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tv   Headline News  RT  June 5, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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police arrest a despotic government apology over the harsh crackdown in the meantime the media is being accused of turning a blind eye. to keep the. president obama's promise to lift the. detainee. social media post as a result. of twitter trolls british police. with the freedom of speech.
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this is. the world wide headlines from the russian capital where it's not here and . the government meantime in turkey has apologized for the violent response by security forces towards protesters did not stop police water cannons and tear gas for a fifth night protesters made to reach the prime minister's office. being arrested . dozens of homes were raided and at least twenty five people detained for using social media the internet has been used to share information. against the government. prime minister has condemned its role in the riots. in particular. the people.
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television news. the revolution will not be televised that is according to graffiti spray painted all over istanbul and indeed the protests have gone largely unnoticed by the state media here in turkey however people did have the last word by destroying the satellite trucks of local state media channels if not to prove a point then at least to vent out their anger and frustration at the media that did not cover the events at home pepper sprayed water cannons tear gas only hell was breaking loose in taksim with police trying to victim via mentalists and their supporters from the park last weekend when turkish audiences flipped on their t.v.'s they saw something entirely different. from c.n.n. international the old protectors do you get the polies the people and when you shake the scene in turkey there's there was a painted green documentary so it's
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a complement. participants of the protests disapproving of the lack of coverage by the turkish media nevertheless believe news outlets have good reason for tuning out when things take a turn for the unexpected actually it's the pressure of the prime minister that is reflected on the media and we think it's unfair other channels the international journalists sharing this information and we have to find out about it on the international turn also it's unfair to the people but many believe there is a certain responsibility that comes with being a provider of news and those in turkey have failed at it i don't know what will happen in the future but we have only one channel which shows everything in this country and it's really really our company says it cannot stand in for example my mother she lives in a little village if i don't call her she will know nothing with the growing magnitude of protests some of the privately owned channels called on to the event and tried to make up for lost time when there's one news channel which has a direct proof. that they were sorry and they made
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a mistake for not covering. their. we're going it's quite well but of course the state media is not here saying that it's. misguided. by some extreme. groups a far fetched stance it may be but those on taksim just as thousands of people on streets and squares all over turkey don't really seem to care anymore you don't need a t.v. broadcast to show them what's really happening where they are it in english go r.t. istanbul protesters and eye witnesses have been giving their accounts of the brutality of turkish police this is one of the latest examples of an excessive use of force in the capital the video showing officers beating a bystander around the head with batons until he falls to the ground. ruptly video agency spoke to a turkish baker working in ankara he said even though he wasn't protesting he was
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still targeted anyway. i went out to buy cigarettes the police didn't ask me anything they just beat me. human rights groups and some foreign officials including the u.s. secretary of state they've all come out to condemn the excessive use of force by the turkish police however the u.s. which is one of the main exporters of tear gas and pepper spray to keep the country allegedly sent over sixty tons in the past decade that's worth over twenty million bucks now the u.s. also sells tear gas to countries like egypt and bahrain. very important now reports on who's cashing in on all the tears. for six days the world has seen video and images of turkish police cracking down on thousands of anti-government protesters and unarmed activists of all ages have been targeted indiscriminately with tear gas and pepper spray critics say that behind closed doors the united states has long
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played a major long role in aiding the police brutality that is currently unfolding in turkey he according to reports turkey has bought twenty one million dollars worth of tear gas and pepper spray in the past twelve years and the united states is listed as a main provider to the us is one of the world's largest manufacturers and exporters of tear gas and whether sold or given tear gas shipments from the united states to anywhere in the world must be approved by the u.s. government the three big american tear gas manufacturers nonlethal technologies defense technology and combined systems inc have reportedly exported tear gas to dozens of nations rocked by widespread protests including egypt bahrain tunisia and yemen and now as the uprisings in turkey grow more dangerous by the day dozens of octopus have taken to the streets in new york city rallying across from the turkish
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consulate to condemn what they call the government's brutal and deplorable use of tear gas against its own citizens they are not zeus for protesting are and are pro cycling are humans they are not no use for destroying our human who's just us can charge their regions treating all streets with problems that they're using to expire since two thousand for their pictures over there is evidence of that is a problem every day they're using gerson worse worse and worse chemicals american activists also know what it feels like to be targeted with so-called crowd control technology tear gas. canisters were widely used against protesters participating in the occupy wall street movement and experts say that the corporations manufacturing those technologies are profiting at home and abroad by assisting governments around the world that aim to repress freedom of speech and democratic movements of reading
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from new york marina fortnight r.t. . he was a one of those gassed by police in the tuckers capital ankara he explained exactly how it feels to be targeted by the heavy hand of the authorities i am one of the most that has been exposed as i did gas and water cannon it reduced my weakness and caused crying and sneezing and says i have asked too much during the event i had multiple severe assem x.x. and i can say that may improve booker is police and government the arch hired over schooling government corrupt media we don't have any freedom of speech tax seem this matter has become a matter of more than just a the bunch of trees this is a protest against ignore it can tell day that hurts its own people they cannot scare us we do not do any harm to anyone or anything. but however trouble gears
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such as government the police officer holds us and shows us that we heard every word without any reason that's we cannot accept that. and it's not just. that online activity could also get you in trouble in britain as well. you could be arrested for twitter posts in the u.k. it's british police turn their attention to abuse posted on social networks. but now the lower house of the u.s. congress has voted against closing guantanamo bay blocking the use of taxpayer money to house any detainees transferred from the prison hunger strike at the facility now into its fourth month and some long suffering relatives of the inmates
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from yemen and skeptical they'll ever see their loved ones again despite obama's promises to send them home. that one such. now some might argue there's not all that much difference between the physical torture that many prisoners on the go in one town of know and the emotional toll meant their relatives are forced to deal with at home like the family of abdurahman ash taxi a yemeni terrorist suspects held at the controversial detention center since two thousand and two after his arrest the whole family was accused of links to terrorists only and now we have them america's support for human rights is merely a show it only cares about its own people well it destroys the rights of all others who have been suffering for thirteen years now. and yemen president obama's recent promise to lift restrictions off get detainees specifically from the country was greeted with nothing but sneers. weird start of these nonstop lies
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a bum remembers about guantanamo only during election campaigns and on holidays he promised to shut it down several times and to forward their cases to their home countries these are allies meanwhile back in one town away itself as the thirty yemeni prisoners wait for the u.s. president's promises to come true the full month long hunger strike against their indefinite detention continues prisoners have been demanding for nonmilitary doctors to be allowed to treat them nearly forty out of more than one hundred protesters are reportedly being force fed something they claim is torture in itself they are close enough to death that the military sees a need to force feed them none of them enjoy being force fed i can tell you that and they have described being force fed in such terms of having a knife running down their throat. back in yemen the relatives all say they aren't
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going to believe another word from president obama until they see their sons brothers and husbands finally return home that the love that a militia while the no more than this family's case is merely one of several dozen where people can only suffer and cry helplessly inside their homes but hope dies last. hey jim r t son yemen. wider still to come here on our truth on the stand the trial of the whistle blow up bradley manning approaching its day many believe the high profile proceedings are merely part of an overall plan to get wiki leaks founder julian assange. and jumping. not to be is about to join the single currency by the financial rocking europe a more just ahead for you. speak
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your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the will talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing
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story for you. in troy. visit. live in the russian capital t. at least forty five people have been hugged and metro fire at the number likely to . rise and dozens were treated for smoke inhalation and seven taken to hospital emergency services say that no one is now left affected in the area thousands of evacuated for trains stranded in the underground tunnels near hockney riyadh on the red line of the fire broke out during the morning rush hour causing a jam of surrounding stations were shut down as safety precautions commuters are being urged not to use the metro is thought that a cable may have caught fire due to technical problems more details on the moscow
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metro fire at r.t. dot com right now. and for the meantime a british twitter users now have to watch what they post with social media being scrutinized by police in a number of investigations offensive or abusive posts and comments have led to arrests all across the country activists are worried the war is becoming too zealous about hunting down tweeting trolls r t correspondent sara further investigates we trust our officers with a baton we trust some of the senior spree and yet for some reason we can't trust them with a twitter account in the wake of the recent will it murder a number of arrests were made across the country after police responded to tweets it was the latest clear sign that police were placing seychelle media in a way they never have before twitter might be need police territory but their actions tread a fine line already some unfamiliar with the legal ramifications of their tweets felt the full bulls. one notable example came after
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a tweet to footballer james mcclean joining in online anger at the footballers decision not to wear a remembrance day pompey katie aiden look eat. he deserves to be shot dead alongside a picture of bullets two weeks later and he was arrested by manchester police do you feel like you crossed the line looking back on their. history. often here is the time i think i ought. to consequences they katie's cases since being dropped it's easy to see the cyber threats can cause real fear and often is deserving of punishment but other cases have ranged from the confusing to the downright ludicrous and think it's obtained by artesia a steadily rising number of prosecutions in person under the communications act two
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thousand and three including phone calls emails and social media pastes i think the fundamental problem is that there is over policing in that the police have been recent times far too willing to take seriously all complaints and investigate them instead of using common sense new guidelines set to be made final by the criminal prosecution service in the coming weeks but with the explosion of social media leaving british little fighting to catch up many in the legal profession a warning that social media yeezus now need to tread very carefully i mean it is very deeply concerning i think legal perspective and i guess it would be interesting to see your advice to people that actually even though it's a case of say some of the say things when it comes to say show me that it is such a bad thing they say well i'm afraid that simply isn't and i think for me the responsible and your right to. that's never been for.
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the advice to be extremely tough for you to. surf the. london. bradley manning did not hand over classified u.s. documents to wiki leaks with the goal of aiding the enemy day two of his trial now that was the testimony of the convicted hacker who actually handed him in here at r.t. we spoke to jesselyn radack another whistleblower she thinks the government's ultimate goal is to get their hands on wiki leaks founder julian assange. bradley manning very much is being politically used as a way to try to reach asuncion there had been rumors of secret indictments on julian assange here in the united states so the extent that this government has way over charged way over prosecuted and is going after manning you know as if he was a devil incarnate speaks volumes to not only making an example out of manning but
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also the vitriol and contempt that they have against julian assange and wiki leaks even though bradley manning has testified that he didn't know with whom he was dialoguing on the other and it could have been a song during the anybody had no reason to think that it was a sign he was not he didn't understand it to be a saw and she thought it was someone from wiki leaks i think the government very much wants him to say that he was dialoging with julian assange in order to try to go after julian assigns. you radley mining campaign in support of the hounded whistle blowers with a few a list celebrities offering their support. for the full story who's taking part in it as well. and while you're online this hour check this out as well in the u.s. everything sells secrets from b.
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israeli military america unveiled every time he screwed one of its allies top secret facilities on a federal business opportunities website. on our web site also we told. you the secret laboratory kirby it was easy to believe the most sophisticated. doesn't do anything to him. mission to teach me. why you should.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the global financial headlines kaiser reports. download. stream quality and enjoy favorites. if you're away. you can watch on t.v. any time anywhere. in the world. legal experts say that pakistan is now in a great position to negotiate and to u.s.
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drone strikes in tribal areas that's after the high court declared the operations of violation of the country's. human rights. we spoke to. he's one of the lawyers are representing victims against america he told us about some of the problems with the. and obama often says that it only kills milligan and doesn't kill civilians but he feels to give names and identities of those who have been killed in these are strikes in pakistan now according to independent sources more than three thousand people have been killed in busiest on in pakistan but not a single name has been given by a president obama or the cia which is carrying all the strikes what we hear from news reports is just a few names of militant leaders who have been killed president obama's tall sure that he is killing militants and he has not killed any civilian then he has to give the names and details of all those militants who he has killed because for
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a pakistani i would be happy in a sense that if you have killed all those people who are creating all this terror in my cities if you have killed all these people who were here let you go probably for your why lucian of floor but at least i will be happy that you are making me see what the question here is that who are you killing. and you can watch that entire conversation by are tuning in to watch he had eight hundred forty five g.m.c. . into the wall that they now starting with the syrian government which has regained control of the city of course that's near the lebanese border a crucial supply route for both sides in the civil conflict the area has suffered fierce battles between rebels on the president's forces backed by hezbollah fighters for over two weeks meanwhile the military chief of the syrian opposition has evolved to fight has fallen militants inside lebanon if they're not supported
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stopped rather from supporting the government in damascus. the deadly floods which have been lashing central europe are now centered on germany as rain continues to cause rivers to burst their banks chancellor angela merkel two of the regions devastated by the deluge she's a valid one hundred million euros in aid to the victims of the worst flooding in a decade since the weekend the waters of caused at least twelve deaths and forced thousands to flee their homes water levels in the czech republic have now started to fall while hungary remains on alert latvia is about to get the green light to become the eighteenth member of the euro zone the baltic countries likely to join the single currency in january next year a decade after it joined the e.u. but with europe still struggling massively to dig itself out of debt many believe last year is jumping on to a sinking ship. pilbeam explains. latvia will be officially
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swapping their last figure to adopt the single currency i love here reduced its budget deficit to blow the e.u. ceiling of three percent of g.d.p. last year which is actually an achievement considering latvia underwent one of europe's toughest austerity programs after the two thousand and eight crisis actually wiped off a fifth of its g.d.p. so now that the latin economy is back on track we'll enter the euro zone the rail it's recovery will this take a look at the current members that are actually at risk of exiting the euro zone now we've got slovenia they actually adopted figure in two thousand and four now this is actually the latest country in financial trouble and how public debt has more than doubled from twenty two percent of g.d.p. in two thousand and eight to almost fifty five percent in twenty twelve just as a cyprus really the recent banking crisis did little to enrich their economy just sixty six percent of public debt to g.d.p.
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as for greece right here one hundred eighty nine percent that's actually nearly double of their actual. piece a quite phenomenal really if we actually take a look at a few countries that don't have the year i will be able to see that figure really isn't crucial to having a healthy economy as you can see just they're not bothered to read it so it's probably no wonder looking at the figure lot of years urgency is actually being questioned right now. it is hard to hear the monetary policy which is suitable for germany and that means that once the direction of the interest rates changes from the current very low to the historical averages and they were beyond their most likely going to suffer a significant contraction the mystic investment for example these are slovenia greece cyprus or to go and all the rest of the peripheral europe. in terms of the future instability in the euro valuations and in terms of the interest rates there . means for countries like lochley who have to have certainty in planning in terms
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of the longer term investments especially infrastructural investment simply future that will present significant problems and significant costs is also another issue that latvia will need to consider now since still favorites cyprus hit the infamous banking crisis of course funds about she been flowing towards latvia she strengthening the small baltic states position as a tool by consensus but once a country adopts a euro the european ministers were as you have far more control over the country's bank he rolls and as a consequence dreams of becoming a tax haven might be all you've up along with a lot so five days of historic protests in turkey on the prime minister ducks out of town for a few days what is going on in that country is all of l. and has crossed all guests but all of that and the cross has just about all that.
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technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future covered. please please.
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please say. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm good rule of zero turkey in turmoil a sudden upsurge in intensity of protest against the turkish government has caught many by surprise critically prime minister ever gone are we witnessing still another arab spring play out or is it more simple than that is it all about aragon his politics and political style. protests in turkey i'm joined by along ben mayer in washington he's a senior fellow at new.


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