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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:47pm EDT

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and. smoke it with tear gas flushed away by water cannons turkish police were to harsh methods to keep defiant antigovernment protesters from istanbul's taksim square. while thousands of air to one supporters rally in istanbul where the prime minister is defending police tactics and lashing out at protesters and foreign media for their alleged complicity. and other stories that shaped the week after exposing the u.s. secret surveillance program cia whistleblower edward snowden remains holed up in hong kong awaiting washington's are expected retaliation. and lethal arms to rebels and a possible no fly zone washington's response to syria's apparent use of chemical weapons about damascus calls the evidence lies russia says it's unconvincing. and iran's new president hassan rouhani promises
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a new moderate course is the west hopes for a major shift in the country's nuclear ambitions and stance on the syrian conflict . eight pm in moscow i'm matt try to bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news we begin in istanbul where turkish police have resorted to their tried and tested methods of print to prevent protesters restarting using tear gas and water cannons to prevent crowds gathering in the center taksim square the symbol of anti-government unrest sealed off after special forces drove up demonstrators and destroyed temporary camps but the crackdown is having the opposite effect with angry protests now flaring up across the country in response. reports. this point there are more of confrontations between the police and protesters taking place in other parts of istanbul they have been going on
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really throughout the night and the entire morning they're lesser in numbers but it doesn't mean they're less intense than the were last night when clashes erupted after police decided started clearing out taksim square and gezi park an hour after running the studio on has made another announcement that his patience has run out and he said the protesters have until sunday to leave but like i said just an hour later the police began their operation with tear gas water cannons even rubber bullets all of this was used in taksim square and in gezi park literally bulldozers were brought in to get rid of the tents in the gezi park at this point it's completely clear as well as taksim square gezi park is not open to any public whatsoever no media no medical staff no no one is allowed there the protesters have congregated in the streets really close to talks and square last night adjacent to the square they were also dispersed by police pushed back into the city hall at the same time where the upon hearing this thousands of people have marched on to talk
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seen from the asian side of the bowl but they were stopped by police on the bosphorus bridge again clashes erupted there again tear gas and water cannons the situation in turkey remains quite tense at the moment because a lot of people are saying that there is an increasing chozen between the protesters and those people who support prime minister erdogan and a lot of people believe that he is a matter of fact is the one who is creating that chavez and as we show in our report. clashes turmoil blood to smoke and even death this has been to cause reality for the past two weeks as protests show no sign of subsiding prime minister erdogan shows clear indication he won't budge neither in the prospects of gezi park demolition nor on other requests coming from taksim square. made the. more serious than he was before. he provoked his supporters telling you spreading some of his own formation about
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people drinking in mosques or people attacking house car for men and the like the people or killing police men most of those informations were incorrect looters alcoholics extremists foreign agents all bound to wreak havoc in turkey and this is the reality of protests according to our don and though some may believe him or others i mean critical of the prime minister and i'm against the protests but i think that these protests come from foreign forces from other countries which are not happy with the success and development of turkey i'm really angry with the government i think the one acts like a dictator who does what ever he wants he doesn't care what other people think. i'm against the protests are seen gezi park because things are getting out of control also the foreign press show it like a big event and this made the protest even bigger by the government wants to make peace with people. so far however these efforts appear to have resulted in
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get more clashes in istanbul than in karate throughout the week with numerous reports of police brutality we spoke directly to officers to try to find out their side of the story. from day one we were for three days without sleep or food when and you can eat and afterwards we can think about is sleeping we slept on the pavement on the grass or on our shields maximum one hour a day i didn't get face to face with the protesters but i had no access to any information my phone battery died so i had no idea why the protests got so big the only things i heard were orders from our commanding officers. the pressure on police has been so great that according to their union six officers have committed suicide while nearly a thousand resigned because of the protests as the protests continue with all participants of the conflicts girly increasingly tired and desperate and the government making no clear effort to ease the tensions some begin to wonder where
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prime minister dawn who prides himself on the building boom in turkey has actually destroyed the very bridges within society in the country in istanbul that. for a second day in a row turkey's prime minister has gathered an army of supporters for a counter rally this being held in a stand bill where overnight anti-government demonstrations were forcefully dispersed. again labeled protesters traitors and accuse the foreign media of painting an inaccurate picture of what's going on in the country world affairs journalist neil clark things prime minister erdogan has taken a combative stance against the protesters feeling he'll get away with a crackdown thanks to strong western support. one hundred feels emboldened really trapped in a very harsh way against the protesters at least in boulder because he did member of nato and the us and i think he was very interesting to see just how little the criticism of the don has been over the last week in the west john kerry baits mutterings about not using too much force but william hague for example has been
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silent the french have been silent and i think we should voters to come down hard on protesters putting the police putting the water cannons that the plastic bullets etc i figured i'm feel really good vision room pressure on him to actually negotiate to me in protest and why should he is thinking because he's got the backing of nato and the us the us will do everything to stop him from falling from power the other thing is of course and actions are here in turkey for two more years the opposition is divided so he thinks he's in a very strong position. edward snowden the man who exposed the extent of the u.s. secret global surveillance program remains at an unknown location in hong kong awaiting washington's next move against him he willingly revealed his identity after leaking documents showing u.s. national security agency has been keeping tabs on americans and foreigners hundreds
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of people marched outside the u.s. consulate there to show support for the whistleblower activists said they were outraged by the level of spying the obama administration is conducting about into tens of thousands of hiking operations worldwide or case more important it takes a look at how the revolutions of the spy were theme of the cracks in washington's democratic facade. last weekend the u.s. president and his chinese counterpart met for a private bilateral summit focused on cyber attacks and virtual espionage washington blaming beijing for being an online outlaw today the tables have turned courtesy of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden as the n.s.a. leaker told that the south china morning post that the u.s. has. in hacking chinese and hong kong computers since since zero nine snowden alleges that the us national security agency's targets included the chinese university of hong kong public officials and students allegations that give weight to claims by officials in beijing that the country has been the victim of u.s.
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hacking efforts america has turned into the world cop they think that they can basically set the standards for everybody else to follow their own paranoia global paranoia and outrage has been rising ever since one of america's best kept secrets known as prism was revealed the n.s.a. is clandestine electronic surveillance program records digital communications and allows for real time online surveillance of citizens both foreign and domestic prism gives u.s. intelligence agencies direct access to files stored on the servers of nine major internet companies including google and facebook to identify and target potential terrorist suspects officials in italy britain and germany the most spied upon country said the program was both alarming and encroached on privacy politically to some extent i think it's the united states government but rather because despite
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all the claims from the white house from the congress the reality of vastly excessive valence has been documented by the material the authentic material from the n.s.a. there was no one has released revelations about prism has prompted the american civil liberties union to file for lawsuits against the obama administration more than one hundred and fifty thousand american citizens have signed an online petition calling for an end to washington's massive spying apparatus a clandestine program which the president who promised an unprecedented amount of transparency ironically defends you can't have. one hundred percent security. and also then have one hundred percent privacy and zero inconvenience. we're going to have to make some choices as
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a society the obama administration finds itself losing not only the war on leaks but enormous credibility at home and abroad with the oversell us goal of watching everyone in the name of national security one may wonder if the us government has become its own worst enemy reporting from new york marina porter r.t. so this fellow was a blower wiki leaks editor joy a songe tells r t the witch hunt against those revealing government wrongdoings that scares many into silence many sources are quite scared i mean we've seen callie colleagues of mine have even stated publicly that their sources are reluctant to talk because it's the crackdown against bradley manning and that's what that whole trial is trying to achieve it's trying to set the precedent for the communicating with the media is the same as communicating with the enemy and that's a death penalty offense. to crack down on whistleblowers
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has been very public and i think that to scare people a bit i mean there's ways to do it without ending up like perhaps the way bradley manning is going to go or snowden i mean most sources reveal information perfectly fine. closely watching developments on the story log on to our web site r t dot com for the full timeline of events expert analysis and the latest updates and stay put for more news here on our team after a short break. we
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speak your language or not i didn't. use programs in documentaries and spanish matters to you. a little tentative angles stories. the spanish. visit. thanks for staying with us thirteen minutes past the hour syria's civil conflict could enter a new phase with washington deciding to arm rebels this week and possibly put
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a no fly zone in place the white house said the assad regime has crossed a red line biologically using chemical weapons but damascus calls the evidence fabricated and moscow expressed skepticism artie's alexei or shop ski talk with me about it. this week washington confirmed it has ample proof of assad's troops using chemical weapons against the opposition but the timing seems to be rather strange for that the incident in question allegedly happened in december last year but it's been brought up only now when the government troops are winning the battle after battle according to the russian foreign minister this makes no sense at all from the military point of view and the follow up statement by president obama that he wanted to see the balance of power is restored in the country and possibly even the syrian rebels is creating even more grounds for concerns in russia and in europe as well so we have russia being skeptical about it the only voice or other others were skeptical about the u.s. evidence not everyone is buying it the e.u. the main allies of the united states they are asking for additional checks from the
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u.n. investigators russia says that the proof gathering process itself was done with violations of international regulations just. there are certain rules of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which suggest that samples of blood urine or clothes and soon can be classed as evidence only if the samples were collected by the organizations experts and these experts controlled the samples and rude to the board turris us colleagues failed to assure us that these procedures were here to do you think there's been a lot of resistance to accepting this evidence that the u.s. says it has well just let's look at the history let's go back ten years ago to two thousand and three when the u.s. state secretary colin powell was shaking a vial with allegedly anthrax in it suggesting that iraq has weapons of mass destruction chemical weapons we all know where this when so the u.s. clearly don't want to step on the same break again at the same time another rather
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concerning statements coming from the u.s. that they are considering implementing a no fly zone over syria which in many cases is the first step for a military and civil action and has certainly a striking resemblance to the. the scenario almost a decade ago and so as we've seen the rebels themselves are kind of a very diverse group a lot of interest in a lot of different groups as part of the so-called opposition that they have in the syria are there allegations against them as well i've heard words of regret coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that all claims and allegations coming from the syrian government that the opposition used chemical weapons against them have never been investigated they have been seen that footage is of the opposition testing chemical weapons on rabbits more recently twelve people from al nusra front the syrian militarized opposition brigade were detained in turkey by the turkish police allegedly carrying vials of zareen gas on them so definitely there are no saints here but these claims are not being investigated for some reason. so also concerns are washed his decision to send we thought to the rebels
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might scuttle the idea of peace talks in geneva syria's opposition won't commit to turning up political analyst marwar cough explains why the rebels are refusing to come to the table weakening the rebels on the ground may actually be a positive thing in any political dialogue or a new political negotiations because those people have the power to stifle or kill any political process the order of invisibility should be reduced it could be for the political representatives of the opposition to have any meaningful say in a negotiate actually being able to keep their words afterwards but as long as there are promises of weaponry and support towards those rebels on the ground without that they won't go to the table anymore told in fact with the ideology behind what
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they have been doing since the very beginning is specially. affiliated groups they are not interested in negotiating with the regime anymore or the syrian government at all they see it as an infidel regime that must be toppled no matter what. twenty more online including gold for our t.v. snatched an award for best new for our news program at the monte carlo television festival online you can see what coverage attracted the attention of the jury. and harsh reality for some young israelis trying to avoid serving in the army a prison is a better option than picking up a gun. the iranians have voted to replace the outgoing hard line president mahmoud ahmadinejad with a pro reformist moderate hassan rouhani took more than fifty percent of the vote after promising among other things to open dialogue with the west as artie's marie if a notion explains though some of the most sensitive issues could be out of his reach . people have taken to the streets of tehran to celebrate the victory all of us on
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the hot. that hot his victory has provoked mixed feelings a man iran's moves into this is known as a reformist and carries the many specially in terms of greater freedoms. and surrounds diplomatic isolation the country has been on the top sanctions for years now over a sprinter version of the nuclear program during his campaign rouhani has promised to prepare the civil rights structure re strong the economy and improve your relations with the west he could decide that as many times making remarks that cost the country it's pretty ability but at the same time assertively value there on realize that the iranian system works with major power held by the supreme leader of the present can do little to change things dramatically. the supreme leader has
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the final say on big issues like terrence disputed nuclear brought her mole syria for example certain of those say that the next president can at least takes the time out of iran's dealings with the outside world the moment chief nuclear negotiator is never consulted approach. comes to iran but he'll have plenty left over from his predecessor here's my report on what that means legacy leaves a baseline of her public record has been in the real estate business for years in iran when we ask him to summarize the legacy of president. he talks about if you compare is right speed increased by a hundred percent since last year we have no hope for the future unless the economy's bad that it's getting worse. one of the president's promises after taking
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office in two thousand and five was to make iran's vast oil revenues felt at the dining table of every single family was he leaves behind is a country hit by the worst financial crisis in the years but there are some who say it's not a one in asia and who's to blame for the downturn under sanctions were tough recently is hard to keep afloat for the president but people i'm sure that iran is able to resist international pressure the iranian economy has been hit hard by strain of ever tougher sanctions imposed successively by the e.u. the u.n. and the u.s. over accuse ations the countries trying to develop nuclear weapon something which was never approved as autumn ahmadinejad has been able to stand up to the whole world over iran's nuclear program and the country is better off for it and other battles a departure in libya will be remembered for is his rhetoric about israel and iran six resident relations reached the point when even war seemed very possible and
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while ahmadinejad has not exactly been friendly towards israel the way facts have been gentle devout him has done more damage to his reputation than his own words years ago a statement was mistakenly streamlet it to him which was inequity translated as israel must be wiped off the face of the map and actual words were that israel must vanish from the arena of time and didn't even belong to one ishant any way other than the objective is to make up with the new judge in a village he stands for universal rights where every country would have an equal say but some powers want nothing but dominance and they focused on blocking the name of our presidents one of this year's presidential candidates doesn't agree say korea during the two thousand and eleven it company he criticized his advisors and they were after a race that's not the best and most honest way to get to power. the deadly protests that raged across the country after they were. actions are also thought to have
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undermined john's image the result many people were frightened of other let me not talk about my job at all. even those who don't totally support when you say there is little he can actually do here according to our constitution the supreme leader has much more powers in this country almost every step the president. going to drop out of that for a minute now because russia's president is in london for talks with britain's prime minister ahead of the g eight summit there this is the fourth time blatter put in david cameron have met with the conflict in syria being the main focus of the previous talks let's go live to downing street where the two leaders are addressing the media to me we have covered three important issues especially first ahead of the g eight at la current we've talked about the need to sort out the rules of the game for the world economy to deliver success for the g eight and for the developing world better information about tax and company ownership so that
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everyone pays their fair share more openness for mining oil and gas companies so they support growth and never undermine it but i have to say i'm encouraged by president putin's strong support for this agenda at the g. eight and as the next president of both the g eight and the g twenty and we'll be going into more detail on this in the days ahead second we've talked about our ideas to get britain and russia working better together on science and space on energy cooperation and on new business deals especially to support russia's winter olympics and the world cup we discussed how governments need to create the confidence for trade and investment to growth we've agreed to work on new agreements on cooperation between energy companies and to launch negotiations for britain to host a growth station for the global satellite g.p.s. equivalent. a satellite positioning system and with exports to russia growing
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faster than to any other of britain's top twenty markets we're backing a new series of trade missions between our small and medium sized businesses third we've talked about the war in syria and how to end it i believe that our sat is responsible for tearing his a country apart and that to end syria's nightmare he has to go the new evidence this week of how the regime is gassing its people makes that clearer than ever i also believe that if we leave syria to be fought over between a murderous dictator and violent extremists we will all pay the price so i believe we will support the center of decent moderate syrians who can be the basis of a new united and peaceful syria. it is no secret that president putin and i have had our disagreements on some of these issues but what i take from our conversation today is that we can overcome these differences if we recognize that we share some
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fundamental aims to end the conflict to stop syria breaking apart to let the syrian people choose who governs them and to take the fight to the extremists and defeat them so president putin and i have discussed how we can use the g eight to bring new momentum and leadership to start negotiations to deliver a transitional government to keep syria intact and to stop the killing we agreed that the g. eight must back the work of secretary lavrov and secretary kerry to bring syrians into a new peace process and we will use the opportunity of having the g eight leaders together to try to build on this common ground. almost one hundred thousand people have lost their lives in this war the daily crimes there plus new depths in the history of the region every month that passes the more dead and syria more dangerous to the region and to all of us we must work together to do everything we can to bring this dreadful conflict to a head that is what will do it. and in the days and weeks ahead thank you very much
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else president putin to speak. but it was very me down with his father thank you. we have held with mr prime minister constructive and substantive talks. will have continued our recent meetings a series of our recent meetings and with the russian city of sochi and it's my pleasure that the prime minister and dyer have constant regular season it's like constructive contacts and relations that give us a chance to discuss the car and to be shoes in the economy in the political sphere and in the international affairs if you could you know it's no secret that the economy international economy the global economy is in a very complicated state now you can the russian british economic ties on the contrary on the rise last year the growth was around ten percent of their trade for
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the first told that you know which of this year the trade. raised by more than fifteen percent. means something of it in rest assured because it grew it creates more jobs and economic activities raises salaries and mall taxes or a tax revenues will be there it's a very positive thing about our relations we have good prospects in this. clean key to making this trees and sectors high tax space exploration mr prime minister has mentioned of the. system of russia and we hope to. constructively in these demain we can cooperate and the nuclear energy is here not only on the territories of russia and breakthrough but in third countries as well our companies. have very good relations established their partners in hundred carbon sphere you know the
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relations also developing successful it's not about b.p. but there are the companies working in russia mining in smelting industries on the rise to extract every industries and they were original aspects expanding so we have more cooperation on the ground which is a very positive signal for our economies very positive messages we get told investors and we want to learn from the experience of the british capital being the one of the greatest financial centers small and medium enterprises corporation with we have heard initiatives of the prime minister and we are really attentive look into them we hope. that we will be able to work together in future in close cooperation with each other we talked acute and shop and national issues a serious one of them. we have a common goal and the common disarm of that to provide conditions for the settlement of that conflict i can agree with the prime minister that it can and
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should be done as soon as possible to shoot and we really expect that the initiative of the prime minister in the framework of the g eight summit especially . with you will be a positive influence on the supplemental the conflicts we are yet to discuss some other issues and problems that are no less complicated but this is one of the most acute international pending issues way to expect that their relationship with the united kingdom will keep developing in this positive vein well we have all the grounds for that and they main they need. the reason for that is our mutual interest i haven't mentioned joint projects that are but promise i hope we will develop them efficiently but by way of conclusion i'd like to say that was started today's meeting with a very moving event the decoration of. mr prime minister has
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mentioned that we have decorated the veterans of the arctic convoys here with former british serviceman these are now. i would lay people not that they were very good with why it is but if you go to them they have great have but still they did a lot and we value their contribution and the father the more we value that and. the more time passes the great and deeper our understanding is of the acts of heroism that they helped calm but these problem plaguing russia and the united kingdom as well a lot brings us together in our history and i hope that we will have a real and future lying i had thank you for your attention thanks very much president i just two questions first b.b.c. . b.b.c. news first bill to president putin the prime minister has said in the past that those supporting president assad have the blood of syrian children on their hands
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given the russia is arming one side in this conflict is it not hypocritical to criticize those who want to on the other side and to the prime minister. backbench is angela democrats coalition partners about the idea of all making the rebels one tory m.p. said today that it would be suicidal. first of all he's responsible for what has happened in syria i mean no doubt the responsibility lies with the president a sad it is the almost law he has inflicted on his own people which is the primary cause of the suffering the humanitarian catastrophe in the death that we have seen in terms of the domestic debate here. we believe rightly change the terms of the e.u. arms embargo because it was almost as if it was saying there was some sort of equivalence between. on the one hand and the official syrian opposition on the
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other i don't believe there is the syrian opposition of committed to a democratic pluralistic syria that will respect minorities christians so that is the argument for that we've made no decision to arm the rebels to a position but i think it's very important that we continue to work with them help the train and assist them in order to make sure that we have an influence on the opposition who i believe want a democratic syria that's how it should be so that will be miles out and president putin for the first off of your question. called the bus to work with regard sleaze supplies of weapons to the acid government and as regards to who has the blood of the children and peaceful citizens of syria i believe we will not deny that. if the blood is on the hands of the both parties so both of the parties. i
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think that with me and there's always a question who is to be blamed for that who's to blame for it i believe you will not deny the fact. that we're in one hardly should back those who kills that anime's and aids their guns and his film gun shot do you want to support these people to want to supply arms to these people. so in this case it has hardly any relation to the humanitarian. cultural values europe has being for fessing for centuries in russia we cannot fancy such things happening but if we speak calmly in cold blood the global economy business like question let me tension to the fact that russia. supplies almost of a legitimate government of syria in full compliance with the norms of international law where not breaching anything that member size that we're not reaching any rules
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and norms and we call on all our partners to act in same fashion. without cost newswire. to both leaders regarding syria air support what are your full costs as regards. the national conference to reach a settlement in that country given the fact that the likely. proposals on mate to introduce a no fly zone over syria. and to expand the support to oppositional forces and to be in their position of syria some sometimes deny to a speech in the conference don't to think that it all ruling the prospects of the conference i don't think that the idea of the conference is ruined and fool to it i foolishly share mr prime minister's view that possibly of this is one of the
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most but a yacht with appropriate means of resolving this syrian issue but i believe with me the issue can be resolved only by political and diplomatic means mr prime minister is one of the active proponents to hold this geneva two conference we have talked to them that in details. which one with maps and sultry and we also are able to live it or i will not argue against it but dealt with our american partners after wants we inform the united kingdom and all of the partners how things are advancing at a time sure i'm confident that the probably a final resolution of the ground putting all those warring parties to that and go straight into table can be done been done only in concerned that concert with joint efforts and a good will is demonstrated by both of the warring parties but let me back up what
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president putin of said i mean you can see there are very big differences between the analysis we have of what happened in syria and who is to blame but where there is common greg is we both see a humanitarian catastrophe we both see the dangers of instability and extremists and we both want to see a peace conference and a transition so the challenge for the g eight and for this process is to try and put aside some of the differences and to focus on the common ground where we both want to see a peace process to try. take place that is going to be the challenge for us in the days and the weeks ahead and i think the tools we've had today have been another positive step in recognizing that while there are these differences if we focus on that common ground we can indeed make some progress and i will be doing that. can i thank you again for coming and i think the president again will coming to what was
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a very moving ceremony with the veterans of the to come forward as they did extraordinary brave beings during the war they waited for seventy years for all the recognition that they got from the british government the arctic stuff today and it was a pleasure and honor to be them to be with them to see them receive the medal at the same time so very very much thank you president for coming and making that happen today thank you very much and. in listening in to a joint press conference by prime minister david cameron and russian president vladimir putin talking about partnership in business world events and the upcoming olympics and twenty fourteen in sochi russia also heavily focusing on what's going on in syria and how to address the situation and the crisis that's going on there and also on a voice that was what they talked about during our press conference and we move on with our broadcast here on r.t.
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the bank of the am to the at. the arab world get one issue that at least our views are generally excited about today is the snowden case a man who is now being dubbed a second a sound has exposed total surveillance practices employed by the american government there are two sides to the story on the one hand that was classified information which makes this man a traitor but on the other hand the information he has leaked is of crucial importance primarily for the american public and for the world in general what do you think of that. i think everybody has long been aware that signals intelligence is about surveillance of individuals and organizations is becoming
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a global phenomenon in the context of combating international terrorism and such methods are generally practicable but the question is how well those security agencies are controlled by the public i can tell you that at least in russia you can't just go and tap into someone's phone conversation without a warrant issued by court that's more or less the way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism with modern day technology. and a man until his deputy editor in chief with a rabbit you have the mike is going to. look i mean to ask you about drones but on as you know american police drones to deliver air strikes almost on i daily basis this happens especially often in pakistan and if you other countries and one hand drawings are efficient in combat but on the other hand will all aware of the collateral damage the public in many countries and i found this shocking and there has already been a motion for imposing an international ban on news and rumors about what i would
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like to ask you about russia's attitude on the issue of modern means of warfare keep evolving and they always will i doubt if it is possible to simply ban it all but you certainly can and should introduce certain rules and exercise control i know they currently debating this issue in the united states and the notion is being advocated increasing the often within the u.n. framework that you need to put drones under control you need to lay out certain rules of engagement in order to prevent or minimize collateral casualties it's extremely important i don't know whether a western counterparts will choose this option but i would suggest it would be in their best interest however there are other threats to for example they are presently debating the option of using normal nuclear ballistic missiles in the united states can you imagine how potentially dangerous that is what if such a missile were to launch from somewhere. in the middle of an ocean and get spotted by nuclear powers early warning system how should that nuclear power react to
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a missile coming its way how are they supposed to know whether this missile comes with a nuclear warhead or not or if the missile impacts right next to its border or inside its territory do you realize how perilous that can be. or take the notion of low yield nuclear weapons do you realize how badly that can blur the very brown trees of using nuclear bombs or how low the threshold might sink for authorizing such destroying it can you imagine the possible implications of something like where are the limits for lowering that threshold him and who setting them there are many threats in the world of today and there is only one way to address them efficiently that is working together within the boundaries of international law. and now would like to give the floor to peace in the valley which has been presenting i want to all most popular shows cross talk it seems like we live in the age of opposition. and we have the arab spring and heard about europe and the crisis there. and the
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occupy movement united states which our team did an excellent job in covering but what about the opposition in russia public opinion polls show it's very small not much support what kind of opposition would you like to challenge you at a certain point we saw the police cracking down on the occupy wall street activists i won't call the actions of police appropriate or inappropriate my point is that every opposition movement is good and useful if it acts within law if they don't like the law they should use democratic means to change those laws which they should persuade voters to join them and they should get elected into legislature is so that they can have a chance to change the law if there are people who act outside the law then the state must use legal means to impose law in the interests of the majority that's the way it's done in the us and that's the way it's done in russia truth be told we're criticised for that but when the same thing happens in the us it's considered
12:46 pm
to be normal never mind that it is double standards we have got accustomed to this and pay little attention to it when they talk about it when it happens in the us to growth america. but almost you do the right thing in that everyone must be treated in the. same fashion because these two situations are identical because of the only difference is that our diplomatic missions don't actively cooperate with occupy wall street and your diplomatic missions work together and directly support russian opposition but i think this is wrong because diplomatic missions must forge ties between states and not meddle in their domestic politics. getting back to popular movements if they express their will by legal means without breaking the law then they're fully entitled to do that in this case it would be beneficial to any state because it's a way to provide grassroots feedback on the state policies whether it be social domestic or foreign policy you can work or the next question is from ox.


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