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tv   Headline News  RT  June 10, 2013 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies. be completely free from risk the man who expose washington's all seeing spy network justifies his actions saying it rather loses freedom to watch his government destroy privity. the us isn't the only one pledging no mercy for those who speak out it's girlfriends are taking internet crackdowns to much greater levels we report on to this. violence in mali threatens to destabilize the whole of north africa according to the u.n. even as international business vultures seek to get all the gold they can from the country's mines. and the storm over syria assad's military success spurs washington towards the plea arming the rebels now while american troops jets and
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missiles gather nearby. hello there very good even should live from moscow at nine pm is kevin owen here with the latest news headlines this hour from r.t. and first the amount of blew the whistle on an unparalleled u.s. surveillance web's identified himself saying he expects to be made to suffer for exactions twenty nine year old former cia technical assistant edward snowden was until monday holed up in a hong kong hotel afraid to leave his room for fear of retribution but he says he's got no regrets and that exposing washington spy network against hundreds of millions of its own citizens was too important. i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have a people come after me or any of their their third party partner you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations or you know they could pay off the triads you know any
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any if their agents or assets we've we've got a cia station just up the road in the consulate here in hong kong i'm sure they're going to be very busy for the next week. and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time when indeed the united states criminal chase has begun it seems with top officials calling for snowden to be prosecuted to the harshest extent of the law intelligence doubtless glenmore treated javi told us washington's going to try everything now to catch the whistleblower they will use all the palos available to them both legal and dare i say it illegal we've heard of rendition well he's he's too
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high profile of the moment i think to be spirited away so i do think that they will pay for the legitimate operation but there's no surprise about this it's a huge embarrassment it's a political embarrassment there is a phrase players in the stable door after the horses bolted well the thing is that with that was snowden he has given away so much information it is difficult to stop things now but they they will not stop this is the way that the intelligence services get their information nothing will change. well as the big story of the day tell us what you think about it what do you think edward snowden fate is going to be going to r.t. dot com you can tell us things if you have done so already this is what you're saying then it's not ok down to tired this but still almost a third if you think he's going to face imprisonment like bradley manning twenty four percent of you say it's still too early it's too hard to predict this case is
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too complicated to know what his fate is going to be yet just about the same of for exactly the same think he's going to give an asylum with a superset sympathetic country like a son talking of which you think he's going to be. finished off annihilated eliminated you think that's going to be his fate twenty two percent of you believe that's going to happen r.t. dot com tell us what you think. when it comes to getting heavy whistleblowers and free speech advocates the u.s. need look no further than its own gulf allies indeed several countries there have cracked down with a woman in kuwait given eleven years in jail on your monday for insulting the emmet on twitter you go pers can offer reports next on how the gulf gets tough on the internet. let's now take a look at the u.s. friends who are known to have somewhat suspicious methods of upholding democratic freedoms of their citizens could tour the united arab emirates kuwait rain and saudi arabia now in saudi arabia local media reports that the authorities asked the
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mobile providers to find ways to monitor encrypted messaging and apps like viber skype and whatsapp and said that if these applications could not be monitored then they would have to be blocked while last month senior saudi religious clerics declared those who use twitter are risking quote demonstration and lose both this world and their afterlife let's move on to qatar now seen by many as a regional media hub which openly supports radical freedom fighters in syria while it's now looking at punishing websites and social media with a new internet called under the new draftee of gaudi's will be allowed to remove news videos or posts even factual ones if they think the violate the sanctity of privacy now this brings us to the united arab emirates a country ruled by seven hereditary rulers were political parties are banned by law and their citizens can be jailed for tweeting like the recent case of a man who received ten months behind bars for describing the legal process around
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a group of civil society activists quote in bad faith now in kuwait this year alone at least six journalists and dozens of activists have been arrested on charges that include insulting the mirror on twitter other widespread charges for criticism online from users are threatening national security and of ending religion all on the web but the jail sentences are anything but virtual and sometimes stretch to two years behind bars despite being party to the international court and on civil and political right now finally last but not least rain six bloggers were given one year in prison each after they were found guilty of misusing the right of free expression and insulting the king even though apparently their angry tweets were merely criticism of the authorities. one activist from bahrain has managed to get asylum in britain a court back home sentenced to. fifteen years jail in his absence because he
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managed to escape before the police came knocking him in the door i'll study why he'd fallen foul of the authorities but if anything he you do it is upsetting the government unless you are supporting the regime itself what i did is i issue that will. last for allowing the people of bahrain to. participate in the exchange their ideas and brainstorming and things. form for them to move towards the twenty one century. that's what we do doesn't want one it in bahrain they don't they don't want their people to be educated and to know they are right i went into hiding for two years and i was applying high level security to protect myself the opposition in behind is very very strong you can see more than three hundred thousand on this it's just because it's peaceful and because of the saudi arabia money no one is talking about it turned knights of tear gassing in turkey as
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the country's problems to hit south sudan to protest is labeling the warders who lack respect for it as coming up. next the syrian rebel national coordination boards calling on all foreign fighters no matter which side they support to leave the country that's after syrian troops with the help of hezbollah fighters regain control of the town of qusayr near the lebanese border the syrian soldiers advances seem to be pushing rebel supporters a spur washington into action to his policy of. obama administration could decide this week whether or not to approve lethal aid for syrian rebels the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has postponed a mideast tour to participate in these talks now according to officials they will also weigh the merits of the illest likely move all the same to me a u.s. air power to enforce a no fly zone which of course would be a very controversial decision at the same time lady a falls in the u.s. marines have been deployed along jordan's border with syria and this is according
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to israeli and iranian media this deployment is unrelated so we're being told with the joint military exercise that started on sunday now the united states has deployed if sixteen jets and missiles which can be used against planes and other missiles to dawdle and according to washington it might keep him in the country off to these drills the action of course has raised concerns in the international community russia says the deployment is and i'm a construct of state that threatens to expand the conflict and many are questioning whether or not the u.s. is preparing to carry out an incursion in syria and if so this of course will only further worsen the situation there many complain and incite far more controversy we continue to hear reports of direct foreign involvement in fact we're just hearing reports now of three belgian citizens who were killed in syria fighting for the rebel front now experts say that as many as two hundred belgians could be fighting in syria right now they would have come in through the turkish border and belgian
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police have a really a waste of civil citizens who have returned to the country after fighting and being radicalized inside syria this is not the first time that we're hearing of foreigners fighting in syria we have heard of americans fighting there in the past all of this is happening in light of the moves made by the syrian president bashar assad's forces in fact we're hearing reports that assad's troops are poised for an attack on the key city of homes which could cut off studios. position from the south of the country we're also hearing that as many as five thousand hezbollah fighters are reportedly now inside syria helping the machine play sun with its campaign after capturing the town of croissant we haven't live in use for the last week. international lawyer and political analyst dr franklin lamb believes the decision to send arms to syrian rebels will return to haunt president obama i think the obama administration is willing to do this in a modest way only to placate some of the neo cons and some of those in congress as
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you know the american people are behind this only twenty four percent in a recent poll said that they would think that that would be a wise power for the americans over a half want to stay out of it so i think there is some chance but still there is a remaining problem for the administration finding a reliable group to give these arms to that would really do any good given all the all the divisions and whatever obama does he's going to get burned on this because the congress or certain factions are going to say lot to game to the wrong ones and then we're going to hear these arms are used in you know some sort of massacre and then it's going to bite back. so tonight plan b. comes to greece quite literally up ahead the founder of a new party offering an alternative to grace tells r.t. what's at stake for the story of iraq today as the troika inspectors arrive to push
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for more. i. aren't gold does not come easy. savaged by poverty a country torn apart. by. the french troops one of the world's poorest nations to the next for me to. watch our special coverage.
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on. this groups in northern mali pose a serious threat to security across the region and the african u.n. peacekeepers don't have the equipment they need when they'll be deployed next month those down in conclusions from a u.n. report released on monday but security is not the only concern for mali's people marry for national reports next on the fate of the global gold diggers and ready to plunder the country's precious resources. little mina entertains herself while her entire family is at work her mom dad brothers and sisters are all miners and one of molly's many so-called traditional gold mines. will make a hole the size of
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a body with this and then we dig deeper and deeper. the industrial mines series investments from big foreign companies work with machinery although often referred to as government mines their role in fact privately twenty percent of their revenue being paid into the country's coffers those who work in traditional mines don't have to pay the authorities but at the same time they don't get any help either the hell is narrow and deep they dig until they strike gold or some of the mines here go down to the depth of sixty meter is the equivalent over fifteen or a twenty story building the tunnels are so cramped there is barely any room for movement here with no support structure it looks like nick loves it and it won't carry here so mysterious about. it i was overseas she. got her this mine and tells me here is ten here working on the ground for hours it wasn't
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real hard wire maskaev that if you're minutes bridge becomes difficult with a lot of oxygen. this is the hardest part of a very long process rocks are extracted before being pounded sifted and washed if the team gets lucky their hours of back breaking work will produce some grains of gold the money raised by the sale will then be divided between all those who went down the pit sometimes as many as a thousand miners. i'm not happy as i work more hours than i get for having spends around five hours here we are dirt exhausted and terribly dehydrated people here usually work from ten to eleven hours per day every evening they're paid but not in cash they're given rocks taken from the mine this may contain gold if it doesn't just left empty handed with this game of luck is for many molly ends of their only way of getting paid but it seems their dreams of wealth in one of the poorest
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countries on earth could be dashed as the government moves to ban traditional mines that it's on a huge scale there's a lot of money the black market is growing there's no property taxes and we don't get out of hand from a. book with a monthly budget officials complain a traditional gold exploration is possible to help in darfur to become more affluent to develop exploiting them to make you wealthy much richer than they were before molly's gold experts have more than tripled in the last decade yes mullins indeed seem not to be man the beneficiaries. but not all believe the authorities intentions will diminish poverty is by use the funds if you only care about you think of liberation so i want to come in and you to call them on the transmitter a will written and certainly want to hear all the stuff that you just picked up on the back of it is that this november and joined by allah in suisse then sure will start operating the country's first gold refinery with
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a monthly capacity of half the country's any oil production it will require a huge increase in exploration at least seven chinese deal will go. agencies have already arrived in the country with me more likely to follow it's still a little lonely where will these others change anything for the better for us he's asking for. the future of these people remains uncertain about like their income and it's not clear whether they'll still have even their needs are placed under the african sun. we fell sharply from mali. they've enjoyed ten nights of tear gas and water jets but the tens of thousands who've poured again into istanbul's taksim square remain resolute continuing the call for the prime minister to resign but premier edwards maintaining his tough stance warning demonstrators that his patience is wearing thin at his regular
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school reports next from the heart of the unrest. this is still going on people are saying they're not backing down they're going to continue to protest and it's not all fun and games protesters have come under fire from police and on caracas is the second day in a row that such such an event has happened in fact all cries one of those is that one of the turkish cities which has been under a lot of pressure when it comes to police reacting to the protests in fact it has been gassed or somehow the water cannons have been used some protesters almost every single day off the protests which have been going for more than a week at this point almost two weeks in istanbul the worrying trend here is that the prime minister don't want continues to talk about his supporters who are also getting ready to go to destry according to or don't want. their patience is running thin and those who are siding with the prime minister are ready to take to the streets and express their points of view is that of course happens in all of alister experts are predicting. extreme civil unrest in the country and all of them
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are hoping that that will not be the case as it stands at this point people in istanbul show absolutely no determination to go anywhere they have been camping out here in texas seam and in gezi park for more than a week at this point their main demand is also to see the prime minister leave his post but the prime minister obviously has made it clear that he is not going anywhere. and we got a full time out of the turmoil in turkey. trouble or see elsewhere to take a look on our website. for holiday magazine from thing with this when they cut site of the scary tornado rare phenomenon that's sort of the atlantic we've got the pictures out of step up to space for a round with talk about that is what it's called a new satellite monitoring station so you know well all the way to becoming a fully fledged research station get the details of. days off for missing it had miscalculated the devastating effects of greece the
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international monetary fund delegations rich. and to athens they'll be joined by e.u. and european central bank chiefs will still demand the greek government fire four thousand more state employees in return for bailout cash but the former leader of certs a party that now leads the opposition says the time is right for his new party plan b. you know if one comes in the boat has a plan b. and the boat going to sink. to find a plan with. this exactly as you said greece will. look to find it would be because the. destruction for use. was twenty five. loads before for the year we've. four or five times the unemployment rate the week
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before who ever. call you for without knowing when to this is planning. a surprising show of optimism the french president's declared the end of the eurozone crisis big time but france where a lot of words are unlikely to sound convincing to europeans ensuring record high unemployment and painful belt tightening measures across the continent a test for a city reports a brussels at the heart of the few opportunities for those left without a livelihood. i'm forty seven and never thing i will go from no to both as for was him nobody. nobody needs me you know how can i say i'm messing about. i don't see any future for us here we have to go back and back to their native rumania nicoleta mildew ran into financial trouble after getting it back moon few years ago in order to repay the debt the good they try their luck elsewhere
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a fruitless journey that took the italy to germany denmark and i'm sure done before finally ending up here in the e.u. capital brussels we can find anything. they tiny and people complain if they don't have anything to work we try to go to germany. is much tougher when you know it's an unpleasant situation that's quickly becoming the norm in the course of stricken european union and the seventeen nations euro zone in april the jobless rate went up yet again to twelve point two percent compared to twelve point one percent in march that's nineteen million men and women in the whole e.u. twenty six point five million people are out of work the figures are even worse for the other twenty five's as youth unemployment in some countries has gone through the. elitist any strange thing out there and young people are out of the job that
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there's just incredible labor mobility has to eat grease so that they can move from a high unemployment area to open employment area like for example germany clearly that's easier said than done though for people like nicole and his wife what these latest unemployment figures show is something already known that europe is struggling to find ways to create jobs but what they don't show are the day to day lives of the twenty six and a half million unemployed europeans many. who are desperately finding ways to put an end to their struggles to end up taking. yes yes if you compare the youngest group with the middle age group or with the oldest age group it's not the youngest. the biggest problems it's the middle aged category of us most problems after forty forty five your chances of finding churches are you really very limited so you're almost for the life of us being unemployed until you're anxious and that is exactly why mika is now forced to think about
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woodturning called to me when i want to go back home because. i don't see anything here. it's very hard to find a job and everybody look at you like you don't we want a war like you are how can i say like a suspect you know i don't understand why we have id we're here for luggage a man will want to steal something don't go with luggage in the way it's they saying see don't belong here this is you to post to be like a big family but nothing like that. i'm very sorry to say that but. this are still the r.t.e. brussels. elsewhere in brief tonight afghan soldiers are killed all seven attackers in kabul international air after a large scale taliban assault there with rocket propelled grenades assault rifles and at least one large bomb the insurgents seized one of the buildings an open fire
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a series of explosions are also heard outside the facility which houses a large nato base. protesters in bosnia of continuing their fight to force the government for a new law in issuing national id numbers marching in the hundreds of the capital the previous law lapsed in february and babies born since then have been given official registration documents like passport demonstrations began more than a week ago when thousands of angry parents besieged parliament in sarajevo. government workers in india's kashmir angry at being underpaid a job insecurity took the fury to the streets riot police that are coming to disperse them after several hundreds rallied over their temporary contracts are not getting regular salaries public sector workers there have increasingly started taking to the streets to get leaders to consider their demands. money support rather right here right after the break.
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six san diego residents were thrown off of an airplane not for what they said but how they said it because they said it in another language russian in fact a paranoid and cowardly steward on the plane told them that they had to clear out just for speaking another language to be here yes of some group of people were to commit a terrorist act then speaking in a foreign language would be a good tactic i can't deny that and foreigners who come to america better get on the ball and learn to speak english adequately but there is a problem about fifty million tourists visit america every year according to the us department of commerce and trust me not all of them are canadians if the usa is going to have millions of tourists arriving in traveling by air then don't be surprised when they speak their own languages if you're going to throw foreigners off of airplanes just for speaking their native languages then you're going to have to basically throw people off of half of the planes flying over the united states but that's just my opinion.
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good luck for a tour. doing anything. to teach creation why it should care about you and. this is why you should care only.
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hello welcome to the r t sports show twenty six action packed minutes of sport from russia and around the world coming up to me kate partridge and here are the top stories. queen of problems while number one serena williams beats defending champion maria sharapova in straight sets to clinch her second french open crown. plus a lisbon loss portugal will be russia one nil in the world cup qualifier to go top of group best with fabio capello's men have two games in hand. top give frenchman yvonne le extends his lead in the overall standings after dominating russia's first touring car race in moscow. all week football and racing to come but first to tennis after world number one serena williams beat number two maria sharapova for the thirteenth time in a row to clinch her second french open title job of i was the defending champion in
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paris and took a two love lead before losing. the first set six four while a single break of serve in the second was enough for williams to take it by the same scoreline and secure her sixteenth major title but only her second on the paris clay courts after last winning the event eleven years ago the american sealed the deal with ace number ten a thirty one she's the oldest winner at roland garros in the open era and hasn't lost to sharapova since two thousand and four. i are in my position to be in the final and i and i did put up a fight obviously today against her is not enough but she's been playing really great tennis i mean there's certainly not an excuse but but she is she was playing serenely well i think she really wanted it i think she came out with a real plan in. she was really determined to do really well and i think that was a key for the match was just to play well and i think she did i think she played.


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