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tv   Headline News  RT  June 6, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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pakistan's newly elected prime minister once again calls for the u.s. to end drone strikes in the country we take a look at the many civilian victims of america's war on terror a. major u.s. cell phone networks for a top secret court order to hand over the phone records of millions of its clients to the national security agency. back to the brink the turkish prime minister is set to return to the country to face demands for him to resign over a brutal police crackdown on demonstrations that's left. top stories this hour.
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on screen and international news and comment live from moscow this is r.t. with the twenty four hours a day u.s. drone strikes. on pakistani soil must end that is according to the country's newly elected prime minister who is once again demanded washington respects his country's sovereignty this comes amid mounting reports of the many civilian casualties in america's war on terror. met some of them report contains some graphic images. the locals call it death in the skies in pakistan's northwest tribal region an american drone as seen from the ground it's become the weapon of choice in the u.s. war on terror and this is the damage it can wreak under president obama more than three hundred such strikes in pakistani soil against alleged al qaeda and taliban suspects. but ordinary civilians also pay
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a price says this man is one of them i mean a lot was on his way to work at a mine near his village when a drone struck the area he lost his leg in the attack three other miners who were with them lost their lives we live in constant fear of another strike of theirs we are simple villagers who are stuck in a war that we didn't ask for or it's a hopeless feeling or to be deaf is above our heads all the time. although the attack took place three years ago i mean new laws says the pain is still severe the sight of his injuries upsets his four children meanwhile depression anxiety and lingering fear have pushed him to take up tranquilizer pills and that if i did it in the name arrogance should be able to tell an ordinary person from a taliban leader what they should know who they're killing of what did we do to deserve this. this is in my. own arctic it's a question echoed by now darren who lost part of his hearing his short term memory and nearly his foot when. the drone shockwave was so intense that it threw us
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outside far from the place where we were sleeping after several minutes there was another strike and it killed many more people attorneys out of bar has sued both the u.s. and pakistan on behalf of the civilian victims he says they're the voiceless people of the zeerust on isolated by geography and politics simply call it a concentration camp that you have build a wall of. military and militants and behind that wall you keeping more than eight hundred thousand people who are not allowed to come out and no one from the rest of the country is allowed to go in and that's a kind of tree which u.s. is using to use and test its drone program in many ways the epicenter of the cia's highly classified drone program is a black hole on the map a region of pakistan off limits to outsiders especially westerners now evidence of the drone strikes is almost impossible to get but these were smuggled to islamize
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bought from the tribal areas they're believed to be fragments of actual hellfire missiles retrieved from a war zone most americans never get to see the fragments collected by a local journalist who spent years documenting the civilian toll of drone especially on children disturbing images of the living and the dead for nor its personal. enemies. whenever my three year old daughter hears a plane she runs inside and won't sleep that night the children here have been traumatized by the drones the sound of a door banging shut is enough to terrify them. and that fear can turn to anger a new generation radicalized by the war by carrying out drone strikes killing innocent people who are not part of the conflict you're just why did the conflict you're giving a reason to people who were not part of the conflict to become part of the conflict . of course this is make me hate the americans we're angry and want revenge they've
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destroyed our lives my parents my wife my children we all see america as our worst enemy now while promising to rein in their use the white house says drones are both legal and effective. on. us. when translated by defense that's cold comfort for the victims. are pakistan and while the u.s. authorities claim drones only hit military targets american media has been reporting that classified documents indicate the cia did not always know who they were killing during attacks let's take a look at some actual numbers here on screen when according to the bureau of investigative journalism up to eight hundred eighty four civilians have reportedly been killed it's estimated two hundred children are among these victims meanwhile
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the number of drone strikes has increased six fold since president obama took office well chris woods from the bureau of investigative journalism says with these figures in mind there needs to be much more transparency in drone warfare. with so many civilians reported killed and yet the cia claiming that it's killed no more than fifty or sixty civilians i think there is a need for an open not only an open inquiry but also for the cia to share the information meet on who it believes it's killed in places like pakistan president obama's speech the other week did seem to promise more openness but unfortunately we're not seeing signs of that just yet in pakistan we now have an incoming government is making absolutely clear to the united states that it doesn't want these drone strikes i don't think they're going to stop most of the strikes there in pakistan these days are really not related to al qaida and to those terrorist activities but really to the war across the border in afghanistan and the drone war
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has changed quite significantly over the ten years or so it's been running we see the united states talking about using drones in syria for example we have had colds from iraq and rwanda recently for the u.s. to use drones that so there's a concern among some that the u.s. will start to use these drones as an easy plank in the view of foreign policy. retired three star pakistani general thomas sued says that these attacks completely undermine the authority of the pakistani government as well. it has been protesting and politically it has a very negative fallout in this town and it militancy what exactly is happening is that although it may have certain tactical advantage in the sense that you know if pakistan does not happen then that drones at least some to some extent may contain
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the militants but on the political side it lowers the image of their state in the eyes of its people it makes them feel helpless and then it also ruins the relationship between the u.s. and pakistan when it comes to the use of drones the americans have given the responsibility of using their drones to the cia as far as pakistan is concerned whereas the rest of the countries apart from you and your men have been given to the pentagon so and they have also said that they would use that very discreetly but in the strict of pakistan and afghanistan i think they don't even want to own it want to talk of using it you know discreetly. breaking news now here on r.t. russian president vladimir putin has announced the end of his marriage the president and his wife gave an interview to russian state television after they
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attended the ballet at the state kremlin palace the news was also confirmed to r.t. by the president's press secretary the prettiness said it was an amicable split the couple to be married for thirty years and have two daughters that's all breaking news this is to part from his wife the beloved and will bring more details as soon as you get them here on t.v. . the a bomber ministrations acknowledged it's collecting telephone records from at least one cell phone provider britain's guardian newspaper name the network has rising in its report what is more important has more for us. senior officials are defending the practice as necessary to protect americans against terrorist threat now this marks the first time that u.s. present barack obama has approved for the communication records of millions of u.s. citizens to be collected indiscriminately and in bulk regardless of whether any of those people are suspected of any wrongdoing secret foreign intelligence
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surveillance court order which was first revealed by the guardian was signed on april twenty fifth and it requires of horizon to produce the daily phone records of its customers now the telephone records being handed over to the national security agency indicate the numbers of both parties on every call the location data the call duration unique identifiers and the time duration of all the calls whether they're made in the u.s. or made overseas now the order does not request that the contents. of the contents of the calls be disclosed but for a rise in declined our request for comment and that's probably because the secret court order bans of arisan from disclosing any information to anyone other than their own employees that are needed to comply with this secret surveillance operation under the obama administration now we should also mention that senior officials for the obama administration only made their admission after the guardian
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newspaper published the story and the classified order on its website that court order is marked top secret and it is due to expire on july nineteenth a less it's renewed but we are now finding out that apparently this top secret court order has been pushed upon verizon dating back to two thousand and six this is this appears to be something that is being carried over from bush to obama approved by obama and it's also a revelation that comes on the heels of many other scandals that have been concerning the obama administration we have been reporting about the fact that the department of justice was. we was secretly following the calls of reporters and journalists at the associated press there was also a warrant that the obama administration filed to obtain the e-mails and phone calls of fox news reporter and it seems as though these journalists in the u.s. are being targeted or surveilled by the u.s. government now because the u.s.
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government is trying to find out who is leaking top classified information and i'm sure there's going to be a lot of our backlash coming from the citizens threat throughout the day and the days ahead we're now joined live by r.t. contributor as she returns he's in london action this is obviously quite a shock to those who of the roys the news is but does this come as a surprise to you. i think one can get blood say about the fact that the united states is repeatedly breaking its own constitution glenn greenwald the journalists have broken presumed we getting that leak i don't know what he's over isn't. this this is the f.b.i. document i mean to americans that says it is further ordered that no person shall disclose to any other person that the f.b.i. or the national security agency has sold or obtained tangible things under this order so the order itself trying to deny itself signed by judge roger vinson who is
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easy i don't know maybe the sunshine in florida has got to his head he's a. judge it's very interesting and i think the way it's going to play in the united states it will play quite big a president former vice president al gore bill clinton hardly ever talks against obama who is already tweeted saying is this really the state of things and where you know implying this is where james madison and thomas paine is the way the u.s. constitution is all leading up to president obama signing an order i would just say it was ten days after the boston marathon bombings what about the man who's lead this there now we're looking at another bradley manning case in. yes i was looking at this roger vinson the man commander signed this document and his term expires as judge of the united states foreign intelligence surveillance court fees or those of us secret courts in the united states they expire far as i saw in him may the fourth of this year could he be leaking it one wonders certainly he'll be under the
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spotlight now but of course more seriously as to your question glenn greenwald presumably his phone will be bugged journalists will be bugged and that is going to stop these sources from leaking the united states the obama administration desperately trying to stop the truth about mismanagement constitutional mismanagement will kinds of it's about getting through to the american public and of course the u.s. government is just admitted this off to this report has now been made public it does make you wonder what else is going on behind the scenes isn't it exactly and i think hopefully all the whistleblowers people that leak documents like this will be unafraid but you know the obama administration has prosecuted or charged people under the espionage act of one hundred seventeen more times than any other and we wait to see whether they're going to charge or the journalist that leaked this glenn greenwald for leaking this document presumably president obama will be happy with the fact that he's been revealed to being. worse than mccarthy but
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the u.s. government was saying this is a necessary tool to protect the people and national security and is it not then a sacrifice that many people now have to make a sacrifice of their privacy in order to make the world safer it's as simple as that. those are the exact words used by the bomber. in response i think that's where he got them from i think the old thing about this court document is that foreign calls made from the united states weren't liable to the same record keeping for the national security agency and the and the f.b.i. so i don't know if you're a foreign presumably there to talk about homegrown terrorists here because even under what you're saying that you know we need to monitor people's phones conversation not conversation the times of calls and monitor where people are surely i mean isn't their war on terror abroad so basically if you're phoning someone from chechnya your call wouldn't be registered under this law the whole
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thing is a piece of incompetence dreamt up by people that obviously have no respect for the u.s. constitution but some will say there's an overreaction it's only day to register telephone numbers the time of the cole also various other significant statistics but not actually the content of the conversation so if you were not being modest and we got nothing to hide then why should we worry about this and it is not that valuable why do they want it if one is going to make that argument then the government should then release all these records if you want to only just imagine what journalists would do trolling through visa records imagine the kinds of connections between lobbyists mobile phones and senators on congressman one could draw huge amounts of conclusions about billions trillions of dollars federal policy there are no limits to what one could deduce or infer or at least as a starting point from records such as these are related to mobile cell phone
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records like this is a sort of thing going on in the u.k. do you think. in britain we have obviously stricter laws as far as i understand it remember britain bans books recently banned the book about scientology and in fact some of just a sting operation about lobbying corrupt british politicians and the first thing david cameron did was to not look at the problem of the law being but to stop. journalists from being able to create fake lobbying companies to entrap britain's law makers so britain desperately trying to cover up as much as again just as much as our cousins over the pond should we be concerned do you think that prying eyes now will now turn to emails and internet traffic on personal computers or all we actually know even thinking that's not already happening you know the president obama just appointed susan rice as national security advisor widely considered
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a terrorist in many developing nations i've been do you add up obama's program this piece of. polling legislation or this court order to the people that he's putting together this is a very dangerous dangerous administration desperately trying to cover up whistleblowers assassinating people fascinating americans i think people who saw the nixon era and the reagan death squad era all of those people all the contemporaries of that period saying that things have never been this bad but just briefly politically the associated press scandal that was very embarrassing for obama what about this now what does it do for his political standing and his image just briefly. the thing about the democrat party the big base of the democratic party is evidence as they always vote democrat and specially the split in the republican right with the tea party means president obama doesn't seem to have to
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really care about any. standing that he might have overseas not seeking reelection but president obama's former constitutional law professor he'll go down in history as the presumably one the most unconstitutional presidents in u.s. history well the good thing is that people have been listening in to our conversation and we're delighted they have been so in the meantime thank you very much indeed live from london afshin rattansi thank you folks really thank you for more news after the break stay with us altie live in moscow. wealthy british style stock. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy.
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news continues here on r.t. calls to apologize and step down will greet the turkish prime minister when he returns home off to a working trip abroad later on thursday protesters want premier out over a brutal police crackdown on demonstrations that's left thousands injured fresh clashes broke out overnight in ankara as police unleased more tear gas and water
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cannons on. activists three people have died in the on rest which began as a small gathering in istanbul but spread like wildfire across the country in response to provoked police brutality. despite the largely peaceful nature of the movement other ones branded the demonstrators as foreign backed extremists the protesters say he's chasing ghosts as identical reports. barricades in banners flags and tear gas turkey's going through a rough time right now so who's to blame but i'm going to consider the sincerity of these protests social media has been full of fabricated news baseless claims and accusations against me for days therefore we should hang these people from the trees they are accustomed to that these tactless people are tweeting and messaging that we are victims of violence and dying police panzers are crushing us and the people who share these retreat used claims are just hundreds of fascists said prime
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minister type go on before dissing often african tour while voices of dissent understand both text to square as well as many other squares and parks in turkey who louder but the turkish prime minister had by then already dismissed these voices as coming from drunkards leaders and extremists. the only types of people quit and protests in turkey according to this to completely dislikes a position. he take this as a personal offense. he's used to have. agrees from the public for a lot of time because he gained the. waltz of the contrary this time probably he didn't think that he didn't assume that there were these the protests would be so big everyone's feelings for the protesters however on mirrored by the people on texan who believe only one has lost touch with reality and cares mostly about one
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person's opinion his own everybody was here being and everybody where people were. trying to resist and people were trying to keep this park and he was telling it to be our good. saying that there is actually no project here going on and he changed his mind and he said there is of course a project that i will do what i want to do and then the resurrection of spies spies everywhere and this commentary on the protests the prime minister insisted there are hundreds of thousands of foreign agents working to upset the status quo in the country i don't insist that it's these very agents that have instigated the address in the first place and continue to work among the crowds encouraging dissent in turmoil today is amman news paper quoted a non named source in the government who claimed authorities have arrested some fifteen foreigners across the country in connection with the protests ironically many of them turned out to be nationals of iran
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a country which has been on early ones blacklist for quite some time but just a couple of months ago the prime minister cut a different picture delivering a heartfelt speech on the subject of human rights and freedoms. where there is no justice there is no humanity because. there is justice and justice is excluded its place has shifted to man's identity the identity of human beings to speak it is impossible to claim that these people can build a decent life but in everyone's turkey people have been busy putting up barricades to keep. rather than getting a prosperous for themselves. political experts. further unrest could potentially pave the way for a military coup in turkey many generals and even former chief of staff of turkey are in prison now i mean this is a very special situation when they are waiting for the developments because the
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army will take control although if there will be more serious disturbances their way they may be the prime minister and the president will start negotiating with the demonstrators maybe a piece in process i mean they're still waiting for something good to happen but if instead of negotiating with his own people the prime minister will keep conveying to them he's tough message even storing them up more then the you will see next week all week after some saying from the army and turkey as you know it has a culture all kind of fiction military regime democracy democracy military these things happen to them in the past and nobody will be surprised that it will happen again now. well professor jeremy salt witness protests in. was one of those tear gas there and he joins us now with his first hand account
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of the events tell us exactly what happened. well i mean what happened knew what a lot of people are should be looking to the city to watch within the station and joined in that inspiration it was interesting that the guardian for example reported that there were a few thousand people gathered as a small talk and unquote when you tracked them i assume that was probably something like two hundred thousand people in the million who have a second and the other and the demonstration where i was a top official and in the mix up and up with them spoke kevin and he gets and he's perfect guest and the show is exciting for one side of the boulevard and the other and just letting the crowd sort of sit by t.v. five random and some people will correct. we're just running away and then coming back because they want to be seen to be confronting what's happening and that's how
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i perceive it more missile in accra in fact it's it's been in in many ways loosen up some of the cities and he is because i think that's because media is watching actually very closely and hasn't had a close eye on how to place them have to remember to please demonstrate perspectives take advice almost across the country like google news and people and so texting has been critical i don't think it should be that is enough because we have to make this clear is that the fall from one side to the other the greens last fall the thousand twenty thousand people here was a tough we had children up and spent almost like kind of like needs no place inside one time. we should explain in tonight's show in which something to see a doctor he has a chemist i didn't see it but the place it will wait although that mean active only a couple of on his way down must receive a sheepish critical it's the soft action that his name could get in but here
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texting his name from the center quote we haven't got a brilliant connection here but. i just want to ask you one more question of course apart from the environmental aspect why is gazey park so significant in the fact it's going to be developed obviously people are saying there are a number of other reasons why these protests are taking place but the significance of the park itself and the development just briefly. not. just the question that. this project. will. be different.
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kind of much. of how to. live from istanbul professor jeremy salt from bill kent university who took part in some of those demonstrations there in turkey trying to get more comments from me later at some stage if we can in the meantime professor jeremy saul the. detainees despairs skyrocketed guantanamo bay off to u.s. lawmakers voted to keep the notorious facility open house of representatives panel blocked a motion to transfer detainees from the prison meaning they will stay put indefinitely but a lawyer for the captain who have been on hunger strike for the past four months now believes a bomb is still wields the power to shut down guantanamo. under the national security would agree he can do that with the secretary of defense he does have that power it's time for this ministration to either put up or to at least tell us
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what's really going to happen the president doesn't have the authority to release men from guantanamo bay to include men like soccer aamer back to london. ally of the united states a hunger strike there's no sign that there's any time to keep going on that sort of hunger strike i mean my client reports that all of his personal possessions are still confiscated toothbrushes so good letters from home his attorney client. privilege to keep us with communicating between each other has all been taken and not returned he asked me he said hey what people vote to fund to prison that's ninety five percent full of men who haven't been charged with a crime after eleven and a half years i have to tell you and only answer for the mystery to me what kind of person says we don't care if you've done anything here so you can guantanamo bay it's just on the ground here in one town i'm ok there's. no change whatsoever and
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everybody is sort of waiting for washington to kill some leadership. the live here in the moscow ahead this hour after this short break we'll have a live report on the news that russia's president vladimir putin has announced that his marriage is over that's after this break stay with us. the school board in batavia illinois has decided to punish one teacher for his bad behavior by putting him on a strict probation play or what did he do to be to serve be part of his probation plan to do so like punch a student in the face or to go on some sort of horribly racist or sexist ranted for the class so he just reminded the students that as americans they have the right to not incriminate themselves to put it more simply he told the students that they didn't have to answer a questionable survey about drug and alcohol use and their emotional state since
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the data from this questionnaire would be sent back to the private company that created it this raises even more privacy issues than just the school knowing about the students personal lives i would like to commend this teacher john dryden for actually going above and beyond and telling the children something they need to dial you know if you're going to live in a society based on individual rights it would help to actually teach children what those rights are but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems. you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are is a big picture.
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news continues here on r.t. one of the most clandestine gatherings in the world seems to be lifting the veil of secrecy the buildable group is famously shy of press attention but this year its annual cotton fab is inundated with reporters from some of the world's top media outlets are the sort of went to watford near london to try and find out what the world's most powerful group might be talking about. welcome to build a bug twenty thirteen is the gathering of world leaders and it's taking place here in what fit in the way the exclusive hotel you can see about a quarter of
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a mile in the distance there and perhaps not the most glamorous of locations for the hundred and forty delegates who are expected to attend among them some big names we've got the chancellor george osborne we've got his labor council park and balls as well as the former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger got the former head of the cia david petraeus not of course to forget the heads of the noun is an m.v.p. and goldman sachs and you get the i did not delegate famously don't just those details of what happens behind closed doors what's the stuff fueling the conspiracy theory behind those tools what's the world domination this year has billed birds gone mainstream because for the first time ever we had some contact and speak to me more about that i'm joined by charlie skelton for a transparent sea campaign and you've been covering this place you for a number of years now break it down for us and you know kind of separate the conspiracy theory. because there are talks of course the world domination the
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actually does happen at least. i can really see because of what goes on out here is a growing frustration that the media relation between discreet and the press and public is so poor we are assaulting the builder back group with the sheering why we're shooting right that's. right you heard. there's a lot of unhappiness that there's such a huge operation for you know heads of banks and heads of state and you know very very wealthy people a lot of you know the public very concerned that there's a lot of money in policing going into this meeting which is you have. money coming through charity and. police to keep it public. a. conference which is being held in the name of public education doesn't really make much sense thank you very much for joining us so it's an important first step whether any more will be revealed during
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the three day conference about what exactly does get discussed among world leaders remains to be seen but we'll of course be following this story very closely for you from here in the. time to update you on our breaking news this here in r.t. and that is russian president vladimir putin has a melts the end of his marriage let's now talk to use over this has all happened in the last few minutes and it was announced on russian t.v. live yes and this is something that you don't expect lattimer putin to do especially because we know that he's all about traditional values he's been talking about it a lot in his recent press conferences meetings and this is definitely not something that the russian public expects again because russia as a society is still largely conservative and they are all about traditional values that's why it came out of the blue a let's not forget have been together for thirty years this year in fact they got married in one nine hundred eighty three they have two daughters you don't actually
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hear much about the daughters or the family itself and that's why in recent months you didn't see mrs putin at all so there was speculation already but this is definitely not something that we expected vladimir putin to do and in the way it was don a very personal matter being publicly. addressed to the nation how did it happen how did it all went to a ballet performance and then after that they issued a joint statement in fact they spoke as we said on the russian state media and then our set decision they said it's a joint it's a mutual decision and in fact we can actually listen to exactly what they had to say. so much due to the sort of waters here in the regions my job and all my activities mean i'm an absolutely public figure some people enjoy this and some don't lose some people but there's simply nothing compatible with such a lifestyle that my wife has done
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a nine year shift by my side basically the decision was mutual. appreciation. cygnus a club like that the most said it was in fact unusual decision a marriage is over because we barely see each other his job keeps him completely busy our children have grown up they live their own lives now we all do i really don't like being in the spotlight all the constant travelling is difficult for me we simply don't see each other. and now it all makes sense exactly what mrs putin said that they barely see each other and we barely saw them together in any of those meetings that putin was attending we never saw mrs hoots so this is surprise really because there's been a lot of speculation in the post above is that exactly but again as was said this is quite a shock for russian society because in recent times we haven't seen the russian leader get a divorce but of course we do know of the likes of sort of a bit of
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a scar on the nicolas sarkozy and this is something that. abroad this is something that is quite regular but not in russia and especially not from someone like lattimer putin because he was trying to promote traditional russian values but i think the fact that he went on russian television and announced that they announced it together and this is definitely a good move really thank you very much indeed for that really cause a real life here on r.t. . the u.s. is fast learning that its military endeavors in iraq are no guarantee of financial reward that's after it was revealed beijing is now winning the race for iraqi oil becoming the country's biggest customer orders kitty pilgrim explained to me earlier just how the chinese were able to do that. actually now iraq is one of the top producers in the world and china is the biggest purchaser of this and actually nearly half of the oil iraqi oil goes to china actually one point five million barrels a day that equates to actually they want to really extend their presence as well
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they want to get hold of oil giant exxon mobil's presence in the iraqi feels that they want to expand and if we just go back to before the war during saddam hussein's time during then there was lots of sanctions and that really affected the oil market because it meant that it was cutoff from the markets and since then the markets are more open and more friendly business environment for the likes of china to take advantage of and china did exactly that absolutely but makes the chinese so attractive as a customer well they've got plenty of money lots of disposable income but really it's the way that they handled the iraqi government they really had a relationship going on the contracts are strict they've dealt with lower profits in order to win these billion dollar contracts in the long run and there's lots going on they seem to be very committed in the long run china has set up an airport on the arabian border to actually transport these iraqi workers into the oil fields there's also talk of direct flights going from beijing into iraq into baghdad very
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soon and in hotels the staff are taken on a rocky accents and there are a break in order to impress these chinese executives so does this all sound like good news or good news for china i would say but some people in the u.s. aren't too happy about it i'm going to quote someone right now is michael makowski he was actually in the bush administration during the time in haiti. just to paraphrase him just he's saying the chinese had nothing to do with the war but they've really benefited in terms of finance in our fifth fleet and our air forces are helping to solve their supply of as a little bit of conflict going on there and we know that china has actually benefited from the fact that their loans that they've given to america the interest rate on those loans has increased because america now own more you know that they they spent three trillion on this war so this wasn't the outcome many were expecting from the two thousand and three invasion. meanwhile the u.k.
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prime minister david cameron is taking a tough stance on british tax havens he's invited the leaders of ten u.k. overseas territories and dependencies to london in order to press them for more transparency and tax evasion will be the main focus of the upcoming g. eight summit hosted by the u.k. global wealth broaden offshore zones grew by around six percent last year alone reaching eight a whole of trillion dollars. well ahead of the g eight meeting which is expected to crack down on tax avoidance the u.k.'s prime minister has said it is critical for britain to get its house in order however some experts say cameron is missing the point. supposing that there are tax havens in a hundred years toy and i assume that some country somewhere will always have a motivation to play fast the moose with the regulations shall we say and be a destination of choice for money whether it's ill gotten gains or not then played
2:44 pm
it is going to be market share taken away from the u.k. economy we seem to some extent of the european union as legislative against finance over the last few years and that the failure of the frankfurt and paris to become financial centers despite the euro thirteen years ago speaks about this initiative to go anywhere it has to have the backing of the you know the larger countries in the global financial community there's no real point in the u.k. going it alone making this offer to the g eight and it being rebuffed you know they'll just say well thank you very much but actually we're not going to change our own taxation policy is an interesting enough you know it's the us which seems to be fighting against you know this kind of move. well to life in moscow just a couple of minutes we'll bring you the story how a move against tech subordinates is cornering the capital in europe's treasury swiss bank secrecy is trapped between cameron's anti tax evasion moos and a u.s.
2:45 pm
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three. three. three. three. three. three. video for your media project. continues here. trying to defend the country which traditionally involves high levels of secrecy that's in the face of mounting pressure from the u.s. and over tax avoidance reports on the deadlock. this was decided to hold a bill that would. give the client information to us forward he's a sport of this tax evasion of the swiss the americans have been attacked for about two years now and the swiss government has warned its parliament that if it doesn't act quickly enough criminal charges may be leveled against its largest banks this
2:48 pm
is in addition to the latest move to also pursue a heavy handed approach on the clampdown on tax evasion. talks with offshore banking. members like switzerland to establish an automatic exchange of relevant data now with. the u.s. having to do with its own a fiscal problems this is a way for governments to rein in. government first. concern this is a very lucrative market making it the world's largest. offshore with about two trillion dollars in assets the question there is with this kind of government pressure of the likes of switzerland will it actually achieve the desired results for people who want to hide their money from the tax man have the will and the financial means and they may simply look elsewhere to park their money reporting from brussels. in court on charges of inciting mass disorder
2:49 pm
and violence against police they were arrested for doing protests which ended in clashes in may last year on the eve of president putin swearing in ceremony peaceful rallies quickly. some of the protesters tried to break through police lines investigators believe they have enough evidence to prove the group's actions lead to mass arrests which result in more police offices being injured or. those in the political prisoners the defendants face up to eight years behind bars if found guilty. in a raid in the region russian authorities have arrested the leader of a terrorist cell which was reportedly planning an attack on the capital. so far we know that the man's name is you lie. he was arrested this morning and this actually this is a continuance from another operation which was held on the twentieth of may and
2:50 pm
we're in an anti-terrorist operation and there were two suspected militant militants that were killed and one was detained actually various russian media reported earlier that say you lied via was one of those people well apparently he wasn't and he was arrested this morning many in both instances the suspects are accused of planning a series of terrorist acts right here in moscow and but there are a terrorist affiliation stem cell far beyond the borders of the russian federation with authorities saying that the suspects were trained by an internationally recognized groups in northern brazil but it was their stand that sort of border between pakistan and up going to start at the training involves both ideological instruction and old soul practically practical training on the use of combat's and how to make explosives now speaking off the lot of who was arrested earlier today
2:51 pm
what russian national anti-terrorism committee now they claim he disguised himself as a gypsy cab driver or unlicensed taxi driver and while he was doing that so he was a staking out to locations for a potential terrorist. and back to our breaking news story this hour russian president vladimir putin has announced the end of his marriage the president whose wife had been married for thirty years and have two daughters the couple gave an interview to russian state television after they attended a ballet at the state kremlin palace. so much. as he was in the region my job and all my activities mean i'm an absolutely public figure some people enjoy this and some don't but some people simply incompatible with such a lifestyle that my wife has done a nine year shift by my side basically the decision was mutual.
2:52 pm
appreciation. sitting is like that the most said it was in fact a mutual decision our marriage is over because we barely see each other his job keeps him completely busy our children have grown up they live their own lives now we all do i really don't like being in the spotlight all the constant travelling is difficult for me we simply don't see each other. and i will bring you more details on this breaking news story the next here on r.t. i'll be back with the team in about eight minutes from now. the civilized world produces more food than it needs. well people die of hunger in other countries. millions of victims every year. where
2:53 pm
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breaking news this hour naughty russian president putin and his wife of thirty years announce their marriage and what they called an amicable split. newly elected prime minister once again calls for the u.s. to end drone strikes in the country we take a look at the many civilian victims of americans war on terror. in a major u.s. cell phone networks for spot top secret court order to hand over the phone records of millions of its clients to the national security agency. back to the brink the turkish prime minister is set to return to the country to face demands for him to resign over a brutal police crackdown on demonstrations that's left injured autopsy.


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