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tv   Sport  RT  June 17, 2013 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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this is just to ensure good pharmacies i train with your legs so i know what the skipper loves and see imagery and so for me i never try to single old one person series my strongest because in track and field people get injured out of time and if i focus on one person who gets injured then walked. back in moscow and warden olympic gold medal winners spoke in glowing terms of the upgraded luzhniki arena after venue for this year's world championships hosted by moscow challenge event constant atop of as its reports. that's latics world challenge serious was introduced in twenty ten it's a second two you can petition after the diamond league this year when they were held in fifteen cities worldwide and the moscow challenge is a pivotal preparation step as the russian capital gets ready for their maiden the world championships in august diligent the stereo hosting interest big event after being specially ran away to. general info money was the biggest story the reigning
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world champion easily won with her first attempt and the twenty seven year old says she is happy with the new facilities at their arena. i have never competed at the stadium before and so that was an important commission for me and really happy with the track like the track of the previous roll championships or i won and i like that colitis. russian athletes are looking to shine in front of their home crowd in august and even though the two thousand and four olympic champion uni but as i finished runner up at this outing the eight hundred metres runner is a bit about his chances at the world event i like the track and think the stadium was almost ready i didn't win tonight but i'm happy with the result and the way the preparations for the world championships a go in so far might well was one of the former greats to watch the competition the american still holds the man's long jump record his set in one thousand nine hundred one and the two time world champion believes moscow has everything it takes
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to stage a top notch world championships is a nice facility i felt today i may need want to jump in might in my chain my master class today and i don't jump very often so it feels good nice used to be followed up. the moscow challenge proved arena is all but ready to host bigger tournament and will be next test in the year in the national championships in late july before all eyes will be on the world championships kicking off on august the tenth concerned about r t. on a statement after it takes because hannah for a millisecond is also looking to defend her cry or not these world championships. takes a look at the checkered career the limpid gold medal winner. that you know it has been through more than most efforts and in two thousand and twelve twenty nine year old richard pinnacle winning olympic homer gild along well setting a new record of seventy eight point eight hundred meters that triumph full of years
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of glory but also a number of low points just twenty one set a new world record in most skilled and then claim the european crown and getting borg in two thousand and six that's held the santa rosa but then in two thousand and seven life would come crashing back down to earth after failing a drug test and being disqualified for two years the russians two thousand and eight olympic dreams was left in tatters but listen go was never going to throw in the towel but your boy and the butt of the well i was back at the russian championships in traffic sorry in two thousand and nine it was tough i felt some pressure and worried a lot as i had been out of practice for two years and it was great to come back like that with a win and the season's third best result in the world. after so many have been on the russian was raring to get back to competitive action slowly but surely began to
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rediscover have and was a stronger and better athlete than before had. in two thousand and eleven she won the world championships in daegu south korea and this was just the stepping stone in helping her to win her sport's biggest price made it. all the hard work just paid off my london success the dream came true but i was far from being over confident ahead of the olympics the competition was very tough and close everybody was giving their all and it was crucial to stay focused up to the very end. in august this year it will be the first term russia will host the world championships and listen. claims being in front of a home crowd can only make your stronger more comportment i feel comfortable performing on home soil for example it is not an schema morial of course it always put some extra sponsibility on you but all in all the crowd support really gives me
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more strength to be. exciting times lie ahead for one of russia's small degraded efforts to steal as the desire. to ever expanding cabinet. r.t. . on our we can take a look at some of the other stories making news over the last week. diva fairy tale celebrations on for the retail fortnight for tennis star rafael nadal as the king of play showed off the record eight french open trophy at disneyland in paris for twenty seven year old spaniard is the only man on the same grand slam tournament eight times his total of twelve majors he calls roy emerson's tally only pete sampras and roger federer have one more.
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on tuesday four days after between indonesia the netherlands also beat ten man china two to nothing in the second game of their tour of asia managed united striker robin van persie opening the scoring from a penalty spot after eleven minutes just minutes later china's screen showing four straight red card. midfielder completed a scoring spectacular bank he'll make way through the second half. on wednesday to show ryder and xander christophe of norway on the pitch stage or switzerland be limping bronze medal winner sprinted in form slovak. local hero mathias frank finished with the pellets on to retain his overall lead eventually failed to make the podium as portugal's recall taint is tied to all that saigon won the planes classification of the claiming to stage winds.
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on thursday formula one made its first foray into israel as tens of thousands of petrol heads lined the streets of jerusalem to watch ferrari test drive on carlo physicality headline the capitals first ever peace road show the two time former world superbike champion manx ji also took parts of the old city walls providing a magnificent backdrop of a two point eight kilometer track. on friday former boxing champion riddick bowe made a painful come back into the ring as a forty five year old american to this sort of beating it was moved tying debut in particular a former heavyweight star was not done five times rushes all of it in his thirty was awarded a technical mark victory in the second round however one hundred fifty thousand dollars check would provide at least some consolation for
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a boxer who disagree only last one is what you call professional buyouts. on saturday moto g.p. standings leader. the track record as one on the rider to hold for sunday's capital and grand prix before finishing runner up behind the reigning champion for a lot enzo britain's crash announce yet another spaniard mark marquez came ferd to claim his fifth podium finish and six races so far this season. still top of the overall standings margins seven points clear of lorenzo. and on sunday justin rose became the first englishman since one nine hundred seventy to win the u.s. open as the world number five golfer claimed his first ever major marion thirty two year old won by two shots to spoil phil mickelson's birthday party as the american
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forty three but once again had to settle for second spot at the time with australia's jason day four time major champion mickelson finished runner up at the u.s. open six times. now russia's top tennis player because i usually reached his first final in sixteen months after upsetting the second seed richard gaskin of france six three six two in the last four of the highly open in germany but in the design the usually was once again beaten by top seed roger federer as a swiss master has now won all of their fifteen encounters while here in moscow former greats remember the good old days of tennis legends exhibition of events michael crunching go once a long. tennis fans in moscow were given a real treat as some former greats of the game descended on the russian capital naturalized american monica seles made the first return to the country in fifteen
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years after playing in the criminal cup back in one thousand nine hundred eight she was joined by five time grand slam winner martina hingis the thirty two year old has developed quite an affection with russia should coaches and asked to see a public chunk of work while also helping out with the fed cup team they were up against russian jew olympic gold medalist. and the two thousand and four french open we're going to see a new skin right at the wrist it's going to play but i think this is first and foremost a great celebration for everyone not just for the athletes but for kids parents tennis and those he asked for some it's just to finally see who they used to support i mean i used to compare myself to monica seles so it's great that such an event is now being held every year in which the competition certainly differed from the tournaments the stars were used to playing at their peak there were no two our three set battles thankfully the aging bodies only had to cope with one solitary set. up to nearly losing out to hang is by seven games to five and was going to insisted the result wasn't the most important thing on the day that many of us it's
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great to be here because we all haven't seen each other for a very long time especially monica it's so difficult to catch up now that we're all leading different lives so thanks ever so much to the organizers in the women's doubles match up is teamed up with sellers to take on demand. is showed that she was not of a competitive spirit but she was unable to stop the russians taking the match seven five. and double grand slam winner give gainey confident of in one of the main backers of the tournament was one of the main attractions in the men's competition as well as the two thousand and one wimbledon champion before and even exhibit she was a regular on the tennis legend scene both were delighted to be back out on the court and entertaining the crowd throughout the match but it was. took the victory against the big throat they may no longer be lighting up the center court on your grand slams but they certainly did light up the stage today and i don't know that i knew all the tennis legend and of course with only around one thousand people who
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are attending here today you can be assured that next year even bigger and even better team russia ran out easy winners in the end much to the lights of the spectators. and this legends tournament is fast becoming a popular fixture on the country's tennis scene. so that brings us to be end of part one but stay tuned for more of a short break. wealthy british. guys. margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. and the mission free accreditation free zones for judges free. range means the free is free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog tom. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have healthy guinea pigs in the regular society and i label be used prisoners i mean more they wish they
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could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. to deadly pills he didn't pass away he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him die. is pharmacy really about helping people.
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well welcome back cannon from a toll and skinny boy they used to call bones to be enemies tough a slight heavyweight on the planet john jones is still on the rise and is tipped to become one of the sport's greats but more on this he is right about that. easily one of the most gifted mixed martial artists of his generation many consider him a telent the axle which the sport has never seen the reigning and youngest you have see champion ever. who has almost cleaned up the light heavyweight division with an
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impressive wife's three title fanservice at the age of twenty five joan jones is already one of the sport's greats at the end of may he brought his vicious set of skills to moscow for a muscle class read. was a really really versatile case ok. thanks. it's his stance reach and oprah two are for trademark moves that makes john jones one of a current and they are still hard to replicate. i want to came into the class and i don't know what level the fighters will be on whether they be able to comprehend the techniques or if they will be completely lost and i thought that they were right down the middle you know we had some guys who got it right away and they look like experts the guys who could compete in very high profile or are you have see in
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some guys very just not ready or not chlorinated and you have have it. so it was a pretty mixed crowd but i think we all got the concepts and that's more important than them actually get a technique down. this team mate and sparring partner at the mosque last. one of russia's enemy hopefuls establishing his name in the fighting business overseas i think russian fighters are definitely special i don't know if i can say is because they're russian or just something about the culture here that people work hard people work really hard i have. two guys from russia my team and i tell them all the time how while they represent their country i become a gym every day and they work really are harder than most of us but i know that's american so. it's no siri guys work way harder than most athletes. making difficult things look easy classing those from the male lead just like i was in the other day at the office jonas he's arguably the most didn't like who eat in
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years see history he's now ranked number two in the world list and is eyeing a super fight against the only man above him you have seen middleweight champion under since. he may move up to the heavyweight division but first there is some unfinished business in his current week class that will be. and i'm really excited about that challenge is a great fighter and. because i have the most defenses and play every way history so. to answer your question what's next is me close in a huge pool of being the best leverage of all time. it's hard to imagine what else jones can achieve in the future and there's something nobody can ever take away from these guys they've learned from jill's bones jones up close and personal. habits not only on party school. let's hear
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from a newsmakers sam a self-proclaimed special one just a marine you know says he's never happy one as dear old a football manager returns to grow believe when his chelsea after claiming the trophies in five seasons at the helm of into milan and real madrid. and they're more than happy to be back and very calm in a very relaxed but at the same time there is something i want very very clear. i didn't choose for my career. a comfortable position because i'm returning to halls where. i was happy and i was successful and where the fans love me no i'm. the opposite perspective. more responsibility because of that. now despite fears but some stadiums won't be ready for next year's world camp the president sepp blatter has lavish praise on
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the host nation brazil is a local football legend pele unveiled on cocoa beach counting down the year left side of american nation host the showpiece storm and. they've hit it did they already and they have seen this stadium he have seen them only on big and in movies and i have to congratulate the depth. charge of the stadia there it's like a jewel staite you have made in different cities and i'm very happy to be there during the confederations cup and to visit all this city's. fans are also counting the days until the world can't even both fever has already hit brazil with host nation beating japan for email and federations cup opener in brasilia i may mop and joe scoring a goal apiece to send their supporters into raptures i. think these. guys
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like that's their only now. and why. not now be back next year but i can't wait. almost fifty mini football signs from moscow and st petersburg back to live out in the russian capital to see be crowned champions of russia of a tournament was open to those aged sixteen to twenty one and i went along to take a look. some of the world's best footballers and stars are playing the sport they love in their own backyards hundred she will stir name on just a couple of former miss footsteps were found in youngsters from moscow and st petersburg competing in about two to capitals tournament as we know football is the most popular sport in russia and it is very good in moscow consider themselves to be for the capital and i don't know that they have been rivals historically like for a long long time so we decided to sell the kids for absolutely crazy about the boat
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if you want to prove that your c.v. is the capital of the football capital go all the way like make up currency and play over one thousand three hundred teams start a virus into qualifying rounds back in may only forty eight would make it fruits of the final stage in moscow. this was the first time the tournament was held and only included teams from russia's two largest cities there are plans to expand the main thing was to try and make the sport accessible to everyone you normally won't wouldn't see kids playing football here so we just brought this cage we'll put it like in the middle of nowhere and this was the idea that like i mean if you if you love football you can you can play in your yard you can play even if you don't have a pitch. there are very few full size but will pictures in moscow and st petersburg which are available to the public also given the countries under a blanket of snow for running five moms also doesn't health care for youngsters often have to make do with confined spaces which certainly helps improve the
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technical side of the game given that they have so little time of. the final was eventually won by the moscow side climb talks to four who were obviously going to be on the list i just want you want to win and thankfully everything went our way it was really nice to play with my friends and winning was just an added bonus. up to the owner of the. one of the sixteen months a chance program which picked the best up and coming footballers from around the globe he's due to have trials with a czech club sponsor prague as he looks to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional footballer not bad for a kid who started by playing the sport in his own backyard richard pombo play dati moscow i find it let's look back at the top flight football action as constantine but top of the best goals of two thousand and thirteen in the russian premier league. i've.
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i've. i've. expressed will. of. shocks. was.
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will. lead. to a few exchanges .
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well it's a it's a wife and i. a highway bill so on the bones of its maker it's the winds through one of the wildest and most beautiful regions of russia a place that's home to less than
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foreign leaders under surveillance the latest leaks from the n.s.a. whistleblower reveal how delegates of the g twenty summit in london four years ago a former russian president were targeted by u.s. and british intelligence. the bombshell disclosure is feared to add to the g eight summit convening in britain against the backdrop of anti austerity protests. syria takes center stage for world leaders at the g eight in northern ireland looking to narrow their differences amid fears the conflict is set to escalate even further.


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