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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  June 11, 2013 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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any opposition is helpful. you mention to occupy wall street. at some point. government authorities in there. being down on those occupy activists and being rather harsh. i say whether they were wrong but i can tell you that any opposition is helpful for society in the country as long as they operate within the framework of the law if the war is defunct the opposition should. read it through legal means. should seek to find. it to come to come to terms with the population to track them to their cause he should seek ways to get elected.
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into the legislature or the national legislature and use that as a way to change society. in opposition groups. to operate outside the law the government of the state should be entitled to prevent this to keep those people accountable this is the way it works in the united states and this is the way it works in russia. the only difference is that russia gets criticized but when it happens in the united states that is considered the norm but we were already used to the double standards used in the west when it happens in the u.s. we criticize them. but they should be the same. in either country and you don't see russia's diplomatic service. including actively occupy wall street activists what you do seat. foreign diplomats.
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interacting very actively with the russian opposition and i don't think their rights. should be dealing with government agencies and government representatives. with non-state groups and nobody likes gamblers nobody likes adventurers so if it is violating the law. you shouldn't deal with them as long as those people are staying within legal boundaries if they're just expressing their views they have the right to do so and that is a good thing that is helpful for any can she for any state in any society because there is an opportunity to be with the populace. any variation of government activities and government policy. for. this is my a long standing coworker. comrade. we have similar opinions
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on essential issues as regards. the prospects for development for russia and it couldn't be otherwise because we have worked together with mr. burke and then he was a. minister for many years and he was one of the most efficient members of the cabinet in there please do do do you mind i have always supported mr couldn't on many essential issues if not for my support he would not have been able to work in there educate many of his policies and so many of those posies were actually our policies he does have he's special opinion on certain issues at some point they had if it difference in opinion with mr media idea of a number of issues and as long as i was president he was
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authorized to take certain steps decisions stepping decisions but. mr putin. is saying that he would go back to the executive branch if. there was authorities were more proactive in more resolute but once you go into specifics. people are more economical with what they think because they're being more proactive in their more resolute means. finally completing their pension reform and increasing pressure and that is something nobody would like to touch in russia including their position it also means that cutting down some of the public spending especially on social welfare projects. many
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liberal economists in russia believe that we. exaggerate social spending in russia. in russia. too quickly and the same goes for pensions for welfare payments and this growth in. household earnings in russia that this is what this growth is and sustained it is artificial. one has to to. the growth of. the. house. faster than the growth. efficiency in russia but maybe instead of. trying to decrease.
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household earnings in russia maybe we should try to increase efficiency like the old joke goes the point is not to have. rich people in russia the point is. that the point is not to have. less poor people the point is to have more rich people. nobody likes to go public with it but that is wrong and they keep saying that if that is your your opinion you have to go out. the explicit about it and don't be afraid of part of the. not being happy with what you say because. the only way. bringing your opinion is. about it if you want to have a larger social base for your initiatives you have to be outspoken because look at it we're seeing or. certain countries have been driven. out of
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bankruptcy in whatever you tell the people there they don't want to see wages go down and maybe it would have been correct. to be more cheerful in. social spending. for the state. countries in maybe it would have been more helpful for the authorities if somebody had told him that if there would have been someone to criticize there. i don't think that we are being excessive in raising wages in raising pensions increasing social welfare payments. of course there is a certain irrational in what mr godin and i was like him tell us in we do need. it is always helpful. we need an intelligent opposition there there's
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about national interest another load to give. this is she's a presenter of the world's a pause newly created. show she used to be a walk respondent to. ask you a question in. this response in terms of principles that i like to talk about iran. presidential election. prefers not to interfere with the domestic politics bartered law it will try to present my question in a philosophical way in a gentle way i think iran is a clear example of how you can bring your mutual relation to a disastrous state. simply by.
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inconsistent. america and american. the focus. of course iran. i think it's really at its biggest growing she dressed with the u.s. because they rely on the principle who's those who are. not with us those are against us a friend of principle. and i think. suspicions
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invisible suspicions. that's more as we said lacking syria and assistance to the war russia has been a very pragmatic school in. direct confrontation with the us because you were understand the cost of. especially on the use of force which he cannot resolve the. bigger responsibility child you do find this line between what.
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voyaging confrontation. infects security but on the other hand. preserving the promoting these national interests. was there. against iran or against the need states was there. or the us she starts off going with. this is a question that you can. spend several hours. answering. what you know try to put it to be concise. number one and then said this on several occasions and this is the in official stance of russia iran is entitled to have a military nuclear program in. discrimination among any subject of international law. secondly.
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that said you know told this to my friends. we cannot forget that iran is looking in a difficult complicated region and when you hear threats from other countries of the region such as israel. when you hear. when you hear respectively from iran that israel should be eliminated of course there isn't helping it. correct or incorrect when people see this kind of being possible you know or if you will realize that there can be. a wrongful interpretation. with what they say. this. towards iraq's. nuclear program does have its own reasons there is a logic behind it i don't care what it. is working on
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a peaceful nuclear program everybody because you don't see any proof of the country. reports recently that said the same. so it is possible to find the answer is if there is willing willingness for collaboration on both sides. i find iran to be very interesting country and i do respect it we don't often see this but. it's a country of great history it has great people it has a great culture and they do have their pride they have their own understanding of where they are in the region and where their place is and you need to respect it. touched upon the essence of the matter yourself. it really is intelligent
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and i would say there are very smart and even politicians. they are not the only once they use their relations with the us to address their domestic issues you know when you have any external enemy it's very helpful for your domestic debate but i also think the united states are doing the same ever since the disintegration of the soviet union there is a problem for the u.s. there is no common foe and the need to dominate. is into that and they need to be protectors they need to be protecting them in this gives them preferences not only in politics but also in terms of the economy whenever your protect or defend there you have some preferences so this. is very very helpful.
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if any enables you to. address some of the things that are not even the linked to foreign policies in i think the united states is using you into the very same imagery to consolidate western allies against a threat whether it is or actual. in general. there's nothing difficult nothing complex in this issue the issue itself is complicated but now for russia russia has delivered on all of its international. commitments you know that russia has constructed the. nuclear power plant in iran
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we have delivered on all of our terms and conditions and we are willing to go on cooperating we have proposed it to have even in reached in russia but for some reason our partners have declined. this a proposal we don't know why they insist on. themselves within the international mandate we don't see anything wrong with that as long as the keep in line with international law they should be entitled to. their program but we need to ask other countries to toe the line as well. i was asking not just about the russian raining issues i was asking about the russian america. as i said do you agree that the. so. you actually actually want to get.
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the united states out of me. in the run up to my meeting. with president obama. i can see that you are a very tough journalist we don't have any principal ideological issues or disputes with the states it's rather philosophical. are individualistic in their policies where russia is collectivist there is a russian scholar. who researched. his writings and he gone with the wind that once in one of his articles. saying that the main character of gone with the wind. is concerned with you know starvation and staying alive where is a russian would be more preoccupied with something spiritual with relations with
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god in everything we have different philosophies. which makes it difficult for ourselves to understand each other but it's possible that we have international. the united states is even more christian. which evolved originally. from day one when people. in established relations in dialogue in that way that's why fundamentally. founded as a democracy. i hate to say it but you have forced me to we need to remember that the. continent kicked off from president to act of ethnic cleansing in the first europeans to come to. did exactly
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that. you know he knows a lot you know. invaded and occupied. when the killed everybody in the city and salted the soil well in the states they didn't saw the soil used. but they did they still killed lots of locals lots of indigenous americans. you see some of those issues continue . today. in. how difficult it was for him growing up being a black person in the united states so part of those issues parts of those grievances are still stuck in the. in the psyche there. you know if you take russia we know
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a lot of things about. him that we didn't before we know things about jews of style in that he was a dictator in a tyrant. there in the spring nine hundred forty five would have used a nuclear bomb against germany head he had it back in one nine hundred forty one nine hundred forty three. the soviet union in might have but back in one thousand nine hundred five when the enemy was all but broken. in the dinner parties had no chance of standing tough against the allies and i'm sure the stalin would not have used their against germany in the nineteen forty five. didn't states did use it against. which was there in non-nuclear states at the time and which was already losing the war see you do see differences in. in their mind between russia. but still if people are willing to overcome those differences in
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try to understand one another. to do that in the more than there we have no choice but to interact. seek to come to two terms to come to a common ground with the united states if you look at history both world wars you see russia. against a common foe regardless of their previous. contradictions in disputes so there must be some fundamental. principles in we'll use they do keep us together in this is something that we need to give more attention to you we need to know our differences but build on our common features that will enable us to cooperate. this is a very important issue for us i mean the u.s. and its relations with. the american audiences are one of the biggest audiences
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for us even if you look at the statistics of oil website traffic the largest the largest audience for us is the u.s. and then has to see it sure kuno she flew in from new york especially for this meeting and she work search our r.t. america west side that is headquartered in. and the broadcast in the us and this to see if you have the floor to think you have been in new york for the past five years or so we've talked about history will talk about fundamental differences. things that unite our country i'd like to get back to the diplomatic you know. who are in the shoes of international law. at the moment yes well you know we've been talking a lot to me and american policymakers and experts on the russian american relations often to me but not to the camera that's the most it's just replacements
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of inventing amendments and it's reflects the same approach so you have the relations with russia and as we know last year barack obama told verge of whispered so that he will have more flexibility. e.g. doing good you know for the americans back to you. ok i'll promise yes we're going to be the last question i so. soon have more flexibility but this is not the case touched upon a lot of issues today. has failed to. happen on an equitable. principles or should we make concessions are the do they expect concessions all the time. i have already started replying
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to your question in fact it could be any country seeks to pursue its national interests in the first place in their in this sense the united states is no exception. their situation is only unique in their following the collapse of the soviet union the united states found itself a single leader and a single hegemony in the world for a certain duration of time. but actually didn't serve them. so the right to that they didn't do them much good in fact because they said the feeling as a global empire these started. getting this feeling of empire which influences not only your external conduct but also
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how you act domestically an empire cannot afford it or being weak. in a. willingness to. do it to have dialogue to pursue dialogue is often seen as weakness by pursuing this path of an empire you often refuse to look even in the midst of debates. i know that if the current us administration. aware of the fact that you cannot resolve most of today's global issues you need actually you keen eyed but sometimes you feel like that very much in of course yet you still have this. this catch of an imperial syria where unless you are being tough people will see you as weak. i do have a lot of. credit of trust. from your citizens.
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you need to have a new consensus globally universally their dialogue and their negotiating is better than imposing your will on others you need actually but of course that needs some time for such understanding to be the. within a country in this case the united states. and of course this needs to come home with the ruling elite in a broad sense of the word and i don't think this is impossible i think that we should be going there that we should be aiming at them for that very much thank you very much mr putin dishes that we just discussed the headlines on our air it's not a classical interview we want to talk to you. we talk on to our audience
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of course it's very much different to what you can hear in the russian was because they have a different audience. we want to show it in a different way we are different we have different values different views on domestic issues. on the way on the world systems but i think one thing and. we believe that the should be one leader in the world particularly in the year. and if all the t.v. channels or all of them say the main issue. the main headline is that a need to draw. this should be a different channel that. a family of thirteen was killed by a shell you know that we do that so we had searchers story and we're happy to have
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this opportunity because that's all we believe in given all the differences that's what we're trying to shoot a journey where we do think you very much for paying a visit thank you for the invitation and i would like to wish all of you look i think you are to my greatest someone in somalia wrapping up the conference a live news event you've been seeing there president putin here at r.t. studios right now on an official visit and for the last hour or so he's been giving a media conference about a number of topical issues raised by our various staff members and if you want to see more of it will turn it around in the coming hours and restraint rebroadcast on our website r.t. dot com it's coming up to eight pm moscow time i'll say my farewell to take you through the evening with more live news from moscow andrew pharmacy or after the break. speak your language. or music programs and documentaries and spanish
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what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles keep the stories. you hear. that choice i'll teach spanish find out more visit eye eye to .
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it. is.
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supporters of edward snowden the man who exposed the true extent of america's foster violence network paid for washington not to prosecute as he disappears from his hotel in hong kong the ultimate whistleblower wiki leaks julian assange exclusively tells our say that he fears snowden will be persecuted for years. to suicide attacks damascus killing fourteen i'm wounding dozens more as the u.s. considers approving supplies to the syrian opposition. and hundreds of turkish riot police again storm east taksim square with a crew from artie's arabic channel caught up in the heavy crackdown.


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