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tv   Headline News  RT  June 12, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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empathize having been through a very similar situation myself but we're trying to actively support through this interview or in other ways. snowden's plight leaks founder julian assange praises as a hero the man who blew the whistle on the u.s. internet snooping program as he talks starting about one of the biggest political leaks in history. and government under arrest rages in turkey with police showing force in a brutal crackdown on activists is prime minister heir to one pledges to show no mercy. standoff between andy capital's protesters and hundreds of riot police in central london marking a week until the g eight summit results in scuffles and arrests.
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two pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story well the u.s. estimates the potential damage to national security from the leaks about its surveillance efforts the man behind them edward snowden now faces a life on the run one of the world's most prominent whistleblowers julian assange says he feels sympathetic toward snowden's plight wiki leaks founder still holed up in ecuador's london embassy he told my colleague kevin owen that despite a washington crackdown on leakers there is a public demand for those who revealed the truth. empathize having been through a very similar situation myself. trying to actively support through this interview or in other ways mr snowden's plight already we have seen that the department of justice united states has taken up the issue has been many calls for his prosecution his family has been raided in helping luke apply for me so
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already starting yes he will be subject to prosecution by united states for years and i'm certain of that many sources are quite scared i mean we're saying. colleagues of mine have even stated publicly sources are reluctant to talk because of the crackdown against bradley manning and that's what that whole trial is trying to achieve it's trying to set a precedent for the communicating with the media is the same as communicating with me and that's the death penalty you face. an outrageous president any. communications of information to the media can be prosecuted for aiding the enemy and as a result. sentenced to death and that's that really it's the end of the security journalism united states if the president is that bush is still holed up in the ecuadorian embassy given the clampdown that might come down now whistleblowers
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after what we've seen over the last couple of days what do you think your personal chances are not walking free any time soon what keeps you going. what keeps us going is the worldwide support the pre have which is really quite extraordinary yes which she makes has a banking blockade that's cut out about ninety five percent of its finances but we have provide support so even five percent. five percent is not nothing the u.k. government has admitted to have spent five million dollars in the past ten months on surveilling this embassy in relation to me completely awfully disproportionate that's an offense to you kate tax plan people can see the geopolitics but things are starting to change political you know stray. political party now according to the government's own polling outfit has between twenty five and twenty eight percent of the five to the elections in september. and who are activist kevin zeese says no doubt however and pressure could stop insiders from exposing
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wrongdoing to the public that well is no question that the u.s. security state will continue with the same strategy and strategies which. really for many years and certainly president obama has escalated its strategy of prosecution you know it's amazing that they don't learn the lesson and they tried to intimidate was a blower right across in bradley manly by mistreating him in prison holding him and solitary more than a year and you know we have some of the biggest leaks in history coming after that occurred they may intimidate some. only one person who has the courage and the patriotism to step forward and tell the truth i think you'll see there always happening whether it's big business abuse or big government abuse you'll see more and more people stepping forward and saying that's not acceptable that's illegal it's unethical and the american people here know about it the world needs to know about it and so people who come for knocking will stop this is these leaks from coming who would like. while the f.b.i. is building its case against odin after the leak of u.s.
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secret surveillance programs more significant revelations could be yet to be published martin will be breaking the set at twelve thirty g.m.t. taking a look at how the intelligence agencies have been gaming the system let's take a trip down memory lane the last exactly one year ago that's about the time that senators ron wyden and mark udall two members of the intelligence oversight committee asked the n.s.a. a simple question just how many people in the u.s. are being spied on pretty straightforward question marion a straightforward answer right well not to the n.s.a. but replied by saying that revealing that information would quote violate the privacy of u.s. persons yep apparently it be a violation of your privacy to know that you're being spied on is that not the most orwellian thing you've ever heard well when the news came out i remember joking that the n.s.a. probably didn't want to release that information because the real answer would have been everybody fast forward to today but you know what the joke's on me because the
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n.s.a. is in fact spying on every person by phone and internet according to whistleblower edward snowden. as revelations about the n.s.a.'s massive ala's program continue to cause ripples u.s. tech giants facebook and google want to ruin their right to reveal just what the government's been demanding that's all just a click away on our t. dot com also online for you who's next enter the ranks of the real weapons states how about the netherlands leaked reports say the country's still storing twenty two nuclear weapons from the u.s. deep underground find out how much more what's hidden below the surface on our web site. police in turkey clashed with protesters overnight after storming taksim square in istanbul the biggest crackdown since the unrest started almost two weeks ago security forces used tear gas water cannons and rubber bullets in a show of force that stirred more tension a fourth fatalities now been confirmed while turkey's prime minister warned he will
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not back down and show any more tolerance our tease alexander reports from istanbul . hundreds of policemen clashed with protesters on the square where the security process. as a result how would he was attracted by the gas applied by the police here on the taxi where the epicenter of protests against the prime minister. came thousands of people the demonstrators responded they were firing bottles earlier our cameraman cameraman was hit by smoke grenades as police used what it can be an advance to cross this quit according to the authorities the main goal of these police actions was to clear barricades and opposition banas from the square and from the building that was sound turned and became the main. opposition moments before the police advance policemen were confronted by the demonstrators who a column of them to leave this square protests began two weeks ago.
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in the seam square and it's turned into national white anti-government protest type carried a gun and it's turned that. where the demonstrators and the protesters to leave the square saying that he will meet those legitimate demands on wednesday. we've been following events in turkey since the beginning of the protests artie's international crew was tear gassed along with demonstrators when they got caught up in the violent clark clamp down i know the latest developments on the turkish an arrest on the line. or the turkish protesters are crying out against the tactics of police in handling the an arrest witnesses claim security forces show little more astute towards those who took to the streets in this video posted on the internet a man in a wheelchair can be seen being targeted with a water canon footage has already sparked massive air rage among protesters on twitter meanwhile the prime minister's been pointing the finger over the cause of
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the protests or to one blame social media and an international conspiracy against turkey professor. from the middle east technical university in unger of though thinks the interest could only split the country for. it is the. uprising against the involvement or intervention of turkish prime ministers in the life of citizens from the right of speech to drink of alcohol and other things i think the turkey is experiencing now a new travel insider would call it in portugal terms and the government is responsible to get out from this conflict but not to organize. big demonstrations like which is set for the recount from saturday and sunday i think it is a wrong move of the government to bring one side of the society against the other side of the society it can only lead in the long ground beef involved. this is
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a live video you're looking at now from tax i'm square in istanbul you can see a couple of folks milling around there but as it stands now everything looks relatively peaceful and quiet at the moment that could change though at any time given the situation in the country will of course keep you updated on our web site and here our t.v. dot com or you can find a live streaming video any time. more than a thousand police deployed in london to crackdown on anti g eight protesters ahead of next week's lobel summit in northern ireland tuesday's so-called carnival against capitalism ended in the scuffles and fifty seven arrests after a three hour standoff police force their way into the building where the protesters were squatting one of the activists arrested on the roof was injured hundreds of
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protesters took to the streets to march on their target sites businesses in central london that they called the world's most brutal and polluting companies tuesday was the first day in a week of anti g eight protests planned by the activists r.t. spoke with one of the organizers. people's messages that we want some real democracy back seems to be a corporate takeover of democracy there's another one for the fascism we very unhappy about the removal of ah to protest about rights to troil a lot of different things of you know the new school in northern bringing in you know there is there's a lot of things in this country people are very unhappy about that these kind of you know major. groups are trying to you know democracy basically and we need to have more transparent government we need you know to look at the whole situation the whole austerity lawyer that's been pumped out on us it's not actually recession this is a robbery you have you know central banks and the like and economies and to. people
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knowing about this on the scenes you know. a lot of on public services and putting them into the probably bit hands at the moment we're not being listened to in this country is that the people here. the main t.v. and radio channels in greece have gone off the air after the government decided to suspend all state run broadcasts all twenty five hundred employees were added the pink slip while the authorities slam the company as a haven of waste journalist though continued broadcasting online through the night defying the government order large crowds joined in a protest against the decision which is the latest in a cost cutting drives and struggles to please international lenders out of satiric the social and political expert from the university of the aegean says it's not just about the economy and a more. carry into the lunch we are witnessing is a very authoritarian on the part of the greek government the decision. the whole network of the greek public broadcasting system is an example of the
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attempts from the part of the greek government to comply with the demands of the european union i mean it's the troika it's not just a question of us there is. it's not just a question of recession it is also a question of democracy. setting down in the name of the state or at the over the whole of public broadcasting network. is that it is a heavy blow to democracy or the eurozone struggles to eke out growth the developing economies have been showing some press of performances and with the so-called emerging markets accounting for more than half the world's g.d.p. and outgrowing some of the developed countries more analysis on that still to come . and the hidden dangers of the justice system reform in the u.k. looking at plans to recruit private companies to supervise offenders released back into the communities all that and more still to come stay with us.
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well. it's technology innovation all the least of elements around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture. download the official publication. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just. now with your
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mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. thanks for staying with us quarter past the hour now the u.k. government under fire for its probation reform with many worried that it's taking a risk with public safety critics urging authorities to abandon plans to dismantle private trusts that supervise people released from jail and instead to hand over the job to private companies artie's sarah for a fix point. the rehabilitation revolution that's what the coalition governments promised and in a bid to cut re-offending rates the government's now planning to turn to private companies like us with plans to outsource a large chunk of the service by twenty fifteen that might come as
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a surprise to some given the less than gold standard performance of g four s. last summer's olympics when they failed to deliver on promises. and the plans have been met with fierce opposition from across the public sector with many warnings that far from the revolution disaster waiting to happen. concerned about. proposals to private two thirds of the workforce two thirds of the work load put in the hands of untrained private sector providers the proposals will leave the public probation service with around fifty thousand of the offenders he pays the greatest risk with private and voluntary services looking after the rest consort here will bid for contracts on a payment by results basis the fear is that placing this vital parts of the criminal justice system into the hands of private companies could be putting community risk. there is a risk because although we have
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a number of prisoners who will never be released the vast majority of prisoners will be walking out of those gates behind i'm coming to. you many of the low to medium risk offenders go on to commit much more serious kline's the same called revolving door every offending angie's just finished his second stint. just three months after his release from prison the first time he found himself right back inside. because he said he'd been on probation before an event she then called back inside the prison when wrong and what happens there were trying to frame employment right now trying to get a training scheme. in funding from the government you like and so for now time to between to trust and then to analyze in. order to three months why didn't i was i was i wasn't moving anywhere at the time i was all
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over the place. by copying. this really offending cycle the government's trying to break and they say that payment by results well innovate the system the question is the way he carries the risk if things don't work out at the end of the day those products companies are going to be accountable to shareholders not to the public and their losses will be splits in fact it will be for the full interview. if not. today. the plans of all so you can tease many in the public probation sector which won the t. thousand and eleven pushes quality foundation gold medal the excellent. public bought private good. at the end of the day i still appall the idea that anybody makes any profits out of the suffering of other people in the criminal justice system. so afraid when we have to move the government insists the plant i mean even
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the shin the justice system the days on the frontline a warning that this bit to cut costs come as a very high price. on the london take a look now at some other stories making international headlines a bomb placed on a motorbike near a market in this southern city of afghanistan killed at least two people a civilian and a soldier it's less than twenty four hours after seventeen lives were claimed in a separate suicide bombing on the supreme court in the capital blast which is the deadliest in kabul since the end of two thousand and eleven went off just steps away from the u.s. embassy the taliban's claimed responsibility saying it was targeting judges who obey western powers. at least for fast growing fires or broken out in a heavily wooded area in the northeast of colorado springs in the u.s. dozens of homes have been damaged and thousands evacuated amid gusty winds and record breaking temperatures firefighters are working at the scene trying to bring the fires under control with helicopters no media reports of any injuries that.
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thousands of opposition activists hitting the streets of central moscow and what they call a march against executioners the rally is aimed at supporting those on trial over a mass disorder against the police they were arrested following protests that ended up in clashes last may on the eve of president putin swearing in ceremony police reports say five thousand people are taking part while the opposition insists there are up to twenty thousand nine people were arrested before the march started after they refused police demands to roll up banners of the left front organization which has been suspended by prosecutors. as iranians are preparing to choose their new president friday world powers are waiting for signs of a thaw in talks over terrazas disputed nuclear program while the u.s. and e.u. suspect it's aimed at building atomic weapons iran says it's insisted it's purely peaceful president putin russian president vladimir putin told r.t. he has no doubts that hearing the international commitments though. yes it is.
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the issue itself is complicated but not for russia russia has delivered on all of its international commitments you know that russia has constructed the boosh a nuclear plant in iran we've delivered on all of our terms and conditions and we're willing to go on cooperating they insist on enriching uranium limbs within the international mandates we don't see anything wrong with that as long as they keep it in line with international law they should be entitled to pursue their program just a sneak peek their president putin's exclusive interview catching fall in about five minutes time while the financial doldrums have been a rocking the global economy it seems that it's not all doom and gloom for everyone for the first time since the industrial revolution of eighteen hundreds developing countries have surpassed the developer one signaling some big changes in the global economic landscape are his business presenter kitty pilgrim has more. developing countries now account for overhaul of the world's economy and with this growth
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comes power so we should nations are we talking about that well if we look at this map we can see that the developing world is overtaking the developed wells and if we wind the call back we can see that back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the developed world account of a sixty nine percent of the world economy while the developing world took up just. false forward more than thirty years the a mugging economies will make up nearly three quarters of the world economy by twenty seven taking so is this economic shift changing the balance of power i asked legendary investigative raja's exactly that. we're already seeing it it's not just the fires of the world economy it's creditor nation or the nation as well historically people like great britain america finance developing nations so that they could grow but now it's the developing nations which have the money to develop
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the i don't know if you've been to asia you've been to hong kong or singapore or careers some of the places that the standard of living in many of these places much better than america right now lot of j.f.k. in new york and you realize you're in a third world airport but it's in your poor born euro universe were or is already happening. so from the sounds of it these so-called developing countries don't need to develop any mole maybe it's the countries which have held the post strings to so long who could now do with a little maintenance often caught up in tension in the middle east israel frequently finds itself under fire sometimes critically often literally and it's the physical threat that's now being claimed people are unprepared for artie's policy or has more. israel is the most fertile and country in the world we're talking about fifty to thanks to thousands of rockets. into
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israel and this is the reason why we have to be prepared but if the bombs start falling the only thing menachem penske can do is pray because like other orthodox jews this father of two is bristling with anger he's had to choose potentially save his life with a government supplied gas mask or keep it off and rely on prayer as things stand he can't do both cannot cut off my beard to fit the gas mask the beard is part of being a jew growing a beard falls on the respect of human life and i should not be forced to remove it in times of war just because the gas mask the government gives me doesn't fit over but even if you are clean shaven israeli only slightly more than half the population has a gas mask and if that's not indication enough recent drills organized by the home front were ignored by most people around the whole of television residence and most people here will tell you that in times of war they know they miss grant the gas mask if they have one and one interesting case but what happens after that no one
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seems to have a clue no one is olbermann is typical she lives on the second floor of an apartment block with no shelter or any idea of where to find one i think i was supposed to go to the stairs or something i don't. really know i have my get my guess mess. and i'm supposed to have it somewhere but they don't really take it it's not as if the powers that be are unaware of the threats a record number of exhibitors converged on television recently hosting the largest offensive expose the country seen in years a wake up call that citizens need to be protected or an heir to. the. priorities. and their priorities because of this it's never enough. a lot of your brother would do more but that's still no excuse complain residents of the streets village not far from the israeli lebanese border forty percent of
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israel's arab population are without shelters and when dozens of his bill missiles rained down here during the last lebanon war there was only one public shelter to protect five thousand people. without a doubt the state is the only responsible and guilty party in the past people were in the line of fire like slaves as targets without today or this is the situation for arab citizens who live in israel's north we're human shields in the face of any intensive rocket fire on the country which just goes to show that behind the glass of israel's well polished military facade lies a population dangerously exposed the r.t. television. russia's president visited artie's new moscow headquarters here tuesday and after a tour of the network but a mere putin spoke with some of our travels correspondents coming up after the break highlights of their discussions stay with us here on r.t. .
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to build a new. mission to teach me the creation of. this is why you should. only. make it with. the kids that can sense can. choose to. choose the
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stories that impact your life. let me see that at least our views are generally excited about today is the snowden case a man who is now being dubbed a second the sound has exposed total surveillance practices employed by the american government there are two sides to this story on the one hand that was classified information which makes this man a traitor but on the other hand the information has leaked is of crucial importance primarily for the american public and for the world in general what do you think of that. he told us nothing we didn't know before i think everybody has long been aware that signals intelligence is about surveillance of individuals and organizations is becoming a global phenomenon in the context of combating international terrorism and such
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methods are generally practicable the question is how well those security agencies are controlled by the public with which i can tell you that at least in russia you can't just go and tap into someone's phone conversation without a warrant issued by court that's more or less the way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism with modern day technology as long as it's exercised within the boundaries of the law that regulates intelligence activities it's all right but if it's unlawful then that's a bad thing as a. government the pretty one through my side rather than go to the others you cannot have one hundred percent security more while maintaining the hundred years i spent trying to think of one of those who should appeal to you if you can but i'd like to reiterate that you do have to obtain a warrant for specific policing activities domestically so why shouldn't this requirement mean valid for intelligence agencies as well but it can and it should i'm sure what it involves.


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