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welcome to the kaiser report well in mexico as are you know the american dream is the national if those of the united states life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth of course as the late great comedian george carlin said it's called the american dream because you have to be frickin asleep to believe it right stacy the dream is dead long live the dream of course you know in our first headline really captures quite a bit of this larry ellison has completely screwed up the america's cup by selecting an expression the expense of complicated and fast type of boat a seventy two foot catamaran called ac seventy two ellison has effectively made the two thousand and thirteen cup too costly for many competitors so this is set to
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begin to lie fourth out of san francisco and only four teams have signed up where organizers were expecting fifteen teams the norm for an america's cup is between seven and thirteen teams well they should rename it the america's cup to the american douche and there should be larry ellison winning the american war and once again crowding out all the competition by engaging in predatory monopoly behavior oracle software is a predatory monopolist that has customers of predatory monopolies pricing translate that into buying a boat that is crowding out all the competition personage to be racing himself which is what he wants and you know the day you larry also want to sit the bafta you know blowing bubbles through from flatulence and chasing his own flatulent bubbles in the bathtub around is you know quadruplex in malibu dreaming of a nice the new citizen kane you know he's a psycho in a big house. where the going mad well he said you embodiment of in
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a way of what the american dream was so there were periods in our history of america where it was possible despite your birth to rise up he was born to jewish parents in the lower east side of manhattan at a time when it was not the most expensive real estate in the world but it was one of the cheapest places in the world it was like a slum he was born in one thousand nine hundred four there he was given up for adoption and he never went to he went to college twice but dropped out both times and yet he's worth thirty four billion dollars today and yet the drawbridge is by these sort of oligarchs around the world are being drawn up wherever you feel like you said the digital rights management for example prevents a lot of people from ever entering the field in which he made his billions good the drawbridge is being pulled up from the pole to malibu dream barbie's dreamhouse he lives in barbie's dream house in malibu somewhere and he tries to look like barbie and i think you said enough work done but he has the soul of
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a monster but this is globally at the time this is what the american empire has delivered to the world the american dream because in this so the four teams competing three of them. are run and operated by billionaires have spent about one hundred million dollars on their boats you should be in the new west end revival of charlie in the chocolate factory you know they're bringing this new version to the west and here in london is just our larry ellison and larry and his boat factory it's all about he invites people to his boat factory and systemically slaughter's that under threat of tory pricing at the end he's got haha he pulls out a gun and shoots down the audience as well that's the new play started larry ellison larry in the book factory now we move forward a few years one nine hundred sixty is when our next headline star was born and he is was a pakistani immigrant to the u.k. and worked his way up x. dragon's den star khan says his daughters earned their jobs this is james caan
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he named him self after the actor and he is the new advisor to cameron's government on social mobility he is meant to lead the government's opening door campaigns where they're going to encourage businesses to voluntarily open to open themselves to open and fair recruitment he told the b.b.c. recently he said job prospects should not depend on who you know rather than what you can do and yet it's emerged that in fact his children work for his firms or firms that he owns one should model this guy he should remain in the company magnetism r us is obama talks one way actually the other way of course he's working as an advisor to the government so it's a propaganda position and this is what the propaganda is about the american dream as long as we keep on saying it is a long as we say that all are equal all will be treated equal everybody has the
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opportunity and then actually all the drawbridges are drawn up they don't tell you that that they're all drawn up and you actually have to charge the castle behind the moat behind the drawn up drawbridge that's the truth because as the saying that . he's telling businesses around the u.k. or at least this is the perception given to the population of the u.k. where we're told we have america ter craddick economy and an economy where you're allowed to rise according to your ability but in fact he says his own children he's hiring presumably they were competing against other people other individuals trying to seek the same job want to do closer to. ops but look reminds me of thinking all week about tim cook over there c.e.o. of apple computer telling the graduating class you must break the rules you must break the rules yeah right unless you're breaking the rules of the m.p.a.
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the motion picture association of america you can outshout joe like a little little squire like a little slave of the copyright cartel did you ever defend our forest christology m.p.a. kill them they were you one that tim could know where one of the duplicitous jerk these guys i'm sure you know if you tried to jailbreak their i phones or i pad it's you getting quite a lot of trouble in fact they tried to give you five years prison in america for that so you know if you don't have mommy or daddy you know to be part of the lucky sperm club to get into behind the drawbridge if you bore in behind the drawbridge behind the moat in the castles of our economy then you have you know the other traditional way was to go to university mind you those two men in the first headlines larry ellison and james caan did not attend university or did not complete university anyway and here we have in the united states working your way through college doesn't add up for today's students so we know that there's over
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a trillion dollars in student debt outstanding that's more than us credit card debt outstanding but apparently students today are paying a much higher share of the cost than students forty years ago when a family could have sent three kids to university of wisconsin madison for what it costs to send one kid there today adjusted for inflation plus the growing aristocracy and the growing peasant class so going to college today you get huge debts and you end up working for the military defense contractors or pay off those debts as a peasant the peasant class of america is growing by leaps and bounds there's one hundred seventy five million peasants and there's seven million people america living on two dollars a day or less people in a wal-mart wal-mart. and there is another duplicity is a douche they profits are tied directly to subsidies from the government the government pays the welfare and food stamps of their employees wal-mart doesn't pay enough for the employees to live a living wage no the taxpayer pays the wal-mart billions of dollars that they
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extract from the country as. nepotistic aristocratic anti american this is the most anti american be added a few decades many people say well why should these students be complaining because i worked my way through college i worked my way through university i worked hard i thrived i achieved the american dream well they look at that as well in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight to be a university of wisconsin madison student you could work your way through the university because it cost two thousand three hundred sixty two dollars that's what you need to earn for your living expenses and the tuition which would have been eight hundred ninety one hours of work that year at the minimum wage which most college students work minimum wage jobs today the same university at the same you know the minimum wage the current minimum wage it would take two thousand five hundred thirty eight hours at the minimum wage to pay for your university which
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would be fifty hours per week for fifty weeks i couldn't do it now i remember well i had to work my way through college as a pole dancer to listen to more of the west village and i'm told you know it's a lot of hard work you know tying it to the first story where you were talking about. the drawbridge being drawn up you know the toll booths being introduced via digital rights management and these sort of global policies of intellectual property rights which protect the likes of larry ellison is because of the intellectual property rights regimes that were introduced post his introduction into this industry the internet industry created i might add by the taxpayer the united states of america through arpanet and darpa how patent trolls are undermining the economy a white house report warns that the explosion of companies who buy up rights to patents in order to pursue aggressive litigation against alleged infringers has had
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a dramatically negative impact on innovation so these are called patent assertion entities patent trolls they buy up these patents never having any intention of actually using them and in fact what they do is they wait. like trolls under the bridge of innovation and wait for real innovators and real people trying to be in the market to get so far into their investment of time money and energy into creating a product and then they pounce with their threat of a lawsuit right it's intellectual property apartheid you know using patents and copyright and trademark law to create intermountain barriers to keep out competition larry ellison is guilty of this apple is guilty of this the m.p.a. in the hollywood industry is guilty of this and the result is a generation now americans and people around the world who are being kept away from the opportunity that they thought they had as their birthright into america the
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american dream is something that's been securitized in recent characterize hypothecated and read hypothecated and sold a thousand times by goldman sachs for an enormous fee but it's not available to any american unless they're a partner of goldman sachs as part of this new neo american kleptocracy slash aristocracy that really is shameful it's american myself with the roots of go back three hundred years when i see you larry also i vomit in shame in a way he he a pet of mice is what was possible used to be possible it is no longer possible but that makes me think for these students spending one hundred thousand dollars on a university of wisconsin madison education for the four year degree why not buy up some patents and then troll everybody and take down the economy and innovation you know this is the end of the american dream in mind as well join in the locust behavior because one study shows that fourteen p.a.'s these patents assertion
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entities had total revenues of seven point six billion dollars from two thousand to two thousand and twelve but the patent suits they initiated were associated with eighty seven point six billion dollars decrease in the share value of defendant company. well you make a good point there that it forces people to break the law eventually and that's why the same group of people are building so many new prisons or one of the biggest growing population in america is the prison population that's the biggest growing population because they can manage it all thanks to software provided by copyright crooks and patent schnucks like larry ellison all right stacy everett thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you max all right stay to the second half i'll be speaking with the legendary mort sahl.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time that it's our two comedy legend and social satirist mort saul mort inspired such greats as george carlin and woody allen and occasionally wrote jokes for president john f. kennedy mort's saul welcome to kaiser report thank you max all right now mort saul you recently said that ron and rand paul could make you a republican why. be because they speak the truth as they say in old words through movies white man speaks the truth no forked tongue . rand paul was. eloquent and since the cia did. the steroid the party. there's an
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alternative for americans yeah let me let me jump in here for a second so right when you say that rand paul speaks the truth what truth is he speaking and second of all what do you mean the cia is infiltrated the republican party but first of all what truth is rand paul speaking this morning he's said the president has lost the moral authority to guide the country because he doesn't answer i mean the charges about the wiretapping or they are all rests or why he or bogosity for a very obvious examples. in fact is a suddenly thing since you ran for office the republican party has had some bad luck that i don't think is random your member they were in that one guy who was a romney who looks like everybody's first close with them. but they had bad luck
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all right once but yet let me let me ask you about this string of bad luck and out might relate to well let's go back to one nine hundred sixty one more it's all of you are starting your career and president eisenhower at the time warned about the military industrial complex how is it turned out. well i started working in fifty three when he was in office and he called me a troll maker by the word hikes and he referred to walter cronkite and myself good company as trouble makers and kennedy used to call the white house lawn or was there the tomb of the well known soldier but that's another issue. yeah it didn't work out but. the revolving door in the private industry or became a very good business for this country little began to lose money let me ask you
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a question really more in terms of comedians and comics a few years ago steve stephen called bear was that the white house press dinner yeah and he roasted george w. bush in a way that shocked people what were you thinking when you saw that performance because it was to me the only real time we've ever seen a president going back many years get roasted alive in that way your thoughts marts all. those comedians for me are pretty soft they don't draw blood in other words the real humor is usually a result of seeing the irony of the situation the real humor is from gene mccarthy york absolutely stephen or kennedy himself the comedians are mostly mugging. and trying to get along with their corporate sponsors right and we see this really
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across the popular culture and spectrum and whether it's music or comedy theater television there is no real biting satire in america at this time when you are achieving the greatness back during the sixty's of course and you are the first comedian ever to appear on the cover of time magazine there was a place in society for the truth teller the truth seeker but now we have people like brad brad for bradley manning and wiki leaks who tell the truth and not only are they being you know pilloried they're actually facing jail life time of jail sentence what's wrong with america today or what's wrong first of all what happened to the homosexual community that made liberace's story the most watched television mono of all time why aren't they relevant for bradley manning were of it well in fact in fact the gay parade as i understand it this year they made
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a conscious effort to not make any reference to brad bradley manning whatsoever and there's a group that going back to the stonewall riots in the greenwich village back to the one nine hundred sixty s. without that kind of confrontational approach with the police there would be no gay rights movement so what is this part of what i see in america now where once people make a million or five million or twenty million they simply pull up the drawbridge and they say nobody else can come our way and it's back to an hour stocker see in america what do you think you know well i think you're right i mean it's a reason i watch your program roula just simply if i'm a low word but. what they do is they infiltrate the group they're probably a lot of intelligent people in the gay movement to divert it. there really were else why wouldn't they be they were in the student movement and that
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came out of the sixty's through i can usually. smell when the intelligent person along the way they fraction made the opposition instead of being the five fingers that roosevelt put together to get a like that they diverted the women they diverted the homosexuals they diverted the black people they got rid of labor we don't have labor in america anymore and leslye sloman they were air traffic controllers and the reward for all this was to name the airport in washington after ronald reagan would destroy the union. that's absolutely right the economics in america seem to be based on this idea that we can have only consumers and people going into debt but the idea of workers or workers' rights or union somehow doesn't factor into the mix i want to ask you about another comedian more salt by the name of bill maher he's on h.b.o.
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you may know h.b.o. had this liberace film that's done or where whoa ok now bill maher when i watch a show he seems overtly racist against islam and this was pointed out recently by glenn greenwald who was on his program and took bill maher to task and exposed him as being the racist that he is and bill maher for the first on going to i've seen was embarrassed and blushing on his show because he had gotten called out that glenn greenwald of course is someone who's been very active in the bradley manning case he's also been active in the gay rights. yeah so did you happen to see that moment on the bill maher show and if you had a thought about it no i don't i don't i don't watch the show very give the religiously i know bill very well he's been very kind to me but i don't think he
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lovaza anything he's afraid the flypaper will have to hear drew is fingertips so he repudiates a rethink in other words it's all a con job that makes him a sophisticate in his own mothers he gave a million dollars the obama. right well this is this is a good follow up then because on his show he divides america very neatly between the democrats which are righteous under obama and the republicans that are uniformly evil now going back to one of your original routines back in one thousand sixty's you gave a mock lesson as a professor and you show the entire spectrum of american politics and how every single person is duplicitous in their own way so would you how would you why does bill maher seem to be so wed to the idea that there is a obama left wing that is right versus wrong he's trapped in this left right
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paradigm or it's all what do you think well obama gave him an opportunity toward like they're open minded voting for a person of color but don't forget he got the nobel peace prize through how many people of bud sort of there was sworn in him he may have to give the brush back all right so if i'm hearing you correctly over your long story career in america has come full circle in many ways that there is still some very hard core bigoted opinions at the core even with the current president in the white house we still at the end of the day are dealing about a class system a class society hardened political divisions without a lot of consensus about where this country should go where should this country go
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more its all what would you like to see happen to bring things forward a bit it should lead by example not by military force. ok so explain that a little bit more my grandfather came from aurora show. because he thought there was more opportunity here and when he came here he tried to pass a law for tornado warning of people came his juniors so to speak but what happened is the country is not run by the visible leaders it's run by they had an empire which is probably the intelligence community so the president the structure their rebuttal by talking about social justice and the social democrats who are afraid to be communist because they lose their jobs. or is a right wing social democrat. now finally we've got about
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a minute left i want to get your thoughts on what's really happening on the bradley manning case in terms of how that relates to wiki leaks and how the street relates to this new phenomenon we have with the journalists are wiki leaks have really gone after the the status quo in the power structure in a new way certainly new since you know since you've been doing your career it was before the internet and before wiki leaks and so it's a new thing but you have to go back you had to go on papers to find an example of such a exposition of material that put the u.s. military and such a light but what are your thoughts on where the civil rights of turn is to help miami where are there where the student groups the march were other were the champions of sexual freedom where are they when it went to fire really gets caught
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. they disappear the pentagon papers has never been described accurately those who were exposed order because the war one sour a vietnam for us so we tried to tie the war to the army even though the cia sort of the war it was a very foreign boy all right that's a great point to end on march saw or out of time will hopefully be on again thanks so much for being on the cause the report i'm a great admirer your marks and stacy well i'm sure she would be very glad to hear that and that's all the time we have for this episode of the kaiser reply with me max kaiser and the lovely stacy ever i'd like to thank our guest more saul if you'd like to send us an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r t t v are you the next time i think i'll.
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