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tv   Headline News  RT  June 11, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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fourteen people are reportedly killed and dozens injured as a double suicide blast rocked damascus in the latest terror attack in war torn syria. hundreds of turkish riot police swarming to istanbul's taksim square it was big demonstrators with tear gas and water cannon but the crew from artie's arabic sister channel among those caught up in the action. and on the streets and online supporters of edward snowden the man who blew the whistle on america's mass internet surveillance operation called him to be pardoned as he disappears from his hotel in hong kong where he was hoping to avoid prosecution by the u.s. .
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over a good afternoon schieffer just joined us it's covered over here in la with you just after one o'clock near moscow time at r.t. and a double suicide attack has rocked the syrian capital damascus killing fourteen and injuring at least thirty one people the explosions went off in a central square with reports the one of the blast was caused by a man that blew himself up inside a police station the square was also the scene of deadly attacks earlier this year to it comes as washington debates whether it should arm the syrian rebels after assad forces made recent advances and recaptured a key city well meantime the u.s. could approve lethal aid for opposition fighters in a matter of days now a no fly zone could also be under consideration this just a week before the international peace conference on syria planned for july speaking to american media sergei lavrov gave russia's position on this is artie's tom barley explains no to us either tom good day to you what exactly did sort of a lover of have to say even. lavrov spoke of double standards when
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it comes to the west's approach to various regimes saying that whilst they supported some dictators because they were considered their dictators in his words other dictatorial regimes were not considered worthy of support and therefore they were considered ripe for toppling he also said that russia intended to fulfill its contract to supply surface to air missiles to assad's forces. this is a project do what must be done and that's why the u.s. and russia c o two out of. every single stupid you know that alongside with the position which is called three syrian army there is the realizations for. one of their was the glue of the poorest nation by the united states and europe and the need to be political. for the most of history because europe and most of the least
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of those there is going to version as well because of the regime you either. are on the basis of whom you work and who don't or you agree that there is a common. person of international terrorism. it must be said that the organization al nasra has been blacklisted by the u.s. as a terrorist organization these comments come as the there are reports that the forces of bashar al assad are preparing for a massive assault on the city of aleppo currently held by syrian rebels that is one of the reasons that the u.s. is considering possibly as early as this week with supplying possibly supplying weapons to syrian rebels they have suffered a defeat recently in the town of course with assad's forces being helped by hezbollah militants from lebanon also this could have a knock on effects to
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a planned peace conference trying to be organized by russia and the u.s. with the military victories of assad's forces it's thought that assad may have less inclination to try and work towards a constructive peace the rebels also with splits in their ranks struggling it seems to get a delegation together for that peace conference also questions raised about possible chemical weapons use by assad's forces the u.s. holding back saying at the moment that the proof is not enough that they did indeed use those but all of these factors affecting a possible peace conference coming up and possible intervention with weapons supplies to rebels by the west artist. to speed there on the developing story as it continues now a. turkish police meantime now in control of tanks him square they've been
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developments there today after a polling protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets hundreds of police in riot gear cleared barricades from the square in istanbul many protesters fled to give the park where the rest started over a week ago paula slee is got the details. hundreds of riot police have stormed istanbul's taksim square the which has been the site of ongoing demonstrations against the government for more than a week now the riots police easily broke through barricades that had earlier been put up by protesters who anticipated this police action the police were backed by armored vehicles they fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets prompting many of the demonstrators to actually move away from the square into a nearby park where many of them having any effect been camping for several days now the police also used water cannons and in response the demonstrators some of them fired fireworks and fire bombs and hold stones the police have also begun taking down a large dam is that protesters hung on
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a large building on the edge of the square now before all of this morning the protests appear to be diminishing with the smallest number of demonstrators turning up last night in the past twelve days in taksim square prime minister erdogan has taken a defiant stand against these anti-government protesters but he does say that he is willing to meet with some of the leaders of the opposition and this follows a request from some of the protesters but at a gun has indicated and is not expected to make any concessions three people have died and more than five thousand have been treated for injuries according to the government figures some six hundred police officers have also been hurt in these clashes the turkish police have been accused of using excessive force and earlier the deputy of prime minister erdogan apologize for this but the prime minister himself has been defiant saying that many of those protesting are just really and
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thugs we do know that ed are gone is planning to hold a pro-government rally so for the moment at least is that seem as if the tensions are not quite over. well a crew from artie's arab existed channels being caught up in the crowd when police tear gas demonstrated. that they started the crackdown on protesters attacked seems square early in the morning they used tear gas and broke their tents tear gas canister hit the camera and broke it our cameramen fell to the ground i also suffered badly from the tear gas violent clashes are happening right now in the streets of istanbul it's like a war zone. is ridiculous because we've been reporting on the ongoing unrest in turkey she just returned from istanbul and she told my colleague to buy more say about her experience there. taksim is the unique place absolutely because it was nothing like any of the protests that are ever seen before it was going to be feeling like of camaraderie
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a lot of people were there but there were so many people and they were there night after night that i couldn't help but ask the question that at some point it obviously had to somehow end and obviously the protesters weren't given any of their any of their demands or any of their aspirations at the same time you had the prime minister who first left for four days just when the protests started just when people were really agitated and angry that he came back and said we're not going to budge we're not going to make any concessions everything's going to be just like it was and then just a couple of days later that said fine if you don't want the park to be demolished we'll think about it but we will not make a shopping mall that's as far as the government has gone and even now i mean yes there have been some semi apologies from the mayor or from the ministry of interior when it came to the excessive use of force and this is something that the government was criticized for in turkey but they haven't. they haven't really promised any was to geisha into that this started off as an environmental protest and it's now gotten into what would be in these pictures what do you think the
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people are so angry well because you have to understand that even though everyone never ceases to repeat that you know he won by what half a percent margin or something like that there is still about house of the population in the country who are extremely unhappy with the direction that he's taking they're saying that there is an increasing islamisation there saying that he has absolutely no no regard for the freedom of speech we have to remember that turkey does have an incredible number of journalists jailed and it does come under scrutiny under fire from a lot of international organizations and from other other countries for not quite living up to the european standards which is that it aspires to live up to but i do want just doesn't seem like he really can make up his mind whether he wants to go with the ottoman ideal whether he actually wants to join the e.u. so it's interesting to see how this situation will develop further because i think there's going to be a lot of pressure there. well it's got some thoughts on it showing towards journalist neil clark is joining us on the line now from the u.k. hi neil morning we've seen some violent images from istanbul's taksim square again
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in the last few hours what's driving this move by authorities well i think that one hand feels emboldened really trapped in a very hard where gets the protesters uneasy emboldened because he's a member of nato and a u.s. ally and i think he very interesting to see just how mutiny criticism rodin has been over the west john kerry bates mutterings about not using too much force but william hague for example has been silent the french have been silent and i think this is a bowl of a hand to clamp down harshly on protest but in the police or in the water cannons the plastic bullets etc just imagine. the scene which we saw in taxi square last night it happened just imagine if they'd been people protesting against president look in belarus and the army and police would come down in such a brutal manner we would have william hague saying belarus is going to be reported to the u.n. security council because more sanctions on belarus the double standards a glaring if you're in a tell you can actually get away with murder and i think that one has been emboldened by that
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a mixed signals too and you're still reporting that his deputy had said that he wants to meet with the protesters the protests is there for hoping that maybe something could be sorted out reasonably amicably and then today we see this force absolutely i think go home field really that there's no real pressure on him to actually negotiate to meet with the protests why should he because he's got the backing of nato and the u.s. the u.s. will do everything to stop him from falling from power and i think that's what that's a very important factor the other thing is of course elections are here in turkey for two more years the opposition is divided so he thinks he's in a very strong position is a compromise possible at this stage between the parts. i think the problem is the opposition is a distro united then had a common program there were disparate groups and i think as i said before feels in a strong position because the u.s. is very happy with what he's doing in turkey particular related to syria where turkey's played a leading role in the destabilization of syria and so he feels confident that that he will stay in power he doesn't really have to give up too much ground this is the
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problem as i said it is what's happening in belarus then at the enormous pressure put on the wrist government to make concessions to meet with the opposition to accede to their demands but that's not happening to what is a strength of support at home he's called now for a rally of his supporters the day how divided is the turkish public when he's very divided kevin i mean at the on the issue of syria for instance we've got huge majorities seventy eight percent of the me reject his policy on syria he called the war to turkey there's been bomb attacks in turkey because of the aggressive policies he set of course. he was elected in twenty eleven he was elected the program of trying to topple president assad was on issue after issue he don't you turns he's done the opposite of what he said in twenty or so low he was democratically elected to you know he's actually stuck two fingers of the turkish people and that's why there's so much anger against him now for. our these protests if you had to describe them to put him in a box more like the arab spring over got more in common with say europe santy a stereotype demonstrations well we're not supposed to call it a turkish bring are we because the arab spring only supposed to happen in countries
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where the u.s. wants the government to fall and therefore that you know we've had reports of b.b.c. saying why it's not a turkish free course it's a turkish bring and it's not meant to happen here because turkey is a long nato ally we've got enormous discontent and it's very inconvenient to the west but this is happening and i think that these protests will continue and they really show up the hypocrisy of the western powers because as i said it is supposed it's happening in iran for example now we are because of the government to resign there's no cause for the government to resign or even for them to negotiate with the opposition so i think it is a turkish bring in line coming in. a party everyone's making. speech of the moment he's blaming the media and social media networks for going on rest in turkey he's made those after and says before earlier in the week as well as may well follow that will bring our viewers more that comes out of the live media conferences that he's giving at the moment for now neil clark journalist in london thanks very much appreciated i was given all of us back now well how following the leak of america's secret surveillance program the other big story this week more significant
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revelations are yet to be published that's according to the journalist who received the initial classified documents from. for edward snowden meantime tens of thousands of signed an online petition urging president obama to pardon the whistleblower there's also been a fundraising effort to pay for his defense and a rally in new york is more important i was at the demonstration. braving some very wax and chilly weather dozens of new yorkers have come out into the street to show their solidarity and support with n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden this of course coming just twenty four hours after the twenty nine year old revealed himself as the man who handed over classified documents to the guardian which then exposed the national security agency's program prism i think the public is owed an explanation of the motivations behind the people who make these disclosures that are outside of the democratic model now prism allowed the national security agency's extensive internet spying on
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records of digital communication and allowed the government agency to surveil u.s. citizens in real time now the revelations that have come about through snowden's leaks of course challenges the ongoing war on terror for nearly twelve years the u.s. government has changed its policies change legislation in the name of which they said was to keep americans safe wars waged overseas and our privacy a roading here at home those american citizens that we've spoken with say that snowden sacrifice should not be in vain and there needs to be a bigger dialogue about the way in which the u.s. government is acting behind the backs of its own citizens now of course this blockbuster of a story has caused many to wonder if the u.s. government will still move forward lecturing and pointing fingers at other countries such as iran and china for the way in which deals with its citizens are
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now it has been revealed to the entire world that the u.s. is keeping very close tabs on everything that americans are doing at home and even abroad reporting from new york marina r.t. . we wait to make sure you log on to our web site r t don't come because we're bringing all the latest updates and global reaction to the national security agency leak as well of course as the details come out and the twenty nine year whistle blows meantime dropped at a site in hong kong ahead of a likely push by the u.s. government on extradited to face charges he's been holed up in a hotel room see the hotel here in fact after making his identity known to the media snowden's hoping to avoid prosecution by being in hong kong the chinese territories got an extradition treaty with the u.s. but exceptions can be made in certain cases the process could take months or even years michael ratner is an attorney for wiki leaks julian assange who says that young americans are willing to go to great lengths to reveal how the u.s. government we operate. this shows you how bad the situation
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is and how much kurds nice people have after the u.s. has hit the sledgehammers manning son i am and you still get people like like snow like edward snowden coming out again so it indicates that there's a tremendous amount of courage of young people to try and reveal the criminality and surveillance and the state that we have here the legal part has to do with laws that this country passed post nine eleven in particular courts that are essentially hand picked and decide for all those and a president who is willing to accept aaron we approve this massive surveillance i think that terrorism is used as an excuse to be able to surveil and keep tabs on every single american to prevent really a change in government what's happening is they've hired thousands tens of thousands of young people into this network of erik's the surveillance network and
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a lot of the people have confidence it still takes courage once you have conscience but we're seeing we have happen not snowden manning songe hammond those are heroes . this lady's exposure of u.s. government surveillance is among the issues taking center stage because report to five is a quick preview in case of full version just over twenty minutes time today adam smith warned that people of the same seldom made together even for merriment and diversion but for the conversation ending in a conspiracy against the public or in some contrivance to raise prices that's fricken adam smith who said that stacy max for proof of this we are going to look at an image of man of the same trade getting together for the purposes of merriment and diversion it would look like from the photo in this is barack obama in february twentieth eleven meeting with steve jobs to his left mark zuckerberg of facebook to his right then you see the c.e.o. of twitter the c.e.o.
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of yahoo across the table is the google c.e.o. eric schmidt larry ellison and the president of stanford university the last supper . yeah it's an undertaker's convention it's the moment when barack obama complicit leg bed with these guys who run president essentially that's the moment i mean look at that dinner look at that image this is when barack obama so actually took the constitution and wiped it but with it and it's the moment of supreme treasonous action by the president eyes states america is dead seventeen seventy six to present thanks barack you kill the country. now to talk about the snowden story some u.s. intelligence officials are allegedly making no secret of the fact that they want the n.s.a. whistleblower to disappear we value to log on to our t. dot com to read all that to wiki leaks founder julian assange snowden is whistle blowing effort saying the n.s.a.
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leaks confirm what he's been saying for years all the details just a click away. to be talking to the world's most famous whistleblower live here on our t.v. couple of fifteen hundred g.m.t. and we thought he was coming up to hope you can stay with us for that nearer to time. wealthy british science. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you don't. i'm sorry it was a big. proponent of the porn you peacekeeping force in mali amid warnings that are separatist groups in the north pose a serious threat to security across the region this is the government and rebels negotiated a deal to allow elections to go ahead next month but if national reports many
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believe an earlier military campaign by france only open the door to more bloodshed . france says it's done its job well in mali killed most of its islamist insurgents destroyed the infrastructure and pushed the rest out of the country but the people who gathered here in the center of the northern city of gal think france's mission isn't complete. the french are making excuses because our enemy is holding kadar they must resolve this before any elections or negotiations take place france should defend our community not try to keep us in our place. that the desert capital of kiddo has been out of governmental control since last year first it's been captured by tell riggs indigenous african people fighting to create a breakaway state in the north of mali then the radical islamists came the un
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sardine group believed to have ties with al qaida the two factions came to an agreement to establish an islamic autonomy when the french military came they drove out most of the islamists but tour except artist are still there mali and forces haven't been able to enter the town for months now something that's never been a problem for french troops who have an air base in the baltic what i think i mean a lot we have contacts with the separatists but we don't have coordination with them we don't discuss things with them they don't attack us and we don't consider them enemies but we don't have any reason to attack them. what the touring separatists do attack is the mollen military the areas around and kid else to witnesses heavy fighting yet the french army so far refuses to engage with the rebels and can tell regardless of the threat they may pose to molly's territorial integrity and next month's presidential election upon me they will bore you with your make our military part is over the rest is merely an internal problem. the
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mali tour of conflict is indeed very much a local fight after independence from france the torrens usual territory across more than mali and algeria was divided in mali it led to years of violence but our exit mostly populate the north of mali here in the southern part of the country you will not find many whites this is how other ethnic moland groups with significantly darkest game called there are no magic neighbors and this geographical division only deepens antagonism but some believe this internal conflict could never stay as intense without outside help france has been openly supporting what it regards as an oppressed and discriminated minority shortly after the french intervention the defense minister in paris suggested ethnic tour rigs in northern mali should have some autonomy even the. political muscle the world will begin all over again because of the behavior of the french they support the torah group bailey and
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against all the tribes and cities in the north of mali which just alienated them from the rest even more. in doubt we're meant to separate groups which claim there is so aim is to defend the towns from the regs. they say their own belongs to them but we don't agree so with take up arms to defend our homes you know. they came first then the islamists arrived after them they opened the door for radicals to come to our land. last week president a laundry sieved a peace prize for the operation in mali but it's still unclear whether what the french troops will soon leave behind can truly be described as peace and what peacekeepers officially coming to the scene these july will have to maintain. for mali. also in the news this in iran reform is kind of mohammad reza refs left the
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presidential race the second to quit in less than a day reports say he was asked to drop by the head of the reformist movement most of the six remaining fellow candidates in the poll are conservatives and close to the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei reducing any chance that a moderate could win elections are due to start on friday. at least two people sick killed and five injured after part of a residential building collapsed in the indian city of mumbai dozens of victims of said to be trapped in the rubble the block was at least sixteen apartments and a car showroom monsoon rains are being blamed for the collapse. thanks be with us today as promised a cause reports coming your way when we come back. six
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san diego residents were thrown off of an airplane not for what they said but how they said it because they said it in another language russian in fact a paranoid and cowardly steward on the plane told them that they had to clear out just for speaking another language to be here yes of some group of people were to commit a terrorist act then speaking in a foreign language would be a good tactic i can't deny that and for those who come to america better get on the ball and learn to speak english adequately but there is a problem about fifty million tourists visit america every year according to the u.s. department of commerce and trust me not all of them are canadians if the usa is going to have millions of tourists arriving and traveling by air then don't be surprised when they speak their own languages if you're going to throw foreigners off of airplanes just for speaking their date of languages then you're going to have to basically throw people off of half of the. planes flying over the united states but that show just my opinion.
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choose your language. actually make it with the financial system still some. choose the consensus to. choose. the great. choose the stories that you. choose to access to. welcome to the kaiser report imax prize or adam smith warned that people of the same tray seldom made together even for merriment and diversion but for the conversation ending in
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a conspiracy against the public or in some contrivance to raise prices that's fricken adam smith who said that stacy mac's for proof of this we are going to look at an image of man of the same trade getting together for the purposes of merriment and diversion it would look like from the photo in this is barack obama in february twentieth eleven meeting with steve jobs to his left mark zuckerberg of facebook to his right then you see the c.e.o. of twitter the c.e.o. of yahoo across the table as the google c.e.o. eric schmidt larry ellison and the president of stanford university the last supper yeah it's an undertaker's convention it's the moment when barack obama complicit leg on the bed with these guys who run prism essentially that's the moment i mean look at that dinner look at that image this is when barack obama actually took the constitution and wiped is but with it and it's the moment of supreme treasonous acts.


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