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tv   Headline News  RT  June 8, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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if you care about humans. this is why you should care only on the orgy dot com. tonight apollo defends trading trivia sea for security after leaks expose a gargantuan government surveillance empire was so vast that even the author of the power. a love hate relationship the u.s. press is china over suspected hackers attacks as america's shaky recovery becomes increasingly dependent on chinese investment. and families move to get lads' mags with scantily clad women on the cover taken off the british shelves but critics call it in the attack on free speech. alone a very good evening from moscow if you just joined us coming to you live just after
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eleven pm now moscow time it's kevin over here at r.t. first there's no way around it as president obama has declared but to sacrifice previously in the name of security and according to league documents his administration has done just that establish stop wishing a surveillance mechanism and precedent it in its size and scope web history net how bits and the call records of hundreds of millions of americans and people worldwide incidentally a big reportedly funneled to u.s. spy agencies and now with more on these revelations. and a massive leak on the extent of surveillance on hundreds of millions of people dubbed breathtaking by civil rights groups and outraged americans more revelations on what exactly u.s. officials have been popping into the light america's national security agency has been using three of the biggest u.s. telecom companies verizon and sprint to monitor all phone calls made by subscribers now combined keep in mind these three companies have
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a staggering almost three hundred million customers and the spying is reportedly done regardless of whether or not there is reason to suspect scriver is of any criminal activity and this is of course shocking this includes all of the phone calls being made within the united states as well as between the u.s. and foreign countries making really the scope of this tracking system even wider than american territory and of course this comes at a time after the obama administration acknowledges the existence of an n.s.a. and f.b.i. program dubbed prism in a nutshell this program what it entails is nine major internet companies that include google facebook yahoo microsoft skype you tube apple a.o.l. and powell talk have been used by u.s. officials to monitor photos videos e-mails and audio to all other sorts of information tracking a really sweeping scope of individuals online activity and the n.s.a. is of course you know traditionally understood to gather foreign intelligence so the tracking of hundreds of millions of americans online accounts on u.s.
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territory through american companies is certainly a pugil revolution to put it mildly but because of the popularity of these web companies such as google and facebook for instance it's absolutely obvious that communication spied upon does not just include americans and overall just staggering all consuming monitoring of personal data that is a major eye opening example of what obama's administration has been up to we have heard comments from europe mainly germany for example about the need to clarify the scope of this u.s. program on questions are also being asked about the extent of the knowledge of the british government in terms of what kind of knowledge it had on the survey. sixty and how it might have cooperated and dealt with the u.s. on this as well and it's important to note that online freedom fighting group anonymous has leaked a total of thirteen documents curiously one of them the us department of defense so-called strategic vision for controlling the internet and on an intelligence sharing network which shares data with partners around the world and obama's comments on this major scandal have also been pretty curious basically the us
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president in a nutshell says that absolute security cannot walk hand in hand with privacy and lack of inconvenience and you know putting aside the claim of absolute security in the u.s. certainly something that has reason to be widely questioned this seems to be a statement completely opposing a belief voiced by our founding father benjamin franklin the those willing to give up liberty for some safety don't deserve either one but apparently the roots of the american history that the country prides itself in now irrelevant as obama's administration tries to wash off the amount of dirt released under a leader who swore by transparency as well as present of u.s. practices of democracy to the rest of the world as absolutely stellar. what would have been the work for the national security agency for thirty years or less to leave alone to produce and he told us the sweeping nature of the program only serves to encourage abuse. it's a direct violation of the constitution and always has been that's why i left the n.s.a. in two thousand and one they started to do this and of course the congress and the
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administration at the time was being baboo bamboozled by the intelligence community saying that you have to collect all this data is so we can find the bad guys and if we don't do that we won't be able to achieve that and their budgets have been almost tripled i think since nine eleven so what they're really doing is saying we have to we have to use what we have which was that which is the problem with power when you give power to to an organization or to people they tend to use it and assembling this kind of information about all of all the citizens in the united states or anybody else for that matter gives you power against them you have leverage now and you can use that power against them or you can you can use other agencies of the government like the i.r.s. to investigate people like for example if they needed or they wanted to know who is in the tea party they already have that from the telephone and e-mail networks that build those social communities communities built from that data will tell them who's participating in the tea parties the central figures and who are not central to the to the to the tea party and then from that if they're asking for tax exempt
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status you can send the i.r.s. after them to harass them that's what's possible that's what this power of knowledge does it gives them that power to do that. washington's reacted furiously even to the leak on an internal investigation reportedly already under way paul rosenberg's the author of the free man's perspective newsletter he thinks that despite this bombshell most americans are still in denial of what's happening anyway. the problem with the people in the us right now is that they are not emotionally prepared to deal with the possibility of an electronic police it's just something that they've never that something that happened in east germany something that happened in china but they never think such a thing is possible in america. it's a good question over how many people will just find a reason to pass it off there was terrorism one hundred years ago there was terrorism thirty years ago these organizations spent billions before nine eleven
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they spent billions before the seven seventh's bombings they spent additional billions before the vast boston bombings and they occurred just the same there's going to be terrorism one hundred years from now too so it's a fallacious trade the sale give us out give us all of your privacy and we'll give you security they haven't done it and they can't. coming up turkey's unrest is running into the second week later in the program a report on fresh standoff between riot police and anti-government activists in istanbul and why the country's leadership is failing to calm the nation so far. but next cyber security issues high on the agenda between china and the u.s. this weekend is the country's first bilateral summit in a decade wraps up in california it is not important who follow the leaders meetings let's catch up with her now and see how those leaders got on it was due to be a rather tense day of talks was made saturday what was on the list that. well clearly there are a lot of topics on the list for this so-called informal summit between u.s.
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president barack obama and chinese leader cheesing ping what while it appeared to be all smiles the men were dressed very casually no ties no jackets walking along this private sprawling estate in california there was a lot of things to discuss among them economic issues north korea but the most important issue here that the leaders are discussing is cyber security now amid this meeting before this meeting took place reports have appeared indicating that obama has ordered his national security leaders to compile a list of potential over seas adversaries for cyber hacking which can be targeted with little or no warning why is that important to mention because for the past several months or more than five u.s. officials have been accusing hackers in china that have links to the chinese military the chinese government of hacking into u.s. systems in stealing defense programs stealing weapons programs stealing the patents
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and technologies of u.s. manufacturers those accusations china has vehemently denied and said that they are not a part of any hacking that's going on within the u.s. system but china also recently said or a technology official part of the chinese government also pointed a finger back at the u.s. so that they have massive records and facts indicating that hackers in the u.s. are hacking into into china's. china secrets and systems so clearly these tense talks are boiling up and these are the talks that apparently the leaders of the u.s. and china are expected to be having right now and now u.s. president barack obama did come out and say he believes these talks so far have been very terrific he's also said that he is hoping that the chinese and u.s. military can strengthen its ties and some would say that that could be. problematic considering considering the pivot that the u.s.
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military has made to the asia pacific many experts believe that the u.s. is now surrounding china militarily building up militarily in china's backyard so clearly there is a lot of confrontations or issues that both of the elite these leaders need to confront but at the end of the day these two countries the two largest economies in the world need to find a way to work together because they are tied in systemically with when it comes to debt when it comes to borrowing when it comes to trade but the tense moments right now seem to be surrounding cyber security virtual espionage and these mutual accusations of hacking and this is what both these leaders need to be ironing out right now report correspondent new york. well things up in the u.s. not only over. there but also overseas trading. me to destroy a deal that could become his biggest ever take over of an american company the
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scale of the moves got some business leaders worried but other spot golden opportunity this is a quote from virginia. who told harry more he says he thinks his state's actually going to benefit from the deal by getting better access to the vast chinese market to return the global struggle germany's george who agrees he told me there's no groans to criticize china. there is always going to be the segment of the american politicians and pundits that are always looking for something to criticize when it is involving china and sometimes of criticism comes from left field with no basis whatsoever certainly in this case the opportunity to. do so to blacken this deal they point out that chinese fork is not safe for their dead pig slowly known a river in shanghai it's also for the intention is not to supply the americans with
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chinese port but really it's to supply american port in china to the growing market there for for high end products so again it's a win for for the american industry and it's a boost for the american economy more about that later this hour in fact max and stacy look closer who really profits most from trade wars in the late edition of the cards the report does say that's bit later on. a subject is totally different now you can see that on the shelves of any british newsstand men's magazines with pictures of near naked women plastered across the cover now though two problem feminist groups are calling from to be removed from public sight or face the legal consequences of his poly boy has got the story.
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you're allowed mags it's a booming industry aimed at young men featuring lots of pictures of scantily clad women here in britain you can buy them in your local high street shop well that could be about to change because two feminist groups armed with the support of several prominent british lawyers say that leaving magazines objectify women and could underpin harmful to choose that could lead to discrimination reasons violence against women so that schooling on high street retailers to stop selling the publications if they don't they say they risk being suitable raftsman by customers on self-worth has a light but can you really be harassed by an anonymous old jacked sure they rank hotness of naked ladies and features chauvinist jokes but would removing them lead the line of censorship we hit the streets of london to find out what the public think choose a model and getting paid for what she's doing and which i did and more and more
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guys are in those pictures and well it's not just girls i post you can be all quiet and see things just the culture that we're in though i don't i don't like seeing them if i walk into my is happening before i walk into my local news agency and i've seen like just boots everywhere and i have asked them to turn them over and ask me to put them higher i don't want to see should be a choice i don't think is harmful is what i mean it's for certain kind of person who reads that so it's really fun to press whether it's political or images or whatever within reason obviously there's a legal issues. is a dangerous is a dangerous route to go down editors on the readers of a lad mags they're up in arms their argument against removing them is simple since the magazines became popular in the mid one nine hundred ninety three incidents of domestic violence in the u.k. have actually gone down and if lads' mags a deemed to be harassment then how long before fashion magazines and imus rising images deemed to be harassment as well and what's to stop men from being offended by pictures of naked males also on the covers of other magazines playboy carry on
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the. london. and so the argument rumbles on still to come a nuclear power plant that can withstand a plane crash but it's the locals the proving to be the toughest challenge as we report. in india much to the plan but it's got a lot of hurdles to get through before it gets online that story coming up to a city of contrasts found inequality jerusalem's arabs accuse israel of deliberately keeping them in poverty after the break as well. with. technology innovation all the developments from around russia. the future. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew. i'm tarp was a big. download the. application. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. street battles in turkey stretched into a second week police have used tear gas water cannon smoke grenades against
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anti-government protesters who were hurling stones and fireworks in the city's sultan ghazi district it follows the prime minister's belligerent speech where he demanded an immediate end to the unrest and accused the movement of vandalism and provocation and made to investigate excessive police force against activists ready to a bedouin said that they would be treated more harshly if there were any european state nationwide drive against the turkish leadership was ignited by a brutal crackdown on peaceful environmental sit istanbul's taksim square doctors say at least two protesters and a policeman died in the rest which was sparked by the officers attempts to disperse angry crowds almost five thousand people have been injured nationwide foreign policy expert barbara flavin is a senior fellow at the atlantic council she thinks that everyone should stop and rethink his approach towards his own people. this was a small environmental demonstration which turned into something. huge after police used excessive force against the demonstrators it's now spread throughout turkey
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and what it showing is that there is a great deal of opposition to heir to one personally and to the kind of creeping islamization that he's trying to promote in turkey it comes just a couple of weeks after he had a trip to washington where he bragged about turkey's economic success and again talked about turkey is a model so i think it has done damage if you look at what's happened to the stock market in turkey to the value of the turkish currency clearly he needs to recalculate i don't think this tough guy approach is going to help turkey we've heard talk about legislation that would limit when people can buy alcohol and consume it in public talk about restricting abortions he's urged women to all have three children a course you know his wife wears a headscarf all the rest there's kind of a question of that. that as well and i think that there are a lot of turks who are still loyal to the memory of auditor and who do not want to have this forced down their throats they want it to be a choice not something that the government tells them to do. well to do it cold
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we're talking tonight about a computer that fills a need for speed china is sending a wake up call to the world take joy notes and build a super computer this apparently is faster than anything silicon valley has to offer is brought online. the bitter experience of the world's chocolate seems nestlé of the facing a multimillion dollar mobile super claims of a sweet conspiracy again online from. jerusalem is a deeply divided city that's clearly evident in the very different lives of its people arabs so the discrimination against them is rife accusing israel of intentionally keeping them in public to. investigates. israeli leaders may claim jerusalem is the undivided capital of israel but try telling that to the city's two hundred eighty thousand arabs. the dues have
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everything gardens pools children go to camps in the summer but we did not have these things. this school sports ground is typical of facilities for jewish children but a stone's throw away arab children. spend their afternoons playing here in the street in front of his house in the first a study of its kind the u.n. found the palestinian poverty in jerusalem has risen steadily over the last decade eighty two percent of arab children live in squalor three times as many arab families live below the poverty line compared to the jewish neighbors part of the problem is this wallet that israel started building a decade ago israelis say it's necessary for security and to separate israel from palestine but what it's also done is isolate arab jerusalemites from their traditional economic sphere in the west bank and so whereas once you had daily visitors coming from palestinian cities to shop in jerusalem that's all but dried up add to that the discriminatory policies which see the cities arabs paying high
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municipal taxes for poor services and it's no wonder arab jerusalemites are suffering the worst poverty rate of all time the jerusalem municipality has an arab affairs department but critics say it pays less attention and money to the very citizens it's meant to serve something the municipality acknowledges but refuses to shoulder the blame and yes. it is very difficult for us to get services to those communities behind the wall there is a security issue with sending city employees or contractors' into those neighborhoods in the past our men were attacked while trying to provide the residents and services but many arab jerusalemites feel it's a smokescreen they say the municipalities really intention is to kick him out to make their lives so uncomfortable that they eventually leave his our lives here in the shell jalen neighborhood on the border between east and west jerusalem jewish groups say his family's house like many others was once owned by jews and they want
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them back but. they are doing everything they can to kick us out of the city. their goal is to make it just a jewish city with no palestinians and that's why they israelis say on t.v. that arabs of jerusalem are citizens who are equal when in fact we're not equal that's all. and so far from the moaning the fact that he's paid ground is just one street in his office he could one day be left in his home city without any way to call home pointlessly on east jerusalem. well the user brief now tonight at least eleven people have been killed and dozens wounded in clashes with local militias operating in the libyan city of benghazi witnesses say crowds converged on the armed groups headquarters demanding it is banned after a heated exchange the militia began firing at the protesters such groups are rife in libya they were armed during the revolution and later his intervention against canada recently. plans to build a mosque in an ancient english city of attracted crowds of protesters more than two
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hundred people from the english defense league another smaller extreme right wing group converged in lincoln's main square to chant and his islamic slogans no demonstrators traded insults of people in a smaller counter protest but the groups were quickly separated by police. a car blast in syria's central city of homs has killed eight people and left another five injured no would your admitted the attack but damascus has been accusing the rebel nusra front for carrying out terrorist closures across the country also in the area the syrian army has reportedly restored control of the city of qusayr now after weeks of intense fighting with rebels there the syrian civil conflict has been ongoing for more than two years with the opposition blocking diplomatic peace initiatives by demanding the government's departure. the fascist rallies been held in paris in memory of a teenager battered to death by skinheads earlier this week thousands of people many wearing black t. shirts chanted slogans against the extreme right from america's killing sparked
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calls for far right wing is to be. edgy on green day is about to get a brand new nuclear facility to help ease the country's crippling power shortages but it's faced a few hurdles along the way with construction repeatedly delayed over safety concerns from locals balancing their worries and the needs of india's rapidly growing economy hasn't been easy that as if a national found. the few has been loaded and the first customers will soon get the first energy from the could nuclear plant a joint indian and russian venture and it seems the moment of the station thought to be the biggest in both india and the world couldn't have come at a better time defeats it a little in that there is a huge energy deficit in this particular part of the country in the tamil nadu province and across all of india industries are suffering they're already going for energy they need of course the station will help with out things there. the government estimates that the country's power supply is about ten percent behind
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what it actually needs last summer half of india's population more than six hundred million people lost their electricity for two days major indian cities are still often plunged into darkness right now india gets fifty five percent of its energy from coal but the fossil fuels future is bleak state owned coal india the largest producer here is under pressure to sell below market price and can expect production one of the world's fastest growing economies is struggling to meet its increased energy demands and he's trying to diversify its coal dependent energy sector experts estimate that india needs around four hundred billion dollar investment into the industry to reach is developing. the station has been under construction for a decade but could have been launched earlier thousands of protesters outside couldn't columb mainly fisherman here in environmental damage have delayed the launch for more than
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a year those protests grew louder after japan's fukushima disaster in two thousand and eleven but couldn't clams designers insist its one point five meters thick protective concrete could withstand the impact of a large passenger jet. is the only nuclear station in the world that not only has active security features but also the most up to date safety system. which activate even of the electricity supplies cuts or there is no one to control them a repeat of the fukushima disaster is impossible here it's even a desert the two thousand megawatts could run columb plant is just phase one delhi and moscow have already signed off on another station to be next to eat to help feed into his insatiable appetite for energy and to keep its economy food challenged. t. from couldn't in india. just ahead patent trolls get the cut is a treatment and so next program.
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new york magistrate judge gary brown has ruled that it's ok to track people's location via their cell phone the judge supports his decision by saying that there is no legitimate expectation of privacy in the perspective of a cellular telephone where the individual has failed to protect his privacy but ticking the simple expedient of powering it off this statement seems to hint that cell phones are some sort of luxury and that people are just too lazy to turn off their phones when they want privacy this ignores the fact that there are many people who have to be on call twenty four seven like surgeons and server technicians these people can't just turn off their falls so does that mean that certain professions can't have privacy also this presumption that people have no
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expectation of privacy what about people who send images of text messages of a sexual nature to each other joy think that all these people just assume it's all public goods i don't think so the fourth amendment says that people have the right to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects and i'm pretty sure that's cover cell phones too but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report i'm an expert as are you know the american dream is
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the national if those of the united states life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth of course as the late great comedian george carlin said it's called the american dream because you have to be frickin asleep to believe it right stacy the dream is dead long live the dream of course you know in our first headline really captures quite a bit of this larry ellison has completely screwed up the america's cup by selecting an expression the expense of complicated and fast type of boat a seventy two foot catamaran called ac seventy two ellison has effectively made the two thousand and thirteen cup too costly for many competitors so this is set to begin july fourth out of san francisco and only fourteen have signed up where.


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