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tv   Headline News  RT  June 7, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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am i am. washington defense is reaping surveillance of millions of internet users over seven years saying it only spied on foreigners outside the country. america and china are ready for an informal meeting in california amid fingerpointing over cyber attacks and flaring tensions over washington's military build up in china's backyard. and the russian president putin and his wife announce their marriage is over in a what they called an amicable split after thirty years of being together.
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live from moscow headquarters where you live with us on our t.v. with me tom would say it's good to have you with us u.s. intelligence confirms it's collecting the plywood messages of internet users but defense the marines claiming the mass of aliens was targeting only nine u.s. persons outside the country earlier british and american papers reported that the u.s. was tapping directly into the service of leading american internet companies are getting access to personal e-mails soto's and to documents lead to court order has become the first to hard evidence of washington's a sweeping data collection program artie's unless the see it should has more. after eye popping news that america's national security agency has been collecting information on millions of customers of one of the country's biggest telecommunications providers of arisan further information of the extensive surveillance conducted by u.s. officials has leaked out nine major internet companies they include google of
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facebook yahoo microsoft you tube apple a.o.l. and pal talk have been used by the f.b.i. and the national security agency to monitor photos videos e-mails audio and all other sorts of information tracking a sweeping scope of individuals online activity as reported by the guardian and the washington post a highly classified program dubbed prism accounts for almost one in seven intelligence reports made by the n.s.a. to the u.s. president and congress now reports suggest that information gathered through this top secret program was included in almost fifteen hundred articles last year which were presented to the u.s. president in daily briefs and of course this latest information underscores the skyrocketing extent of involvement of american officials in the personal lives of unsuspecting common americans and the national security agency of course is traditionally understood together foreign intelligence so this tracking of hundreds of millions of american online accounts on u.s. territories through american companies is certainly
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a revelation to say the least and this is of course the first time that this prism program has been publicly brought to light u.s. officials in particular members of congress aware of this program have been keeping quiet about the sweeping activity of violating the privacy of american citizens and of course so all of this comes after secret court order was obtained by the guardian and uploaded online this document revealed that u.s. telecom giant of arise and has been giving the n.s.a. information on absolutely all of the phone calls being made within the united states as well as between the u.s. and foreign countries making really the scope of this tracking system even wider than american. not only has this been including us citizens but also foreigners who live in the us and use of arisan as a cell phone service provider and importantly this is the first time that such information is revealed with barack obama as president of the us according to the secret court order which was issued as we know in april and expires july nineteenth
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phone calls of millions of americans are being traced through horizon absolutely regardless of whether or not there is reason to suspect that subscribers are involved in any criminal activity and it's also been disclosed that this operation has actually been ongoing since two thousand and six and renewed every three months and the information handed over by rising to officials includes the location data length of the call phone calls being made the time of the calls as well as unique identifiers it's important to note that the specific contents of the calls are not included in the information being a saint at least not yet. and activists for the civil rights organization the coalition says the scope of the surveillance might not only have domestic but also global implications. they can make apparently a very very massive database and millions of citizens of almost all of their activities what they're doing and there's quite a bit you can construct from knowing every single place you go every day who you
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talk to and how you talk to them that can tell you quite a bit about someone's life and this is being collected on millions and millions of citizens completely indiscriminately which means there's a giant database american citizens activities on a daily basis that the government has under its control and is keeping under secret lock and key and we have no idea how they can use it we can use in many harmful way there's a wide range of people around the world who could be affected by this i mean imagine something as simple as so your college and roommate was from russia and you stay in contact and you continually talk to each other that could be something to go on it could decide. create some sort of pattern about you given what happened in the boston bombing and then they can use that as a pretext to search your entire house and so i think certainly that not only national or international will see some concerns rates. turkey's prime minister seems on shaken by the protests against israel that have swept the country in tiny bedouin a brand that is a must ration is unlawful and i kissed them off turn it into vandalism calling for
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an immediate end to the unrest it was said by thousands of supporters upon returning home from a trip abroad and there is you gathered at the airport is taunting that they're ready to die for everyone i mean all tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators packed cities across the country again calling for his resignation began as a peaceful sit in against a park demolition of istanbul's taksim square has turned into the worst unrest in decades consistently field by accusations of the police heavy handed dispersal of protesters at these a three people were killed and thousands injured in this weeks of clashes asama already voicing fears they might not be long before the military is called in to quell the unrest. many generals and even former chief of staff of turkey are in prison now i mean this is a very special situation when they are waiting for the developments because the arab in me will take. control although if there will be more
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serious disturbances there way they may be the prime minister in the president will start negotiating with the demonstrators maybe it will be some piecing process i mean they're still waiting for something good to happen but if instead of negotiating with his own people the prime minister will keep conveying to them he's tough message even storing them up more then the you will see next week a week after some saying from the army and turkey as you know has a culture of kind of fiction military regime democracy democracy military regime these things happen to them in the past and nobody will be surprised that it will happen again now. one of the main things that the protesters accuse the government of is forcing conservative islamic values on turkey that has been a stange the secular for nearly a century and the answer to cultural center in taksim square also said to be
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demolished as part of redevelopment plans has become a symbol of the current struggle arches irina college school reports. it's been a week since the violent dispersal of protests here in taksim square and then goes the park and let's take a look at one of the most important fixtures or other structures that have been here for quite some time and it's right behind me the ataturk cultural center now it's decorated with posters and slogans but that's not how it was a week ago it backed it was slated for demolition so why is it important for people in taksim what kind of significance does it carry for turkish people not just in istanbul but all over the country well let's go inside and take a look and find out the a cam used to house ballet and opera and was essentially a source of pride for the turks people for them it was a representation of the cultural and political heritage left over by kemal ataturk but everyone said ballet is not an arch worthy of the turkish people not something that turkey should be looking inspiring to and decided to demolish this art house
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you can see in order to make way for a new op or house a lot of people this demolition is an attempt by anyone to go backwards instead of going forwards to do away with the with the ideas that were brought here by the church and to bring in early one's own ideas into reality basically you can say that at this point a key m. is sort of a citadel for the protesters be you can say took this fortress by force on saturday evening or the protesters in istanbul this really was a pivotal moment this was the moment when they felt that they are at least for that particular moment to remove the bottle it's a symbol of resistance it's a symbol of protest it's a symbol really of the turkish people coming together and saying we will not let go of our heritage we will hold on to it even if it is dilapidated and is slated for demolition doesn't matter what the prime minister wants in this symbol if you are. closely following the situation in turkey as we have been from the very beginning the timeline of the andreassen live days of anable twenty four seven on our website
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at r t. smiles and warm handshake sign. spectate and california eighty in the day where the u.s. and chinese leaders are meeting for the first time in more than a decade but behind the diplomacy has a range of prickly subjects between the team with washington accusing beijing of launching a cyber war against it and as our it is marine upon my reports u.s. has come to measures go well beyond being purely defensive after months of muscle flexing comes the hand-shaking u.s. president barack obama and chinese president xi jinping will likely play nice for the cameras but behind the closed california mansion doors of this first bilateral summit a tense talk over cyber espionage hacking and rules of virtual engagement think of it as well as a jumble of biological weapons convention so one can make you
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a sort of weapons most countries agree not to do so or to use the. same thing is true of cyber everyone's going to be asked nations or knowledgeable we can agree not to attack the children's interests or at least not to start doing however the us has repeatedly accused the rising asian giant of widespread computer hacking just last week a report by the defense science board said nearly forty pentagon weapons programs and almost thirty other defense technologies were compromised by hackers some directly tied to the chinese military and government u.s. manufacturers have also accused china of stealing patents and designs of high technology we're also hearing about the challengers in charge. united states has expressed concern about the growing threat of cyber intrusion some of which appear to be tied to the chinese government and military china's defense ministry has consistently denied claims that its military is engaged in hacking and in turn
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pointed the finger at washington the country's top internet security official recently claimed to have mountains of data pointing to extensive the u.s. hacking aimed at china later this month the country will be holding unprecedented military drills with special units and even nato is debating whether it needs a manual on cyber wars while washington casts china as the world's most dangerous virtual threat the u.s. has been cementing plans to take down the enemy billions have reportedly been spent to create forty teams of cyber agents that will allegedly serve to thwart hackers while simultaneously launching offensive attacks against adversaries a cyber battlefield that many believe the u.s. can't affectively control you have a government with many secure security holes in it you have a corporate sector that can't keep its information secure you have defense
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contractors taking contracts from the federal government to provide cyber security and they can't even provide cyber security for themselves i am seeing this as a war in which the united states is not winning no matter the allowed resources it is putting in or the tough talk and even experts at home say now is the time for the us to be working together with leading nations like china to establish norms for cyber space activity and i think i'd open the conversation rather than bomb. we know what you've been doing and knock it off and if you don't here's things we're going to do i mean you can have a conversation if you want to but i think you've got to think through about whether that is really the best way you're going to achieve what it is we want to accomplish we want a global resilient open and secure internet if the u.s. and china fail to reach consensus on how to cooperate in cyberspace the consequence many believe could lead to
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a virtual cold war between the world's two largest economies and charted territory that could inevitably turn the internet into a dangerous platform where friends become foes reporting from new york marina for nigh on r.t. from already u.s. and china relations are now joined by. our from mom kong universes school of economics and a fine is mistletoe relations between the u.s. and china that haven't been easy in recent years and there's also been though this resistance coming from washington over beijing's a growing influence in the world in light of all of this what do you read into this upcoming meeting. i think the meeting is a crucial in building up the trust between the two countries you know to the chinese people they didn't get the feeling that it's always the americans are asking for more and more on the economic front so they're asking china to open up
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the market once you open up the market ask you to let's say buy more american treasury bonds you know so it's always the americans asking for more and more is like the absolute the more you perform the more you believe in the future so this is why does the feeding of the chinese people now to mean america and china you know these are these these two countries are like a couple you know you don't really argue in front of the many other people who are sort of like being a public live in the uk if you really are you in your old person owning your own home so these meeting actually is is really crucial is actually helping these the countries especially these two leaders to build up the personal trust there's been a lot of talk for the need of a new global reserve currency could then you want to place the dollar at some point do you think well i think you know there is always a chance actually put child it to to have its currency to become the global reserve
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currency but i have to say that the chinese go ahead to do a lot of has to do a lot of work before having the charts so who exactly have to meet your currency convertible. number two you have to learn investors to understand how you set up your mom's heart policy number three you have to feel are hardly really liberalize you're just very you know the slowly scenes chinese to do to get it done before having its currency to become a global reserve currency some experts are forecasting that the chinese economy will overtake that of the u.s. and the u. e.u. combined by twenty thirty is that a realistic estimate i'm always of optimistic and i will say that you know if you just look at the size of the population of people make these kind of forecast based on the size of publication based on the economic growth rate we have had in the last thirty years but. rose doesn't necessarily imply you are have the same level
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of growth in the future so china needs to be number one economy in the world number two you have to use a past you plus united states is not going to be easy ok so china needs to develop its local sort of the mr market and china also need to figure out how to innovate to these unknown triple since so i would say it's optimistic as possible but a lot of work need to be done. we're just assuming that at this meeting they'll be talks. you know the u.s. is that i guess where it's focusing itself in the region there's been a spat between the u.s. and china over america's focus there what in terms of the relationship between washington and beijing what do you think it's aimed at. these are cheaper so some issues there is a lack of trust is a look of trust between these two countries it. is clearly interesting that says
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china's doing global china's making investments in africa in south america. the new this is country easy to egypt of course is for rightful reasons but you know you should corporate america is this really let the chinese understand it's moved was asia is not for the purpose of confusion each of us should leave what the other was for the common goal which is economic growth which is the betterment of human races . from hong kong university school of economics and finance thank you very much for your analysis on this i've read by think twice before becoming a modern day robin hood in the u.k. there's a chance you might end up in jail for a decade for sharing movies and songs for free that's coming up later in the program. russian president vladimir putin has
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announced the end of his marriage the announcement came in a joint interview with his ex-wife on russian state television where they called it an amicable split earlier my colleague bill dodd to discuss the high profile divorce without his you got the skin off. generally the idea of a president getting a divorce isn't something so out of the warden especially in the west with the likes of nicolas sarkozy and silvio berlusconi but for a president of a country like russia this is a major event since the majority of the population or at least a large part of russian citizens are still very conservative and for their leader to just come out and announce something as personal it's definitely a major event which could even shock some of the citizens and we heard from the couples themselves on t.v. it could easily have been a press release from the kremlin couldn't well exactly right even to put in his
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personal life has always been out of the spotlight out of the public eye but i think it just shows that their decision to come out and announce this on t.v. for everyone to see is just to show that he wants to be open and public in this very personal matter because well the last time we saw the couple together was a year ago during his inauguration and just to cancel out all the possible speculation that just came out and which was. personal event. so. my job and all my activities mean i'm an absolutely public figure some people enjoy this and some don't but some people simply incompatible with such a lifestyle my wife has done a nine year shift by my side basically the decision was mutual.
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sitting is like that of most said it was in fact a mutual decision a marriage is over because we barely see each other his job keeps him completely busy our children have grown up they live their own lives now we all do i really don't like being in the spotlight all the constant travelling is difficult for me we simply don't see each other. it was a long marriage that was a very long marriage thirty years this couple has been together they have two daughters they say they constantly live in russia and actually what i just said before about the mole being out of the public eye now we find out again these personal details about the president's wife about his daughters and they both said that they love them very much they're still going to be really close people to each other for the rest of their lives but i think it could really. raise a lot of respect even for the president for again this conservative society to do
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something like that that openly as in chief of g q russia. says a putin's announcement of a private matter is a commendable step. putin is a kind of person who has of course made his reluctance to disclose his private life. so public but it has you know become a matter of i think general public interest and so going you know going so public with something as i would imagine personally uncomfortable if not painful as divorce is definitely a step towards openness to pretty positive step i think for all parties concerned it's a relief you know for us it's probably really for him and certainly relieved for her ludmilla put. right at those mall on that story on our web site here's what else you can find on our dot com what an airport stop go way dead body in the
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landing gear of a play that was actually there for days and made several journeys. and it's a breeze a blaze of a spanish will make is of the public outrage puts a stop to discounted strong drink in parliament cafeterias politicians will have to content themselves with why them coffee saying they don't want to show a frivolous image. to. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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right here the story of what it will be interested in a few want to make a living sharing movies and music be prepared to pay a hefty price in the u.k. onus of money making tore into websites are facing up to ten years behind bars for cutting copyright owners out of profits are teaser firth has the details. well there is one single favorite d.v.d. in the park or listening to music or maybe sharing that music with a file sharing is growing ever more popular and as its popularity grows so you too does the file sharing site the torrent sites that host those links but as a grain of popularity we've seen the u.k. authorities alone with record company labels launching an precedented anti torrent site campaign now the first sign of the clampdown by the u.k. authorities came in the form of a letter from the national intelligence bureau and then it was that they found
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guilty of certain offenses to face ten years imprisonment now campaign is a saying that everyone in the torrent site founders when it comes to file sharing should be treated fairly and that's only able to happen if people understand the law and with the law being so you can using their full perhaps this isn't a fair system now i'll see if you can see the founder of one of the torrent sites that receives and publish the letter sent to them by the authorities i know he's asked to remain anonymous but let's take a listen to what he said i think it will i mean and maybe also. part of the strategy that they're trying to make it is difficult as possible for people to and they're struggling as possible for people to start the site so i think. it may stop a few people from starting new sites and it might mean if you stop if you decide it's especially if. they do it on a whole i don't think it's going to stop file sharing if we're here to talk
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torrents with us on to and by digital policy blogger. thank you for joining us james i think of you first of all let's clear up because you can see here you know people on earth phones in on their computers listening to music watching videos when it comes to torrents and sharing fights what's the legality here what's legal what's not legal. well that's one of the problems because it's a completely gray area. if you take a copy of somebody else's picture or music and stick it on your website that's copyright infringement however if you provide a link to somebody else's storage of that same content then providing that link on the u.k. law is technically not illegal however if you create a website with thousands of such things and advertising around and make money from that website then under british law under u.k. law there has been a prosecution for. the torrent sites and see has anything to the level of
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seriousness i mean this is a ten year prison sentence they're talking about that seems incredibly serious you know it's a ratcheting up of the rhetoric and it's actually nothing more than that because nothing has changed in the law since these letters of being issued so anybody running a tour of websites are prosecuted under similar legislation could expect to receive a sentence which is four years in prison thank you very much says i mean you look around these are the people logged on and you wonder how are they going to have a sort of writing in the thinking ok well we're certainly going to be very closely on what happens with the investigations i will bring you of. london. to other international news now the number of hunger strike the guantanamo bay detention camp you are being force fed has risen to forty one and nearly a quarter of all the inmates according to the military the total number of the protesters is now a hundred and three that's despite president obama's pledge last month to shut down
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the camp and move half the detainees that have been cleared for transfer the process of force feeding has been condemned by the un and many times described as inhumane by the international medical community. south korea has accepted an invitation from north korea to open talks on restarting joint projects negotiations are expected to include the closed case song industrial zone where production came to a halt in april the closure left tens of thousands of people without work as planned gang pulled all staff from the area seen as one of the last symbols of corporation between the north and south the data for the talks has yet to be announced. hundreds of left wing activists have stage a protest in paris following the death of a teenager and let it be beaten to death by members of a white three clemente movie in nineteen year old student to belong to the anti
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fascist actually really meant the french interior ministry announced that four suspects have already been arrested. coming up but we head over to our studios for breaking the set with her used every martin district with. the u.s. government versus private first class bradley manning what this is trial all about protecting state in which every secret for a show trial scapegoating. one individual says this trial sent a chilling warning to would be whistleblowers and journalists and what does aiding the enemy need in the age of the internet. seals are born right on the ice fields of the white sea.


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