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choose the opinions that invigorating to mind. choose the stories that impact your life choose me access to opportunity. it's. just. so. satellite bugging fake
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internet cafe's and a blanket surveillance of diplomats are exposed by new showing even former russian president medvedev was targeted by american and british agents. israelis in the occupied golan heights fear a dramatic military escalation on their doorstep america moves to arm the syrian rebels and iran reportedly pledges tricks to help president assad. and syria pushes money matters into the background as world leaders gather for the g eight summit in northern ireland shielded from protests by a colossal ring of steel. around the german entrepreneurs turning their back on europe's largest economy being hostile to health and businesses.
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and i welcome you with our take me and. my global leaders and even close allies for all spied on by british and american intelligence according to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden he's leaked new documents showing that the g twenty summit in two thousand and nine was a surveillance playground with u.k. and u.s. agents attending to bug senior figures like the russian president at the time dimitri. told me why the timing is a worry. the new g eight summit the latest one is just about start again in the united kingdom in great britain and well obviously this is going to create some additional tension and some questions will have to be answered this happened at the summit back in two thousand and nine there we can see the pictures of the leaders going for the photo op and well according to the report of that former
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cia agent the delegations from all these three countries that we could see the leaders of these countries on screen now including president of russia dmitry medvedev we were allegedly under the full surveillance package other forms were listened to even connections going occasions going through embassies e-mails basically the what. it is blanket surveillance isn't it that's how broad it was to me to be there is no escaping it even a fake internet cafe i mean it is extraordinary that. it's extraordinary the technologies would surely just be used i guess could be seen in. fiction movies and hits because well according to these reports the national security agency in the us and it's in great britain we did build these internet cafes for the delegates to use where the computers world video
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allegedly tapped so that the data from them and from the phone conversations and from the those who used blackberries e-mails according to the support this data was sent to the security agencies almost in real life time so that it could then be used during the negotiations during the actual summit so that's another other kind of point and this. also brings us to the question we're talking about the leaders of the g eight. which are reportedly under this massive of surveillance that brings us to ordinary citizens including british ones and. what's the story about that what's the level of surveillance that they are under. the people that are arriving now they're already settled there they must be feeling very uncomfortable
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knowing about this story i mean if if if if they are making a phone call or are using the you know the internet facilities or whatever presumably they'll be a second thought in their mind is this being listen to. this report definitely where you will definitely create some interesting conversations between the delegations this also brings us to future meetings between world leaders future summits there's an upcoming meeting between the president of the us and the german leader this could backfire in the future and everybody me just start surveilling each other and this will definitely do great deals for the trust between world powers and also well barack obama is there now and what's going to put in is the. british prime minister and well this is also going to be an interesting meeting between them in the wake of this latest news and when it comes to be g twenty v.i.p. snooping r.t. contributor tell just that britain has served as
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a surveillance platform for the united states for decades. i think that kind of blanket surveillance we're talking about fake internet cafe's of the jewelry being set up blackberries routinely monitored that surveillance is being used and of course with their on the rage and presuming they were trying to make those talks amenable to washington and british interests these kinds of revelations show that when governments such as britain and the united states come close to worrying they will use this to try and persuade different officials of different governments to sway them for many years written knew or some british people realized that the national security agency was basically using the united kingdom and the largest spying outfit of the united states is here in britain but who runs the spying who or where is the sovereignty and perhaps british people will realise that they are living in a state where their media and all institutions surrounding them all industrial
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aspects to civic society are under a kind of surveillance state that is not being covered in the news the problem is the mainstream media will try and prove this and say everyone knows this everyone if everyone knew this. world leaders and all delegates at that summit in twenty nine know that they are being surveilled then why the british or american authorities do this here in london meanwhile hong kong has launched an official investigation into the extent of the united states cyber attacks against its citizens alleged to number in the thousands in the u.s. dozens of lawsuits are being filed against the government surveillance practices washington is trying to downplay their reach when it comes to telephone calls nobody is listening to your telephone calls. that's not what this program is about . lawmakers themselves though are contradicting president obama it was earlier
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alleged that thousands of n.s.a. analyst could listen to any phone call without a warrant but other government sources say official authorized is required it's also emerged that the scope of the surveillance operation and the help it received may have been underestimated he's a washington correspondent and he did you can. what edward snowden revealed could be just the tip of the iceberg we're learning that in addition to internet giants thousands of u.s. technology finance and manufacturing companies that include software and hardware producers banks internet security providers satellite telecommunications companies thousands are working closely with u.s. national security agencies according to the people familiar with the exchange the cooperation of some of the company says helped the u.s. government infiltrate computers worldwide so this certainly adds to edward snowden's account note and said he believes that the n.s.a. has carried out more than one thousand hacking operations globally snowden said he
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was releasing the information to demonstrate quote the posse of the u.s. government when it claims that it does not target civilian infrastructure and on like its adversaries he also said quote we hack network backbones like huge internet routers basically that give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands. of people computers without having to hack every single one in the sources who speak on the condition of anonymity say u.s. companies help intelligence agencies do exactly that and they say it's not subject to any oversight now it's all done of course on the national security but there are some very obvious discrepancies here robert muller director of the f.b.i. for example he said the massive surveillance program that the u.s. has now could have prevented nine eleven then what about the fort hood shooting in two thousand and nine the perpetrator of that one needle molly costs on had been exchanging e-mails with anwar locky for a period of time or time alonso are now i have multiple warnings over several years
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radical content on his you tube but web page. one may ask the question then why this massive collection of information when all of that was missed. and the unwavering support of many u.s. companies to the government surveillance program is raising questions among experts and the public to r.t.c. caffein of books white what might be in it for the. this story certainly raises more questions than it answers as my colleague reported earlier we know now that thousands of companies have been sharing sensitive information with the u.s. government in exchange for various benefits now this raises concerns about the extent of the private sector collaboration with the u.s. government not to mention questions about what exactly those benefits were now the details may be murky at this point but let's go over exactly what information we have companies who did hand over data to the government got a big thank you that's according to michael hayden who used to head the cia as well
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as the national security agency which runs of course the prism program and mr hayden told bloomberg this if i were the director and had a relationship with a company who was doing things that were not just directed by law but were also valuable to the defense of the republic i would go out of my way to thank them and give them a sense as to why this is necessary and useful all right well what kind of thank you exactly are we talking about here well again not a lot of details but anonymous sources did tell bloomberg that leaders of the companies who handed over data to the government were showered with attention and information by government agencies in fact in some instances that meant quick warnings about the threats that could affect their bottom line for example serious internet attacks and who's behind them of course this exchange of information is supposed to be voluntary and well at this point we don't exactly have evidence that this is not the case but well most of the companies seem to have participated
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simply because the government asking for help one former c.e.o. paints a slightly different picture in two thousand and one when some telecom giants allegedly were asked to participate in an n.s.a. information sharing program one company qwest initially refused to play ball and according to court documents filed by its then c.e.o. joseph nacho as a result of that decision the company was denied lucrative n.s.a. contracts he believed to be worth fifty to one hundred million dollars retaliation he says for refusing to partake in the government spying program. so to sum it up companies that share data earned government goodwill information about threats possible classified information and of course there's concern that those who did not play along could could have been left out of lucrative government contracts course we don't have more information on this but that's person i see the point the lack of transparency about this data swap is a major concern now it's done in the name of security but at what cost and to whom
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this account for reporting for our team in moscow. of the west mahmoud ahmadinejad is about to hand over the iranian president see head to r.t. dot com for all of the peaks and troughs of his time at the helm from standing firm to get nuclear energy for the country to being ultimately mind in the throes of an economic crisis also on our website trigonometry in the u.s. where a gun maker is reporting record sales in a year of deadly shooting as americans react to the president's push for stricter weapon control. yes germany has seen a steady flow of immigrants from crisis wracked countries like greece and spain but his own citizens especially successful entrepreneurs are heading for the exit leaving europe's largest economy to capitalize on their business opportunities as peter oliver expects. packing up for
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a new life elsewhere yes and his family are joining a growing number of germans seeking a future away from home. for germany's a nice place right now the future looks really dark so we're getting out of that's why his software business and plan tire company off the sale and he setting up a new business in canada away from what they see is shortsighted policies by german and european politicians really good all they're doing is taking the debt higher and higher and breaking their own rules it's something the family has been planning for a long time after one and a half years their paperwork is now in the final stages as well as his family yes there's also moving almost two million euros worth of business to canada people of always move to new countries in search of opportunities but last year saw over one hundred thirty thousand jet off from germany the most in a generation an increasing number making the move to to concerns over where the
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country's economic. among the most popular destinations were switzerland the united states australia and canada away from the e.u. the bureaucracy of brussels. does the feeling. we are going to see intrapreneur muslim europe it's one hundred times easier to shut it down to business here than create one i still raise it to belong to you for the last year on the side of the job creators. dr roth is a lawyer in bavaria heading to new zealand he sees the current system in europe is almost comical he didn't get bored look at the ten commandments there are probably around. five hundred no let's hear them. move like productive can i mean but you know a little over ten thousand words most of the nonsense this will leave you remaking the non-republican so many doors and no one can follow them. with dissatisfaction in the e.u. on the rise germany runs the risk of seeing more and more of its job creators
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taking off to find new opportunities elsewhere all of a party. that has plenty more to come here are not seeing plating world leaders set to discuss fixing the world economy at the g eight summit in northern ireland which is securely walled off from any protests but some campaign is still cooking up a storm there such as these activists getting a head start trying to attract the summits attention to global hunger and poverty that story coming up shortly.
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from the national security state has given an inch would always take much more than a mile three years we were told the government does not spying on citizens now we know this is not true we're spied upon in an unbelievably massive way do we need a super computer to keep track of all the ways we are deceived. download the official application. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. . anytime anywhere. welcome back iran is reportedly gearing up to send thousands of troops to syria to
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beef up government forces against the rebel forces also went as far as proposing a new military frontier in the israeli occupied golan heights and coupled with american intentions to arm the syrian opposition israelis living in the area fear they are in for some big trouble reports iran it just got that much closer amid reports that tehran is sending some four thousand a rainy and revolutionary guard to help the syrian president bashar assad israelis living here in the golan heights are worried because now for the first time at least officially iran is on the border there in you want war. in reunion warn the finisher. in to do it. make sure. this is an israeli bunker on the israeli syrian border less than a kilometer from here is connecticut that has been the scene of fierce fighting between assad's forces and rebel fighters with the american decision recently to
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arm the rebels one of the groups that will be most directly affected are israelis living here in the golan heights any increase in hostilities in the area will impact on their lives you know to bring jewish. understand to. you need to fight for your place in the last few minutes i've heard three explosions the united nations chief banking moon is warning of that the ongoing military activities in this area have the potential to escalate tensions between israel and syria and jeopardize the longstanding peace treaty between both countries and this is one of the questions that israelis who are asking if assad was to be overthrown would the forces that were placed in be interested in maintaining the cease fire israelis unfortunately seeing. arms and weapons they're going to be used against in as as
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a threat from iran. in this board needs to be friendly with these bunkers have been here for years but for decades there's been a sense of tranquility and predictability now all of that in situ change with america's decision to arm the rebels. you know what i mean you know probably it's good for them but it's good for america otherwise they wouldn't do it for the purpose of helping themselves and it's not about if it's good for israel or not there is fear we are afraid the rockets will hit us and it's already happening this is a fight that attracts tourists but many fear it will soon attract soldiers and become active once again policy r.t. on the israeli syrian border. while syrian troops have been advancing in recent weeks while the leader of the opposition's free syrian army says it's in need of weapons so let's have a closer look at the balance of power at this stage amid reports that the rain in
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squads could join president assad's forces it's lebanon's hezbollah which openly is being engaged on the government's side the rebels are reportedly being backed by mercenaries from the gulf states and al-qaeda linked jihadist searches the for a front the opposition enjoys widespread diplomatic support in the west and the prospect of lethal arms supplies from the us and some european allies despite warnings of die consequences. even the most optimistic analysis of the rebels would have to admit there are a variety of people not only fighting assad but also fighting each other but the whole idea that we can be confident that with weapons we supply even if we give them to people we train will stay in those homes of those homes were turned against ours it seems to me to be extremely naive in practice i'm afraid the risk that the sort of people who would actually break use of these weapons may initially be probably against assad but we've seen from afghanistan over the last thirty years
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to the present day we can do from the chaos in libya were american diplomats and have been killed british attacked it's a very young what is to think we really do control these people on the ground. the looming escalation of the conflict in syria has grabbed the attention of world leaders gathering for the g. eight summit in northern ireland after the u.s. approved arms supplies to the rebels the question is whether its european allies will follow a seat artie's party boyko looks at what is at stake at the high level gathering. host david cameron had planned to discuss issues such as global tax avoidance and sustainable economic growth but it looks like rising tensions over the escalating crisis in syria are going to eclipse that formal and jen and i'm going to be dominating the talks last week the usa france and the u.k. claimed that the syrian government had used chemical weapons in the usa has now pledged military support to the syrian opposition the u.k.
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hasn't gone that far yet but speaking off the talks with ladysmith putin in downing street yesterday prime minister david cameron reiterated his schools for bashar al assad to step down and said that the u.k. would be continuing to provide normally so late and training to moderate elements of the syrian opposition now the russian government has questioned claims that the syrian government has used chemical weapons and a lot of minutes and yesterday spoke about how dangerous he thinks it might be to all the syrian opposition at the same time both leaders have stressed that they have a common goal and that is a diplomatic peaceful resolution to the syrian crisis they say that they're going to push. the summit to try and edge closer towards organizing a peace summit for both sides of the syrian conflict in order to get them around the negotiating table to hammer out a pause to peace but the anti's opt so much over the past week it looks like it's
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going to be tough talking in northern ireland the summit is going to be held at the very remote. goal for where a fifteen million pound ring of steel has been a wreck did in order to god against protesters and to provide security for the likes of us president barack obama russian president vladimir putin and on the various david cameron now extra police have also been drafted in from the u.k. mainland to help bolster security that this is one of the biggest security operations that northern ireland has ever seen. and outside that exclusion zone surrounding the g eight summit some familiar faces have loomed larger these protesters who donned giant head masks and sighed belfast city hall called on the world's richest nations to address global hunger and poverty for them it's the world's poorest countries who desperately need leaders attention artie's katie
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pilbeam looks at what's cooking at the meeting and whether any wish lists will get answered. the fight against all still zones is excel or a say the host of the d.h. event david cameron insists it is a means of helping the poor and writing injustice ben air is editor in chief of business in new york magazine if this is realistic. because it means you'd have to police the entire world think about the system is necessary international. any country one tiny little country who chooses not to abide by this. offer is. as i say convenient services for people trying to hide money. means that the whole thing becomes a mockery there's no way of controlling it so you can work towards it you can it will take time and probably it's a good idea you've got several countries like cyprus obvious example but luxembourg
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still switzerland before who are offering their services as a business it becomes a big part of their economy and it's very difficult for a small country to tell them they can't do it because they have no other way of making money so it sounds like mr cameron and his fellow supporters have a tough time to head convince in these tax haven countries to give up their economic mail tickets. around international news this hour dozens of activists on the orange jumpsuits in belfast calling on the u.s. to close guantanamo bay human rights group amnesty organized the stand the head of the g eight summit in northern ireland saying keeping the prison open is clearly a breach of international law more than one hundred one town and i mean maids are on hunger strike over there indefinite detention over forty which are being painfully force fed in the procedure that has been labeled as torture. riot police have taken down barricades in tanks in square opening it up again for public access
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five labor unions say they'll march there during a day of nationwide strike. over the government crackdown on demonstrators that after a nineteen night street skim issues in the stamboul on sunday prime minister brown and tens of thousands of supporters in centrally stamboul in a show of strength even as the central square was being played. wiki leaks that is accusing the sun she's met ecuador's foreign minister head of the diplomats meeting the british foreign secretary the tell you are expected to discuss the whistle blows fate songe was granted asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london last june but britain said it won't let him leave the country. and violence has erupted for a second day in the brazilian capital is police rounded on protesters calling for more government spending on health transport and education they say too much money is being wasted on sporting events with football's world cup to be held in brazil next year offices to gas the six hundred strong crowd that had gathered in front of
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the national football stadium in brasilia. after the break with only spy scandals breaking cross-talk looks at just how much security u.s. citizens get for the freedoms they are forced to give up. you know what's worse than a corrupt bureaucrat a crook bureaucrat who sucks at being corrupt scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and puts a very hefty charges for services car tracks for road repair and construction in just three years use able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home
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news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hair person. twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he felt rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slap in the face to russian taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just happening. in welcome across talk we're all things are considered i'm peter a little.


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