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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  June 7, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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you live on one hundred thirty three possible so food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so. i will have my hands and i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so closely. the. worst to put a little. light out of the. radio guy for a minute from the. what. did you never seen anything like this unfold. what's up guys i mean one of the break in the sets it might as well be called freaky friday why because i just read the most disturbing news story i've seen all
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month it's about a man named zeke you'll go bert last december shot and killed a female escort he had hired for sex. seems like a clear cut case of homicide to me apparently not to text a jury who fully acquitted him based on a bizarre and disturbing technicality is seen gilbert alleges that she that she refused to sleep with him after he paid her honored fifty dollars and according to a texas law individuals are allowed to use deadly force to recover stolen property at night and that was enough for mr gilbert to get away scot free oh tax this guy's this is discussed steam and seem to take the controversial stand your ground law to the most extreme measure possible in this case not even self-defense was part of the equation so really this isn't just about some pervert killing an escort in texas it's about the kind of unjust laws that are still somehow employ.
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exemplifying how backwards this country truly is so let's get to it and let's break that stat. so guys another week another scandal for the obama administration i'm a writer am i right the president sure is hands full have an answer for recently disclosed document every feels the extent of the n.s.a.'s warrantless surveillance program and expose of the government has direct access to the servers of firms such as google facebook and apple and uses this access to keep these servers under constant surveillance now obama says defends the barrage of accusations that this is a disturbing sign of a full blown surveillance state has been this when you look at the details i think we struck the right balance oh good oh good we can rest assure that the obama administration hasn't taken the watchful eye of big brother all too far so let's be
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fair to say look at those details he's talking about oh wait we can't because all classified. that's especially ironic about all this it's the same man who believe believe it or not. against the old adage that those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither i know i know given our current state of affairs it's hard to believe but let me judge your memory and. i will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our constitution and our freedoms that means no more illegal wiretapping of american citizens no more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime no more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war no more ignoring the law what it is inconvenient whoa whoa who's that guy i like that guy oh right the best actor alive nothing more than
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a shill in an empty suit but look i'm actually relieved that as a result of this latest revelation that finally the corporate media is showing some outrage about the same surveillance state i've been railing against for the last ten years in the midst of a media frenzy perhaps no one summarized it better than new york times editorial board which published the administration has now lost all credibility on this issue mr obama is now proving the truism the executive branch will use any power it's given and very likely abuse it word new york times welcome to that this administration has no credibility club i'm glad you're finally coming around in the scene obama's contempt for the law when it comes to spine however where are you going to comes to his policies on drones get mo or indefinite detention what will it take for you guys to come around to that but back to the other scandal the news hit the corporate media world like a drone strike after journalist and constitutional lawyer glenn greenwald broke the
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story of the n.s.a. collecting all of horizon customer's phone records just a day later he broke the news about the n.s.a. why the spread secret surveillance program that works with corporations code named prism and the question. now is whether or not this recent disclosure could turn greenwald himself of the n.s.a. is next target given the agency's aggressive pursuit of whistleblowers however i can't help but think still of the even bigger picture illegal wiretapping in spine has been the m o of the post nine eleven security state guys this is already been going on for the last twelve years remember what the patriot act did or. or what about what obama already voted to give telecom companies immunity for warrantless spying i mean crying out loud and it's a whistleblower thomas drake already exposed operation stellar winz illegal wiretapping program of u.s. citizens in two thousand and ten so why is it that people only seem to let reality
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sink in when it comes from wolf blitzer it's time to wake up guys because while the government claims they're only tracking suspected terrorists they're tracking everyone so welcome to the surveillance state where every single one of us is now public enemy number one. so guys a lot has happened this week we learned that the n.s.a. is only expanded its authority of data mining and tracking of user information we finally saw the start of a trial against one of the biggest whistleblowers in history private bradley manning and of course we heard the news that the one and only michele bachmann will not be seeking reelection and congress now if you've been watching the corporate media than you've probably seen these stories reported and debated on ad nauseum
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for a fresh and comedic perspective on what's going on i'm joined by my good friend leake camp comedian activist creator of the moment of clarity viral web series what is going on lisa. so i did reply via email but i accidentally deleted it but i've asked the n.s.a. to send me their copy. speaking of this ridiculous a hack story and first we learn about the a.p. hack then the fox news hack and now we're learning about this giant n.s.a. program varieties and handing over all the user data to the government my question is i guess why is the media shocked i mean has this been going on since the patriot act. yes is big millions of the bay drag of the thing is we didn't we didn't want to talk about it then because there was a really good episode of dancing with the tards on i think. yeah no it's only now that they've just realized that everything is being watched every e-mail every every phone record you know it's definitely gotten orwellian proportions i keep
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saying you're breaking news breaking news about this broke ten years ago or just that no one cared because it wasn't happening then but obama calls it just a modest encroachment on privacy at least i mean when you agree with. yes but. definitely just modest because and here's the reason it's not really encroaching is because they don't know when i'm pressing my junk against the phone. till they get that technology i think i think i'm fine very well. and of course this week the bradley manning trial started after three years prosecutors want to convict him of the as for aiding the enemy lee because they found wiki leaks material and as someone bin laden's compound believe they also allegedly found a ton of porn so should we go after the porn industry next for aiding the enemy definitely we got to go after the porn industry we got i heard he had falafel in there we got to go up to the falafel industry we got he probably had books of declassified cia document so i think the cia needs to go after itself but also
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beyond that you have people like lynndie england who actually perpetrated acts as a soldier and was given five hundred seventy one days in prison and now bradley manning could go away for his whole life for just telling people about war crimes so you do it you get a year or two but you tell people about it and that's a whole new level i mean america should be all outraged about this but we can't because we we we were too busy being outraged about what happened on pong stars or . truckers and so we've used up all of our outrage on america's got talent i can't believe the dog riding the horse lost out to the fire breather that's where our outrage went and you know janet napolitano keeps telling us if you see something say something well bradley manning saw war crimes he tried to expose them and now he's facing life in prison it's complete and he only as we know today is the second
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day of one of the world's elite most elusive policy summits in the world no one really knows what's going on behind closed doors what do you think they're doing in the early. i'm pretty sure it looks a lot like grease the movie but i think it's a lot of snapping and a lot of skipping because when you're that rich you do a lot of snapping and skipping live i thought it was but i thought it was more like i had it shut. there's probably some of that going on but i mean you know i think the problem abby is that you have like an overgrown democracy disorder you think that we should have a say in what goes on in our country and around the world and our country's actions and that's i don't know who gave you that feeling but it's a real problem you have and i think you need to realize that the plutocrats will make these decisions for you so don't worry about is there a pill i can take for that. it's very similar to restless leg syndrome that this restless democracy does order and also this week leave the show bachmann announce
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that she's going to retire the best and worst thing about that news for you. well it's horrible for comedy to lose michele bachmann but i think it's probably good for god because i think as a representative she wasn't doing him much favor she kept saying she kept saying the guy upstairs was talking to her and telling her to run for office and i think the whole time he was like i don't know i had nothing to do with this i find it odd that someone who was then picked to serve on the house select committee on an l.n. gents overseeing the cia n.s.a. is the farthest thing from and generally amazing she's out of there leave you have a lot of more you hold it's like that congressman mark foley who was on the child protective services committee or whatever it was called and meanwhile a pedophile oh yeah yeah i see this all the time the most fervent anti gay people they're the ones who are foot tapping in the bathroom lee you have a new video called how to end terrorism in
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a single day that involves pete talk about how would you and terrorism yeah not just there isn't but the whole war on terror one day finish it all you have to do replace every drone missile with marshmallow peeps every single one all right this has to affect i mean you might have to get a little parachute so that they don't splat but every single one there's two effects first of all you have no more you're not killing any more innocent civilians so no more members of people dying over there so they're not pissed on that you know they're like oh my nephew got hit with a people who cares plus the terrorists they lose any recruiting tool you know they're not you have to get teenagers to line up to strap napalm to their nuts because someone got hit with adorable easter candy so it would solve the whole problem and the one thing that would be left is you would still you can't take the money out of it right because if you take away the money from the bomb makers they get pretty upset so we have to have million dollar peeps that have to be gold dusted people so that lockheed martin and boeing could still make their money hopefully people will be able to differentiate the people in the cluster bombs
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unlike afghanistan and when the u.s. dropped food packages that looked exactly like the cluster bombs we can always a pleasure to have you on comedian activists created a moment of clarity of everyone check out lead camp thanks and thanks ever. if you like received so far check us out on hulu dot com breaking the set there you can watch latest episode of the show like yesterday's which featured my interview about sexual assault in the military jennifer norris tells us scroll through and watch every show's about the middle of the summer so favorite us comment how are doing at hulu dot com breaking the sat now i take a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned for tonight's edition of breaking the stage featuring the awesome band rebel inc. the world's. technology innovation called the least developed around russia we've got the future covered. you know how sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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lead mission free. education free. free. free. free free. free . breaking this set is about so much more than just words it's about self-expression for a multitude of medians one of them of course is music that's why today i'm showcasing a rebel inc intense politically charged rock band that's based in baltimore
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maryland i was lucky enough to see them perform last year and i was especially inspired by their energy and thought provoking lyrics they're songs that address a number of important issues with everything from the police state and surveillance to voting in the illusion of choice without further ado here is rebel inc. the so. don't. know society and some of the spine no problem no.
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no no trains old socks no way man wasn't going to happen and it's replacing the sun when the small one. the old one and. she was sent home with sammy the snow will soon become six month old stone the searcher. returned my. soul to the soul to the set on the trickle so that no means no choice no. no. not such
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a. jerk tell me. something. john the lib muslim
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the lip the lip. i was rebel and with no song and to say that i'm breaking the stage i also have a chance. talk to one of the band members adam armstrong check it out. inc sounds almost oxymoronic yet what is the name about well it's kind of the paradox of how
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everything comes together in clash it doesn't seem to make sense to people we have people tell us all the time like you make sense. but it's actually how simple people can bottle the revolution and sell it to you it can be the fake revolution how people can kind of get into the cracks of something that's real and make it fake and take away everything that made it what it was that made it real. which we don't do but we kind of bring people into the light of everything is not as it seems that all the world is a stage and that all of this can be played at any time and we all buy a ticket for the show every day so kind of was the basis behind a name like it and you guys were originally in detroit now you're based in baltimore how does it feel to be around kind of the belly of the beast it feels great actually it's a constant inspiration you know there's a lot of things to be angry about nowadays and with d.c. being just down the street there's a lot of things to be angry about local you know but on the national level to be down the street from washington d.c. is like you said it's like ready to go to war all the time with the monster that's
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just down the road you know so confidence spiration for us so real to be located just a couple blocks from the white house and tell you rallied against the government every day two thousand and you guys were able to tour number of military bases with iraq veterans against the war what was that like and how are you received well that was felt like a true belly of the beast you know going into today we went to the most employed military bases in the united states i think we did five stops with the tour and every time we ran into a new problem every time we had it we hit the new area there were e-mails going around bases saying if you're caught at the location where the show is going on and we're basically blacklisted because there would be repercussions against people that showed up for the show but everywhere that we stopped and we played although we were worried about how we'd be received our brothers and sisters really. understood where we were coming from and we received overwhelmingly great support from the military and in fact we have both of our albums getting played over in afghanistan and iraq and perhaps other places right now so there are some military people that are onboard with this i think it's telling ron paul got the most
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military support from any candidate really in the presidential election to show you kind of a lot of the military is that you guys are often compared to rage against the machine you know which is one of the most popular bands i guess running against the machine the government the establishment's why do you think more bands like that are not more prominent in mainstream so i think that the mainstream has been bought and sold i mean a handful of companies run the entire entertainment industry so when you have people speaking out against the power of the authority and speaking for people's rights and for justice and for truth constantly that they don't want that kind of message and put out there you know so it's very difficult to get in to make that mainstream and so what we do is we just kind of built our own home in the underground and the underground music scene there's there's a lot more bands like this folk music rock and roll metal hip hop through all different kinds of genres so it's you want to find the meaningful music there's a lot of it in the underground and you guys it's got
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a recognition from v h one you're blowing out locally so people definitely get onboard your songs let it go i want to read a lyric and have you comment on it ok i believe in myself and my voice born into a vote that wasn't my choice what does that mean well it means that i mean. i mean that everything that i'm that i grew up living in i mean we don't have the right to vote who are eighteen years old so everything that i grew up living in our rules and i don't have any choice and so all these rules that are getting placed on us by the authority of the powers that be are things that i don't even get a say in you know and if we're this free country with free people then i just don't understand the whole concept of you telling me what i can and cannot do as long as i'm not hurting other people than i know one thing is sure i got my voice and many use it for the betterment you know so not so complex but. what about a voluntary is and i know that you guys you know you work fast in the same circles as voluntary and new hampshire's free state project talk about that concept and why
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you guys are in line with it i mean if you want if you want something out of anything you have to put time and effort into it you know everything is voluntary you know we all we all voluntarily get out of bed every day and go to work you know we're just in a different system than perhaps we would all like to be in but in all reality is just a constant of you want to give your time to others to your community to get something in return for yourself whether it be home shelter whether it be food from organic gardens and stuff like that but also middleby all volunteer our time on a daily basis we just volunteer it to the evil empire versus volunteer in our time to each other is invested in your passion and an exchange and investing in each other investing in real people i mean you're real i'm real we have real objectives you know versus these people at the top that kind of build our path for us and push us along that path i think you're seeing a lot more people break away from that path because they realize that it's wrong and they're starting their own but it's also interacting intersecting with other people's paths and then we're kind of moving forward together in smaller groups
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towards a better direction and i think we've seen how much the top down management of this country has failed us and really grassroots community building not a daily basis we see it on a daily basis. and you guys have this on nine zero nine revolution talk tell us about songs about really what would revolution look like to you. well that song is just about that it's all cycle we've already been here before enough and history but history that not necessarily a bloody nose because history gets rewritten all the time which generation past generation forgets about history being rewritten all the time so it's easy to confuse the masses but the revolution starts in your mind and it's you know what do you want and are you willing to again follow the path of the evil empire or are you going to start using your own mind and developing your own thoughts and ideas and concepts and sharing them with other people versus just eating up everything that's been spoon fed to you or forced by to you by by your media groups and by your government and by the status and. that is that the united states of amnesia it
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seems like we forget even the most recent history. and it's tough for people to because a lot of people don't a lot of people don't believe what's happening through the media coming through right now you know so you can go back ten years ago and it's just kind of becomes a lost we've become sheep from here to there and like you said it's we have a short attention span in america for the people that can't pay attention so i agree it is a revolution of the mind a revolution of values of ideas where can people find out more about reveling the best place to go is rebel and music dot com that's rebel i n c music dot com we have links to all of our twitter facebook you can download the cd and everything right from us if you make an order for a cd or t. shirt in like that like we package it up ourselves and we send it directly to your door so we we are absolute underground take everything on our own so package with a lot of love and a lot of soul thank you so much adam armstrong a rebel i really appreciate it thank you for having me we appreciate it but that's it for today guys hope you enjoy the show and i'll leave you now with another song from rambling called i know nine revolution.
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what. is going to. do next i don't. mind. the.
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she was looking for love and she found marriage she wanted children a mill she has eleven. widows been and seven adopted children are a joy to be positive. my long list me in the maternity home i had a disease so she gave me hope. i made sure to be positive nobody wanted to make friends with me it chased me spiral and threw stones. my dream was to have parents. mom and dad. many people to take kids like. they found a new kind of medicine they call it oh.
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please don't follow my example you know it can be dangerous for your health. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser you know the american dream is the national if those of the united states life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth of course as the late great comedian george carlin said it's called the american dream because you have to be frickin asleep to believe it right stacy the dream is dead long live the dream of course you know in our first headline really captures quite a bit of this larry ellison has completely screwed up the america's cup.


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