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tv   Headline News  RT  June 14, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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grace. us all provide military aid to syria's rebels are claiming it has evidence of the assad regime to use chemical weapons moscow called washington's reasoning flawed. plans to develop a balkan istanbul that calls weeks of protests turkey has been frozen but there's no clear agreement on how to prevent anti-government demos continuing. and with polls now close in iran's election we examine the controversial legacy left behind by the nation is all going president ahmadinejad.
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watching live from moscow with me to mom would say let's take a look at the news. washington will put lethal weapons there in the hands of syria's rebels it's concluded that bashar. has used chemical weapons albeit on a small scale and so will offer more help to those fighting him or his murder to put my has the details this is quite a game changer being announced by the obama administration what we know is that the u.s. has decided that it will provide military support to syrian rebels but u.s. officials would not specify what that support will involve national security council get the prize or ben rhodes says that the new assistance to the syrian rebels will be different from the non-lethal communications type of quitman that the u.s. has given before and this of course leads many to believe that the united states will now be arming the syrian opposition now these decisions are being made after
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the u.s. intelligence community has independently concluded that the syrian government has used chemical weapons including the nerve agent gas sarin on a small scale against the opposition however washington so far it's failed to disclose what specific evidence they have what has led them to make these conclusions and this announcement but this is counter to what a chief u.n. investigator said just two months ago during our investigation for crimes against humanity and war crimes. we collect. weakness to money. the made to appear that some chemical weapons were used in particular. and what was. what appear on. to our investigation that was used
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by openings by the ribbons and we have no known indication that tool is the government. of the city government has used chemical weapons but i was abused. first the first indication we got. to the use of never opening the united states decision now is to provide more military support to the syrian opposition comes ahead of a peace conference that's supposed to take place geneva at the end of this month or be they have then next month that conference was organized by the united states and russia and it was aiming to get both sides from syria to come together at the table and talk about how there could be a transitional government forms and ultimately the end of the ongoing violence that's been taking place in syria according to the united nations ninety three thousand people have been killed since this civil war began more than two years ago
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we should know that many experts have indicated that and believe it argued that adding more arms to such a heavily violent conflict that's ongoing in syria would actually fuel an arms race it would make the circumstance there the environment there so much more dangerous spots as we see from the the announcements made by the obama administration that washington plans to aid syrian rebels militarily and they won't give specifics but it looks as though that the united states will be arming the syrian opposition. postcard took a closer look at syria's controversial chemical weapons a supply what exactly do we know about the use of chemical weapons in syria while the country is believed to have one of the largest stockpiles in the world with some estimates putting it at one thousand tons in september two thousand and twelve the country's then foreign ministry spokesman said government forces would never
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use the weapons against the syrian people but the recent un report confirming chemical weapons have been used raises more questions than answers as to who's the guilty party and more finger pointing and allegations continue there's increasing evidence that the rebels do have access to a chemical arsenal only last month turkish media reported twelve members of syria's al-qaeda linked al nusra front had been arrested in turkey with unknown chemicals found during the raids meanwhile the free syrian army leader recently confirmed that a number of army generals defecting to the opposition had dropped because they were being asked on to stay on infiltrate the government forces to help secure the chemical weapons stockpile all of this of course comes hot on the heels of government advances the northern town of qusayr recently once again coming under government control that poses the question why president assad would choose now to antagonize the u.s. by crossing that so-called red line when conventional warfare appears to be swinging the war once again in his favor. washington says it has shed its evidence
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with several allies including russia but they had a list a to do about foreign affairs committee says the findings and how convincing. if you do know what they're doing we have no reliable confirmation the asset government used chemical weapons on you because the us national security council that made this announcement cites intelligence reports the problem is that one time the bush administration also cited intelligence to prove to the entire world that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction as we all know this became the basis for aggression against iraq and for iraq's occupation but no weapons were found there neither nuclear material nor chemical weapons or civic a so how can we trust these empty phrases it was after iraq it's completely impossible but this is a part of the us political line aimed at toppling the asset government or yesterday
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and the new book the religious school here and russia's ambassador to the united nations in geneva let's see but of the afghan explains why he believes that negotiations are the only way out. we have a lot of evidence which testifies that. position extremist opposition forces second meeting terrible crimes horrible crimes exist. murders. taking hostages sense so and so forth and we're trying to make a public hearing. as far as russia is concerned with think that both sides know it and you'll see that in syria and they all commit crimes but. this vicious circle of. violence would be only broken by convening the international conference on syria. well it was planned for a limited no fly zone over syria has also been drawn up it would be costly up to fifty million dollars a day and is unlikely to affect of things on the ground however the white house
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believes it is needed in order to reduce the risks of the army the rebels the restricted area could stretch up to forty kilometer into syria just one hundred kilometers a short of syria's capital damascus right now and even without a no fly zone washington to send the arms that in through jordan with patron a defense the batteries and f. sixteen fighter jets already deployed why do we not joined a lie by a wm a bloom author and historian of on author of killing her u.s. military and cia interventions since world war two so so russia and the e.u. have said that the proof is inconclusive will washington bag down. obama is under a great deal of pressure to do something mean you know a person who can stand up to pressure really will line who he bends very
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easily to and i think if that's the month that will the person who's already doing that and then you go and really just talk of the expanding the war and on we were doing a little of what it was trying to do i cannot be sure i mean in the u.k. and france a bag of u.s. led interventions before should america take reluctancy into account now given its history. should not mervyn take trigger what it took action should a taig reluctancy of the allies in consideration what you the u.s. has been the most reluctant of the allies. france and england and france and u.k. and had we were willing to expand the war and to expand the ne to the level when we were there when we would leave to mutual like their own. part of the
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same thing they're all part of the name too and nature were the good ones if you see out of one of them soon they're going to have a rather a repartition a really a great death and. anything we. revelled associated with our change there were. images of our life in libya it's true this will go unnoticed. if you will go between when you know traitor rebels and. the other people who are what who is in the. goodness and is there in the right to say mean in another the debate over the chemical use has been going on for months why is it just now that the united states have has made this decision. i don't know as i mentioned we
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pressure our own to do something through to the river that persian has been continuing and you and i knew was only a matter of turn when we succumbed to the persians and then the made announcements and really the. best of the i'm going to have to leave it right the i'm so sorry but i've run out of time thank you very much they william bloom author and historian all via killing hope the u.s. military and cia interventions says that world war two you speaking to us think and say the e.u. has reacted to washington's allegations with skepticism artie's teso cilia explain . statement that came out today from the spokesman of catherine ashton office is that the e.u. would like to have you when the mission to have to have independent investigation whether or not the use of chemical weapons really did take place they want
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independent verification of the facts presented by the united states that is happening in syria now that they are in constant contact with washington and also they said that while this u.n. mission has been authorized they are still waiting to be granted access on the ground they did point out indicate the importance of getting an independent verification on the ground with facts on the ground for them to be able to make a decision this is generally reflective of the opinion of most of the e.u. countries if we remember is made there was this decision that they made on whether or not to extend the arms embargo to syria twenty five out of twenty seven nations were against that idea including germany very reluctant to get involved militarily we know that the u.k. and france were the two countries that were really heavily pushing for non extension of that arms embargo however what's interesting to see is that the statement coming out today from the u.k. and france looks to be like a scaled back on their initial aggression on the issue we have
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a statement from downing street they're saying that the u.k. government has not decided yet whether to arm the syrian rebels and they are asking that the assad. grab unrestricted access to the u.n. investigation team going back to that statement of the e.u. and france had also said in reply to with suggestions of a no fly zone to be established france had said that such no fly zone in syria. the approval of the u.n. the security council but they said that any intervention in the approval of the international community and they say that this is unlikely so for now there is no clear indication coming from the next step in terms of action they want to take all of them are saying we want to wait for more information and what's interesting again is a scaled back of the u.k. and france's statements on these and foreign ministers will be meeting about a week's time to discuss this further. right coming up in a couple of minutes here on our team as the kay report of the blog whistleblower
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edward snowden from traveling to the country to see a man's revelations look said to test relations between the u.s. and china who will bring you the details. when the president does it just means it's not illegal these are the words of richard nixon barack obama appears to be saying the same defending massive you would conduct surveillance of citizens all over the world defenders of prism income with some form and claim these programs protect lives but who is looking out to protecting our rights. we speak your language i mean some of the will not
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advance. what programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you. but will turn into bangalore's stories. here. altie spanish to find out more visit. welcome back you're watching r.t. the ballots have been costs and the polls have been close in iran's presidential election turnout there was so high that polling stations were kept open for an extra five all as security is tight across the country was president. would mamma did coming to the end of his second and final term artie's marie if you know snow has been watching the election. was iran's supreme leader is among the first photos
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today the country chooses its next president i hope you have a lot to see how tall a company has just cast his ballot and of course no one knows who he voted for in see many journalists are here who've been foreign reporters many have come to iran to cover the event and most of them are reporting on the show that when the supreme leader has cost over the country's out of politics and today's events speculates and that's why it's so offering a choice today's vote will unlikely to bring in their radical change to the country all together the rustics candidates in today's race but of course no one can say at this point who's likely to win opinion polls predict iran off but as it sat there were these leaflets we found distributed on the streets of tehran the future president of iran should believe in god be able to protect the country from its enemies have high moral standards and have a good plan to improve the country's economic situation here's our report on where
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aftermath is as legacy leaves the islamic republic akbar has been in real estate business for years in iran when we ask him to summarize the legacy of president the asiad he talks about the term if you compare is that right side increased by a hundred percent since last year we have no hope for the future of the economy is better than it's getting worse one of the president's promises after taking office in two thousand and five was to make iran's vast oil revenues felt at the dining table of every single family was he leaves behind is a country hit by the worst financial crisis the leaders as much as the raw some who say it's not what it is just who's to blame for the downturn a hundred sanctions were tough recently and it's hard to keep afloat for the president you know people ensure that iran is able to resist international pressure to the iranian economy has been hit hard by strain of ever tougher sanctions imposed successively by the. the u.n. and the u.s.
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over accuse ations the countries trying to develop nuclear weapon something which was never approved as autonomic energy out has been able to stand up to the whole world over iran's nuclear program and the country is better off for it and of a battle the departure in leader will be remembered for is his rhetoric about israel and iran six resident relations reached the point when even war seemed very possible and while it has not exactly been friendly towards israel the way facts have been gentle devout him has done more damage to his reputation than his own words and years ago a statement was mistakenly streamlet it to him which was inequity translated as israel must be wiped off the face of the map actual words were that israel must vanish from the arena of time and didn't even belong to any way other than the objective is to make up with the new judge in a village he stands for universal rights where every country would have an equal say that some powers were nothing but dominance and they focused on blocking the
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name of our president one of this year's presidential candidates doesn't agree say korea during the two thousand and nine elections campaign he criticized his advisors and they were off to race that's not the best and most honest way to get the power. the deadly protests that raged across the country after the elections are also thought to have undermined our image the result many people were frightened of other let me not talk about my job at all. even those who don't totally support when you say there is little he can actually do here according to our constitution the supreme leader has much more powers in this country almost every step the president takes should be supervised and blessed by the ayatollah so despite all the controversies surrounding president ahmadinejad it looks like iran will continue to be a force in the region and therefore will remain the for. on the side of the u.s.
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and its allies mahmoud ahmadinejad's eightieth presidency provokes mixed feelings a very controversial leader he was equally hated in iran has been a mainstay. didn't send him both public defender and in policy from today his iraq is hopeless but his legacy will cost a shadow over the next president some time. our team take iran iran. from on the verge of a let's go to professor of international relations at a so runs a university muhammad has done condi mr condit what would you say to criticism that these elections don't really give much of a choice to iranians. that's not the case i mean today today's presidential election in your wall is surely a very significant day not only for you one on the iranian people but to afford us or two for for many reasons for your opinion because on another step towards
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constructing a building to work in democracy and to turn out for a win showed that you are in your win and people are still hopeful and optimistic. the results are gets to be counted but what we saw today you want the streets to crowded all stations indicates that the turnout is going to be there were hardly maybe you're talking over all sixty sixty five even similar to person turn out in big cities such as to how long that means for your own young people who've been a fair election and they all are relatively. satisfied with their way that the conduct of. ride was this these elections as seen as a battle between loyalists and we form as what do you think is going to come out victorious. will there all been true maner politicians here as you mentioned there. pretty sure posts or to
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conservatives and only for me it's is house he's the owner of challenging rates and totally six counties just read the condom doors on this election it seems to me that election is going to go to toronto for around which will be held next week and it's very likely that we have one john to date from. maybe is why live off the mayors of tehran is going to come out as the winner of the personal list and it's likely to draw any calls from the other child so if you go speak a second down to the runoff there would be a very tough competition between the two candidates who go there given that in mind and security has also been up to cross the country do you expect the same level of protest that happened back in two thousand and nine. i really don't think so i mean in order man to show not just fear admin very call very quiet today here and
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all six calendar days has urged their followers their supporters to remain call on to respect the law and to spirit to result so their experience over the last election. is actually a was a lesson for all the candidates to make sure that it will not lead to some kind of andras under streets of course the legal process is very clear if there is any protest in the object they can go to i mean the body which used to garden call still on have to complain so i don't think that drogue going to witness what we witnessed in the last election internal understeers on the other cities what kind of a mosque is the outgoing president mahmoud ahmadinejad leaving in iranian politics . saddam avila's. well surely. a very controversial politician in iranian politics
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and injuries. across the war so. i think like any other president he house is made a number of mistakes i'm here has been successful in many other ways i think here the islamic award remember him as a hero and someone who stood firmly against their various leaders the americans against israel there are those who blame him for maybe a wrong language chosen to talk to the war this is maybe many iranians will see him but well he has his own legacy remains to be george still after he leaves office. right alan running out of time here but i have to leave it right the international relations expert from tehran in mom's the big universe and mohamed has son come in thank you. cia whistleblower edward snowden
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has reportedly been stopped from flying to the u.k. with the airlines order to keep him from boarding the man who lifted the lid on america's secret surveillance activities is being pursued by washington which wants to prosecute him for his latest revelations he told a hong kong newspaper that the u.s. repeatedly hag's into chinese computer networks he claims the u.s. has been hitting hundreds of targets in hong kong and in mainland china since two thousand and nine and this is particularly sensitive because washington has consequences and accuse beijing of being behind a series of cyber attacks on his government departments the future although whistleblower remains unclear as washington puts together charges against him but some experts believe china will stand by snowden. he had months to sink it over he's already called tact with lawyers and human rights organizations in hong kong he studied whole called law yes there is an extradition treaty between homecoming and us before the nine united seven and those works but this is
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a very special case now china is that correct we're told me she is already supporting so that that's a six it took them a few days to make up their minds remember there was a three day holiday in china so the started shit they thrive the chinese all sense it and they are watching a public opinion reaction in hong kong watching public opinion reaction in sino way pulled the chinese blogs and the equivalent of twitter and they know they see the groundswell of support to snowden they see the double standards of although it's trying to impose a wooden way cyberwarfare dialogue when this comes both ways and yes they're going to support snowden no doubt. time to cross talk with people of elements in a few minutes that they teach.
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you know when i was in school they would tell us stories about that other goofy economic system in the eastern block and about why it was doomed to fail they tell us how terrified communist bureaucrats would work very hard to give the illusion of officials here when their bosses were in town and such out of fear they would try to convince the state that everything was just fine they promise of a fresh coat of paint on some stuff bump up their numbers in the books and give employees to put a smile on for the cameras so they wouldn't lose their jobs yeah this our teachers told us was a sign of true doomed to. rolling the clock forward twenty or thirty years the bosses of the current global economic system are in town and many locations around the upcoming g eight summit in northern ireland are doing their best to hide their economic downturn from the media according to our t.v.
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news the government of northern ireland has spent two million pounds dealing with derelict buildings some of these buildings have simply been knocked down but some have been spruced up like butcher shops with images of meat stuck over the windows to hide their barren interiors or the now famous local office supply store which contains no office supplies at all but it sure does look nice and i guess that's what counts spending two million pounds to hype economic downturn from the g eight and other eyes whether than spending it actually you know improving the local economy seems like doomed economic practices to me but that's just my opinion. please. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle
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when the president does it it means it's not you legal these are the words of richard nixon when defending and even defining the rights and privileges of the american presidency barack obama appears to be saying the same defending massa be electronic surveillance of citizens all over the world defenders of prism in boundless informant claim these programs protect lives but who is looking out to protecting our rights. to cross something most recent u.s. surveillance scandal i'm joined by eugene per year in washington he is a national organizer with the answer coalition also in washington we have sharon bradford franklin she is a senior counsel at the constitution project and in new york we cross the coral grossman he is an investigative reporter writer and professor of journalism at the state university of new york ok crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in and.


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