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coming up on our t.v. the fight in syria appears to have breached a new turning point the white house now claims that syria's government house used chemical weapons against rebels what does this mean going forward find out in just a moment the people of iran head to the ballot box today and a new successor to president obama dennis shod will be picked between six people with three of them considered serious contenders and more on the selection later on in the show. in the nation's capital protesters gathered in response to the and after you surveillance we'll take you to the rally that's demanding an end to the u.s. government spying on their own citizens. well
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it's friday june fourteenth five pm in washington d.c. i'm margaret held in you're watching our team in the white house announced yesterday that the obama administration has concluded that the syrian president bashar al assad's regime has used chemical weapons in the fight against rebels remember when last summer president obama said that the evidence of this would change the calculus of u.s. involvement take a listen. we cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people. we have been very clear to the outside regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. well this red line may have been crossed the white house released an official statement yesterday about syrians use of chemical weapons stating a following deliberate or
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a following a deliberate overview our intelligence community assesses that the assad regime has used chemical weapons including the nerve agent sarin on a small scale against the opposition multiple times last year our intelligence community has high confidence in that assessment given multiple independent streams of information the intelligence community asked him if that one hundred to one hundred fifty people have died from detected chemical weapons attacks in syria to date the white house did say that it would increase the scale and scope of military support for the rebel opposition to what extent a still unconfirmed to discuss the obama administration's latest doubts i was torn earlier by ray mcgovern a former cia analyst i started off by asking him why the u.s. is just now getting involved in the syrian conflict. well we've been responding covertly for a long time the ninety three thousand figure is just just atrocious what needs to
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happen now is we need to bring people to the table get a cease fire we don't need is to furnish more weaponry to people who we don't even really know very well so the conflict needs to be tamped down not stoked up. the most dangerous aspect of this of course is you have shia against sunni within syria and within the whole middle east now and this has a real danger of becoming a conflagration where the sunni countries and this is an issue for us would be a each other's throats for a very long time to come ok so you are not advocating a stronger response from the u.s. to put an end to this violence or take or you know it kind of doesn't pass the smell test we've gone from no confidence in these reports to high confidence in these reports the only thing that i've seen happen in the interim is that we're losing a no go we the rebels the folks that lost out on that town just north of
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lebanon so the coincidence in timing. makes me she makes me smell of a bit closer what's going on here you know just possibly provocation you know a year ago when those five turks were killed that turkey from a shell fired from syria if you know that that was a nato show i want to get to that weaponry sir but you first mentioned that syrians are there in town the city of aleppo quickly tell me with the help of iran and hezbollah they've been able to sort of take that back from the rebels as i understand it do you think that that's played any were all in the u.s. response and the timing actually is not a lump o. it's this cell qusayr every country city up there aleppo they'll try to take back but you know it looks to me is though if russia and we and everybody else is funneling weapons to these people. ok you know only real result is one of suffering by the syrian people and that should be put bush in the talk to me about that weapon or a service of the us as if it were expected to offer small arms and take weapons
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anti-tank weapons to these rebels but the groups have repeatedly asked for anti aircraft missiles why do you make of that well this will keep the war going you see you have to ask who's profiting from all this it's the arms merchants it's the israelis who like to have a lot of things going on between shia and sunni and what they'd love to have hizbollah take it on the chin but just the opposite is happening so what the issues these vested interests the real interest sorry to say seems to be to keep the conflict going at a level that you know won't get out of hand hate to cut you off but i want to take you now r.t.f.m. sack has been following the story of let's take a listen in just a couple of minutes. the president is states will be announcing that it is now conclusive. that bashar assad and the syrian butchers
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have. used chemical weapons senator john mccain speaking on the senate floor at four fifty nine pm on thursday he just scooped the white house which had scheduled a press call with reporters at five pm to make a big announcement one regarding the united states is role in the ongoing syrian civil war and mccain made clear of see what the announcement was going to be the president also. and now well now said that we will be assisting the syrian rebels in. in syria by providing them with weapons and other assistance senator mccain has long called for direct military assistance to the syrian opposition in fact he spearheaded an effort in the senate foreign relations committee last month to pass legislation to arm the syrian rebels and at the end of may he secretly dropped into syria to meet with top rebel commanders becoming the highest ranking u.s. official to visit that country since the civil war broke out there more than two
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years ago and so when the white house officially announced on thursday that the president has authorized new military assistance to the syrian opposition senator mccain knew it was a big victory for engine emboldened he took to the floor place purged the white house to do even more to help the rebels including taking direct military action the president i say said better understand that just supplying weapons is not going to change the equation on the ground and the balance of power. these people of the free syrian army need weapons and heavy weapons to counter tanks and aircraft they need a no fly zone and by sure assad's air assets have to be taken out and neutralized and the white house says announcement comes just as mccain and fellow senators are putting the finishing touches on next year's national defense authorization act to give them an opportunity to have a say in just how much the united states intervenes in syria and some of senator mccain's colleagues are ready to give the white house
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a blank check when it comes to arming the rebels senator chris murphy responded saying there are many actions that the united states can take to increase our humanitarian assistance to refugee populations and opposition groups short of injecting more weapons into the conflict i urge the president to exercise restraint and to consult closely with congress before undertaking any course of action to commit american military resources to syrian opposition forces and speaker of the house john boehner weighed in saying as president obama examines his options it is our hope he will properly consult with congress before taking any action but it's likely the white house has already assented to senator mccain's demands without going to congress first the white house's deputy national security adviser ben rhodes made this comment during a conference call with reporters on thursday and the assad regime should know that its actions have already let us increase both the scope and scale of the assistance that we're providing to the opposition including direct support to the s.m.c.
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the military option on the ground in other words increased military support for the rebels is already taking place on the ground and so the united states is once again jumping into a war on the other side of the world and picking an ally only it's not the 1980's and it's not in afghanistan this time we have senator john mccain at the helm not congressman charlie wilson the savior of the afghan mujahideen in the 1980's to her men but a. it's the same story a story that's been repeated often throughout history whenever the united states thinks that a steady stream of deadly weapons will somehow bring about peace quicker or set up a stable political solution it hasn't worked yet and so as the president at the behest of john mccain commits the united states to arming the syrian rebels today you can only hope that we're not fighting them tomorrow in washington same sex are to so mr mcgovern we heard him say that john mccain has been one of the strongest
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proponents of military action in syria to date calling for that no fly zone and heavy weaponry given to these rebels do you expect the administration to follow suit now. well i don't think that president obama is here to take directions from senator mccain you could have changed to bashir to saddam hussein and had at the same speech several years ago. you know it really is quite remarkable that the people who whose interests are served here the syrian people the american people the people who could become more and more involved those people are really not consulted on either it's a it's a forewarn hope the president will consult with congress on this he's made it clear he doesn't tend to not on libya not on this either so what happens here well mccain not incidentally is the most pro israel senator around ok and so the interests of
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israel here are weighing very heavily in this balance and the president feels a lot of a lot of pressure from the israel lobby to do something even if it's just to keep the sunni and shia at each other's throats that is seen in israel as if they were going for them ok that really speaks to the heart of his motivation there but. then other possible aspect of his motivation there are a lot of big stories on the table right now that have left the obama administration on edge the n.d.a. a bill that's before them the n.s.a. scandal even the turkey protests didn't do you think that this stance is taking in syria on the syrian position how is that fitting into his overall agenda at wind that al well i think the why now approximately is the fall of that city just north of lebanon and the turn in fortunes of these rebels that we've been supporting and a more general sense one could argue that the president sees some need to assert some leadership here it's a cheap cheap gesture to say i'm going to prove more arms one arms already flowing
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in there so maybe it could be part of it that he wants to say well i'm bracing above all these scandals and i'm doing something on the foreign area. that everyone will see is a good thing ok well the u.s. is certainly not the first to say that there are chemical for chemical weapons being used in syria britain said it francis said it we're following suit behind them you know they made those announcements similar to ours previously so we all agree but i don't agree ok well we're not going to follow your own if you had to question of the same thing about iraq that's right a low that wasn't twenty years ago it was ten years ago ok twelve years ago i want to get back quickly sir that u.s. support network what does it look like the support network yes well. contracting the the ship blows out through air through turkey jordan and will keep the conflict going the arms merchants will keep making more money is rule see the sone of sunni
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and shia at the each other's throats a prolonged period of time and the people of syria ninety six thousand of them already perished will continue to perish and nobody of them mentions them and i find that kind of income principle sterner government so we have to leave it there i really appreciate your time most welcome it was former cia analyst ray mcgovern well today in iran citizens of the islamic republic will head to the polls to elect a new president president ahmadinejad success no doubt house a big shoes to fill there are six men up for the job but only three considered serious contenders all of been vetted by iran's religious leadership r.t.s. maria financial is in tehran and brings us the latest on these elections. iran's supreme leader even among the first protests today the country truces its next president i hope you had little to see i told a company has just cost me this ballot and of course no one knows who you voted for
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you can see many journeys to here who've been foreign reporters when you have come to iran to cover the event and most of them are reporting on the show today when the supreme leader has cost over the country sort of politics and today's events speculate and that's not a good. choice for days vote will unlikely to bring a new radical change to the country all together there are six candidates in today's race but of course no one can say a big score and who's likely to wean opinion polls predict iran off but as it sat there were these leaflets we found distributed on the streets of tehran the future president of iran should believe in god be able to protect the country from its enemies have high moral standards and have a good plan to improve the country's economic situation that was r.t.s. maria for notional reporting. well today protesters hit the streets of washington d.c. telling the n.s.a. we've got sure number two they took to the streets to protest the n.s.a.
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surveillance of phone records e-mail accounts saying on their facebook announcement that the n.s.a. is actions are not only a gross violation of privacy but also a breach of the fourth amendment of the constitution among these groups taking a stand the bill of rights defense counsel wall was there and brings us more. i am here at a protest rally against n.s.a. spying just across the street from the capitol building we heard from a number of speakers from civil rights activist groups there were a couple dozen protesters here but it didn't go on for very long and told how police arrived and broke up the demonstration going on one of those lieutenant michael but i don't know if they still believe colonel who are demonstrating without a permit. who it is looting that is what we are entitled to move to was there right there was a budget to check groups that were not more than twenty people in either group because apparently more than twenty people in the country are angry you can't have
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a demonstration without a permit so we're going to ham over into the park maybe we'll just have themselves a moving press conference we're supposed to have the ability to congregate to address grievances to our government this is the one of the biggest scandals ever and we're not allowed to do that what does that say protesters here voiced their support for edward snowden the man who admitted to being the source of we can classified documents to the guardian he exposed widespread government surveillance being conducted by the n.s.a. and these revelations protesters here voicing their concerns about unchecked government powers i think these discussions about snowden are really a distraction what we need to be focusing on isn't whether or not what he did was lawful it's whether or not what the agency did was lawful and what we do or don't do as a society about this massive accumulation of our through the comply with. the probation about people's personal lives as well as there simply was information
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gathered every do gooder what chronic gadget the medical well protesters here celebrates know it exactly and calling him a whistle blower some calling him a hero government officials have said his actions including some members of congress know what it is believed to be in hong kong right now. here at the capitol this ball arcade so i had here an artsy in california as monterey county the locals have to be wary of the water for years the water source for the county has been unsafe levels of nitrates i'll tell you more when we return. i would grab it as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on
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their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. talking about the same story doesn't make good news new softball interviews no cost cases some tough questions a few. more .
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well how would you like a mouthful nitrates take a sip of monterey county california is drinking water and that may be just what you get the county on the pacific coast is just one of many in california to have dodgy drinking water and the areas of water problem is boiling over back into two thousand and eleven the country issued an advisory do you think if you were. on safe water drink bottled water only two years later the residents faucets continue to pump out polluted water nitrate interferes with the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood so levels of the drinking water can cause serious illness and even death and infants agricultural runoff has been considered the main contributor as farms in the area use nitrates as a fertilizer research has been conducted to find another water source but two years later there's been little to no progress so what are resident residents supposed to do while artist correspondent ramon glenda joined me earlier to discuss the nitrate
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problem in monterey county is one of the largest agricultural centers the united states and it provides billions of dollars worth of food for the entire world really i mean if you eat package salary you look on the back it could be sourced back to monterey county most likely but it's the same. money driven business that is also causing some of these water problems in monterey county years and years of heavy has decided in fertilizer use has seeped into the groundwater supply and unfortunately it's some of the more low income communities which are living and working on these farms who are suffering the most from these effects of nitrates in the water ok well how widespread is this problem in california or is it just an monterey. sure i mean this is a huge problem not just in monterey but in california and really in rural farm communities across the u.s. now looking at california's water problems the university of berkeley law school
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did a study and found that there are some twenty one million californians dealing with some sort of water contamination throughout the state and the problem is a much worse in these agricultural communities such as monterey county and all up and down the central valley of california where the united nations found that nearly three hundred thousand people have water quality that is so bad that they're forced to get drinking water from bottled water i mean the water that's coming out of the tap is just too contaminated for them to drink well ramona's einar fan a californian with this i did by the u.n. a couple of years ago and they documented these conditions of thousands of california communities last year the u.s. wrote a letter urging california to pass a water as a human rights bill they're calling it a human rights issue that the water is so bad there the u.s. stepping in and what do you make of that. that's right a couple years ago the u.n. came to california to study though
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a water problem and while they were up and two on human rights and safe water found that for the most part of the united states we do have access to safe water there are so many impoverished communities here in california especially in the agricultural areas who do not have that right as i mentioned before nearly three hundred thousand people are forced to get bottled water and in many cases people are suffering side effects and from this nitrates in the water such as skin issues hair issues health problems with their small children and unfortunately what she found is that in some of these communities the average income can be as low as fourteen thousand dollars for a whole year and one fifth of their income is going towards just getting clean water so that they can drink and clean themselves so definitely a huge huge issue especially for impoverished community which unfortunately does not have their voice heard many times ok well that's a great that's a great point ramon if you can afford the bottled water what are you supposed to do
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with the county as i understand it has not found a bible solution to this the ats what do you make of that why can't they why can't they figure it out over there well there are a couple issues here but mainly it boils down to money and politics trying to clean up these water systems build new wells or some sort of new infrastructure to hook up to another water system is extremely costly something that most of these small communities would not be able to afford and we have to remember that you know a lot of the source of this contamination is coming from these large farms which are also the livelihood of these people who are suffering from the side effects from the contamination so these big farms are the livelihood of these residents and they're also very influential at the state and federal level when it comes to creating laws and loopholes which impede some of these municipalities from making improvements ok and there's certainly a lot of issues there oh man we have to leave it there that was our t.
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correspondent. the n.s.a. collecting phone records may actually be a benefit to one man who knew the alleged bank robber in south florida terrance brown once the national security agency to hand over his phone records for his defense mr brown's attorney says that since his cell phone records were no longer available he asked the n.s.a. for their copy it comes after a leaks court order revealing that the n.s.a. has been secretly keeping millions of americans phone records including the location data about the calls brown once the records to be supplied in order to support his claim that he was not in the vicinity of the bank at the time that it was rob brown as one of five men on trial in federal court in fort lauderdale on charges that he conspired to hold up an armored truck making cash deliveries to banks in two thousand and ten to this to discuss the story i was joined earlier by comedian alex barnett i started off by asking alex what he made of the defense
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attorney asking the n.s.a. to hand over those records. well i think you know you better be careful yes for because i think what they might find out is that they go along if you sextant which is why it might be oh so. they also might get a copy of like is joe biden's following videos and launching like every friday happy hour and probably some kind of what you to borrow a video about mitch mcconnell's like for you know. all right alex will the n.s.a. surveillance program may have a positive effect on us single us that offend this maybe the only guy that this program may positively a fact if his attorney is able to get the it's records do you see the n.s.a. helping anybody else out or just tell them well i've listened so he's going to help him out i think maybe but i think possibly not but i think if you boy anthony wiener certainly doesn't want you to go out of their state records i think the people on the hill e-mailing back and forth about how much they ate each other
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don't they don't want this coming hour i think and it's on like a good drug you throw guys want their phone records coming up you can use those burner phones they're always disposing of them and that is a great way to track them so i'm not sure that anybody really wants this before anybody cheating on your spouse or girl for what a friend doesn't want to do in their own records alex i'm going to get to that with here i want to shift this now to that prism program the present is that other data mining program as i'm sure you're aware that allegedly gives the n.s.a. access to servers of companies like microsoft yahoo facebook skype and others i do you think that the n.s.a. can read your e-mails and track those private communications of its user as we know that they've been doing it could we see a jealous husband tap the n.s.a. for his wife's facebook message history maybe well listen i think you're jumping ahead of the curve on this and obviously that's what people are used for because they want to track where they are so if you judge jealous people want to track the
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growth of weapons been the night before you know the president came out so. you're not going to read you will you know i'm not a listener all calls become i mean like that's the interesting stuff everybody wants to know what you mean as you know it so yeah right especially now because the stripper in canada came out and said or model who said she did sleep with kanye and he said oh i didn't sleep with her everybody wants to see those you know they want to see the text messages you know i think this is designed for alex actually i hadn't heard of that before now thank you for that information sarah let me ask you i like to keep up with kim and kanye and their cause personal friends i say all right ok are you worried about the n.s.a. reading your facebook messages you know what i'm a libertarian constitutional or have you of course i don't want anybody reading my you know frankly i feel like you know what go ahead you know what's in there you know my mother saying what i'm going to come over visit e-mails to my wife tell her i would go pick up diapers for our son if they want to spend government money
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working on that you know more power tool but i think it's going to be the record if you're. alex for running out of time i want to take it back to this alleged bank robber could the n.s.a. actually help get him off i mean well yeah that's a good question i don't know i mean you know it's a really novel an interesting use of government work against them so i do explore them from that point you know i don't know of a conclusion if you conclusively because what if the guy had multiple phones or he just cleverly ditched them all over town so that the surveillance which show that he was in six places at one time i don't i don't know that is are you going to prove his innocence but it might be an interesting sideshow for the. trial when he has us talking about it that's for sure and i salute alex we're out of time thank you so much that with comedian alex barnett. if you were opened your mailbox to find one of those red light camera tickets it could totally ruin your day right the bay area california woman decided to fight back let me tell you about kesha dunn
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levy she got a five hundred dollar ticket for running a red light near san francisco well she believe the fun was a little steve so she went to court to fight the ticket she argued that the public was never properly informed about cameras at the intersection she brought in an old newspaper clipping from two thousand and six that proved her case the notice said that red light cameras would capture vehicles traveling east of the intersection but that's the issue the street she was ticketed on runs north and cell the traffic commissioner hearing the case agreed with her dismissed the five hundred dollars ticket saying the public was given inadequate notice you have to wonder how many more motorists could get out of their tickets if they do did a little homework according to c.b.s. station in san francisco that could amount to twenty thousand tickets and five million dollars in refunds that's going to do it for a male for more on these stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash r c
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america check out our website at r t dot com slash usa you also follow me on twitter at m underscore j underscore how see what a. when the president does it demeans it's not illegal these are the words of richard nixon barack obama appears to be saying the same defending massive you would conduct surveillance of citizens all over the world defenders of prism in common with some form and claim these programs protect lives but who is looking out to protecting our rights.


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