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tv   Headline News  RT  June 14, 2013 12:00am-12:29am EDT

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lethal decision the u.s. is set to provide military aid to the syrian rebels off the claiming it now has high confidence that the small scale use of chemical weapons by. its authors government stepping up the pressure on protesters with another crackdown on a rallying cry. while the prime minister issues his final ultimatum. to go to the polls to choose their new leader we look at the man spending his last days in office as we review the controversial legacy of president.
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good morning to you. and i were just off to eight am here. worldwide headlines and off to the u.s. capital rico where it's now midnight washington has given the green light to the syrian rebels to prop up the opposition plan for a limited no fly zone over syria has also been drawn up it comes off to the u.s. administration concluded that assad's forces had used chemical weapons quote on a small scale details now from. this is quite a game changer being announced by the obama administration what we know is that the u.s. has decided that it will provide military support to syrian rebels but u.s. officials would not specify what that support will involve the national security council that the visor ben rhodes says that the new assistance to the syrian rebels will be different from the non-lethal communications type of quitman that the us
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has given before and this of course leads many to believe that the united states will now be arming the syrian opposition now these decisions are being made after the u.s. intelligence community has independently concluded that the syrian government has used chemical weapons including the nerve agent gas sarin on a small scale against the opposition however washington so far has failed to disclose what specific evidence they have what has led them to make these conclusions and this announcement but this is counter to what chief u.n. investigator said just two months ago during our investigation for crimes against humanity and war crimes. we call next. week to money. the made to appear that some chemical weapons were used in particular. in what was.
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what appear on. to our investigation that was used by openings by the ribbons and we have no known indication that tool is the government. of the city government has used chemical weapons but i was abused. first the first indication we got. to the use of never opening the united states decision now to provide more military support to the syrian opposition comes ahead of a peace conference that's supposed to take place geneva at the end of this month or be they have named next month that conference was organized by the united states and russia and it was aiming to get both sides from syria to come together at the table and talk about how there could be a transitional government forms and ultimately end of the ongoing violence that's
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been taking place in syria according to the united nations ninety three thousand people have been killed since this civil war began more than two years ago we should know that many experts have indicated that and believe and argue that adding more arms heavily violent conflict that's ongoing in syria would actually fuel an arms race it would make the circumstance there the environment there so much more dangerous spots as we see from the the announcements made by the obama administration that washington plans to aid syrian rebels militarily and they won't give specifics but it looks as though that the united states will be arming the syrian opposition. more importantly they're reporting from new york and in the meantime all ther and historian gerald horne it believes that washington's allegations while unreliable well and they serve to escalate the ongoing conflict in syria. seems to me this is
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a very dangerous and ominous moment particularly since sunni clerics of just met in cairo egypt in a call for a holy war against the regime in damascus and instead of trying to calm things down it seems to me the obama administration is about the throw gasoline on the flames keep in mind also that just a few weeks ago the turkish authorities now that some of the rebels housed in turkey had syrian weapons that's weapons in their possession keep in mind as well that it's difficult to say if these weapons were used if they were used who used them were example what was the chain of custody that allows the obama administration to conclude that it was damascus and not the rebels how did those samples get from the battlefield to washington how do we know that really gate soldier in the syrian military used these weapons precisely to invite intervention
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by washington there's so many questions i look forward to seeing the evidence although i don't think that the administration will be able to provide it and while the united states is still to decide just how far it might go with syria it's a new allies are preparing themselves for a possible flood of refugees from the war torn state now germany could end up potentially bearing the brunt if in shelters of some ten thousand who have already fled syria despite germany have been mean rather reluctant over western calls for any direct military action in the country and this report now to r.t. correspondent peter all of. these protesters behind be in pearl in a campaigning for better rights for refugees here in germany and the number of refugees in the country could be set to rise by around ten thousand now that's the number of people escaping violence in syria that's expected to come here to germany when it comes to the international response to the own going crisis in the
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embattled middle eastern country germany has certainly be more reserved and its criticism and some of its european partners particularly the likes of france and the united kingdom both of those have called for sending arms and perhaps even military personnel to aid the rebels fighting against the tree of the syrian government that germany has and they have kept their involvement purely diplomatic however there are those in germany that fear that the actions of countries like france and like the u.k. could see germany drawn into the conflict further by the back door. on germany's not in the same position as france and great britain who would like to stay away from this conflict but there are some attempts to drag the country in as far as i know there are right now thirty six fighters in other words terrorists from the free syrian army who are getting treatment in german military hospitals only to be crushed and sent on their way back to syria to terrorize the civilian population.
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the authorities in berlin say that they know that people have left from germany to go and fight in syria and they also confirm that many of these are fighting with radical islamic groups against the assad government forces there is now a worry that these people could return home and pose a potential terror threat on the streets of germany i think it's a double threat the first threat is of course for syria and for syrian civilians as well as for the syrian army that recruits from europe holding european passports are traveling there are fighting and of course they are learning they are terrorists fighting skills. when they're out there and the danger that people will come back to europe one day sooner or later. they're still in germany and britain in france and we know from all the countries these terrorists are travelling to syria and they will come back so this might become a really big challenge and danger for also for the security in europe with no end
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in sight to the violence ongoing in syria it seems very likely that ten thousand won't be the final number of refugees fleeing the violence that find their way here to germany and we could see that in the future. are shifting gears now and turning our focus out of turkey where it's been another night of violence in the turkish capital ankara with police brutally dispersing crowds rallying against the government. has issued a final warning to protesters though demanding an end to the occupation of tax seems gezi park in istanbul that has been the flashpoint and a symbol of the unrest. in turkey following the ongoing. we've seen that the protests or the pros has broken out by police yet again with the use of tear gas and rubber bullets all of this happened just in the early hours of friday almost at the same time when probably the series we see whether present
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from the protesters who are here and gezi park have been camped out here for seventeen days essentially now we do know that there were several there were two hundred people in. protesting expressing is expressing basically the same views that were expressed by people in gezi park when they were seemed to be blocking the street and that is why the police have you again use force against them now this isn't anything this is an unusual foreign car a protest unlike other cities all over turkey including istanbul ancora protests have been dispersed by police in every almost every single night except for just two nights that i could count. it is not a good clear wide perhaps because one car is the capital of the city because that is the seat of the government or because it does seem like the protesters in and cora seem to be determined to go if slightly different direction from the protesters in istanbul where people who are here are on taksim square are absolute
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terms and to do absolutely nothing that could possibly get them in trouble with law enforcement barriers and people and even more determined to push the boundaries when it comes to their interaction with police of course all of this comes as prime minister has initially said that his patience has run out and that everybody who is not complying with the rules of the turkish government will be dispersed and the gezi park will be freed all over he did then meet with their representatives from the protest movement in the lead of the last information that we have learned is that there seems to have been some progress made but not yet no word yet exactly on what type of progress we're talking about here so again we're kind of holding our breaths here in turkey and you're. capitalist's well of course and in istanbul and seeing exactly how things develop from here and after of course we will keep you updated. reporting that in the meantime the european parliament has blasted turkey for its quote disproportionate and excessive use of force against the protesters it
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made prime minister of the one furious saying he won't recognize the e.u.'s resolution against his country. from the republican people's party which has been struggling to confront the ruling bloc in the turkish parliament and she's increasingly worried over the escalating violence and the possible which. of waiting with concern we are trying to protect the peaceful protesters who are being exposed along with along with foreign journalists along with everyone else students lawyers we are all exposed to the same vine and so i meant i am alive witness to it as well. we are very close here and not only about the heavy crackdown that may follow the prime minister's worst but also that which. may follow everything else in the long run though i am really observing here
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a culture of. this is this is at the end of the day this is an insult by the government. people whoever is wasn't in the way and it being in the way that they the government want to. date stockton's calling them immoral in. this. dnsbl today for the trees. and all together with the three trees already cut down there are about forty seven trees in that park and we still haven't heard the magical words to bring down the tension in the country which would be we are not going to cut down your trees and we are not going to do that which.
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it's a big day for news here on ars he thank you for joining us today many more stories to cover here in the programming clued in follow the leaks from the man who blew the whistle on america's sweeping surveillance program edward snowden tells a hong kong newspaper the n.s.a. has been hacking hundreds of targets in china a new twist in the cyber standoff between beijing and washington which has been assuming the role of both victim. told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. the pollution and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your part of the month to secure a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for
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a change when you punch be ready for a. freedom of speech and a little down to freedom to watch. a highway built on the bones of its maker it's the wind through one of the wildest and most beautiful and a place that's home to less than a million people and the keepers of the great frosts. join me james brown as i travel to the coldest inhabited place in the world. and meet some of the toughest people and hardy astronomers on the planet. just make sure that you keep your eyes on the road. race to the poll of polls only on r.t. .
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ard it's a quarter past the hour moscow time it's r t now let's head to tehran as iran is going to the polls to choose the successor of president ahmadinejad's winding up his maximum eight year term with the top job nuclear standoff with the u.s. and the e.u. the tough economic sanctions deadly protests as well. for national review's the most dramatic and controversial issues always time in power asking iranians about their attitude to the outgoing leader. akbar has been in real estate business for years in iran when we ask him to summarize the legacy of president ahmadinejad he talks about veto. power if you compare that right it's increased by a hundred percent since the last year so we have no hope for the future of the economy's bad guy it's getting worse one of the president's promises of the taking office in two thousand and five was to make iran's vast oil revenues felt at the
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dining table of every single family was he leaves behind is a country hit by the worst financial crisis he leary's but there are some who say it's not what it is just who's to blame for the downturn under sanctions were tough recently and it's hard to keep afloat but the president of the people i'm sure that iran is able to resist international pressure. the iranian economy has been hit hard by strain of ever tougher sanctions imposed successively by the new the u.n. and the u.s. over accuse ations the countries trying to develop nuclear weapon something which was never approved as a lot of ahmadinejad's has been able to stand up to the whole world over iran's nuclear program and the country is better off for it and other battle the to parchin leader will be remembered for is his rhetoric about israel and iran six president relations reached the point when even war seemed very possible and. while ahmadinejad has not exactly been friendly towards israel the way facts have been
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gentle devout him has done more damage to his reputation than his own wards years ago a statement was mistakenly treatment it to him which was inaccurate they translated as israel must be wiped off the face of the map and actual words were that israel must vanish from the arena of time and didn't even belong to one ishant anyway the more tother the objective is to make up with the new judge a village he stands for universal rights where every country would have an equal say but some powers want nothing but dominance and they focused on blocking the name of our president one of this year's presidential candidates doesn't agree say during the two thousand and nine elections campaign he criticized his advisors and they were off the race that's not the best and most honest way to get the power. the deadly protests that raged across the country after the elections are also thought to have undermined our image the result many people were frightened of
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other let me not talk about my job at all. even those who don't totally support a when his dad say there is little he can actually do here according to our constitution the supreme leader has much more powers in this country almost every step the president takes should be supervised and blessed by the ayatollah so despite all the controversies surrounding president ahmadinejad it looks like iran will continue to be a force in the region and therefore will remain the fornace side of the us and its allies mahmoud ahmadinejad's eight here presidency provokes mixed feelings a very controversial leader he was equally hated the worship here in iran has been lazy. as an incentive both called to fund the running policy of today he's here at his home but his legacy will cost a shadow over the next president some time. break nationality tenure on iran.
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so. of course. he was waiting for you this. way were. many people. also online. golden. for the twenty four hour news program.
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today. these are. good to have you with us today the hunt for the man behind the u.s. intelligence leaker edward snowden in full swing the f.b.i. pledging to take all necessary steps to prosecute him. on the run he's been making some more revelations reportedly telling a hong kong newspaper that washington's routinely. chinese computer network now he claims that. hundreds of. china's since two thousand and nine and that includes universities. chinese citizens and the revelation
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of washington was. pointing the finger towards beijing blaming it for series of cyber attacks u.s. officials have been unrelenting about what they see as the threat of chinese hackers. some leading. american industrialists calling for a serious response demanding that beijing face consequences for his actions and those demands though echoed by u.s. lawmakers who say that a cyber attacks from the chinese government will not be tolerated and president obama touched on the issue noting that china must follow international norms regarding cyber security threats and marjorie cohen professor at the thomas jefferson school of law and she believes that snowden's revelations about china and its fight against his possible extradition will only add tension to u.s. chinese american relationships snowden could provide valuable information to china about american hacking into chinese communications it puts the
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chinese government in i guess an awkward position but in powerful position as well it puts the united states in a very awkward position and so i'm sure that the american leaders are scrambling right now to decide how to deal with this how to deal with the chinese authorities there will be tremendous pressure on the chinese government by the american authorities to extradite him time will tell what they decide to do. an environmentalist sounding the alarm ofter a shoot explosion rocked a chemical plant in louisiana killing one person injuring about seventy of the deadly blast of a complex set the complex ablaze residents of the surrounding area i've been told to stay indoors and keep their windows closed the plant produces highly flammable fuel from the petrochemical industry and the reason for the explosion is now being
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investigated it comes just two months after a similar incident at a fertilizer plant in texas killed fifteen and raised dozens of buildings to the ground according to reports the most recent inspection that took place about twenty five years ago and the management was fined for safety violations a publisher of the trends journal gerald celente he says government agencies are too weak to enforce the regulations that are simply already in place you know are no regulations they're only words that are never in force it's a revolving door between industry and the legislature legislature and the legislature back to industry so what you have is a tangle of agencies both state and federal without any teeth and without any will to enforce the regulations that should be enforced because it's the same people that represent the industry that are running the government
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are straight into the office he was up there we go starting with two men and two women that have been shot dead inside of the center in the u.s. senate louis c.c.t.v. camera caught the gunman opening fire after an argument with his colleagues before then turning the gun on himself he appeared to be the owner of one of the businesses there and it's believed the victims were his employees police have to taint three people in connection with the incident. to chile where thousands of students rising education costs of clash with police in the capital here that responded with tear gas and water cannons the students had flooded the streets for a peaceful march still wearing their uniforms on but before and time violence we're looking at about forty or arrests being made the students oppose the fact that they have to pay seventy five percent of the cost of their own educations that's one of
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the highest rates in the world. and right now rescue operations are in full swing in the philippines after a ferry carrying fifty seven people sank at least one person is reported dead so far survivors say the vessel was a balanced with two buses and a truck on board helicopters and coast guard vessels are scanning the area for the thirty seven people still missing it's not yet clear what caused the incident as the weather was said to be calm well thanks for being with us on the program here on our t. today martin breaking the said that's just around the corner four year. old
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matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i got so many i mean the towns i know that i'm seeing the same thing really messed up. in the old story so closely. at that. worst fear we're going to. find out sort of the day the radio guy and for the tail minister of a cricket cause they all want to watch close for about fifteen years you've never seen anything like this on cold.
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reading focused on adding martin and this is good in the set good news guys that a supreme court unanimously ruled that human genes cannot be patented and tori's the silent justice thomas actually spoke on the case saying quote we hold that a naturally occurring d.n.a. segment is a product of nature. i'm not eligible merely because it's an isolated this ruling rejects a prior decision by the u.s. patent office which previously granted a company called myriad genetics a license to print a gene that causes breast cancer previously i spoke to sandra park tourney fighting the case against mary where she explained why these types of patents are indeed so dangerous. allowing guns on the allows patenting of fundamental elements of our human body that we actually want scientists to use to further develop and to further do research on to create inventions that we do think are patent inventions such as newtown.


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