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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  June 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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for your media projects. though i'm chum are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. according to a public health officials a new virus spreading through the middle east in europe is possibly a threat to the entire world what should you know about a disease some are calling the new sars last dr anthony fauci of the national institutes of health in just a moment also for people who supposedly hate the government tea partiers love their subsidies certain justification for their use of taxpayer money or are they just hypocrites to talk about that and more into nights alone liberal rumble and with the passing of frank lautenberg america has lost more than a man it's lost a world view i'll tell you why tonight steely take.
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you need to know this we could be witnessing the start of a new global plague in our closing remarks at the end you a world health assembly held last month in geneva switzerland world health organization chief margaret chan warned that the middle east respiratory corona virus commonly known as mergers c o v represents a threat to the entire world or phrase the virus has killed thirty people since september two thousand and twelve and is already drawing comparisons to the two thousand and two two thousand and three sars outbreak that resulted in the deaths of seven hundred seventy five people worldwide although the mers originated in the arabian peninsula it has now spread to europe just this past week it officials confirmed that three italian citizens had contracted. disease public health
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officials are scrambling to find out how the virus spreads but so far they've had no luck so what should we know about the mers virus and what are people doing what are officials doing to prevent the worst possible scenario a global pandemic is talk with dr anthony fauci director of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases of the national institutes of health dr welcome good to be here program. first of all murders coronavirus my recollection of coronaviruses is that's the same family as the common cold it is it is so is murders and that was thus the the variable of this of sars is mers similar in that regard mers is a corona virus and sars was a corona virus also the mers virus we're seeing now in the middle east is definitely different than sars but it is of the broad a class of corona virus but it's clearly different it resembles interesting really very much from its molecular fingerprint it resembles the kind of corona virus you
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see in back which brings up the issue is since we don't know where this is a regionally coming from is that bats infecting people in the middle east or is there an intermediary host who are a bat would infect a mammal for example and exposure to a mammal would get those fifty plus people who were infected to actually have gotten infected that way but we still don't know how it's been transmitted with sars didn't we learn that originally the host was some sort of cat that well it's interesting we thought it was the civet cats if and then what happened is that when they finally trace that it was the bat who infected the civet cat and this cap which was used as a ceremonial festive food was then the contaminated people got got infected should we be concerned about murders or does this seem to be self limiting well it's we don't know where it's going so i think there should be caution attention and starting to respond to what i know there was the comment that it's a threat to the whole world. it really depends on what you mean by
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a threat because some people interpret the word threat as imminent doom that's not what we're talking about now we're talking about a disturbing situation where you have a virus that we don't know the source limited though it may be we know two things about it it doesn't easily transmitted from person to person but there have been a group of clusters about six of them in which a person got infected in the middle east we don't know how and then very close family members people who are immediate members of the family children or parents and then some health workers in saudi arabia health clinics and hospitals have gotten infected but if you test the people who come into the casual contact like you and i talking right now those people have not got infected the bad news is that we don't fully understand it somewhat comforting news is that at this point it isn't readily transmissible from person to person but virus is a tricky they can mutate and get more easy to transmit the way sars did and that's the third bad news because a common cold is
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a great example of exactly all these all these rhinoviruses where. i understand that they were looking gestation period of about a week and a half weeks. can you speak to the relationship between gestational time and very soon an epidemic the typically the longer the gestation the more very alert it is because the more it spreads before it sure if it's lethal before it kills people that depends on when someone is shedding virus because of let's say i get infected now and it takes me twelve days or so to get sick the problem would be if i start shedding virus a couple of days before i actually get sick like with the flu. or a day or two out of about a day or so that's the trick it doesn't really matter how long the incubation period is what's that window of shedding virus when you don't feel sick but that window is we don't know we don't we really don't know we don't know that and there's a lot to be learned about this right now. you know it was mentioned in the piece
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that it is now been seen in europe those cases essentially all the originated in the middle east came to germany france the u.k. tunisia and now italy they were infected originally in the middle east but what happened is that there was some clusters for example in france and in the u.k. where individuals got infected from a close contact like a mother or father or grandfather. and and so with sars my recollection is that there was literally an elevator button in an elevator in china that touched it and that became a point of contact this is apparently not that. big difference that people need to understand that sars it was a classic textbook case of epidemiology it was a single hotel in hong kong where about one thousand people stayed and it was literally transmitted very very lazy and that's when it really went out that's not
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what we're seeing with mers but as public health officials we've got to realize that we need to be vigilant about it because viruses tend to mutate and they could easily die away completely the way saudis did or spread more and that's the reason why the w.h.o. in our own cd see keeping a really close look at it we have just a half and there was a piece in the new york times over the weekend about how pharmaceutical companies are being paid millions by the government to come up with antibiotics for resistant bacteria are we funding appropriately research for things like mers we are in fact we made a very quickly a candidate vaccine for sars and we're going to start thinking about not thinking we're actually doing it right now we're making an animal model to determine if there are drugs that we already have on the shelf that can be used to treat these people because there's about a sixty percent mortality so already this diagnostics drug development and thinking in terms about getting a vaccine as the genome. oh yeah that's easy to do that you can do that you used to
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take a year to do that you can do it in a day now. dr anthony fauci thank you real pleasure so much for being here. although dangerous superbugs are a clear and present threat to public health the federal government actually has to bribe drug companies to fight them the new york times reported this weekend that the health and human services department last month announced an agreement under which it will pay forty million dollars to major drug maker glaxo smith kline to help develop medications to combat added biologic resistance and biological agents that terrorists might use under the plan the federal government could give the drug company as much as two hundred million dollars over the next five years in other words the are indeed apartments the big pharmaceutical companies are too busy tweaking their most recent versions of prozac and by agra to keep them in patent to worry about researching cures for diseases that could kill thousands capitalism works great if you're trying to make money when your goal is to protect the commons
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to save lives it's not enough that's why we created our government to step in to find the commons and protect the interests of the public at big pharma is unwilling to develop lifesaving drugs because those drugs are less profitable than only the government has the obligation and the ability to incentivize them to do so let's rebel. and joining me from. mccabe editor of the guns and patriots newsletter and horace cooper a conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research gentlemen welcome back good to be with you have both of you here with us you heard my rant about government funding you probably both read the article the new york times the drug companies are having to be basically bribed to come up with solutions for this. multi-drug resistant bacterial probably have several drugs. several bacteria now that are multi-drug
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resistant and for which there is no or few responses doesn't this demonstrate the necessity of federal funding of medical research i know by half of all drugs now are funded by with our tax dollars the national institutes of mental health and three universities but don't we need to be doing more you know i think that you know these up until the point where the government was involved in medicine you know cures and things like that would come people would come up with them on their own. i understand it's always been i understand your point about having direct focused government involvement especially for sort of these orphan disease situations the problem is everything that the government touches becomes corrupt bloated and inefficient that's not true i would actually there's absolutely no true i don't work there as i know it's out of things that the government does just fine thank you very much like a lot of things like you'd like labor to the corporate america does like our health insurance companies that become loaded corrupt and inefficient all those fail they
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go to they tend not to fail actually they tend to buy members of congress and get their subsidies so that people like stephen. that can take hours and hours because they own big government because the supreme court gave them the ability to do this is what you might also have you know you were doing here is this the head of the of the supreme court case but government is not inherently bad george washington and not have three horses shot out from underneath him and nearly die and start something that was bad planning sorry i'm not going to be anti-american with you guys who want to be on day as i get every minute when you were imposed on the road you're going to hate america all you want i'm not going to i mean i think that this guy i want you to show me you know exactly liberation oil independence where all of your dreams of the progressive vision of big government come from not one single one of life and liberty and the pursuit of happyness none of that was and was directed or interpreted or understood to mean the government's going to be doing drug research or all company research or any of these. as you know over
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a series of programs in the space program was never mentioned the declaration acceleration is an infant it's not a governing again i don't know how i'm going you want to cite here but you know what the founders you're not you guys i found a solution you hate the founders it's i think i but that's a that's a horrible things as terrible as you guys undermine them you criticize them you talk about them you come close consistently derived anybody say to the earth tonight is a joke for us anybody who regularly watch this program knows that what you're saying but i'm i'm i'm very sympathetic with your goals and i understand the problem the but i have to trust that there are that there are civil minded publicly spirited scientists and public health people in the health industry or are as a problem is who we want as on their own sure but i don't i don't see love of fellow man for corporations are being told add a little hydroxyl group to that by a group pill so that we can extend the patent for another ten years and make another billion bucks while i am against i really against copy of the copyright
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back join me for drives along horoscope for and. guys let's get to it oh tom before used before you go on i notice you're missing a but yes this but i'm very clever. i fell for it there are a. very funny that stand and fight against the n.r.a. that's easy that's a good. speaking. the n.r.a. and their fellow travelers during the i.r.s. hearings yesterday washington state congressman jim mcdermott is a good guy psychiatrist but very smart reminded the leaders of the tea party groups that as a one see fours there and in the course of asking for five one c four status basically what they're asking for is a tax break a subsidy areas. i'd like to remind everyone what we're talking about here none of your organizations were kept from organizing or silence we're talking
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about whether or not the american taxpayers will subsidize your were we're talking about a tax break if you didn't call me to ask for this tax break. you would have never had a question to ask of you you could go so the question is pretty simple if tea partiers you know who hate the government so much why are they asking for government handouts where it's ok only you progressives believe that keeping your own money is considered getting a handout from the federal government our system going back to the founders again one of the things that tocqueville noted when he came to our country was that we modeled ourselves on these voluntary tax exempt associations with it was hospitals whether it was a schools all kinds of things in the eighteen thirty eight hundred thirty six when the talk that was here is published in thirty eight yes we were not collecting taxes from individuals all of our taxes were were terrorists as you know they were
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tax they were from interstate this and the principal now it was tax exempt there was no such thing as tax exemption there was no i.r.s. there was told there was going to mean that i have read democracy in america he doesn't reference i will not sit here and let you trash to tocqueville. so and so why neil explain to me why if you guys a government so much do you want government handouts why did you want to write off and why do you want us to leave why is your need to pay to subsidize. when i your tea party when i assume you're going to talk about mcdermott tonight i thought you were going to talk about the fact that he's the guy who secretly taped newt gingrich and got a new guy image busted for illegal conduct why don't i do a ye illegally tape the speaker of the house why don't you let you use it if it was a family and for that rainy day i want to at least skinner it was a big no no he did really was a family ok i was a samurai. so he was your coconspirator but you know i did a fundraiser for him to pay his legal fees bill clinton and i did not and so you
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know i had a social milieu early with ok the tax code was set up too because these are organizations that will function as non-profits and they just wanted to create a vehicle for them to function in that status these are not these tea party organizations are not for profit corporations or companies so they are has to be some way for them to function without their revenues being tacked their donations being taxed as if they were sales and profit as if they were a company you know the words you think that what they're doing is so important that we should all subsidize and back a study back to the total lie back to the total by the subsidy what is the subsidy there nonprofits all know for their all the way back to the earliest start of our country there were institutions like the catholic church and other religious organizations that predated me when our country that we understood were not going to be taxed not taxed at any level in the cut the deal with the church is to give
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them tax exempt you and you mis understand the law on so many fronts the issue is that the courts were very likely to simply rule you couldn't tax them because of the first amendment and that was the practice that we have had for oath because the deal was that if you brought i could taste today if you brought it back can say until now into late hundred thirty was exhausted with lincoln and these are the party this is a great example of a tea party. that for months and months couldn't get approved they got frustrated there to they change their name to greenhouse solutions and they were approved within a matter of weeks and so obviously these guys are targeted every time the i.r.s. was asked repeatedly are you targeting are you targeting are you targeting say said no no no these social welfare work that is being done by an organization that hangs there goes out and puts out door hangers and says vote for romney what is social
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welfare about you know what to do that one of the groups that testified before congress yesterday that's what they did they spent nine thousand dollars which is most of their budget on that. day but i'm not convinced that that speech should even be regulated at all. one time already and i don't think i paying for their police and fire protection if they're americans you have to pay for their police and fire anyway you're going to just let them burn to the ground no but they're not and for most of it if we're going to actually engage is an unlawful political activity their status can be revoked that's not the issue the issue was that these groups were selected up front and in fact there was a dozen or more groups that are suing precisely because the three year period that the i.r.s. gives you to operate even without notice as an as a nonprofit entity lapsed and they are no longer able to engage in those activities because without that status the people who give them fons are doing so illegally
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sourced makes a good point because they they deliberately withheld denial because if you deny the groups then they had the opportunity to appeal right with no denial there just in that limbo with the clock running to the. start of the profits and where you targeted by the i.r.s. and you know who knows it took a year and a half for them to approve it. and this was a community for abused kids in a school and some of the media matters on the other hand which is just a progressive mouthpiece to promote their agenda how come. that is tax exempt complaint and i guess what i'm asking you oh i believe i don't think you know i don't think any of these groups movement have the right to i don't think that any of these groups that are engaged in politics should be taxes period i think that the we're going to the i.r.s. code as a prop you have to. be doing social welfare well if you don't want to have a problem but i just do what every small business in america does a cure all yourself at the end of the year at what we are right like it was a hollywood movie or p.b.s. station for
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a small business short or let me. be the code but it's not it actually is the law is just not the i.r.s. regulations and you know there's a difference between there is a difference but that's not unfortunately ok now the filibuster fight is starting to heat up this is getting really interesting harry reid says the remarks he had said that he was you know maybe going to blow up well let me let me back up a little bit here we've got these three empty seats on the d.c. circuit court and before important court before what's his name. you know they've given wall learned soon enough before he was appointed you had a forty three republican majority and this is the court that hears e.p.a. and labor department and everything else and so it's been basically in republican hands for years and the republicans have been filibustering approvals through the senate so now obama says ok i'm going to send three people down there they're relatively noncontroversial nominees and the republicans have to decide whether they're going to filibuster these guys and if they don't read as threatening
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a half nuclear option in other words we're not going to we're not going to do the nuclear option for legislation will still let that be filibustered but when it comes to open nominees like these three people were going to say we're going to take the senate rules to get these judges on we're going to break the senate rules and go with what the constitution says what senate made its own rule what republican is called the constitutional option but that when you guys were considering doing it and we're still we're still. we're still paying for what it was all about bill frist called the cost it was. orrible and it was so so do you do you guys honestly think a the g.o.p. should be should be filibustering these nominees or be that maybe it's a reasonable thing to say that you know we're going to change the senate rules so it's always opposed to advise and consent there's no two thirds requirement or a supermajority i think we're probably going to continue to keep democracy type judges bullet said we just you just said that obama chose probably not an ideological simply saying we don't live in a democracy we live in
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a republic precisely democracies are terrified of it has no gauge for one of those non political facts for every day obviously what he thinks is moderate is not ok so are the entire republic i've got a i've got a difference here i've got no problem with the senate changing its rules i think that they have the right to have a sixty vote if they want to fifty vote i'm fine with it i just actually think that reid is not going to go forward with this not even a small atomic option because he doesn't want to live under those rules when he's in the minority in that he has got to want to he's got twenty guys inside go by now that if mitch mcconnell becomes a majority leader he's going to change the rules are set up so i've heard righteously so that is that we disagree on this but the truth of the matter is these leaders here already said they were going to do it you know the problem with the problems with reid is that he just wants mcconnell to fail and he wants mcconnell to lose an election it's mcconnell who said that his entire job is to make obama fail i don't like where you're being this idea that he is saying oh my
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god you know what you're absolutely off you know. disorientation a new a.c.l.u. study has found let's talk about the. new a.c.l.u. is going to has found that on average this is this is actually pretty horrific horrific stuff on average an african-american is three point seven three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than a white person even though blacks and whites use marijuana at similar rates i actually thought whites used we used more right here in the nation's capital to study study found i think i think whites do is just. so i want to believe it and in fact all drugs i don't remember right here he. as my mother used to say back in the sixty's you should have just said no. right here in the nation's capital a study found that quote of marijuana possession arrests in the district of columbia a staggering ninety one percent were blacks blacks in the district of columbia were eight point five point eight point zero five percent more like it is going to be a hundred five percent more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana
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possession take a look at this graph here showing arrest rates over a ten year period between two thousand and one and two thousand and ten and which is the red the red is the is white. and black of f. in america and it's in the queue behind you as well i mean this this tells me that not only is nixon's war on drugs insane and a failure and has spawned all these bizarre for profit industries like private prisons but also that it has it has a good chunk of racism associate what you want is a time to just say enough already we're going to you really want to hurt the african-american community you know we don't you would stop any effort by the government to keep out of the african-american community pot is not good for you pot is bad for you i disagree with that i actually think his medicine he works and i don't know but i mean ok what if there are people who just have forty five seconds what's your take on the ok first of all don't pick on the prison industry
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my brother works and he's a great american and i support everything lead us to police arrest which he could because he could get a race too when you talk about arrest records and also remember that men are eight to one more likely to be arrested than women and doesn't mean that the system is unfair again and that has to do with probably tossed testosterone that doesn't have to do with some some apparently the majority of crimes are committed by men that have the majority of the rest are done by the owner of the majority of my own. sewing to this statistical example of the article that you gave us was a person who said they found a seed in his car you don't get probable cause to pull a car over to get a scene you have to have an underlying crime and if you look at this document from the us census you see overwhelming evidence that young black men have a higher likelihood of committing crimes no and that's the reason why they get pulled over or as worse hooper thank you both for the.
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technology innovation all the developments from around. the future. he is he. is the p.c. . he. took to the. streets.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. in
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the rest of the rest of the news today marks the third day in the trial of wiki leaks source bradley manning u.s. government prosecutors opened the third day of that trial by calling to the witness stand manning's former supervisor at the army base where he once worked as an intelligence analyst and journalist showman it was called the stand to testify about manning state of mind with prosecutors hoping that she could help hammer home the point that manning was fully aware of his actions and the consequences that they could have meanwhile a video was released on the web yesterday that contains a host of celebrities rallying in support of bradley manning take a look. sort of served with a concert cd of the. sun credible things awful things that belong in the public announcements and servers stored in the dark room in washington d.c.
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what would you do with you to work with you but would you do. him privately very. breath remember i'm bradley bradley manning brothers that we are all around to leave. and now with joining me now for more on bradley manning and our government's case against him is pretty good daughter number of the parliament of iceland and founder and chair of the icelandic pirate party welcome it's great to talk to you again yeah great to meet you. thank you for being with with us first of what brought you to the united states. at this time. very many different things but primarily to carry on my support for bradley manning to be here when the trial started. but i was also speaking not the public banking or the public bank and used to a couple days ago or more it's
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a great group of what what message would you have to the american people as as a member of the islamic problem as an international observer with considerable credibility about bradley manning. well first of all i want people would hurt people to make sure that they know what he's being charged for and what he has pled guilty to do. and i would really urge people to have a look at some of the material that he gave the general public access to truly belong in the public domain and what he has done more than anybody now in our current times not only in the united states but globally is to raise awareness about the cult of culture of secrecy that has developed in our societies in our democracy is. impractical really here in the united states it has become so massive that nobody knows any more what should be sequel there much should be public so he
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has managed to with his actions bring a very important issue to the agenda because we can hold our government accountable if we don't know what they're doing so it's also very important that we remember that he has already been in prison for three years. one knows that the year was under conditions that the u.n. commission on torture has declared torture and also amnesty international. so i feel that he has been punished enough and i think it is very troubling that the u.s. government has decided to carry on with all the charges including trying to. to. charge him for aiding the enemy which is in my opinion absolutely absurd so i think enough is enough he is pled guilty to ten counts that could actually put him into prison for twenty years which i think is also absurd but enough is enough so make
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yourselves aware of what bradley manning did for you as you travel around the world and and talk with people around the world what. your brother manning has a fairly high profile here in the united states how is he seen how how is he thought of in other countries and to what x. is this is this used as a metaphor for the for america and the direction that our government has gone. well bred in manners case has been kind of sidor to be. a testimony on how backwards the united states has actually become in relation to whistleblowers there are of course many more cases that have been deeply troubling for people that follow closely what is going on within the united states it seems to be going backwards and the only way i can often describe the united states and its
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development. is to compare it to china. because the situation there is very disturbing as well so most people that i speak to and follow very closely as well in europe and elsewhere is they consider what bradley manning did was actually to. open up a world that we all knew existed but we now have an impact that is enabled us those of us that work on many different fronts in relation to human rights and for more open democracies. many feel that he has actually been a catalyst for many of the changes in our world in the last couple of years and most people i talk to think that what he did was heroic bradley manning had information you know there's this infamous video of us or top helicopter gunship
10:36 pm
actually killing a couple of reporters photographers he had in his possession evidence of an american war crime and he was an american soldier. probably long preceding the nurnberg trial tribunals but certainly out of you know any kind of doctrine that came out of that isn't there an obligation that a member of a military has when they have evidence of their government committing war crimes for them to bring that information forward. i would have thought so and one of the slogans i think are important for people to bear in mind this blown the whistle and work crimes is not a crime and it doesn't matter where you witness a crime i at least have been raised if i witness a crime to report it and doesn't matter if it's in the military or if it's you know as a nurse or politician or whatever so what i find to be troubling about the
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video in particular because i help with this video to help bring it out to the general public and have my name on it as a co-producer what i find to be so deeply disturbing is that no one has been held accountable for what happened in this video except the person that released it will help to release it to the world to see because let's bear in mind that it was not on the united states that went into this illegal war in iraq many other countries participated including my own country. put its name on the coalition of the willing against the will. if i send this remarkable. daughter thank you so much for being. my plaster not just one iris people could go and witness the trial if there is still plenty of seats for people to to go and see if the witness the trial. bradley manning there is much to learn from it thank you from. my pleasure in other news
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when obamacare first became law there was a huge outcry on the right but obamacare is drastic costs would be the end of small business in america but as it turns out obamacare is actually helping small businesses yesterday small businesses in california learned that too about state's largest insurers will have to give them more than thirty six million dollars in insurance rebates because of an obamacare consumer protection clause so the health law forces insurers to spend at least eighty percent of the premiums they charge on pain for actual medical services rather than administrative overhead or profits now blue shield of california will be forced to pay back twenty four and a half million dollars in rebates while anthem blue cross why pay back of the twelve million so it's not time republican stop complaining about obamacare and accepted the fact that it's good for small business and america as a whole let's ask david alaska director of communications with the new york
10:39 pm
republican state committee david welcome. thank you tom happy to be here with you thanks for joining us small business is a gala for her getting a pile of money back we're seeing the first exchanges have been rolled out in connecticut and california and they both showed that once we have transparent competition between companies prices drop isn't romney obama romney care are turning out to be a good thing. no it isn't and you know look i'm happy that some small businesses in california got an unexpected windfall that's a nice thing but the truth is according to the data released by the executive director of california's own insurance exchange program health insurance premiums for. individuals purchasing on the individual market are actually rising by between sixty four and one hundred forty six percent think about that so yes some small businesses are getting a little bit of a break on the exchange but individuals are getting hammered if you're a twenty five year old nonsmoking male which by the way i am and you happen to live in california which thankfully i don't you're insured median premium is going up
10:40 pm
from ninety two to one hundred eighty four dollars it's literally doubling overnight because of the obamacare exchange and if you're low income you get you get a subsidy that covers most right if you're right if you're low income you get a subsidy if you're middle income or upper income and you don't have insurance and earlier. you got what you always there is a middle ground between the very very small portion of people who are getting subsidies from the federal government and that large you know that large large middle class that's going to be able to take advantage of that we have the most expensive health care system in the world almost two to one over anybody else and yet we're producing some of the worst results in the world of the o.e.c.d. the thirty four countries in the o.e.c.d. we're consistently in twenty fourth twenty twenty eight and that's and that's the tragedy of this bill and i'm not the president had a historic opportunity to address health care costs and he didn't he only addressed coverage now according to the association of the society of actuaries which is the
10:41 pm
needing the nation's leading group of risk assessment individuals the actual cost of medical claims is going to increase thirty two percent nationwide sixty two percent in california the example we're talking about before twenty percent in florida sixty seven percent and then we're going to be have totally arrived and i don't even know player health. care and no no because that that won't get it done either all. calling for a market based reforms and tort reform to allow for less insurance or lower insurance costs for haas as a theme for the costs of health insurance absolutely nothing taxes did that there he said if you if you get a million dollar injury and you're paralyzed for the rest of your life all you can ever do. in a lawsuit is a quarter million dollars they screwed their damaged people didn't do any good but i did see it was steven helmsley he got a guy who's the c.e.o. united healthcare taking over a billion dollars dollar bill mcguire the guy before him took over one point six billion dollars is this insane system let me let me grant you for
10:42 pm
a moment on the premise that there is a point at which profits become unacceptable who decides that twenty percent is all that a large health insurance company can spend on salaries on research on marketing on all of their overhead not to mention it's a dirty word i know but not to mention profit why is it that twenty percent threshold it's totally arbitrary and you used you use no you know. how to care ok let's go to the internet how do. you use the example of a of answer of anthem insurance out in california they spent seventy nine point three percent of their total revenue last year on patient care it was point seven percent higher they would have been spared from this i totally random and. i'm really sorry we've run out of time but david david lask thanks so much for dropping by thanks to. the civilized world produces more foods that. people die of hunger in other
10:43 pm
countries. millions of victims every. where in these little is the most trying. to claim. that it was a bad year without a train. we couldn't find anything. there was great there. was that the pope comes to the region with good intentions. diplomacy and business.
10:44 pm
according to a new government report the economic impact of global warming is even worse than we
10:45 pm
thought the report put together by a white house task force charged with estimating the social costs of carbon in accordance with executive order one two eight six six corrected the findings of previous studies as defined by economic report of the president the social cost of carbon or a c c is a measurement which combines information on health property damage agricultural impacts the value of ecosystem services and other welfare costs of climate change and then turns that data into a monetized dollar figure representing the price of carbon output per metric ton this year study raise the social cost of carbon. from twenty one dollars to thirty five dollars a metric mainly because of new research on the long term impact of rising sea levels the new estimate will be the standard measurement for all regulations put forth by federal agencies like the e.p.a. other studies however have placed the social cost of carbon even higher at almost
10:46 pm
two hundred sixty six dollars per tonne the transition to renewables may not always be easy but it is necessary and despite what republicans say the cost to our economy and our society are very real the white house report confirms that we need to start investing in clean technologies like solar and wind before the social costs of carbon and the chances of a global extinction event climb even higher. just . it's the good the bad of the very very obvious tests and really ugly the good connecticut legislature on monday that not make state became the first state in the country to approve mandatory labeling for g.m.o. foods the state legislature passed the bill by
10:47 pm
a vote of one hundred thirty four to three and democratic governor dannel malloy is expected to sign all the alaska approved a bill requiring the labeling of genetically modified seafood back in two thousand and five connecticut is the only state so far to require g.m.o. labeling for the food industry writ large for all from a law will not take effect until four other states as similar legislation it sends a strong message to big agro companies like monsanto that the american people are waking up to what's going on with their food good work connecticut justice brandeis was right the states are truly the laboratories of democracy the bad senator saxby . chambliss during yesterday's hearing on the military's ongoing sexual assault crisis the georgia senator said that the government had to be careful how it tried to prevent rape because such incidents are the natural result of hormone levels so i'm not making this up seriously take a look. at your own troops that are committed to each of your services are anywhere
10:48 pm
from seven to twenty two or three g. . the level of the hormone level created by nature. of. the employees the possibility for these types of things are so we've got to be do we have here is there an irish. nose or sexual assault isn't some logical outgrowth of male sexuality it's a degrading violation of individual comments like that perpetuate the sort of rape culture that makes our military's assault crisis so difficult to solve the first place and the very very ugly. according to a lawsuit filed tuesday by a group of civil rights activists jones a judge for the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals has a problem with racial bias actually a huge problem an affidavit signed by the plaintiffs claim that she told the
10:49 pm
university of pennsylvania audience in february that racial groups like african-americans and hispanics are predisposed to crime and are prone to commit acts of violence she also reportedly claim that mexicans would prefer to be on death row in the united states than serving prison terms in other countries we can only hope that the accusations against jones are false because if they are true that means an american public official entrusted with objective reinforcing the law is doing her job under the influence of extreme prejudice and racism and that is very very.
10:50 pm
crazy the word billy goat bad boys police in china india have the rest of the trio of gross in connection with the recent surge in banda lism local authorities started noticing the delinquent farm animals a few weeks ago when the residents of the call neighborhood reported that a group of goats like those seen here were smashing vehicles and attacking shopkeepers but as one end of the times of india a coordinated assault on a police car crossed the line into official records of the incident wrote about twelve goats and dented the vehicle and climbed on top of a damaging the wipers and glass and sprach in the paint of the bonnet and the body after a lengthy chase officers eventually caught three of the gang who are now in custody shot i residents are happy that the horn bad boys have been taken in but the worldwide go community is reportedly outraged at what they're calling a gross example of anti farm animal by us protesters have been popping up across
10:51 pm
the globe take a look. so they're going to something. what do you know you're going to. be offended go to get a. british historian arnold. b. is sometimes attributed with a quote from the last man who remembers the horrors of the last great war dies the next great war becomes inevitable. new jersey democratic senator frank lautenberg was that last man. who passed away on monday at the age of eighty nine after five
10:52 pm
terms in the u.s. senate remembered the horrors of world war two he was the senate's oldest member and the last surviving veteran of that last great war but lott and byrd lived through far more than the horrors of the last great war he lived through the horrors of the republican great depression two born in one nine hundred twenty four a lot during what was then called the republican depression he witnessed horrible poverty extreme need and knew about the thousands of people who died from starvation all the result of low tax deregulation decades of republican policies in the one nine hundred twenty s. when wealth inequality hit levels never before seen in america he saw firsthand the crash of the american economy after a decade of republican deregulation of the banking industry and the stock markets he saw a twelve year olds working out everything from factory labor of to prostitution all with the implied or full blessing of the supreme court and three consecutive
10:53 pm
republican administrations he saw workers murdered for trying to unionize and grew up in a time when the biggest dangers associated with old age were freezing to death in the winter or dying of hunger related diseases witnessing these horrors lautenberg became a champion of the people he believed in investing in our nation's infrastructure and working for the economic and social well being of all americans not just the select few. undying commitment to social liberalism allowed an individual death doesn't signal some major and sudden change in our policies it's emblematic of our collective loss of memory of what really happened. in the one nine hundred twenty s. just as fox news is john stossel on the may thirtieth edition of fox and friends stossel made the mind boggling claim the no one star during the great depression. when people are needy you want them help but think about the depression that was before
10:54 pm
there was any welfare state. how many people starved no one. stossel of course was wrong thousands died from honor nationwide more thousands died from unsafe food and unsafe working conditions and workers had so little power but they were functionally the property of their employers had no other time in us history was the working class so under assault as in the decade of failed republican policies that created that republican great depression and now as the last of the people of senator lott and generation die off what is dying with. is the memory of the horrors of that time these memories are in turn place through an active effort by hard right wing groups to rewrite history and to teach our children that regulation is not necessary and then in fact regulations a very bad thing these groups with familiar sounding names who often pop up on
10:55 pm
n.p.r. and other media would like to take us back to the time when there was no minimum wage there were no worker protections when women and minorities had no rights in the workplace or in civil society and when most of the wealth of our nation was controlled by a very small number of very powerful men and even more powerful corporations. and since the reagan revolution they've had a lot of success in rewriting that history all over america organized labor is under attack republicans in washington are refusing to raise the minimum wage despite more and more americans living in poverty and right now the top one percent of americans has forty percent of all this nation's wealth and the boss. eighty percent of americans control just eleven percent of our nation's wealth the wealthiest four hundred individuals in america own more wealth than the bottom half of america over one hundred fifty million people. and all of the gains in income since reagan have gone to the very top while the middle class and the working poor
10:56 pm
have been wiped out these huge levels of inequality in america are thanks to years of reaganomics and bush nomics policies that are quite similar to the failed republican policies of the one nine hundred twenty s. that brought on the great crash in one thousand twenty nine. if we stay on our current path the unprecedented level of wealth inequality that was seen in the one nine hundred twenty s. will be nothing compared to that of today senator frank lautenberg tried repeatedly to warn us of the repeating mistakes of his parents' generation but we don't seem to be listening particularly well senator once one thing i have learned in my time in politics is that if one of the parties is a shameless the other party cannot afford to be spineless it's time for democrats and the rest of us to grow a spine and stop the takeover of our democracy and our society by the wealthy elite
10:57 pm
if we don't remember the lessons of the past that frank lautenberg literally lived through. get ready for a very rough economic ride over the next few years. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday june fifth twenty fifteen of course your comments send us your video questions for tomorrow night's your take my take segment just grab your phone or hop on your computer hit record and e-mail your video question to your take my take she mail dot com and don't forget democracy begins with you did act to. see. mission free accreditation free transport charges free. range and free risk free. to tide free.
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good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry i'm boring and washington d.c. let's get to today's headline. there's been a lot of economic data that was released today and a bit disappointing on the housing and unemployment front first the private payrolls company eighty he reported only one hundred thirty five thousand jobs were added in may it was expected one hundred seventy one caliph and then we learned that morgan's african nations were down the week over the week by eleven point five percent capping a four week downward trend in a related story a federal housing administration a stress test which was previously undisclosed.


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