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tv   Headline News  RT  June 6, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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no drone pakistan's new prime minister demands and to america's unmanned aerial attacks on pakistani soil and demanding respect for national sovereignty. protests police clashes in turkey leave a third person with under pressure prime minister blaming the rest on foreign agents. russians face trial on charges of mass disorder and violence against police at a rally before president putin was sworn in one year ago. moscow
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this is with me a welcome to the program let's shift gears and our attention right now to that of islamabad where pakistan's a newly elected prime minister wants an end to u.s. drone strikes in the country at the time on it was one of the first things he did on beginning an unparalleled nonconsecutive. the u.s. claims is a tux only target militants and activists say nearly a thousand innocent people have been killed and pakistan's high court has declared them illegal. and often met some of the victims of drone warfare. the locals call it in the skies in pakistan's northwest tribal region an american drone as seen from the ground it's become the weapon of choice in the u.s. war on terror and this is the damage it can wreak under president obama more than three hundred such strikes in pakistani soil against alleged al qaeda and taliban suspects. but ordinary civilians also pay
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a price this man is one of them i mean a lot was on his way to work at a mine near his village when a drone struck the area he lost his leg in the attack three other miners who were with them lost their lives we live in constant fear of another strike we are simple villagers who are stuck in a war that we didn't ask for it's a hopeless feeling to be death is above our heads all the time although the attack took place three years ago i mean a loss as the pain is still severe the sight of his injuries upsets his four children meanwhile depression anxiety and lingering fear have pushed him to take up tranquilizer pills and modify it in the same arrogance should be able to tell an ordinary person from a television leader what they should know who they're killing what did we do to deserve this. this isn't my ex any grown arctic it's a question echoed by next buff dar who lost part of his hearing his short term memory and nearly his foot. wave was so intense that this threw us out far from
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the place we were sleeping after several minutes there was another strike and killed many more people attorneys out of bar has sued both the u.s. and pakistan on behalf of the civilian victims he says they're the voiceless people of was years ston isolated by geography and politics simply call it a concentration camp that you have build a wall of. military and militants and behind that wall you keeping more than eight hundred thousand people who are not allowed to come out and no one from the rest of the country is allowed to go in and that's a kind of look tree which u.s. is using to use and test its drone program in many ways the epicenter of the cia's highly classified drone program is a black hole on the map a region of pakistan off limits to outsiders especially westerners now evidence of the drone strikes is almost impossible to get but these were smuggled to islamize bought from the tribal areas there are believed to be fragments of actual hellfire
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missiles retrieved from a war zone most americans never get to see fragments collected by nor but a local journalist who spent years documenting the civilian toll of drones especially on children disturbing images of the living and the dead for nor its personal. well but did you see him whenever my three year old daughter hears a plane she runs inside and won't sleep that night the children here have been traumatized by the drones the sound of a door banging shut is enough to terrify them. and that fear can turn to anger a new generation radicalized by the war by carrying out drone strikes killing innocent people who are not part of the conflict you just why didn't in the conflict you're giving a reason to people who were not part of the conflict to become part of the complete . course the skies meet me at the americans we are angry and want revenge they have destroyed our lives my parents my wife my children we all see america i will roast
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in iraq while promising to rein in their use the white house says drones are both legal and effective that's. all that's on. us. that's. when translated by defense that's cold comfort for the victims. r.t. pakistan. and the u.s. media meantime reporting that classified documents indicate that the cia did not always know who they were killing during these attacks in pakistan about one of every four drone casualties over a fourteen month period three years ago when labeled as other minutes and the agency picked its targets using specific behavior patterns prompting questions of whether or not these people were actually security threats in the first place and
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some former white house officials expressed worries that the cia's painted a picture of drone strikes success on ignoring mistakes when innocent people die chris woods from the bureau of investigative journalism he says the agency is reluctant to open up about its drone program. with so many civilians reported killed and yet the cia claiming that it's killed no more than fifty or sixty civilians i think there is a need for an open not only an open inquiry but also for the cia to share the information me as one who believes it's killed in places like pakistan president obama's speech the other week did seem to promise more openness but unfortunately we're not seeing signs of just yet in pakistan we now have an incoming government that's making absolutely clear to the united states that it does not want these drone strikes i don't think they're going to stall most of the strikes in pakistan these days are really not related to al qaida and to terrorist activities but
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really to the war across the border in afghanistan and the drone war has changed quite significantly ten years or so it's been running we see the united states talking about using drones in syria for example we have had colds from iraq and rwanda recently for the u.s. to use drones that so there's a concern among some that the u.s. will start to use these drones as an easy plank in the view of foreign policy. and the constant advances in unmanned aircraft technology are causing worries that the u.s. its repetition of extrajudicial killings of christophe haynes a call for a worldwide suspension of the building and use of the new after that is until the entire international community can develop concrete rules for its use he told us though about the increasing danger of drones deciding to attack without human monitoring supporting to say there's not a particular day we will be able to say we have fully autonomy this is merely an
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incremental process but there are real really very high levels of autonomy available and in full autonomy maybe the food in a few years it's important to emphasize the distinction between jones and legal arguments robots or laws says still so cool and with drones you have a human in the loop there's somebody sitting behind a computer and taking decision to pull the trigger with robots there is no human being in the computer that makes a decision these are both forms of unmanned vehicles human being in the vehicle. journey so control that you can be i think there's wide acceptance that drones in themselves only under or through. thick and we used in war in the same way that a plane and drop bombs from two thousand feet and with. the plane down these all of these you need with robots it's something completely different because you don't
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you need takes a decision it's for that reason many people feel like these things in themselves should be regarded as. still to come for you this hour here on our guantanamo bay going nowhere republicans in the united states call the infamous prison open by blocking the transfer of prisoners cleared for release you speak to the lower of one inmate who's been on a hunger strike over his detention without charge now for over four months. and the u.s. probe taking a swing at swiss bank secrecy just a bit later on r c a look at the clampdown on tax evasion and tax avoidance being embraced by global leaders. for now a sixth night running turkey witnessed a similar scene clashes leading to police unleashing their water cannons and tear gas on protesters the third fatality has now been confirmed in the unrest after a man died from head injuries in hospital activists when the police chiefs
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responsible for the. removed the officials to ban the use of tear gas protesters also want all those that have been detained released saying that could end the days of riots the turkish prime minister they were turning from a trip to north africa a bit later he will be expected to do something about the public discontent which is seen demands for him to reverse all of its policies but his arteries are going to go reports out of the one appears to be looking for scapegoats. there. plugs in tear gas turkey's going through a rough time right now who's to blame. there is a problem called twitter right now and you can find every kind of why there the thing that is called social media is the biggest trouble for society right now said prime minister. before dissing often african tour voices of dissent on istanbul's
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taksim square as well as many other squares and parks in turkey. but the turkish prime minister had by then already dismissed these voices as coming from drunkards and extremists the only types of people who attend protests in turkey according to this to completely dislikes a position. he take this as a personal offense. he's used to have. agrees from the public for a lot of time because he gained a. waltz of to calm this time probably he didn't think that he didn't assume that the protests would be so big everyone's feelings for the protesters however are mirrored by the people in texas who believe only one has lost touch with reality and care is mostly about one person's opinion his own everybody was here being and everybody where people were. trying to resist and people were trying to keep the
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spark and he was telling to be. saying that there is absolutely no project here going on and that he changed his mind and he said there is of course a project that i will do what i want to do and then the reserve spies spies everywhere and this commentary on the protests the prime minister insisted there are hundreds of thousands of foreign agents working to upset the status quo in the country i don't insist that it's these very agents that have instigated the unrest in the first place and continue to work among the crowds encouraging dissent in turmoil today's news paper quoted in. unnamed source in the government who claimed authorities have arrested some fifteen foreigners across the country in connection with the protests ironically many of them turned out to be nationals of iran a country which has been on air to arms blacklist for quite some time but just
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a couple of months ago the prime minister cut a different picture delivering a heartfelt speech on the subject of human rights and freedoms. where there is no justice there is no humanity because there is justice and justice is excluded the place of justice shifted to the man's identity the identity of human bein's to speak it is impossible to claim that people can build a decent life but in everyone's turkey lately people have been busy putting up barricades to keep police at bay rather than getting a prosperous future for themselves it even goes quite istanbul. and one of the ones most contentious foreign policy is handling of the syrian conflict middle east expert manuel auction writer he says the reconciliation rhetoric now coming from some turkish officials and actually designed to please the foreign observers rather than that of the opposition. international community puts now
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a lot of potential on the protests especially in east but it doesn't here still much to do with the demonstrators and so we can see you this because these demonstrations we with this now are not very new one but they are going on going straight through to you since right now especially in the south thirty percent the s. and it's received turkish politics against syria the general problem is about this publicly extended doesn't just quote danger integration in syria it also puts danger into aggression against its own citizens once inviting international mercenaries terrorists jihad into criminals gave them shelter they are. military training and sent them to syria to fight here this is a problem because these people are now in the cities and the turkish citizens treating against this so you see i think that you were already this addressed to
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european union to u.s. troops western for your nation but not so much to their own demonstrators. and you can follow but i just i developments on tokyo's unrest online we've got the live coverage activists on the best pictures from the scene all that right now. the. well he can stay with us here on our team because in a just a couple of minutes able to tell you why guantanamo bay is staying open and how one of america's largest mobile networks is constantly handing over telephone records straight to the gulf. well told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read
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the reports. when the no i will leave it to the state department to comment on your letter play sage to carry out a car is on the docket no ground. zero thank you no more weasel words. when you say to direct question he prepared for a change when you should be ready for a. freedom of speech. down the freedom to fox. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations rule the day. please.
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or thank you for joining us here on out see on rory sushi twelve russians will go before a judge later on thursday facing charges of mass disorder and violence against police and they were arrested following protests which ended up in clashes last year in may that was on the eve of president putin swearing in ceremony. filed this report. expecting the court session which will be a closed one behind closed doors to start at around midday moscow time twelve people will be in the dogs all charged with inciting violence more than a year ago on may the sixth twenty twelve just twenty four hours before the inauguration of president putin when more schools saw a huge protest in its a very hard and that event back then so probably the biggest violence the russian
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capital has seen in many years everything was going peaceful back then and still some point of time when some part of the protesters tried to break the police lines and move towards the kremlin in a protest march that's when the violence erupted between the protesters and the police and that was altered in more than eighty people were being injured and several hundred were arrested of course most of them were released almost immediately after the protests were twelve of them were charged by the authorities for provoking the violence for starting the scuffles between them and the police so a year more than a year on this case has finally reached a court in the most cool central court and that's where the fate of the twelve will be decided this case has been riddled with control over silage really all this time the opposition has been describing those twelve people accused as political prisoners and have been demanding their release in fact the latest biggest
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opposition rally the most school was primarily dedicated to these twelve people accused of inciting riots and made this six the court session starts in a little more than three hours from now at the around midday moscow time. now us republicans have again scuppered president obama's pledge to close guantanamo bay in congress they prevented the use of public money to move detainees many of whom have been refusing food for five months in protest of their definite detention and lieutenant colonel barry when god he represents one inmate he says obama does have the power to release prisoners just not trying to use it under the national security would agree he can't do that with the secretary of defense he told him that power it's time for the straight into either put up or to at least tell us what's really going to happen the president does have the authority to release from guantanamo bay to include men like shakur aamer back to london. now i have the
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united states hunger strike there's no sign that there's any time going to closure going on to that sort of hunger strike i mean my client reports that all of his personal possessions are still confiscated toothbrushes so good letters from home his attorney client. privilege the two of us that need to get between each other that's all been taken and not returned he asked me he said hey what kind of people vote to fund president it's ninety five percent full of men who haven't been charged with a crime after eleven and a half years i have to tell you and only answer for a mystery to me what kind of person says we don't care if you've done your city to guantanamo bay or just on the ground here in one town i'm ok here's to be no change whatsoever and everybody is sort of waiting for washington to show some leadership . and you can keep up with the ongoing hunger strike on our website. you can check out
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a couple of stories we just put up the. british police. video on the web site right now. police discover hundreds of illegal immigrants living in their own community. and the. news today. these are. a. pleasure to have you with us here in our. culture of
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secrecy it's coming under increased pressure at the u.s. pushes on with an investigation into. the government's. data but with the e.u. also knocking on the door of the fight is far from over. investigate. the swiss parliament has decided to put on hold a bill that would let swiss banks give the client information to u.s. authorities as part of this tax evasion of the swiss the americans have been attacked for about two years now and the swiss government has warned its parliament that if it doesn't act quickly enough criminal charges may be leveled against some of its largest banks this is in addition to the latest move to also pursue a heavy handed approach on its clampdown on tax evasion has decided to start talks with offshore banking haven e.u. members like switzerland to establish an automatic exchange of relevant banking
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data now with crisis stricken the e.u. and the us having to deal with its own of fiscal problems this is a way for governments to rein in the cash to back into government coffers. is concerned this is a very lucrative market making it the world's largest. offshore account with about two trillion dollars in assets and the question there is with this kind of government pressure being put on the likes of switzerland will it actually achieve the desired results for people who want to hide their money from the tax man have the will and the financial means and they may simply look elsewhere to park their money reporting from brussels. meanwhile the u.k. prime minister david cameron has taken a tough stance on british tax havens he's invited the leaders of. these territories dependancies to london. press them for more transparency on tax evasion will be the main focus of the upcoming g.
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eight summit hosted by that of the united kingdom now a global wealth hidden abroad in offshore zones grew by about six percent last year alone reaching well about eight point five trillion dollars and ahead of the g eight meeting which is expected to crack down on tax avoidance the prime minister says it's critical for britain to get its house in order. the cameron at the end of the day is simply missing the point. supposing that there are tax havens in a hundred years toy and i assume that some country somewhere will always have a motivation to play fast and loose with the regulations shall we say and be a destination of choice for money whether it's ill gotten gains or not then clearly it is going to be market share taken away from the u.k. economy we seem to some extent of the european union as legislated against finance over the last few years and that the failure of either frankfurt and paris to
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become financial centers despite the introduction of the euro thirteen years ago speaks to that if this initiative to go anywhere it has to have the backing of the larger countries in the global financial community there's no real point in the u.k. going it alone making this offer to the g eight and it being rebuffed you know they'll just say well thank you very much but actually we're not going to change our own taxation policy is an interesting enough you know it's the us which seems to be fighting against you know this kind of move. we go starting with millions of americans reportedly having their phone records seized with al even knowing it the u.s. national security agency has allegedly secretly forced the rise and one of the nation's biggest phone companies to hand over all of its cold data it was apparently signed off by a secret court which also banned arising from even admitting it's even handing over the information. and the worst floods in
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a decade continue to deluge parts of central europe thousands of people to be pulled from their homes eight cities declared states of emergency and fifteen people have been killed at least nine others are missing and the latest city to brace itself for the worst is in dresden germany. well thanks very much for joining us here in. moscow if you can stay with us for just a moment it's our new program worlds apart. the school board in batavia illinois has decided to punish one teacher for his bad behavior by putting him on a strict probation play or what did he do to be deserve be part of this probation plan to do so like punch a student in the face or to go on some sort of horribly racist or sexist ranted for
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the class no he just reminded the students that as americans they have the right to not incriminate themselves to put it more simply he told the students that they didn't have to answer a questionable survey about drug and alcohol use and their emotional state since the data from this questionnaire would be sent back to the private company that created it this raises even more privacy issues than just the school knowing about the students personal lives i would like to commend this teacher john dryden for actually going above and beyond and telling the children something they did today you know if you're going to live in a society based on individual rights. it would help to actually teach children what those rights are but the show just my opinion.
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long welcome to worlds apart there's been a lot of talk about the need for russia and the united states to move beyond the cold war mentality but is it really possible communism is long gone but the ideological rest between the two nations remains and is growing have released a point when the differences have already become irreconcilable while to discuss that i'm now joined by dana bakker as senior republican on the house foreign affairs committee congressman that welcome to moscow there's been some reports in american media that this visit was facilitated by no other than actually steven seagal is that true. well i actually planned this codel
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a number of months ago but stevens ago who is an old friend of mine when he heard that i was going was able to facilitate some of our meetings what does it really say about the nature of for years russian relationship i'm such an unlikely cultural ambassador as mr seagal had to intervene to facilitate this high level meeting dealing with such an important issue as terrorism isn't that absurd absurd i think it's great i mean it's true look how open a society that reflects i mean we want the bureaucracy the bureaucracy to control everything we want or meetings between elected officials only to be done when the bureaucrats will say that's why when i would argue that the one i have a working relationship that would not involve or would not require the facilitation of somebody like civil to go for example if he wasn't there then well i did i totally disagree with you i think there's nothing wrong.


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