joined now by carr a contributor to the nation magazine senior editor at in these times and the founding editor of jacobin magazine and ben cohen editor of the daily banter and founder of banter media group bhaskar ben thanks so much for coming on. with you you recently wrote an article in the nation at the in the last month in which you argue that liberalism in america today is inadequate it's ineffective and that ultimately it needs a droll to from radicals so where when how did liberalism go wrong and in your opinion did it ever have it right in the first place. well i think liberalism never really had it right but there was. movement and i guess the first thing
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i have to admit is that defining liberalism is very very difficult and means something different in basically every country in africa you historic where i mean everybody and you break it down into two camps or. well you have the welfare liberals and the technocratic liberals right. so basically to find one set of a liberal coalition is people who are still wedded to a new deal coalition basically and i think on certain key economic issues they're part of the way right they want a more expansive welfare state they want more redistribution they want more equality. myself i'm a socialist i go a little bit further i think we should have even deeper democracy have even deeper equality but i think they're allies and struggle and i think one thing to remember is that we don't so much to have a liberal movement as we have you know people who vote democrat i'm not quite sure how ideological they are i think many of them are actually further to the left than
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if i and maybe you know some of them are actually liberals but we just don't have a broad political discourse like they do in other countries so i'm sure there are some social democrats and socialists who identify as liberals or obama supporters because there really is no other pragmatic political choice for them yeah that's an interesting point ben what do you what do you make of this kind of state of liberalism today as as bhaskar put it yeah i mean our good. pace which was fantastic for a really really insightful analysis of what the major problems facing the left are or liberalism today yeah there's a huge problem in america in regards to how the left is around you know pretty key principles like you know kind of economics for for example when i would probably have long myself as a socialist in america that it does you would. not so much in your from originally but i think you know one of the problems with the left at the moment is that it has
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been caught of boy liberalism by this how you know you can be liberal on social issues but extremely right wing when economic issues and then you're still a democrat. and that is a kind of quite a serious. government if you going to want to have any meaningful changes to the economy which is you know extremely problematic you've got gigantic wealth inequality you've got you know it's actually almost half the population living you know from hand to mouth you know not sure where the next paycheck is going to be you've got huge cut you've even got food insecurity. extraordinary levels. so there is a need to i agree basco hundred percent there is a need to have some. some more collaboration between different factions of of the left if anything nice is going to get done. when i think of radicals at least radicals that might be have positions of power and i think of
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people like bernie sanders in some in the congressional progressive caucus but those sort of radicals or leftists are largely marginalized in their positions of power if the left like the c.p.c. in the democratic party held power in congress sort of like the tea party does within the republican party it seems like the republican party is more willing to give their more extreme forces the reins of power what sort of effect might that have on the dynamics of the left in america. i think there's a lot on are both good about people like bernie sanders and even a good chunk of the congressional progressive caucus i think it best though those segments are well intentioned social democrats i wouldn't quite define them as as radicals. sanders i mean i think that he would fit in very well with huge portions of the democratic caucus as late as the one nine hundred seventy s. when key people were pushing for the. full employment bill before it was it was
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watered down i wouldn't quite define him as a radical i do think that there are key differences between the two parties i think that the republican party is far more cohesive ideological to the extent and there are certain ways in which the republican tent. is more able more susceptible to currents on the right that the democratic party is a car and so they're left the democratic party is definitely dominated by a centrist and center right. type leadership and i think obama fits in that continuum on the republican party read actually seeing the tea party movement been able to actually observe more of a poll right where poem the party but. i think the democratic. he isn't even close to what it was in the one nine hundred seventy s. . part of that is just built into its roots and never really was a very good represented representative of the interests of the working class and now it's even less so even if we talk about the new deal in the one nine hundred thirty s. we were talking about
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a program that was in many respects good but in other respects was built to exclude it was reliant on southern bigots and its coalition to get past excluded african-americans and other minorities that. you know tarnished single parents who couldn't have access to a lot of its benefits same with the g.i. bill and beyond that so i think that we should be kind of skeptical about a lot of the achievements of the democratic party to date and things have even gotten worse from that point in the twentieth century been better what do you think about that should should you know people who call themselves progressives on the left should we be trying to return in bridge the sort of new deal economy or new deal policies that. are flawed it will or should we start thinking of completely new systems to move forward and strengthen progressivism and in leftism i mean if that was on the table with nine hundred seventy eight democrat votes you've
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got films on the table i take it personally but it's not and i think that is a really good point to kind of break out of that mode and something new needs to be created not sure what that is right now but they mean there's a lot of kind of interesting opportunities available and i was reading something by . recently you talked about in the one nine hundred fifty s. if you told anybody about the civil rights movement kicking off in the ninety's sixty's in the fifty's people would have thought you were insane so you'd never know you actually you know what it's going to transpire. you know right now the rule in a period of complete confusion i think on the let you know civil libertarians you've got to question you've got a bruise and there isn't much kind of unified thought even on basic kind of economic issues. so yeah i think there is now a time is ripe to create something completely new and i would agree wholeheartedly
7:41 pm
that it has to be more radical that has to be some. new way of thinking about what's happening to us i think all of that would start with how people understand. divided the country and it is a when you speak a lot of americans are not really aware of how their economy works and how skewed it is in favor of the rich and i think very kind of basic economic education programs from the left might be a good stop some way to keep people the tools to at least understand what's happening to them and what's going on with with what the pope describes is which kept citizen. let last question what are your thoughts on this how much of this has to do with our political system in the way we run our elections with this kind of first post past the post system how does that dampen the influence of radicals in influence you know as major parties and major movements on the left and right. well yeah i think they're perfectly right to point to our first past the
7:42 pm
post system and compared to a system where we would have person proportional representation. disenfranchising a few chunks of the population but if you look at a country like australia they had a single member of the district system as well and they still managed to break out of it and form a labor party to better work represent the working class and obviously since then that labor party has moved into kind of bad terrain but we've seen struggles in the u.k. in the early twentieth century to create such parties and i think there definitely was a chance to create a different kind of political system in the united states but for now we have to operate from the you know that we were dealt and it's a tough situation for the left but i'm pretty hopeful that at the very least there's very little legitimacy in the ruling class is very little legitimacy in capitalism people are ok with living their day to day lives in the system there is no alternative on offer and there's no major opposition movement on offer but at
7:43 pm
the very least it presented with stronger alternatives and a structural critique i think you would have. you have a strong social opposition movement at least you're saying i think you're right. cohen thank you so much we'll be right back. talking about the same story doesn't make good news. no puff pieces so one tough question make it. the worst year for those playing the only white house to give it to a radio guy in fort lauderdale minestrone office i want you to watch closely or about good news if you've never seen anything like good times roll.
7:44 pm
you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question more. looking
7:45 pm
for every dollar up in the field that while we won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories you need perspective on top of my scans. now it's time for triage the good the bad the very very. slowly ugly the good mark chilton. carr borro north carolina was one of one hundred fifty people arrested outside the north carolina state house yesterday in a mass rally against that state's recent sharp turn to the political right since taking over the general symbol in january g.o.p. lawmakers have passed controversial bills gutting voting rights slashing taxes and restricting access to birth control but now citizens and politicians like mayor chilton are fighting back every monday to protest the republican legislators ramrod
7:46 pm
rule they're calling the rallies moral monday good work mr mayor democracy begins with people like you all the bad dorothy rabinowitz in a recent video published on the wall street journal's website the editorial board member blasted new york city's new bike share program as evidence of creeping totalitarianism take a walk. why would you want a program like this in the first place so we do not ask me to enter the mind of the totalitarians running this government of the city and i would like to say to people who live in new york that this means something much more than the specifics of this program it means and this isn't what happens when you get a government that is run by an autocratic mayor or their leader and a government before we are helpless first they came for the soda drinkers and they
7:47 pm
came for the car drivers seriously though if this is really your idea of totalitarianism dorothy well that's just kind of embarrassing and honestly considering all the people who do have to deal with the real. totalitarianism every day it's just plain offensive and now the very very ugly one million moms a lot of moms and a recent press release published on its website the conservative action group attacked the new show new cartoon she's out as part of the homosexual agenda the plot of she's out which premiered this past weekend on the discovery channel owned network called the hub centers around a young boy who uses magic a magic ring to turn himself into a girl with crime fighting superpowers. like. the ten year old to save the lives of. six. one million moms has joined other conservative organizations in condemning the
7:48 pm
program calling it quote just another attempt by the de lesbian and transgender community to indoctrinate our children into accepting their lifestyle you know if you guys don't like it there really is an option of just turning the channel or just turn your t.v. off altogether you think conservatives would love a show that teaches kids about fighting crime and doing good but apparently they're too blinded by g.b.t. bigotry to see anything else and that that's just very very ugly. earlier today president obama nominated robert wilkins cornelia pell arden patricia
7:49 pm
and millett to fill the vacant judgeships in the highly influential d.c. circuit court of appeals and his announcement the president addressed the current trend of republicans blocking his judicial nominees for political reasons time and again congressional republicans cynically used senate rules and procedures to delay and even block qualified nominees from coming to a fold vote as a result my judicial nominees have waited three times longer to receive confirmation votes than those of my republican predecessor when they were given an up or down vote in the senate when they were finally given an up or down vote in the senate every one of them was confirmed so this is not about principled opposition this is about political obstruction i recognize that neither party has a perfect track record here democrats were completely blameless when i was in the senate what's happening now is unprecedented for the good of the american people it
7:50 pm
has to stop. so let's look at the numbers right now the average judicial nominee confirmation wait time is over seven months or about two hundred twenty eight days compare that to just five months or one hundred forty eight days during the bush administration and some of obama's nominees have been waiting over a year to be confirmed because obama has a lower federal judicial nominee confirmation percentage than both george w. bush and bill clinton during their first terms in office and the president has appointed fewer judges than either bush or clinton this in action in confirming judicial nominees has caused nationwide federal court vacancies to skyrocket skyrocket excuse me but this is all part of the plan from the get go from his two thousand and nine inauguration present obama has faced relentless obstruction from the right from refusing to confirm his judicial nominees to launching endless sterile ice the lead which chance to games of brinksmanship with the budget
7:51 pm
republicans have had one explicit goal bring washington d.c. and the obama presidency to a standstill and really this strategy isn't anything new and that is the subject of tonight's daily take last week senate minority leader mitch mcconnell decided to block the nomination of tom as president obama's nominee for secretary of labor and just days after that decision senate republicans also decided to delay a confirmation vote on president obama's nominee to head the e.p.a. gina mccarthy. course this obstruction of presidential nominees is nothing new by the republicans senate republicans since the day obama took office and mitch mcconnell said his number one job was to basically destroy this presidency have had one strategy. sabotage the obama presidency by blocking the people he selected to
7:52 pm
work in his administration and by filibustering any sort of legislation that he supports for example with obama's cabinet nominations senator publicans killed the nomination of susan rice to be secretary of state they delayed the nomination of republican chuck hagel to be secretary of defense they delayed the nomination of john brennan to be cia director and they did that delayed the nomination of jacob lew for treasury secretary and right now thanks to republican blocking efforts there are currently eighty two vacancies for federal judgeships around the united states even john roberts is writing letters of complaint about seriously one of the most important of those judgeships that sound to you as a four vacancies on the highly influential u.s. circuit court of appeals the d.c. circuit the first circuit the court from which usually supreme court nominees come and the court which ultimately decides things like labor laws and e.p.a.
7:53 pm
laws it's in the hands of a one vote republican majority which would become a democratic majority if the republicans in the senate would allow obama's nominees to be confirmed but for four years they haven't let it happen then there are the hundreds of bills the republicans of blocks and so obama took office in two thousand and eight just last year republicans blocked bills to increase the federal minimum wage put transparency back into politics set a minimum tax on millionaires and billionaires for her hit discrimination in the workplace protect the equal rights of the disabled and to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. it despite all of the blocked appointments and all of the filibustered legislation president obama still says he's intent on working with republicans president apparently still believes he can reach a so-called grand budget bargain with republicans despite their absolute refusal to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans who are sometimes paying the lowest tax
7:54 pm
rates the president continuously invites republicans to sit down with him and to help him make the decisions that are needed to get our economy turned around republicans just reply by bashing his every move earlier this year despite knowing that it would damage is own party president obama proposed a reduction in the cost of living increases for social security recipients the so-called chained c.p.i. in the hopes that this would make the republicans happy enough to support. crease on the rich instead republicans who wanted to cut social safety net programs like social security for years skewered president obama and called the cuts the social security dr cody had a shocking attack on seniors in two thousand and five when president bush tried to privatized social security democrats blocked him and republicans were largely all in favor of cutting benefits and handing the whole thing over to wall street bottom line here is that republican lawmakers in washington have only one mission. and
7:55 pm
that one mission is to obstruct and sabotage the obama presidency at every chance possible regardless of how much damage that obstruction does to the american people and make no mistake about it president obama realizes this he realizes that republicans own care about making him look bad after all this was in the republicans only goal and they wouldn't be all over manufactured conspiracies like been gazi and floating around impeachment talk and would instead be dealing with the actual pressing issues that our nation faces like a broken economy a jobs crisis bankers run amuck climate change gun violence tragically unlike democratic presidents of the past president obama has not told the american people what the republicans really stand. back in one nine hundred thirty six franklin roosevelt gave a speech at the democratic state convention in new york where he called out the
7:56 pm
republicans. and if you look. let me. explain the big guy. that. we believe. we believe in social security we believe in work for the unemployed we believe in baby oh. my. god we don't want to take away the minutes. we know. we will do what. we will do. and the only thing. but doing our will not cost
7:57 pm
anybody any. there's any hope of congress being productive in the next three years of tackling the most precious precious pressing issues that our nation faces tackling them head on president obama must tell americans about the modern day smooth a v the all right obstruction that has brought washington d.c. to a standstill. it's time for president obama to stop trying to make nice with republicans except the fact that they're never going to like him and they never get honestly work with him. and to tell the american people the truth about how they're trying to ruin this country just so they can blame the crash of the disaster on. if he does and when things really fall apart the american people will figure that he deserves the blame. and that's the way it is tonight tuesday june fourth two thousand and thirteen i don't for good democracy begins with you get out there get
7:58 pm
active tag your it is your mom. it's technology innovations and all the developments around russia we. covered. the worst you're going to. wipe out superman the radio guy or the tailor minestrone quick fix what. to do good you've never seen anything like this on telly.
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coming up on our t.v. it's day two of the bradley manning trial adrian lamo the man who gave bradley manning up to federal authorities testifies in court an update from port me just ahead of the fellow. protesters in turkey continue to clash with police thousands. have left their jobs to join demonstrations and the violence has turned deadly the sights and sounds of turkey's unrest coming up. and connecticut's legislature is making a push for labeling all g.m.o. foods and who bill is on the governor's desk but does it have teeth the latest on the battle over g.m. those on the state level later in the show.


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