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and top here frenchman yvonne will extend his lead in the overall standings after dominating russia's first touring car race in moscow. four weeks footballer racing to come but first to tennis after world number one serena williams beat number two maria sharapova for the thirteenth time in a row to clinch her second french open title her up of zero was the defending champion in paris and took a two love lead before losing in the first set six four while a single break of serve in the second was enough for williams to take it by the same scoreline and secure her sixteenth major title but only her second on the paris clay courts after last winning the event eleven years ago the american sealed the deal with ace number ten it's already won that she's the oldest winner at roland garros in the open era and hasn't lost to sharapova since two thousand and four are in my position to be in the final and i did put up a fight obviously today against her is not enough but she's been playing
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a really great tennis i mean there's certainly not an excuse but which is choose playing streaming well i think she really wanted it she came out with a real plan him. she was really determined to do really well and i think there was a queue for the marriage was just to play well and i think she did i think she played excellent. well although it was disappointment over a couple of her compatriots were jumping for joy after the elena vesnina and to catherine i'm a car about one the women's doubles the russians beats the italian zero of solder irani on the robots of inchy seven five six two to claim their maiden major trophy while the american bryan twins won my fourteenth grand slam in the men's draw. and in the singles rafael nadal change a record eight french open title following it straight sets victory over fellow spaniard david for air looked on by spring doubting you saying bolt the king of it was interrupted by
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a court invasion he lived up to his monica as the twenty seven year old one six three six two six three brushing aside farah who was playing in his first major finals at the age of thirty one the doll has now won twelve grand slams and is the only man to have won the saying won eight times. maybe going to football and in a week of world cup qualifiers sell the push to go valid in the ninth minute winner as portugal be lead as russia one mill in lisbon to go two points clear at the top of group f. the defeats was the side's first on the coach fabio capello but russia still second with two games in hand one in brussels belgium when three points clear at the top of group a after holding off serbia two on thirty minutes in one of the tone and found on march chelsea where we had the boy. and on the hour marlon fellaini headed the host to go in front. of three minutes to go serbia back alexander color of
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curling in a pinpoint free kick to set up a tense finale but to warm up was how it finished. in contrast second place croatia's hopes of qualifying directly were dealt a severe blow off to losing one nil to scotland it is our bread the visitors had started the day bottom having lost the last four twenty six minutes and robert snodgrass hopes the ball past. stuff goalkeeper steve papacy cosa on the home side couldn't muster an equalizer and scotland held on for the first win to go above macedonia into fix it thank you great being leaders italy had to mario balotelli sent off before drawing nil nil with the czech republic in prague both sides struggles to create chances when the hosts did go close john luigi who form was there with the save however italy were dealt a blow in the seventy second minute when ballot tally collided with their don't get resul assy and was dismissed for his second booking in the space of four minutes
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but the czechs were able to exploit their advantage in much english goalless. in group c. austria when second in the race for a playoff place with a two one win over rival sweden in vienna against the run of play of the hosts and a twenty fifth minute penalty in david l. about julie converted mark young those brave diving head of them swiftly made it to nil. eight minutes to go johan elmander up call to go back for the swedes. was to hung on to go above the republic of ireland on goal difference and my points behind leaders germany. and japan became the first team to reach the finals along with host brazil off to picking up the point they needed with a dramatic late one one draw against australia in scientology off to eighty two minutes the socceroos spectacularly break the deadlock with a cross cumshots tomo which left the goalkeeper the most but in injury time the
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hosts were awarded a surprising penalty the contest got me to feel the case suki honda stepped up to kick japan into the twenty fourteen world cup a straight off thirty nation group be on seven points and have two games left at home to jordan and iraq to try to book the etiquettes to brazil. now russia is preparing to host them made unwelcome finals in twenty eighteen and as chief executive alexey several king told richard van port fleet the country is looking to learn from the euro two thousand and twelve experiences of co-host ukraine who won out over initial skeptics to produce a successful tournament. crain is exactly the example of how you can fall with to victim of bad p.r. i think they in the end they delivered a very good tournament but suddenly they they were not in the position to in time offset these strange attempts to bring down their effort and to diminish.
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in the media the endeavor that they embarked on. we will certainly learn from that and we'll be ready to to fully display what we're doing and to be open to to the interest of the audience but your general impressions just self of ukraine was very core duo very well organized. i expected more people to come there but. still there was there was a lot there was a an amazing number which i heard in the media the in excess of one billion euro was exchanged in the in the banks of only ukraine that means a lot of visitors with a lot of money it's a stunning figure really it's but it's it's a factor in the economy it's a factor in tourism it's a factor of in exposing the country's in a good sense. so. there's well organized in general i think there is still
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a witch hunt in the british press towards russia winning it's a fascinating mode cup no we don't feel that anymore it was valid that is true. probably a couple of years ago but we don't feel that it now and that present so now i think it stopped everybody's accustomed to the idea that the world could finally russia ok i mean obviously it is going to be a lot of focus on racism within russian football obviously racism is a massive problem around the world in italy as we've seen i mean let's have a boat saying being racially abused on the pitch but if you just focus on russia for a moment how are you going to tackle this problem yourself again we can we can only use promotional tools and p.r. tools to stand for. this phenomenon. which we intend to launch some of the initiatives very soon we will
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see most likely with the beginning of the new season the result of this work. but that's that's the most we can do we can only state our position and promote our position and that's very firm. when the fee for the full line speed has approached to it which is very strict. and we intend to fully share and develop this approach . not as a russian football action as confident but up off looks back over twenty twelve to thirty in the premier league first western style season and picks his top five players thanks i've even taken fever was the best man between the sticks sixteen clean sheets in twenty nine league matches led a defensively solitaries got to win the title for the first time in seven years and made it double with a benefit to shoot out of the tree over on gene the russian got a one club man as discussed captain and russia's number one with the group afton sanders and sitting just once in five games thanks i
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defender christopher samba was to angie what the money of edition been to spartak the imposing congress keeper had helped make this heating smarm title contenders with just two defeats in their first nineteen games them in the winter break and resold somber to english club q.p.r. the dentist on side went on to win only three more games still finishing third but eleven points adrift and in the europa not champions league while q.p.r. were relegated thanks i disciplined unstable beaver a snappy is the more demands of coach who bombed their leaves approach the tieless is rarely is that as an inside me field engine and played all thirty matches ending as coopt up score with nine goals in the europa league would be more russia's best side beating holder is sadly to come on the eve before one of final exit to eventually winner is chelsea while a sixth place finish means less this side of bacon in europe thanks i've
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heard good born armenian r us as milly's develop through the acts against me and brought some dutch flair to combine since last summer's one million euro more deflated footed winger with a rocket short scored nine goals as the cross on the clock went on reason since the winter break attracted the league's highest a town. finished the best ever fever and cool inched a first ever place in europe. i'd have to do normal lost seven of their first eight games to iraq more to a new coach down to driscoll inspired his moscow side to fortune mansion didn't run with dan gold top score alexandre category and their go to man the youngster and a seven magic man after rush tackles saw him sound off in a feisty one nil defeat at relegated our name empanelled to meet week end in ahmed just missed out on europe yet could goran remains a favorite for the dress code in russia coach fabio capello are gone so the mother
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of our team. from russian football to the russian combat sport of somebody where the host nation donated out the illustrious president's cup held for the seventh time here in moscow they call their child explains all. the comeback sport of samba turns seventy five this year it's a fusion of various tristen styles this martial arts which was cropped to to solve its union and this year only teams from the former soviet republics were invited to take part in the presence cup in moscow even though somebody is looking to gain ground i think but this is a very prestigious tournament west asia for a seventh time and they could position gets tougher every year just look how heated the finals are i think it's a sign of how fast our sport is developing and i'm really happy that somber is moving to worse the olympic family with traditional wrestling fighting for them because survival because mission for samba may be a long shot but three time olympic wrestling champion aleksandr karelian looked on
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as russia took on rivals belarus in the decider. and local fighters prevailed and eight of the nine finals to ensure the cup stays at home and are also looking to deliver an even bigger tournament's i said i guess that was the president's cup was a major stop on the calendar for the russian national team we don't think it's just the warm up is and it is important for us and now we will head into the camp to get ready for the university games and the world championships. both competitions will take place in russia with the university games due to start on today the sikhs in cars on the old event returns to st petersburg an event a month after the seed to place host of the gold combat games given some the plaintiff's chances to raise its profile. and that's the end of part one but don't go away we'll be back after this short break.
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big just cold popping to what degree is big pharma hijacking captures the western medical establishment what is the real aim of the pharmaceutical industry to make people healthy or to generate healthy profits for themselves and is there anything we can do to break this on healthy fly dictions. nobody chooses to be homeless no one chooses to me and now sorrow. isidro for the show to. get in the six pm get out six b six. they were in. school they. had to me the class before the. days no word against poor.
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it's tough to think about all of them comes in. and to know that many may not have only been the last two won't should never be but they're also due to for closures they never should have. to go to the. science technology innovation hall believes developments from around russia we've got the future covered. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all day. welcome
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back to ponte to the sports show and let's kick off on the pitch where the russian women's rugby sevens team are talking the top three as they prepare for next month's world cup sevens which will be held in russia for the first time michael christian can report. russia's rugby sevens team twice made the headlines last month by finishing third at the inaugural women's sevens world series in amsterdam where they lost out to powerhouse new zealand their only loss of the tournament and then again missing out on top spot at the european grand prix final after being brought back down to earth by a ramp and. yet despite twice falling at the final hurdle the team is ultimately preparing for a bigger goal when i can but that's how i want to produce good results as a team so that people notice us you know i mean the world cup is going to be in
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moscow so we're using this tournament's to gain further experience so that we play our best at our own goal of coming every afternoon dreams of competing in something as big as the world cup especially in your home country where the men's and women's tournaments are being held together for only the second time and while russia's men also have high aspirations at the two day event the spotlight has swung to the women after such a sterling few weeks one of the key aspects of success for russia's women's rugby sevens team is the fact that they are physically very fit and very fast. forward if anybody can always go on q o r award in combination of almost two years for work with the goal to bring the girls to their peak for the world cup come on sure the favorites are still new zealand england and the us but we'll see rugby sevens is also about good fortune it was good weather in search one thing that i
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think is to our advantage the average speed of our team is much faster than others in other teams maybe only two or three players are our best in our team practically all seventy because it's a useful and effective skill that will come in handy when russia takes on the world's best from july twenty eighth and the prospect of a rematch against favorites easier and or against england is something. the team is relishing when you go when you were not afraid of anyone because ram now up there with the bast we proved this at the world serious maybe there are areas where we lack a bit of technical discipline but that's because rugby is still quite new in russia and she already achieved so much and so we will time it shows just how determined we are. in three years' time rugby sevens will make its debut at the rio olympics and the twenty thirty world cup in russia might be the last ever such tournament so with a chance to make history both the nation's teams will be going all out for glory
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and with an eye on twenty sixteen might look at genco moscow. now to the best of the restaurant this week's well live sport. on monday want to football's much anticipated transfers finally went through after brazil's hottest prospects neymar underwent a medical and signed on the dotted line of a five year deal with spanish champions barcelona the twenty one year old arise from santos and could rival the you know messi is domination up front though eclipsing the reigning full time will player of the white be a tall order. so it's all out in a mall but on tuesday it was out the design as german giants by i mean. he is the sixty eight year old leaves after two seasons in charge of the bavarian side and leading them to a unique travel of domestic and european titles former boss alone
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a coach pep guardiola is set to take over while hiding keys has been linked with a return to rail madrid. on wednesday n.f.l. champions the baltimore ravens were on it with a reception at the white house where coach john harbaugh gave president barack obama that jersey the ravens beat the san francisco forty nine ers thirty four thirty one in a thrilling championship game in february to capture their second super bowl crown in their seventeen year history. then on thursday king of sprinter usain bolt made a moving entrance at the diamond league meeting in rome and the six time olympic champion was the fastest out of the blocks in the men's one hundred meters he was outpaced by american justin gatlin to coopt nine point nine four seconds to beat the jamaican by one hundredth of a second claimed his only olympic gold so far in athens in two thousand and four
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before bolt dominated the next two games. on friday russian basketball champions tesco added another piece of silverware to that trophy cabinet the moscow club side looking wanted to ban fifty nine fifty four to win the best of five finals series three one and secure their fourth the tb united to the crown in five years twenty teams from the former soviet states as well as poland in the czech republic took part in this season's fifth year of the tournament. while on saturday the sky it wasn't the limit for some french pilots as they donated the aerobatics challenge event in prague the competition combined a six compulsory figures and ninety seconds of a freestyle show born at speeds of around four hundred kilometers per hour and veteran p.s. vita top managed it the best to leave the french one two three. and
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on sunday straight time defending formula one champion sebastian vettel dominated the canadian grown create to win from pole for the first time around a long as i moved up from six to beats lewis hamilton to second red bull's mark webber was fourth though the race was moment by the death of a track hit by the recovery truck when moving crash bettles side win of the season sees him search the six points clear of a long as i over all that to me when i can oblige us in third off just seven races . staying with my just ports wes three time world champion if i was among the winners in the first of that russian stage of the waltz touring car championship one brings us this pit stop report. with the sun schools in down on the newly built moscow raceway roughly eighty kilometers outside of the russian capital the six week end of the world touring car championship caught on
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the way with three time champion in pole position off the course occasion. he made no mistake in a race one of the day avoiding an early pileup to take full advantage of early on and although the red flag was deployed on lap four was never really in much danger for the rest of the race registering his full feeling of the season. and in race two it was mission u.k. who took the top spot the third of the season after the dave battled it out for almost the whole race against more. than ninety who didn't even manage to finish despite a quick stop spinning out of the race after contact with brit rob hough. and in the final stages almost made it two wins out of two but for the gritty determination of the day for you and weekend for. team. very breezy of course because we've always on that she's always in but on but. but you could all because
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my main bulk now which is you. know it was very important for them to. victoria here. while it's certainly a really challenging task further down the g.c. the time is coming to us at the first time i think the first real test for the moscow raceway. was only it went to twelve. and the novelty of a new country and an unknown race track had many locals hoping russian team ladder sport led by russian and hale kozlovsky and brit james thompson would take advantage of home comforts the latter managed to claim ten valuable points in race one but kozlovsky has yet to register a single point this season as noel drove well but it was difficult and i was stuck battling it out with the one or two cars around me which meant i couldn't move up further it's
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a pity i couldn't finish the second race but i have to say the track is first class and every driver i've spoken to speaks highly of it. so with the russian leg of the world touring car championship successfully concluded and yvonne miller already out of sight in the overall points table the drivers will now head to portugal for around seven of twelve hoping to reduce the gap with the frenchman mark of genco r.t. . now next month top level gulf returns to russia with moscow set to host its first european tour event since two thousand and eight and which of ample feet spoke with tournament director jose maria mora about what the capitals golf levis can expect. the two thousand and eight financial crisis was a setback for russia and for russian gulf with money short of the country's european tour event was scrapped leaving one of the country's developing sports well down to top professional men's tournament golf is not i repeat sporting in
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russia so it was always nice to keep the link with with professional golf unfortunately with them we need a pinto for a few years but to say they have the final task to come with a successful challenge sort of and it's a level and now they've raised the bar and gone out into the big league russia wasn't completely starved of gold with a second tier challenge tour event still taking place but with a low price fund it was never going to attract top names or up and comers in contrast species russian open will be offering one million euros for the winner taking home a chank of one hundred sixty thousand i think it'll happen you're probably like in the past we have some really good players on the russian open and there have been to two or become a really good players i think it's really led to that we have you know a new young upcoming star winning the russian open and probably win the majors in a few years the russian open will be signed which between two of golf's mage's the british open and the p.g.a. championship so the likes of the world's top two tiger woods and rory mcilroy won't
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be descending on moscow but jose marti has some order of things russia's golf courses and facilities are some of the best in europe and still expects a great four days of competition all the top top players will take a week off but we'll have a lot of utopia until we know it's come into play and you know they love that they've been here before they love the country and i'm sure we'll have a very nice event russia's best known golf is probably the former world number one tennis star you getting caffeine and the two time grand slam winner switches attention to go far to retiring and the thirty nine year old has been given a wild card to compete at the russian open and he also has one eye on competing in the two. carson sixteen olympics in rio i think the one really important thing is that gold has become olympic sport now so probably at the olympic committee in russia will pay more attention to the golf we hope to develop bring golf to talk to the public so these are always good news for golf six months of bend will take
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place if it's to live a course which was designed by legendary golfer jack nicklaus promised to try and ryder cup winner francesco molinari and the danes sort of played certain downstate parts of russian go fun should be in for real treats of the end of july richard on boldly dancey moscow. and finally it's summer in the city but russia's ski jumpers have been using their home advantage to prepare for the saatchi winter olympics at the games venue in the black sea resort the two ramps at the russkie gokey center will host the stray nordic combined tournament plus the four ski jumping events with the women's competition sent to make its debut and the host nation looking to win the first ever medals in that sport. and that's a from the smallest thing by. choose your language. according to care without any federal officials and the.
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truth is that the consensus to. choose the good news that you think great to. choose the story is going to. change access to. they all told me my language at all but i will only react to situations as i have read the reports to the players i know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter play like the muslims say it lists are a car is on the docket. no more weasel words when you need a direct question prepared for a chase when you run should be ready for a bad little freedom of speech and a little bit on the freedom to cost
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a. little . bit . and. little live. live
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a free media. dot com. you can come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies that are. completely free from risk. the man who expose washington's all seeing spy network justifies his actions saying it rather loose freedom watch his government destroy privacy for. the us it isn't the only one pledging no mercy for those who speak out it's golf friends who are taking internet downs to much greater levels we're reporting that. violence in mali threatens to destabilize the whole of north africa according to the u.n. even as international business of vultures seek to get all the gold in camp from the country's mines.


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